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    Name: Batesy

    Slot One: Cherry the Female Charmander LV5
    (At LV16) Cherry the Female Charmeleon
    (At LV36) Cherry the Female Charizard


    ----- Scratch
    ----- Tail Whip
    LV7 Ember
    LV13 Metal Claw
    LV19 Rage
    LV25 Scary Face
    LV31 Flamethrower
    LV37 Slash
    LV43 Dragon Rage
    LV49 Fire Spin

    Slot 2: Rozie the Male Roselia LV5 (Yes, you should be concerned)


    ----- Absorb
    ----- Growth
    LV9 Poison Sting
    LV13 Stun Spore
    LV17 Mega Drain
    LV21 Leech Seed
    LV25 Magical Leaf
    LV29 Grasswhistle
    LV33 Giga Drain
    LV37 Sweet Scent
    LV41 Ingrain
    LV45 Toxic
    LV49 Petal Dance
    LV53 Aromatherapy
    LV57 Synthesis

    Slot 3: Shroomy the Male Shroomish LV9
    (At LV23) Shroomy the Male Breloom (To be re-named)


    ----- Absorb
    ----- Tackle
    ----- Helping Hand (Egg Move)
    ----- Swords Dance (Egg Move)
    ----- Stun Spore
    LV10 Leech Seed
    LV16 Mega Drain
    LV22 Headbutt
    LV28 Poison Powder
    LV36 Growth
    LV45 Giga Drain
    LV54 Spore

    Slot 4: Bellsprout the Male Bellsprout LV5
    (LV21) Weepinbell the Male Weepinbell
    (With Leaf Stone) Victreebel the Male Victreebel


    ----- Vine Whip
    LV6 Growth
    LV11 Wrap
    LV15 Sleep Powder
    LV17 Poison Powder
    LV19 Stun Spore
    LV23 Acid
    LV30 Sweet Scent
    LV37 Razor Leaf
    LV45 Slam

    Items: 1 Net Ball
    1 Back Pack
    1 Poké Dex
    10 Poké Balls
    2 Revives
    1 Super Potion
    4 Potions
    1 Chocolate Poké Ball (To Catch a Pokémon)
    1 Lure Ball
    1 TM Rock Tomb
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    Default blazikens_charizard

    Name: Ash
    Starter: Torchic Male Lvl.5
    Misc: Torchic and I are striving to be the best.


    Torchic, Male, Lvl.9>Lvl.16-Combusken>Lvl.36-Blaziken

    -Focus Energy

    Lvl.25-Fire Spin
    Lvl.28-Quick Attack
    Lvl.37-Mirror Move

    Location: Daycare. Pick-up: 22/08/05
    Girafarig, Male, Lvl.8
    -Rock Smash

    Lvl.25-Odor Sleuth
    Lvl.37-Baton Pass

    Location: Daycare. Pick-up: 22/08/05
    Chikorita, Male, Lvl.9>Lvl.16Bayleef>Lvl.32Meganium

    -Razor Leaf

    Lvl.29-Body Slam
    Lvl.36-Light Screen

    Lcation: Squad
    Lotad, Female, Lvl.6>Lvl.14-Lombre> Ludicolo


    Lvl.13-Nature Power
    Lvl.31-Rain Dance
    Lvl.41-Mega Drain

    Location: Squad

    Babysitting for P-Arts:

    Name: Retsu lv.16
    Species: Seedot
    Obtained: Hatched from Easter Egg
    Gender: Male
    Type: Grass
    Location: Active Team
    Hold Item: ---
    Attacks: Bide, Harden, Growth, Nature Power
    EM/HM/MT moves: Razor Wind
    TMs: Icy Wind


    Pokeball 16
    Potion 4
    Super Potion 2
    Fresh Water 2
    Soda Pop 1
    Revive 4
    Ice Heal 5
    Candy 5

    TM Case:
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    Name: Ryan

    Pokemon: Mareep, Nicknamed Charm, lvl 5, (Female)

    Details: Charm and Ryan have been friends for a very long time. When he was taking a walk with his older brother around the age of seven, he stumbled apon the little Mareep playing in the park. It didn't seem to have a home, or an owner, so he befriended and welcomed Mareep into his home. When he introduced the little fella to his friends and family, he started to noticed how she always charmed everyone she was around. That's when he decided to name her Charm. They've been best buds ever since, and now, some five years later, he's ready to go on a journey with Charm. He's known his loving pokemon for a long time, and he can't wait to explore the world with his old friend. He prepares for his journey, by putting on his favorite clothes, a pair of baggy jeans, a blue shirt with a dragon wraped around a yin and yang symbol, and some white shoes. Before forgetting to, he grabs his pair of orange gloves from his dresser, and heads out the door.


    Charm - Lvl. 5 Mareep,

    Charm's Moves-
    Thundershock (Lv. 9)

    Lvl. 15 >

    Thunder Wave (Lvl. 18)
    Cotton Spore (Lvl. 27)

    Lvl. 30 >

    -->Thunder Wave
    --> Cotton Spore
    Thunderpunch (Lvl. 30)
    Light Screen (Lvl. 42)
    Thunder (Lvl. 57)

    1 Repeat Ball
    5 Pokeballs
    4 Potions
    4 Antidotes
    2 Super Poitions
    4 Revives
    3 Escape Ropes
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    Alexander the great V2 Guest



    Name: Alexander

    Starter: Treecko(M),Lv 5 (Grassy)

    Misc: Very athletic and sarcastic, always wants to do something adventurous



    -- Leer
    -- Pound
    Lv.6 Absorb
    Lv.11 Quick Attack
    Lv.16 Pursuit
    Lv.21 Screech
    Lv.26 Mega Drain
    Lv.31 Agilty
    Lv.36 Slam
    Lv.41 Detect
    Lv.46 Giga Drain


    1x Backpack
    1x Pokedex
    1x Nest Ball
    5x Pokeball
    4x Potion
    4x Revive
    2x Super Potion
    1x Rare candy(In bank)
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    (44.5, 56.7)


    Name: Adam

    Age: 15

    Starter Pokémon: Charmander (Cinder) Lv. 5

    Misc: Adam met Cinder at a train station in Saffron city, where he was entertaining people by lighting things on fire. When he lit Adam's jacket on fire he found it extremely funny, though Adam was not amused. Despite the bad start and Adam's constant sarcasm, they soon became close freinds and decided to go on a pokémon journey. Adam hopes to catch many Dragon pokémon, and though he's doubtful it'll happen; being a pessimist, and knowing enough about pokémon to know that Dragons are rare.
    Appearance: At six feet tall, Adam is pretty tall for his age. His cobalt eyes are usually masked by the mirrored lenses of his sunglasses, unless of course there's no sun in the sky. His light brown hair is cut in a short style, which might have something to do with the fact Cinder often purches himself on Adam's shoulder.


