Flygon's voice sounded a bit off today Oo Ah well...but the episode was quite good. At least it had some funny moments here and there.
Team Rocket hiding the pie in Wobbuffet's mouth = great. Because you could clearly see where it was.
When I think about it, Wobbuffet was funny throughout the whole episode, with Jessie being angry at it when it found the berries and lifting it up into the air XD But it was kinda a rip-off of the scene in "Wynaut of the Mirage Island".

Surprisingly, Drew didn't amaze me at all this time. His actions looked almost clumsy at the beginning of the episode, and he flipped his hair too much today. Meh. But nice to see him anyway.

I liked the plan Brock had, cornering Arcanine and forcing it to a certain direction was pretty clever.

Squirtle was cute as always. And Munchlax was close to being useful. But only close XD Ah well, at least it used an attack..

Not supposed to be a summary x_X I just pointed out random things..

Oh, and that attack Arcanine used in the preview was actually Heat Wave, not Overheat. Dunno if it was already mentioned..