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Thread: What is your manga collection

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    At the moment I have Chobits 1-3 but I have only got into it since Tuesday
    The Latias says it all, surely?

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    My personal manga collection:

    Fruits Basket Vol 8-10
    Astro Boy (the Akira Himekawa version) Vol 1-3

    My brother has some, but I'm too lazy to list them. :P And I know I don't have many, its hard to get them where I live.

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    TeamRocket_Executive2010 Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by squirrel boy
    Dragon ball vol.1
    Don't laugh at me I'm not rich!
    don't worry, I got even less than you haha! I just borrow everything from my friends and the library

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    Quote Originally Posted by TeamRocket_Executive2010
    don't worry, I got even less than you haha! I just borrow everything from my friends and the library

    I borrow from the library and my friend(just one not all) says "your not worth it to touch my babies" *hugs kisses*. *_*
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    Default manga collection

    All of Angelic Layer except volume 2, a handful of Sailor Moon, Pokemon Special Volumes 1-7, Fruits Basket Volumes 5, 6, 11, and 13, and all of Cardcaptor Sakura: Master of the Clow. You can see where all of my allowance goes...
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    Naruto Vol. 1-30
    Hot Gimmick Vol. 1-11
    Inuyasha Vol. 1-2
    Azumanga Daioh Vol. 1-4
    Hunter x Hunter Vol. 1-23
    20th Century Boys Vol. 1-21
    Berserk Vol. 1-31
    Bleach Vol. 1-20
    One Piece Vol. 1-41
    Trigun Vol. 1-2
    Trigun Maximum Vol. 1-
    Chobits Vol. 1-8
    Dragonball Vol. 1-16
    Dragonball Z Vol. 1-26
    Rurouni Kenshin Vol. 1-28
    Neon Genesis Evangelion Vol. 1-10
    Fruits Basket Vol. 1-20
    Honey and Clover Vol. 1-9
    Kimagure Orange Road Vol. 1-18
    Hellsing Vol. 1-7

    To name a few

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    InuYasha - Vol. 1 ($8.95)
    Megaman NT Warrior - Vol. 1 ($7.95)
    Pokémon Adventures - Vol. 1, 2, 3, 5, 6

    I just ordered Pokémon today on Amazon, but they didnt have Volumes 4 or 7 listed, and the total was $53

    I'm just getting into the Manga scene, lol.


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    Love Hina 1-14
    Deathnote 1-6
    Negima 1-10
    Naruto 1-10 (I read ahead in shonen jump)
    One Piece 1-11 (same as above)
    s-CRY-ed 1-5 (short series)
    DNAngel 1-10
    Bleach 1-13
    Megaman NT Warrior 1-the last one that came out
    I've READ, NOT BOUGHT, Black Cat 1-3
    Fullmetal Alchemist 1-8
    Case Closed 1-12

    I go to Borders, Books-A-Millions, and Walden Books AT LEAST once a week in the months they say they're coming out with the next book. Or just whenever I feel Like it. I see that Edward Elric and I have the same taste in manga.
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    Yugioh 1-4 Yugioh Duelist 1-15 Legendz 1-4(complete series) One Piece 1-3 Plus Jump 13, 15-current

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    Yuu Yuu Hakusho 1-9
    Hunter x Hunter 1-8
    InuYasha 1-11
    Rurouni Kenshin 1-4
    Naruto 1-2
    Godchild 1
    Love Hina 1-6
    Pita ten 1
    Psychic academy 1-4
    Shaman King 1-2
    Comic Party 1
    Yuugiou 1
    Fullmetal Alchemist 2-3
    Fruits Basket 1-2, 6
    Fushigi Yuugi 1, 5

    I think I have more, but I'm not sure...

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    rose: here mine
    Chrono Crusade vol. 1-7
    Chobits vol. 8
    Kingdom Hearts vol. 1-4
    Princess Tutu vol. 1-2

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    Here are some that I have:

    Cardcaptor Sakura: Volume 1 and 2
    Chibi Vampire(a.k.a Karin): Volume 1
    CLAMP School Detectives: Voume 1
    Kare Kano(His and Her Circumstances): Volumes 1-5
    The Legend of Chun Hyang (there is only one volume)
    Ouran High School Host Club: Volume 1
    Rurouni Kenshin: Volume 1
    Tsubasa Resovir(sp?) Cronicles: Volumes 1-5
    XXX Holic: Volume 1 and 2
    Yotsubasa&: Volume 1

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    Alright since I read both mine and my brothers i'll add his too XD


    Fruits Basket: 1-13
    magical x Miracle: 1
    Case Closed: 1

    My Bro's:
    Naruto: 1,2,8,9
    DNAngel: 1-10
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    dbz vol.1
    naruto vol.1-2
    ranma 1/2 vol.1
    and I'm getting sand land
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    My Manga Collection:

    Fruits Basket - Volume 1
    Fruits Basket - Volume 2
    Fruits Basket - Volume 3
    Fruits Basket - Volume 7
    Fruits Basket - Volume 10
    FB = <333!
    Full Moon wo Sagashite - Volume 2
    Full Moon wo Sagashite - Volume 3
    Full Moon wo Sagashite - Volume 4
    Full Moon wo Sagashite - Volume 5
    FM = <33333!
    Negima - Volume 1 (so far...)
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    MarcelloF Guest


    One Piece VOl. 1-38 (when I get back to Germany I'm buying 39)
    Dragonball. Vol.1-35
    Ranma 1/2. Vol. 1-14
    Inuyasha Vol.1-12
    Shaman King Vol.1-11
    Naruto. Vol 1-5
    Erementar Gerard Vol.1
    Legend of Mana Vol.1
    Hunter X Hunter Vol.1
    Devil Children Vol. 1
    A.I love You

    I might have more but that all of them that I remember
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    Eris Guest


    Fruits Basket- vol. 1, 6, 11

    Hana-Kimi- vol. 2,3,4,5,7,8,9,10,11,12

    Marmalade Boy- vol. 3,4,5

    T-T Yep. Hard to follow the people above. Well, my manga collection is growing...