    Cinder: Male Charmander Lv.14

    Bio: A carefree and happy pokémon, Cinder always enjoys a good laugh. He often bursts into laughter or cracks jokes at inapropriate moments, tact not being his forté. He's always up for a battle, and if he wins brags for weeks to anyone or anything that'll listen. While he's overjoyed at finally knowing a fire move, he's still secretly jealous of Horsea for having three egg moves. He's really enjoying himself basking in the glory of post-battle victory, and is taking an interest in the Machop before them...

    Rock Tomb(TM)
    Dragon Dance (Egg)

    Aquarius: Male Seadra Lv.32

    Bio: Unwanted by his original owner, Horsea was taken in by Adam at the expense of three Rare Candies. Given a name and a new trainer, Aquarius is always looking on the bright side, sometimes becoming unbearably happy and hyperactive. At the moment, Aquarius isn't doing very much, having deafeated the great Aggron he's very proud of himself, holding his snorkel aloft with pride.

    Water Gun
    Aurora Beam(Egg)

    Cromulo: Male Trapinch Lv.5

    Bio: A quiet, reserved individual who is far from talkative; it's possible he disliked being traded, or maybe this is how the ant-lion always is. Adam has yet to find out much about him, though he seems a bit mentally unbalanced and insecure... Only time will tell.


    Timer Ball x01
    Chocolate Pokéball x01
    Poké Ball x06
    Great Ball x01
    Rare Candy x27
    Antidote x04
    Awakening x04
    Parlyz Heal x04
    Potion x02
    Super Potion x01
    Escape Rope x01
    x01 Revive
    x01 Fire Ball
    x06 Rare Candies
    x01 Water Pulse TM
    x01 Miltank 'loon
    x01 Whistle
    x01 Double Daycare Pass
    x01 Double Move Tutor Pass
    x01 Shockwave TM
    x01 Nugget
    x04 Starpiece
    x01 Blackglasses
    x01 Cake (And a bit of icing)

    Adoption Center Record:
    4-4-2005 ~ Adopted Aquarius
    8-8-2005 ~ Babysat Lily
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    Aura The Wolf Guest


    Name: Natasha
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Starter: Houndour, male, level 5, nickname Shadow
    Bio: Natasha is a peaceful and sensitive person, yet she is a loner and she is unable to trust any person, for she has had much trouble involving them. Her best friend is a houndour, which she received for her birthday when she was six years old. Ever since, this pokemon has been her guard dog. She wants to do something with her life so she decided to become a trainer. She has long silver hair and blue eyes. She normally dresses in black and blue. Though she loves her starter, she wishes one day to find an Absol to call her own.

    Shadow's moves: ember, leer (lvl 7: howl/ lvl 13: smog/ lvl 19 roar )
    Tsuki's moves: scratch, leer, taunt ( Lv. 8 Quick Attack/ Lv. 15 Screech/ Lv. 22 Faint Attack/ Lv. 29 Fury Swipes/ Lv. 36 Agility /Lv. 43 Icy Wind / Lv. 50 Slash / Lv. 57 Beat Up /Lv. 64 Metal Claw)

    Pokeball x5
    antidote x1
    super potion x1
    potion x2
    escape rope x1
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    UmbreonTrainer2004 Guest


    Age: 14
    Starter Pokemon:Jaws Male Totodile Lv.5
    Misc:Adam found Jaws hurt in his backyard when he was 4. Now Jaws has a scar on his left leg.
    Description: Adam has brown hair and blue eyes. He's around 6ft and plays basketball a lot. He's thin and always wears his necklace with a Groudon tooth on it.

    Pokemon:(Bold means learned)
    (Jaws)Totodile Male Lv.5
    Location:Active Party
    ->lv.18-> ->lv.30->
    Level Up Moves:
    Rage Lv.7
    Water Gun Lv.13
    HM/TM Moves:

    Egg Moves:
    Move Tutor Moves:

    (Viper)Seviper Female Lv.5
    Obtained:Adoption Center
    Location:Active Party
    (No Evolution)
    Level Up Moves:
    Lick Lv.7
    Bite Lv.10
    Poison Tail Lv.16
    TM/HM Moves:
    Egg Moves:
    Move Tutor Moves:

    Key Items:

    Premier Ball

    Normal Items:
    Escape Ropesx5
    Super Potionsx2

    Rare Candy:
    Rare Candyx2(in bank)
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    JBlink Guest


    Name Jay

    Background Jay is the younger brother of a pokemon breeder. His brother, Will, has a prized Xatu that he refuses to breed with. After an accident Tatu hatches from an egg and Will leaves with his Xatu in a fit of rage. I adopt Natu and together we go in search of my brother and Tatu's mother.


    Tatu the Level 5, Male
    Night Shade (10)
    Teleport (20)

    Lure Ball
    Pokeballs X4
    Potions X0
    Antidotes X5
    Paralyz Heals X5
    Revives X2
    Escape Rope X1
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    -Q- Guest


    Name: Q
    Age: 17
    Starter Pokemon: (Squirt) Squirtle , Male Lv. 5
    Misc. Q's goal is to be the ultimate Water Pokemon Master

    Squirt Male Lv. 5
    --> (lv. 16) --> (lv. 36)
    Moves Learned:
    Tail Whip
    Bubble (Lv. 7)
    Withdraw (Lv. 10)
    Water Gun (Lv. 13)

    Heavy Ball
    5 Pokéballs
    4 Potions
    4 Revives
    1 Super Potion
    1 Escape Rope
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    GWAR_Aggron_GWAR Guest


    Name- Gwar
    Age- 16
    Appearance- 6'2 Green eyes, an almost completely shaven head and large build.

    Gwar has hopes of becomming a Steel/Rock master and one day running a gym just like his idols Brock, Jasmine, and Roxanne.

    Pokemon- Krypt the Aron (M) lvl 5
    Gwar recieved Krypt as a birthday present for his 16th birthday. They both became instant friends. After finishing their first battle with a Duskull with a win...both have become more confident. Krypt usually leads Gwar about, and Gwar has come to the conclusion that Krypt has an Adament nature.

    -- Tackle
    -- Harden
    Lvl 7 Mud slap
    Lvl 10 Headbutt
    Lvl 13 Metal Claw
    Lvl 17 Iron Defense
    Lvl 21 Roar
    Lvl 25 Take Down
    Lvl 29 Iron Tail
    Lvl 34 Protect
    Lvl 39 Metal Sound
    Lvl 44 Double-edge

    Scott the Duskull (M) lvl 4

    Gwar just recently captured his new Duskull and has found that it is extremely intelligent and knows that it is. It is a hardy fighter and Gwar has discovered its Naughty nature.

