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Thread: Friendship, Love, Rivalry and Misunderstandings (pokeshipping PG-13)

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    Default Friendship, Love, Rivalry and Misunderstandings (pokeshipping PG-13)

    Hi, well this is my first fanfic. Please don't be hard with me. My fanfic is based on a dream a had, Water Spirit inspired me with her fic to write this one. I have also asked for permission to put a few of her ideas here, just in the two first chapters, I think. Well, I hope you like it so here it is.

    Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon or any of the character but the ones I'm inventing.

    PG-13: it's coz of some violence and maybe mild language.

    Friendship, Love, Rivalry and Misunderstandings

    There are people who don’t like to cry, they want to show they’re strong. Crying is no sign of weakness it just a way to show that we are sad and take that out, but for some showing their tears is sign weakness. But when those persons are alone and can’t take it anymore they cry, so is crying a sign of weakness? Because when we crying are showing that we need some support, someone to help us feel better. Is that something bad? If strong people start crying does that make them weak?….

    Chapter One: Tears, Dream and Memories

    One night, it could be seen that the reflection of a girl on the water of a pool, beside the reflection of the moon. By her side was also the memory of her beloved Togetic; it seemed so vivid that it like was a kind of ghost. She was remembering her little egg pokemon, which she had taken care as if it was her baby, after all she was its mother; Togepi always loved her that way.

    But now, her little pokemon was not with her anymore; it had stayed at the kingdom of the illusion, and she still missing it. That was one day, she could never forget. It has been good because she saw her friends again, but she had lost her 'baby' and when she met the new friends of Ash and Brock, she felt replaced by that girl and her little brother.

    At that moment when she remembered, she couldn't hold it anymore and some tears appeared in her eyes and began to fall down by her cheeks, she couldn't hide all the sadness that she felt. And that was one way to feel the sadness a little lighter.

    Thinking about everything that had happened since she went away from her house to become a water pokemon master, her meeting with the young trainer with black hair was the one that stole her heart. She remembered that she hadn't lost her friends; they always will be friends forever. She remembered all the adventures and times he had saved her and she saved him.

    'Maybe she feel the same way' thought the red-hair trainer. '... Or maybe not... but I will never know if I don't do anything about it, I have to tell him. It's just that I can't leave the gym alone, I'll have to wait for my sisters to come back from Johto and I guess I could also use that time to practice how to tell him.' she thought.

    (A/N: Her sisters had to visit a friend they have in Johto, the same day she returned from Hoenn. And this scene happened two days after she returned from Hoenn.)

    Three months after, somewhere in Hoenn...

    The night had a full moon that illuminated the forest and everything its rays touched, and the stars enlighten the beautiful clear sky. Everyone was sleeping, May was dreaming about her contest and with a green-haired guy, who bothered her every time he had the chance and used to give her a red rose, saying it was for Beautifly. This guy was May’s rival when it came to contests. Brock on the other hand, was dreaming with one of so many officer Jeannys and nurse Joys. Max was dreaming that he was meeting Prof. Oak and that he was a powerful pokemon trainer. And Ash?...... he was dreaming of a certain red-haired girl, who was a water-pokemon-trainer. He was dreaming of the last time he saw her, in the mirage kingdom and how sad she looked when she had to say goodbye to her beloved Togetic, which had evolved to protect the other Togepis that were very weak.

    In Ash's dream, after she said goodbye to her pokemon, everyone disappeared leaving them alone. Ash was getting closer to her to comfort her a little, she was only crying, but with the words he said to her she began to stop her tears. "Togetic will be fine, 'cause it knows that once it had a great trainer that loved it so much, and she will always remember it and it'll be always in her heart." said Ash, pointing to her heart with a finger, and giving her a hug after that. Misty hugged him back tighter. After a little while they separated a little but they still holding each other, he holding her by her waist and she had her arms around his neck, holding each other close and looking in each other eyes, saying nothing, with no one around them. And little by little they were getting closer, and closer, he could feel her shaking and he also was shaking he was nervous but they continued to get closer little by little, slowly. Now they are close, really close they can feel each other breathing and a sweet, soft kiss is about to be form, they're only a few millimeters apart and when they're almost touching they're lips...

    The young black-headed-trainer woke up, a little perturbed. The reason? What he almost did in his dream.

    'Misty... I wonder if you are OK and... What did you mean with that handkerchief you gave me? I don't understand. I don't understand you.' thought the young trainer holding the handkerchief Misty had given him. He turned around to face his little buddy. "Pikachu, are you awake?" Ash asked the sleeping figure of his loyal friend; Pikachu just turned around and continued sleeping. 'Looks like... I better go to sleep too.' thought the pokemon trainer.

    He made himself comfortable and quickly fell sleep.

    Next day in the Cerulean Gym...

