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    Default Rejected (Rating: R)

    Summary: In a world consumed by an invisible, cruel soul-eating poison, many souls long for hapiness and freedom... The path to freedom will be a long and hard one however... and few will survive the journey...

    Author's notes: Well, here comes my next fanfic!

    By the way, yes, I writte too much dark stuff but well...

    I hope you'll enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed writting it!

    Reviews are welcome, as always.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: This story is rated "Restricted" and not just becease of violence or "acts"! This is a very dark and grim story and well, younger audiences may be shocked upon reading this story. Anyway, to those who can, enjoy this piece of dark fan fiction!

    IMPORTANT NOTE #2: If you're looking for gratuitous violence or descriptions of other "things", then don't read this fic becease it isn't what you're looking for. This isn't a suicide/murder angst fest either, so don't espect that either! I'm doing my best to make this a deep, involving story and I hope you'll find it to be quite intersting. Well, that's all! Enjoy!

    ================================================== ========
    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++
    ================================================== ========

    "This place is so beautiful! It's almost like a dream..." said a soft, caring feminine voice.

    "Isn't it? It took me a long time to make that place..." replied a deep, manly voice.

    "Really? You can build a castle within two days and then, it takes weeks to make a little garden?" asked the feminine voice, amused.

    "Making castles is easy! They're just big pieces of metal strapped together. Making a garden require to build a harmony between all the lives I put here. Furthermore, for the beauty to rermain, a balance must be attained. It's complicated, you know!" said the deep voice.

    "Well, if you say so!" said the feminine voice.

    Then, I felt two pairs of eyes staring at me... altought my vision was all blurry and that I couldn't see what the two figures looked like, I never forgot the care, the love in their eyes...


    "Get up you lazy animal!" yelled a harsh, mean voice that was much different from the two I had heard before.

    I felt a sharp pain in my side and I awoke. I was inside of a small dark, dank room. A creature about my size was kicking me in the side with all of his strenght. I tought that each time he struck, another bone would break...

    I sighed and got up, grasping the place where the creature, a human I believe, had kicked me. It hurts so much... I just don't understand why the others say that they're weak... personally, I believe that they can give pretty strong kicks!... especially when it's to awaken someone!

    "At last! Now, get ready you lazy bum! As you must already know, it's Pokeball testing today! Heh! No longer will we have to keep you in that stupid room anymore. I bet you must be thrilled! Hehehehe!" the human's laugh was so horribly wrong-sounding... in fact, I hated everything about that human.

    Judging from what his appearance, he was a male human in his thirties. He was somewhat thin and had short but messy black hair. His brown eyes were as dull as his clothes and personality were. I heard others call him a "Defect Trainer".

    Defect Trainer? A vastly unwanted job in the human society it seems. It seems that in human society, one's rank and reputation is determined by the number of slaves, or "Pokemon" as they call them, that they own. However, only slaves that could be stuffed into what they call "Pokeballs" count. Others were sent to Defect Trainers. I happened to be what they call a "Defect".

    For some reason, they were saying that my body cell structure could not be properly compressed by regular Pokeballs... altought I doubted those things really worked. Basically, how is slamming a stupid ball into my forehead is going to trap me inside of it or not?... and what's the deal with trapping people anyway?

    Well... anyway... the human promptly left. Looks like it only wanted to wake me up...

    "Hey! So you're going to the Lab today? Heh! Sucks to be you!" said a rather harsh and deep voice behind me.

    I turned around to face a yellow mouse with a long thunderbolt-shaped tail. One of it's eyes were missing and about half of it's teeth was gone. It's fur was awfully dirty and it was covered with scars of past battles and experiments.

    That rat was none other than Derlank, the second oldest slave in this place next to me. Derlank had lived for a long time and altought, according to the humans, he hardly had a year left to live, he was still more energic than most slaves around here. In fact, altought he was rather harsh and just plain of a jerk sometime, he was one of the only people I could truly call "friend".

    "Yeah, they're going to bash me with more balls, how fun." I said, sarcastically.

    "Heh! Well, I hope for you that it won't last nearly as long as last time! Being a Defect is bad already without having to be slammed by those dumb Pokeballs... but well, I'm happy to be a Defect rather than one of those stinkin' Pokemon!" he stated.

    Instantly, a small Minun stood up, upset. "Heh! I'd figure this out! You're just an old heartless fool! I want to have a Trainer! I want to be loved!"

    Both I and ol' Derlank chuckled. To be loved? Must be one of those "wild Pokemon" that comes from time to time.

    Throught the fifteen years I've been in this stinky pit, I learn that there existed three main types of slaves.

    The first were the naive "wild Pokemon". Those creatures are used to hearing fairy tales about how Pokemon Trainers work and play with their Pokemon, considering them like friends and allies. Of course, this was complete rubbish. Such Pokemon Trainers are never respected and either turn out into "failures" which have only six Pokemon with them at most and love them, either they turn into "actual Pokemon Trainers" and start acting like jerks, like 99% of the other humans.

    The second type acted more like Derlank and he liked to call this type the "realistic Pokemon". They were those who actually knew that the humans were nothing but big time meanies and accepted it. He knew that it was not his place to oppose humanity and all that it stands for... but that didn't kept him from hating them and if the opportunity presented itself, he would escape anyday!

    The third type was what Derlank called "naive fools". Basically, the "naive fools" are what the "wild Pokemon" call "human minds trapped into Pokemon bodies". In short, people that thirsted for knowledge and freedom without any limit in their desires. Derlank says that I'm one of 'em... and that it's the very reason he likes me so much. Seeing someone who can keep his sanity and optimistic view of life in such a place is enough to make him a happy Pokemon... altought all I really had was just those dreams.

    "What's so funny? I want to be loved!" said the Minun, almost crying.

    Derlank smiled. "Hey! You know... you're not forced to be trained by a human for that to happen! Hehehehe!"

    I knew what that smile meant. I slapped him. Not strong enough to really harm him but enough to remaind him what I tought of his... activities... regarding female newcomers.

    "Hey! I know that you don't like it, psy kitty but that's one of my last pleasures in life, you know! Furthermore, I'll say that this female there is quite cute indeed..." he said, his smile widening.

    Instantly, an expression of disgust was placed on the Minun's face.

    "Don't joke, old rat! She isn't your type, really... and anyway, considering your age, you could be her father or even her grandfather!" I stated.

    Derlank frowned. He hated to be remainded of his age...

    "Hey! I still got a lot of energy to spare, ya know!... and you're not very well placed either! It will be fifteen years you'll be here tonight!... and according to what the humans said about you, you were about four years old when you arrived! According to MY calculations, we're the same age!" said the ederly yellow mouse.

    "I know that! But my growth process is much slower than yours. I'll still be a young when your grand children will have lost their teeth, you know!" I replied.

    "I know that!... but for now..." he couldn't complete his sentance.

    He jumped away from me and hid in a corner, using the shadows to hide his presence from the Defect Trainer who had returned in the room.

    The Minun jumped in front of the human and smiled, happily saying the name of her specie: "Minun!"

    The Defect Trainer sighed and simply kicked the annoying animal out of it's way. Instantly, the Minun begun to cry, screaming in the Pokemon language how mean this human was and how she just wanted to be loved.

    I stared at the young Pokemon... it was obviously young from how beautiful it's fur was and from how there were no scars at all on any of her body parts. I pitied her... she would soon realise what it meant to be a Defect... I only hoped that she would realise someday that it is much better than to be the tool of a Pokemon Trainer... or so Derlank used to say.

    "Follow me!" ordered the man.

    I followed the human out of the room and into the hall. The place was dark, like all of the entire building. Sunlight was rather rare in this stupid place and the light of the lamps encased in the ceiling was kinda weak... especially considering that many of those hadn't been repaired in years. The floors were like all of the rooms; dirty, dank. I had heard from Derlank that in places they call "Pokemon Centers", humans called "Janitors" have the duty of cleaning the place. Having some "janitors" would do a lot of good to this place if you ask me... as it stands, this place never gets cleaned.

    Seeing as I had nothing better to do, I looked around, noticing that I was lucky for having a room. Most of the others were stuffed in small cages which themselves were stuffed on shelves all over the place. Only some special cases such as myself, Derlank, and obviously that newcomer, had the right to have an actual room. As I looked at the Defects within the cages, despair all over their faces, I suddenly felt lucky that I got a room for myself...

    "We're here! Get inside!" ordered the man, pointing at a room labelled "Laboratory".

    I hated this place more than any other place... it was there that those "scientists" jerks would inject all kinds of stuff in my body, make numerous cuts and look at my inside outs, or do "Pokeball testing"... which, in truth, only constisted of them hurling a flurry of hard and painful metal spheres at my face hoping that one of them would open and suck me inside.

    So, I entered the accursed place and took the time to look around.

    This place was probably the only clean place in the whole building. The walls were pure white and the floor was so clean you could see your reflection in it. As I gazed down at my reflection, I understood why people said I was a freak.

    Altought the scientists said that I had fur, I never felt I had any fur at all. It was more like skin if you asked me... altought the top of my head did seem to have some unseen hair...

    My figure was very similar to that of a human's... in the way that I stood on my hind legs in an upright position almost permanently. In fact, unlike most of the others, I couldn't stand on my four... too painful for my hands. Speaking of hands... my hands were quite... strange. They were almost identical to that of humans exept that I was missing two fingers. As for the arms themselves, they were so skinny you could see the nerves and veins throught the skin. Derlank claimed it was becease of the lack of food... but for some reason, I felt that the lack of food wasn't to blame. My shoulders was probably the reason why most newcomers tought I was wearing armor; the skin was extending in a triangular fashion, forming armored shoulder pads. My head itself was a mix between the head of a cat and a helmet... and it was definitely not beautiful. My large ears clashed with the look of my whole head. My legs, unlike my arms, were definitely large and strong-looking. My feet were oversized and it looked like the feet of a cat... altought Derlank preffered to say that they looked like clown shoes. My tail stood out. While all of my skin or fur, whatever you think, was pink... the lower part of my belly as well as my tail was purple. This made for an interesting color scheme... and as such, many had laughed at me becease of that. The detail that I hated the most however was that strange tube that was connecting the back of my head with my back. According to what the scientists had said, this tube allow my brain to have an extra flow of blood and thus, air, during extreme situations such as during battle or training. Maybe it was useful for such moments but still, it was ugly and it caused me to get stuck sometimes...


    "MEAAAAAAAAAAAARRROOOW!" I screamed at the top of my lungs as I felt the cold steel slamming into the tip of my tail and almost crushing it.

    "Geez! What a stupid creature!" said the man, opening the door, shoving the tail out of the way and then closing the door again.

    The scientists, during this time, stared at me with a suspicious look... and then, the leader among them ordered me to enter the test zone within the room...

    Then, as I stepped inside, I closed my eyes, knowing what was going to happen...

    "Pokeball testing session will begin. We will begin by using the special new model we made using data from the Masterball and the data we obtained by analysing the subject's cell structure yesterday. Proceed."

    I locked my own mind away, trying to find a way, any way, to escape the pain that was to follow... but I couldn't enter in a state of trance before the test actually begun.

    Instantly, a sharp pain assaulted my senses as a purple and black Pokeball struck my nose, nearly breaking it. Then, a red and blue one was slammed right into my chest... and then, the rate at which the spheres slammed into me increased... increased... and soon, I felt as if a real storm of metal was ripping apart my body.

    I felt the urge to cry for help... but it was useless. No one could help me, no one. I was trapped in a prison for Defects, away from the other humans, away from the Pokemon.

    I felt as if my whole skeleton was crushed into dust and all my strenght left me. I collapsed and then, I hoped that the test would end there... and I was relieved when no other Pokeballs struck me. I hoped that they would not tie me to the wall to continue the test... They did that sometimes and personally, it was really, really bad when this happened...

    A scientist entered the test area and touched my neck, seeking a pulse to see if I was still alive... and he had the confirmation that I still was.

    I awaited... to see if the test was over... I hoped the pain would stop... that the test would end...

    "He's still alive!" yelled the scientist to the others.

    "Strap him to the wall. We're only ten percents throught." stated the leader of the scientists.

    I felt the urge to cry... but I had neither the strenght or the will to do so. In the darkest corners of my mind, I suspected that those stupid humans enjoyed this display of cruelty... and as such, I had sweared never to satisfy them by giving them the pleasure of seeing my tears. Altought it had been incredibly hard... I had been able to keep the tears at bay for ten years now... altought I didn't knew how long I would last.




    "Hey! You're alright?" asked Derlank, running to me and then helping me stand up after being thrown back into the room.

    "Ugh..." I didn't even have the strenght to say a single word.

    "Wha... What did they do to him?!?" asked the Minun, terrified by my look, obviously.

    "Yeah! You're totally covered with wounds! Did they took samples or what?" the elderly rat asked.

    "Po... ke... ball... Tess... ti... ing..." with much effort, I could formulate those words.

    The Minun stood there, not believing this... "I cannot believe... that they could do this to anyone..."

    "Oh! You better believe it!" stated Derlank. "Everyone goes throught this at least once. The stronger you are, the more often you suffer that. I go throught this once a week... but our dear friend goes throught this at least once a day!"

    Minun's face became pale, learning that she would go throught this as well. "What?!? But this is... this is..."

    Derlank laughed... altought his laugh wasn't sincere. "Hahahaha! Oh! Believe me, it's better than going throught what a trained Pokemon goes throught!"

    The Minun was upset once again. She even seemed angered this time! "What do you know about trainers! You're a Defect, like the others! You know nothing of Pokemon Trainers! Nothing of the love they..."

    Derlank's laugh, now sincere, masked the remaning of Minun's speech. "HAHAHA! GUWAHAHAHA! I didn't heard something so funny in a good while! You know, girl, I once was a so-called trained Pokemon! Before I got captured by Team Snatch, I was a normal Pikachu and you know what? I am THANKFUL that Team Snatch got me! They may have roughed me up a bit... but they undone all of the brainwashing the Pokemon Trainers did to me! They gave me back my free will! For that, I am thankful... altought they do are no better than the others!"

    Minun's ears rose straight up and her eyes widened. "WHAT?!? Does this means that..."

    Derlank smiled and opened his right hand. In the palm of his hand, a purple flame... "Yep! Dark Pokemon all the way!"

    Minun's eyes shrunk as her heart was filled with sheer terror. She slowly backed to the wall...

    "Hey! What's the big deal with the face? I still got my soul, ya know! Yep, my polarity isn't quite normal... but that does have the advantage of making me invulnerable to Pokeballs, which I like! Yep, they bombard me with those stinkin' balls during tests... but I don't mind since I have free will." said Derlank.

    He slowly approached Minun, smiling. "Believe me, you're here for a reason! I bet that you must be a mutant, a genetically engineered Pokemon gone wrong, or a Dark Pokemon like me! So... what are you?"

    Minun pointed to me. "And him... why is he here?" she asked, avoiding the question.

    "Oh, him? He's really, really mysterious and strange... and mysterious... and strange... and really mysterious at that! Also, very strange at that! and mysterious! and strange!" he said, grinning.

    "Very funny!" said sarcastically Minun. "Just tell me why he's here."

    I closed my eyes... I didn't really knew myself but I knew one of the reasons why... "I'm immune to Pokeballs and I have psychic powers." I said.

    "And so what?" asked the female. "There's many psychic Pokemon around, you know!"

    "That's becease you didn't seen my dear psy kitty in action, fair lady!" replied the old rat, smiling. "I seen him take down Pokemon four times his size with a single psychic blast! With enough pratice and some training, he could become worthy of being an Elite Four Pokemon, I tell you!"

    Minun smiled. She doubted this! "Pah! If this kitty can beat up an Umbreon or a Houndoom, then I'll accept your "offer", mister cyclop!"

    Derlank didn't found this funny at all. "Hey! It's not becease that accursed Scyzor extracted my right eye that I'm a cyclop!... and I can still see very well!"

    Minun giggled. "Yeah right!"

    I sat down and stared at the small Minun. She was young, innocent, full of energy... for one second, I envied her. She had no worries... she knew nothing of real pain.

    I turned around, staring at the sole window in the room, from which a faint ray of sunlight came out... This was the only place where I had ever seen sunlight... from throught the window. I had tried to break the window many times but the three bars were made of a substance which was not affected by any of my powers. Derlank, him, had tried too... not to avail. The only thing we had obtained from our attempts were kicks from the Defect Trainer. Still, Derlank talks, sometimes, about the outside world being all green with large blue oceans, beautiful white cities, and with tons of healthy Pokemon and non-Pokemon Trainer humans walking around. He used to say that unlike Pokemon Trainers, normal humans cared for Pokemon. In fact, he used to say that he hoped to find out what was causing the humans to turn out so cruel when they become Pokemon Trainers... but since he was now quite old, it seemed like he would never find out...

    Unlike him, I had never gone out of the building... or more exactely, I was captured too young to remember anything clearly. All I had from the outside world was mere dreams... and those dreams were my most precious possessions. I would have never survived without them... never. I would have never been able to keep my sanity without the feeling that sometime in the past, someone had loved me and maybe still does...

    "Pah! Dreams rarely come true if at all!... but well, between being a depressed fool who can't see any good and a depressed fool who can still see some good in the world, I prefer the later case so... do me a favor and stick to your dreams!" Derlank used to repeat me that.

    When I think of it, Derlank was quite a bit more than a friend... he was more like a brother or even a father. He had teached me everything about this place and explained me why many of those things happened... and he wasn't afraid of admitting that he didn't knew everything. He knew that it was not his place to carry the entire world on his shoulders when he could barely keep his own mind in check.

    I turned to Derlank and then tought of something... "Hey."

    "What is it, kitty?" he asked.

    "Do you think it would be possible to escape?" I asked.

    Derlank smiled. "Escape? What kind of idea is that? Well... in the main arena, there is a ventilation vent which a small Pokemon could be able to use to access the control room and using the computer inside would be our most probable escape route but well, there are a lot of fans inside of that ventilation vent which would cut wide open anyone who got inside and anyway... I'm too large to fit in and you... well, considering you're several times my size, I won't even think about it."

    I turned to Minun and smiled. "What?" she asked.

    "Oh? Her? Well, she's the right size... but she doesn't look too bright. It's not like she can read and then use the computer in the control room to unlock the doors and deactivate the security systems! Believe me... I wouldn't give myself false hopes." he stated.

    I smiled. She probably didn't knew but... he knew. "Well... maybe you could teach her?" I said.

    Derlank raised an eyebrow. "Well, that would take time... and where will you find the materials to writte on..." he couldn't finish that I raised my right hand.

    Instantly, letters formed in the air, in front of the old rat. Minun's eyes widened... "Wow! That's... amazing!" she said.

    Derlank chuckled. "Well! Since you seem so determined... but it won't be easy! Learning a language takes lots of time... probably a little more than what's left for me to live!... but well, I think I can do this. There's still the problem of the fans in the ventilation vent..."

    I smiled again. "I will use my powers to stop them, don't worry. She won't get hurt."

    The elderly Pikachu begun to think... and then, he figured out that this was the first possible plan they had in years. Yes... maybe this could work.

    "Alright... I'll probably regret this but well..." begun the Pikachu.

    Minun walked to Derlank and sat in front of him.

    "OK... listen carefully..." begun Derlank as I used my powers to create stuff which Derlank would use in his lessons.

    Thus, we begun our new evasion plan...

    I stared at the window, our only source of sunlight... I began to try and imagine what the outside world must look like...

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    That was really ******* amazing. This is one of the best things you have ever written. You can really understand the feelings of the pokemon, yet at the same time you can't. This fic made me look at the idea of pokemon training in a new light

    Also, Derlank is a very interesting character.

    Can't wait for the next part

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    I'm not done with the next chapter yet... but I just wanted to tell everyone that it's about 50 to 70% done.

    Espect the next chapter soon.
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    OFF: Chapter 2 is up! YAY!

    Also... upon reading my submitted chapters again, I think that saying that this fic will contain just a bit of violence and other things is rather... incorrect. You have been warned!

    Anyway, reviews are welcome, as always.

    __________________________________________________ _______________

    ================================================== ========
    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++
    ================================================== ========

    Altought every day was identical within this dirty pit that was our prison, now that we had a plan for escaping, everything felt different...

    Our prison... Altought I used to call this place my home, I have decided to stop calling it that. This place... is not my home. It is an abyss of pain and despair where the unwanted slaves are thrown away by the Pokemon Trainers. I refuse to continue to decay in this forsaken place... and altought the plan is progressing slowly, it truly does progress...

    Minun changed much during the two months she had passed with us. Surprisingly, I didn't seen the hapiness and motivation disappear from her eyes as time passed, as she went to the lab as, just like us, suffered from the experiments.

    On the opposite, the experiments motivated us to work even faster toward the completion of our goal. Minun tried her best, learning and remembering the serie of words that made up the human language... learning how to read, understand, and writte them. Learning how to assemble entire sentances and disassemble them.

    In fact, I was surprised at the rate which Minun learnt. It took me two entire years to learn the human language... and now, Minun does so in two months, more than twelve times less time than me.

    I also begun to notice changes... changes in both I and Derlank. The old geezer didn't seemed so old suddenly... he seemed to be able to bear with the pain much more easily and he, who used to laugh at people who publically showed their emotions, begun to open his heart for I and Minun to see...

    I figured out that Derlank now had three motivations to escape. He wanted to know what corrupted the hearts of humans turning into Pokemon trainers, he wanted to be free... and he wanted to impress Minun. Altought he doesn't deny that he thinks that she's cute, he's sure denying the fact that his attraction for the female is now more than merely physical!

    As for Minun... I just cannot figure it out. Is she amused, pleased, or is she kidding us all? Pokemon become mature fast but never truly grow old until the day Death visit them. Maybe it's becease of the short life span of the Pokemon beside me...

    This is one of the many mysteries about myself... the effect or rather, the lack of effect of time on me. Altought I was nearing the deadly age, twenty, at which most Pokemon and Defects died... my body was still one of a two years-old, freshly adult subject. My aging process had somehow stopped... why? Why was I not aging while Derlank is?... this is a riddle I hope to solve someday.

    Still... there were not only positive angles to the fact that our plan being prepared... As such, I knew that Death was swift to strike... especially in such a place.

    Pokemon have short life spans... Defects, such as us, have even shorter life spans. We knew that a nasty attack during a battle, just one wound too many during an experiment, a nasty disease striking in the middle of the night... One of us could perish any day, any minute, any second... especially considering that today is a special day...

    Tomorrow, a special match opposing us to another team of Defects is planned in the main arena... and it will be then that our plan will be put in action.

    However, today, we have to battle a team that was assembled in order to push us to the limit by a Pokemon trainer... and this was really, really bad news.

    Last time, one year ago, that Scizor extracted Derlank's eye from it's orbit. It was a disgusting, disgusting sight... and that Rhydon did a Drill Horn attack right in my chest. The attack had missed my heart from merely a few centimeters... and as such, I had passed really, really close to death. Still, I recovered... but unfortunately, Derlank never got his eye back.

    Would Death claim one of us today? I hope not... It is the first time that our escape seems so probable, so imminent... Most definitely! I will NOT let Death interfere with our escape! It doesn't matter if we win or lose... what is important is our survival! We must survive to escape from this place tomorrow!

    "Err... guys?" asked Minun, tilting her head to the left, wondering why both I and Derlank were silent... "What's wrong? You didn't spoke ever since this morning, when the Defect Trainer announced that we would have a Guest Match."

    Derlank turned to me. "Tell her. You know I lack subtility."

    Minun raised an eyebrow. What did subtility had to do with this? I frowned... I hated explaining such things... but well, someone had to explain to her.

    "Minun... we are about to fight a team of trained Pokemon assembled specially to "push us to our limits"."

    "And?" asked Minun. "That can't be much worse than when they took samples off me, right?"

    A shiver went down my spine. The samples... they had taken nearly half of her flesh off her body. The nightmarish picture of her figure, open from every angle and emptied of all substance, staring at me, it's eyes filled with tears... It took a long, long time for her to recover... the first couple of days, even the Defect Trainer asked many times the scientists if it had been a little extreme and if she would live... but each time, the scientists told him it was OK... and she had been OK.

    Well, if I look at the positive side... Minun didn't had to go throught experiments and battles for a week and that left Derlank plenty of time to teach her about the human language.

    Still, there was a major difference between the Guest Match and the time when they took samples of her... the experiment was almost a guaranteed survival case... while our survival chances for the Guest Match were rather low.

    I could already imagine our opponents... tall, fully-evolved, and trained to the death souless war machines that obey their trainers' every whim as if they were simple puppets...

    The image of the Rhydon which almost pierced my heart was probably the most scary thing I had ever, ever seen... not becease I got close to death... but becease that I saw how empty the Rhydon's eyes were. He was... emptiness... He heard orders and executed, without question.

    I remembered how that trained Electrode we fought died... for it did die.

    Derlank and I, we had defended ourselves well against Scizor and Rhydon and the enemy wanted to get rid of us quickly... I knew it since the Pokemon trainer was thinking aloud, believing we were unable to understand human language. He said that he already had twelve Electrodes and that using one in this case wouldn't be such a big deal... and as such, he ordered the Electrode to use Self-Destruct.

    The Electrode did not hesitate... it did not even asked itself the question if it was right or wrong to die for such a petty, meaningless battle against two tortured souls who simply wished to survive... The Electrode exploded in a hurricane of fire and wind. It's remains flied about and were consumed at the same time as our endurance. The wind of fire allowed the Scizor and the Rhydon to attack...

    Just before being struck by the Rhydon, I caught a glimpse of the trainer's eyes... and they were cold, insensitive, heartless. There was no cruelty, no enjoyment... just pure cold logic. He was seeing Pokemon as mere tools and treated them as such...

    ... and after this, wild Pokemon still think that life as a trained Pokemon is a fairy tale? Our world is sure a strange one!

    How could I explain all this to Minun? How could I explain the horrors she was about to witness?

    "Minun..." I begun. "You will see how Pokemon trainers truly treat their Pokemon. You will see the cold, heartless logic of a being willing to sacrifice everything for a meaningless victory... including those who are supposed to be his friends."

    Minun raised an eyebrow again. "Huh?"

    Derlank stood up, annoyed. "You don't get it? We're going to die or they will!"

    Minun smiled. "That's some kind of joke, right?"

    Derlank smiled. It was the signal that he was about to say something sarcastic... "Heh! Sure! I bet that the Champion became a Pokemon master by coming up to Pokemon like us and offering us pretty flowers! I'm sure that he has respect for his opponent and will do everything to ensure a safe match that is perfectly following the rules!"

    Minun frowned. She HATED it when Derlank spoke like that... and I admit it that while I'm used to it, I don't like it either.

    "You know, not ALL Pokemon trainers are like that!" she stated.

    "You know, girl, that reputation among humans is set by the number of slaves... OOPS! So sorry! Pokemon that they own! How many hearts and lives do you think those humans broke in order to gain such large collections? Plenty, I bet!" stated harshly Derlank.

    "HMPH!" Minun turned her back to Derlank.

    "Great, just great. When a gang of souless war machines is about to attack, you two start fighting? How are we going to even live throught that fight if you keep up like that?" I asked, worried.

    They didn't had the time to anwser, sadly enough...


    It was that stupid Defect Trainer. "The Pokemon trainer is here! Come on! Come on! I don't have all day! Come with me!"

    We followed the human...

    Along the way to the arena, Pokemon jumped to the edge of their cages to stare at us. They all had learnt of the news... and then, dog Pokemon howled, cat Pokemon made a long, slow hiss, bird Pokemon sang a depressingly sad song...

    "Errr... what are they doing?" asked Minun.

    "All creatures, Pokemon and humans alike, support those who are marching to their deaths. They are supporting us, we who walk toward an uncertain death." stated Derlank.

    "WHA... WHAT?!?" Minun was positively shocked!

    "Heh! Don't worry! I and the psychic kitty survived throught four of them! Why would it be different this time?" he asked.

    Suddenly, the bird Pokemon's song became faster as if some of them were panicking. Some of the Pokemon screamed, others begun to cry...

    "What the?!? What's happening?!?" asked Minun, all panicked.

    I pointed to the two humans going in the opposite direction...

    "They're... they're carrying..." slowly whispered Minun.

    The two humans were carrying a large white bag. The bag wasn't really opaque and you could see what was within... but I instantly wished that it would have been possible upon seeing what was within.

    It didn't mattered how many times I seen it... it always had the same effect on me... and seeing from how Minun's face turned pale and how Derlank frowned, they couldn't take it very well either.

    Within the bag, the corpses of a child Rattata, an adult shiny Mareep, and a black and red Treecko were visible. The Rattata was seemingly in good shape and I wondered why it was inside the bag to begin with... until I noticed how odd what the angle at which his head was... and I realised that it's head had been ripped off, only a few bones connecting the head to the body. The shiny Mareep was barely recognisable. It's fur was almost completely burnt off and many limbs were cut off. A weird curve in the Pokemon's back suggested that the lethal strike was a crushing blow from above. The last Pokemon, a Treecko, wasn't in such a bad shape, like the Rattata was at first glance... but I noticed what was his last expression, which was forever stuck on his face. An expression of sheer terror and despair... as if gasping for air. There were many strange, long marks on it's body as if something cylindrical had squeezed on it's chest and neck with a lot of strenght. Strange needles were visible all over it's side also.

    "OH GREAT HO-OH!" screamed Minun, crying.

    It was her first exposure to Death. She had never seen any Pokemon or human die before and let's just say that this was a very, very rough way of being introduced to it... altought I believe that it did took a lot of time for Minun to be exposed to Death. It was only now, after months, that she saw her first corpses... Derlank and I seen them on a much, much more regular basis.

    I tried to look away from the bodies of those poor Pokemon, trying to think of anything else... but all that came to me was that nightmare...

    Sometimes, during the night, I had something else than my usual dreams... and altought I would normally welcome the variety... I knew that it often meant that I would have nightmares... very bad ones.

    In one of those nightmares, I could see my own body, trapped in one of those bags with which they carried the dead... I could see myself, the neck broken, the body covered with lethal wounds...

    I tried to think of something else again. I looked to the side and gazed upon an adult female Radicate. She was staring at the Rattata within the bag, her eyes filled with tears as she slowly and rythmically banged her head against the bars, as if her nerves had broke.

    This Radicate... must have been the rodent's mother. I wondered... what did this child do to deserve such a fate? What did the mother did to deserve seeing her child die before she does? To grieve for the parents... is sadly, a normal and natural process... but not the parents having to burry their own chldren! A parent shouldn't normally outlive it's children...

    As I turned to face Minun and Derlank, I couldn't do anything but fear for our safety. Minun was hysterical and Derlank was strangely silent, his eyes as wide as his cheeks... and I knew that if I could see my reflection, it would be very pale. We were all terrorised about the imminent fight... we knew that unlike the trained Pokemon we were about to face, there would be no one to take us out of battle should a lethal hit be imminent.

    "Man! Those animals sure are noisy today!" said the first man carrying the white bag.

    "Bah! They're always excited the day of the Guest Match. Ignore them." said the second man.

    "Still... that's... creeoy. I knew that my job would include such a duty... but I didn't tought I'd have to do it with screaming Defects around!" said the first man, feeling a bit nervous from seeing all those Defects doing so much noise...

    "You'll get used to it, don't worry." said the second man, who was obviously not minding the Defects at all.

    Suddenly, the Defect Trainer turned around and stared at me. I frowned, knowing what was incoming...


    "Come on, lazy animals!" said the human after punching me right on the nose. "Why did you slow down? I don't have all day!"

    Minun and Derlank stared at each others... I looked at both of them... We all nodded. We knew that we had to bring ourselves together and to go over the shock of seeing those corpses.

    "This is the last horror we'll get to see and experience. Tomorrow we're out of here." said Derlank.

    "Ye... yes..." said Minun, struggling against her intense fear. "Giv... giving up now would be stupid..."

    I simply nodded, not able to think of saying anything worthwhile. We turned to the Defect Trainer and walked foward...

    Slowly, the two men carried the corpses away as we entered the arena... Normally, Derlank says sarcastic stuff before entering the arena... but today, he was not in the mood to say anything and no one was in the mood to listen to anything sarcastic either...

    The arena was one of the few places which weren't totally disgusting in this building. While it wasn't clean like the laboratory, the artificial grass was in good condition and the walls were still in a good shape altought, despite the staff's best efforts, they had been unable to repair every part of the walls and clean out them of all of the "natural red paint" that covered them as Derlank like to say it.

    The mechanical door slowly closed itself and I stood, along with Minun and Derlank, in front of the Defect Trainer. In front of us, at the other edge of the arena, a human teenager wearing blue jeans and an official Pokemon League coat was staring at us... he was our grim reaper... the Pokemon trainer we would face in this Guest Match.

    Minun turned to Derlank. "Why don't we escape now? I... I can't take this anymore..." she said, trembling.

    "Security is at it's highest when Pokemon trainers arrive from the exterior." stated Derlank. "It would be unsafe to try it now. We'd better do it tomorrow, when there will be less security."

    "This is a three against three team battle." announced the Defect Trainer. "I will use this Minun, this Pikachu, and the Unknow Subject for this match."

    The Pokemon Trainer grinned and took out his pokedex. "Unknow Pokemon you say? Let's see what the Pokedex thinks about this!"

    He pointed the red, thin object toward him and it begun to speak in a robotic voice... "Unknow Pokemon Subject. Held at Pallet Town Defect Center. Data on Pokemon classified until analysis was completed. Elemental Type appears to be mostly psychic... altought until analysis is completed, this Type matchup may not be 100% reliable. Pokemon is extremely unstable and may spontaneously attack humans without even noticing it. Exercise caution."

    The Pokemon Trainer was obviously not satisfied by what his Pokedex told him. He placed it back in his pocket, frowning, and then took out three Pokeballs.

    "Alright! Since I'm facing two Electric Pokemon and a Psychic Pokemon... I choose YOU!"

    He thrown his Pokeballs. "GO! MIGHTYENA! GOLEM! MAROWAK!"

    Before us, some kind of tall wolf, a big boulder with a limbs and a head, and a brown reptile wearing a skull helmet and carrying a large bone as if it was a boomerang...

    Derlank turned to Minun. "Whatever the Defect Trainer says, listen to the orders that comes from your mind and feelings. Do not let that human boss you around."

    Minun didn't anwsered...

    I turned toward the foes... but I couldn't concentrate on them. All that I could see what the Pokemon Trainer... I stared into his eyes... he stared back...

    "Mightyena! Crunch!" ordered the Pokemon Trainer.

    It was too obvious that this attack was going my way... so, I closed my eyes and concentrated...

    I had learnt the hard way, years ago, that psychic blasts does not work on enemies made of and/or using the Dark power... and as such, I developped other ways to defeat them.

    I concentrated, trying to use the hidden power that the humans have been trying, ever since I can remember, to remove from me... and I felt it rising... but unfortunately, I was unable to sense my target... all I could sense was the Pokemon trainer.

    In fact, he was appearing very clearly in my mind... and he was alone. Derlank, Minun, the Golem, the Mightyena... all of them were just... not here.

    Then I knew what was wrong... and I heard a distant, very distant voice that sounded like Derlank...

    "Ta... cov..." I couldn't hear all of it.

    Then there was a deafening explosion and when I opponened my eyes, the arena was ruined. The ground had cracked open, the walls had almost crumbled down, wires and metal frames from the various systems in the walls and ceiling were scattered everywhere... and the three enemy Pokemon stood there, leaning on the walls, their heads leaning at an angle of about 180 degrees... an impossible angle unless they were...

    Derlank got out of the pile of rumble under which he had been burried and looked around at the carnage...

    "Oh great Ho-oh..." he slowly whispered. "What have you done this time..."

    I looked around... the Defect Trainer was cowering next to the door, his left leg twisted in an unnatural way. His clothes were covered with blood... his own. He was trembling and was staring at me, terrified.

    "I... I tought that... that the Purification had been successful... but he's still a stinkin' Dark Pokemon!" he whispered...

