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-Mudkip, for starters. People, the moment we've all been waiting for. Mudkip gets some screentime. Some decent screentime. AND ACTUALLY DOES SOMETHING. He gets to fire off an attack, (Water Gun.) walk around for pretty much the whole episode, and is the key to helping Ash find Onix who has captured the rest of thr twerps.
Oh Yippie. Idiots. If they want to make it look like Mudkip is being productive, the least they could do is hand over a new attack.

-Heh, Corphish goes BESERK at Gonbe because it eats all the group's Pokemon food. Actually fires a Bubblebeam against it, heh. It misses, sadly, and hits May's Squirtle, who proceeds to fire a Bubble attack back.
I'll have to add that to the Catalog. And this Bubble didn't hit Corphish, or at least didn't injure him, right? After the lame Swampert victory, I'm making sure that Corphish isn't fainted do to a much more pathetic attack/Pokemon without retaliation.