    Misty was in a very good mood, her sisters would be back soon and she had already decided that she would go see Ash when they arrive. She gave the pokemons their breakfast and did all her duties; finishing them all before she had planned to. Now that she had some more free time, she used that time to train her pokemons a little. After some hours he heard that someone had entered into the gym. Misty make her way to the door and she found a fifteen-years-old girl, a little shorter than her, her hair was a dark chestnut color and it ended by her waist, she had brown eyes that with the light reflecting on them looked like dark honey, and were very bright; and her skin was light brown. The girl was wearing white sneakers, dark blue jeans, and red halter-neck shirt that was wrapped around her neck.

    "Hi!" said the girl with a happy and emotional smile.

    "Hi." Misty replied.

    She was about to open her mouth when the girl cut her off.

    "You’re Misty, right?" said the girl with the same enthusiasm as before.

    "Yeah" said Misty a little confused.

    "Nice to meet you! I've heard lots of thing 'bout you, very good thing by the way! I have been wanting to meet you for a long time!" said the girl happily, as she was talking to her idol, which wasn't very far from the truth.

    Misty was her idol and she admired her a lot and she also knows a lot about her, and was planning something for her...


    Well, this is for chapter one, I know too short next one will be longer. Well, what you think? Like it? Hate it? Please review.
    Please read & review my Fanfiction:
    Friendship, Love, Rivalry and Misunderstandigs
    Now on Chapter 19 !!

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    Hey sweetie, the first chapter is looking much better and I can hardly see many mistakes. Not bad considering you were worried eh? ^_~

    Will get the new stuff to you asap but good work on this one.

    Cya soon


    Ferme tes yeux, et crois en tes ręves, ma cherie...parce que j'y suis toujours...

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    Thanks for the replies, yes I'm a bit worry and nervious coz I'm still learning to speak english, but I can understand it, and write with some mistakes, though. Thanks for all your help, WS!!! ^_^
    Please read & review my Fanfiction:
    Friendship, Love, Rivalry and Misunderstandigs
    Now on Chapter 19 !!

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    No probs, sweetie, I'm just happy to help. ^_^ You're doing very well with your English and even those who it is our native language, there is always room for improvement.

    Learning another language is always hard and sometimes stressful but the results are always rewarding (I should know, I've done French for eight years XDDD)

    But seriously though, don't worry about it and enjoy the experience because you're doing very well so far.

    Ferme tes yeux, et crois en tes ręves, ma cherie...parce que j'y suis toujours...

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    Water Spirit: Thanks for your kind words.
    Togeticlover: thanks for reviewing.

    Well, here is the chapter two of this fic.

    There are things we don’t want to admit, sometimes are our feelings, sometimes there is the fact of us being defeated, and even accept the fact the there are people better than us. Admitting that should not be shame, because winning is not important what is important is to participate, try to be friends with the person who actually beat us. So, what is more important winning or losing? When we win there’s nothing to learn but when we lose there are a thousand lessons to learn. So, is really losing that bad?………

    ‘there’s nothing to from when winning but when we lose there are a thousand lessons to learn.’ This is from Xiolin Showdow, and the real quote is ‘there are no lessons to be learn in a won battle but a thousand in defeat.’ Or something like that.

    Chapter 2: A new friend and some battles (couldn't think of better title)

    Misty was confused. "Why were you so anxious about meeting me? I don't have anything in special, I’m just an ordinary girl." said Misty.

    "You are not special? Please! You’re the best water pokemon-trainer I know and believe me I know a lot of water-trainers, and you're not an ordinary girl. You are a Gym leader, and a very strong one. I know that after that girl, Sakura, I think, that came after you arrived, no one else have defeated you!" said the girl, reminding her.

    "Thanks! But it's not a big deal, I'm just a trainer who had trained a lot." said Misty, shyly by the words of the girl.

    "Well, I've trained a lot, too. For two months even when no one has defeated me, I don't think I'm strong as you are, Misty. Besides, I haven't have many battles with trainers, maybe like twenty." Said the dark chestnut-haired girl.

    "You mean, you have been training for just two months!?" asked Misty a little surprised.

    The girl looked like her age, maybe a little younger but still she couldn't believed that she had been training just for two months. Two months were nothing!

    "Yeah, I know two months isn’t long, but that's right. I’d would have loved to started my training before but I couldn't." said the girl.

    "I see, so, you want to challenge me?" asked Misty, not so sure about it, but if the girl said 'yes' she would give her a battle.

    "Yep, but not now, I’m not ready. I came because I thought you could help me, to become an awesome trainer like you. My dream is very similar to your dream, to become the best water-pokemon master," said the girl in a dreamy voice. "But I also want to use other types, you know, I don't want to be beat easily." added the girl without the dreamy voice.

    "I see you like water pokemons." said Misty with a smile.

    "Like them? Oh, I love them!! They are just the best type of all! Well that's my opinion,” said the girl, talking as Misty would when she spoke about water pokemons.

    "Ok, I'll help you but on one condition" said Misty.

    "Ok, what is it?" asked the girl.

    "Could you help me out with the gym? You see. I'm always cleaning, and giving the pokemons their food, and all that. And because of that I barely have time to train them. My sisters are in Johto, and now many trainers have been coming to challenge me, and because of that I don't have time for anything! Will you help me, please?" asked Misty, wishing that the girl would say yes.