    I looked down... and noticed that there was no ground under me. I was floating above a large cratter... and judging from the looks of things, I had used something really, really powerful. I also noticed that there were multiple cuts shaped like teeth on my body.

    Then, I realised what had happened here...

    "You... you used the Shadow Supernova? Again? Didn't you learnt your lesson already?!?" scolded Derlank. "They will lock you up for weeks! We won't be able to escape!"

    I couldn't understand how and why it happened... "Shadow Supernova" was what everyone called what I did when I lost my temper... and by that, I mean when I turned really enraged! In all of my years, I had unleashed it only three times... two times before and now, a third time today.

    What had caused me to unleash such destructive power? Why did I do this?... and now?

    As I gazed at the corpses of the Pokemon that once belonged to the Pokemon trainer... I realised why.

    I couldn't take it anymore... I had enough, enough with all of that. I couldn't bear the experiments, the Purification process, the torture when we do something that displease the humans, the rancid food, the disgusting state of our prison, the fact that we never ever saw sunlight exept throught the window of our room... I couldn't take any of this anymore!

    I felt the rage rising... I felt everything turning dark again... That blood on my hands... it was the humans' fault! They rip apart my body and torture my soul and then, they demand that I obey them? They DARE to try to enslave me! I curse them! I curse this place! I wish that this whole place may be burnt down! That the lab may be nuked! That those halls may burn! That this arena may crumble! I will destroy everything!... and I will kill all of those heartless fools! I WILL...

    "Calm down psi kitty." said an ederly voice.

    Derlank? Is that Derlank?

    "It isn't like you. Do not lower yourself to their level. Do not let your raw power and desires control you..." said Derlank.

    I looked around... and I realised that it was not worth it. I was not powerful enough to do this... and even if I was, destroying this place will not give me back the time I lost in this forsaken pit. Also... thousands of Defects live in this place. They do not deserve to die... they do not deserve to be consumed by my fury during a moment of temporary insanity... I must control myself...

    Slowly, I felt myself floating back to ground level and I landed. I turned to Derlank...


    Tears flowed out of my eyes as I realised the consequences of what I had done. I had caused this. I had destroyed this place, robbed three innocent Pokemon from their lives, and wasted our only opportunity for escape. After this incident, we would probably be placed in the high security zone...

    "I... I..." I tried to say that I was sorry but my heart ached too much and my mouth couldn't move to formulate the words. My psychic powers were of no help for the emotionnal pain was too great...

    Derlank simply approached me and put his hand on my shoulder. "Calm down, little kitty. Everyone's nerves breaks one day or another. There was nothing you could do..."

    It was true. If it hadn't happened today... it would have happened later. Staying completely sane in such a place... is impossible.

    Then, as the sadness left, a new pain replaced it. Worry...

    "Derlank? Where is Minun?" I asked.

    Derlank suddenly jumped away from me, panicked. "Dang! How could I forget about her!"

    We both looked around... and both of our eyes widened in horror as we caught a glimpse of a small yellow object just behind the Pokemon trainer...

    The human was standing there. He was covered with dust but just like Derlank, it looked like he was somewhat spared from my attack's deadly effects. The Pokemon trainer's face was awfully pale as he was staring at the yellow furball leaning on the wall...

    Minun stood, upside-down, staring at us with a blank stare, her body facing the opposite way.

    For a second, everything froze and I felt a cold wind pierce throught my heart and extinguish all hopes, all dreams, all desires within me... I... I... had killed my friend... I had killed... our only chance for freedom.

    Derlank jumped on the top of a nearby pile of rubble and screamed at the sky, throught the ceiling.


    Derlank collapsed from exhaustion and sadness. I stared at my blood-stained hand... and altought I knew that it was my own blood that was on it, I couldn't help but feel that Minun's was on it too...

    I was... a murderer... and it was not the first time...

    Charmander... Psyduck... Marill... Natu... Wingull... Skitty... all of them... had died from my own two hands... All of them were consumed by the power that sleeps within me... and now, that same power had taken Minun's life as well. Derlank was the only Defect I ever met that hadn't died becease of me...

    "What... kind of monster am I?" I asked to no one in particuliar...

    "You're not a monster..." said a familiar voice...

    I looked back at the place where Minun used to be... and my eyes widened. Minun was standing there, her neck totally broken and her head facing the wrong way... and still, she was alive?!? But... how?!?


    I'll never forget this digusting sound of bones being broken as Minun spun her head, replacing it back in the correct position...

    Tears appeared in her eyes... "Do not grieve for me... for I was never alive to begin with. I was born dead."

    She walked up to me and smiled sweetly. "That's why I am a Defect. Undead Pokemon does not fit in Pokeballs..."

    Confusion replaced my sorrow... Minun... she was... No! It couldn't be! She is so full of energy, so full of life! How could she be...

    "There is nothing to say... I will understand if you hate me..." she said.

    Hate her? What kind of idea was this?!? Minun is and will always be my friend!

    She turned to Derlank... "He is lucky for his body decays... someday, his soul will be free. I will never leave the material plane, never ever..."

    I approached Derlank... "We should wake him. He must know... he tought you had... you had..."

    Minun nodded. "I heard him. I was conscious when he jumped on top of that pile of rubbles and screamed."

    As she approached Derlank, it's then that I noticed a detail I had failed to notice... Minun... wasn't breathing. In fact, there was no sound... she was not breathing and her heart wasn't beating either and yet... she stood before me. This felt... awkward... She shouldn't be alive... and yet, she was.

    She slowly shaked Derlank. He whispered: "No... that's not right... I said to the left..."

    It looks like Derlank was dreaming...

    "I wonder what kind of dream is that!" I stated as Minun proceeded to shake him again.

    "Oh... oh... yes... now you got it. Now that's right... hmm... Minun..." he whispered.

    Minun frowned while I could hardly keep myself from laughing. It was too obvious as for what kind of dream Derlank was having...

    Minun decided that a sharp kick would be better to wake him than shaking him... so, she turned around him, placed herself right in front of him and...


    I covered my eyes, not daring to look at the scene. Judging from the incredibly high-pitched scream Derlank let out when waking up, I figured out easily that Minun must have kicked him "where it counts". Poor ol' electric rat...

    "AAAAAARG! Oh my... Why did you... OOOOOOW!!!" cried the ederly Pikachu.

    "Serves you right, pervert! I tought you meant it when you made a scene atop that big rock! Pah! You stupid old geezer..." she harshly said.

    Derlank stopped and stared at Minun, wide-eyed... and then, he smiled. "Heh! Must still be my dream! I saw you dead! Now come over here my..."


    Minun slapped Derlank with all of her strenght!

    "Ow! This hurts you bi..." Derlank stopped right in the middle of his sentance. "This hurts? Wait a minute! A dream cannot hurt so... Minun?!? YOU'RE ALIVE?!?"

    "Of course I am you dummy! If you could just shut up for a second and keep your "thing" where it belongs for a minute, I'll explain everything!" she almost yelled. Obviously, she was NOT happy!

    Derlank frowned and sat down. "Alright... As I already explained to the kitty, I was born dead and thus, cannot die a second time. That's all."

    "How can this be? I mean... if you were born dead, how can you be alive right now?" the old rat asked.

    "Well... I don't know. I just am." she replied.

    We all stood there, staring at each others... and then, we all felt a harsh, very harsh pain... and we all collapsed. We were used to this. Since Pokeballs doesn't work on Defects, Defect Trainers use special chemicals to put them to sleep and then carry them back to their cages or rooms... and this meant that we had received an injection of those nasty chemicals from our Defect Trainer...

    Thus, my vision faded... All that I hoped was that I would not awaken in a high security zone, separated from the others...

    As the Darkness came to me, I welcomed it and soon, all of my toughts were emptied from my mind and I fell into a state of deep, unconscious sleep...

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    __________________________________________________ _______________

    ================================================== ========
    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++
    ================================================== ========

    When I awoke, there was nothing... nothing but darkness and I instantly felt the cold steel... and I knew that my fears had came true. I could not hear or see anything... but I could feel the shackles that kept me bound to the cold, hard wall...

    Unlike the old room, there was no window here... and judging from the lack of the slightest breeze, there was no opening. I was completely trapped... and altought I was chained to the wall, the humans had probably taken no chance and sealed the room.

    However, there were no needs for any shackles, for any walls... for I was trapped within my own mind. I had failed everyone... miserably. I was now in the high-security prison and as such, since Derlank would never leave without me, I had caused our escape plan to be nothing more than what it had always been... a fleeting dream.

    We were trapped and we would remain so for a whole month... and I do not know where that old rat and Minun are. I am alone... and it doesn't matter. I'm always like that... I bring about chaos and destruction... for I have "It".

    Still, Derlank has "It" too and he can control it!... why can't I? What is wrong with me? Why is the Darkness controlling me unstead of having myself control it? Derlank can shape and reshape the Dark Flames to his will, concentrating the Darkness into specific shapes and forms... but I cannot. Unlike him, the Dark Power only rise when one of my feelings grow extreme and then... terrible things happen.

    Was there a point to it all? Was there a point to this destruction I was causing?


    The room was suddenly filled with light as the Defect Trainer entered. Still, there was nothing to see. Dull, rusted grey steel was on the floor, walls, and ceilings... and nothing else. As for the size of the room... I was surprised I could fit in it so well considering it's size.

    "It seems to have awakened." said the human to the shadow behind him.

    "Well... Let us try again then." replied the shadow. Judging from the voice, it was one of those cursed scientists.

    The scientist approached, carrying a needle of some sort. I knew what this was... and altought I knew it would bring me nothing but pain, it was in my interest to fool them into thinking that the mind-control toxin was effective.


    My eyes widened as I felt the needle pierce throught the left vein in my neck. I felt every nerve in my body burn and I felt... I felt... the pain was too great to describe. It felt... horrible. I felt all strenght leave me and I had the urge to scream... but I did not. The pain was too much for me to make even a single move...

    "Man! Why is he so tense? It's... creepy." said the Defect Trainer.

    As much as I wanted not to cry... not to submit to those humans... the pain got the best out of me and I relaxed and all of the sadness and despair I had kept in my heart for so long was released. Without being able to control myself, I begun to sob... and the sobs only got louder and faster as the toxin invaded my bloodstream, setting my entire nervous system ablaze.

    The scientist took out the needle out of my neck. He stared at it and noticed how it was covered with blood...

    "I must have made the injection at a wrong angle..." he whispered to himself.

    The Defect Trainer came to me and placed his right hand on my shoulder in a compassionate way. Normally, I'd feel insulted from having a human try to calm me down like they try to calm common mindless animal-type wild Pokemon... but the combined physical pain and emotionnal depression was more than enough to break my mental resistance and caused me to welcome the gesture with open arms.

    "Calm down... calm down..." said the Defect Trainer...

    It doesn't matter if one doesn't truly love you for when one is in the deepest abysses of despair... even the most inept and fake gesture of compassion will feel like a gift from Ho-oh himself. His words and the warmth of his hand calmed the emotionnal storm within my heart and allowed my mind to reform and take ahold of the physical pain.

    I stared at the Defect Trainer, no longer crying and struggling against the pain so that I wouldn't fall into such a vulnerable state again. I felt so ashamed by my moment of weakness... I had emotionnaly welcomed a being who did not care for me, who only wanted me to his slave. I had acted like the animal this human believed me to be.


    The shackles that bound me were removed and then, the humans walked back to the door.

    "Follow me." ordered the human.

    My legs were shaking, my vision was blurry, I felt like collapsing in tears again as the pain was once again getting the upper hand on my reason... but I gathered my strenght and attempted to step foward.

    My right foot... it was so... heavy... As I rose it above the ground, it felt as if thousands of Snorlaxes were sleeping on top of it... I was shaking so hard I wondered if my nerves had broke down... I tried to move the foot foward... so... hard... so... heavy... I knew I wouldn't be able to do it physically.

    I tried to concentrate on myself... Clear your mind... such pain... ignore it... Brain... surging with signals from all over the body... Lungs are burning... heart is ripping apart... I must numb... the signals... But the signals are so strong and come from everywhere at once... My mind must... triumph... over the matter... of my BODY!

    My eyes glowed blue and I could make the step foward... but instantly, I felt my strenght leaving and I fell down. I landed right on my nose... but I didn't felt pain from falling down. I was already at my limit point and I knew for sure that it was impossible for me to feel extra pain.

    I hoped to lose consciousness... to have the cold sleep carry my mind away from this place... or at least, carry my soul to the depths of the Darkness, where pain wouldn't reach me until my body was freed of that vile poison the humans injected into my body... but the cold sleep did not came, not this time.

    "I think you REALLY missed when you made that injection!" said the Defect Trainer, a bit panicked!

    "That bleeding seems pretty consistant! Bring the medic team! We cannot afford to lose the subject!" said the scientist.

    My vision was now blurred beyond recognition and finally, I felt as if the pain was numbed down... For a second, I tought that I had succeeded at overcoming my physical pain... then, several humans came and I felt as if I was lifted and carried away... but unfortunately, my vision was so bad that I couldn't see where they were carrying me...

    "Man! Look at him! I never seen a Defect so tense!" said a voice.

    "His tension is too high! He gonna have a heart attack!" said another one, panicked.

    "It's the serum! That serum is causing a reaction in his nervous system!" said yet another one!

    Way to go! You only figure it out NOW, after seven years? Sheesh!... but then, those toughts were promply expelled from my mind as... AAAAAAAARG!!! OH GREAT HO-OH!!! WHAT... THE... HAPPENED?!?

    "NO! He's having a heart attack!" yelled a voice which I barely heard.

    "Man! Why is the lab so far?!?" panicked another one.

    My.. my... mind broke... ag... again un... under the effect of... of the... the... pain... Unable to... t... to... cont... t... trol mys... s... self... I begun to sob... it... it was hurting so... much...


    "Finally! We're here! Connect him! QUICKLY!" screamed a voice.


    I felt... something... enter... ring... my body...


    "His heart is going on too fast! It's gonna explode!" yelled a voice.

    "We're gonna lose him!" screamed another.

    "NO! We cannot afford to lose the subject! Lower his tension! At all cost!" said the only voice that seemed calm.

    "Pre... preparing the injection!" said a voice.

    "I saw Defects dying before... but never like this..." said a rather depressed sounding voice.

    "What kind of Defect Trainer are you?!? You should have seen signs that the toxin was having this kind of effect before!" screamed a really, REALLY angry voice!

    "OH MY..." screamed the same voice that was preparing the injection.

    "The vein in which the injection was done... EXPLODED?!?" yelled yet another voice.

    "It's that g*****n serum! Get it out of his body!" ordered the calm voice.

    "It takes a full day for the serum to be diluted!" said another voice.

    "I don't f*****g care! Cut his veins wide open!" ordered the calm voice.

    "But... he's gonna die!" said another voice.

    "We need to get his tension down and that serum out! We'll do both at once! He's gonna die anyway if we don't try anything!" said the calm voice.


    Then, I heard a sound from within... an explosion?

    I felt all the pain disapppear, as if completely destroyed by the explosion... and then, I wondered if the humans had succeeded... but then, I felt as if I was lying in a pool of water... and I begun to suspect what had happened...

    The voices faded and slowly my vision disappeared. The Darkness did not replace my vision, unlike before... no... my vision just... disappeared. It was really... weird... and then, the pain disappearing like this... I had never felt like this before.

    It was... becoming hard to breath... but strangely enough, that was not bothering me... not anymore... and I felt like a cloud of emptiness rising within me and clouding my memories.

    Then, I realised it... I was dying. They had failed. I had a final heart attack and with my heart completely stopped, it was only a matter of time before my brain would use up the last ounces of oxygen left in my bloodstream.

    My eyelids felt so heavy... and I felt so tired... so I closed them and then, a kind of sleep like which I had never, ever felt begun to rise... Then, I begun to think that all of this was quite ironic.

    So... in the end, I do escape the next day after the Guest Match... yes... I do escape... altought I never suspected it might have happened like this.

    For a second, I felt guilty for giving in so easily, to accept death so easily... but then, did I had any reason not to? For so many long years, all I ever knew was pain, sorrow, anger, and despair...

    My dreams kept me alive for so many years... they gave me hope but they remained only that; dreams... and one cannot live only from dreams. I needed a reality... and that reality had forsaken me.

    Then, I had hope... hope that I would escape... but then, it was impossible. This abyss was well-designed. No matter how strong I tought I was... I was too important to the humans, too precious for them to let me go. I ignored the proofs for years... but the event that happened yesterday couldn't be ignored. There was no going out. Either I became a slave of humanity, either I died...

    I had nothing to hope for, nothing to return to, no loved one to await my return... Derlank? He is old... I know he won't last... in a few months at best, he will join me... Minun? She was never alive to begin with... she is a walking dead...

    Maybe death wasn't so bad. After-life or not, it didn't mattered. Even a lack of existance was better than this hellish life. Heck! I bet that even Hell itself is better than this place! Wherever I go, may it be to the Emptiness or to the After-life... I welcome it. Finally... the suffering comes at an end...

    The sleep came to reclaim my soul... and I instantly gave in. After such suffering, the end of my life came out as a breath of fresh air, a liberation.

    Such irony... the ONLY good side to my life, when you think about it, was, in the end, that it eventually ended... such irony...


    There was a blinding light... so bright I couldn't see... everywhere, blinding light.

    Was this the famous tunnel humans, Pokemon, and Defects alike spoke of? The tunnel that lead to the end of existance or the After-life?

    But then, I recognised something in the light... I felt as if I could see two figures... one male, the other female... and I could recognise both of them despite the fact that I couldn't truly see them.

    I couldn't make any details... but for some reason, I felt I knew them... in fact, I felt as if those were the same figures that haunted my dreams... and I felt a part of their feelings.

    For some reason, as happy as they were in my dreams, they were sad in the tunnel... sad... from seeing me. But... why? Why such sadness?


    The tunnel faded and I awoke.

    I opened my eyes and stared at the surroundings. I was in another room of the Defect Center... which meant that...

    I stared at my hand... and it was still there. I touched my own chest, then my face, then my tail, then my feet... they all seemed material. A single claw came out of one of the fingers on my right hand and I scratched my left hand...

    OUCH!!! It hurts!... which means that I'm still alive.

    I sighed, disappointed. Well... the suffering continues then...

    "What's with the long face?" asked a familiar voice.

    I turned to see Derlank, sitting next to Minun. Minun was still not breathing... and her heart wasn't beating either... which creeped me out a bit but not as much as before, strangely enough. I felt as if my near-death experience had made her look more... normal... more... alive... or maybe it was just her who was recovering from her fatal experience yesterday?

    "You know, an anwser would be nice!" said the old rat, frowning.

    "Well... nevermind. Tought I would... escape..." I said.

    For some reason, I felt that Derlank understood what I meant about... and it didn't pleased him! "Oh no! You were NOT thinking of escaping THAT way, don't you? You're the last person I know who would have such toughts! Believe me! If you're having such toughts... then you can be sure you'll be the one matin' with our good ol' cute undead girl!"

    Minun turned to Derlank and slapped him with all of her strenght!

    "Heh! Breathing or not... she's as energic as ever! Hehehe!" he grinned despite the fact that he had been slapped quite hard.

    I begun to look around... and I recognised this place. The strong lamps on the high ceiling, the trees and plants around... the strange altar in the middle... Yep, it was that stupid Celebi Shrine place... which meant that the humans would attempt to Purify us all... again.

    "Tell me... how long was I unconscious?" I asked.

    "Well... you were unconscious a full week. I was so worried..." Minun begun to cry... but without her body working, there was no tears coming out of her eyes. This felt weird... she was crying but there were absolutely no tears...

    "Oh! Cheer up! It takes more than this to kill our dear psi kitty!" said Derlank, laughing.

    Minun stared at Derlank with a murderous look...

    Then, humans entered the shrine.

    A Pokemon trainer and his six Pokemon as well as the Defect Trainer and some scientists arrived. The Defect Trainer and the scientists positionned themselves far from us and took out analysis tools while the Pokemon trainer and his Pokemon formed a circle around us.

    "My Pokemon are in position! Ready to remove the Darkness trapping their hearts!" stated the Pokemon trainer.

    Derlank turned to me, chuckling. "Hehehehe! Those stupid humans! When will they learn that not all Dark Pokemon had their souls sealed? After all, I'm a Dark Pokemon from my full free will!"

    I stared at the Pokemon... maybe Derlank was... but not I. To him, the Dark Power was a gift, an extra power, an attribute that made him different from the norm... but not for me. Unlike him, I wanted the Purification to succeed. I wanted to get rid of that stupid destructive power that keeps on killing my friends and destroying my dreams!

    As for Minun... well, the humans should have analysed her better! Humans are know to confuse undead for Dark Pokemon... but while both lack the Inner Light of regular Pokemon and Defects, there is still the fact that undead usually do NOT have the Dark Power!

    As the six Pokemon surrounded us were encased in bubbles of holy light, I felt the purifying power being summoned...

    "Bah! Just close your eyes and ignore them as always, isn't ol' kitty? Huh? Kitty? KITTY?!?" Derlank gasped as he stared at me... but I was no longer staring at me.

    I was staring at the light that was coming from the ceiling... or rather from the portal in the ceiling. The holy light was here... the purifying power was here... I could feel it call to me and Derlank...

    I stood up and stared at the circle of light... the humans leaned foward, in interest. Was the Purification FINALLY going to work?

    As the holy light grew even more intense, I stepped in the middle of the altar, bathing into the light.

    "NO! DON'T!" yelled Derlank. Minun, her, stared at me, eyes widened...

    "Rid me of that dark curse! I don't care whatever happens! Just take away that evil stuff from me!" I tought as I closed my eyes and waited for the light to erase the Darkness that haunted the depths of my heart...

    ...and then, there was a bright flash and the Purification ritual was completed.

    "Alright! RETURN!" yelled the Pokemon trainer as he called his Pokemon back into their pokeballs now that the ritual was completed.

    "Well... it looks like the ritual failed on the Pikachu, as always..." stated the Defect Trainer, noticing that the Pikachu hadn't changed.

    "Maybe... but the Unknow Subject..." said one of the scientists.

    "Are you... feeling alright?" asked Derlank, unsure of how I felt for some reason.

    I felt good... better than I had ever felt. I felt... different. Finally, the curse was gone. Sure I would never be able to use those Shadow attacks ever again... but who cares? I would never harm anyone by accident ever again...

    "He looks kinda brighter." said the Pokemon trainer.

    I turned to Derlank and tried to smile... but suddenly, I felt as if something was burning within me. I grasped my chest as an intense pain seemingly ripped me apart from within.

    "AAAAAAAAAARG!" I could do nothing but scream as an unknow surge ripped me apart...

    ...and then, I closed my eyes, not sure what to espect... and I felt... dirty...

    When I opened my eyes again, the humans all seemed disappointed... and I knew why. The Light was gone, completely driven out by my Inner Darkness. Why? Why wouldn't it leave? Why would it continue to make my life miserable?

    "Oh you! YOU!" said Minun angrily, pointing at me. "NEVER do that again! You hear me? NEVER!"

    I frowned. Yes... I would not try this again. It didn't mattered if it was I or the humans that wanted it... for the Darkness had chosen. I was cursed with eternal Dark Power... and until the day of my death, it would always, always remain. Truly, Fate was cruel toward me. I imagined Ho-oh, flying above the Defect Center and laughing at me as he denied the Light to me...

    The Defect Trainer walked to us and we all knew that he would bring us back to our rooms... or maybe not.

    "The Minun and the Subject, come with me. Pikachu, stay." said the human.

    I figured out they wanted to study Derlank a bit longer or something...

    "Wish me luck!" said Derlank as we left the shrine.

    "I wish you anything but luck!" I replied, grinning. Derlank smiled back. An inside joke between us...

    With that said, the Defect Trainer led us back to our old room much to my relief. I tought I was gonna return to the high-security room for a while.

    As I sat down in the room, it suddenly, didn't felt as filthy as before. More than ever, I liked the rays of light that came from the window and the fact that this room wasn't cramped, despite it's disgusting floor.


    The door closed and I was alone with Minun. I sat down in a corner and begun to imagine Derlank, being tortured in the lab by those cruel scientists as I stood there...

    "Kitty?" asked Minun.

    I was suddenly forced out of my toughts by the yellow and blue female mouse. The way she stared at me... that was rather strange. In all the months she remained, I only remember her staring at me like that about a dozen of times...

    "Kitty musn't be your real name. You must have a name, don't you?" she asked.

    I looked down. It was true... I had a name of my own... a name which I hadn't used in so many years... a name which I remembered having obtained before coming to the Defect Center and since all that I could remember of my life was the Defect Center... this meant that this name was the sole link, along with my dreams, to my origin... for while I often felt as if I was born and would always remain in this place, I knew that I came from another place... a place which was very different from this pit.

    I looked at the mouse and wondered... should I tell her my name?... No... no need to tell her my real name. I'll make something up...

    "My name is... Meltow." I anwsered.

    Minun smiled. "Meltow? That's... original. Much more original than mine, that's for sure!"

    I raised an eyebrow. Minun wasn't her real name? Seeing how she giggled as she saw my reaction, she guessed what I tought...

    "Oh no! Minun is not my name... it's merely the name of my specie. My name is Cherlie. I was named like that becease that it sounds a bit like "cheerleader". After all, the Minun and Plusle are know as the "pompom girls" Pokemon!" she said.

    Cherlie? Actually, that wasn't that bad of a name.

    "You know... it doesn't sound that bad. My name may be original... but I believe yours sound better, personally." I said.

    Cherlie seemed surprised for a second, her ears rising straight up and all... but then, she giggled a bit and blushed... and she stood in front of me, standing and staring at me as if she tried to look innocent...

    "Meltow? I always wondered... with all those years of yours, you must have probably met with a female of your kind and... well..." she winked and then giggled like a teenager.

    As I stared at her, I begun to notice some stuff I hadn't noticed before... probably becease I had never paid attention. I knew that Cherlie was quite young when she arrived... but I didn't knew how young she was. However, as I stared at her now, I came at the conclusion that she must be a freshly adult Minun... and as such, she has all her life in front of her... well... if you can call what awaits her in this strinky pit a life.

    As for myself... well... I was not especting such a question. Well... since the life span of Pokemon and Defects is quite short, our reproduction instincts are quite strong and at the age of about ten years, almost every Pokemon and Defect that isn't the lowest-ranked member of a pack or society has mated at least once... and I stood as one of the rare exeptions.

    Maybe it was becease of how quiet and sensitive I was... or maybe it was becease I was quite tall and pink... but no female was interested in me. As for meeting females of my own specie... in fact, I never even heard of someone of my own specie. It looks like I am definitely unique after all... As for mating with Defects of other species... well, this would be possible... maybe... if the females were interested. It was a sad fact... but becease of our reproduction instincts, males and females disregard love as nothing more than an hinderance and as such, males and females meet with each others, mate, and then leave each others... even worse, often, the female will gain an instinctive grudge against the male with whom she mated. Probably an instinct that was there to warrant genetical diversity by forcing Pokemon and Defects never to mate the same being of the opposite gender again...

    However, to myself, those facts were pretty... cruel. Humans had none of these problems. Their reproduction instincts weren't in the way and many, if not most humans could live with the same partner for their entire life, forming a family. This is something that not many Pokemon and Defects achieved... as for myself... I was strangely enough, spared from those instincts and altought I DO have a few reproductive instincts of my own... they are closer to that of a human to that of a normal Pokemon or Defect. As such, I could never bring myself to mate with a female without knowing them... and by the time we know each others, they already found a partner... and furthermor, the instinctive grudge always scared me... Mating a female only to have her hate me for life becease of it is not my idea of fun... especially since, unlike Derlank, I would prefer a lasting emotionnal love to a physical passion that barely last two days.

    "Meltow?" she asked again.

    I stared at her... and wondered if I should tell her.

    "Mating isn't part of my instinctive behaviour... well, not in the way you're thinking." I stated.

    Obviously, this anwser confused her. "Huh?"

    "I do not only thirst for knowledge and hapiness like a human, Cherlie... I cannot mate unless I have a feeling of love mixed in... just like normal humans." I explained.

    "Heeheehee!" she gigled. "Well! Are you SURE you are a Defect? You act like a human, you thirst for knowledge like a human, you feel like a human, you think like a human... you even dream like a human, with colors and all! You sound more like a human stuck in a Defect body than a real Defect, to me!"

    "You won't be the first to tell me that..." I slowly mumbled to myself.

    I had never understood it... why wild Pokemon despised human traits so much. They want to be caught and "loved"... and yet, they hate everything related to humanity? Cherlie was an exeption... for almost every wild Pokemon that had arrived in the past had grown to despise me upon when knowing me. Almost all of my friends were ex-Pokemon or wild Defects.

    Cherlie kept on staring at me... what did she wanted? First, she wants to know my name and then, she asks me if I mated before? Then, she goes around and...

    "Meltow... you were unconscious for a full week... and as I already told you... I was really, really worried." she said, staring at me in a strange way...

    She got closer... "All those I've know have died... I seen all of them vanish, one after another... Promise me... that you will not leave me."

    "What kind of promise is that? It's not like I'm going to run away or teleport away anytime soon!" I said, smiling.

    She kept on staring... and then, I stopped smiling upon seeing how distressed she was.

    "Meltow... I will be frank to you... I... I am not quite what I look like. While I may appear young to you... I am quite older than even Derlank and you are." she said.

    "Really? Then why don't you look old, then? You seem young than both I and Derlank!" I stated.

    "The dead... does not age." she stated.

    I realised it... it must be true. It IS possible that she could be older than me! After all... she is an undead and the undead never die...

    "Tell me... how old are you?" I asked.

    Cherlie closed her eyes... "21 years-old. A full year past the limit. I seen all my parents, my brothers and sisters, my pack... I outlived everyone... and while they all grew old, I would forever stay a freshly adult Minun..."

    She opened her eyes and stared into my own. "I asked you to promise me becease that time does not seem to affect you... or at least, not nearly as much as it affects regular Defects. Will... you remain?"

    "Cherlie... I will not be going anywhere. We are friends and you know it. I will never let a friend behind..." I stated.

    The yellow and blue mouse stepped away from me... "Friends... This is how you see me..."

    She turned toward the window, her look distant for some reason... and then, she turned back to me, staring at me with her usual, cheerful look.

    "Well! You made a promise... be sure to respect the promise you made!" she remainded.

    "I will not forget. Do not worry." I told her.


    Derlank was thrown back into the room. He wasn't beat up too badly apparently...

    The Defect Trainer pointed me... "Come on! The scientists wants to do a full analyse on you! They worry why the Purification failed... and there's not two thousands of finding out why it failed!"

    I followed the Defect Trainer, knowing the the analysis would probably involve many tests involing injecting powerful poisons in my body and would also involve taking tissue samples off me... Looks like I will suffer some more... but well, I once again have a reason to not let the torture push me over the edge and into insanity... for I believe that Cherlie may have an interesting backstory after all...

    Huh? What am I thinking about? Why am I wondering about where Cherlie came from? I, Cherlie, and Derlank are all alive and well!... well, in a relative way! We will have to think of a new escape plan!... we must...


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    Differant, shocking and well, differant. The rest are in shock, so they won't rate. But it's good. I must be in shock, i can't think of any other way to describe this fic.
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    Chapter 4 is nearly completed and will be posted soon, by the way.

    Also... I believe it's safe to change the story's rating to "Restricted".

    Besides, just looking at how dark, grim, and depressing the world in which the main characters live in, I guess it was already obvious it was going to receive such a rating.

    Anyway, that's that. Next chapter coming very, very soon (it should be posted in the next three days or something like that).

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    OFF: Well, chapter 4 is FINALLY completed. I hope you'll enjoy reading this new chapter.

    Suggestions and comments are welcome, as usual. It doesn't matter if it's short. As long as you review, I'll appreciate it.

    __________________________________________________ _______________

    ================================================== ========
    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++
    ================================================== ========

    Derlank stood in front of the window, silent... the light was cold and white...

    "Winter... has arrived..." slowly said the aging Pikachu. His voice had grown faint in the last weeks...

    As I stared at Derlank, I became more and more worried... Since the Purification incident, two weeks ago, Derlank hadn't been himself...

    Winter... summer... spring... fall... Derlank used to tell me tales of how the world change during those times... of how the world would be covered in white, cold dust and how, during the fall, dead leaves of all the colors covered the ground of cities and forests, giving the world the look of a gigantic rainbow of infinite taints of red...

    Derlank was approaching the end of his life... and we all knew it. His fur had progressively turned almost silver and his wounds seemed to heal much more slowly, causing him to be almost permanently covered with bruises and cuts that just didn't wanted to disappear... his breath had grown cold and forced, like the last sparks of life that glowed in his eyes.

    For the first time ever, tears came out of his eyes... real tears filled with sincere sadness. I stared at him, unable to say anything as he stood in front of the rays of light... and I noticed he was shivering.

    As energetic as Derlank ever was... he was now weak and tired. His body and soul could no longer take it. Altought he still clung to his dreams, he knew they would never come true... and this time, for real. Even if we were to escape tomorrow... Derlank was beyond the point of no return. He would not live to have the anwsers to his questions, to see his dreams become reality... Already, the cold breeze of emptiness was slowly putting out the almost dead flame of life within him, like the small gust of wind that puts out the flame of dying Charmanders in the middle of a stormy night, heavy rain pounding their little almost lifeless bodies...

    I stepped foward, toward the one who had been my friend for all of my life. I wanted to comfort him... but what of myself? For all my life, I had relied on Derlank to help me keep my sanity in this forsaken place. His remarks always allowed me to laugh at the meaningless attempts of the humans, at our own pathetic existances... he was always there, backing me up emotionnally and physically. Whenever my spirit dropped, he would be there and comfort me... whenever a menacing Pokemon wanted was out for my blood, he was there too to protect me...

    What would I do without him? What would I do without my only, true friend? I would truly be alone...

    I stood behind Derlank and stared at my feet, unable to find any words to say to him. He already seemed so... distant... and altought his heart surged with sorrow and sadness, his face had already been drained of all expression, his empty eyes showing no expressions, a mere tiny sparks still showing that he was truly alive...

    "Minun..." slowly said the ederly electric rat. His voice trembled as much as he did... the emotion in his voice gripped my heart and turned it upside down... Much regret in his voice... much regret...

    Cherlie stood up and stared at Derlank. She smiled sweetly... but I knew that her smile was fake. Alought Death had claimed her life, it had unfortunately not claimed her soul and feelings... and as such, altought her body was numbed down, her heart ached... she couldn't bear to see people dying.

    Cherlie regretted thinking that Derlank was lucky to be able to die... and then she remembered why she had let herself be captured. Cherlie was saddened not by the fact that people died... but by the fact that people's lives ended before their dreams would come true. Never, ever, had Cherlie saw someone die of their own full will... everytime, Cherlie saw despair, pain, and shattered dreams... and even when one's life had been full, the dying still grieved for the sorrow their departure would cause...

    Death was a very important process... it is the natural process that ends one's suffering and free space so that new creatures may live... but this isn't what death is supposed to be. Death was supposed to be a final step, a liberation, an accomplishment... not the shattering of a dream, of a family, of hope. Death under this form was painful... but most of all, it had no meaning.

    "Pah! There's nothing wrong with suffering!" Derlank had once said... "What's wrong is that there's no point to that suffering!"

    It was true. Heroes were never afraid to suffer. In the glimpse of moment when the Pokemon, Defects, or humans risked their lives and got close to death for a meaningful cause, the pain would not bother them. Meaning numb down pain and cause great pain to be rewarded with personnal growth.

    This type of suffering, however, was never welcome... neither in theory, neither in pratice.

    Pokemon believe that Darkness is the true Evil, the plague of our world... but I believe otherwise. There will always be Darkness, destruction will remain... for destruction and Darkness are necessary. For Light to appear, Darkness must be following. For new Life to appear, Death must claim souls. Death purify the world of anomalies and flaws. It is an endless cycle of life... and as such, I do not believe Darkness and emptiness to be Evil.

