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Thread: Do you youtube?

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    Thumbs up Do you youtube?

    I was wondering how many people on serebii used youtube in conjunction with their Pokemon tcg sets eg. opening packs, trading, showing off thier sets etc

    for starters you can find my channel here -->

    have a look around, if you also have a tcg channel/videos leave your link so we can all see

    P.S sorry if this is against the rules or something ^_^;

    EDIT: omg i forgot that my channel wasn;t set to public... no wonder my views were bad HAHAHA im such a youtube noob :P
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    Youtube channel
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    To be honest, I started watching jwittz over a year ago, closer to 2 and then I got bored a month later so no.
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    Yes. I use youtube, you can find my channel in the link below!

    My Channel :
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