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    Ugh. I envy you guys/girls.

    Since I live in Australia and I'm not allowed to order over the internet, I only have access to the Gollancz manga volumes. I've gotten every single one of those .... which is hardly anything. *sigh*

    One Piece- Volume 1
    Dragon Ball- Volume 1

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    I have quite a bit of Dragon Ball and a few others as well:

    Dragon Ball Vol. 1
    Dragon Ball Vol. 16
    Dragon Ball Z Vol. 1-9
    Dragon Ball Z Vol. 11-13
    Dragon Ball Z Vol. 15-21
    Dragon Ball Z Vol. 23
    Sand Land
    Naruto Vol. 1
    Inuyasha Vol. 1
    Fullmetal Alchemist Vol. 1-3
    YuYu Hakusho Vol. 1

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    I've bought/downloaded quite a bit since I posted here last time ^^;;

    In Swedish
    DragonBall vol. 1-42 (complete)
    One Piece vol. 1-2, 26
    Time Stranger Kyoko vol. 1
    Love Hina vol. 1-7
    GTO vol. 1-5
    Power!! vol. 1-6
    Negima! vol. 1-3
    Blade of the Immortal vol. 1-2
    Chobits vol. 1-7
    School Rumble vol. 1
    Air Gear vol. 1
    DNAngel vol. 1
    Neon Genesis Evangelion vol. 1
    Meitantei Conan vol. 1-2
    Ranma ˝ vol. 1-21

    In English
    Shaman King vol. 1-9
    .hack vol. 1-3 (complete)
    FLCL vol. 1-2 (complete)
    Boys:Be vol. 1
    Kamichama Karin vol. 1
    Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon vol. 1, 4, 6
    Genshiken vol. 1-2
    Card Captor Sakura vol. 1-3
    Yotsuba&! vol. 1-3
    Full Metal Alchemist vol. 1
    Happy Lesson vol. 1
    Eerie Queerie! vol. 1
    LIFE vol. 1
    Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind vol. 1-2
    Metropolis (complete)

    In Japanese
    Shaman King vol. 12

    In Italian
    Cicatrice the Sirius vol. 4

    On The Computer
    Butsu Zone vol. 1-2
    Funbari no Uta (complete)
    Relax (complete)
    Mappa Douji (complete)
    Caramel Blood (Shaman King doujinshi)
    Cosmic Lovers (Shaman King doujinshi)
    Cosmic Honey (Shaman King doujinshi)
    Cosmic Sweets (Shaman King doujinshi)
    Get! (Shaman King doujinshi)
    Hakanaku Soredemo Kanaegatai Yume O (Shaman King doujinshi)
    Hana Ichimonme (Shaman King doujinshi)
    Itsuka (Shaman King doujinshi)
    Mou Hitou no Kokoro (Shaman King doujinshi)
    Natsu (Shaman King doujinshi)
    Rendez-Vous (Shaman King doujinshi)
    Shaman Paradise (Shaman King doujinshi)
    Tatakau! Baito Sama-Returns (Shaman King doujinshi)
    Unknown Name (Shaman King doujinshi)
    Random Shaman King omakes

    ...whoa O_O
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    MarcelloF Guest


    if we count on the omputer I also have all Zelda manga.

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    Let me see-

    Sailor Moon Supers 1-4,
    Sailor Moon Stars 2-3,
    Cardcaptor Sakura Master of the Clow 1,
    Saint Tail 6,
    D.N.Angel 1 and 4,
    Maharomatic Automatic Maiden 1-3 (won in a raffle),
    Fruits Basket 1-6,
    Miracle Girls 1-5,
    Tokyo Mew Mew 1-7,
    .Hack//Legend of the Twilight,
    Gravitation 1,
    Pita Ten 1,
    Galaxy Angel 1,
    Tsubasa Chronicles 1.
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    Pokémon: Pikachu Shocks Back! Volumes 1-4
    Pokémon: The Electric Tale of Pikachu: Volume Seven (The first half of Volume Four in a mini-book that came with an old VHS.)

    That is all! They are good. The only other Manga I've read is a Manga about Yellow. The one with all the good Kanto leaders on the front.
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    Inuyasha vol. 1-6.
    Ranma 1/2 vol. 1.
    Naruto vol. 1-3.
    Not too extensive, but I've read the Inuyasha's a million times.
    I want to get this series called "Samurai Kyo" (at least, I think that's what it's called), but I don't have the money or willpower to get out and get them. Oh well.
    Quote Originally Posted by HERLS View Post
    You can't sue over stupidity, surely?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wants_latios_lots
    I want to get this series called "Samurai Kyo" (at least, I think that's what it's called), but I don't have the money or willpower to get out and get them. Oh well.
    Close, but it's called "Samurai Deeper Kyo". The anime suck, but the manga is decent.

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