    Evil... is this suffering. This awful, meaningless torture. Why are Defects kept in prisons and tortured daily? Why are Pokemon enslaved and reduced to the state of mere tools? Why are humans crushed and reshaped to fit the minimalistic and inhuman models of those so-called Greater Ideals of the so-called greater organisations such as the Pokemon League or Team Rocket? What is wrong with this world? All the Defects and humans that come tell similar tales... everyone is born, suffer, and then dies... why is it like this? Why couldn't life be meaningful and happy? What forces the lives of all people to be miserable?

    I stared at the faint light... all those who come from the outside face pain... and altought some are blinded by the feeling that wild Pokemon and trained Pokemon do not suffer, Derlank and so many others know very well that it is false. A great poison has corrupted our world... and to find out what is this poison was Derlank's dream... but he will never, ever find out. He will return to the emptiness, robbed of his dreams and memories...

    "Minun... is it... this cold... when you are dead?" asked Derlank. He used to look invincible, age having no effect on his soul... and now, he stands like a crumbling ruin...

    Cherlie frowned. She knew that the end was coming... she closed her eyes and tought... "It is... cold... but you will not feel it."

    Slowly, Cherlie approached the ederly Pikachu... and then, she placed herself in front of him and grabbed his hand. I sat down behind my old friend and placed my right hand on his shoulder, hoping to comfort him. His shoulder... was cold like ice...

    "Derlank..." I begun... but I couldn't find the words to complete my sentance.

    He turned to me and smiled. He obviously had difficulties doing so... but he did it, nevertheless. "Good... ol'... kitty..."

    He paused. For a second, I tought that the sparks had lighted up again, that he was regaining his strenght...

    "No one's around forever... and we both knew this day would come to happen. I'll fulfill my promise, kitty..." he said.

    Derlank... he had told me that long, long ago, that he knew my real name. It feels so weird... but I never had a name. Kitty... this was how I ever called. Sometimes, I would make up names for myself... but never, ever, did they felt right. Meltow, Draluck, Pselds... I never ever made a good name for myself. I longed for a true name... the name that made me unique... the name which I had received from my parents, back when I was supposed to be free... long ago... long before my memory begun to truly work...

    "Kitty... You have a strange real name... but it is also strangely nice... it feels... right..." he continued.

    "Derlank... what is my name?" I asked.

    Cherlie raised an eyebrow. "What? You mean that... Meltow isn't your name?"

    "Kitty never knew his name. He make up one for himself from time to time becease it feels weird to be nameless... but I had promised him that I would reveal him his real name before going to the Void... and I'm now fulfilling your promise." he anwsered.

    I closed my eyes, waiting for him to say it...

    "M... e... w... l... t... Mewlt." he slowly said.

    Mewlt... Mewlt? What that... my real name? I stared into the eyes of my friend...

    "Mewlt... fulfill your part of the promise now..." he slowly said.

    I closed my eyes... could I do this? Could I really do it? I mean... what can I do? All attempts to escape... were in vain. How will it be different, this time?... and will I ever be able to fulfill the promise completely?

    But still, as I stared into the Pikachu's eyes, I knew that I couldn't refuse. He was my friend... and will always be. I will not turn my back to him...

    "I will find out what the poison is... even if I have to wander the world forever." I promised.

    Derlank smiled... "Heh! What a cheesy ending... I guess I should make my farewells now... but I'm no good at this kind of stuf... Now do me a favor and... see those rays of sunlight with your own two eyes..." he stated.

    Cherlie's eyes suddenly widenned and her ears raised straight up. She was panicking! "Mewlt!" she cried.

    "Derlank! Something's wrong!" I said as I begun to worry too!

    But then, I grown even more worried when Derlank did not anwser. He stood there, saying nothing and... no... this cannot be...

    I moved my hand, placing it on his neck... There... there was no pulse...

    Cherlie slowly let go of the Pikachu's hand and slowly, what used to be my friend fell down, without making a single sound. His eyes were stuck in their last expression of distant, silent sadness, forever frozen in time...

    I placed my right hand on his face and slowly closed his eyelids...

    "It is cold... isn't it?" I asked, shivering...

    "Yes..." slowly anwsered Cherlie, staring at the window, just as distant as Derlank was.

    I slowly stood up and stared at Derlank. No tears came to my eyes... and I tought that maybe I was just denying it all...


    "What the... OH GREAT... SECURITY!" screamed that moronic Defect Trainer.

    I stood there as the humans entered the room and quickly taken Derlank away... they were panicked for some reason... I stood there, watching as they left...

    "Mewlt?" asked the Minun next to me.

    I did not heard her... I was in shock. There was nothing I could do... nothing... I was powerless. Those humans... they would keep me here forever. They would never understand... they would let the poison corrupt them furhter and further... forever... The Pokemon wouldn't understand either, content in their illusions of a world where Pokemon trainers are angels...

    "Mewlt!" stated the feminine voice.

    Those humans... what did Derlank do to deserve this? What did he done to deserve dying in such a dump? They couldn't grant an old man's last wishes... let alone respect him! Nope! They never respect anyone! Children, females, males... no one escapes their wrath and their enslaving fury! All that they care is for useless titles in the Pokemon League! All that they care is for...

    "MEWLT!!!" screamed the voice.

    I turned to face Cherlie... and noticed that she was in tears. Instantly, my heart was gripped... and I understood what had happened. I understood why I couldn't cry... Large black flames were errupting from my body, causing large wounds to open on Cherlie's body as my corrosive sorrow and hatred flowed on her body. Soon enough, her tears turned to blood... and becease of me.

    "Don't... please..." she begged.

    I turned toward the door, which was now closed. Why did I remained locked in that forsaken place for so long? Just a couple of Shadow Supernovas was all that I would need... and all those monsters would perish. I could see it! The horrifying vision of Derlank's body in one of those white bags, being carried away like a mere piece of trash...

    ...but then, I remembered his last expression... an expression of distant, intense sadness and loneliness... Would Derlank have wanted me to destroy those humans? Would he have wanted me to destroy this place and kill countless innocents? Not all humans are like the Pokemon and Defect trainers...

    I remembered that old janitor, the only one in the entire complex... how he sweeps the floor endlessly, trying in vain to erase the blood and tears that cover the dirty floors of this hellish abyss... I remembered his expression, the expression of a man who has seen countless lost souls and lost all hope in life, his job remaining as his sole link to life...

    It is the poison... that awful, awful poison which is controlling us all... I must not let myself fall into hatred... Derlank wouldn't have wanted me to do so... and slowly, the flames died out.

    I turned to Cherlie and petted her head... "Calm down... I will not harm any innocent, I promise you..."

    I grabbed her and lifted her. Then, I hugged her... and she hugged me back. A strange warmth mixed to my cold sorrow... and altought I normally chased the warmth away from my soul... in this case, I welcomed it. My friend was gone... my final link to hapiness was this sole, fragile warmth...


    Time carried on... and the days passed, once again... and true to it, the Defect Center didn't changed.

    Pokemon and Defects does not grieve for their loved ones for long... within a week, they forgot all about them... but I and Cherlie were different... altought for different reasons.

    I have the mind of a human... and humans grieve for a long time for their memories and feelings, mixed to their consciousness, make for a lasting sorrow.

    Cherlie, her, had seen her world crumble so many times... and furthermore, she was dead herself and was conscious of it. Her own miserable state mixed to the loss of a friend cannot be forgotten easily... even by beings of a specie accustomed to short life spans and seemingly random deaths...

    As such, time continued to flow invisibly... and slowly, I noticed how things had stopped having meaning.

    For such a long time... I had longed to lock my feelings away... not to feel pain from those experiments, not to suffer anger from the way my life was goig on... but not anymore.

    It is strange... I who longed to not feel the pain anymore... and now, I wish for it to return.

    I no longer scream when the pokeballs slam into my frame and cripple my body. I no longer scream in frustration at the Purifications chamber. I no longer feel pain from the wounds inflicted by the Pokemon and Defects during battle. I no longer feel warmth from being close to Cherlie. I no longer feel cold from the memories of Derlank's final day... I am... empty.

    The sunlight has grown warm again already... and several months passed while I remained, souless.

    I stood before Cherlie... we knew each others well now... but the warmth between us was gone. Cherlie's neck was broken down during a battle months ago and the pulse that would restart her heart again never came back... as for myself, my own feelings are suppressed. I am... cold... and mindless.

    "Cherlie... is this... the way you feel?" I asked her in a voice that was so devoid of emotion I couldn't believe it myself...

    "Yes... we are cold... and we cannot even feel it anymore..." she stated.

    I sat down and stared at her body... I used to think of her as cute... but no adjective came, this time... nothing...

    "We will cruise throught time... never feeling anything..." I stated.

    "This is why I am dead... and why you already are too. We are nothing." she said.

    "Does... it bother you?" I asked her.

    "It should... but I just don't care..." she anwsered.

    It was true. We didn't cared... and yet, we cared at the same time. The suffering was gone... but so was our lives. An urge appeared in my mind... an urge to test something...

    "Cherlie... I used to feel warm around you... I used to feel... why did it ended?" I asked.

    "Feelings come and go. When you die, you realise that there's nothing but cold emptiness... so is the world." she anwsered.

    "But then... why do we exist?" I asked.

    "There is no reason. We exist... for the sake of existing." she replied.

    There was no meaning... never any meaning... no meaning to death... no meaning to death. Cold... emptiness... Was it all there was to existance? Could this even be called existance? I revolted against this...

    I had enough. After months, I broke out of that shell.

    I grabbed Cherlie and lifted her. "What are you doing?" she asked, with no expression visible on her face.

    "I'm sick of this..." I stated.

    "Sick of what?" she asked, no confusion present in her voice... her ears not moving.

    "Sick of not existing." I anwsered.

    "But we do exist..." she said.

    "No. We are souless." I stated.

    "What can we do?" she asked.

    I didn't anwsered as she stared into my eyes... and a feeling arose within my soul... the first feeling I felt, after months of souless non-existance... frustration... I was frustrated that there was no life neither in her eyes, neither in mine.

    "I've lived in non-existance long enough. Let us awaken... let us live." I said.

    "But... we shall suffer..." she objected.

    I don't care. I'll take back my old life anyday. I don't want to be a machine, a souless vessel... I do not want to survive... I want to live and I do not want to wait until who knows when! I want to be alive!... right now!

    This what the humans always wanted... they wanted us to be souless machines! Finally, I understand the motivation for the cruelty... I understood why Pokemon never revolted, why they always did everything their trainers told them whatever it was... the Pokemon had their feelings suppressed. I felt great frustration. I had submitted to the humans. I had let them supress my feelings... I had let my feelings get locked away and my soul, sealed... All that is left is for me to fit in a pokeball and I'll be a perfect slave...

    I am down... but not out, not yet! Just like hers, my heart is empty... but it's still there. Just like her, I did not turned into a souless machine yet. I have a mind of my own!... and using my will, I will break that prison that locks all of my mind away!

    "I don't care." I stated as I acted.

    Before she could anwser, I hugged her, placed my lips on her own, and closed my eyes as I kissed her... nothing... no! Not nothing! I will live! I will not be souless! She hugged me back and kissed me back... and then, we both stopped to breath.

    Nothing... no! Not nothing! My heart beats!... and it does not beat merely to pump blood from my lungs to my brain!

    I gripped harder and kissed again...

    This act... it wasn't a meaningless one. I had to remember... I knew it's significance. Kissing is an act that Pokemon never do... only humans are allowed to... but I don't care. To kiss is a sign of affection... and Cherlie is dear to me... very dear to me... and I refuse this to be just a mere case of hormones! Our souls resonate... and we shall resonate again! I will get her heart beating again... as well as my own!

    And then... I begun to feel dizzy... lack of air? Too much pressure?... or maybe... becease my heart is beating faster?

    We stopped a second time and I stared deep in her beautiful, blue eyes... her eyes were filled with countless stars from beyond my wildest dreams. Her ears stood out perfectly, her small hands which were gripping my own arms felt so delicate yet strong... Her curves seemed so perfect... and I realised that there wasn't a warmth within my heart... I was litterally burning and overflowing with that strange feeling!

    "I love you... Mewlt..." she slowly whispered...

    "I love you too... Cherlie." I replied.

    I closed my eyes and leaned foward, kissing her with all of my passion. I didn't cared if we were locked in a Defect Center. I didn't cared if we weren't free... The humans would never, ever take away my soul away from me and I would make use of it as I see fit...

    As the feeling invaded my heart, the others were unlocked as well. A hurricane of frustration, anger, and sorrow mixed to the love, trying to wash it away with their negative energies... but a fifth feeling came to weather down the negative feelings. Hope... I had hope that I would someday get out of there... that I would set my eyes on the outside world and find out what has caused our world to be this cruel.

    A sixth feeling came... a feeling which I had very, very rarely felt... so rarely felt that for a second, I tought it was all-new. Hapiness... I was happy. Happy, in such a place?... who cares? I will not escape alone... I will bring Cherlie with me to the outside world. She have an eternity in front of her for she does not fear death... and whatever the amount of time I have left, I want to share the remaining time with her. For all those months, I was so distant... so cold... I was afraid of hurting Derlank and then, my feelings were killed when he died... but Derlank would have wanted it this way.

    To bury your soul away forever for a single friend? Derlank would have never wanted me to do this... and as such, I didn't do this. I will experience all that life has to offer... may the humans like it or not!

    Then, as we stopped kissing for the third time, the beauty I was hugging smiled sweetly... and an insane tought popped up in my mind as I remembered that specific question she asked me someday...

    "You once asked me if I had ever mated... I anwsered. Now, what about you? Did... you ever mated?" I asked.

    "Pokemon are not interested in people whose hearts does not beat..." she anwsered, smiling. She was obviously amused by the question for some weird reason...

    "Neither do I..." I said. Her ears dropped and she seemed sad from what I said, obviously...

    "So... it means that..." she didn't completed her sentance, she didn't needed to.

    "They're the ones whose hearts does not beat..." I whispered to her...

    Her eyes widened in surprise and her ears rose straight up. It had been a while since she did that... and she was just sooo cute... and beautiful. Her? Undead? You wish! She is so full of life... and as such, I felt the need to kiss her a fourth, final time.

    ... as I kissed her neck, she suddenly became tense... and I knew that the pulse was back. I could hear her breathe... I could see her chest moving as her heart begun to beat again... and I had the intuition that the feeling I felt... she felt it too and it was sincere. There was no need to use my psychic powers... her feeling was so strong that anyone sensitive to mental energies such as myself could have felt it...

    We both stared at each others... and Cherlie smiled. I smiled back.

    "Mewlt... Promise me that you will never betray my feelings..." she asked me.

    Betray her feelings... I would never do that... but would she betray mine? Would that strange hormone that cause females to hate males who mated with them for life force us apart?

    "Will... you hate me?" I asked.

    "Fate cannot force me into the arms of all the males I run into... for I have made my choice. Mewlt... did you choose?" she said.

    I had her word... and for me, it was more than enough. "I have chosen... you have my word. I will never, ever betray your feelings."

    She leaned foward and she whispered into my ear... "Then... there is nothing left to say..."

    I slowly moved back to the darkest corner of the room, still holding he, where the sunlight couldn't reach... and once there, I slowly lied down on my back... My grip on her became weaker and weaker... and she begun to move on her own.

    I felt her kissing me on my neck as well... and then, I could feel her moving on me... going lower... kissing my chest now... and then my belly... and then, she stopped.

    She sat there, staring at me. I could still see her gorgeous eyes and body in the darkness... she winked and then sat straight up... and then, she begun to move... up and down... up and down... up and down... up an... and down... up... up and... down! U... u... up... aaaa... aaa... aaa... aaaand do... down... wheeze! Why am I feeling so tense suddenly? Why does it feels so... good? I... I can feel the hormones flowing... well, so be it!

    I smiled and left my instincts direct me throught what took place afterward...

    One final tought passed throught my mind before I abandonned myself to my reproductive instincts however...

    Back when Derlank was alive, when I had passed close to death, I had been depressed becease I hadn't died and Derlank felt disappointed from it. As such, he had told me this: "Oh no! You were NOT thinking of escaping THAT way, don't you? You're the last person I know who would have such toughts! Believe me! If you're having such toughts... then you can be sure you'll be the one matin' with our good ol' cute undead girl!"

    Well... what he said turned out true. I had such dark toughts... and I ended up being the one mating with Cherlie.

    Me? Mating? Heh! What a weird world we are in!... well, stuff happen...

    Now to focus on... the... currrent... mo... moooooh... moment...

    My eyes widened and the wild animal that I was unleashed his feelings.



    "Hey..." whispered a feminine voice to my ear.

    "Hey sleepy head! Wake up!" said the feminine voice, quite a bit louder this time.


    I suddenly awoke!... well, I was quite forced to since Cherlie was shocking me, filling every nerve of my body with a nasty pain... but as soon as she stopped, it all disappeared instantly... altought my fur smelled a bit like it had been burnt.

    I stood up and looked down to see Cherlie. "Hey! Finally awake, isn't it? Well... we got a busy day! We're gonna escape today, aren't we?" she asked.

    I smiled... of course we were going to escape! No way we're going to spend our days in that pit! My life took a change for a better... and as such, this deserves a change of scenery!

    "Well, let us discuss of our new plan then!" I replied.


    "Unknow Subject! Come with me!" called the Defect trainer.

    "Well, this will have to wait." I stated.

    Cherlie nodded. "Be back soon!"

    I turned to her one last time before following the human outside. "Unless that experiment succeeds, which it won't, I will be back. In short, I'll be back!"


    I followed the human as he leaded me to the lab for the next experiment...

    ... and then, I heard the familiar cries. The Defects begun to howl, sing sadly, and cry as the two humans came, carrying the corpses of the latest victims of this dreaded abyss in a large white bag...

    For a second, my heart was gripped... but then, I noticed something. I almost felt the urge to burst out, laughing!... and so did all the Defects! The cries changed into laughter!

    "Hey! They're sure acting weird!" said the first man.

    "Well... at least those cries are less creepy than the ones they do usually." replied the second man.

    "I dunno... maybe they use different cries for different Defects? By the way... truly horrible the way those three died..." said the first man.

    "Yep... too bad. Just don't think too hard about it, however. Do your job..." stated the second man.

    Maybe they should have tought harder about it, on the contrary! In that big white bag of theirs, they're carrying the mangled corpses... of three substitutes!

    The three originals must have created them just before bolting off.

    Seeing this gave an boost to my hope. It's hard to escape... but not impossible. It was most obvious that at least one Defect must have escaped at least once...

    In fact, I hoped to be the next one who would have his "corpse" carried in a white bag while I and Cherlie seen the outside world for ourselves.

    I wonder how the scientists will react when they'll realise that the victims' bodies are in truth, just dolls... well, I'll probably never see but I can imagine their faces! Oh would I like to see their faces!


    OK... I'm in the lab now... and those scientists are staring at me intently... and judging from the fact that the pokeball cannons are loaded, it's pokeball testing today.

    The scientists spoke about using some kind of pokeball inspired on the GS Ball design mixed to the Master Ball design... but I paid no attention. I entered the testing room and waited for the straps to bind me.

    I stood there, unafraid. Whatever they throw at me! I'm going out of there with Cherlie very soon and there's nothing you humans can do about it!


    Ugh!... this one smacked into my chest! Wheeze! I'm... out of breath!... err... OK! It's hurting a bit but it's mostly gone. Whatever! Next!


    That one struck my right arm. My arm is skinny so it hurts a lot more... but it will take more to bring me down! Bring it on!


    Between the two eyes! Whoa! I'm so... dizzy... wheeze! I closed my eyes and refocused... and then, I opened my eyes, smiling. Come on! I don't have all day! Launch them all in that usual storm like you usually do!

    Well, as if on cue, the storm came. I saw the dozens of pokeballs fly toward me. I braced myself for the impact...


    The first pokeball struck... and it did "ping!"? No pokeball before ever did such a faint, soft noise? Must have been a defective one!

    ... but then, I felt that something was wrong... AWFULLY wrong!

    All the other pokeballs struck me... and caused no pain. No, it wasn't that they didn't struck hard or anything!... I just didn't felt anything... at all. It was as if they passed right throught me...

    As for the sole pokeball that struck me and did "ping!", I could see it, hovering in front of me... why didn't it fell down already? Why is it hovering like that?


    The pokeball opened and a strange vortex appeared before me... and then, my eyes widened in shock and horror.

    This was impossible... it couldn't be happening... and yet, it was.

    I no longer felt the straps... and realised that my whole body was turning red! In fact, I had turned into pure energy!

    I had been caught!

    No! NO!!! This won't happen! I will not allow this! I will not be enslaved when I'm so close! I promised Cherlie we would escape together! I promised her I would never betray her! I promised Derlank I would be free and find out what turn humans evil! I did not broke the cold seal on my soul only to be forced into a mindless machine the second I'm free!



    I felt as if my entire body went throught a vacuum and the pokeball expended quickly, turning much larger than me in seconds... but I knew that it was I that was been compressed...




    How long did I remain in there? I never knew... Derlank used to say that pokeballs trap the slaves in a state of cold, dreamless sleep... and that thus, you lose all perceptions of time and space, merely drifting into the void of your own mind until a Pokemon trainer release you in order for you to serve him or her...



    In a flash of light, everything before me became clear... and I seen a Pokemon trainer, grinning.

    I was no longer in the lab... I was... it was hard to describe. It looked like the arena but the ceiling... it seemed to drag on forever and it was blue with white stripes...

    Maybe that is... the sky?... and then, that blinding lamp... maybe it is the sun? What is that about?

    I turned to the human. He grapsed a pokeball... the same that did "ping!" unstead of slamming into me... and I understood. I was no longer a Defect... I was now a Pokemon... a slave...

    "Pokedex!" said the human as he took out his pokedex.

    It was a male wearing the basic cap and jeans, blah blah blah... Pokemon trainers are all the same, you know... complete to their creepy expression and arrogant attitude.

    "Half-Mew. A Pokemon that was found in Silver Valley. Caught and held for twenty years in a Defect Center before a breakthrought was made. New pokeball type codenamed "Light Ball" needed to contain Shadow Pokemon such as Half-Mew. As for specific informations, Half-Mew is a Psychic/Shadow Pokemon on which Purification does not work. This Pokemon has extremely potent psychic and shadow moves and should be handled with extreme caution." said the pokedex.

    I frowned. I had a pokedex entry? I was just that? A mere entry on a pokedex? A mere addition to one's collection of slaves? A new number on a list?

    The trainer grinned. "Half-Mew? So this Pokemon has some of Mew's genes! So cool! With such a Pokemon, I will be able to win the Pokemon League... and with proper training, maybe I can beat Hiro and Sasha, the trainers of the original Mew and Mewtwo!"

    For some weird reason... I felt weird, hearing those names... tears flowed out of my eyes and an unknow sorrow came to my mind. I felt so weak... so helpless... so lonely...

    My parents... I could never remember yet alone see them... and Cherlie... oh Cherlie... I have betrayed you... I have abandonned you!

    My legs trembled too much for me to remain standing... so I was forced to sit down. I stood there... and cried... I don't want to be a slave... I don't want to be a tool...

    "Hey! So your Pokemon got Mew genes, right?" asked a female Pokemon trainer... she sounded more caring but she was, nevertheless, a Pokemon trainer...

    "Yep! Cool, isn't it? With this Pokemon, I will be able to get that last badge and get into the competitions! We are on our way to championship!" stated the male trainer.

    "Don't get cocky! The pokedex didn't gave you the full description and story. The Defect Trainers couldn't train him properly. He's basically still a wild Pokemon. You'll need to train him and teach him to obey." she stated.

    Incredible anger arose in my mind. I stood up and turned to the female trainer, incredible hatred flowed in my veins. I wanted to scream that I was not an animal, that I was not to be trained, that I was alive and wanted to be free!... but humans cannot understand the Pokemon language and, sadly, I do not have the psychic strenght to transform my brain waves in such a way that humans understand my words.

    "Whoa! Looks like it did not liked being called a wild Pokemon!" stated the male trainer. "Heh! I understand! He must be burning to show you that he's just as good as any trained Pokemon and will win those competitions!"

    I turned to that trainer. What a moron. Why couldn't any human in this entire planet understand that we did NOT wanted to be slaves?!?

    "Heh! You'd better start training now!... for it won't obey you if you don't prove to it that you're worthy of being it's trainer." stated the female trainer. "It's like that for all Pokemon. They'll only obey a trainer they respect."

    "You're right, Camilia. Half-Mew, get ready!" yelled the male trainer.

    I pointed at the male trainer with my right hand and tried to imitate that really rude gesture humans sometimes shown to each others. You know... the middle finger one? The one about the f-word...

    "Whoa! Don't fret, Half-Mew!" called the Pokemon trainer.

    My name is MEWLT, not Half-Mew! Get it right, dammit!

    "Alright! Since you're using a powerful psychic Pokemon, I'll use a dark Pokemon!" said Camilia or whatever she's called.

    "Hey! That's a bit unfair, isn't it? Half-Mew is psychic so he's weak to dark Pokemon! He'll get beaten up badly!" he said.

    What? You think that the second you label a creature "dark", that I cannot defeat them? Oh yeah... I forgot. We're only tools, data for them... no way they will consider us as real conscious creatures and consider for a second that we may know how to fight without having a stupid human yelling orders behind us.

    "Well... your Pokemon has Mew genes, Marcus! Only the most battle-hardened and experienced dark Pokemon stand a chance! Heck! Even a Tyranitar has troubles against the Mew Pokemon!" she said.

    "Well, it's true that the Mew Pokemon are strong... but they're know for acting weird. Mew randomly starts sobbing and Mewtwo sometimes goes beserk, screaming and unleashing all of his power before collapsing, doing nothing but sit there, staring at the ground for who knows why." said the trainer.

    Maybe becease they're SAD and DON'T want to be slaves? Maybe becease they long for freedom and cry in despair and frustration seeing the stupidity of Pokemon training?

    "Well... anyway! Murkrow! I choose you!" yelled Camilia, throwing a regular pokeball.



    A small crow-like creature wearing a hat appeared before me. It grinned and exclaimed: "Murkrow!"

    "Great, a mindless slave." I said.

    "Heh! Who do you call a slave?" said the Murkrow. "I'm a trained Pokemon, stupid!... and that's not becease you look like that Mewtwo on TV that I'm gonna be afraid!"

    I rolled my eyes. "Hmph! Just as I tought. Thinking of nothing but pleasing the trainer. No ambition, no dreams, no hopes. Just a souless tool."

    Murkrow's grin changed to a frown... and his right eye begun to twitch.

    "Hey! I wonder what my Pokemon said... but obviously, it was something nasty! Your Pokemon is fulminating!" stated Mar... no, I'm not going to call him by his name. Never, ever. He will forever be a nameless human who I do not know the name.

    "Murkrow! Faint Attack!" ordered Camilia.

    "Half-Mew! Stand your ground!" ordered the human.

    Stupid human! Faint Attack is an illusionnary attack. To dodge it, you must focus on the real target, following his soul signature and then, strike at the right moment... standing your ground will only get you hit!

    "Stand your ground!" ordered the human again.

    Moron. I seen the illusions move... and I noticed one of them leaving after images... the real Murkrow...

    "Strike... NOW!" ordered Camilia.

    "Stand your ground!" ordered the nameless trainer.

    It was the time. I leaned foward, letting my psychic powers carry me foward.

    "I SAID: STAND YOUR GROUND!" yelled the human.

    I seen Murkrow spinning and winding up for the hit... but I was quicker and furthermore, since he's so confident, he never saw the counter coming.

    Large claws came out of my right hand and I swipped right in the air, at the source of the after images!


    "NO! Impossible! Faint Attack cannot be stopped! It's an unblockable attack!" yelled Camilia.

    Well, you have been proven wrong. Murkrow was sent flying after being struck and flied straight into his trainer, sending both of them into the wall.

    "CAMILIA!" screamed the human as he dashed toward them.

    Nice! While they're distracted, I'll take my leave...

    I turned around and ran. The exit... I could see it! I seen the sky... now I want to see the forests, the cities, the ocean! I want to see the world! Freedom! I want freedom!

    "Half-Mew! Return!" stated the human, pointing the hated tool at me.

    NOOOO!!! I will not return in that awful, awful thing! I amplified my speed using my psychic powers! I can see! I can see...



    I can... I... I... why... why me... So much...

    I cried. I really did. Altought the pokeball didn't allowed tears to form, I still cried... I cried on and on... I was not free. I was... still in trapped.

    Why? Why did you tease me with that beautiful ceiling called the sky, Ho-oh? Why must I go throught this? What did I do...

    Slowly, the pokeball forced me into cold sleep. I hate you, nameless trainer. May an attack from one of your opponent's Pokemon stray and strike your head, blowing it off and sending you on a one-way trip to Hell.


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    Good. All i can say. The shock is still setting in. Keep it up.
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    The sky is sky blue.


    OFF: Well... here comes the next chapter!

    I hope you'll enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writting it. Guess it's time to work on the next chapter then...

    Do not hesitate to review, by the way.

    ================================================== ========
    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++
    ================================================== ========

    I stood there, lying on the cold, cold floor, covered with wounds.

    I tried not to fight... I really tried to... but I was always released in the middle of a battlefield with the choice to hurt or to be hurt... and those stupid Pokemon... they would never, ever listen to me... never, ever...

    I slowly stood up, a thin crimson veil covering most of my body. I had received a lot of punishment... and I mean, a LOT of it. First, there was this Houndoom, then that Mightyena... and finally, this Tyranitar.

    That stupid nameless trainer got all his badges and we're now in another arena... a very large arena.

    The blue ceiling, the sky, was visible above and a large structure was visible on the highest part of the spectators stand, large flames burning in the strange contraption...

    The Pokemon League... this was Plateau Indigo, the place from which the Pokemon League ruled humanity.

    "Why aren't you attacking?!? USE PSYBEAM!" ordered the nameless trainer.

    No, I would never fight for you... never, ever.

    "Tyranitar! Finish him off! Crunch!" ordered the other trainer.

    I turned to face the green dragon-like Pokemon... "Why are you doing this? I don't even want to fight..."

    "Pokemon obey their trainers." stated the Tyranitar.

    To obey... is that all Pokemon ever said? I was only freed for battles... and all that the Pokemon I seen ever told me that they were obeying orders, for they were trained Pokemon...

    "Half-Mew! Dodge it!" ordered the nameless human.

    The Tyranitar dashed foward. I closed my eyes and braced for the impact. Whatever you do, mindless slave... Your attack won't hurt me. To the one whose mental pain has reached it's climax, physical pain doesn't matter much...


    I felt a sharp pain as the powerful Pokemon bit my right shoulder. For a second, I tought he would bite it off... but he didn't. On another hand, my bones were indeed crunched and a gigantic cut was formed by the monster's teeth.

    The Tyranitar backed away from me... and then, I stood there, as if unnaffected, letting the blood flow out of the open wound...

    I hoped for an expression... any expression... I wanted him to question my actions or to show disgust... or just to be happy for his victory... but there was nothing. His eyes were empty... as empty as Derlank's eyes were after Death had squeezed all life out of him.

    Dead... all those Pokemon were... dead... I was surrounded by the dead. Their bodies still carried on... but the souls were gone...

    Suddenly, everything begun to turn around me... and I felt incredibly dizzy. I knew that I had lost a lot of blood and that the wound was very serious... and as such, I knew that I would faint... and faint, I did.

    As I collapsed, the familiar and relaxing sleep of unconsciousness greeted me... and I greeted it like an old friend... but the sleep was soon replaced by the cold sleep of the pokeball. Not even in my moments of non-consciousness was I allowed to live by myself...


    Bright... so bright... I can't see...

    Huh? Now I can see... and altought it is quite blurry, I can still see.

    I stand in a strange room... and altought it is similar in structure to the old room I had in the Defect Center, it feels radically different.

    I seems to be on an elevated part of the room, a table of some sort... a table made of a blue rock of some sort. The floor is solid and made of purple rock. The walls are made of that same strange rock and so is the ceiling.

    There is a small window from which daylight enter... but unlike the window in my old room, this one is weird... the amount of daylight that flow out of this window is completely, totally astounding! The entire room is so bright...

    ... and then, there's those two hidden figures. I can't see them clearly... I can't even identify their shapes... but I feel... safe... I feel... happy.

    "Do you like your new home?" asked one of the figures... it's voice was feminine and full of care and love... in fact, the voice eased all of my worries and made me forget about everything but it...

    Then, I felt something petting my head... and I felt even happier...

    Spontaneously, unable to control myself, I meowed... "Mew!"

    The figure with the female voice giggled... and then, I felt as if what was petting my head was doing it again... and I begun to pur...

    Puuurrr... purrr... purrr...

    Yes, continue to pet me... I like it... purrr... pur... ? Huh? What?

    I felt the texture of what was petting me changing... and this forced me out of my sleep.

    I turned to face a Chansey. She was smiling, passing her right hand behind my ears, petting me like a human would pet a common Meowth...

    "So... you're awake..." it slowly stated.

    My eyes widened as they adjusted to the light in the room. This room was so very bright... the walls... all white...

    As for myself, I was standing in a bed... I had heard Derlank speak of such places... I was in a Pokemon Center, a hospital for Pokemon. This means that the injury I received from the Tyranitar must have been worse than espected...

    "You're so tense... you seem so worried... relax, you still need to recover." said the Chansey.

    "I have to get out of here... I have to escape..." I slowly whispered to myself.

    "I have pretty good hearing. I heard that! Why would you want to escape?" she stated, as she stopped petting my head.

    I turned to face her. "I must fulfill my promises..."

    "Whatever you promised to your trainer. You still need to recover." she said.

    I instantly felt anger rise... but I knew it was useless... but altought I could suppress it, the Chansey, amazingly enough, had still sensed the hatred rise in my heart as my body became so tense that my nerves had turned to stone...

    "Wha... what's wrong? Relax! Stay calm!" she said, worries showing in her eyes...

    "I have promised Cherlie that we would escape together..." I stated.

    "She is your trainer?" she asked.

    Why do Pokemon think that we only think of the one who had enslaved us?... oh, I forgot. Of course! They only think that we think of trainers since they only think of trainers themselves!

    "Cherlie is a Minun..." I slowly stated.

    "A Minun? Your specie... doesn't look to fit quite well with a Minun but well... hormones lead to strange mixes sometimes..." she said.

    I tried to stand up... but both a sharp pain to my right shoulder and the Chansey stopped me.

    "Look at yourself! You're in no state to run around!" she stated with authority... but with care still in her voice.

    She stared at me for a while... and then smiled. "You know... news travel fast when spreaded by Chanseys. Tell me who is that Minun and where she is and I'll spread the news. She'll hear about you, I'm sure..."

    I closed my eyes. Heh! Would she understand? Love is not seen very well... and neither are Defects. How will she react if she hears that I'm in love with a Defect? She'll never accept to spread the news to the Defect Center... but then again, what could happen at worst if I told her, beside her refusing? Not much...

    "As I said... her name is Cherlie and she is held at Pallet Town's Defect Center..." I explained.

    The Chansey's eyes widened. "What? The Defect Center? You must mean: Pokemon Center!"

    "No!" I replied. "Defect Center. Cherlie is a Minun Defect."

    The Chansey stood there in shock... and then she grinned. "So... you're an ex-Defect, right?"

    I turned to her. Well, how obvious was it? After all, how many Pokemon ever went to the Defect Center without being Defects?

    But then, she wasn't really especting an anwser... "So you were cured and she was not... well, I know about it since I once was a Defect, myself."

    I raised an eyebrow. What? Her, a Defect?

    Seeing my expression, the Chansey smiled, guessing that indeed, I had not suspected that she might have been a Defect. "You see... I was genetically engineered by humans. I was born with psychic powers... and a permanent force field that deflected pokeballs. I'm happy I'm rid of those powers. I can now be a good Chansey, like all my friends."

    I stared at her... "So... you were a Defect once... so you must understand, right? Spread the message! She must know that I still live and that I will go and look for her as soon as possible!" I urged.