    -- Leer
    -- Nightshade
    Lvl 5 Disable
    Lvl 12 Foresight
    Lvl 16 Astonish
    Lvl 23 Confuse Ray
    Lvl 27 Pursuit
    Lvl 34 Curse
    Lvl 38 Will-o-wisp
    Lvl 45 Mean Look
    Lvl 49 Future Sight

    Filthicus the Swinub (M) lvl 5

    Gwar adopted Filthicus from the adoption center and hasn't used him in battle yet. Gwar knows that with Filthicus' Ice/Ground moves he has taken another step closer to conquering his dream of becoming a Rock/Steel type master.

    -- Tackle
    -- Odor Sleuth
    Lvl 10 Powder Snow
    Lvl 19 Endure
    Lvl 28 Take Down
    Lvl 37 Mist
    Lvl 46 Blizzard
    Lvl 55 Amnesia


    Fast Ball
    Poké Ball x8
    Potion x4
    Antidote x3
    Awakening x2
    Parlyz Heal x2
    Super Potion x1
    Rare Candy x1
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    Shadow_Umbreon Guest


    Name: Elizabeth
    Age/Gender:12/Female (like my name doesn't sound girly enought. =P)
    Starter Pokemon: Cyndaquil male, Level 5 and Blaze
    Bio: Elizabeth hopes to become the best trainer by raising Blaze and other pokemon to be the best they can be. Elizabeth is very friendly and loves to talk, but she's airheaded at times. Elizabeth hopes to find one day a Umbreon or an Eevee.


    Evolution: Quilava at lv.14 then Typhlosion at lv.36

    -- Tackle
    -- Leer
    Lv. 6 Smokescreen
    Lv. 12 Ember
    Lv. 19 Quick Attack
    Lv. 27 Flame Wheel
    Lv. 36 Swift
    Lv. 46 Flamethrower

    TMs, HMs, Move Tutor & Egg Moves: Cut, Ice Punch

    Evolution: --

    -- Present

    TMs, HMs, Move Tutor & Egg Moves:Body Slam, Aurora Beam, Sky Attack and Fly

    Evolution: --

    -- Astonish
    Lv. 6 Fake Tears
    Lv. 11 Bite
    Lv. 16 Sweet Scent
    Lv. 21 Vice Grip
    Lv. 26 Faint Attack
    Lv. 31 Baton Pass
    Lv. 36 Crunch
    Lv. 41 Iron Defense
    Lv. 46 Stockpile
    Lv. 46 Swallow
    Lv. 46 Spit-Up

    TMs, HMs, Move Tutor & Egg Moves:Poison Fang, Metronome, TriAttack (TM), Rock Smash(HM)

    Dark Myserty Egg [01/08/05]



    x2 Lure ball
    x5 Pokeballs
    x1 Chocolate Pokeball
    x1 Net Pokeball
    x1 Love Ball
    x2 Fire Ball
    x2 Fast Ball
    x1 Wereball
    x1 Christmas Ball
    1 x New year ball that when enlarged will ignite the rope and when a pokemon is captured it will set a firewotk into the skies and a nicle little 2006 display will pour through the sky.
    1 x Psychic Ball

    x2 Revive
    x1 Potion
    x2 Fresh Water
    x2 Double Daycare Pass
    x2 Double Move Tutor Pass
    x1 Blackglasses
    x1 Green Shard
    x1 Soft Sand
    x1 Sacred Ash
    x1 Red Flute
    x1 Heartscale
    x1 Big Pearl
    x1 Green Scarf
    x1 Super Pass
    x1 Stardust
    x1 Fire Stone
    1 x Shoal Shell
    1 x Shoal Salt

    x1 Water Pulse TM
    x1 Shockwave TM
    x1 Reflect TM
    x1 Icy Wind TM
    x1 Sunny Day TM

    Adoption Center:
    Adopted Mawile
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    Umbrazard Guest


    Name: Andrew
    Age: 16
    Pokemon:Charmander[Male] (Fuegon) Lv 5

    Bio: Andrew loves Dark and Fire Pokemon. One day while searching for an Eevee to evolve into his favorite Pokemon Umbreon, he stumbled upon a Charmander the Pokemon was young and Andrew took it in. Recently he began to train it in hopes of evolving it. Andrew's number one goal is to catch an Eevee and evolve it to Umbreon.

    Appearence: 5'10" Dirty Blonde hair, brown eyes

    General Info: Andrew~ Very confident unless faced with a girl he likes. Naturaly likes to take charge, but can be extremley arrogant and sometimes stubborn. Never likes to be wrong and extremley mature. Believes that something worth doing is worth winning and playing for "fun" is pointless

    Fuegon~ Likes Andrew pretty much but is often at ends with him. Gets off on torturing Andrew, in a joking manor but loves to battle.


    Back Pack:
    Timer ball
    5 Pokeballs
    4 Potions
    2 Revives
    2 Escape Ropes
    1 Rare Candy
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    In a world of imagination

    Default Home Board: Serebii

    Name: Supernerd
    Starter Pokémon: Male Cubone, Vincent
    Bio: Supernerd is a rather odd and comical character, although he has enough common sense to know when to quit joking. In battle he's a tough enough opponent, although he isn't nearly the best trainer out there, whether he admits it or not.

    Cubone, Male, Vincent
    Currently Level 5 (Evolves at Level 28)
    Not holding any items

    Tail Whip

    (Level 9) Bone Club
    (Level 13) Headbutt
    (Level 17) Leer
    (Level 21) Focus Energy
    (Level 25) Bonemerang
    (Level 29) Rage
    (Level 33) False Swipe
    (Level 37) Thrash
    (Level 41) Bone Rush
    (Level 45) Double-Edge

    Training Centre/Move Tutor: Strength, Rock Smash, Mega Punch, Swords Dance, Mega Kick, Body Slam, Double-Edge, Counter, Seismic Toss, Mimic, Rock Slide, Substitute.
    Egg Moves: Rock Slide, Ancientpower, Belly Drum, Screech, Skull Bash, Perish Song, Swords Dance.


    Female Remoraid, Aquallia (Adopted)
    Currently Level 7 (Evolves at Level 20)
    Not holding any items

    Water Gun

    (Level 11) Lock-On
    (Level 22) Psybeam
    (Level 22) Aurora Beam
    (Level 22) Bubblebeam
    (Level 33) Focus Energy
    (Level 44) Ice Beam
    (Level 55) Hyper Beam

    Training Centre/Move Tutor: Dive, Aurora Beam, Octazooka, Supersonic, Haze, Screech, Thunder Wave, Rock Blast
    Egg Moves: Double-Edge, Mimic, Thunder Wave, Substitute.


