I continued trying to get Megados, but I got a subtled version. It was a Meganium called Gyarados. And I didn't change the name myself :/

About the rules and n00bs...has anyone heard of the expression "feeding the fire"? If a n00b (NOT newbie) is spamming, they will do so even more if they are told to stop. I remember a thread, but I lost it. It was like:

n00b: *puts ~20 smilies* HI GUYS!!!! *more smilies*
person1: you are abusing smilies. plz stop, etc.
n00b: *smilie army* WhY ShOUld i?
person2: you'll get banned. leave.
n00b: *smilies* does tHis GEt ME bANneD?

...You might have seen this? Anyway, a newbie will listen and learn. A n00b will try to oppose you. By ignoring their presence, they will get bored and hopefully leave. And they bump!