    But Chansey... just remained there. "You are a Pokemon, she is a Defect. Forget about her. She is a monster, unworthy of you. You shouldn't care about her any longer."

    I interrupted her right there. She is NOT going to call Cherlie a monster! She just won't!

    "I DO care! She is the most important person in my life! I'm NOT going to break my promise to her!" I stated.

    I never noticed a small black flame that errupted from my left-most toe on my right foot... but Chansey noticed it...

    "Oh... great Ho-oh... oh poor Pokemon..." she whispered.

    I raised an eyebrow, yet again. "Poor Pokemon?"

    "You have been tainted... Well! I know! I can help you restore your soul..." I interrupted her again.

    "My soul is whole. Purification doesn't work on those who are in the Darkness of their own free will." I stated, coldly.

    The Chansey was now frowning. She stepped away from me... "You are... one of those Dark Pokemon! A souless monster!"

    Look who's speaking! I, souless? Who is telling me to forget about Cherlie merely becease that she cannot be trapped and becease I can?

    "Souless beings have no emotions! I can feel!" I almost yelled.

    "Yes... but only anger, hatred..." she replied.

    I stared deep into her eyes. I seen the stupidity... I seen the stupid fear of the unknow that is so characteristic of the ignorant. The fear of what is not know... what a stupid fear! Why don't you try and learn unstead of trapping yourself in a psychological prison?

    "Then tell me why... tell me why I love her." I stated.

    The Chansey made another step backward... "Love? You... never... and anyway, you're a Pokemon. Pokemon mustn't love."

    This time, when I stood up, the Chansey didn't attempted to stop me. I stared at my right shoulder... it was covered in bandages... but the pain had subdued.

    "Where am I?" I asked.

    The Chansey didn't anwsered... she stood there, staring at me, terrified...

    "Where am I?" I asked again... but this time, more threateningly... altought not intentionally.

    "Pallet Town Pokemon Center. You remained unconscious for a full month after that injury... it was a really bad one... I tought you'd die... but if I knew I would have saved a monster..." she said.

    "Your body is beautiful..." I begun. "But your soul is ugly from your misconceptions and injustified hatred."

    I turned toward the wall... beyond it lies Pallet Town and the Defect Center where Cherlie awaits my arrival...

    "You can't escape. There is heavy security at the entrance and..." she couldn't finish her sentance.

    "I do not need to go there. I will make my own path." I interrupted.

    All of my hatred... all of my anger... I gathered it in a sphere and then, I used my hand to spread it on the wall... and slowly, the wall dissolved. I wanted to move foward but... the beauty... it paralysed me... I couldn't move... I just stood there and watched the heavenly sight in front of me...

    Everything... was so bright. Grey rock seemed to expend beyond my line of sight and buildings of all colors, sizes, and designs covered the sea of grey in a seemingly chaotic way... but a secret order could be found if I studied it long enough...

    Everywhere, humans stopped to gaze at me... to gaze at the kitty who made a hole in the wall... and I was captivated by the humans. I had never, ever saw this many humans all at once before...

    Then, there were those strange covers of green covering the boundaries of the town. Beautiful green objects of all size and shapes... altought smaller than the buildings and in a more compact way. The hidden order was much harder to see as well... and hidding in the green miasma, soul signatures of Pokemon... more signatures that I had ever seen...

    The outside world... this was... the outside world... it was so... beautiful...

    I stood there and slowly, tears of happiness flowed out of my eyes. I stood there... staring at the vision for what seemed to be an eternity... and slowly, the Chansey approached me...

    She stood next to me... "Are you... alright?" she asked.

    The emotion... I couldn't keep it in... "It's... it's... so... beautiful..."

    I cried and cried... my dream... it stood before me... The outside world was so beautiful... so inviting... All I had to do is step foward... but then, I became afraid. What if... I damaged it? What if this delicate dream was destroyed by my Dark Powers? By my unstoppable rage?... no... I must not harm this world... I promised Minun I would never harm the innocent...

    I stood there... I don't know how long I stood there but then, I heard a voice behind me... a voice that sounded like the nameless trainer's.

    However, I did not hear it. I stepped foward, entering the outside world... and the voice grew louder and more harsh.

    I made a second step foward... and then another... and then, I stood, into the outside world. I turned to the sky and smiled, tears still flowing out of them. The sky... it was so blue... so... unreal... and yet real at the same time...

    I want to share this with Cherlie... she MUST see this world... this beautiful world this is our own.

    I want to be in this world. I want to be free. I want to explore it... I do not want to be trapped in arenas or prisons anymore!

    "Half-Mew! Return!" called the nameless human.

    I turned toward the human. You will not remain my dream. Not this time.

    I raised my hand and the pokeball was crunched by the force of gravity, causing the red beam to simply rebound off me for the pokeball itself was destroyed.

    "Wha... WHAT?!?" said the human, staring at his destroyed pokeball.

    Serve yourself right. I turned around... and the humans were gone... well, the humans I saw, anyway.

    Large metal boxes had formed a circle around me and many humans were pointing strange objects toward me... for some reason, those objects awakened a nameless fear in my heart...

    "Good thing you arrived, Officer Jenny!" called the nurse and caretaker of the Pokemon Center.

    She was standing next to the blue-haired human, next to one of the metal boxes...

    "Yes, we were lucky a civilian phoned us, telling us that a dangerous Pokemon was escaping. Such a Pokemon must be owned by an experienced and able trainer. We are lucky it didn't do anymore damage or harmed anyone." she stated.

    I am SICK, SICK of being considered an animal! SICK OF IT!!! Why do they ALWAYS assume that I'm an animal?!?

    "Huh? LOOK OUT!" screamed the officer, jumping away from the incoming wave of Darkness.

    I didn't knew why I did it... but my anger gathered all by itself and formed a gigantic explosion. The humans were sent flying backward, the metal boxes were torn apart and flung about, the ground below me was destroyed forming a cratter...

    I stood there, as if in a trance... and then, when I got out of the trance, I was floating above a large cratter and metal boxes were all over the ground. Many humans stood there, half-ripped apart by the powerful Dark Power that had came out of me... and I realised I had yet again harmed innocents. I have broken my promise...

    I slowly dropped down, staring at my hands... and I could already see it... the blood of the innocent... all over my hands... yet again.

    Why? Why now? Why when I had reached the outside world, when I was about to help Cherlie escape?

    "Hahahahaha..." laughed a feminine voice... the voice was strangely beautiful... but also also cold, cruel, merciless.

    A figure hidden beneath a black cloak and wielding a gigantic scythe about twice it's size was floating in front of me...

    For some reason, I knew instantly who was this figure... it was... Death...

    "Hehehehe! So the kitty gets his first taste of freedom, heh? Enjoy it while you still can!" with that said, Death disappeared as suddenly as she had appeared...


    I felt a sharp pain in my back. I spun around... and saw the nameless trainer, staring at me in disbelief... or rather, at something under me.

    I turned to look at what he was staring at... he was staring at a replica of my pokeball...

    I turned to face him again... to see him throw a pokeball at me! No! I will let myself be caught!... NO! The ball! It's too close! I won't be able to dodge or block it...


    It slammed right into my face and it hurts!... then, the pokeball fell off. I frowned, staring at it... the pokeball capture had failed...

    Which means that...

    "This can't be... he turned back into... a Defect?!?" said the trainer.

    New humans had gathered around me. Unlike the last ones who had surrounded me, those new humans wielded giant metal tools... and I had the feeling that it was going to hurt...

    "Remember! Neutralize him! Do not kill!" said the leader.

    Large beams struck me and in seconds, I felt my consciousness being overcome by pain...


    Slowly... I opened my eyes... and I seen someone in front of me...

    Her beautiful eyes... her long, cute ears... her blue cheeks... her perfect curves...

    "Cherlie..." I whispered.

    She smiled and cried, both at the same time... tears of hapiness...

    "I missed you..." she said.

    "I'm sorry..." I begun, looking down. "I... failed you... I broke my promise."

    She placed grabbed my head and placed it in a way that I would be staring into her eyes... "It wasn't your fault... and I'm just glad that you're back..."

    She hugged me... and then I closed my eyes. I felt the muddy floor and the cold wall... I could see the almost absolute lack of sunlight... the Defect Center had no changed... at all...

    It was frozen in time... as it had always been...

    There were no toughts of escaping... no toughts of anger or frustration. I finally understood what Derlank meant... what he meant when he said that life as a Defect was better than life as a Pokemon.

    Compared to the arenas of the Pokemon League, the Defect Center appeared as a haven to me...

    May the experiments come! May the pain arrive! My feelings... my memories... my soul... I prefer to keep them than to be in a fake hapiness, than to be the mindless tool of a human.

    Slowly, the light faded and night set in... and altought the tears progressively stopped coming... we remained like this.

    "I broke... my promise..." I whispered...

    "No... you did not..." she replied.

    I stared into her eyes. Of course I had broken my promises. I did not escape with her, I betrayed her feelings...

    "I left you..." I stated.

    "Mewlt... Do you feel... the warmth?" she asked.

    If I feel it? Of course I do! She is the very reason I broke out of the Pokemon Center, the reason I did reached for the city's depths and didn't escaped into the sky...

    "I never stopped feeling it." I anwsered.

    She smiled sweetly. "Then... you kept your promise."

    I wondered... was the sky like her eyes during the night? Did the night sky an infinite black covered with endless stars of untold beauty?

    As I stared into her eyes, I begun to feel tired... and slowly, I drifted into sleep.

    One last tought appeared in my mind howver, before I fell asleep... I found it ironic how I always longed to be outside... and finally, in the end, chosen to return inside just becease of a single female... truly, life is strange...

    And then, there's always the fact that I'm back to start... back to being a Defect in this Defect Center... or is it? I saw the sky... I saw the outside world... and now that I have tasted freedom, the humans will never be able to erase this hope from my heart, never, ever.

    Let my journey start over! I don't care! I won't give up! Someday, I and Cherlie will walk the outside world, together!


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    well that one didn't put me in shock. I don't even know if I'm old enough to read this. Oh well. Very good. One of the best fan-fics I've ever read. seriously, the length, plot, description and characters are superb. Keep it up. And all you closet readers, RATE!
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    OFF: Chapter 5 is up!... writting this one was quite a bit easier than writting the last one.

    I hope you'll enjoy this chapter just as much as I enjoyed writting it!

    NOTE: By the way... this chapter is not very... pretty... and I'm not talking about the choice of words or the plotline! You have been warned!

    ================================================== ========
    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++
    ================================================== ========

    "AAAAAAARG!!!" screamed the Quagsire as he received a large Shadow Ball right in the stomach, sending him flying into right into the wall.

    I used my psychic powers to contact Cherlie as the Quagsire was sent flying...

    "Quickly! I won't hold them off forever! Did you reached the console yet?" I asked.

    I heard a sound... like a saw slicing throught flesh... and I also felt a wave of pain coming from the Minun...

    "OH GREAT... UGH! Passed throught the final fan! I'm there! I'm there!" she replied.


    A powerful punch to the jaw from a nearby Machoke caused my concentration to vanish thus breaking the telepathic link. I turned around and then, large, sharp claws came out of each of my fingers as I slashed the foe's face.

    As three long, deep cuts appeared on the Defect's face, I noticed that his chest was covered with marks of my last attacks... didn't I knocked him out, a bit sooner?!?


    AAAAARG! OH GREAT... I looked down at myself... oozing with poison was a sharp horn... it had passed right throught my chest. I grabbed it and then, I tried to use it to lift the enemy behind me... but... UGH! He's... he's heavy!

    Despite the poison spreading in my veins and my many injuries, I still could use my psychic powers to increase my physical strenght... and then, I stepped backward, holding the enemy by his horn!

    "Imp... impossible!" said a loud, deep voice behind me.

    My psychic powers sensed the Quagsire rising and running toward me again... so, I spun around and let go of the horn!

    The Nidoking was sent flying out of my chest and slammed right into the Quagsire! Then, both of them slammed into the wall yet again!

    I looked down at my injury... green, purple sludge was visible all over the wound... that Nidoking sure didn't missed me!


    I'm beginning to tire... really... I do... not only physically but mentally as well. This is leading nowhere!

    Sure, I knew it would be like this... but not in such a way!

    Today... we have an endurance match. Basically, the humans throw other Defects at us and keep them coming until we drop. Pretty cruel and painful if you ask me...

    ... but still, it was the opportunity we had been looking for.

    Right now, Cherlie was making her way throught the ventilations vents, toward the command room where the security system is located. There, she will shut down security and we'll be able to take our leave!... only problem was that since this is an endurance match, it means that I could not use my powers to stop the fans within the ventilation vents, forcing Cherlie to take advantage of the fact that whatever the injury, she won't die.

    I can imagine it... crawling throught the vent, emptied of nearly all her blood and basically in pieces, a long trail of crimson liquid behind her... it saddens me... but it is the only choice. Besides, she knew that it would end up like this...


    Man! I don't even have the time to think between punches from that stupid Machoke!... and besides, what's his problem?!? I blasted him with a Shadow Ball, three Psychic attacks, a few Psybeams, with a few Shadow Rush attacks... and I'm not counting the Ember, Slash, and Scratch attacks! How can this guy be still standing?!?

    As such, I winded up... and decided to end it now! I gathered all of my psychic power in my right hand and folded it into a fist!... and then, I screamed in rage as I punched with all of my strenght into the Machoke's face, executing a Dynamic Punch attack!


    Right in the jaw! The Machoke flied backward, spinning around and...


    Landed on the side of his head, instantly shattering his neck! Oh great Ho-oh... Why do stuff like this always happen?

    Huh?... HUH?!? WHAT THE...

    "How... annoying! But I'm gonna be the Champ! I will be purified of my defect and will become the strongest trained Pokemon ever!" stated the Machoke, grabbing his head.


    The sound was so... disgusting. He twisted his neck and replaced his head in the right position... and then I realised that the Machoke was undead. I could see his dead body... his body whose heart did not beat. I seen him, walking toward me slowly and with confidence... while, myself, I begun to shake...

    It didn't mattered how strong I was... for what can I do against a foe that neither fear the sleep of unconsciousness, neither the sleep of death? This Machoke... is invincible.

    Suddenly, the alarm was activated and the doors all opened!

    YES! Cherlie! You did it! While the other Defects looked around, panicked... I took the opportunity to run toward the exit while I used my powers to contact Cherlie.

    "Cherlie! You did it!" I stated, using my telepathy.

    "I... I know..." she replied. Her voice was weak and faint... and this filled my heart with worry.

    "Are you... hurt?" I asked.

    "I'm so sorry, Mewlt... I did my best but... my body was badly damaged by the fans. My body is breaking apart... Go! Go, Mewlt! Escape! I'll find a way to catch up!" she said.

    I was now out of the arena and into the main hall. My heart raced... I had to get out of here before security was restored!... but on another hand, I cannot let Cherlie stay there, badly hurt!

    "Where are you Cherlie? What's written on the door?" I asked.

    "Security Control Room, A-44. Why?" she said.

    "Nothing! I'm coming!" I said.

    I broke the telepathic link and used my powers to fly throught the corridors. Throught years of being carried throught the mazes of this abyss, I could memorize what area of the Defect Center had the code "A" in it... and soon, I made it to the hall labelled "A".

    There were no guards around... normal since they were busy inspecting the arena... but I knew it wouldn't be for long. I speeded around, scanning the numbers on each door...

    A-40... A-41... A-42... A-43... HAHA! Security Control Room "A-44"! Cherlie is inside there!

    I quickly charged a Psychic attack and blasted the door into bits... and then, I was greeted by a nightmarish vision.

    From the ventilations vent, a large trail of blood was visible, leading to the computer... and the table and the computer seemed to be completely covered with red liquid. Cherlie was lying on the table, next to the keyboard, her right ear almost cut off and with so many cuts on her face and chest that her inner organs were sticking out and that her skeleton was visible. I could see the nerves... the veins... everything... it was so disgusting and horrifying...

    "You... sh... should... not... have... came..." she whispered.

    I didn't anwsered. I grabbed her and ran out of the room, carrying her in my arms...

    "Mewlt... you're hurt..." she whispered.

    I didn't anwsered again. I had to escape, injured or not!

    "THERE HE IS! CATCH HIM!" screamed the leader of the squad of guards waiting for me outside.

    They pointed strange metal objects toward me and then, black beams were shot from the objects. I attempted to deflect them with my psychic power... but I couldn't grasp the physical form of those beams and then, I realised the harsh truth. Those were dark-elemental beams!


    I felt intense pain as the dark energy surged throught my body... and I felt the urge to drop Cherlie and just stand there, screaming in pain... but I gripped Cherlie harder and advanced toward the humans.

    "Sir! It's not working!" said one of the guards.

    "Increase the power!" ordered the leader.

    The beams got stronger... and soon, I felt as if the beams had turned into a wall of energy, trying to push me backward... but I struggled against both the pain and the wall and walked foward, edging closer to the humans!

    "Increase the power!" ordered the leader.

    I felt that my right eye was beginning to twitch... and then, I realised my whole body was beginning to grow out of control! A single cut appeared on my chest and a thin crimson veil begun to form... and the wall of dark energy soon turned into an overwhelming force... but I kept on moving, never giving up.

    "INCREASE THE POWER!" repeated the leader.

    "Sir! We're at 500% already! It may kill it if we increase the power further!" protested a guard.

    "The boss will have our head if we let the Half-Mew escape! More power! We need more power! INCREASE THE POWER!" said the leader.

    Then, my whole vision grew dark as the dark energy grew to even more insane levels. I felt as if my skin was breaking apart... in fact, my whole body was beginning to break apart and I was now struggling against a real hurricane of darkness.

    Cherlie stared at me... "Please... do not throw your life away for a failed attempt... we will try again another time..."

    Try again... it has been two months that we have been "trying again"! All our escape attempts fails! They always, always fail! I can't take it anymore! I refuse to remain here! I just won't remain it... and that, even if I have to destroy this body!

    Flashbacks of my entire life came back to me...

    I seen the human scientists taking out samples out of me... I seen their grins... their sadistic grin as they ripped me apart with various tools and bombarded me with poison and pokeballs...

    I seen the Defect Trainers, forcing us to battle to the death in order to strip us of our souls...

    I saw the thousands of children, females, and other Defects being carried away, in white bags, their expressions of terror, despair, and helplessness forever on their faces...

    I heard the screams, the cries, the songs of the survivors. I seen the tears of the loved ones as they rocket back and forth in their cages, banged their heads on the walls, and even, sometimes, tried to end their suffering...

    I seen the heartless Pokemon trainers and their souless Pokemon. The empty eyes and hearts of those fighting tools and the total lack of a will of their own within the minds of the Pokemon trainers, who existed merely to please the ideals of the Pokemon League... the Pokemon trainers who are the slaves of their own destiny, forcing all others to follow them in their path of emptiness and death.

    I seen Derlank and all my other roommates... I seen them die all over again. I seen the lack of meaning of their deaths... the lack of meaning of their suffering... the lack of meaning of their lives. I seen their dreams and hopes shatter, one by one...

    I seen Cherlie... I seen her broken heart. I seen her pain as all those around her die, as the survivors label her as as a monster and throw her away...

    ... and then, I saw myself. My own heart broken by pain and despair. Unable to fufill any promise. Unable to reach for freedom. Teased by the greater forces with samples of the free life but never, ever able to reach it...

    "Melt... MEWLT!" screamed the undead Minun.

    I no longer heard her... all that I saw was pure darkness... and then, I felt an old feeling rising in my heart... hatred... pure hatred...

    I no longer cared about Cherlie. I no longer cared about this place. My heart was pure hatred... pure darkness. I hated this place! I hated this world! I hated Cherlie, Derlank, and everyone! I hated myself! I hate everything! May everything fall into darkness!


    Cherlie's mouth moved and I sensed a loud sound wave, as if she had screamed at me... but I never heard it.

    In the darkness, I felt something within me awakening... I felt... the Darkness...

    My eyes slowly begun to change color... slowly, they turned from purple to red and my fur turned changed too.

    My color scheme had inverted, now. It was now purple with my belly and tail being pink... and the dark flames... oh do they burn brightly! As for my injuries... what injuries? They had all disappeared for a reason I did not knew... and the poison... it flowed like a tonic in my veins, filling me with strenght for some ill reason...

    As those petty feelings called "compassion", "love", and "care" left my heart, I felt the urge to unleash all of my power all at once... all of my hidden, suppressed feelings which I had sealed away for so many long years... and altought a few, fleeting promises tried to calm my mind, my heart was already on fire... and I unleashed my full power.

    I lashed foward, claws out and eyes all widened by the desire for blood and destruction.

    I seen the first souls I would claim... humanoid souls holding objects that sent dark beams at me. I slashed into the air and the dark energy, as if alive, resonated with my soul...

    "Destroy them. Consume the objects. Claim the souls." I tought... and the darkness obeyed my toughts.

    The darkness gathered... and then, I felt as if my body was expending... and that, altought my body remained identical. The dark energy was now a part of mine... and it obeyed my very toughts.

    The dark beams turned and headed back at the souls who fired them, turning into gigantic black snakes with demonic dragon heads and red flashing eyes... my eyes...


    YES! OH DOES IT FEEL GOOD! The blood! The flesh! I am sooo... hungry... I felt as if I had longed for this all my life! My teeth passed throught the delicate human flesh and ripped it apart, sending blood splashing all over me and my hands. Oh! The beautiful flesh!

    I pinned the human down and devoured him. I bit into the warm flesh and swallowed it... and then, I bit again... and swallowed yet more flesh... and soon, I reached the bones. I crunched the bones with my psychic powers and sent all his blood flowing into the air, raining down on my face like a beautiful crystal fountain. I opened my mouth and drank it all.

    It felt so good... so... so...

    Wait a minute! More souls! More flesh!

    I turned and saw more humans. More flesh! More blood! I'm so hungry! So thirsty!

    The black snakes surrounded the humans and choked them... and then, the humans screamed as the snakes began to devour them!... and each time they bit, I felt the taste of human flesh in my mouth... and the warm blood...

    More! I need more!

    I turned around... stupid walls! Stupid walls keeps me from escaping! Destroy! DESTROY IT ALL I MUST!

    The snakes grew larger! The grew into gigantic demons, several times my size! They broke throught the ceiling and plunged everything into the darkness! I was in the center, my soul feeding on the destruction and death. Yes! YES! Destroy it all! DESTROY IT ALL!!!

    Bricks fly about! Metal pipes fly about! The flesh fly about and end up in my mouth! Oh do I like it! It is so great, so grand! I feel as if I am about to explode with the pleasure of it all...

    ... but then, I begun to run out of dark energy... and I slowly landed, elsewhere.

    The floor... it is soft... so soft... it is unlike anything I ever stood on... and I felt as if a ceiling was above me... a ceiling of a type which I had never seen before.

    Then, I noticed I was carrying somebody in my arms... and had carried this person during all this time.

    This person was hurt and was crying... and this put an end to my pleasure... my urges grew stronger! I MUST repair her body and make her happy! I must!

    The demons are gone, now that the dark energy faded. Only a small snake remains... and thus, I forced the snake into the body of the female in my arms. Her body was instantly regenerated as the darkness was converted into positive energy. Then, I placed her in front of me. She stared at me...

    Oh! The love... the overwhelming love that rise in my heart! My urges! I desire nothing more in this world than her...

    I stepped foward, my entire body tickling with desire.

    The urge... the urge!

    I lashed on her. I pinned her down and kissed her right on the mouth. The fever grows! My entire body is burning! The instincts... the urges... they are mixing!

    Never has kissing her being so... satisfying before... never, ever. An unknow pleasure tickles my heart as my own tongue waltz in her mouth, constantly touching her own, which was in my own mouth. I grabbed her head and closed my eyes... and altought the act of closing my eyes caused me to stop seeing the world... the female remained visible to me. In fact, she was even more clear than before. She appeared, glowing in a pure, delicate light...

    I pulled back. I jumped away from her... she remained there, staring at me. Her mouth moved but no word came out. My eyes are still closed and yet, I see her... I see her so well...

    I opened my eyes... and she got even brighter... but the world remained pure darkness.

    She stood up and remained there, waiting... waiting for what? The urge tells me what it is!

    I lashed toward her again!... but this time, unstead of pinning her down, I stop right in front of her and lift her using my psychic powers. I place my hands firmly on her sides.

    Her eyes are filled with shock, surprise, fear... I hate such things! HATE IT! HATE IT! HATE IT! BEGONE!

    I hugged her with all of my strenght and wished for the fear to disappear... and her body grew relaxed as my wish came true...

    But while she relaxed, I only became more tense... and as I stopped hugging her, she looked down... and saw why. This caused her to giggle... her voice was so clear... it seemed all so unreal...

    I leaned backward and stood on my knees. Then, I placed my hands on her hips. I now held her using both my hands and psychic powers. My eyes glow with in an intense red light... and I long to continue with what I am doing.

    However, something has put a sudden stop to my urges... Altought I still feel the urge, I wait for something to happen... I wait for an anwser from this soul to a question I never asked her... and yet, she anwsered it, without saying a word. Her eyes stared into mine... she saw my burning desire... and then, a silent anwser was given...

    Her hands reached down to an opening on the lower part of her body, which she widened. Was this another wound?... no, my instincts told me otherwise.

    She smiled sweetly... and my soul considered this the signal. I forced her down with my hands and psychic powers and then...

    !!! This... this feeling?!? I remember this feeling... but... but... It had never been so strong! Never, ever! And furthermore... I used to think that there had never been an organ there... and yet, I feel her touching the tip of a hidden organ, revealed by my instincts for who knows why.

    I pushed her down further and the organ slided right into the opening and... !!! OH MY... WHEEZE!

    The urge... THE URGE! MUST... GO... DEEPER! Her body doesn't cooperate! Her soul does... but the size doesn't! The opening only go so far and my organ is too large... I feel that if I go deeper, it will explode!... but I will not stop here! Oh no! I forced the lower part of my body to lean upward and used my psychic powers to increase the strenght of the thrust... and then, there was a sudden scream.... a scream that came both from me and her, at the same time. For a brief moment, a sharp pain... and then, the pain was overcame by the feeling.

    She was now just as tense as I was... and altought her eyes were filled with tears, my instincts told me that she was begging for more... but for some reason, I waited for her to confirm my instincts...

    ... and then, she gripped me harder and I seen her nod... and thus, I moved her body with my hands... moving her up and down... and she placed her hands on my chest, helping me move her... and the friction grew... the feeling... grew...

    OH... MY...

    Hot... hot! I'm... I'M BURNING! The fee... fee... feeling is... at... it's... PEAK! ACK!!!


    Puuurr... so wet... so hot... and yet... so tired...

    She faded from my vision, joining the darkness and then... my senses faded away as just like my hatred had, my passion died down...


    "Hehehehe... so... it happened..." mocked a feminine voice... a voice which I had never heard before.

    A figure appeared in the darkness... it begun to walk toward me...

    "The time has come! Your Destiny lies foward... and Destiny awaits no one!" she said.

    Everything was bathed in pure light as she approached... and I awakened before I could see the figure's face.

    As I looked around, my first reaction was to panic.

    I am in a totally alien place. The looks, the smells, the textures... everything is unfamiliar to me...

    Around me, thousands of strange cylindrical brown objects sticking toward the sky. Many small cylindrical objects were attached to the main objects and on these same secondary objects, thousands of strangely shaped sheets of green paper or something like that were all placed.

    Those clusters of objects formed the "walls"... and the blue and white ceiling, the sky, was covered by the strange green sheets of paper, causing the place to be a bit dark... altought still well-lit at the same time.

    The floor was so uneven... and soft. It seemed like billions of individual pieces of green sheet all grouped together to form a cozy carpet. The green of the sheets had been tainted by a myriad of colors however. In the center, the sheets were crunched all together, meaning that something... or someone... was standing on it. Furthermore, judging from the shape the crunched sheets form, that person, or persons, moved around. It was also mostly there that the color changed. Indeed, all kinds of liquids had dried off there. Most of it was crimson... blood. Some of it was transparent... don't know what it is but I seen stuff like this before. The white liquid however... I had never seen anything like it. It was mixed to the largest puddle of blood in the middle and seemed awfully thick... perhaps even thicker than the blood... which is strange since I used to think that blood is one of the thickest liquids around.

    Well, no time for thinking over such an unimportant mystery.

    Where am I? How did I got here? Why do I feel... different? I feel as if something had awakened within me...

    I used my psychic powers to make a mirror appear. I have the same head, the same chest, the same hands, same legs as usual. My fur is still pink, my belly and tail still purple. My eyes have their usual purple color. However, a detail struck me as odd. My fur was a bit more reddish than it used to be... as if it had been covered with a red liquid and that the liquid dried off.

    I touched my fur... it was indeed dirty. A red liquid had covered it and had dried, causing my pink fur to slightly change color.

    I looked around... where is Cherlie? I'm obviously no longer in the Defect Center... man! I hope she's safe!... and out of that awful place!

    But then, I noticed the blue and yellow fur in the grass, sleeping. I approached the furball...

    Her, too, had her yellow fur tainted red a little bit. I also noticed that the lower part of her belly was slightly paler than the rest... as if white liquid had dried there. How very strange...

    She lied there, on her back, smiling while she slept. To me, she looked like an angel... and I did not dare to wake her.

    However, Minuns have very good hearing, you know... and as such, when I tried to walk away to explore this new, strange place, the female Minun slowly opened her eyes.

    She stood up and her ears rose straight up in shock. Her eyes widened to titanic proportions.

    "Mewlt... how in the name of Ho-oh did we made it here?!?" she asked.

    I frowned as I turned to face her. And I who had hoped that she would have had the anwsers to that question...

    "I'm sorry but if you would have awakened first, I would have asked you that." I replied.

    Cherlie looked around... "Well, at least, we're in the forest..." she said.

    "Forest? This is a forest?" I asked.

    "Sure it is! Like... it's obvious!" she said.

    I looked around... yes, it is true. That place truly is similar to the descriptions Derlank had gave me. So... those strange objects are trees, right? I had seen them when I escaped from the Pokemon Center... but I never espected them to be so large! This forest... was even more beautiful than I had imagined a forest would ever be...

    Suddenly, Cherlie laughed... I turned to her, confused. "What's so funny?" I asked.

    "Well... you're awfully dirty, you know!" she stated.

    I grinned. Yes, I am not at my best, right now... "Well, you aren't too bad either with your red and white tainted fur look, miss Minun!"

    Cherlie advanced toward the mirror I had created and stared at her reflection... and then, she begun to laugh even louder!

    "HAHAHAHA! We sure are two dirty Defects, aren't we?" she said.

    I couldn't help but roll my eyes and laugh a bit. Two dirty Defects stuck in the middle of a forest with one of them who didn't even knew he was in a forest to begin with... my! What a strange situation!

    "Well... do you know where this is?" I asked.

    "Well... wait a minute! I'll tell you!" said Cherlie.

    She stood on her hindlegs and leaned foward a bit, closing her eyes... and then, she sniffed the air, gathering the smells in her nose and analysing them...

    Then, after a while, she opened her eyes, took back her usual stance, and anwsered: "Well... I don't know how we made it here... but we're in Viridian Forest, to the north of Viridian City!" she stated.

    Viridian City? According to Derlank's tales of his journeys as a trained Pokemon... Viridian City is north of Pallet Town. Viridian Forest is between Viridian City and Pewter City.

    In short, we're pretty... nope... REALLY far from Pallet Town's Defect Center!

    But then, I realised it.

    I was far from the Defect Center, in the wildness... I was... I WAS! I WAS FREE!

    Cherlie stared at me, her eyes raising in surprise as I jumped on her, grabbed her, and spun about, smiling.

    Then, I hugged her a bit and placed it back on the ground, my smile widening further.

    "Hmmm... what was that for?" she asked, confused.

    "Cherlie! We are in a FOREST, FAR from Pallet Town! Do you know what this means?" I asked.

    Cherlie stood there, confused for a few more seconds... and then, it hits her. Her eyes widened as she smiled and then, she begun to jump around. She was so happy... and so was I!

    The nightmare was over. We are free... finally. No more suffering. No more Pokemon trainers or Defect Trainers. No more souless tools. No more torture. No more experiments. Only hapiness and dreams...

    I can already imagine it... we will now travel the world! We will see every place! We will see and experience everything! I will fulfill my promise to Derlank as well... No longer are we to be afraid of humans!

    Cherlie stopped jumping around after a while and stood there, grinning. "Well... what do we do now?" she asked.

    "Well... Derlank told me of some very beautiful beaches to the south... and there's Mt.Moon too. We shouldn't forget about the mysterious ruins to the east, which should be worth exploring! There's also..." I couldn't finish however.

    "I meant: what do we do, right... now?" she asked.

    I was caught a bit offguard by her question... but quickly grew ahold of myself. "Well... maybe cleaning our fur would be a first step. You know, Cherlie... both you and Derlank used to talk about something called "taking a bath". I'm interested in what you both meant about that..."

    "Well, that could be a good thing to do!... and for that, we'll need a body of water... like a river, for exemple! I'm sure there must be a river nearby!" she said.

    Her ears begun to twitch as she scanned the surroundings... and then, various sounds which I can't hear but that she can reached her... and then, she pointed to the east. "There!" she said.

    I followed her as she led the way... and as we walked, I looked around at this place.

    Forests... are strange places. There's life absolutely everywhere. There's so many kinds of Pokemon running around... I can barely believe it. Most of them seem to be afraid however of us however... and those who are not just look at us from a distance... and then resume what they were doing.

    Whatever! We'll speak with them once we're done with what we were doing!

    After a short walk, the green ceiling grew thiner and the trees, in lesser numbers... and we made it to a clearing. Water flowed in a small trench in the ground... This must be what they call a river.

    Cherlie approached the water and stared into it. "It's so clear... not polluted at all!" she stated.

    She then jumped right into the water!

    I approached the water... the river's current does not appear to be strong but it does seem to be a bit deep. However, I can clearly see that the bottom of the river is made of small, round pebbles and not with mud. Derlank used to say that mud is dangerous. You could get stuck and then drown... and according to Derlank, drowning is one of the worst ways of dying.

    This made me shiver a bit... but maybe I shouldn't worry too much. The place seems definitely safe.

    I stepped foward a bit and stood on the edge...

    Then, Cherlie's head popped out of the water. She smiled at me. "Hey! The water's good! What are you waiting for? The kitty is afraid of water?"

    "OF COURSE NOT!" I anwsered. "I'll show you!"

    I held my breath and jumped right into the water! Upon hitting the surface, I felt as if I was passing throught some kind of membrane... and as I sunk into the water, I knew how it felt to be totally submerged.

    To be submerged... is very different from being wet. It felt so... strange... so... unreal. My vision is all blurry underwater... all wavy and all...

    I noticed that Cherlie is swimming. Maybe I should the same!... wait a minute! I do NOT know how to swim!

    For a second I panicked... but then, I remembered that I was a powerful psychic Pokemon. Using my powers, I lifted my body out of the water.

    I restarted breathin when my head passed throught the water's surface again.

    "Hey! Why are you using your powers? All that you need is to swim!" she said.

    I felt a bit embarassed... "Err... I don't know how to do that." I said.

    Cherlie's eyes widened. "What? You jumped right into the water knowing well that you can't swim?"

    My cheeks turned red. "Errr... yes..."

    She begun to laugh at me. "Hey! Don't laugh!" I said quickly.

    Cherlie grinned. "Well then... allow me to teach you..."

    She approached me and grabbed my hands... "You'll teach me?" I asked.

    "Sure! Now listen well..." she begun...


    I dived under the surface again. The blurry and wavy effect underwater was no longer bothering me. I was a quick learner... and the fact that Cherlie allowed me to hypnotise her and see her toughts as she imagined me swimming helped, as well.

    As such, I was no longer using my psychic powers to move throught the water. Altought I wasn't that good... I could still move around... and I will admit that I have taken a liking for swimming... despite the fact that the fact that I have to hold my breath is a problem... but well, it's very minor compared to all I have learnt today.

    Oh! I have been so absorbed by my toughts that I forgot to return to the surface! Better listen to those lungs of mine!