    If the girl said yes then she would have a new friend, more time to train, and time to send e-mails to her friends or call them.

    "Sure, I'll help after all you will be doing me a favor and I would like to repay you. And I could even see how you battle, in person!" Said the girl happily.

    "Oh, thank you! You can stay in the gym. I'm hope we'll become good friends,” said Misty.

    "I hope so too. And thanks for inviting me to stay in the gym." said the girl.

    "It’s nothing, by the way you haven't told me what your name is." said Misty.

    "Right, I completely forgot about it. My name is Cynthia." said the girl.

    "Ok, Cynthia, follow me to your room." said Misty, while she led the way.

    While Ash and company...

    They were walking through a forest, looking for a place to set up the camp and stay during the night. The sky was becoming darker, showing that the night was beginning to take place. When they arrived to a clearing they decided that it would be a good place to set up camp. After a little while they had everything set. While they were eating Brock’s delicious food they were talking about the pokemon, their latest adventures, May’s contests, Ash’s battles and how well he was doing. They started to talk about how well Ash was training and, this had caused his ego to grow bigger than usual.

    “Your last battle was definitely difficult, Ash. That boy was really strong.” Said May’s little brother, Max.

    Ash had had a battle with a boy that they found in the forest. This boy challenged Ash to a two-on-two battle. This boy used a starmie who could use electric attacks and a very strong Sandslash. He was about to defeat Ash, but Ash thought quickly just before the battle was over.

    Max’s flashback…
    A boy around Ash’s age, white-skinned, brown eyes, and black hair and little taller than Ash, appeared from some bushes. The boy approached to Ash a little, leaving some distance between them.

    “Hi, is any of you a pokemon trainer?” asked the boy.

    “I am. My name is Ash Ketchum. Who are you?” said Ash.

    “My name is John and I’d like to battle with you.” Said the boy, pretty confident in his skills and pokemon.

    “Ok, we’ll have one. And don’t even think that I’m gonna let you win so easily.” Said Ash very confidently.

    “Don’t worry about me and worry about you. I’m not gonna let you win so easily, either.” Said John.

    Ash and John took their positions and Brock as referee.

    “This would be a two vs. two battle, without time limit. The first teammate to fall will lose the match. Begin!” said Brock, acting like a referee.

    “I choose you, pikachu,” said Ash, looking his little buddy. “And you too, torkoal!” said Ash throwing torkoal’s pokeball.

    From it appeared a white light that transformed into the turtle-like-pokemon of the fire-type.

    “Torkoal and pikachu, uh? In that case I choose, star and slash!” said John, throwing star’s and slash’s pokeballs. From them two white lights appeared and took the form of a starmie and a sandslash.

    The battle took a long time. Ash’s pokemon were exhausted, while John’s still seemed in good condition. But the pokemons wouldn’t give up; they didn’t want their trainers to be defeated. So far the match looked like John was going to will until…

    “Very well, star! Now use thunderbolt! Slash, dig!” said the young trainer, pretty sure that he was going to be the winner.

    ‘Perfect!’ thought Ash. “Torkoal iron defense, Pikachu dodged it!” said Ash.

    Ash’s pokemons did what he commanded them. Starmie missed her attacked and sandslash was still underground.

    “Pikachu, Torkoal attack together! Torkoal overheat! Pikachu use your thunder against starmie!” commanded Ash determined not to lose.

    “Star quickly, dodged it! Slash attack Pikachu!” said the trainer, without knowing what to do.
    “Pikachu jump and now Torkoal and Pikachu attack sandslash!” said Ash.

    Pikachu jumped and it dodged sandslash’s attack, just in time. Torkoal and Pikachu sent their attacks toward sandslash, and when it hit their target a thick cloud of dust emerged. Pikachu landed close to Torkoal and was ready to continue battling, although he was tired.

    “Slash!” yelled his trainer worried by the tremendous impact he had just received.

    When the cloud of dust disappeared, sandslash had fainted with swirls in his eyes, and was also a little burned.

    “Sands…lash,” It said to his trainer.

    “Sandslash, can not continue the battle. Ash is the winner.” Declared Brock.
    End of Max’s Flashback

    “That boy almost defeated you.” Said Max.

    “But I defeated him. He was no trouble for Torkoal and Pikachu.” Said Ash a little angry but confident, maybe a little too confident.

    “When will you finally admit that a battle is actually challenging, Ash?” said May, obviously annoyed by her friend’s attitude.

    “Why should I if they never are?” Said the young trainer, with a huge ego and forgetting all the times he have lost.

    “Well, I think that several trainers and gym leaders would argue with you, including myself.” Said Brock, reminding him, and trying to take away his big ego.

    “Oh, yeah? Then, name someone besides you!” the stubborn of Ash challenged him.

    “Fine, I’ll name just the gym leaders. Lt. Surge, Erika, Sabrina, Widney, Blaine and you know who.” Brock reminded him. “Oh, and do you want me to tell you about the trainers? Richie, A.J, Du…” started Brock but was cut by Ash.

