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    Wow, I wish I had as much manga as you Dark Absol. Though it wouldn't all fit in my bookcase...

    Anyway, here's my collection:
    Fruits Basket: Vol. 1-8
    Ultimate Edition 5 (contains volumes 9 and 10)
    Vol. 11-23
    Negima: Vol. 21
    Sgt Frog: Vol. 3
    Spiral: Vol. 4
    Fairy Tail: Vol. 9
    Naruto: Vol. 2
    Viz Media Sneak Peak 2007
    The Best of Pokémon Adventures Red
    Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure! Vol. 1 and 5
    Pokémon The Rise of Darkrai
    Hetalia: Vol. 1 (This is on loan from a friend, so it's temporary.)

    Dark Absol and XatuGamer (and anyone), do you like Bakuman? I'm currently reading it (I'm though vol. 9) and I like it a lot.
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