    My head passed throught the surface, becoming visible to Cherlie, who was sitting on the grass, next to the river. She giggled, seeing me. "You sure do have a lot of energy! Look! The sun is already setting and you're still swimming like that..." she said, pointing the sky.

    I grasped the solid ground and lifted my large frame out of the water. I mostly used my physical strenght for the task, using my psychic powers only in the final seconds, to move by body next to Cherlie.

    We were both clean, happy, and free... and now, I was witnessing yet another miracle of our beautiful, beautiful world...

    The ceiling, the sky, was changing color... The sun had turned red and the sky was orange, almost pink... and it was the most beautiful event I had ever witnessed. A few tears mixed to the waterdrops stuck in my fur.

    "Mewlt?" asked the one sitting next to me, wondering why I was crying...

    "It's... beautiful..." I said.

    Cherlie smiled. "Yes... I had not seen it in a year. It's... beautiful, indeed."

    She edged a bit closer. Her smile changed... it changed from an amused one to a different one... "Mewlt..."

    I stared into her eyes... her beautiful, beautiful eyes... but then, I noticed her right ear twitching, as if she had heard something.

    "Cherlie?" I asked.

    "What is it?" she asked, smiling.

    "Did... you heard something?" I asked.

    "No. Why?" she replied.

    Then, my feelings told me to do something... "Mewlt? What are you doing?" she asked as I stood up.

    I stared into the water... and dived right into the river! "MEWLT! What are you doing?!?" she asked, standing up.

    The sounds barely reached me as water stopped the sound waves. The water was clear... but still, water is water and you can't see very well when in it. But still, I could see a black shadow struggling... a shadow away from me... a soul signature... a small, young one at that.

    For some reason, the soul's struggle awoke a nameless fear in my heart... and I swam toward the soul as quickly as possible! In fact, I even used my psychic powers to increase my speed and in seconds, I made it to the shadow and became horrified!

    A being similar to a Minun but smaller and black, unstead of blue or red, had it's tail stuck under two large rocks and was drowning! That small Pichu was drowning!

    I seen tears in the Pokemon's eyes as it struggled in vain to break free and survive... and my heart ached. I would never forgive myself if I allowed such a young life to end like this.

    I made it in front of the Pichu. The Pichu stopped struggling and stared at me. It's eyes were filled with terror... and I assumed it was becease of my size. It wouldn't be the first time, really... and anyway, saving this Pokemon was more important.

    I grabbed the rocks that were crushing the Pichu's tail... and tried to force them apart! Unfortunately, the Pichu was not to blame for not being able to move those rocks! I'm sure a Machamp would have difficulty moving them! Man! They're not even budging! No choice!

    I unleashed my psychic power on the rocks, shattering them. The Pichu swam a bit toward the surface... but then, it became all tense for a while and then, relaxed... as it's mouth opened and as it swallowed water! It landed back on the bed of the river, not moving... and I knew that I had only a few seconds left before the baby Pokemon died.

    I grabbed the Pichu and held it in my arms. Then, I used my psychic powers to fly straight out of the water!


    Water was sent everywhere as I flied out of the water and landed on the grass. I placed the Pichu in front of me... His eyes were closed and it wasn't moving...

    NO! You shall not die! I placed my hands on his mouth and opened it! Then, I concentrated and formed bubbles in his lungs around the water, before sending it flying out of his body and back into the river!

    ... but the Pichu didn't restarted breathing. It's heart must have stopped!... but I will not allow it to die! Oh no! I won't! I placed my right hand on his chest... and realised I knew no electricity-based move. I felt stupid... and useless. I could unleash stuff like Shadow Supernova and Dynamic Punch without a sweat... and then, I can't even use something like Thundershock?

    No! I know a electrical attack!... but I'll have to be careful and put just the right amount of power in it... it would be risky... but then, the Pichu was doomed if I didn't tried so... well, why not try it?

    I concentrated and allowed my Darkness to rise... and then, I slammed the tip of my tail into the ground, using my psychic power to increase the strenght at which I slammed it, burrying it in the ground. Then, I created a reflective barrier right above my head.

    I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth, knowing how painful this would be... and then, I unleashed the power of the Shadow Bolt attack! I shot it upward, into the mirror, and it reflected right into me!

    "AAAAAAAAAAAAAARG!!!" I screamed as my own destructive power struck me.

    Humongous amounts of electricity and dark power was forced into my body, causing intense pain... I redirected all of the darkness and almost all of the electricity into the ground using my tail and using my right hand, I directed a surge of electricity into the body of the small Pichu.

    Then, the attack ended. I pulled my tail out of the ground and the mirror, no longer supplied in psychic power by my brain, disappeared.

    I opened my eyes and stared at the Pichu... please... make it live...


    It coughed... and then, gasped for air as it's heart was beating again!

    I smiled. I had succeeded...

    "ACK! HELP ME!" screamed the Pichu as it stood up and then ran away as quickly as possible.

    It jumped backward and stumbled. Then, it stopped, staring at me... "Please! Don't eat me! I'm small and not tasty at all! I'm more bones than flesh!" it squeaked, totally terrorised.

    I smiled. "I did not saved you just to eat you afterward..."

    "Huh? You saved me?" it asked, confused.

    "Remember that big shadow underwater? I helped you break free and got you out of the water." I explained.

    The Pichu remained there... "But... you smell so funny... and you're so tall..."

    "MEWLT!" screamed Cherlie as she made it.

    She stopped just next to me, panting. "What... what happened?!? Why did you..."

    Suddenly, she noticed the Pichu. "Huh? Who is that?" she asked.

    "A child. I saved him when he was about to drown." I stated.

    Cherlie smiled. "So... you like playing hero? Just warn me next time, before dashing to the aid of the innocent, like the knight in shining armor that you are." the way she said it... it was half a joke, half true... In fact, it was so weird. She mixed irony and sincerity so well that I couldn't tell if she was kidding me or if she was complimenting me in an excessive way.

    The Pichu stared at Cherlie, confused... "You're a strange Pichu, you know!" it stated.

    "I'm not a Pichu." said Cherlie. "I am a Minun. My specie looks like Pichues... but unlike Pichues, we remain in our original forms for our entire lives. You see, I am an adult!"

    The Pichu blinked a few times... "Minun?... well, maybe you're saying the truth. I never saw a Pichu as big as you anyway. You're as tall as mother!"

    Cherlie rolled her eyes. If only the Pichu knew! Cherlie is easily old enough to be the child's grand-mother!

    "PICHU!!!" screamed a voice, from the bushes.

    A Pikachu jumped out of the bushes and placed herself in front of the small child. She stared at us... and more specifically, at me, with a murderous look...

    "Leave my child alone, trained Pokemon!" she said.

    "We are not trained Pokemon, actually." I stated.

    "Your smell... you do not smell like wild Pokemon!" she replied harshly.

    "Well, maybe that's becease we cleaned ourselves in the river and then swam all day?" I said.

    Obviously, this was not enough for the Pikachu...

    Cherlie raised an eyebrow, annoyed. "Look! The cat Pokemon there just saved the life of your child! Can you be just a little bit thankful or at at least, not hate him? Geez!"

    The Pikachu raised an eyebrow too. "Mommy. The cat Pokemon saved me when I got stuck in the river and was about to drown." stated the baby.

    The Pikachu stared at the baby Pokemon... then at me... then at the baby Pokemon... then at me... then, it FINALLY decided itself.

    "Alright... I guess you two aren't enemies... but I will not trust strangers until the leader seen them." stated the female Pikachu.

    Cherlie turned to me. "Well... looks like what I had planned for tonight is going down the sink..." she said, sighing.

    "And what had you planned?" I asked her.

    "Oh... nothing really. I had just tought of spending the night, gazing at the stars or something... you know... actually enjoying our freedom unstead of running left and right?" explained the Minun.

    Well, that was understandable. I do admit that we won't be able to look at the sky much with that case of that Pichu nearly dying and then that Pikachu and then... well, that kind of stuff. Maybe someday, I should just sit down with Cherlie and stare at the clouds for the whole day... nah! We would probably grow bored after five minutes or something like that!

    "You're coming or what?" asked the Pikachu, noticing we were remaining there.

    "We're coming! We're coming!" anwsered Cherlie for me.

    We followed the yellow and black electrical mice throught the bushes... and after yet another uneventful trek throught another part of the forest, we made it to another clearing. This one was quite large, with a large pack of Pikachus standing there.

    Every member of the pack stopped, staring at us as we entered the clearing...

    "Zapple! Why did you brought those strangers here?" asked loudly the sole Raichu who was standing on the top of a tree stump, in the middle of the clearing.

    "Leader... those strangers, they..." she couldn't finish her sentance.

    "Anwser my question, Zapple! Why did you brought them here?" he asked, harshly this time.

    "I wanted to know if they were worthy of trust..." she anwsered, lowering her head.

    The Raichu stared deep into Cherlie's eyes, his black, cute and yet serious eyes scanning her... and I felt frustration growing into my heart as I knew that the sole factor that would determine if we remained or not was whenever that Raichu would like Cherlie's appearance... and judging as how he finally smiled, I guessed what was his decision.

    Well, whatever. As long as they don't label us as enemies or something...

    "Well, I guess I'll let them remain there for now... but this female there is a Minun... and Minun are native from Hoenn! This means that she is a stranger! Also... that cat Pokemon... that cat Pokemon..." the Raichu seemed a bit nervous... "Nevermind! That's all!"

    With that said, the Pikachu pack resumed what they were doing.

    The female Pikachu and her Pichu walked next to a bush, on the edge of the clearing, and sat there. I noticed that strangely enough, the Pikachu always held it's tail low and tried it's best always to look at the ground...

    "Your name... is Zapple, right?" I asked.

    The Pikachu anwsered. "Yes... Zapple. No need to call me that however. I'm just an Omega rank female. The name doesn't matter..."

    I turned to Cherlie. She was frowning. Unlike me, she seemed to know what did the Pikachu meant by "Omega rank"...

    "You're... an Omega?" asked the Minun.

    "Yes..." stated Zapple, frowning.

    "It is horrible... I'm so sorry..." she said.


    That was me. The two turned to me, wondering why I had coughed.

    "You know... I'm not an expert in the history of Pikachu, Plusle, and Minun societies! What do you mean by "Omega rank"? Why is it so bad and all?" I asked.

    Cherlie cleared her throat and begun to explain: "OK, listen well. Most of the mammal Pokemon live in packs... and in packs, there are ranks. Each family is classified in five ranks: Prime, Alpha, Beta, Delta, Omega. A higher ranked member of the pack decide what are the tasks and responsabilities of lower ranked members. If two members of the same rank or of similar ranks just cannot belong, then the members duel and whoever wins either keep it's rank or steal the other's rank... and whoever loses sees it's rank drop. There are exeptions there. Only the Prime family may banish people... or more exactely, the leader. Also, there is only ONE Prime family. If a new Prime family arise, the new Prime family demonstrate it's newly acquired authority by killing ALL of the members of the former Prime family. Children, females... no exeption! The Omega rank is special. Everyone controls the Omega rank and they do not have the right to duel for rank ascension. Also, they're the only ones who can be killed by other members. In fact, if an Omega rank member disobey, death is often the punishment chosen and anyone can deliver it whenever they want. In short, when you're high in the ranks, you have the right of life and death over those below you... and when you're low, you are a slave."

    She smiled after finishing... and then proceeded to catch her breath!

    Myself, I stood there... not believing it. The way the packs worked... it's DISGUSTING! I didn't understood about the Prime family replacement ritual or about the Omega having no rights. The fact that the way to climb in ranks was throught duels also suggested that only strenght determined who the leader would be... In short, the pack system appeared as an abomination to me, explained like that.

    The Pichu stared at me... "Oh! Don't worry! We won't remain in that rank forever! Isn't it, mommy?" it said, smiling.

    Zapple sighed loudly... and I knew the anwser was negative.

    "The leader didn't promised anything..." she anwsered.

    "But mommy! Uncle Electy..." the Pichu could never finish it's sentance.

    "Spark! We are Omega ranked! We have no right to call the leader by it's name! We are unworthy!" she remained the Pichu.

    I had enough. I turned to the leader, who was busy giving orders. He was on the tree stump, making poses as he gave his orders... he disgusted me... he looked like a Pokemon trainer in a human body to me...

    "Mewlt?" asked Cherlie, noticing I had turned away...

    "I'm tired." I stated.

    I sat down and then, I promptly fell asleep. I'm too tired to think tonight... too tired to argue with a enslaved wild Pokemon and a Raichu who confuse himself for a Pokemon Trainer.


    As I fell asleep... I had a dream... a strange dream...

    I dreamed that the day I escaped from the Defect Center, I went beserk and murdered all the Pokemon and humans I could find. I dreamt of Cherlie, resonating with me and influenced by my power and feelings to go beserk too and join me in my rampage... and then, I dreamt of us arriving in Viridian Forest after running out of dark energy and... huh? Oh? OH! THAT is an interesting...

    Huh? The dream is already finished? Well... too bad...

    I'm glad it's all a dream however. I'm not sure if I could be able to live with the knowledge that I murdered so many people... altought I still wonder...

    Why was my fur and Cherlie's tainted red when we awoke, the morning after our escape? Why couldn't we remember anything of the actual escape?

    Is it possible that this dream... no! We would never do such a thing...

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    OH. MY. F******.GOD.

    That was of the best stories I have ever read!!!!

    I loved EVERYTHING about it!! Omg Zerodius, you've got something special!

    I loved the idea, the writing, the description...words cannot describe how much I loved it!!!! *explodes*

    This is fan-bloody-tastic. I WANT YOUR TALENT!!!

    Argh, will post again when not under the influnence of fantastic story.


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    Well I just skip a paragraph when it passes my limits, so I didn't miss much of the overall chapter, since very little went too far. Very good. I can't say much else, so keep it up!
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    OFF: Chapter 6 is done!

    ================================================== ========
    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++
    ================================================== ========

    When I awoke, the forest was dark... way too dark...

    Ominous grey stripes covered the sky, keeping the daylight from reaching the ground.

    The air was humid and smelt foul. Every part of my body and soul was gripped by instinctive fear...

    I felt the physical contact of a furball... I tought it to be Cherlie so I ignored it... but then, I caught sight of something...

    Cherlie stood before the leader of the Pikachu pack, that moronic Raichu Electy, speaking about something...

    Wait a minute! If Cherlie's there... then who...

    I turned to face the furball that was grasping the tip of my tail. Gripping it with all of his limited strenght like a terrified puppy, Spark, the child of Zapple, cried in it's sleep...

    Spark opened his or her eyes... Ugh! Cannot guess Spark's gender and this annoys me!... and asking a child's gender isn't quite... appropriate either.

    Anyway, I'll call Spark an "he" until I find out what is his true gender.

    ... why am I being bothered by such a detail? This little Pichu is sleeping next to me when he should be with his mother!... by the way...

    I look around... but neither my eyes, neither my psychic senses catch any glimpse of the female Pikachu...

    I turned to the Pichu for anwsers. Maybe he knew where his mother was?

    "Why are you sleeping there? Shouldn't you be with your mother?" I asked the little child.

    The child begun to cry loudly! "Hey! Calm down! Calm down!"

    I tried to comfort the little child... and after a short while, he calmed down enough to speak... altought hot tears still poured from his eyes. "Electy got angry at mommy... Tied mommy to a big rock and dumped her in the river."

    Instantly, I felt as my spine had been encased in ice. I felt my whole body shaking with horror and disgust...

    That rotten Raichu... why? Why did he killed an innocent mother? Why did he executed such a gratuitous act of cruelty by murdering this child's mother?

    I closed my eyes... and I tried to ease my heart by telling myself that I had the most rotten luck of all times, meeting a pack led by a rotten heartless Pokemon who tought he had the right to kill, just like that, for apparently no reason...

    But what about the child? Why did he came to see me? He should have seeked comfort from his father... not from some random stranger, like me! Sure, I saved his life... but... what about his father? He cannot be... an orphan, doesn't he?

    "Spark... where is your father?" I asked.

    Spark wiped the tears in his face and then pointed at Electy, the Raichu who murdered his mother...

    "He's not my uncle... he's my daddy... but he'll kill me if I say it in front of me. I'm an Omega, an undesired child born by accident..." he said.

    As his words reached my mind, I understood why the little Spark was so hopefull that the Raichu would increase the rank of his mother and himself, thus granting them rights... but I figured out that this Raichu had only wanted to unleash his reproductive instincts on a random female and that Zapple ended up being the victim of his fever... and now, he eliminated the evidence. No one would ever be able to confirm whenever or not Spark truly is the son of the leader...


    "OOOOW!!!" screamed the Raichu as Cherlie slapped him with all of her strenght!

    Cherlie turned away from the Raichu. "DO NOT TURN YOUR BACK TO ME, FEMALE!" he yelled.

    Cherlie didn't anwsered... and then, the Raichu jumped off the tree stump. His face... was out of a nightmare. His eyes seemed to glow with psychopatic fury... his grin... was one of a maniac...

    I stepped foward, now fully awake, Spark following me and still gripping on my tail, as not to lose me in the crowd of Pikachus and Pichues...

    Noticing I was approaching, Electy turned to me... "This is none of your business, stranger!" he said.

    "Leave Cherlie alone." I said. My tone was calm and serious but not threatening... but I knew that if someone looked into my eyes, he would guess that I meant business. I was not going to let this Raichu do as he please.

    "You have nothing to do with us, psychic Pokemon! Leave this matter to the hands of our pack!" he said.

    "Cherlie is not a member of your pack." I stated.

    The Raichu's grin widened... "Lone females that enter our territory are automatically accepted into the pack. As such, that Minun is now technically under MY authority!"

    "Oh no! I don't think so!" said Cherlie, anger visible all over her face.

    The Raichu laughed. "Hahahaha! Oh come on! You have nowhere to go, besides here! I'm being nice, after all! Unstead of rank Omega, I'm offering you a Delta position. Heck! If you accept to do just a few little... "tasks"... then maybe I could even give you Beta rank, right away! Really, it's not an opportunity that you can refuse!"

    That... that DISGUSTING NO GOOD... I can't believe this! So much arrogance... This Electy is a MONSTER!

    "I already am in a pack. Take your offer and shove it where the sun doesn't shine!" replied Cherlie harshly. Her voice was calm... but sharp... and her eyes and lowered ears were physical signals of her internal fury.

    The Raichu grinned. "Members of other packs are not allowed on our territory!... but well, since you're pretty, I'll let you here! But... first, I want to see another member of your pack. After all, you could have made up that to escape my authority!"

    Cherlie turned to me. I nodded.

    "Mewlt is a member of my pack." she stated.

    The Raichu raised an eyebrow. "Huh? Who is Mewlt?"

    Cherlie pointed at me. "Mewlt, say hi."

    I waved at the Raichu and smiled... but despite my best efforts, my smile turned out cold and my eyes still glowed with hatred and disgust...

    "Huh? You are..." The Raichu's eyes widened, his ears stood up. Then... he laughed. "HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! HAHAHAHAA!!! Very funny! VERY FUNNY! You're with this kitty?!?"

    She nodded. The Raichu smiled. "Well... you sure are a weird pack if you accept kitties in your pack!... or maybe you were accepted in a psychic Pokemon pack? Anyway! What's your relationship with that Mewlt guy?"

    Cherlie was obviously very annoyed by the Raichu's insistance. Her right ear rose straight up while her left one fell to the side. Her eyes widened with frustration. "Why would it matters?!?"

    Raichu grinned. "Heh! Well... I'm just interested. Curiosity, they say!"

    Cherlie didn't anwsered. "Not in the mood to talk? Fine then!"

    The Raichu got back on the tree stump and shot a thunderbolt into the sky, gaining everyone's attention.

    "OK! Listen up, everybody! I just spoke with the two strangers... and it appears that they're visitors, sent by another pack... altought I do not know which pack and don't even know what type of pack it is. Nonetheless, I believe we can trust them... so be nice to the cat Pokemon and the Minun or be banished!" he announced.

    He turned to Spark and grinned evilly... "Also... we will show the visitors that we know how to manage a pack correctly, let us go to the river!"

    With that said, the Raichu jumped off the tree stump and everyone followed him. Cherlie, Spark, and I, stood there for a while however...

    Spark had restarted sobbing...

    "What's wrong, little guy?" asked Cherlie.

    "It's... it's the cleaning day!" sobbed the Pichu.

    "And...?" asked Cherlie, still confused as why the child cried.

    "I'm an orphan!" he stated.

    Cherlie's eyes widened... Sure, it was sad that his mother was dead and that his father was a jerk but... why did he sobbed at the idea of that "cleaning day" or whatever it is?

    "Cherlie... what is the cleaning day?" I asked.

    Cherlie gulped and stood there, as if struck by horror... and then, after what seemed to be an eternity, she anwsered.

    "For the good of the pack, weak Pokemon which slow down the pack are eliminated. This includes the handicapped, old Pokemon who are no longer physically fit, the seriously injured, and the orphans." she explained.

    "This is... terrible... but Spark, you are safe." I said. "He may be a jerk... but Electy is your father."

    The child sobbed even more loudly. "He doesn't love me! He doesn't even aknowledge I exist! Nobody does!"

    I felt a wave of sadness rising within me... and I seen Cherlie do so as well. Cherlie picked up the child and hugged him, trying to comfort him... "Calm down... calm down... we care about you. We care about you..."

    The child stared at Cherlie, not sure... "You... care about me?"

    "Yes we do." anwsered Cherlie. She turned toward me. "We do, don't we?"

    I nodded. "Yes, we do. We won't let that Raichu kill you."

    The child closed his eyes, as if thinking... and then, he looked to Cherlie. "Daddy will get angry if we don't catch up... please... let's go."

    This was a good idea and as such, we walked out of the clearing and into the forest, toward the river...

    The trees had grown in size in the forest and the ominous grey stripes in the sky had turned black. The whole forest was plunged in darkness now despite the fact that it was the day and the trees had grown black, the leaves forming a veil of darkness. Everywhere, I had the feeling that wicked Pokemon stared at us, grinning and laughing insanely...

    It was so... creepy... it felt identical to the march toward death in the Defect Center... when the Defects gathered at the edge of their cages to stare at the Defects doomed to death throught battle or just plain execution...

    After what seemed to be forever, we made it back to the river. It was as clear as ever... but it seemed creepy to me for some reason. All motivation to swim in it was taken out of my mind... for this was not a river... it was a guillotine and a tomb.

    Standing on the edge of the river was several Pikachus. Two of them were old, one had an ear missing, the fourth one seemed normal, the fifth and final one had it's legs completely crippled.

    The first ederly Pikachu was crying. "Why are you doing this to us? I'm not weak! I can still make myself useful! Please!"

    The other ederly Pikachu turned to the other and smiled, despite his situation. "Do not cry, my friend. The time has come to return to the Earth which gave birth to us... and it is better to do so in such a way than to wait for the cold hand of Death to do so herself."

    The normal Pikachu turned to the elders. "It's easy for you to say! You lived for fifteen years! I'm just a year old! I barely reached maturity! I won't even live to see my daughter being born! All that becease that my thunderbolts are so small..."

    The third one closed her eyes. This female had only one ear... "I was born with the hearing of a human unstead of the fine hearing of a Pikachu... and becease of this, I will die. They ignore the fact that like a human, my vision developped to make up for my hearing!"

    The elder Pikachu closed his eyes... it was true... "I am... saddened by your fate. However, you should be thankful. It is better to die at the hands of your own people than to wait for the cruelty of Nature to do so." he said.

    The fifth one remained silent. He struggled against the pain of his injuries... and didn't really cared about it all... but judging from his face, his pain was more emotionnal than physical despite his legs being basically gone.

    Slowly, other Pikachus approached the five, carrying a huge, heavy rocks with them. They placed the rocks next to each one and then took out vines which they had found in the forest. Electy took the vines and tested their resistance... they were of a fine quality.

    Pikachus took the vines and tied the hands of each Pikachu. Then, they tied their right leg to one rock, one for each... well, exept for the fifth. They tied his neck to the rock.

    The Raichu stood in front of the five... and then turned to me.

    "As you can see, we know how to cleanse the pack."

    He shoved the injured Pikachu into the river.


    Spark screamed in terror, covering his eyes and hiding behind me. Most of the Pikachus watching the scene were in a state of shock...

    Then, the Raichu moved to the Pikachu with one ear... "Please!"

    She fell to her knees. "Have mercy! PLEASE! I can make myself useful! I can see! I can see!"

    "We need hearing, not vision." replied the Raichu as he shoved the female into the river.

    A male Pikachu in the crowd burst into tears... and both I and Cherlie guessed that he must have been the female's boyfriend or lover...

    The Raichu walked in front of the fourth Pikachu...

    "I just want... to see my daughter's birth... before dying..." he cried. "It is my last wish... please... just wait the extra day..."

    "No." replied coldly the Raichu, shoving him into the river as well.

    More tears, this time from a pregnant female. Another male approached her and placed his hand on her shoulder. Tears were visible in his eyes as well. "We will all miss him..." he stated.

    The Raichu approached the two last Pikachus.

    "DON'T!" begged the first ederly Pilachu, as the Raichu shoved him.

    "NOOOOOO!" he screamed, as he fell...


    "GLYAAAARGLOGLOGLGLOGglogloglog..." his voice faded as he drowned, joining the others...

    Electy stood before the last Pikachu. He was hesitant for some reason... and seemed troubled...

    "Father..." he whispered.

    "Electy... I had a full and happy life. I have no regret..." he said.

    The Raichu stepped backward...

    "Electy... my strenght left me. I cannot jump into the river... the rock is too heavy." he said.

    The Raichu gritted his teeth.

    I was shocked... for the very first time... Electy shown emotions... his heart, which I had assumed gone, was still there... and mercy and regret could be seen in his eyes. For a second, I seen in his eyes how he hated this life... how he hated doing this... and then, I begun to ask myself... what lies behind the leader rank? Who made those pack rules? Why?

    The Raichu stood before the elderly Pikachu and then, hugged him. "I won't forget..." he slowly said.

    The elderly Pikachu turned, facing the water and then spreaded his arms, closed his eyes, and awaited...

    The Raichu shoved his own father into the river. I saw the yellow furball plunged into the transparent liquid and sink before vanishing into the depths...

    The Raichu stood there, staring at the river for a while, in a state of shock... and then turned to face the other pack members. His face was distorted with rage.


    Altought he tried to sound tough, I could tell that the act of killing his own father brought a sharp, very sharp blow to his confidence...

    The carnage carried on. Children, females, handicapped, injured... all those that didn't fit the criterias of the pack were thrown into the river... nearly twenty souls fell into the water, never to return. Each time, each death was greeted by the desesperate cries of the loved ones, the shock and horror of the crowd, and with the Raichu's maniacal grin.

    The more he killed... the less he seemed sane to me. He looked... litterally insane.

    Then, the last soul was thrown into the water. I turned to face Spark and used my telepathy... "It is over..."

    Spark's eyes were full of tears... "No... not yet..."

    Of course it was over! That Raichu didn't noticed the Pichu, hiding behind me... and besides, I believe his mind to be too warped, too twisted to notice... and anyway, the people are chatting, preparing to leave. Obviously, the cleaning is over...

    ... but then, the Raichu turned to Spark.

    "YOU! COME HERE!" he yelled.

    My eyes widened and so did Cherlie's!

    Spark walked toward Electy and stopped in front of him.

    "Where are your parents?" he asked.

    "Mommy... is in the river..." he anwsered.

    "And your father?" he asked.

    Spark turned to me, in tears... His goggly eyes of his shattered my heart... the Pichu then turned to the Raichu.

    "Daddy..." he whispered.

    "Yes? Where is he?" he asked, more insistent this time.

    The Pichu pointed at Electy. "DADDY!"

    Everyone gasped. Instantly, a female and her two Pichues made it throught the crowd. The female's face... it was filled with hatred!

    "Do not lie, you worthless runt! The great leader would never mate with a lowly Omega runt such as your ***** of a mother was! Isn't it, dear?" she said.

    She turned to Electy, her eyes were terrible... and the Raichu grew all tense and panicked... and also, sad. As for the female... she was most obviously Electy's official wife... and she also looked terribly cruel. Her two Pichues were so fat and arrogant-looking... they had the perfect look of tyrants-to-be. They stared at their father, bored.

    "ISN'T IT?!?" asked the female again.

    "Just kill that runt already." said the first Pichu. "I don't want to waste anymore time here! You promised me that we would go see the thunderstorm brewing at the edge of the forest."

    Such cruelty coming out of the mouth of a mother and a child... I was baffled. Those people were just as worse as the Pokemon trainers! They were just as bad! I hated them!

    The Raichu gritted his teeth, staring at the Pichu... "I love you, daddy..." said the small Pichu.

    The Raichu closed his eyes and tought about the situation... Then, he turned to the Pichu.

    "A father cares for his child. I don't care about you. No one does." said Electy.

    Spark stood there, in shock, as the Raichu tied his hands and then, his right foot to a huge, heavy rock...

    "No one cares." he repeated.

    I stared into the eyes of the small Pichu... no one cares if Spark lives or not? I care... and I sent him a telepathic message to tell him this... and instantly, a sweet smile appeared on his face despite the fact that tears still flowed out of his eyes.

    The Pichu turned to the Raichu and whispered... "You are... wrong... Someone does care..."

    He turned to me again... and this time, the Pichu used the telepathic link I had formed to make one final request... "I know that you care... and for that, I am thankful. Do not stop caring, do not turn away... Watch me live... and die."

    I stood there and then, I broke the telepathic link. Cherlie turned around and covered her eyes as the Raichu pushed the child off the edge and into the river... but I watched... to the very end.

    I seen Spark's tiny frame dragged into the water by the weight of the rock. I seen him open his mouth and start to hold his breath as his body pierced throught the surface of the water, sending clear drops of water flying everywhere.

    Then... I sensed as if I had entered a trance... and then, everything became blurry and wavy as I stood, underwater, next to the Pichu.

    The Pichu opened his eyes and stared at me, holding his breath as his body floated a bit above the bottom of the river, becease of the rock to which he was tied. He smiled and I seen my reflection in his eyes...

    I was there, tied to a rock too and on the bottom of the river... but I was different. My head had changed... it was more like one of a cat and not like a helmet... but my ears had changed shape, taking the form almost of horns. arms were now extremely short and chubby... and unstead of three delicate fingers, my fingers were like large balloons... My legs had been shortened quite a bit... in fact, it was as if I only had feet and no legs. My chest had changed... for it now looked like an actual chest unstead of an armor. My tail had been extended a lot more and was a far weaker and thiner... but it became so articulated that I could believe it. Also, my fur was all of a single color unstead of having my belly and tail different. My fur was totally purple with slight shades of black. My eyes were no longer purple... they now were saphire blue... and most of all, my size had been halved. I was now the same size as Cherlie and a bit larger than the Pichu...

    The Pichu stared into my eyes... and then, I felt his growing pain... and I sensed that what was happening to the little child... was happening to me as well.

    As the Pichu's lungs begun to burn as he ran out of breath, so did mine... and then, a tear came out of our eyes and we both became tense.

    My eyes widened and so did Spark's... and then, we relaxed, opening our mouths, swallowing the water, breathing it...

    I was not afraid... and neither was he. As everything begun to fade, we drowned at the bottom of the river, both dying...

    ... and as my brain consumed the last ounce of oxygen in my bloodstream, my heart stopped...

    "Mew... you are... Mew..." said the Pichu's voice... or is it? His body had stopped moving, his heart was not beating... and how could I hear his voice if I had shared his fate?


    I suddenly awakened, tears pouring out of my eyes...

    "I can't believe... that he dared to do this..." stated Cherlie, turning to the Raichu.

    The Raichu turned toward us... His right eye, was twitching furiously... and for some reason, I knew that something in his brain had snapped...

    "The show is over! Go home!" ordered the leader.

    The Pikachus begun to make their way toward the clearing.

    I felt so... dirty... I had done nothing to help Spark but watch...

    Then, I felt Cherlie reaching to me and putting her hand on my right leg since she wasn't tall enough to reach my right shoulder... for the transformation in the vision where I had seen Spark die remained just that... a vision. As such, I was just as I had always been...

    Nevertheless, despite the fact that she could not reach my shoulder, the physical contact had the same effect... "Mewlt... you know what will happen if you use your hidden power. There was nothing we could do. Please..."

    I turned to the Minun, tears filling my eyes... She got closer and then hugged me... and as she hugged me, I felt my sadness and frustration being washed away. It's weird how much easier it is to deal with sorrow when you have people like Cherlie around. I'm glad I got to meet her...

    I turned to look into the celing, the sky... and then, the black clouds slowly turned white and it begun to rain...

    "The sky... Derlank used to say that sometimes, it would take away the sorrow of Pokemon and cry for them..."

    I stood there... and I felt as if it was true. The water... it seemed as if the sky was crying... and then, the clouds slowly disappeared, revealing the beautiful sun... Everyone was wet by now... but it hadn't bothered anyone. No one had gone to seek shelter... all had remained there, in shock from the child's death...

    I knew that I was free... but my first contact with the wild Pokemon made me fear... I feared that if I continued on, I would find out the Pokemon were just as bad as the humans...

    "Relax, Mewlt! You're so tense..." stated Cherlie, seeing me so tense from the intense fear I felt...

    She tried to comfort me... but I knew she needed comforting just as much as I do. As such, I lifted her with my psychic powers and gave her a hug. She smiled and hugged me back...

    "Cherlie... we are both in shock... and we won't recover just by standing there. Let us let the Pikachu pack alone. Let us continue our exploration of the forest..." I said.

    Cherlie nodded... and then, I slowly placed her back on the ground, turned around, and faced to the north, toward Pewter City.

    "They say that Mt.Moon is a good place to visit. I wouldn't mind gazing at the stars from the summit of this moun..." I couldn't finish my sentance.

    "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!" screamed a voice that belonged to a female Pikachu!

    Neither I, neither Cherlie hesitated. We both ran as fast as our feet... and my psychic powers... could carry us.

    As we made it to the base of a tall tree, we both stopped. My eyes widened in horror...

    "Oh great Ho-oh..." whispered the Minun next to me.

    Electy's mate was covering her eyes, screaming hysterically. His children stared, their jaws dropped...

    Electy stood there, grinning maniacally, not moving at all... and with a vine tied to his neck as he swayed to the left and right, a few feet above the ground.

    Electy killed himself... he hanged himself... but why? Why... did he do that?!?

    The female stopped screaming, noticing us... she turned toward me...

    "It's... IT'S YOUR FAULT! Yeah! I'm sure of it! Hahaha! How could it happen, otherwise? You are just like this evil Mewtwo Pokemon from those legends... and you manipulated my husband with your dark, unholy powers, I'm sure of it! Hahaha! Yes! YES! It's you who forced him to fall in love with that Zapple ***** and then, it was you that helped that runt, Spark, get a Thunder Stone for my mate! You setted him up! You forced him into a situation where he would grow to love this lame excuse of a family more than me and his two sons! You setted him up so he would become insane and kill him!... and now, you're back to get me! But I won't let you!" she said.

    She slowly approached me... "I will kill you before you get me!"

    But then, a thunderbolt came out from behind the nearest bush and shocked the female Pikachu! She screamed in pain, standing there.

    I stood there... and watched as more and more electricity was being forced into the female's fur.

    I saw her scream louder and louder until she ran out of breath... and then, her breath turned black and I seen the inside of her mouth, all black and burnt... and then, the Pikachu stopped screaming and collapsed, her skin and fur totally burnt. It was most obvious that she had been shocked to death...

    I saw a male Pikachu and a female Pikachu slowly come out of the bush, out of breath...

    "Wheeze! Well... serve... that heartless... insane hag.. right!" said the male.

    The female sat down and smiled. "I guess... that this means... that we're the new prime family!" she stated.

    The male grinned. "Hey! You'll have... to wait three months.. for the children to... come... you know! We barely... mated, just... now!" he said.

    The female grinned. "No need... to tell them! It's... our private... life!"