    “Ok! That’s enough. Ok, I admit that I have lost a few times…” said Ash now remembering the times he had lost. “And I didn’t lose against her” said Ash, with his cheeks tinted pink and a little annoyed by his friend’s comment.

    “Yep, you just didn’t win,” said Brock.

    “You mean. Was Ash given some of his badges?” asked Max with interest, looking up to his older friend.

    “Well, with some of the gym leaders he battled but didn’t win the first time, after a while he challenge them again and won. Others just gave him their badges because he saved their gyms. He battled with me, I was the gym leader of pewter city a rock-type gym. Ash back then had only Pikachu; you can imagine who won. Then he challenged me again and accidentally Pikachu activated the fire alarm system and Onix was really weak from the water and Ash decided to forfeit the match. I thought it was a very noble gesture, so I decided to give him the badge.” Said Brock.

    “Oh, I get it,” said Max in awe.

    “Now, could you explain to us who was ‘you-know-who’?” asked May, anxiously for the answer.

    “She was the second gym leader. They were battling but team rocket appeared trying to steal Pikachu and the others Pokemons. She had won the first round ‘Staryou vs. Butterfree’ and they were on the second round, ‘Starmie vs. Pidgeotto.’ They both fought against team rocket and took them out of the gym, but after their little battle the battle area was a total disaster. So they couldn’t end their battle, but as a reward for saving their gym, her sisters decided to give him the badge.” Explained Brock.

    “Wouldn’t have been easier, if Ash had started with Pikachu?” May and Max asked at the same time.

    Brock was about to answer but Ash answered first.

    “Pikachu denied to fight a friend, and he wasn’t as obedient as now.” Said Ash.

    “A friend? You mean you knew one of the gym leaders? Who?” Asked Max.

    “Leaders? You mean there is more than one?” asked May, in surprise.

    Max nodded. “Yep. There were three, but like now the younger sister is taking care of the gym. That’s why there are four gym leaders.” explain Max, knowingly, to his sister. “But which one was your friend?” asked Max with curiosity.

    “They youngest one…Misty” said Ash; almost whispering her name in a dreamy voice and starting to think about her while a huge smile formed on his face.

    Brock, May and Max stared at him; he looked like he just has disconnected himself from the world. Then Ash ‘woke up’ and looked and his friends in an odd way.

    “Wh-What... Why are you looking at me like that?” asked Ash, confused.
    “No. It’s nothing.” said Brock.

    Ash then look confused at Max giving him a ‘why were you looking at me like that?’ look.

    “It’s not important, forget it.” Said Max, looking in another direction.

    Ash was still confused and then looked at May.

    “Why were you looking at me like that, guys?” asked Ash, one more time.

    “For nothing.” Said the three friends.

    Ash stared at his friends a few minutes, waiting for an answer.

    “Do you really want to know why we were looking at you like that, Ash?” asked May, after a while.

    “Of course, I do. Why do think I was asking for?” said Ash bitterly.

    “Fine.” Said May coldly. “We were looking at you just for…Misty.” said May with a dreamy voice, putting her hands close to her face and closing her eyes trying to imitated Ash but exaggerating.

    “I don’t get it. What did you mean by that?” asked Ash as confused or even more confused as he was before.

    “You did that when you said her name...” said May with a smirk.

    Ash was now more confused than ever and gave her a ‘what are you talking about?’ look. “I don’t understand what’s your point.” Said Ash.

    Being as dense as he was, he would never understand it. Unless someone tells him in his face. But they wouldn’t do it because they didn’t want to cause problems with or for with their young friend.

    They sighed. How can anyone be so dense? They thought.

    “Never mind.” Said May, giving up, after all she didn’t want to be the one to tell him because she didn’t want to fight with him.

    “You’re acting weird.” Said Ash, confused by May’s answer, if that could be call an answer.

    Then they started talking again but this time about other things….

    While Misty and Cynthia, Cerulean City…

    Once Cynthia was content in her room, which was located to the right of Misty’s, and that next to the bathroom; Misty gave Cynthia a tour around the gym. Finishing their little tour by the battle arena, the pool. Once they were by the pool, Cynthia met Misty’s pokemons and the pokemons of her sisters.

    “Your Dwengon and Gyarados are so beautiful! And Starmie, and Staryou, all of your pokemons are so cute! That horsea is really pretty!” said Cynthia, excited.

    “Thanks! How many pokemons do you have?” asked Misty, with curiosity.

    “Well, I have a Chikorita, which was the pokemon I chose, a Ditto and a Vaporeon.” Said Cynthia, counting on her fingers.

    “I thought you said you were planning to be a water-pokemon trainer.” Said Misty, a little surprised by the pokemons she had.

    If she wanted to be a water pokemon trainer wasn’t she supposed to have more than just one water pokemon?

    “Yes, I want to be a great water-pokemon trainer. You see, I chose Chikorita because, as you know, grass types have an advantage over electric and water pokemon. I thought he could help me to catch more water pokemons more easily and also would be easier to defeat someone who thinks that they have an advantage for having an electric-type and I also would like to have a pokemon of each different type.” Explain Cynthia, happily.