    Male Numel, Lombard (Adopted)
    Currently Level 7 (Evolves at Level 33)
    Not holding any items


    (Level 11) Ember
    (Level 19) Magnitude
    (Level 25) Focus Energy
    (Level 29) Take Down
    (Level 31) Amnesia
    (Level 35) Earthquake
    (Level 41) Flamethrower
    (Level 49) Double-Edge

    Training Centre/Move Tutor: Strength, Rock Smash, Double-Edge, Mimic, Rock Slide, Substitute, Body Slam.
    Egg Moves: Howl, Scary Face, Body Slam, Rollout, Defense Curl, Stomp.


    Male Torkoal, Nanaki (Traded from Skru-Chan)
    Currently Level 25 (Doesn't Evolve)
    Not holding any items
    Ball: Fire Ball

    Fire Spin
    Body Slam

    (Level 27) Protect
    (Level 30) Flamethrower
    (Level 33) Iron Defense
    (Level 40) Amnesia
    (Level 43) Flail
    (Level 46) Heat Wave

    Training Centre/Move Tutor: Strength, Rock Smash, Body Slam, Double-Edge, Mimic, Explosion, Rock Slide, Substitute.
    Egg Moves: Eruption, Endure, Sleep Talk, Yawn.
    TMs: Sunny Day


    Heavy Ball x01
    Pokéball x10
    Awakening x02
    Antidote x02
    Paralyz Heal x02
    Revive x01
    Escape Rope x02
    Fresh Water x02
    Soft Sand x01
    Rare Candy x05
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    ArticFox Guest


    NAME: Artic
    AGE: 15
    STARTER: Grimer Male
    STARTER NAME: Oriyah

    BIO: Last in his group of friends to get his Pokemon trainers licence, mainly because he is way too lazy. While all his friends were showing off their Charmanders, Bulbasaurs and Squirtles, Artic was on the hunt for a pokemon of his own, Pokeball in one hand and a large stick in the other he set off for the woods.

    He didn't make it to the woods, he ended up in a seedy part of town. Lost and quite afraid he wandered around until he bumped into a rogue grimer. Stick in hand he started to whack the purple slimy thing. The grimer just sat there. He threw his pokeball and somehow managed to catch the beast. They have been friends ever since.
    Oriyah MALE
    Lv 5

    EVOLUTIONS: >lv38>
    -- Poison Gas
    -- Pound
    -- Harden
    Lv. 8 Disable
    Lv. 13 Sludge
    Lv. 19 Minimize
    Lv. 26 Screech
    Lv. 34 Acid Armor
    Lv. 43 Sludge Bomb
    Lv. 53 Memento

    Lv 5

    EVOLUTIONS: >lv33>

    -- Tackle
    -- Odor Sleuth
    Lv. 10 Powder Snow
    Lv. 19 Endure
    Lv. 28 Take Down
    Lv. 37 Mist
    Lv. 46 Blizzard
    Lv. 55 Amnesia

    Lure Ball x1
    Poké Ball x5
    Potion x3
    Antidote x4
    Burn Heal x2
    Ice Heal x2
    Awakening x2
    Parlyz Heal x2
    Super Potion x2
    Revive x1
    Escape Rope x3
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    Feb 2005


    Name: Nathan
    Age: 12
    Pokemon: Male, Gastly (Ghostly), Lv. 5

    Nathan always wanted to be a Psychic,Ghost, and Dark Pokemon trainer and one day his dream started to become true. Nathan was always made fun of because his dad owns the Horror Haunted House in the New Fairground, Seaside City, Fizzytopia, because his Dad owned the Horror Haunted House Nathan lived on the fifth floor and is spooked very easily. Nathan was spooked so easily that in Kindegarten at Seaside Elementary he wet his when thunder hit the school. Even though Nathan never wet his pants since he is still teased all the time because of it.

    After the last day of fifth grade Nathan was being bullied by Kenny and Jeremy because of his dreams to become a pokemon trainer. Nathan was running to get away from Kenny and went passed a berry bush. After Nathan passed a Gastly scared Nathan's bullies away. Nathan went over to the Gastly and thanked him for helping him with his bullies. Nathan was never bullied again thanks to that Gastly.

    Nathan brought the Gastly to his home in the Fairground and went to his parents. They agreed to let Nathan keep the Gastly and travel around as long as he came back every once in a while. Nathan nicknamed the Gastly Ghostly and they've been best friends ever since.

    Party: (Bold move means hasn't been learned yet)

    Ghostly the Gastly (M), Lv. 6

    -- Lick
    -- Hypnosis
    Lv. 8 Spite
    Lv. 13 Curse
    Lv. 16 Night Shade
    Lv. 21 Confuse Ray

    Lv. 25 ---> , Trade --->
    Lv. 25 Shadow Punch
    Lv. 31 Dream Eater
    Lv. 39 Destiny Bond
    Lv. 45 Shadow Ball
    Lv. 53 Nightmare
    Lv. 64 Mean Look

    Extra Moves: Ice Punch

    Adopted (4/9/05)
    Sparky the Voltorb, Lv. 5

    -- Charge
    -- Tackle
    Lv. 8 Screech
    Lv. 15 Sonicboom
    Lv. 21 Spark
    Lv. 27 Selfdestruct

    Lv. 30 --->
    Lv. 34 Rollout
    Lv. 41 Light Screen
    Lv. 48 Swift
    Lv. 54 Explosion
    Lv. 59 Mirror Coat

    Extra Moves: Strength

    Adopted (5/14/05)
    Abra the Abra (M), Lv. 5

    -- Teleport

    Lv. 16 ---> , Trade --->
    Lv. 16 Confusion
    Lv. 18 Disable
    Lv. 21 Psybeam
    Lv. 23 Reflect
    Lv. 25 Recover
    Lv. 30 Future Sight
    Lv. 33 Calm Mind
    Lv. 36 Psychic
    Lv. 43 Trick

    Extra Moves: None

    Obtained in trade with Kas85 for two Candys (5/30/05)
    Girafarig the Girafarig (F), Lv. 5

    -- Tackle
    -- Growl
    Lv. 7 Astonish
    Lv. 13 Confusion
    Lv. 19 Stomp
    Lv. 25 Odor Sleuth
    Lv. 31 Agility
    Lv. 37 Baton Pass
    Lv. 43 Psybeam
    Lv. 49 Crunch

    Extra Moves: None

    Hatched from a Ghost Mystery Egg (6/15/05)
    Haunt the Duskull (M) Lv. 5

    -- Leer
    -- Night Shade
    Lv. 5 Disable
    Lv. 12 Foresight
    Lv. 16 Astonish
    Lv. 23 Confuse Ray
    Lv. 27 Pursuit
    Lv. 34 Curse
    Lv. 37 Shadow Punch

    Lv. 37 --->
    Lv. 41 Will-o-Wisp
    Lv. 51 Mean Look
    Lv. 58 Future Sight

    Extra Moves: Rock Tomb

    9 Pokeball
    2 Parlyze Heals
    2 Antidote
    2 Burn Heal
    2 Ice Heal
    2 Awakening
    2 Parlyze Heal
    2 Super Potions
    1 Escape Rope
    9 Rare Candy
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    Aug 2004
    Belfast, Northern Ireland


    Name: Jonny
    Age: 18
    Starter Pokemon: Charmander , male, Lv 5.