    The male smile's widened. "I'm glad... that we did... it here and now! We couldn't... have finished... her off... if we hadn't... done it here!"

    The two stared at each others and then burst out laughing... and finally, they could catch their breath. They turned at the two Pichues, smiling in an eerie way... then, they stared at their mother and then turned to me...

    "Err..." said the first one.

    "We didn't do anything!" stated the second one.

    "Please have mercy!" said the first one.

    "We'll leave the pack forever and find ourselves new parents!" said the second one, starting to cry.

    "Please! We'll be good! We promise! We won't ever try to avenge mommy!" stated the first one.

    The couple of Pikachus approached the Pichues... they stumbled and begun to yelp in fear.

    I stepped foward. I had enough! Enough death for today! Enough cruelty!

    "ENOUGH!!!" I screamed. My voice was loud, deep, scary and resonated with the strenght of my anger and disgust!

    A few Pidgeys could be heard, escaping the area as my voice echoed loudly... and I saw Cherlie, grasping her ears in pain and whispering "Man! Your... voice... is... LOUD! Watch it!"

    The male turned to me. "Oh no! Strangers won't determine what we'll do and what we won't! Go home, psy kitty!"

    With that said, the male grabbed the first Pichu's head at the same time as the female grabbed the second Pichu's. They rotated the heads in a full circle, instantly breaking the neck of both baby Pokemon. They fell without a noise afterward, already dead.

    "Now, leave stranger. The old prime family accepted strangers on it's territory... we do not!" stated the female, as they both left.

    I instinctively placed my hands together... and begun to control my anger... but despite my best efforts, a sphere of pure darkness begun to form between the two hands...

    Cherlie turned to me, her eyes filled with tear. I could see it, in her eyes, that she was begging me to stop...

    "I couldn't save them... either... and I won't let those monsters escape! Those deaths... will be avenged!" I stated.

    "Do not throw away your honor for them... it's not worth it..." she begged.

    I trembled, my heart aching from the anger and sadness... and finally, I crushed the sphere of darkness and the dark energy subdued. I wiped the tears from my eyes and placed a fake smile on my face. If I couldn't kill the sorrow... then, at least, I would kill Cherlie's by making her believe I had recovered...

    "You don't fool me..." she stated. "... but knowing you're trying make me feel better."

    She closed her eyes. I stood there, smiling for a while... and then, after more uneasy seconds... she spoke. "Mewlt... you spoke of going to Mt.Moon. This place is rumored to be one of the most beautiful in the world. Let us see it..."

    My smile became sincere. Yes... let us leave this pack of insane Pikachus behind. Cherlie was right, when she spoke to me last night... Those are just a random pack of Pikachus. There's no way all the wild Pokemon in the world could be like them...

    I stared into her eyes... she stared back... and she smiled back.

    We begun the journey north, leaving our sorrow and pain behind. We both knew that we had to pass near Pewter City... but I was not worried. No one will notice us and anyway... as long as Cherlie is with me, I don't care.

    The journey will be long... but it will be worth it, I just know it! I can't wait to stare into the stars from the summit of the mountain... to visit it's rumored to be magical caves... to see the Clefairies living inside... Truly, this will be much more pleasant that this experience with that pack of Pikachus...

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    Wow. Your writeing is deep and thought provokeing. i never thought of Pokemon in this way. You are serously good enough to be a writer,

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    In the previous chapters Mewlt was a dude, and Cherlie was a Minun, and a dudette. Did you forget?
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    OFF: No! I did NOT forget about the characters' species and genders.

    In fact, I swapped Mewlt's appearance and gender (as well as Cherlie's) on purpose... it was already planned in the storyline.

    Also, altought Mewlt's appearance and gender as well as Minun's are the most obvious changes, you failed to notice that the sky turned red and that the sun is black...

    All those things, of course, will make the next chapters mess with the head of the readers (well, I hope)... but actually, those changes all make sense... altought it will only become obvious why later (in fact, much, MUCH later... but hints will sbe given, of course. Too much confusion is bad after all.).

    Anyway, the next chapter is about 30% complete. I'm trying to get it done today... but if it doesn't get posted today, then it will most definitely be posted this weekend.

    EDIT: I just read throught my plan... and altought it was good in theory, I failed miserably in trying to make it believable and interesting in pratice.

    Thus, I'm dumping the idea. I'll edit the last chapter and then rewritte entirely the current chapter.

    In short, forget about Mewlt turning female and changing form. I'll turn him back to his old self and that, permanently... altought some of the dream scenes from the changed form will remain.
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    Hello Zerodius!

    I'm normal now. -_-

    Anyway, another brilliant chapter. The way you write is so...serious. Intoxicating. You feel like a part of the story. I especially liked the story of the Pikachu tribe. Very disturbing with the "cleaning" part. Poor Spark T_T. I also felt a tiny bit of sympathy for Electy. A tiny bit.

    Yes, I did notice the changes, and they weirded me out, but if they are part of the story then whatever.

    I have some tips to help your fic get the attention it deserves. Just improve your summary at the beginning of your first post, because this is the thing that comes up in the yellow box that pops up when you drift your mouse over a thread title. Describe the story a bit. If you want an example, look at the box that appears when you hover the mouse over my fic, "The Pokemon Rebellion"

    Your story was so good, that the first time I read it, I went and nominated you for the Summer fiction awards. Look for yourself and your fic. ~_^

    Anyway, awaiting the next chapter eagerly. Keep it up!!

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    OFF: As I had explained in my last post, I dumped the "Mewlt transforms" idea and edited the chapter.

    Chapter 6 has been edited completely and Chapter 7 is done.

    It's a bit short... but I believe it won't disappoint.

    Well... off to work on Chapter 8 then!

    TO TYPHLOGIRL: Thank you for your advice. Summary edited. I consider it a honor to have my story nominated for the Summer Fiction Awards.

    ================================================== ========
    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++
    ================================================== ========

    "You... you... you have stolen my life!" screamed the hideous monster. "You shouldn't have been born! You were not meant to be! I was supposed... to be the one..."

    The creature stared at me... but I was horrified to see that where there should have been eyes, there were two gaping holes... and there was this stench... a stench of rotting flesh...

    "There was supposed to be only one Mew! ONLY ONE!" it screamed, lashing toward me.

    My eyes widened in horror before the monster... but altought I tried t move, my legs didn't reacted and my psychic powers had no effect on myself...

    I stood there and closed my eyes... them, I awaited the impact as the hideous beast went to strike me down...


    I awakened, all panicked and my fur stained with sweat. I looked around... I was lying there, on my back, hiding behind a bush. Lights could be seen in the distance...

    I sighed, relieved. Merely a nightmare. I was still in the hiding spot, on a cliff just on the edge of Pewter City. The sun had not rose high enough to fill the world with it's light yet so it was still dark.

    Then, I noticed something... I was alone!

    Where is that Minun?!? Where is Cherlie?!?

    I jumped out of the bush and begun to look around frantically... and then, I noticed her soul signature, away from here, in a nearby open field.

    I went there as quickly as possible and stopped right in my tracks when I seen Cherlie... and noticed that she was not alone.

    Cherlie stood in front of a Plusle and was not saying anything... no, nothing at all. The Plusle stared back, saying nothing as well...

    I approached the Minun, wondering why the two stared, silent...

    "Cherlie... is there something wrong?" I asked.

    Tears poured out of her eyes... she seemed to be in pain.

    I turned to the Plusle, my eyes glowing with hatred! I won't allow anyone to harm Cherlie! Never! Ever! I turned back to Cherlie... and then noticed something... there were no bruises... no wounds... no cuts...

    That Plusle didn't harmed Cherlie?... then why is she crying?

    "Cherlie... why... are you crying?" I asked, confused.

    "Mewlt... do... you love me?" she asked. I could sense hesitation in her voice for some reason...

    "You know that you are my light, my light in the darkness of my heart. As long as my love for you burns brightly, there is nothing I cannot do." I said.

    It was true... I was sincere. If it wasn't from this Minun... I would have never, ever made it out of the Defect Center. I'd probably be a nice little mindless slave working for a nameless Pokemon trainer right now. Thanks to her support, I could live to become free...

    She kept on staring at the Plusle, never looking at me... and I begun to grow worried... what's going on?!?

    "I returned... just as I had promised I would..." said the Plusle.

    I raised an eyebrow. What did that Plusle mean? "Cherlie... do you know him? Who is he? What is he doing here?"

    Cherlie closed her eyes. A final tear rolled down her cheek and then fell toward the ground... the beautiful crystal tear shattered on the ground like glass...

    "At the age of one... I fell in love with a Plusle... an undead Plusle. We were madly in love. However, one day, he got caught by a Defect Trainer... and then, he got hurt in such a way that his heart stopped beating completely and he was unable to move anymore, thus looking really dead. The Defect Trainers brought him out of the Littleroot Defect Center and brought him to the Dump, where they burried the dead Defects. There, he promised me he would recover and someday find me again... and there he is..." she explained.

    I gazed at the Plusle... so, he's Cherlie's ex-boyfriend...

    "Mister... so you are Cherlie's last boyfriend... you must have a very interesting tale to tell." I stated.

    The Plusle smiled sadly. "Cherlie? This is... a beautiful name. Too bad that just like me, you are nameless in truth, my love..."

    For some reason, I felt jealousy rising inside of me as the Plusle was hitting on Cherlie!... and what's this rubbish about Cherlie being nameless? There is no way she could be nameless!

    I turned to Cherlie. Confusion could be seen all over my face...

    "I am... Minun. Not Cherlie... just Minun. Thead born dead does not need names..." she stated.

    "Cherlie... stop doing this to yourself. You have a name... a beautiful one... one that represent how unique you are." I stated.

    "I am not unique. My existance only becomes obvious when in the arms of a male... first it was Plusle... then it was you... I truly am someone only when there is love infused into my heart, giving it life..." she said.

    "Do not be ridiculous." I said, as a painful feeling begun to slowly grip my heart... "It was actually the opposite. You always were so full of life and vitality... so full of emotions and dreams... If there is an empty being here, it is me..."

    I lowered my head. I truly believed what I just said... for despite all my years, I still had no purpose in life exept to fulfill my promise to Derlank... and to make Cherlie happy.

    "You truly are a special Pokemon, mister Mewlt... Minun was lucky to meet you..." said the Plusle.

    "HER NAME IS CHERLIE!" my voice was raising in volume and harshness. I couldn't control myself...

    "Cherlie... let us continue our journey to Mt.Moon... we will see the stars, we will see the magical caves, we will see the Clefairies..." I said... but as the painful feeling grown, I felt as I was beginning to beg her...

    "Mewlt... Cherlie... never was. I am a dead Minun... whose heart was revived by an obsession... an obsession of a male... I cannot help but think of Plusle... our bodies and souls constantly attract each others and my fate force me to obey my instincts..." she stated.

    She turned to me... she frowned and immense emotionnal pain was visible on her face. Seeing such sadness... broke my heart... and far from numbing my own pain, it only made my own emotionnal distress worse...

    "I have been thinking, ever since we left the Pikachu pack... I've always denied the feelings I felt for Plusle, always discarding my physical attraction to him becease I had chosen you... you who love with your whole being unstead of just your body... but I realised... that I needed a change... that I needed to return to the physical love that Plusle gave me..." she said.

    NO! This is not happening! After all we went throught... she leave me, like that, for a male that she KNOWS don't even care about her for real?!?... in the name of change? I felt a part of myself die as one of the two reasons for my existance vanished...

    "But... but..." I couldn't complete the sentance. I no longer had the strenght to.

    The two mice approached each others... and as they touched, their opposite static energies caused them to glow in a faint light...

    "Cherlie... I... never betrayed your feelings... and never will... I will keep my promise..." I whispered...

    Her ears twitched, showing she heard what I said... she turned to me... she was smiling sadly...

    "Cherlie... never was..."

    She closed her eyes and Plusle lifted her and promoptly carried her away...

    ... no! NO! This will NOT happen! It just... won't! Not if I can help it!

    I felt my eyes slowly turning red... and a familiar rage rose... the same rage which had erased my memory of my escape from the Defect Center.

    Large, sharp claws came out of my fingers and bright, intense dark flames flowed from my injured heart and spreaded throught my tense body before finally errupting out of my body throught the skin, giving me the look of a living purple and black fireball...


    I lashed foward... and dived right at the Plusle, seeking to kill... despite the fact that I knew very well that the foe was already dead and couldn't be killed a second time...

    The Plusle dropped the Minun...


    A slight yelp of surprise and pain... he harmed her! I will never forgive him! I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU! NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! NEVER!

    I screamed... but what came out of my throat was anything but a word or a cry. It was some kind of roar... a horrific, high-pitched roar...

    "So... you want to fight to determine whoever will keep the female, right? It is a normal instinctive behaviour..." stated the Plusle.

    My vision had turned almost completely red as rage blinded me. I felt the urge... the urge rising... to draw blood with my claws and to spill it everywhere... to stain the ground with the blood of this monster! I will kill him! I will destroy him!

    "I will not let hormones get the better out of the reason of my life!" I stated.

    I jumped foward, claws extended, my sharp teeth showing, roaring in rage, about to smite this monster with all of my fury!

    I struck with all of my strenght. I plunged my claws throught his chest. I saw, in slow-motion, the claws pierce throught the skin and then slowly go down, ripping apart fur, skin, flesh, and bone and spraying blood all over my claws, my hand, arm, and the Plusle's chest as the three, long cuts were made.


    Plusle stepped backward, gripping his chest in pain... but then, he turned to me and...




    I forced the electricity out of my body, at once! The thunderbolt was reflected back into the stupid rat... but it was black this time! Ther Plusle began to burn as the thunderbolt was returned back where it belongs... and unfortunately, the skin around the three cuts melted a bit, causing the wounds to close.

    So annoying! I'll rip your head off!

    I flied right into the Plusle and placed my hands on his large head. The Plusle tried to shock me again... but the pain merely caused me to tremble a bit and anger me further!


    I pulled with all of my strenght both physical and psychic. The head was pulled off easily and blood flied out of his body, no longer connected to the head. Due to the pressure, the blood formed a small fountain in front of me...

    I gazed at the fountain, satisfied, as the Plusle's body was emptied of it's blood... the blood flow slowed down, the pressure became lesser, and the spire of blood seeemd to melt like ice exposed to fire...

    His body fell, lifeless... I dropped the Plusle's head and turned my back to the, this time, really dead Pokemon...

    "MEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOW!!!" I screamed as I felt the most sensitive part of my body being crushed by what felt like teeth.

    The head had bit the tip of my tail while the headless body was crawling toward me...

    My eyes widened... what did it took to really kill an undead?!? I slammed my tail about, trying to get that stupid head off... but it hanged on, crushing my tail with it's jaws! A stream of warm crimson liquid began to flow out of the wound and began to cover the Plusle's head as well as my tail...

    I was completely panicked... or enraged... or maybe was it the two at once?


    I shot Shadow Bolts about, trying desesperatly to get the Plusle off my tail... and I felt the body grasping my right leg and beginning to slowly climb on me...



    I unleashed a Dark Supernova. The sheer strenght of the explosion transformed the open field where I had found Cherlie and the Plusle into a smoking cratter. No lifeform... exept Cherlie... was left. Everything else... ashes.

    But then, my panic grown into sheer terror as the Plusle's head, altought no longer recognisable, was still hanging on my tail, bleeding me to death. The body's lower part was reduced to ashes... but the upper part of the chest and the arms still climbed... and were getting dangerously close to the place...

    "NOOO!" I screamed, my terror growing stronger than my rage.

    Suddenly, I stopped feeling pain from the head's bite and I no longer felt the body climbing... Neither fear, neither rage haunted my heart for a single feeling overcame all the rest.

    Air! Air! I need air!


    I collapsed to the ground, the Plusle's arms grasping my neck and choking me... I need... air!

    The world... is spinning... so... dizzy... ACK! Lungs... burning...

    I crawled... toward Cherlie... her figure... is so... distant... everything... is so distant...

    "Ch... ACK! erlie... GASP! Help... me..." I managed to whisper...

    Everything... begun to fade... and I felt so tired... so very tired... and so dizzy...

    I fell to the ground... and felt like sleeping...

    No... this cannot end like this... I will not... be killed... byy this rat... I refuse to... I refuse to go to the cold sleep before I fulfilled my promise to Derlank... before Cherlie...


    I sprung up and unleashed my full power... I knew there were chances that I would kill myself in the process... but I had the choice between this and letting Plusle kill me. Between a guaranteed death and a probable suicide... I prefer the choice that give me a chance of survival.

    "I... will... not... fall..." I whispered...


    My heart begun to beat more slowly... and I felt all my strenght leaving me... Almost all of my blood and air was gone... and as my heart seemingly stopped, my soul remained suspended in this body... and then... it happened.

    "NOOOOOO!!!" screamed a voice... Cherlie's voice I guessed. I was no longer conscious enough to make the difference...

    My heart was crunched by my eternal sorrow... There was no rage, no grudge... only sadness... Sadness that I had failed Cherlie... sadness that I had failed Derlank... sadness that I had let down everyone. I will never learn what is the poison, as Derlank wanted... I did not save Spark's life... and now, Cherlie was trapped with a monster who did not even love her and whose she did not love...

    I had failed everyone... I was worthless... but while my life was a waste... I'll not let my death become a waste as well. I will bring this undead with me... I will let the sadness of my heart take him with me!

    A black energy slowly oozed from my body... and then, as my final act before running out of air and blood, I thrown Plusle's head and body foward and then fired ALL of my power at the undead thing...

    "NOOOOOO!" screamed the voice again.

    As the undead remains were thrown off me... I suddenly realised I was no longer dying. I could breathe again and while I had lost a lot of blood, the fact was that it was the Plusle's jaws that was squeezing the red liquid out of me, not the wound itself.

    As such, as my vision returned, I saw a yellow and blue mouse throw herself into the black sphere...

    "No!" I whispered to myself, my eyes widening in shock.


    The sphere exploded. Yellow and blue fur flied about... as well as bones and flesh... and when the smoke caused by the explosion dissipated, Cherlie was nowhere to see...

    I slowly floated back to the ground... and noticed the ground was back to normal... as if I had never attacked in the first place...

    I grabbed my tail and then placed the tip in front of me. No wounds... I was as good as new.

    What had happened?!?

    The Plusle stood up, in perfect health as well...

    "She... absorbed and converted the attack into pure energy... I can't believe it... I tought that... only the legendary Mew could do this..." He whispered.

    Slowly, it begun to snow... but then, the snow was too shiny... too clear... too beautiful... and my mind knew it was Cherlie...

    "Cherlie... what have you done..." I whispered...

    Then, slowly, the white dust gathered... and in a flash of Light, I dreamt again...


    I saw Cherlie, encased in pure Light, floating in front of me... She was identical to what I had looked like during the vision where Spark had died while myself, I remained the same...

    "Cherlie?" I whispered...


    I awakened and Cherlie was in front of us, crying...

    The Plusle ran to Cherlie and grabbed her, giving her a hug. Then, he turned toward me, his face showing anger...

    "You MONSTER! You nearly killed Minun with your jealousy! Leave us alone!... and never come back!" he yelled.

    I made a step foward, not believing what was happening... I neither understood why Cherlie turned from me... neither how she could do this...

    "What should I do..." whispered the Minun, gazing into my eyes...

    "You need a change. This Poke... no... this creature binds itself to you like a parasite. You need a true, sincere love... not a puppy love." he stated.


    "CHERLIE!" I called, stepping foward again!

    Cherlie turned to Plusle... and then... my face dropped and intense sadness gripped my heart as she blushed.

    The two walked away, continuing the journey toward Mt.Moon... without me...

    I stood there alone... and I felt my world crumbling...

    "What... did I do? Why... did this happen?" I asked, to no one...

    I laughed nervously, my entire twitching from an unknow tic.

    "HeheheeHAeheho... This is a joke... a VERY bad joke!" I stated.

    I turned around, smiling, denying what happened. This is impossible... completely impossible... this cannot have happened. This has NOT happened! I refuse to believe it! I REFUSE TO BELIEVE IT! Cherlie is playing a joke on me... yes! Most definitely! This is a joke! Hahahaha! Very funny! The joke is very funny! Now... let's end the joke!

    "OK! Joke's over! Come back, Cherlie!" I called, sure that Cherlie would suddenly leap out of a nearby bush...

    I stood there, awaiting her return... the wind blew... seconds passed... then minutes passed...

    "I'm waiting! Come out now! It's not funny!" my face was distorted as reality slammed into my face... hard...

    My tail, my legs, my entire body was twitching. My heart jumped up and down and I felt as if a Machamp was constantly punching me into the stomach with powerful dark-elemental punches...

    "CHERLIE! YOU CAN RETURN!" I screamed, tears pouring out of my eyes.

    The... the wind is blowing... and no one is coming...

    "You... can... return..." I whispered, collapsing on my knees, grasping my head.

    The world begun to shrink... the ceiling, the sky, begun to lower itself... the walls, the trees, slowly retracted as the world, the room, begun to shrink... the sun's light grew faint and darkness surrounded me... but this was not the Darkness I was accustomed to... not the calm, silent Darkness that welcomed me in times of need... this darkness... was devoid of the warmth I knew from the Darkness I always stood in. This one was cold, gripping, crushing, merciless...

    "Cherlie..." the words barely left my mouth.

    I was all alone... all alone... First Derlank... then Spark... and then, now, Cherlie...

    I was alone... all alone... I was always alone... I never stayed with anyone... never, ever... I was condemned to loneliness... to eternal punishment for a crime I do not know about throught loneliness...

    I choked, crushed by this world which hated me. This world which only knew hatred and suffering. A world devoid of meaning... devoid of dreams... devoid of hapiness...

    My instincts detected the weakness in my mind... and then, the grip of insanity and it's instincts rose, presenting a hand in front of me...

    My mind grabbed the hand and let the wind of insanity blow all toughts away...

    Whatever happens... altought my body lives, my soul is already dead. Whatever my instincts do... whatever if I become a Pokemon trainer's slave... for I am dead.

    Let there be emptiness.

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    The sky is sky blue.


    OFF: Chapter 8 is DONE!... and is short again. Do not worry however! Chapter 9 will NOT be short and... well...     Spoiler:

    Yes, that chapter took me very little time to complete... maybe that's becease I just got a lot of inspiration, lately?

    Anyway, enjoy.

    ================================================== ========
    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++
    ================================================== ========

    "Use Psychic!"


    Done. Next.



    Done. Next.



    Done. Next.


    "Ninetales! Return!"


    "Go! Minun!"


    What... is that feeling?!?

    Ugh... my head... hurts...


    UGH! Can't... think... Human... voice... too loud...

    "Use Dynamic Punch!"

    ACK! I... I try to move... but I cannot... This is... a Minun... why am I feeling like this? Why... is my heart feeling something?

    Is... that... sadness?


    The voice cover the sound of my racing heart. His voice compel me to attack... to disregard my own mind and return to my souless state... and yet... I cannot. Why? I do not understand...

    Who am I? How did I got here?... HUH?!? Why did I asked myself such a question?


    The ground... it is hard... it feels... unnatural... the ground is brown... a bit red too... there are white lines around, delimiting Ho-oh knows what. The walls are blue... metal blue... the whole place seems high-tech. The colors are vivid and bright... I can sense the light, the light of the sun... the sun tickles my body and I struggle to remember the word...

    "Focus, Half-Mew! Use Dynamic Punch!"

    I remember the word... the light... is warm... It is warm... The Minun... has yellow and blue fur. It's standing away from me and stare into my eyes, expressionless...

    Why am I here? How did I got here?

    What... happens to my head? It feels... UGH!


    I can remember this word too... My head... hurts... I know it. I can feel it. I am conscious of it.

    "Half-Mew! Return!"

    I felt the colors fading... I felt a strange feeling... like my bdoy turning to energy... and then, the whole world was vacuumed out of my line of sight by an unknow force... and I felt warm... but I also felt strangely dirty... and and old, forgotten grudge rose... altought I did not know why.


    "Use Thunderbolt!"


    Done. Next.


    Done... huh? I did not hear the voice's command. Is the voice broken? Is it gone? Have I done something...

    Why am I asking myself questions?

    ... I am... confused. Where am I?

    ... why did I asked myself this question again? I must obey the voice. Nothing else matters...

    "Marcus! What's wrong?"

    "I don't know, Camelia. Half-Mew acted weird when I fought that Minun, the other day. I ordered him to attack... but he just stood there, looking around as if he had been startled by something. I think we should stop training for now..."

    Marcus... this name made me feel like attacking without being prompted by the voice. This name... I loathed it and did not knew why.

    "Man! Here he goes again!"

    "His face... he looks terrible... and scary. He used to look somewhat cute with his pink kitty face... but I'm not sure anymore..."

    Something got closer. It's shaped somewhat like me... my instincts tell me to sniff the air... but I know my sense of smell is not good. I must look at it.

    No, said the instincts. Use your sense of smell. It's useless, I don't want to. The instincts urged me to use my sense of smell even more...

    I did so. I closed my eyes and sniffed the air...

    "Hey! I wonder why it's acting like that..."

    "Dunno! Maybe it sensed a Pokemon's presence!"

    "That would be cool. I've been trying to catch a Slakoth for a while and just couldn't find one."

    "Why would you be interested in catching a Slakoth? They sleep all day."

    "Maybe... but their fully evolved form, the Slaking, is said to have obscenely powerful attacks. Half-Mew is powerful... but even him can't win double battles by himself and most of my other Pokemon just don't work out too well with Half-Mew exept Gardevoir... but since she acts weird around him, I think a Slaking would be better."

    "I see..."

    The smell... I recognise it! The smell of the grass, the plants, the flowers... this is a forest! However, there is no moldy, humid, rotten smell mixing to it... meaning that this I am not deep in the forest...

    Forest? I remember going there... but I can't remember anything else.

    Green... green all around me... exept for the figures... I want to see them!

    Use your sense of smell, said my instincts. I KNOW my vision is better than my sense of smell. Use your sense of smell, urged my instincts.

    This time, I did not obey my instincts... which surprised me. Where did I found the strenght to go against them?

    Green... green... brown... blue... yellow... white... red... so many pretty, vivid colors... I'm standing on green grass. The figures around me are wearing blue and red clothes. I have white and purple fur. Other Pokemon are around me. White, green, black, orange, blue... all the colors!

    Those colors... mixed to the smell... made my eyes wet for some reason.

    I couldn't help but cry. Why did I cried? I was not hurt...

    I just sat down and let my senses inform my soul of the location... and I found it beautiful... so very beautiful...

    There is no pain, no suffering... I want to remain here forever...

    "Hey! Is Half-Mew crying?"

    One of the figures approach me... it is male and wears blue jeans and a red coat. It's presence somehow hamper my hapiness. Why? Why do I loathe him?

    "Are you feeling alright?"

    His voice... it is the same as the commanding voice... and yet... It is the first time I hear anything else than orders... or maybe not? I'm so confused...

    I know where I am... for I am here. Why am I here? I don't care, it's beautiful.

    On another hand... I find no anwser to the "Who am I" question... and this troubles me.

    "Calm down... calm down..." said the commanding voice... but it was not commanding in this case. It was filled with care and compassion unstead...

    For some reason, my mind screamed that the compassion was fake. Why would it be fake? This being looks so considerate...

    Oh! What is that? Huh?!? Huh?!?

    "There..." he said, as he petted me, stroking my head between the ears...

    I purred loudly. I liked this physical contact. I closed my eyes and let the feeling fill my entire heart. I had felt so empty for such a long time... I was glad to feel a feeling... any feeling.

    "It may be big and strong... but this pink kitty is just as cute as any other kitty, when you think about it." stated a voice that didn't belong to the oen petting me.

    It was... feminine? A detail I had not noticed before now.

    "Yes, Half-Mew is a cool Pokemon. I wonder why I never found any trace of others of it's kind however... it is as if it was one of a kind. Maybe it's a Legendary Pokemon?" asked the commanding voice, once again lacking the commanding characteristic.

    I noticed just now that the voice sounded manly.

    "Well... it seems he has calmed down, now!" stated the female voice.

    The male figure looked worried out of a sudden... and stopped petting me. It stood there, worried...

    I stared at him. Why is he worried?

    "Camelia... I've been wondering... Half-Mew collapsed, unable to do anything last time, when we fought that Minun. I still don't understand why it happened..." he stated.

    "Pokemon are strange sometimes. Was that the first time you fought a trainer that used a Minun?" asked the female figure.

    "Yes. Minuns and Plusles are not very popular in the higher competition levels becease of the fact that they usually focus more on cheering on the other Pokemon than on fighting." he stated.

    "Let us do a little test then..." said the female figure.

    She took out a pokeball and then released the Pokemon inside.

    Before me appeared a yellow and blue mouse with short but powerful legs and small, cute little arms. It's long ears were mostly blue and the minus symbol could be seen on the Pokemon's blue cheeks. It's tail was shaped like a blue "T".

    Instantly, my eyes widened as an unknow feeling gripped my heart...


    "Cherlie..." I whispered...

    "Mewlt..." whispered the Minun that I was hugging...

    Then, I kissed right on the mouth... and I felt my entire body burning with an unknow feeling as my tongue waltzed into her mouth as her own danced in my own...


    "Are you alright?" asked the Minun standing in front of me.

    My entire body was trembling, my heart was aching... what was happening to me?!? Why was... AAAAAAARG!!! MY HEAD!!!


    "Mewlt... Promise me that you will never betray my feelings..." she asked me as I hugged her.

    The Minun... she was so beautiful... and yet, I was filled with fear...

    "Will... you hate me?" I asked, my voice filled with the fear that the unknow feeling I felt toward her would not be shared...

    "Fate cannot force me into the arms of all the males I run into... for I have made my choice. Mewlt... did you choose?" she said.

    This anwser calmed my mind... now to anwser her question... "I have chosen... you have my word. I will never, ever betray your feelings."

    She leaned foward and she whispered into my ear... "Then... there is nothing left to say..."

    I felt myself bringing her to the darkest corner of the strange place where we were... and then, I lied on my back with her standing on my chest. She leaned toward me and we begun to kiss again...

    As she kissed, she slowly moved her hands on my body... and then, she begun to kiss my neck... then my chest... and she gradually worked her way down into...



    The Minun was staring at me, eyes widened.

    I was feeling so... miserable...

    Why? I was in such a beautiful place, surrounded by people who care and yet, I am miserable?

    Why does the vision of this female Minun makes me tense like this? What is this unknow warmth rising in my heart...


    "CHERLIE!" I called, stepping foward!

    The sun was rising on the open field where I was... but while the darkness left the world... it was only to crawl into my heart...

    The female Minun turned to the male Plusle... and then... my face dropped and intense sadness gripped my heart as she blushed.

    The two walked away and I stood there, my sadness growing as they got away.

    I stood there alone... and a pain like I had never felt before struck my heart.


    "AAAAAAAARG!!!" I screamed, grasping my head, tears pouring out of my eyes.

    "MINUN! RETURN!" yelled the female figure, panicked at seeing me reacting like this.

    I collapsed, sobbing...

    "Man... this is worse than I tought... Last time, he just stopped fighting..." stated the male figure.

    "He must have been traumatised somehow..." stated the female figure.

    "He got a phobia of Minuns?" asked the male figure.

    "No... this does not look like it..." said the female figure, taking out her pokedex.


    "This Pokemon is depressed. Could have many causes, both physical and mental. Further analysis needed." stated the pokedex.

    "Well... at least, we know what's his problem..." stated the male figure.

    He took out a pokeball and pointed it at me... "Half-Mew! Return!"

    The world disappeared before me as I sensed my body being turned into energy and being sucked inside of a small space... and then, I fell into a state of cold sleep...


    When I awakened... I was staring at a human being...

    Weird, before going to sleep, I couldn't remember what was the specie of those figures...

    In fact, it seems like I couldn't remember anything. Why?

    Anyway, this human seems to a young adult wearing a strange, long white coat. He's much older than the two humans I seen before going to sleep... but not old enough to show signs of old age.

    I just remembered that humans live for a very, very long time... More than nine generations of Pokemon can be born between a human's birth and death. No wonder humans have no difficulty gathering knowledge when they have nearly five times the life span of the average Pokemon.

    In fact, most wild Pokemon are wrong to say that humans have no powers for they have a power more precious than fire breath, seed spitting, or anything like that. I knew many Pokemon in the past that would gladly exchange their electrical or water powers for the humans' amazing life span...

    What am I thinking? I never spoke with any Pokemon enough to know that! It's probably just my imagination acting up...

    "Professor Maple... the results of the test are negative. His hormones are at a normal level." said another human being wearing a white coat.

    So... the first human's name is Maple... why should I care? Why can't I stop the questions from coming?

    Pokemon do not thrist for knowledge! It is a sin to do so!... so... why do I do? Why can't I help it?!?

    "So... it is strictly a mental problem... It was obviously a traumatism involving a Minun since according to the trainer and to the videos we obtained from the arenas' owners, it only happened when Half-Mew fought Minuns." he stated.

    "So... first it goes beserk when fighting Plusles... and now, he collapses in a fit of tears when he fights Minuns. A really interesting case..." said the other human.

    I stared at them... I remember only about the Minun problem, not the Plusle problem... but then, I had been unable to remember anything until very recently so it was to be espected...

    Whatever. Just fix those problems. I don't have a liking for pain, personally.

    "So... what do you think it could be?" asked the human next to Professor Maple.

    "Hmmm... I think we seen similar cases before... Bring me the videos we recorded showing the subject of case JODS-3012 in action." said Maple.

    The other human nodded and went into the back of the place where I was to get the records.

    I begun to look around to... WHY AM I DOING THIS?!? Why do I want to know where I am?!? A Pokemon does not ask itself questions!

    The walls are made of metal... NO! MUST NOT LOOK AROUND... there is high-tech equipment... WHAT I'm DOING IS WRONG!

    "Huh? The subject..." whispered the human...

    I'm sitting on a metal table... WHATEVER! Thus I'm in a lab!...

    ... I can't believe it... I just can't help it... the more I fight my curiosity... the more I want to know... and soon, the hitch to learn become a burning desire and then, my heart beguns to hurts for some reason.

    Pokemon never ask questions and never feel distressed from their ignorance, unlike humans... why would I be distressed, like humans? I'm not a human!

    This is getting more and more strange... Those memories... those feelings... that thirst for knowledge...

    The other human returned, carrying the records. Then, they placed the records in a machine and on the screen, videos were shown...

    The videos involved a common Meowth becoming infatuated with a Skitty. Then, the Skitty got infatuated with the Meowth as well... and the two were seen, hanging out together...

    But then, on anothe video, the Skitty was shown, paying no attention to the Meowth... for it found the Persian next to it much more interesting.

    A third video was shown... the Meowth starts crying loudly whenever it sees a Skitty and stops fighting...

    A fourth video was shown... the Meowth attacks Persians by itself, without even being ordered to do so and attack with incredible ferocity, trying to kill the Persians.

    A fifth video was shown, showing the Meowth killing the same Skitty that was in the beginning and then killing the kitten it had with the Persian. The Meowth went to kill the Persian... but then, he begun to just scratch him while keepin him pinned there... and then I realised that the Meowth was actually torturing the Persian, prolonging his death as long as possible. His maniacal eyes glowed each time the Persian cried in pain...

    Then, the final video was shown. The Meowth was brought to this lab and was injected a deadly toxin, killing it. It had went insane and would kill anything that even got the Persian smell. The human explained to the camera that the execution was going to take place since the Meowth attacked an almost killed a 5 years-old girl that was taking a walk with her Persian. As the Meowth died, the video ended.

    "As you can see, very similar." stated the scientist.

    The Professor tought for a few seconds before speaking... "Indeed. Well, I guess that it is obvious then. The Half-Mew became infatuated with a Minun and then, that Minun dumped him for a Plusle."

    "What do we do, Professor?" asked the scientist.

    "Well... judging from how he reacts, the traumatism is only getting worse as time goes on... so we'll have to make him forget either by brainwashing him or by breeding him with another Pokemon." stated the Professor.