    'She is pretty smart to have chosen Chikorita to have an advantage most of the time.’ Thought Misty.

    “Ohh, and Ditto? I’m sure you didn’t chose it, you must have had to catch it.” asked Misty.

    “Ditto, well, when I still lived in the orange islands I found him hurt, badly, so I took it home to heal it. My mom didn’t want it at home, but when she saw how hurt it was she accepted but with one condition: that I would let it go when it feel better. But between Ditto and me grew a strong friendship and I couldn’t just make him go away. Mom got really mad at me for breaking the promise, but after a while Ditto showed mom it could be really helpful. Since then it has been with me. My mom doesn’t like pokemons that much, but I love them, especially water pokemons.” Said Cynthia.

    “Oh, and Vaporeon, did you capture it when you started your journey?” asked Misty.

    “Not exactly. You see, actually, Vaporeon was my first pokemon. On one of the orange islands, lives a girl named Melissa. She loves so much eevees and their evolutions that she has made like a Breeding Center just for eevees and their evolutions. All the of the pokemons are hers but she has so many that she tells people if they want to adopt them and help her take care of them, train them, etc. She gives an egg to the person who wants one and that person takes care of the egg until it hatches. You can go and to see the pokemon you adopted everyday, you can play with it but you cannot take the pokemon you adopted with you, because it’s hers. Well that’s how I got my Vaporeon.” Said Cynthia, remembering how she got her pokemon.

    “Wow, but I don’t understand some things. Did Melissa make evolve eevee or did you made it evolve? And How come you have Vaporeon with you, didn’t you just said you weren’t allowed to take the pokemon out of the Breeding Center?” asked Misty, curiously and a little confused.

    “Ok, let me explain. After eevee was born, I used to go to the breeding Center every single day to see eevee and play with him, and do a little training with him. After a month or so, my mom told me we had to move to New bark in Johto. I told her I didn’t wanted to, but knowing my mother, there was no way to convince her. I was so sad, during the time I spent with him we had grew so close, I loved him so much that I just couldn’t left him.” Said Cynthia a sadly and with tears in her eyes that she quickly hid. “I told eevee I was going to New bark and that I couldn’t take it with me, he became sad, too. I didn’t know but Melissa over heard the conversation between Eevee and I. Then, she told me that if I wanted I could take eevee with me. I was so happy when she said that, and so was eevee. She gave me a waterstone saying ‘eevee told me that he wanted to evolve into Vaporeon because you love water pokemons so much, and he wants to be the pokemon you love the best.’ I took the waterstone and gave it to eevee and here you’ll see him converted into a beautiful Vaporeon. She was very kind by not only letting me keep Vaporeon but also by giving me that waterstone.” She said very happily.

    “Yes, she was very kind. I’m happy that you kept Vaporeon. I have an idea, why don’t you release all of your pokemon? I’d like to meet ‘em.” said Misty anxiously.

    “That’s a great idea, Misty. Ok, come out!” said Cynthia calling out her pokemons.

    Three white lights appeared from the pokeballs. Those lights took the forms of a Chikorita, a Ditto, and a Vaporeon. Vaporeon emerged from its pokeball with a sparkling dust around it and it look very happy. The other two pokemons came out very happy too, but not as much as Vaporeon. Chikorita got a really scared when it saw Misty’s Gyarados and hid behind its trainer.

    “Don’t be scared, Chikorita. That’s Misty’s Gyarados it won’t hurt you, unless you want to battle with it. Don’t worry I won’t let you battle with it until you’re able to defeat it.” Said Cynthia, trying to calm her pokemon and smiling at it.

    Chikorita looked at her and said “chiko!” happily, then it went to play with the other pokemons, including Gyarados, which it wasn’t afraid of anymore. Misty and Cynthia looked at them happily for a moment. Then they walked over to the other side of the pool and they began to talk, again.

    “Yes, I’m from one of the orange islands. I lived there for about eleven years then I moved with my mom and grandma to New bark in Johto.” Said Cynthia.

    “Oh. And how old are you now?” asked Misty.

    “I’m fifteen.” Answered Cynthia.

    “I’m fifteen, too. Hey, I’m curious how long have you trained your pokemons? Except for Chikorita that you’ve already told me.” Asked Misty.

    Cynthia thought for a moment. “I don’t remember exactly for how long I’ve trained Vaporeon, but I’d say that about a year. My Ditto five or six months.” Said Cynthia, thinking about her answer and remembering something. “I don’t know why, but I have a feeling that I saw you in New bark. Maybe there was someone who looked like you.”

    “Well, I went there once. Did you remember something about that day? Like how was I dress or if someone was with me? Asked Misty.

    “...Mm mhm, yes! You were with two guys. I saw you when you were at the Pokemon Center. I saw when you were pulling the ear to one of the guys you were with because he was bothering Nurse Joy. That was pretty funny. Hahaha…” said Cynthia, and they began laughing.

    “I also remember this other guy, who was a little shorter than you, with black spiky hair, and with a pikachu. He really looked cute…” said Cynthia.