    Jonny seems like the generic grab-a-Pokémon and try-to-be-a-Pokémon-master trainer, but he loves to explore the hidden depths of his Pokémon's characters. His favourite types are Fire and Dragon types, but will train most Pokémon.


    ~My Trade List~



    Charmander (Male Lv 17)

    Currently: In FT Battle

    Level-Up Moves:

    Egg Moves:

    Move Tutor Moves:
    Rock Slide

    TM Moves:
    Sunny Day

    Jonny chose Charmander as his starter as he was the closest thing to a combination of his favourite Pokémon types, Fire and Dragon. The brave and confident Charmander is the leader of Jonny's team, and is a always decisive and serious when it comes to battles.


    Poliwag (Male Lv 18)

    Currently: In Party

    Level-Up Moves:
    Water Gun

    Egg Moves:
    Mind Reader

    Move Tutor Moves:
    Body Slam

    TM Moves:
    Icy Wind

    After a vicious battle on the beach, Jonny successfully captured his first Pokémon, Poliwag. Poliwag is certainly a stubborn creature, determined to prove it's superiority over Charmander as the leader of the group. His headstrong attitude leads him to push Charmander and the other Pokémon aside.


    Nidoran (Female Lv 18)

    Currently: In Party
    Level-Up Moves:
    Tail Whip
    Double Kick

    Egg Moves:

    Move Tutor Moves:
    Body Slam
    Double Edge
    Body Slam

    Nidoran is the shy member of the team. She is always a little apprehensive when coming into battles, but once she gains a little confidence she can be strong and courageous. She hatched from a Poison Nature Egg.


    Swinub (Female Level 17)

    Currently: In Daycare

    Level-Up Moves:
    Odour Sleuth
    Powder Snow

    Egg Moves:
    Icy Wind
    Icicle Spear

    Move Tutor Moves:
    Rock Slide

    Ever since she hatched from her egg, Swinub announced herself as the self-proclaimed beauty of the team. She is not concerned with battling at all, and much prefers to glamour herself. However, much liek Poliwag, once her pride is dented she is quick to defend her honour in battle with deadly Ice type attacks to leave her opponents in the cold.


    Oddish (Male Level 15)

    Currently: In Daycare

    Level-Up Moves:
    Sweet Scent
    Poison Powder

    Egg Moves:
    Swords Dance
    Razor Leaf

    Move Tutor Moves:

    Jonny's Oddish is just a little bit Metro - he would fit well in a Pokémon Yaoi. He loves to groom himself, his vanity only bettered by Swinub. He hatched from a Grass Nature Egg.


    Items In Backpack
    Pokéball x1
    Repeat Ball x1
    Thunder Ball x1
    Ghost Ball x1
    Potion x4
    Super Potion x2
    Revive x4
    Heart Scale x1
    Red Flute x1
    Sacred Ash x1
    Soft Sand x1
    Magical Christmas Dragonair Plushie x1 (giving Ice Punch and +1 level to the squeezer, unused)
    Blue Scarf x1
    Christmas Ball x1
    TM Shadow Ball x1
    Crystal Egg x1
    TM Softboiled x1
    Chocolate Pokéball x1
    Water Stone x1
    TM Tri Attack x1

    Where I Got Items:
    It's That Time Again...
    12 Days 1
    12 Days 2
    12 Days 3
    12 Days 4
    12 Days 5
    12 Days 6
    12 Days 7

    Magost Berry
    Wepear Berry

    PLUS Rare Candy X 33 in The FB Bank ~ w00t

    ~.:There Is Nothing I Love More Than Prettifying My Registration Post:.~
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    Power Hunter Guest


    Name: Black
    Age: 14
    Pokemom: Torchic Male Level Fve
    Attacks (*= yet to come)

    Scratch ---

    Growl ---

    *Focus Energy Lv. 7

    *Ember Lv. 10

    *Peck Lv. 16

    *Sand-Attack Lv. 19

    *Fire Spin Lv. 25

    *Quick Attack Lv. 28

    *Slash Lv. 34

    *Mirror Move Lv. 37

    *Flamethrower Lv. 43

    Misc: Moved from Saffron City to find mysterious Pokemon. He is also trying to find out about the legend of new Pokemon.

    Items in Backpack
    Net Ball

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    Jan 2004


    [IMG135][/IMG135] [IMG135][/IMG135]
    * Name: Shigeru
    * Age: 15
    * Starter Poke: Ponyta/Male/Lv.5
    * Bio: Shigeru was never very talkitive or strong, everyone always bullied her. In fact, as far as her town was concerned, the young girl would never amount to anything! Striving to prove them wrong though, Shigeru stole one of the stables young Ponyta's and ran away from home. Now she has set off to become a trainer and prove she's not some "nobody".

    // Backpack \\
    x2 Rare Candy
    x1 Nest Ball
    x10 Pokeballs
    x4 Potion
    x2 Super Potion
    x2 Antidote
    x2 Awakening

    *Name: ポニータ (Poniita/Ponyta)
    *Level: 5
    Quick Attack
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    Forest_4420 Guest

    Default Home Board: Serebii

    About my trainer character

    Name: Angelin Forests
    Nickname: Shadow.
    Age: 14 years.
    Gender: Female.
    Birthday: 31-05-1991
    Personality: She’s a loner and don’t really talk with anyone beside her Pokémon Amber. Other people get mostly yes or no’s.
    Appearance: Angelin is 1,50m high and have black hair with gold stipes in it, her eyes is a coal black color and she wears black military zip-off capri pants with gold stripes on either site of the legs, adidas black sleeveless top and black/gold adidas training shoes and a black/gold visor. She keeps her things in a black/gold uni-strap backpack.
    History: Angelin is an orphan her mother died giving birth to her and her father was so depressed that he made suicide and left her at a orphan in Sootopolis City when she was 7 years old. But he did give her something before he killed himself, he gave her a Houndour puppy as a christmas present the year before. Angelin named the puppy Amber and she gave Amber a black & golden colored collar after their first battle they won together when Angelin was 8 years old, the battle was against a Zigzagoon.