    "But... how are we going to do that? The only female Pokemon we know about that looks even remotely like the Half-Mew is Mewtwo... and Mewtwo is a male!" said the scientist.

    "Then... we'll have to use Mew." he said.

    The scientist smiled. "Heh! This is a joke, right? The size difference between the two is just too steep! I mean... even if they're the same specie... it's still physically impossible for them to breed!"

    "Do you think breeding with a Minun makes much more sense? They're both too small for it to happen... and yet, it seems to be the case." stated the Professor.

    "Well... you have a point... but I doubt the Champion will agree. He's a jerk, keeping his Pokemon to himself." said the scientist.

    "Bah! I know how the Champion thinks. He's easy to read. As soon as we'll tell him that he could have more Mews if he lets the Half-Mew breed with his prized Pokemon, he'll send Mew to us within seconds. The appeal of more Legendary Pokemon usually get the best out of any trainer." stated the Professor.

    "Yes... you are right..." stated the scientist. "I'll return the Half-Mew in his pokeball and placed him into the containement cell number T-1 in area T-5."

    I was sucked in the pokeball again... but this time, it felt different from everytime before. Hearing them speak of a Pokemon called "Mew" triggered a feeling inside of me... a feeling of emptiness... but it was not an emptiness that consumed me but rather, an urge... an urge to feel an emotionnal emptiness in my heart...

    Inside the pokeball, time slides by so fast... and I was totally unable to keep track of time... Would I wake in a few seconds, minutes, hours, days?

    I didn't knew...


    When I awakened, I was still in the lab, judging from the metal walls... but large windows everywhere caused the room to be well-lit. The room was also quite huge... in fact, it looked like a replica of a forest... but not the type of forest I'm used to.

    The plants seemed more... exotic... and the smells... I couldn't recognise them.

    The air was very humid and hot... but for some reason, that didn't bothered me as much as I tought it would.

    "Meeew..." meowed an unknow voice...

    My eyes widened in shock...

    The voice! The voice I had heard in my dreams ever since I was a child!... that feminine, loving and caring voice...

    "Meeew..." it meowed again...

    Tears came to my eyes... tears of hapiness...

    I remember the dreams... I remember the shadows and their loving voices... how they always looked at me with care... how we always appeared in different places... sometimes natural... sometimes not.

    I ran at top speed throught the room, seeking the shadow! I want to see it! I want to see the truth! Shadow! Please come! I do not care if it is a sin to learn... for I want to learn! I want to see your true form... I want to see you in something else than in dreams!

    Then, I seen it! A dark figure, floating above the ground... but when I stared into it's eyes, all my hapiness was crushed...

    The strong love and care... was not in her eyes. Her eyes were devoid of all care, telling only of pain and suffering. Small tears were visible in her eyes as she silently begging the entire world and all that it contains for mercy...

    My smile vanished and I stood there, staring sadly at her... and then, she noticed me.

    "Meeeew..." her voice was filled with despair...

    "Another hallucination..." she stated before resuming her endless patrol, crying silently...

    "Give me back my baby... Meeeew... Meeeew..." she whispered, trembling as she passed next to me...

    I heard her voice decrease in volume as she got away...

    "Meeeew..." she called...

    I suddenly felt selfish... very selfish... I felt horrible. My feelings of sadness toward Minuns felt minor compared to the pain of this pink, floating cat...

    "Meeeeew..." she called before finally stopping next to me.

    She stared at me and her face was distorted by intense emotionnal pain. I felt dirty... I felt like a monster. I was harming this innocent creature merely with my presence...

    I seen her, on the edge of bursting into tears... but she fought back the tears. She slowly floated back to the ground and then stood on her knees, her eyes closed, her hands together, as if praying...

    "I... just want to see my son once... I... was never allowed to see him... please... give me back my son... I beg of you... I am sorry for all I did... I do not ask for forgiveness... just allow me... to see my son even once... Please... Ho-oh..."

    It was a prayer to Ho-oh... she begged him for forgiveness. Forgiveness for what? Such a pure-looking creature... how could this being commit any sin? Why would she be punished by being robbed of her son and not even be allowed to see him even once?

    I turned to the sky... and a final memory returned into my mind...


    I panted heavily, staring at the Minun...

    We were in the middle of a meadow and I felt an incredible feeling of pleasure unlike anything I had ever felt slowly vanishing...

    The Minun was sitting on thin air, holding to my chest with her hands as I held her in place with my hands and my psychic powers...

    She turned to me and noticed that her face was covered with tears. She cried a lot... and she looked as if she had gone throught a painful process... and yet, her face was radiating with hapiness... a hapiness that spreaded and calmed my heart... Both her and I were out of breath as we had just went throught something physically taxing...

    "You do realise that... that by doing this... you... you could have impregnated me..." she whispered, still out of breath.

    "I... will not betray... your feelings..." I stated.

    I closed my eyes... and our heart begun to beat at a normal rate again. We also restarted breathing normally and I felt an organ slowly disappearing...

    As I felt the instincts leaving and my body returning to normal, I opened my eyes and smiled as I wiped the last tears off her beautiful, beautiful place.

    "I will never betray your feelings... neither those of our child-to-be, when he will someday be born..." I stated.


    This memory... was unfamiliar. It was a memory of a moment which I felt like I hadn't ever participated in it... and yet, something inside me was telling me that while this memory wasn't mine... the event, itself, was genuine.

    I turned toward the sky as I remembered this Minun... Cherlie.

    I do not know how I happened to fall in love with her or how I ended up mating with her... but if those memories are at least a little bit true... then I will not allow her, wherever she may be, to suffer the fate that this pink Pokemon, who could never see her son, and I, who could never see my mother, suffered.

    Even if our love is no longer shared... even if she remains only in my memories... if she is pregnant... then I want the child to be born to know that his father was a loving and caring one.

    I flied toward the ceiling and passed right throught the glass ceiling. I could hear alarms behind me and then, I felt the pokeball's beam stricking me... and rebounding off me.

    I sure am evil, feeling love and thirsting for knowledge... but it is a necessary evil. I will not leave the ones I love behind... even if they no longer love me back.

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    Lost for words. Sorry I didn't rate the previous chapter, I wasn't online. But both of them had the same shock value as the early chapters. Keep it up. And once more, you closet readers, RATE YOU LAZY (censored).
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    OFF: Very long chapter!... but I'm sure that it will be prove to be worth the wait.

    NOTE: Dividing the chapter into 2 posts since the original chapter is too long (78148 characters).

    ================================================== ========
    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++
    ================================================== ========

    I stood on the edge of the cliff, staring at the forest below. I had seen her...

    Slowly, I edged off the edge of the cliff... and stayed aloft thanks to my psychic powers...

    This will maybe sound stupid... but never before had I truly done that... sure, I had found myself floating after doing some extremely powerful Shadow moves in the past... but flying by my own free will? Never... and as such, I was a bit ashamed but... I had difficulty to keep myself in such a position...

    I had tracked down the Minun, Cherlie for two days and nights... and as I tracked her down, I remembered more of my past... like my name, for exemple.

    Mewlt... it is strange how similar it is to Mew's name. My parents must have had no imagination when they picked the name...

    As I slowly floated down, memories returned to me...

    I remembered an old Pikachu who I used to know... Derlank... I remembered him as being a jerk sometimes... but remaining a friend, always... I seen him, cold as a corpse... and just before Death squeezed all life from him, he told me my name and asked me to fulfill a promise...

    ... in the next flashback, the promise came back to me...

    The poison... the world was poisonned by a terrible force that caused humans to become evil when the turn into Pokemon trainers... and Derlank wanted me to learn what was this poison...

    This promise... was dear to me, I could remember it... and as I remembered it, I always recalled that I wanted to fulfill it for all those who suffered becease of Pokemon trainers... among which is Cherlie.

    I slowly remembered how I fell for her and she fell for me... I saw us getting to know each others as months passed... and then, when Derlank died, we both suppressed our feelings... and when we could no longer take the pain, we decided to wash it away by unleashing all the passion we had been hiding in our hearts.

    I also remembered the Plusle... how Minun left me for that Plusle...

    Left, not dumped. I had seen the regret in her eyes... I had seen glimpses of her true love, toward me, struggling against the fake, purely physical "love" that had arose within her.

    I knew it was not wise to espect anything from this regret... but any hope, no matter how foolish, was better than no hope.

    Anyway... I have finally found them. Finally... Cherlie, I have found you...

    My time spent as a Pokemon trainer was not completely worthless... I met with Mew, one of the Legendary Pokemon. I saw her distress... and then, as I remembered how I acted toward Cherlie, I realised how stupidly I had acted...

    As for Mew... I hope that someday, Mew will find her son. It must be horrible, living with the knowledge that you have a child and yet, having never ever seen him...

    Anyway! I chased all those toughts out of my mind. My memories are back and now, it is time to use this last ounce of hope... Well! Here goes nothing...


    OOOW!... err... I did NOT land correctly it seems... HMPH! Why? I can land safely after everytime I am in a situation of extreme stress like when I or someone else is in danger... but somehow, it seems that unless I'm under the impulsion of my instincts, I don't have much control over my psychic powers... but well, I haven't been using them much lately. I only used them to carry Cherlie and to increase my speed when running. Not much if you ask me. Oh well...

    I slowly got up. I seem to be OK... and I did not fell into anything disgusting. The fact that I landed on grass unstead of mud or sharp rocks helped, I'll admit it...

    The forest goes deeper... and I can see Cherlie up ahead, her blue color standing out in the green forest... and next to him, there's some red.

    Yep, the Plusle.

    No, no use in feeling jealousy... act like a real male and control yourself, Mewlt...

    I quickly catched up with the two. The fact that they were taking small steps both due to their size and to the fact they were not in a hurry helped me catching up with them.

    As I made it in close, their ears twitched and the two turned around...

    "Minun... it's that cat Pokemon again..." sighed the Plusle.

    I stood there... and I sensed my courage slowly fade... NO! Get ahold of yourself!

    "Cherlie..." I begun...

    "Cherlie is not her name, I remaind you!" stated Plusle.

    Cherlie turned to the male mouse, annoyed. "Leave us for a while. I need to talk with him..." she tried to sound calm but she was obviously failing in hiding her frustration.

    For some reason, I felt so light, so happy seeing her annoyed at that Plusle... no! Control yourself!

    The Plusle rolled his eyes and then left. Yes, go away and never come back... anyway...

    Cherlie turned to me and stared into my eyes... I stared back. "Cherlie..." I begun... or so I tried. Cherlie quickly interrupted me.

    "Mewlt... I've been thinking. I have realised that taking off with Plusle was a hasty decision... and as such, I took the time to think while you were away. Since Plusle didn't always remained close to me, never leaving me out of his sight..." I felt as if the last sentance was a bit harsh and directed at me... my courage shrunk a bit... NO! Listen to her to the end, you feline jerk! "I realised that it was really true..." she finished.

    I stood there... uneasy. What was really true? I hoped it would be something positive... for us...

    Seeing no comment, Cherlie continued. "I just don't know but... I felt that too much of a good thing is just... well, too much. The love between us... was beautiful... but in the end, it turned into puppy love. Whenever you were upset, I was forced to back you up while I couldn't rely on you for anything. You loved me too much... you became dependant."

    Yes... it's true... but... I cannot help but feel my entire body being drenched with cold, icy water as she spoke of our love in the past tense...

    "Mewlt... I need a change... and as such, I'm going with Plusle." she finished.

    She's going with Plusle.

    Those words urged me to return into the warm embrace of insanity... to once again die and let my instincts take over...

    I seen the ugly hand of insanity showing itself to my mind...

    But then... was I going to betray her feelings? Was I going to break my promise? Was I going to run away from my problems? Would I be dependant, like Cherlie said I was? No...

    I will take the pain like a real male. I'll let the suffering grip and squeeze my heart... try to whip me into submission, pain... I will not betray Cherlie's feelings. If she betrays my feelings... then I will at least have enough honor not to betray hers.

    "Then... that's... it?" the words came out convulated and I felt my whole body tremble...

    YOU DEPENDANT MORON! Wait until she's gone for the tears! Make a male out of yourself! Stop being a tiny whiny kitty who can't be happy by himself without his yellow and blue mommy!

    "That's it." she stated.

    She turned around and walked away... and as she did, the cold wind blew throught the trees, passing right throught the solid matter to reach my soul.

    She seemed to slow down to a crawl as the colors left... the hand of insanity offered it's help again... again, I preffered to face the cold, hard reality rather than trap myself in illusions.

    She is now out of the area... gone... and she didn't even gave me the time to ask the oh-so-important question about our mating... about the fact that she was maybe pregnant without even knowing it... or maybe she was conscious of it?

    Stop relying on her! I remainded myself. What says that Plusle can't be a good father?... but then, him, being the father of a child born from me and Minun?... and furthermore, he had said so very clearly that his love was physical... All the signs showed he would leave Cherlie on a first notice.

    Stop bothering her, I said to myself... I truly love her... and as such, I will accept to let go... I will accept... that she chose him over me...

    I closed my eyes... where to go now...

    Then, I remembered a very important thing I had to do...

    The poison... I had promised Derlank I would learn of what the poison was.

    Well, I'll do so... I'll head to the source of the poison!... and I bet Indigo Plateau, the HQ of the Pokemon League, must be the epicenter of this mystery!

    All suffering must be flowing from this cursed place and infect the world...

    I tried to move my right leg foward... but my leg refused to move. My leg remained paralysed... completely paralysed...

    "Meeeew..." echoed Mew's voice...

    Mew... is here? Where? Why? How?

    I looked down... and noticed a strange crystal ball on the ground. I grabbed it and stared into it. Throught the surface, I could see a flurry of multi-colored energies spinning together...


    "Sadly, we are not able to allow him to break out of his cruel Fate... but we can modify elements of his Fate... and if he uses his power and believe... those elements will give him the knowledge necessary to overcome his fate." stated the manly voice from my dreams...

    "Will... he find the spheres?" asked a voice, identical's to Mew... exept devoid of sadness... altought a bit of worry could be detected in her voice.

    "I'm sure he will..."


    The sphere shattered into thousands pieces now that it's purpose is done...

    The shards had disappeared... there was no trace of the sphere's existance exept in my mind, where the memory it gave me still echoed...

    Who had placed this sphere here?... and why?

    Whose fate did the two of my dreams spoke about?

    I stood there and tried to think of those spheres... but then, a single tought came and kept my mind clouded.

    Cherlie is gone, for good.

    That single tought hammered my mind, kept the toughts from coming, acting like a thick veil of fog that made me blind and deaf...

    But then, I felt observed...

    I turned around, my heart racing for some reason. The whole forest... everything screamed of death. As I looked at the trees, it seemed to me as if more than half of them were dead and decaying... and it seemed the that remained were decaying, despite being still alive. The plants were turning yellow and brown, death gripping them... The cries of Pokemon around grew faint, distant... Children's voices were distorted, causing them to sound like if they were crying. The adults were sounding like Derlank, the day of his death, the life in them being forced.

    I felt a threat... a threat to my life... and I felt observed... I felt as if I had always been observed...

    I could never feel this before... never ever, for I always had someone next to me in the past. First Derlank... then later, Cherlie. I had never been truly alone until now and as such, had always assumed that whenever that feeling of being watched rose that it was either one of the yellow mice...

    ... but it was now obvious that I had been watched by something else for they were both gone.

    Slowly, fog gathered near the ground... and soon, the fog was so thick I couldn't see my feet, the grass, or anything... and I couldn't feel the grass anymore either. All that I felt was an unnatural... void...

    The sun was black... and shone it's dark light over the world. Altought it was the day, the forest was as dark as during midnight... and the way the sun glowed, it looked more like a burning moon than like the sun...


    A bell... a loud, sinister bell sound...

    I turned around, my entire heart gripped with fear. I felt a presence... a presence which I never met and yet... felt as if I had always feared it. The terror caused my hair to stand up and my eyes to widen. My instincts screamed to run, they screamed to turn back toward Mt.Moon and run, run like I had never ran.

    But my legs didn't move... and I trembled. I felt my knees knocking against each others as I trembled... I heard the sound... I felt like crying. That was just how scared I was. Nothing else mattered than to get out of here and yet... I couldn't move, paralysed by terror.

    A Pokemon came out of the shadows and stopped in front of me...

    Her body was hidden beneath a black, old, long cloak. The cloak seemed to go on forever, hiding the body of the Pokemon completely. Inside of the hood, no eyes were visible... no face was visible... the cloaked figure didn't seemed to have anything under it's cloak... maybe it's like a Gardevoir?... no... this is not a Gardevoir... Gardevoirs seem to be wearing a beautiful dress, not a black, dirty, scary cloak.

    A single detail shown that the Pokemon had something under the cloak... it's hands were grasping a long, long wooden stick... the stick was so long, it was as long as I am tall... and I assumed that beneath the large cloak, a creature about the size of a Pikachu must be hiding...

    It's hands were the detail that hinted me toward the fact that this Pokemon was physical... the hands were green and delicate... and yet, they were holding the stick firmly.

    I then noticed something about the stick... on the right end, a large metal blade was attached to the stick and then I realised it... this is not a stick... this is a scythe...

    My legs finally responded. I made a step backward... but then, my knees were again locked into place and I stood there, once again paralysed...

    "Going anywhere?" asked the cloaked figure.

    The voice... it is so very feminine sounding... and it is unlike anything I heard before. It wasn't filled with love or care... neither with cold and cruelty. The voice sounding commanding, like the voice of an authority... no! That was not right! Then, I got it right... her voice is full of defiance and confidence... the cloaked figure was talking to me like if she was opposing a form of authority or something... and I could hint a bit of playfulness in her voice as well.

    This weirded and creeped me out. Everything in her inspire me with pure, sheer terror... her mysterious, unseen appearance... her large, threatening cloak... this sharp, deadly-looking scythe of hers... her cheerful and yet strangely fake innocent-sounding voice...

    What creeped me more... was that I knew this voice. I heard it before... I heard it during one of my nightmares... one of my worst nightmares to be more exact.

    Whoever this Pokemon was... it could only come out from my worst nightmares... there's no other way. It is impossible, else, that such a terrifying Pokemon could exist.

    I want to run. I want to flee. I want to see the light of the day again. I do not care if the light blinds me or if my power belongs to the Darkness! Anything to see the light of the sun again... anything to get away from this cloaked figure!

    I tried to move... not to avail. I attempted to use my psychic powers... my eyes didn't even glowed.

    "Relax, Mewlt! I am not going to hurt you..." said the voice, before starting to cackle like some kind of evil witch.

    I stood there, my eyes wide, my heart racing as the terror didn't wanted to let go of me...

    "How... how did you know my name?!?" I was able to gather the courage to ask this single question... and even then, I felt as if I would faint any second from the terror.

    She floats there... in front of me... there is nothing under the cloak... only darkness... and yet, I sensed eyes scanning me... eyes scanning my body inside out...

    For the first time, I felt completely naked... which is weird, considering that as a Pokemon, such a feeling should never befall upon me for I do not clothes... and yet... it was true.

    All of my body and soul was an open book to her. I felt her eyes... and I'm sure she has eyes despite the pitch-black darkness inside the hood of the cloak... I felt her penetrating vision see every single curve, every single skin, every single hair, every single flaw... and her penetrating gaze went throught the skin as well, seeing the blood race throught my veins, seeing the bones, the flesh, the organs, the nerves...

    Her gaze pierced throught my eyes and into my soul as well. I felt like screaming in terror and despair as she completely raped my mind. She juggled with my memories, bathed into my feelings, tested the strenght of my instincts, was amazed and disappointed of my toughts... my soul was an open book to her, just like my body.

    I had nothing to hide, nothing I could hide. I urged to run... to run... to run... to hide somewhere... anywhere. Under a rock, in a cave, behind a tree... anywhere. I just want to escape her gaze! I just want to escape her gaze!

    I felt so tense... my heart was aching... and then, I could no longer keep it inside. I gained enough control on my body to crawl into a ball, on the ground... and then, standing in this position like a scared child, I begun to cry loudly like one.

    I didn't cared if I was looking childish! I... I'm scared! I want to be somewhere... ANYWHERE where this Pokemon is not! I do not care if the Pikachus were creepy, if the Pokemon trainers are enslavers! I just want to be with anyone else but her! Please! PLEASE!

    I beg of you, body! Move! Obey my commands! I want to escape! I want to get out of here! Haaa... haaaa... WAAAAAAAAH!!!

    "WAAAAAAH!" there was nothing else to do but cry... but as I did, I only felt more scared. Unlike the last times when I would cry, I only felt more scared.

    Oh great Ho-oh! Please have mercy on me and take me away from this terrible, terrible Pokemon! I beg of you! If you make her go away... I'll make up for all the days I didn't prayed you! But please, make her go away!

    I felt a chilling contact... the Pokemon's hand... it touched my right shoulder... and as she did, I froze instantly. There was no pulse of life in her hand, no warmth... in fact, she driven all warmth away.

    As she touched me, I felt the cold, like a poison, infect the blood in my shoulder and then spread slowly to the arm and then, to the heart... which pumped it throught my entire body. I felt so cold... so cold that I tought my tears would freeze and my mouth stopped moving... screams stopped coming out of my throat... I was paralysed... completely paralysed... unable to move... I couldn't even hear myself breathe and my heart... I could not hear it...

    It was all so strangely silent... so calm... so quiet... everything stood, as if frozen in time... the fog was immobile, the sun too... nothing moved... exept the cloaked figure.

    The cloaked figure dropped it's scythe, placing the blade in the ground so that she may grab it later. She approached me until I could feel the contact of the black, dirty cloth on my fur... Her cloak felt... unreal. It was so soft... so... strange. Her cloak was made of an unknow substance... neither fluffy cotton... neither silk... The contact could have been nice... if the cloak wasn't dirty. The whole cloak seemed completely covered with dust and the lower part had patches of sand and dirt here and there... the high part, near the chest, was covered with almost invisible patches of dried up red liquid... and of course, the whole cloak seemed totally wet and stunk of rotten corpses... it was as if this cloak had went throught a thousands rains and came into contact a thousands times with the breath and blood of the dying...

    In this position, she spreaded her arms... and then placed it around me, hugging me in the same way that a mother would try to comfort a child... but despite the physical contact, no warmth came... but no cold came either... for I was already completely frozen. To be comforted by such a Pokemon... only served to creep me out even further.

    "Calm down... you look soi scared..." whispered the voice, her voice echoing in my head... I was surprised and weirded out when I detected something in her voice... care?

    My mouth could barely move... I couldn't make a sound... but then, my mouth, altought still moved, still moved enough for me to say a single question... I gathered my strenght and asked my question...

    "Who... are... you?" those three words... I felt as if I was out of breath when I said them. It felt so hard... so tiring to speak... so painful too...

    "A person which you never met... but knows you well." she awnsered.

    Then, the figure floated away... I catched a glimpse of something, inside of the hood... two blue jewels were glowing in the darkness of the hood...

    Such beautiful eyes shocked me. This creature... it's mere presence struck me with fear and despair... and yet, behind the cloak, the most beautiful pair of eyes I had ever seen lies under...

    "You heart was shattered..." said the voice... "I have seen it... I have felt it... I do not want you to have a broken heart."

    Then, slowly, I seen her hiding her hands under her cloak... and then, I had the weird feeling that she smiled... and...


    I yelped in terror and placed my hands in front of my eyes as the cloaked figure thrown it's cloak away. I didn't wanted to see what lies behind the cloak... I do not want to see how scary her true form really is! Seeing her cloaked form was already the most terrifying experience of my entire life... I can barely image how horrific and scary her true form may be...

    ... but then, strangely enough, the smell of rotten corpses slowly faded and the blood throught my veins restarted to course once more. My heart pumped again and I breathed once more... the cries of Pokemon could be heard... and they were normal.

    I heard the wind... a gentle breeze... and the fog... I felt it... it was gone...

    I opened my eyes... and I was surprised by what I saw.

    The scenery was the exact opposite of what it was when the cloaked figure was there.

    There were no trees... I was in the middle of an endless flower field. Rainbows of plants of countless vivid colors, many of which I didn't knew names for, like I had never seen were visible farther than the horizon. The sun's light gently filled the field with light.

    The smells of the flowers mixed to the smell of the grass, forming so many smells... and yet, the smells all worked together, forming a delicate and perfect harmony...

    The ground... the ground was so soft... so comfy. I slowly stood up and stared at the horizon... pink clouds could be seen ahead as well as an endless chain of azure mountains.

    This place seemed like a paradise... like the total opposite of the other place...

    I didn't ask myself how I got there. I was just happy that the cloaked figure was gone... I turned and yelped in surprise.

    I stepped back and tripped over my own tail, falling down and...


    OUCH!... no matter how soft the ground may be... falling down is falling down! Oh well...

    I stood up again. A Pokemon was hovering just in front of me.

    She was small, about the size of a Pikachu... and she was so... so... beautiful...

    Her little arms, which she placed behind her back, gave her such a cute appearance. I stared at the delicate traits of her face... and the face was perfect. Just the right form, the right traits... the back of her head extended into dark green hair... and I was confused whenever it truly was hair or not. On the top of her head, two antennas... two small, not too long, not too short antennas with blue tips. Her sky blue eyes glowed with stars... the most beautiful I had ever seen... and altought her eyes were surrounded by black, it didn't clashed at all.

    The whole body was as gorgeous as the head. She was just the right proportions... neither skeleton-slim, neither fat. Her curves were neither too delicate, giving her the look of a beautiful but weak flower, neither too strong, which would give her the look of an effiminate rock... altought I do admit that altought her appearance lean more on the delicate side, there is so much life, so much... defiance... that flows from her, like an aura, giving her the definite feel of a strong-willed creature.

    Altought she seemed to be floating, I caught a glimpse of a pair of delicare and yet, strong blue translucent wings behind her...

    The female fairy Pokemon stared into my eyes and smiled sweetly...

    Truly... I should have been happy from being in such a situation... but my heart... was broken. Being dumped by Cherlie had nullified my ability to feel hapiness. Altought I tried to fight this back... I couldn't just ignore it. It was a fact...

    I was depressed and not even the most beautiful place in the world and the most beautiful female would ease my pain... and furthermore... where did that cloaked figure go? It thrown it's cloak away and then... POOF! It disappears...

    "Mewlt... I am someone who you know well... but that you never met." said the fairy. Her voice was identical to the one the cloaked figure had... exept that unlike the figure's voice, this one didn't struck me with sheer terror... despite the fact it had the same tone, the same confidence, the same defiance... and also a bit of care.

    However, what weirded me out was... how does it can be? How can she know my name if we never met?!?

    "Where am I? What happened?... how did you learnt my name?" I asked.

    She got closer... and then, she touched my nose with her right hand... and slowly stroked it. I stared at her, totally confused.

    After a few seconds, the fairy flied backward and smiled sweetly again...

    "Just as espected... She broke your heart, didn't she?" she asked.

    Huh?!? Do she... knows?!? How could it be possible... who is that Pokemon?!?

    "I can see the confusion in your mind... and I will help you. I will give you an explanation of why you got dumped and then, I'll cure your broken heart..." she said.

    Cure my broken heart? How can someone do this?!?

    "Mewlt... relax..." she said.

    "OK... what's going on here? First, that cloaked Pokemon... then, you?... and both of you know my name? How is that so?!? Where am I? Why am I here?" I asked.

    She flied directly in front of me... she was close... too close for comfort...

    "You ask too many questions..." she whispered. "Just let the anwsers come to you..."

    She slowly flied backward again and then, she begun to explain herself... "Mewlt, I am Celebi, the Legendary Pokemon of Nature and Time. As for you... you happen to be a very special Pokemon... or Defect, varrying on the situation. What you must know is that "He" knows about you... and so do I." she said.

    I raised an eyebrow. "He"? Who is "He"?

    "Mewlt... as for the Minun who you used to call "Cherlie"... she dumped you becease that you loved her too much. She couldn't take your puppy love and furthermore, you were so... different. Opposites does not attract each others, Mewlt... not in the real world. As such, when she met a male with a less extreme love and that was similar to her, she chose the best choice... Furthermore, she has been enough with you. Most relationships do not outlast the love season... I'm surprised you STILL espected more from her. She couldn't take it anymore. She NEEDED the change." she continued.

    "What? What are you talking about?!?" I felt very, VERY insulted by this explanation! She told me that she dumped me becease that love is supposed to last, like, just a few seconds or something? COMPLETE RUBBISH!... but on another hand... maybe that means that Cherlie and I could fall in love all over again at regular intervals?

    "As for your question... once a female has mated with a male once, they leave definively. It is the Law of Nature. It is important for the genetical diversity of Pokemon." she said.

    Large dark flames errupted from my body. I revolted against this disgusting Law with all of my physical and mental strenght! I do not want to be part of this stupid cycle! I don't want a faceless "love" that causes me to fall in the arms of every random female I run across for no reason other than instinctive fury! I want to live a full relationship! I will not accept a substitute!

    "You are naive, Mewlt... and your naiveness causes you pain." stated the green fairy, smiling.

    She dropped to the ground and then stood there, staring in my eyes in a strange way...

    "Mewlt... I believe it is time to cure your broken heart." she stated.

    "Hmph! Yeah right! I don't need your help!" I stated.

    "Really? Then try and get out of here then..." she said.

    Easy! I turned around and made a step foward... I could hear Cherlie's laughter... a distant memory... a tear formed in my right eye...

    I made another step, I remembered the days we passed together... all that we did together... my heart... it hurts...

    I made one more step. I remembered the day Cherlie taught me how to swim... how we had so much fun together... and how, thanks to her, I was able to give hope to a doomed child...

    I collapsed, on the edge of bursting in tears...

    "So... do you give up?" asked the female, obviously amused.

    Ne... never! I... I will make... it out of here! Even... if... if... if I have to crawl... all the way... out!

    Concentrate... move your body... Cherlie dumped me... move... she left me for a random Plusle... make a step foward... she hates me... Just...

    Alright, you win, you green *******! I give up! I started sobbing.

    "Well... I guess that it means that you're going to get that cure, aren't you?... besides, you won't get anywhere without it." she said.

    I turned toward her, my heart bombarded with memories of Cherlie... and with the pain that I will never, ever see her again.

    "What... what is that cure..." I asked.

    She flied slowly toward me and then gave me a hug. "Tssk... first... calm down." she said.

    I burried the memories back into my heart and slowly calmed down... I felt so miserable... so weak. I had grown so dependant on the Minun... I was ashamed of myself.

    I turned to face the green fairy... the way she stared into my eyes... it had changed...

    "Celebi... can you repair my broken heart?" I asked, no longer crying but my heart still shattered...

    Celebi grabbed my hands and then invited me to stand up... She landed just in front of me and grinned.

    "Mewlt... You are not ready... but know that I will be there, the day you will be ready. For now... you can have this." she said.

    She flied directly toward my face and then gave me a kiss on the cheek. I became all tense and my heart raced... why did she do that?!? What... is happening to me?

    I attempted to control myself... I had to. Celebi is a Legendary Pokemon... a being of pure power. I am nothing more than a common Defect. Must control... instincts...

    "Mewlt... you're blushing..." she teased.

    Don't tease me! Especially not right now! I stared at her... she was so beautiful... get ahold of yourself! She is beautiful but I just couldn't have feelings for such a creature, could I?... and anyway, Cherlie just dumped me! I must not try to compensate for her loss by imagining myself in love with the very first girl that arrives in front of me... and especially not when that girl happens to be an immortal Pokemon!

    I turned around, without saying a word, and begun to walk away...

    "We shall meet again, sugar. Let's get together soon!" she said as I walked away...

    ... then, as I walked, everything begun to fade into darkness... I saw the sky disappear, the flowers and their smell return to nothingness... I saw the mountains become one with the sky...

    ... and soon, I was at the entrance of the caves of Mt.Moon. It was the night and the stars seemed so beautiful...

    I wonder how the stars look from the summit...

    I entered the caves... but as I did, a loud sound interrupted me... and I realised that for many days, I had not eaten anything at all.

    I begun to look around frantically for anything that would seem edible, not paying attention to my surroundings... and after a while, after what seemed to be an eternity, I reached a dead end...

    I stood there, frustrated for not only had I hadn't found anything... but I had been running around like a moron on the impulse of my instincts... which meant that I was now lost in there.

    However, suddenly, I heard a small whimper... and turned to see a small, baby Sandshrew leaning on the wall, it's right hindleg bleeding pretty badly.

    I wanted to feel mercy for the small creature... but instincts which I had never suspected I had emerged... for some reason, I had the strange feeling that I would be able to sustain myself if I killed this baby Pokemon and ate it's flesh...

    ... what kind of twisted tought is that?!? I never ate meat before and I won't start now!

    Back at the Defect Center, we ate some kind of disgusting sludge... yes... but Derlank used to say it was made of vegetables and fruits which means that I do not need to feed on meat. Heck! What says that meat won't prove to be poison for me, even?

    Then... I realised something... I had never fed myself, all by myself. In the Defect Center, people fed me and I did not remained in the wild long enough to have to find food... and even then, I'm sure Cherlie would have taken care of this. Then, when I was captured again, the trainer most probably fed me. In short, it was no wonder my instincts had awakened as seeing that my conscious part would not feed the body, my instincts had arisen...

    ... and now, I stand in front of an innocent child, wanting to kill it? What kind of monster am I? I won't do that! I just can't! I'll find something else, anything else!

    "I... will not kill you." I said to the Sandshrew. Thirst hampered the speed at which I spoke... and I realised I hadn't drank anything in a good while either.

    "You... you promise?" it asked, shivering with fear.

    "I promise. Can you walk on your own?" I asked.

    The little Sandshrew tried to stand up... but then, he begun to tremble and collapsed, an expression of pain visible on his face.

    "My... my leg hurts..." it cried.

    "I'll help you. Don't worry..." I said, approaching the armored mouse.


    The smell of blood... the smell of flesh... it is inviting... so inviting to the body that starves... NO! Get ahold of yourself!

    "Mister? What are you doing?" it asked, terrified.

    "No... nothing." I quickly replied. Then, I changed the subject as quickly as possible. "Do you live here?"

    "Yes. I live with my mommy in these caves... but I got lost and hurt my leg. Could you help me find my mommy?" it asked.

    If Sandshrews can survive in these caves... then there must be food somewhere! I'll see if it knows where to find something edible... but first...

    I pointed at him. "Mister?" it asked, it's fear growing.

    "This won't hurt." I stated.

    All I have to do is fold the air around his neck... err... no! That won't lift it! Just lift it and carry it on your shoulder!

    I slowly made him hover... UGH!... why... is it so hard?... he's... heavy!... no! It's him who is heavy... it's me who is weakened...

    AAAARG! Heavy... so heavy...


    OW! That Sandshrew's landing on my shoulder did NOT feel nice... and he's still heavy! UGH! What did his mother fed him? Rocks?

    "Mister? Are you alright?" it asked.

    "Do you know... if there is anything eadible around?" I asked, hoping that Sandshrews were not of those species that eat rocks or things like that...

    "I don't know... I was just barely allowed to eat solid food a week ago..." it said, it's terror slowly disappearing... and being replaced by sadness.

    "You just started eating solid food a week ago?" I asked. Man... this Sandshrew should be really young... like, really, really young... as if I could lay a hand on such a creature... "What are you doing this far from your family then?"

    "I seen something blue fly past us. I was curious and went to see what it was... and now I'm lost... I want to go home..." it cried.

    And then...

    "WAAAAAAAAAH!!! I WANNA GO HOME!!!" it cried loudly.

    MAN! For a baby, it sure got a loud voice!... so annoying... why don't I shut him up this instant, in a permanent manner? Just a little psychic blast to the brain... or maybe the silent, furtive claw swipe to the throat...

    GRAB AHOLD OF YOURSELF! I must return this child to it's mother!


    "Mister... what was that?" asked the little baby Pokemon as it stopped crying.

    "Errr... nothing... yeah... nothing really..." I replied, uneasy...

    Turn to the right... walk foward... turn to the left...


    Stupid stomach! Stay silent! Now go to the left... wait a minute! I saw this rock before!