    Did that girl just say that Ash was cute to her face? Yes, she did. Misty try on calm down but she was jealous, she didn’t like her now, she didn’t like the way she expressed herself about Ash.

    “Too bad, he is not my type. You like him, right Misty?” said Cynthia with a smirk on her face. Misty was taken aback by this question; she didn’t expect it and it caused Misty to become nervous. Cynthia saw her reaction, ‘I knew it! You like him!’ she thought, while smiling to herself.

    “I-I don’t. I don’t like him.” Said Misty looking at the floor, still nervous.

    “You sure?” asked Cynthia, trying to get it out of her but then she saw how tense she was, so she decided to stop bothering her until she got a new chance. "I’m sorry I think I’m being too nosy, we have just met and I’m asking you about this. I understand you don’t want to tell me and as a matter of fact you don’t have to.” Said Cynthia realizing she had gone too far with her question and to calm down Misty a bit.

    “You’re question took m-me by surprise.” Said Misty, still nervous.

    Cynthia looked at her and she gave her a gentle smile. Then she looked at her watch.

    “Did you see what time it is? It’s late and the pokemons haven’t eaten!” said Cynthia, changing the subject and a little worried.

    “Yes, it’s late! Would you help me with their dinner?” asked Misty, a little worried about them, too.

    “Sure!” answered Cynthia.

    “Come with me, their food is already made we just have to put it on the microwave and give it to them.” Said Misty.

    They entered a big room that was full of shelves and on them were bottles and tins of Pokemon food, water Pokemon food to be specific. They took some of them and went to the kitchen to cook them. Once they were ready they gave the food to the hungry pokemons. Then Cynthia cooked something for them, it didn’t taste bad.

    “Thanks” Said Misty, after she received her plate from Cynthia.

    “You’re welcome.” Said Cynthia with a smile.

    “Mmmm… this is good! You really know how to cook.” Said Misty, after she ate a bit.

    “I’m glad you liked it but that’s all I know how to cook.” Said Cynthia.

    They talked while they were eating and after eating their food they got to know each other better. They talked about all the places they had been, they started knowing a little about each other, and started trusting each other a little, also.

    “Well, now I’m going to help you to wash all……. this?!” said Cynthia, while walking into the kitchen, where the pokemons had left their dishes. She couldn’t believe it; the size of that pile was huge.

    “I think we better do that tomorrow morning. It’s too late already.” Said Misty, also looking at the pile and the time, but she wasn’t as surprise as Cynthia.

    “Ok” said Cynthia with a relieve tone. ‘Wow these pokemons really eat a lot. I guess they were really hungry.’ She thought to herself.

    While Ash and company…

    “Ash, it’s your turn to wash the dishes.” Said May.

    “No, it’s your turn. I did it three days ago!” said Ash.

    “NO! I did it three days ago!” May snapped back.

    “Guys…stop it! You two did it three day ago ‘cause you couldn’t agree,” said Brock trying to settle them down a little.

    “Hey, I have an idea. Why don’t you leave flip a coin?” Max suggested.

    “Fine with me.” They both answered at the same time.

    “Here. Let the coin decide.” Said Max taking out the coin from his pocket. “Heads or Tails, May?” asked Max.

    “’Tails!” said May.

    “I wanted ‘tails’…” said Ash.

    “Well too bad, coz I already chose it.” said May airily.

    “Stop it!” said Brock, getting tired of the attitude of his younger friends.

    Max threw the coin to the air.

    “Ok, it’s…” said Max while the coin still in the air.

    “‘Tails!’ Sorry, Ash. But guess May will do it tomorrow.” Said Max.

    “Fine.” Said Ash resigning and with his head down while he walked with the dishes to the lake.

    Once Ash disappeared into the woods, May and Max got closer to Brock.

    “Ok, Brock. Tell us. Why did Ash react like that when we talked about Misty?” asked May with curiosity.

    “Did you plan all that?” asked Brock in disbelief.

    “Err…kind of...” said May.

    “Anyway, tell us Brock, why did Ash start like daydreaming or something, I mean, it was like his body was here but his mind was in another place. Why?” asked Max.

    “I’m guessing he likes Misty, am I correct?” asked May with a grin over her face.

    “I’d say yes, but each time I used to say that out loud in front of them I’d either get verbally or physically abused. I stopped saying that and each time they looked like they were sending hints to each other I just ignored them.” Said Brock, almost mumbling to make sure Ash wasn't listening.

    “Oh, I see.” Said Max and May at the same time.

    “So, what you’re saying is….” Started May, but when she saw Ash coming, she stopped.

    “What were you talking about, guys?” asked Ash.

    “Err…Nothing! Oh did you see the time, guys? It’s late; I think I’m going to bed now. Good night!” said May, standing up and making her way to her sleeping bag.

    “Me too.” Said Max, and he also made his way to his sleeping bag.

    “Oh, I’m going to sleep too.” Said Brock, before Ash could ask him about what they were talking about, and made his way to his sleeping bag too.

    Ash just stood there, confused and watching his friends all in their respective sleeping bags.