    About my starter Pokémon

    Nickname: Amber
    Race: Houndour
    Type: Dark/Fire
    Birthday: Not known.
    Trainer: Angelin Forests.
    Attacks: Ember(Fire), Leer(normal).
    Personality: Like Angelin, Amber is a loner and don’t get so well out with other Pokémon’s. She likes to go long walks with Angelin when its night.

    1x Friend Ball, 5x Poké Balls, 2x Potion, 1x Super Potion, 2x Fresh Water, 1x Soda Pop.
    Mics Item’s
    Pokéfood, Pokédex, Amber’s ball, $ 100.
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    PWDDragon Guest

    Default HOmeboard: Serebii

    * Name: Paul Seafoot
    * Misc: Paul is a 16 year old exploring the world. His goal in life is to someday become a pokemon professor, specializing in water-types. He met Swirly shortly after he left his hometown of Cianwood, on a boat to far off islands. While on the boat, Paul met a couple who enjoyed touring exotic locales. They told him about Fizzy Bubbles. A few months later, Paul was on his way there.
    Lv.5 Male

    lure ball
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    Apr 2005


    Name: Jonny
    Pokemon: Growlithe, Lv5, male (Blaze)
    Bio: Jonnys family forbid him to have pokemon. He had never seen one before till one day when he met a injured Growlithe in the street near his home. He took it home and nursed it back to health and they became close friends. When his mother found out she chucked Growlithe out on the street. Jonny decided to leave home and travel with his Growlithe, whom he called Blaze, to capture more pokemon, become a great trainer and show his mother how strong they could be.


    Nickname: Blaze
    Level: Lv. 50
    Gender: Male
    Type: Fire
    Obtained: Starter Pokemon
    Beauty Points: 10
    Ball Type: Wereball
    Currently: Active Team
    Held Item: Blackglasses

    Evolution: Growlithe -- Fire Stone --> Arcanine (Evolved 31st July)

    Level-Up Moves: Bite, Roar, Lv. 07 Ember, Lv. 13 Leer, Lv. 19 Odor Slueth, Lv. 25 Take Down, Lv. 31 Flame Wheel, Lv. 37 Helping Hand, Lv. 43 Agility, Lv. 49 Flamethrower, Lv. 49 Extremespeed
    MT Moves: Double-Edge, Mimic, Substitute, Snore, Endure, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Swift
    Egg Moves: Heat Wave, Body Slam, Safeguard, Crunch, Thrash, Fire Spin, Howl
    HM's/TM's: HM Strength, HM Rock Smash


    Nickname: Ifrit
    Level: Lv. 30
    Gender: Male
    Type: Fire
    Obtained: Adopted
    Beauty Points: 10
    Ball Type: Fire Ball
    Currently: In The PC
    Held Item: Charcoal

    Evolution: Slugma -- Level 38 --> Magcargo

    Level-Up Moves: Yawn, Smog, Lv. 08 Ember, Lv. 15 Rock Throw, Lv. 22 Harden, Lv. 29 Amnesia , Lv. 36 Flamethrower, Lv. 43 Rock Slide, Lv. 50 Body Slam
    MT Moves: Body Slam, Double-Edge, Mimic, Rock Slide, Substitute, Rollout, Endure, Snore, Mudslap, Swagger, Sleep talk, Defense Curl
    Egg Moves: Acid Armor, Heat Wave
    HM's/Tm's: HM Rock Smash, TM Sunny Day


    Nickname: Gabriel
    Level: Lv. 50
    Gender: Male
    Type: Water/Dark
    Obtained: Traded from Arc_Angel
    Beauty Points: 10
    Ball Type: Lure Ball
    Currently: Active Team
    Held Item: Mystic Water

    Evolution: Corphish -- Level 30 --> Crawdaunt (Evolved 10th April 2006)

    Level-Up Moves: Bubble, Lv. 07 Harden, Lv. 10 Vicegrip, Lv.13 Leer, Lv. 19 Bubblebeam, Lv. 22 Protect, Lv. 25 Knock Off, Lv. 31 Taunt, Lv. 38 Crabhammer, Lv. 43 Swords Dance, Lv. 51 Crunch, Lv. 56 Guillotine
    MT Moves: Body Slam, Double-Edge, Counter, Mimic, Substitute, Snore, Icy Wind, Endure, Mud-Slap, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Fury Cutter
    Egg Moves: Mud Sport, Endeavor, Body Slam, Ancient Power
    HM's/TM's: HM Surf, HM Waterfall, HM Strength, HM Cut, HM Rock Smash


    Von Doom
    Level: Lv. 33
    Gender: Male
    Type: Poison
    Obtained: Captured in Seaside City (FT) (29/8/05)
    Beauty Points: 10
    Ball Type: Pokeball
    Currently: In The DC (Out 18th November)
    Held Item: Poison Barb

    Evolution: Grimer -- Lv.38 --> Muk

    Level-Up Moves: Poison Gas, Pound, Lv. 04 Harden, Lv. 08 Disable, Lv. 13 Sludge, Lv. 19 Minimise, Lv. 26 Screech, Lv. 34 Acid Armor, Lv. 43 Sludge Bomb, Lv. 53 Memento
    MT Moves: Body Slam, Mimic, Explosion, Substitute, Dynamic Punch, Snore, Endure, Mudslap, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Thunder Punch, Fire Punch
    Egg Moves: Haze, Mean Look, Lick, Imprison, Curse, Shadow Punch, Explosion
    HM's/TM's: Ice Punch


    Nickname: Lavarus
    Level: Lv. 50
    Gender: Male
    Type: Fire/Ground
    Obtained: Hatched from Fire Core Egg (27/9/05)
    Beauty Points: 10
    Ball Type: Fire Ball
    Currently: In The MT, Out 14th December
    Held item: Soft Sand

    Evolution: Numel -- Lv. 33 --> Camerupt (Evolved 17th April)

    Level up Moves: Growl, Tackle, Lv. 11 Ember, Lv. 19 Magnitude, Lv. 25 Focus Energy, Lv. 29 Take Down, Lv. 31 Amnesia, Lv. 33 Rock Slide, Lv. 37 Earthquake, (Lv. 41 Flamethrower), Lv. 45 Eruption (Lv. 49 Double Edge), Lv. 55 Fissure
    Mt Moves: Body Slam, Double Edge, Mimic, Rock Slide, Substitute, Snore, Endure, Mudslap, Swagger, Sleep Talk
    Egg Moves: Howl, Scary Face, Body Slam, Rollout, Defense Curl, Stomp
    HM's/TM's: HM Strength, HM Rock Smash, TM Sunny Day