    "Mister! I'm scared!" cried the Sandshrew.


    "WAAAAAAH! I WANT TO SEE MY MOMMY!" it cried again.


    AAAAAAARG! I'm gonna go crazy! To the left... AAAARG! THIS ROCK AGAIN!

    "WAAAAAAAH!!!" screamed the baby, even more loudly.


    SHUT UP! AAAAARG! My head hurts! My stomach hurts! My whole body is about to break down and all that this stupid thing does is crying! Why can't it tells me where to go, at least?!?

    "Little Sandshrew... what path did you took? I mean... just remember what turns you took when running after that blue light..." I asked.

    "I DON'T KNOW! WAAAAAAH!" it screamed.

    I... can't... take this... anymore...


    The Sandshrew landed painfully on it's hurt leg. It yelped in pain and turned to me, it's eyes filled with tears. "YOU MEANIE! THAT HURTS YOU..." the Sandshrew's eyes shrunk in terror as he caught a glimpse of my face.

    I couldn't stand it anymore. If I didn't ate now, I would collapse from starvation and furthermore, there's no way I'll find my way back with that Sandshrew crying like this...

    The Sandshrew slowly made a step backward... but fell quickly, tripping over it's hurt leg. It yelped in pain and begun to cry, silently this time.

    "Just... shut up..." I said.

    I heard my instincts... Kill him... kill him... kill him... kill him... the voice in my head chanted...

    Kill him... kill him... kill him... kill him...

    I can't. He's a child...

    It's you or him... kill him... kill him...

    There must be another way... I will not eat meat. I will not kill.

    You will die if you don't... Kill him...

    Intense pain gripped my heart...


    I'm so... hungry... and thirsty... and my entire body aches... my psychic powers... they're so weak...

    Just a little bite... just one...

    Where is that Sandshrew? Can't see him anywhere... Ugh... my head... is spinning... so dizzy... so tired...


    Oooow... why did I tripped? I didn't even made a step foward... ugh... my stomach hurts... my head hurts... my legs hurts... I'm so tired...

    I gathered my strenght and got up, despite my head spinning so much... and then, I saw a brown blur below me... must be that Sandshrew...

    I sat down and stared at the blur... yes... it's eyes... it must be the Sandshrew...

    "Mister... are you alright?" it asked.

    "I... I... just... just..." I mumbled.

    Flesh... flesh could sustain me... I need flesh... I need flesh and blood... I must have the meat...

    No... I must not kill... I just won't...

    But then... his leg was bleeding pretty badly... will it recover?... I don't care. Just a little bite will do... I'll rip his leg off and feast on it...

    Claws came out of my right hand and I pointed it at the red swirl in the brown blur...

    "Mis... MISTER?!? I'M SCARED! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?" it cried loudly.

    I can't take your annoying voice anymore. I just can't... and I need to survive.

    "Just... just... a little... bite..." I mumbled.

    "WHAT?!?" it screamed, terrorised.

    It tried to back away... but rolled on the side. Must have been it's injury... whatever.

    I'll just take a little bite out of him...


    "WAAAAAAAH!!!" it screamed as it suffered intense pain.

    The red swirl became wider. I pulled on it with all of my remaining strenght... but it didn't wanted to come off. I moved my claws near the red swirl, to widen the cut and cut the leg off...

    "MOOOOMMY!!! HELP!!!" it screamed in despair.


    As I pulled with all of my strenght, a brown, fat stick followed. Listening to my instincts, I placed the red end of it in my mouth and slowly munched on it...

    The skin is rock hard and tastes awful... but the red part... tender and juicy... I never tasted anything... like this before.

    "Mo... mo... mommy..." cried the baby Pokemon, it's voice faint...

    The meat... is so sweet... the blood... tastes salty... and I like it... I never tasted anything like this before... I swallow another bite off the little leg and then another... and then another... and the world slowly stops spinning...

    "Why... why... why? I... I trusted you..." cried the baby Sandshrew.

    I reached the bone... whatever. A bit of psychic power smashes the bone and crack it open, revealing the tender substance inside... which I liked. It's all so good... and so satisfying...

    "NOOOOO!!! MY BABY!!!" screamed a feminine voice.

    I finished the entire leg. I swallow the last part of it and feels so satisfied... the world has almost stopped spinning and my toughts starts to return to normal...


    MEEEEOOOOAAARG! My... my back... ugh...


    I... my consciousness... is fading... the cold sleep... coming... can't... last... zzzzz...

    (END OF PART 1)

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    OFF: As stated in the last post, the chapter had to be divided in two. Here is Part 2!

    WARNING: A certain character will abuse the hero's feelings during this part of the chapter which will end up causing a rather extreme result... YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

    *point to the first post and it's "Restricted" rating*

    ================================================== ========
    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++
    ================================================== ========

    "That monster! That spineless monster! My son is handicapped for life! He won't be able to run! He won't be able to dig! No one will want to be his friend!" cried a familiar feminine voice.

    I slowly woke up and found myself in a rather large part of the underground caverns.

    I was lying on a carpet of sand... in fact, the whole ground was made of sand. As for the walls and ceiling, rock... and nothing else.

    I didn't knew how it was possible... but I also seen that the whole room was well-lit despite the fact that I was deep within a cave... and then, I figured out that the rock from which Mt.Moon is made is a reflective one, hence the tunnels being so well-lit...

    Anyway, the fact that I could see despite being underground with no source of light was not by most serious concern. My problem here is more about that pack of Sandshrews and Sandslashes surrounding me.

    I slowly stood up and looked around me... completely surrounded I am.

    "He's awake, that *******!" said one of the Sandshrews.

    I stared at them... and then noticed a familiar figure. A small baby Sandshrew lied there... and I noticed he had only three paws. His right hindleg had been totally biten off and various cuts were visible close to the place where the leg used to be, as if a clawed Pokemon had attacked him viciously...

    Instinctively, my hand touched my lips... and I felt as if a liquid had dried there... another instinctive move... I licked my lips and then swallowed the dried blood. A bit salty to the taste...

    I wondered... how did that blood came there?... how did I arrived here in the first place?

    All that I remember is that my stomach grumbled during the last day... and then, there was a sharp pain, a smell I could not identify... and I dashed into the caves, looking for who knows what... I also remember wandering an endless maze, an annoying thing screaming on my shoulder... and then I remember...

    ... oh no... I did NOT do that...

    I looked down in shame... "I... This... this is a nightmare..." I whispered.

    "Oh no, you stupid cat Pokemon! You're going to pay for what you have done!" said one of the Sandslashes.

    "Yeah! That freak was going to eat little Garlet! If it wasn't from Pebbly's intervention, he would have been eaten whole!" said another Sandslash. "Isn't it, Pebbly?"

    The Sandshrew's mother, a Sandslash that wasn't quite freshly mature but not old either, stepped foward. "I'll never forgive you... no one ever will."

    I turned to her... "I... I tried..." I begun... but I couldn't finish my explanation.

    "You tried what? To eat him? We already know that!" she interrupted.

    "NO! NO! Listen..." I was interrupted again.

    "What you deserve is DEATH, nothing less! We should bring you to the top of the mountain and hurl you off the summit!" it stated.

    "Or maybe we could feed this monster to the undead?" asked a young female Sandshrew.

    Everyone, including me, turned to her. The Sandshrew pack looked at her with a disgusted look while I was intrigued... there's undead somewhere nearby?

    "Mention the Defects' existance ever again and you'll be banished." stated Pebbly.

    "Sorry... I'm so very sorry... I won't bother you, leader..." it apologised.

    Great, just great... another stupid pack. What's next? Cleaning day? Throwing the child into a pit full of hungry Pokemon like the Pikachus thrown Spark into the river?

    Suddenly, all the Sandshrews and Sandslashes stepped away, gasping in horror...

    "Those flames..." whispered an ederly Sandslash.

    "OH GREAT HO-OH! HE'S A DEFECT!" screamed a Sandshrew, terrorised.

    They all remained there, staring at me... and I felt sad... sad that I would hear the term "Defect" to qualify me again... and worst of all, to hear it from a wild Pokemon...

    The Sandshrews and Sandslashes quickly scampered... but the little Sandshrew that I had eaten his right leg off couldn't make it far without a fourth leg.

    He soon collapsed, gasping for air as he couldn't run anymore...

    I stood up and then approached the Sandshrew... it turned around and as it faced me, it's small eyes widened...



    The sound of more scampering... and the sound of that thing still not getting away.

    I used my psychic powers and shot a weak wave of energy, sending the sand out of my eyes... phew! I already feel better... but my eyes still hurts... well, I can see at least.

    I approached the Sandshrew, ready this time...



    The sand struck a psychic barrier. I learnt from my mistake, little boy...

    "PLEASE! Don't eat me! I'm small and..." blah blah blah, I'm sick of hearing people beg me for mercy when I want to help them... so, I interrupted him.

    "Just stop." I stated.

    The Sandshrew stopped and then stared at me, confused.

    "Look... I was about to die, back there. I'm not asking for you to forgive... just to understand. I ate your leg becease I would die, else. I didn't wanted to kill you... I just needed that flesh..." I said.

    The Sandshrew frowned... as if it was thinking... but then, he begun to cry... "Brother says I'm useless now... he said that they'll throw me into the death pit at the cleaning day."

    Man, are ALL packs made using the same structure with the stupid cleaning day thing? I must bet that there's the rank thingy too in this pack since it seems to be made with the same idiotic structure!

    "Look, no one is gonna kill you. I won't allow it..." I said.

    The Sandshrew begun to cry again. "I... just want to see my mommy!"

    It tries to run away again... and fails again. This is starting to get on my nerves...

    "Look, you aren't going anywhere with one leg in less..." I stated.

    "I can't walk! I'm useless! Mommy will dump me in the death pit!" it cried, in response.

    Why is it always crying? Spark cried too... but he was brave. That Sandshrew is just a crybaby... but well, he's much younger than Spark was. Spark was an actual child while this Sandshrew is pretty much just a baby...

    I used my powers to lift him and then placed him on my right shoulder. Strange, I remembered him to be much heavier last time... but last time, I was starving to death so... ugh... I think I'll throw up if I think of this scene... ugh...

    I still can't believe I could do this... I have... I have...

    Sniff! Sniff!

    "WAAAAAAAH!!!" the annoying mouse begun to cry again.

    OK... you know what? If all babies are like this... then I really don't want Cherlie to be pregnant! Too... annoying!... huh? What am I thinking? I don't even know if Cherlie is pregnant or not!... and considering... humm... didn't I already told myself to let her go?

    Empty your mind... inhale...


    ... exhale...


    ... INHALE!


    ... EXHALE!"


    OK, that's it. They can dump that thing into the death pit, I don't care. It's just TOO annoying.


    "WAAAAAH! YOU DROPPED ME, MEANIE!... huh? Errr..." it stared at me, it's eyes filled with terror as it saw my expression...

    "Look, I have no time to babysit you, crybaby! I'll bring you back to your mother and then, you'll let me be, OK?" I said.

    The little baby nodded. Place it back on my shoulder...

    "I'm afraid of heights! WAAAAAAH!!!"

    Forget it. I mean it. Just... forget it. I'm not standing this anymore. That thing screams more loudly than an Exploud and it doesn't even shown any inch of gratitude for me helping it... but well, why would it show any gratitude? I ate one of it's legs... but well... every creature has a limit to their patience and I just reached mine...

    "Look... if you do not shut it... I'll make sure you do." I stated.

    "WAAAAAH!!! BIG MEAN..." he could never finish his insult.



    I created a sticker with my psychic powers and placed it right on the annoying mouse's mouth.

    "HMPH! HMPH! HMPH!" it screamed, throught the sticker.

    I grinned. Finally... peace and quiet. Now to find the annoying thing's parents...

    As I made it out of the sand room, I made it to a very, very large opening... the main area of the caverns, the central place to which all tunnels led. An opening could be seen on the ceiling, rays of sunlight shining down on the strange triangular rock in the middle. So... this is why the caverns aren't dark! This rock reflect the sunlight everywhere in the cave, making the place well-lit...

    As I stood there, staring at the azur walls, the triangular shiny rock, and the sheer size of the cave... I came to forgot why I had came here. This place truly seemed magical...

    "HMPH! HMPH!" screamed the baby Pokemon, the sticker keeping it's annoying voice at bay.

    Yeah, I know... I must find your parents, bummer.

    "EEEEEEEEeeeeeeeek..." screamed a feminine voice.


    A small sound and then...

    "NOOOOOOO!!! GLARRRRGL!" screamed the voice again.

    There were the sickening sounds of a Pokemon being ripped apart by sharp claws and fangs... and then, I located the Sandshrews and Sandslashes, staring at the bottom of a hole... and the screams came from the hole.

    Slowly, the screams grew fainter... and I knew that the unfortunate victim was dead.

    "Holy Milktank! That must hurt as Heck!" said a ederly Sandslash.

    "Well... we gotta get rid of the useless people and since going to the summit to hurl people to their dooms would take too much time... then we'll use the death hole!" explained a female Sandshrew.

    Since the place was quite big, their voices echoed on the walls, thus making it easy for me to hear them.

    "OH NO! He's back!" yelled another Sandshrew, pointing at me.

    "He got Garlet! He got Garlet!" yelled Pebbly, hysterical.

    "Oh come on, mom!" replied a young child Sandshrew. "He's handicaped! Even if that cat Pokemon hadn't got him, we would have had to throw him in the death hole."

    "NO! Never!" said Pebbly.

    "Don't deny it. You said it yourself, don't you, leader?" said the child, grinning.

    Man, more arrogant children and unassuming pack leaders. I get a strong sense of deja-vu here...

    Pebbly lowered her head... "Alright... mister predator, keep him if you want. It's not like he's any use to us now that he's handicaped..." she mumbled.

    Oh no! That Sandshrew is gonna live, I tell you! No more death! I had enough!

    I dropped the Sandshrew... but this time, I made sure it would land on it's legs. Then, I watched him as he ran toward his mother... and tripped.

    "He can't even move! Just end his pain already!" said a Sandslash.

    "Man! That's sick! Why is that stranger humiliating brother like this? Just give him a decent death already!" said the baby Pokemon's brother.

    The Sandshrew stopped and then continued to run toward his mother... and then, after tripping many times and after I have been insulted many times for not finishing the little baby off, the Sandshrew made it next to it's mother...

    I used my powers and removed the sticker I placed on his mouth, allowing him to speak.

    "MOMMY!" It cried, jumped into it's mother's arms!... but the mother sidestepped, causing the baby to land on the ground painfully.

    "I do not know you. Begone." said Pebbly, tears filling her eyes.

    "MOMMY!" it cried again... you could sense in his voice that he was begging the mother to accept him.

    "That's just cruel... give him peace already." said another member of the pack.

    The Sandslash raised her right hand...

    ... oh no... not again... not another death...

    I wanted to intervene... I wanted to stop this... but I felt a familiar presence... and thus, I remained there... and turned my back to the scene.


    Disgusting... absolutely disgusting... the sound of a skull being crushed by a powerful punch...

    I heard the Sandslash sobbing...

    "Pebbly... throw his body into the death hole now." ordered another Sandslash.

    I turned around to face the scene... and instantly regretted it. Red and white matter were visible at the place where the fatal blow had been dealt, showing that altought it had been quick, the baby Pokemon's death was quite... messy. Indeed, a bloody mess was visible, brain fragments scattered everywhere showing that his skull was quite neatly smashed upon impact.

    The mother was holding the baby's body in her arms and stood on the edge of the death hole...

    "Thirty children I had... not a one survived... even my last surviving one is struck with an impossible to cure disease... even my mates all die... I am alone..." she mumbled.

    Hmph! How original. Cleaning day, leader kill own child, leader kill self. Seen that somewhere... and it's still as disgusting as ever...

    ... and then, something horrified me. It's only disgusting... not revolting... somehow, it doesn't affect nearly as much as when Spark died...

    I am distant, cold, heartless... I feel disgust but no pain, no mercy, nothing... only pure disgust.

    My disgust grew when Pebbly thrown herself into the death hole with the body of her child... my disgust grew even more when I heard the sounds of hideous creatures eating her alive, giving her a very painful, long, and bloody death.

    I didn't even remained there while the Sandshrew pack stood there, horrified.

    I seen it all before... I no longer care.

    I don't care. I don't care at all. They disgust me. They disgust me all...

    In fact, I don't even know if I want to see the Clefairies anymore... or any Pokemon for that matter.

    What will I see? More packs, more cleaning days, more death...

    I'm sick of this. Isn't there a decent specie out there? I don't know... any specie that is sane?

    I walked throught the tunnels, my heart aching... but not becease of the disgusting scene I had seen... but rather becease of the feeling of deja-vu... becease of how normal it had seemed to me... which is just wrong. This should not have seemed normal... this should have surprised me...

    But then, maybe I'm just overreacting. Those are only two packs...

    I went toward the summit... altought I seen no use in it. I had no one to share my memories with... I was... alone...

    My heart begun to hurt even more... I regretted being so dependant, so unhelpful to Cherlie. For once, I had a being with me that would not die and would be friendly to me... in fact, Cherlie was even better for she was even my lover... but sadly, all of this is over.

    Who would want to be the friend of a stupid flesh-eating giant pink Dark Pokemon? No one... that's who.

    Derlank and Spark died, Cherlie left me... I am alone. Only the Pokemon trainers look to me with respect... and even then, it's my powers that they like, not me.

    I'm sick of it all. Sick of this cruel, meaningless existance. Is that why I was born for? Just to suffer? Was it why all creatures were born? To suffer?

    I didn't stopped on my way to the summit... I did not pay attention to anyone or anything...

    I remember seeing two blurs of yellow fur... slightly blue to a side, red to the other. My heart raced and almost exploded with sorrow from this sight altought I no longer even remembered the names of those beings.

    I don't care. I just want it to end. I want meaning... not suffering.

    The summit... I once cared about going to this place... but all that I see are mere specks of light and more boring blackness and rocks. Whee! More useless thingies... this world disgust me. Everything disgust me. I am disgusting at my own incompetance to change anything... my own dependance on others for hapiness and on my unability to counter even my most basic instincts.

    I am nothing but an animal with some psychic powers. I am no one. I am worthless... and I hate it all. I want to be someone... to have a place in this world... but no one has a place in such a world.

    This is a world of emptiness and pain... and I no longer want to take any part in it.

    I stood on the edge... the fall would be pretty long if I was to drop down... whatever. What use would there be in death?... not much more than there is life.

    I cannot even find a good enough reason to kill myself. I am pathetic. I have nothing to live for and still can't find a reason to end it all.

    I know nothing, I see nothing. I'm nothing but a speck...

    I turned to the sky, frustrated.

    Is there such a thing as Legendary Pokemon?!? Where are you Ho-oh?!? I know you can read my toughts, if you exist! Come out! Come out and explain yourself! What is that big joke of a world?!? Why do we suffer for absolutely no meaning?!? COME AND EXPLAIN YOURSELF, YOU BIG TURKEY FREAK!

    I collapsed, my heart empty...

    Emptiness... I tought that sanity was to be whole... but I feel exactely the same as when I was insane. I am lifeless, mindless, souless.

    I feel nothing... absolutely nothing and this time, there is no Cherlie to infuse my heart with life.

    I am nothing but a body... a body with no soul inside.

    "Hi sugar..." I recognise this voice...

    "Why are you so sad? Your eyes are all wet and your cheeks are covered with tears..." she continued.

    I turned to face the green, fleeting beauty... Celebi, the Legendary Pokemon of Nature and Time.

    Were my prayers anwsered? Did a Legendary Pokemon really came to give meaning to my worthless life?

    She stared at me... her smile... was a sad one... and I felt awful becease I knew I was the source of her sadness...

    "Please Mewlt... do not act rashly. Do not throw your life away and jump..." she begged.

    I turned to face the long fall... no matter my powers, such a fall can only be fatal for no power will be powerful enough to slow down my descend enough...

    Killing myself would be stupid. A Legendary Pokemon came. Celebi came. Let's see if Celebi has anything to fill the void of my heart...

    I turned to her and stepped foward, getting away from the fall...

    Her sadness disappeared and her smile turned into a sincere, happy one.

    This made me happy... just a little bit happy. The void in my heart from being alone was still the dominant feeling.

    "Mewlt... this is so unlike you... I've been watching you... and this is so very unlike you... You're so depressed... so empty... you were once the light in Derlank's life." said Celebi.

    This was true... long ago, a Pikachu called Derlank used to say that I was an old fool that sticked to his dreams... and that for this reason, he liked me...

    "Your heart is broken, Mewlt... first by that Minun... and then, by this world." stated Celebi.

    It is true...

    I had loved Cherlie with all of my heart... and she dumped me at the very first opportunity.

    As for the world... I had been willing to give it a chance... to give humans, then Pokemon a chance... but everytime, I was let down.

    My heart was broken, my dreams were gone. I had fell to the lowest level, losing the very substance that gave my soul real... for without my hopes and dreams, I was nothing.

    "Celebi..." I stared into her sky-blue eyes, my heart in distress... "Ca... can a broken heart be healed?"

    Celebi remained there... and then closed her eyes. "You are ready Mewlt... ready for the cure for a broken heart."

    I stepped toward her. I couldn't take it. I desesperatly needed her help... "Please, give it to me..."

    She opened her eyes and then looked straight into my eyes. I could see her eyes glittering with stars... "Mewlt... I know what you need... and what you need is head."

    Huh? Head? What's that? I stood there, confused. "Celebi... what is "head"?"

    She smiled... she stood there, looking like a naughty kid... "You mean that you don't know?"

    Celebi laughed. Her laugh was so clear and beautiful...

    Then, she took to the skies... well, sorta. She just hovered there, at eye level... "Mewlt... you who no longer have faith in anything... I will give you faith back into love..."

    "You want to make me believe?" I asked, even more confused.

    "You will believe... you will believe..." she repeated, approaching...

    "But... I don't even know what you mean by "head"... and anyway, you're a Legendary Pokemon. I am not worth..." I could never finish my sentance.

    She made it in close and then placed her lips on my own, putting an end to my sentance. I was startled and tried to pull out... but she grabbed me and held me still while her tongue entered my mouth and teased my own. I attempted to use my psychic powers to blast her away... but somehow, she used her own powers to nullify my own. As a last resort, I placed my hands on her chest and then pushed with all of my strenght... and altought Celebi struggled a bit, she could finish what she wanted to do... and then, she pulled out.

    Since I was not especting her to pull out so suddenly, the combined strenght of my physical and psychic powers sent me rocketing backward.


    Ouch... I landed painfully on my back... well, nothing major. I stood up and then turned to Celebi, my eyes widened.

    "You taste like apples, Mewlt..." she said.

    She stood there, closed her eyes, and savored the moment... she blushed furiously, replaying the scene in her head...

    Then, she turned to me and I was surrounded in a blue light... and then, all my wounds disappeared.

    With that done, Celebi landed there and then giggled...

    I replayed the scene in my head too... and remembered the kiss she gave me... hmmm... she tasted like berries I'll say... huh? What am I thinking about? It was a forced kiss! How could I have enjoyed this!

    She giggled again seeing my expression. Was my face funny?

    "Oh Mewlt... you're so troubled... empty your mind of your worries... forget the past and future... focus on the present." she said.

    Well... seems like a good idea. No use in worrying about stupid, unimportant stuff... and as such, I decided to empty my mind.

    "Better! Now... I will say that I'm surprised that you do not know what it means to give "head" to a male... actually, I'd say that very, very few males are so oblivious that they reach the age of twenty and don't even know what it means." she said, almost laughing.

    I raised an eyebrow. I felt a bit ashamed for some reason...

    "What is "head" anyway?" I asked again. "Is it some kind of game?"

    "Oh no! It's not a game... well, not in the way you're thinking." she stated.

    I crossed my arms, just as confused as ever. That Celebi... she always was ahead of me...

    "It's a game... but in the way I'm thinking?... then it must be some kind of game. If that game can help me cure my broken heart and make me believe in love like you said... then I'm willing to try. So... what do I do?" I asked.

    Celebi winked. "Oh! Nothing's easier! Just stand on your knees and let me do the rest!" she stated.

    I placed myself on my knees and then stood there... "OK... and now, what do I do?" I asked.

    Celebi slowly walked toward me... and then stopped right in front of me, smiling in a falsely innocent way... "Oh! Nothing. I do the rest, as stated earlier."

    "OK... I really don't understand? I know I must stand there... but what for?... and what will you do, by the way?" I asked, seeking anwsers.

    "Weeeeell..." she teased. "You are a very, very cute and sexy male, you know... and I have been so lonely... but not anymore... becease I have you."

    I raised an eyebrow. Decide yourself girl. You're filtring with me or you're playing that "head" game which I don't even know what it is to begin with.

    "Hihihi!" she giggled. "Oh my dear Mewlt... you're so sexy and all... and as such, I'm willing to give you a head."

    I had enough! Stop playing with me and explain yourself!

    ... obviously, she must have psychic powers since she somehow guessed what I was thinking.

    "Relax! I'll explain..." she said.

    She stepped foward... getting really... really close... too close for my comfort actually... and then, she hovered just to eye level and smiled sweetly. The way she stood there... I seen perfectly all of her curves... her oh so perfect curves... huh?!? What am I thinking?

    Anyway, let her explain what is that game. FINALLY, I get to know what she meant!

    "Mewlt... I'm willing to take your manhound and suck on it. That's what "giving head" means." she said, as if it was as normal as, say, breathing.

    I felt so very... conflicted... and shy... and... err... just plain wrong.

    "I... I can't accept to do that. We just met... and I'd feel like I'm using you..." I said, all of my hesitation could be sensed in my voice.

    "You WILL like it, sugar" said the green fairy. "If you don't... then I'll go back and modify the past so that we may have never discussed about doing such a thing, OK?"

    She got even closer and...

    Oooh... she's... touching me... I can feel her hands on my chest... her feet are placed on my legs but I feel no pressure... she's just placing her feet there. I can see her beautiful, beautiful blue eyes...

    "So... will you give me some sugar, you cutty?" she asked.

    I didn't quite get it what she meant by giving her sugar... but I assumed she meant about doing something sexual...

    Well... her idea is crazy... really crazy... but well, she knows better than I do. She must have seen thousands of broken hearts and must know how to deal with them by now... and as such, I nodded, giving her the signal that I accepted her offer.

    Slowly she landed between my legs and it became obvious why she wanted me in this position. In that position, her face is right at the right height for such an action...

    What was going to happen? Would I actually like it? What if Cherlie was to come and see me in this position? What if Celebi doesn't like it?

    ... stupid kitty. Focus on the present...

    I looked down. She stood there, staring into my eyes, smiling. I tought she was going to... well, you know what?

    "What?" I asked.

    "Well... DUH!" she said.

    I raised an eyebrow. "Is there a problem?"

    Celebi let out a loud sigh and then stared at me, amused. "Well, like DUH! I ain't gonna do nothing to you if you don't get excited, sugar!"

    DOH! Of course, you stupid kitty! I can't believe I overlooked such a detail!... but well... err... with Cherlie, it was kinda automatic. We got all romantic and then, it would happen all by itself and we would then take the opportunity to... err... well...

    As such, since it was automatic, I had never put much tought into it... but well, it was true. Pokemon have this advantage that unlike humans, their private parts remain hidden and safely locked inside of our bodies until needed... which is why a human can hold a, say, Charmander upside down and not be able to guess which gender it is by staring at the place where the parts should be.

    I laughed nervously at my own stupidity...

    "So... are you gonna do something or what?" she asked, still amused.

    "Hmm... well... I don't think I can get excited like that, for no reason. I mean... in the past... it was kinda autmatic. Things would get romantic and then... well, it just happens." I explained.

    "So... you're saying that I'm not sexy?" asked Celebi, grinning evilly.

    "NO! OH NO NO NO! I didn't meant that!" I quickly replied, all panicked.

    "Then what are you waiting for? That I start to dance on your thing or something?" she asked.

    "Errr... well..." I was kinda confused as what to anwser to that, frankly...

    Celebi stopped grinning evilly and her expression returned to her sweet, nice one. "Well, actually, this is the correct course of action. It's just that it's rare that I meet a male that not only doesn't know me... but has never heard what "giving head" meant before and that hasn't been fantatising on me for like, his whole life. For most males, I don't even do a thing and they're... well... "ready"." she explained.

    "That must be kinda embarassing. I mean... you can't even take a walk without awakening the instincts of everything male in a radius of four kilometers." I said.

    Celebi giggled. "Heeheehee! It's weird how you're opening your heart, speaking with me freely now... when the time is supposed to be to action!"

    I blushed. Man... I'm so clumsy... I'm spoiling everything...

    "Celebi... I..." she interrupted me.

    "Just shut up and enjoy the ride now... OK, sugar?" she said slowly, as she climbed on me and rubbed her right leg against... you know.

    Well, that's it... here's goes nothing...

    She begun to rub harder... and... then she changed position... and then again... and each time she changed position, a new part of her body rubbed against... my growing... organ... or something like that...

    Then, she... !!! OH!... well, I'm a bit relieved in a way despite the... the fact that I'm growing more... tense... I... I espected it to hurt when she grabbed my... my organ... but actually... it's quite nice...

    Hmmm... huh? She's giving me a kiss on the... !!! OH MY...


    UGH! That's... that's...

    "You can moan if you want, Mewlt." she stated, using telepathy.

    So she does have psychic powers...

    "Don't start again! Don't disappoint me, guy!" she replied.

    Errr... oh... aaah... ACK! ACK!... wet... wet... this is... different to... to say the least... and I... I LIKE IT! ACK!

    OooooOOOOoooh... I know I'm gonna explode just soon...


    Huh?!? What the... where the... how did...

    So, I'm still on the summit of Mt.Moon but... I feel as if I was someone different...

    As I looked down on my hands, I noticed that my fur was white and that unstead of having small, nice fingers... they were extremely large and round, like balloons...

    I turned around, facing Celebi... I was about to ask her what happened but she didn't let me...

    "Weeeeell..." she said. "You are a very, very cute and sexy male, you know... and I have been so lonely... but not anymore... becease I have you."

    I raised an eyebrow. Didn't she just said that, just a while ago?... what happened?

    "Hihihi!" she giggled. "Oh my dear Mewtwo... you're so sexy and all... and as such, I'm willing to give you a head."

    Mewtwo? Who's that? Where am I?

    I looked around, confused...

    "Relax, sugar! I'll explain what I meant by that..." she said.

    I turned to face Celebi...

    She stepped foward... getting really... really close... too close for my comfort actually... and then, she hovered just to eye level and smiled sweetly. The way she stood there... I seen perfectly all of her curves... her oh so perfect curves...

    Hmmm... why am I going throught all this again, using a different body?... and why do I... that's... that's weird... I feel as if... my ex-girlfriend was not a Minun... but just like I couldn't the Minun's name in my original body, I cannot remember my girlfriend's name in this current body...

    "Mewtwo... I'm willing to take your manhound and suck on it. That's what "giving head" means." she said, as if it was as normal as, say, breathing.

    "Celebi... I just can't. We have been friends for so long... and I would feel as if I was using you." I said using a voice that was much deeper and louder than my own voice.

    Then... I begun to realise it! I stared into the sky... and then I had the confirmation! The stars... they were in a different position which meant that... this was not my own memory!

    This was a memory that belonged to someone else, a memory of the past!... and a memory that happened to belong to a certain "Mewtwo", whoever that is... and whoever that is, this guy is very similar to me!... maybe too much even.

    The memory began to blur as she stepped toward Mewtwo or whoever I was in this vision... but I knew that he was going to be "given a head", just like Celebi did to me...

    Then, the vision faded and I heard an orb shattering...



    "Hmmmm..." said Celebi, her lips still applied on the tip of... you know what.

    The physical pleasure was there... it truly was there... I felt like I would have the "full experience"... but I didn't. Something kept me from. That vision I had... it creeped me out seriously. I felt as if I was a mere tool in her hands... as if history was merely repeating and that Celebi was taking advantage of it.

    I also hoped with all of my soul that she didn't read those toughts just now... that she didn't knew about my doubts... I closed my mind... I wanted her to think that nothing was getting in the way of my physical pleasure...


    "Meeeeeeeew..." I moaned.


    Getting all the way to the "unloading" part was great, really great... but I felt awfully dirty when the actual "unloading" begun. Sure, I couldn't have helped but moan as the physical pleasure gripped my heart... but I felt manipulated, I felt like her toy... and that was enough to crush the whole atmosphere.

    Far from healing my heart, what Celebi did to me smashed my heart into even tinier bits... for not only had the Minun and the world forsaken me... but I had soiled my own promises, my own dreams, my own hopes. I was a dirty, dirty monster... and I revolted against this.

    Feeling the "unloading" finished, I didn't cared about Celebi savoring the moment... at all. I wanted this manipulating freak away from me as quickly as possible. I placed my hands on her head and pushed with all of my strenght, helping her pull out.

    A bit of liquid splashed as she had not fully finished licking at my... organ... but I didn't cared. I was so ashamed... the faster she was off me, the faster I would get away. She had destroyed my honor. I would not forgive her.

    If this was going to make me believe in love... then you have failed, Celebi. You only shown me how weak I was, how quick I was to throw away the being I loved. See... SEE! I even forgot her name and allowed a monster like you to touch what only that Minun should have ever been allowed to see!

    This is not love. What was going on between me and Cherlie was love. This... is only you manipulating my reproductive instincts in order to force me to do whatever you want. Begone, you evil fairy!

    Celebi licked the liquid off her face, noticing it wasn't quite as white as she had espected...

    "Did something went wrong? You seem... troubled." she said.

    Strange, her curves suddenly seem unimportant to me and her eyes look very dull too. In fact, I can't believe I got seduced by this girl. Who cares if Celebi's curves are perfect and that she has the eyes of the Legendary Pokemon that she is? She doesn't have the Minun's smile, her care, her love, nothing. She is a beautiful body and nothing else... and it takes more than just curves and blue eyes to grip my heart.

    "Nothing. That was great." I stated.

    Indeed... now, thanks to this experience, I know that I'll never let females like you manipulate me ever again.

    I stood up and in seconds, I was back to normal... which weirded me out a bit. With that Minun, I didn't remembered returning to normal state so quickly... but then, maybe that the fact that Celebi disgusts me has a strong role in it all.

    "Goodbye." I said coldly.

    "See you soon." she said dreamily.

    "Yeah." I said, without putting any heart into it.

    Yeah right I should have said. You'll never see me again, *******.

    She disappeared as suddenly as she had appeared, warping throught the myst of time.

    I stared into the sky...

    The stars were so beautiful... from up there, they truly look like miniature suns, all shining their peaceful, quiet, and shy rays on the blackened Earth...

    Our world is beautiful... and I'm sure that someday, it will be peaceful as well.

    I do not care if all creatures on this world are vile... for if such vile creatures as us were given the gift of feelings... then maybe we have the power to become as beautiful as our feelings themselves, breaking out of our cursed paths...

    I closed my eyes... and a few tears came to my eyes as I remembered the Minun and then, her name... Cherlie.

    I tought my heart had shattered... but I now know otherwise. As long as tears will stream down my cheeks... as long as I will feel this burning feeling from within at the memories of my times with Cherlie... then my heart will never be truly shattered.

    Now... Cherlie and her new boyfriend should be getting close to the summit by now... I will wait here. I will wait for them here. I want to see Cherlie... I want to see her... happy.

    Then, once I will know that the Plusle will make her happy, I will leave this place and head for Indigo Plateau at once, where the poison and my destiny awaits...

    Soon... very soon...


    ... and to whoever has let those memory spheres behind... thank you...

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    Very good!

    Another fantastic chapter. Your writing is incredible. The description is perfect.

    I liked the part with the Sandshrew's/slashes. That was sad, and yet so exciting.

    This entire story is incredibly intense. You feel like you are part of the story when you are reading it. Well, I do at least.

    Please continue, this is one fanfic I can actually read to the end.


    Btw, I nominated you for a Summer Fiction Award. Go check it out.
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