    ‘I better go to sleep, too.’ He said to himself and went to sleep, too.

    Well, that's it for chapter two. Let me explain something you're probably wondering 'how come cynthia have had pokemon way before she was a pokemon trainer?' well, she had those pokemons but she didn't train them she just played with them. Thanks WS for checking my mistakes.
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    I'm sure glad people are actually reading my fic, I'm sooo happy ^__^ I'll try to update ASAP. thanks for reading and reviewing all! ^^
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    Thank you all for reading, like I said before, and well here it is the third chapter! I hope you like it, and sorry for the grammatical errors but I didn't want to bother Water Spirit anymore, she been helping me to correct my errors on the other two chapters, but I know she has other more importan stuff to do, so I'll try to do it on my own. Thanks WS for all your help! Ok, enough of me talking so enjoy.

    There are times in our life where we have to do certain things, it could be to help a friend, or just to impress some one, but whatever reason it is; it’s not worth it if it really doesn’t come from the heart. One should be willing to help, but not for personal reasons or because of a duty but because we want to. Even if that means sacrifice some things we want to do…But let’s just think that after a good deed we are going to feel better with ourselves, and maybe, some day we could get a chance to do what we didn’t do...

    Chapter 3: Unexpected News

    Have been two months since Cynthia came to the gym and stayed there to trained with Misty. Misty’s sister have come back from Hoenn, Tracey has come to the gym several times to help the girls with their shows and training. Cynthia and Tracey had met before in the Orange Islands and were friends, he was pretty much like her big brother.

    Misty and Cynthia are now having a battle on the pool, and Tracey is the referee of the battle. It's about six o’clock at afternoon, and the rays of the sun are making everything look orange and bright. Making the girls’ hair looked different, Misty’s looked auburn and Cynthia’s looked auburn, too but darker and it was more like dark beige with some dark red.

    “Starmie, use your thunderbolt!” commanded Misty. She was wearing a green short and a white sleeveless-shirt and her well-known ponytail.

    “Try dodge it, Vaporeon!” shouted Cynthia desperately. She was wearing a pale blue T-shirt and a white skirt that ended up just above her knee, and she had two pony tails to each side of her head that ended up by her neck; she had also cut her hair a little, now it ended in fully length below her shoulder.

    Vaporeon jumped quickly dodging Starmie’s attack and moving to the other floater (I’m not sure is that’s the name of those things they have on the pool that are floating.)

    “Starmie, try your rapid spin, now!” ordered Misty to her pokemon.

    So far, neither pokemon have received any damage both pokemon have been dodging the opponents’ attacks. It seemed like Misty had the advantage, she seemed calm while Cynthia was trying her best but she felt like she would never be able to defeat Misty. Her Pokemons were too strong, especially her Gyarados.

    They have been training hard, but so far Cynthia haven’t been able to defeat Misty’s well-train pokemons like Dewgong, Staryou, Starmie, and Psyduck. She hadn’t try battle with Gyarados because she had saw how the pokemon of the trainers ended up after she used her Gyarados and she really didn’t want one of her pokemons to be hurt like that. She had battled Psyduck but only because it had gotten out of its pokeball when Misty was about to chose her pokemon and Psyduck seemed like it wanted to fight, though it forgot that later on but still he ended up winning by using one of its powerful psychic attack after bayleef used vine whip on Psyduck’s head. She had also been training on her own, and had taught her pokemons to do some attacks and her ditto learned to do something, that normal Dittos don’t do. It learned a ‘special ability,’ which she thought it was excellent.

    ‘what do I do now? Think Cynthia, think… I got it!’ thought Cynthia frenetically and quickly to herself. “Vaporeon, try to use the new attack, water pulse!”

    “Water pulse? Oh, no! Starmie try dodge it!” shouted Misty.

    Like Starmie was in the air going directly to Vaporeon... couldn’t dodged it. The attack didn’t make a lot of damage, though, but Starmie got confused.

    “Great job, Vaporeon! Now blizzard!” commanded Cynthia.

    “Starmie, come on, dodge it!” said Misty desperately.

    Starmie was still confused so it didn’t move out of the way and received a direct hit. It was hurt badly but it still has enough energy to continue fighting. As a side effect of the blizzard, Starmie snapped out of the confusion.

    “Great Starmie! You snapped out of your confusion!” said Misty happily. “Now use swift attack!” said Misty pointing with her index finger of her right hand to Vaporeon.

    “Vaporeon, use your swift attack, too!” commanded Cynthia.

    Both attack hit their target and some swifts hit themselves. Both Pokemon received some damage and both fell down Starmie was too tired to continue, but it didn’t want to let down its master so stood up and shook itself. Vaporeon also got up it wasn’t going to be defeat that easily, not again. This time it was determined to win no matter what.

    “Great Starmie, come on let’s give one more try, rapid spin!” said Misty, pointing to Vaporeon.

    “Vaporeon, dodge it by going underwater!” said Cynthia looking at her pokemon and pointing to the water.