    Nickname: Pyra
    Level: Lv. 32
    Gender: Female
    Type: Fire
    Obtained: Traded from Shinjara (24/10/05)
    Beauty Points: 10
    Ball Type: Fire Ball
    Currently: In The P.C
    Held Item: Red Scarf

    Evolution: Magby -- Lv. 40 --> Magmar

    Level-Up Moves: Ember, Lv. 07 Leer, Lv. 13 Smog, Lv. 19 Fire Punch, Lv. 25 Smokescreen, Lv. 31 Sunny Day, Lv. 37 Flamethrower, Lv. 43 Confuse Ray, Lv. 49 Fire Blast
    MT Moves: Mega Punch, Mega Kick, Body Slam, Double Edge, Counter, Seismic Toss, Mimic, Substitute, Dynamic Punch, Snore, Endure, Mud-Slap, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Thunderpunch, Fire Punch
    Egg Moves: Karate Chop, Mega Punch, Barrier, Screech, Cross Chop, Thunderpunch
    HM's/TM's: HM Rock Smash


    Nickname: Yuffie
    Level: Lv. 19
    Gender: Female
    Type: Fire
    Obtained: Hatched from Fire Core Egg (6/3/06)
    Beauty Points: 10
    Ball Type: Fire Ball
    Currently: In The P.C
    Held Item: Chracoal

    Evolution: Ponyta -- Lv. 40 --> Rapidash

    Level-Up Attacks: Tackle, Lv. 05 Growl, Lv. 09 Tail Whip, Lv. 14 Ember, Lv. 19 Stomp, Lv. 25 Fire Spin, Lv. 31 Take Down, Lv. 38 Agility, Lv. 45 Bounce, Lv. 53 Fire Blast
    MT Moves: Body Slam, Double Edge, Mimic, Substitute, Snore, Endure, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Swift
    Egg Moves: Flame Wheel, Thrash, Double Kick, Hypnosis, Charm, Double Edge
    HM's/TM's: HM Strength


    Mr. Mime
    Nickname: Lex
    Level: Lv. 19
    Gender: Male
    Type: Psychic
    Obtained: Traded from Octillery (27/4/06)
    Beauty Points: 10
    Ball Type: Psychic Ball
    Currently: In The P.C
    Held Item: Twisted Spoon

    Level-Up Attacks: Barrier, Lv. 05 Confusion, Lv. 08 Substitute, Lv. 12 Meditate, Lv. 15 Doubleslap, Lv. 19 Light Screen, Lv. 19 Reflect, Lv. 22 Magical Leaf, Lv. 26 Encore, Lv. 29 Psybeam, Lv. 33 Recycle, Lv. 36 Trick, Lv. 40 Role Play, Lv. 43 Psychic, Lv. 47 Baton Pass, Lv. 50 Safeguard
    MT Moves: Mega Punch, Mega Kick, Double Edge, Counter, Seismic Toss, Metronome, Dream Eater, Thunder Wave, Endure, Snore, Mud Slap, Ice Punch, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Thunder Punch Fire Punch
    Egg Moves: Future Sight, Hypnosis, Fake Out, Mimic, Psych Up
    HM's/TM's: HM Flash


    Nickname: Catastros
    Level: Lv. 18
    Gender: Male
    Type: Dragon
    Obtained: Hatched from Dragon Mystery Egg (10th July)
    Beauty Points: 10
    Ball Type: Pokeball
    Currently: Active Team
    Held Item: Dragon Fang

    Evolution: Bagon -- Lv. 30 --> Shellgon -- Lv. 50 --> Salamence

    Level-Up Attacks: Rage, Lv. 05 Bite, Lv. 09 Leer, Lv. 17 Headbutt, Lv. 21 Focus Energy, Lv. 25 Ember, Lv. 33 Dragonbreath, Lv. 37 Scary Face, Lv. 41 Crunch, Lv. 45 Dragon Claw, Lv. 53 Double-Edge
    MT Moves: Body Slam, Double Edge, Mimic, Rock Slide, Substitute, Endure, Snore, Mud Slap Swagger, Sleep Talk, Fury Cutter
    Egg Moves: Hydro Pump, Thrash, Dragon Rage, Twister, Dragon Dance
    HM's/TM's: HM Rock Smash, HM Strength, HM Cut


    Nickname: Mysterio
    Level: Lv. 20
    Gender: Male
    Type: Ghost
    Obtained: Traded from Sasuke (14th September)
    Beauty Points: 10
    Ball Type: Pokeball
    Currently: Active Team
    Held Item: Spell Tag

    Evolution: Shuppet -- Lv. 38 --> Banette

    Level-Up Attacks: Knock Off, Lv. 08 Screech, Lv. 13 Nightshade, Lv. 20 Curse, Lv. 25 Spite, Lv. 32 Will-o-Wisp, Lv. 37 Faint Attack, Lv. 44 Shadow Ball, Lv. 49 Snatch, Lv. 56 Grudge
    MT Moves: Body Slam, Double Edge, Mimic, Dream Eater, Thunder Wave, Substitute, Psych Up, Snore, Icy Wind, Endure, Swagger, Sleep Talk
    Egg Moves: Disable, Destiny Bond, Foresight, Astonish, Imprison
    HM's/TM's: TM Teleport, TM Detect, HM Flash


    Nickname: Sarai
    Level: Lv. 09
    Gender: Female
    Type: Fire
    Obtained: Hatched from Fire Core Egg (18th September)
    Beauty Points: 10
    Ball Type: Fire Ball
    Currently: In DC (Out 18th December)
    Held Item: Charcoal

    Evolution: Vulpix -- Fire Stone --> Ninetales

    Level-Up Attacks: Ember, Lv. 05 Tail Whip, Lv. 09 Roar, Lv. 13 Quick Attack, Lv. 17 Will-o-Wisp, Lv. 21 Confuse Ray, Lv. 25 Imprison, Lv. 29 Flamethrower, Lv. 33 Safeguard, Lv. 37 Grudge, Lv. 41 Fire Spin
    MT Moves: Body Slam, Double Edge, Mimic, Substitute, Snore, Endure, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Swift
    Egg Moves: Faint Attack, Hypnosis, Flail, Spite, Disable, Howl, Psych Up, Heat Wave
    HM's/TM's: HM Dig

    Numel, Male - In The P.C


    Pokemon I've seen:
    Grimer, Electrike, Houndour, Magby, Graveller, Ponyta, Torkoal, Vulpix, Cubone, Spearow, Fearow
    Pokemon I've owned:
    Lickitung (f), Torkoal (m) x 3, Sandshrew (m), Numel (f) x 4, Numel (m) x 2, Trapinch (m), Ponyta (m), Ponyta (f)
    Egg Hatching History:

    5th September 2005 - Male Torkoal (Fire Core Egg)
    27th September 2005 - Male Numel (Fire Core Egg)
    6th March 2006 - Female Ponyta (Fire Core Egg)
    27th March 2006 - Female Numel (Fire Core Egg)
    17th April 2006 - Male Trapinch (Dragon Mystery Egg)
    10th May 2006 - Male Ponyta (Fire Core Egg)
    29th May 2006 - Male Torkoal (Fire Core Egg)
    19th June 2006 - Female Numel (Fire Core Egg)
    10th July 2006 - Male Bagon (Dragon Mystery Egg)
    7th August 2006 - Female Ponyta (Fire Core Egg)
    28th August 2006 - Female Numel (Fire Core Egg)
    18th September 2006 - Female Vulpix (Fire Core Egg)
    9th October 2006 - Male Numel (Fire Core Egg)
    30th October 2006 - Female Numel (Fire Core Egg)
    20th November 2006 - Male Torkoal (Fire Core Egg)
    11th December 2006 - Male Numel (Fire Core Egg)
    Crystal Egg
    Great Ball
    Thunderball x2, x3
    Fire Ball
    Love Ball
    2006 New Years Ball
    Fire Stone
    Leaf Stone
    Sharp Beak
    TM Shockwave
    TM Water Pulse
    TM Icy Wind x 2
    TM Softboiled
    TM Rest
    TM Bubblebeam
    Devil Horns
    Soft Sand
    Green Shard
    Yellow Shard
    Gengar Plushie and Sneasel Wand
    Berries: Berry Juice, Chesto, Oran, Nanab, Wiki, Rabuta x2, Petaya, Lum x2, Lansat, Cheri, Razz, Rawst, Nomelx2, Cornn
    Salac, Apicot, Pamtre, Magost, Aspear, Ganlon, Spelon, Iapappa, Wepear
    5 Piles of Ash
    5 Pokeballs
    Max Revive x2
    2 Super Potions
    4 Potions x5
    2 Revives
    1 Sacred Ash
    4 Escape Ropes
    2 Paralyze Heals
    2 Antidotes
    2 Awakenings
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    AeroGP Guest

    Post Homeboard: Serebii

    Name: Aero
    Starting Pokemon: Mudkip, Male, LV5
    Misc: Gifted as a child, Aero has been searching the winds all his life.
    Fizzy Bubbles Team:
    Party (1):

    Mudkip Lv.5 (Male)
    Evolution: (Mudkip) -- LV16 -> (Marshtop) -- LV32 -> (Swampert)
    Current Attacks: Tackle, Tail Whip
    Natural Abillity(s): Surf
    Items: Suitcase, Timerball, 5x Pokeballs, 3x Potions, 1x Revive, 1x Escape Rope
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    Oct 2004
    New York

    Default Homeboard:UPN

    Name: Aexlus

    Pokemon: Venomoth(m) (lvl 100), Flaafy(m) (lvl 24), Marshtomp(m) (lvl 25), Salamence(f) (lvl 62), Alakazam(f) (lvl 27), Dustox(m) (lvl10)

    In PC: Machop(m) (lvl 10), Ledyba(f) (lvl 5), Charmander (f) (lvl 3) Victreebell(m) (lvl 51), Squirtle(f) (lvl 5), Caterpie(m) (lvl 4)

    Items: Pokedex, Backpack, the regular pokeballs my pkmn are in, Larvitar plushie that eats dirt and it changes it into chocolate ice cream. I have a I can count T-shirt.

    13 rare candies.

    Healing Items:18 Potions, 17 Super Potions, 8 Max Revives, 14 Full Heals, 2 Fresh Waters, 1 Soda Pop, 1 Sacred Ash.

    Casino Coins and Items: 22,210 coins

    TM's: TM Ice Beam, TM Flamethrower, TM Shadow Ball, TM Sludge Bomb, TM Zap Cannon.

    Balls: 1 new years ball,1 Ice Master Ball from CGWA and 9 extra Poke Balls to catch my pokemon in.

    Evolution Items and Misc: Lum Berry, Cheri Berry

    Egg Moves, HM Moves, and Move Tutor Moves:

    My Marshtomp knows Icy Wind, Ice Punch, Refresh and Mirror Coat.

    Venomoth knows Rollout and Giga Drain.

    Alakazam knows Dragon Claw, Metrenome, Barrier, Mega Punch, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, and Thunder Punch.

    Salamence knows Tri Attack, Hydro Pump and Dragon Dance.

    Machop knows Rock Slide and Ice Punch.

    Flaafy knows Body Slam, Fire Punch and Rock Smash.

    Victreebell knows Magical Leaf and Water Pulse.
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    MewSP Guest

    Default Home Board: Serebii

    Name: Landon

    Items in Bag:
    3 Rare Candies
    1 Heavy Ball
    10 Pokeballs
    3 Potions
    4 Antidotes
    4 Awakenings
    4 Parlyz Heals
    2 Super Potions
    2 Revives
    1 Soda Pop
    3 Escape Ropes

    Pokemon Squad: Yellow=learned

    Male Bulbasaur LV.6 [Ginsing]
    --- Tackle
    --- Growl
    L.7 Leech Seed
    L.10 Vine Whip
    L.15 Poisonpowder
    L.15 Sleep Powder
    L.20 Razor Leaf
    L.25 Sweet Scent
    L.32 Growth
    L.39 Synthesis
    L.46 Solarbeam

    Special Moves:
    Magical Leaf

    Male Heracross LV.6 [Grarl] -adopted-
    --- Tackle
    --- Leer
    L. 6 Horn Attack
    L.11 Endure
    L.17 Fury Attack
    L.23 Brick Break
    L.30 Counter
    L.37 Take Down
    L.45 Reversal
    L.53 Megahorn

    Special Moves:
    Rock Slide
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    Sparkytroggle Guest


    Name: Sparky
    Starter pokemon: Klasp the Male L5 Trapinch .
    Misc. Info: Sparky was given Klasp as an egg after he saved a ruin investigator from a group of bandits who were after the secret of the Regi pokemon by fighting them off with his Quagsire. Leaving all his other pokemon at home, Sparky wants to re-live the feel of being a new trainer in Fizzy Bubbles.

    Items: Heavy Ball x1, Pokedex, Backpack

    Klasp, L5 (M)
    L9 Sand Attack
    L17 Sand Tomb
    L25 Faint Attack
    L33 Crunch
    L41 Dig
    L49 Sandstorm
    L57 Hyper Beam

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