    Starmie and Vaporeon did as commanded, Starmie hit this time Vaporeon but Vaporeon recovered quickly by going underwater, where it was almost impossible to tell its exact location. Not only because of its color but because of Vaporeon’s cell, which were very similar to the water made him invisible in it.

    Cynthia smile a little, “Vaporeon jump and use blizzard one more time!” she instructed her pokemon.

    Misty didn’t know what to do since she didn’t know from where would it appear.

    “Be careful, Starmie, and try to dodge when you hear any movement.” Misty said trying to remain calm.

    Starmie was looking from one side to another just as its trainer. Out of no where Vaporeon jumped out of the water behind Starmie and launched a huge blizzard from its mouth, giving no time to Starmie to dodge the attack, that without fail Starmie took and was sent out of the pool and hit the wall of the grandstands and its jewel started twinkling until it fade.

    “Starmie is unable to battle, the victory of this match goes to Cynthia.” Announced Tracey.

    Cynthia was shock; she couldn’t believe she actually had beaten Misty. Once Cynthia realized she had won, she started jumping up and down and ran to her pokemon and hugged it.

    Misty looked at her poor Starmie and returned to its pokeball.

    “You did a great job, Starmie. You deserve a good, long rest.” Misty said to the pokeball she was holding.

    She looked up to Cynthia, who was hugging Vaporeon and smiled to herself. ‘She had improved more than I have expected’ she thought.

    “Thank you so much, Vaporeon!” she said lovingly to it, hugging it.

    “That was a great battle.” Said Misty walking up to her.

    “Thanks Mist, you did it great, too. But I still not ready to face you to a real battle. I mean, your Starmie is strong but is not your strongest pokemon, and it was tough to beaten it. I still need more training to challenge you on a real battle and get that badge of yours.” Said Cynthia looking up to Misty, still hugging Vaporeon.

    “Yes, you need to train a little harder, just don’t push yourself too hard like you’ve been doing. You have been an official trainer for almost five months now, and you haven’t had your pokemons as much time as I do. In my opinion you have done a great job so far, you pokemons love you and are strong, too. Just give a look around you, Sapphire which you caught two days after you arrive here had already evolved, your Bayleef it’s about to evolve into a Meganium, I think all it needs is one more battle. Ditto have become really strong has developed a special ability, you taught it. And your Vaporeon never gives up at any situation, its really fast and very strong, too. You see? You’re a great trainer.” Said Misty looking at Cynthia.

    “Mist is right, Cynthia. You’re doing just fine, you’re training harder that most trainers. Besides, Gyarados is one of the most difficult pokemon to train, and look how well train it is. Come on, you should be happy.” Said Tracey.

    Cynthia had caught a Magikarp she found at the beach, close to the lighthouse. The Magikarp was hurt badly probably it had been attacked by another pokemon, that’s what nurse Joy told her. Cynthia took care of Magikarp until it felt better, she had thought ‘when Magikarp get better I’ll return it to where it belongs, the sea.’ But when she was about to do it, Magikarp told her it didn’t want to go back, it wanted to stay with her. So, she kept it and trained it, after a while it evolved into a Gyarados but it was somehow different instead of having those beautiful purple eyes, it’s eyes were blue as Sapphire. So, Cynthia started calling it Sapphire, not only because she liked the name, and its eyes; but to difference it from Misty’s.

    “Yes, you’re right, I should be happy. Thanks guys.” Said Cynthia with a smile, standing up and letting go of Vaporeon.

    Daisy, one of Misty’s sister and one of the gym leaders, had just entered to the battle arena. She had arrived from the computer room.

    “Who wants to use the computer?! Because if someone wants to the time is now before Lily or Violet starts using it.” Shout Daisy from a side of the pool.

    “Oh, I want to, I need to check my e-mails.” Cynthia explained to Tracey and Misty.

    “Hurry up then!” said Misty to her.

    Cynthia excused herself and hurried up to room where the computer was. It was a big room with two shelves with books. There were some pictures of Misty and her sister on the wall when they were little girls and some were pictures of the shows. There were also some plants and flowers, and one of the wall was part of an aquarium. The desk with the computer was close to the opposite wall of the aquarium. She logged on.

    She read each of her e-mails, most of them where a weekly report of the several pages she was member. There was just one e-mail of someone she knew. It was from Mary, who was all the way in Hoenn.

    Hiya Cynthia!

    How you doing? I hope you’re doing fine. I’m fine, everything is wonderful. Well, not really, the reason why I’m writing you is… I don’t want to worry you but, I need you to come to Hoenn quickly. I can’t explain what it’s happening via e-mail it’s too risky. Go to the Pallet Town Port and there take my yacht to come here. A friend of mine is going to be there, she is going to bring you here. All I can tell you is someone is gonna try to steal some pokemons, this time I’m gonna need your help. You have to come as fast as you can, and bring your pokemons with you. She will be waiting for you at the port, the day after tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. she will tell you some things you need to know, and part of the plan. Please come we need you help, Cynthia!

    P.S: They’re planning to steal them next month but you need some training for this. They are super strong, please come, Cynth.


    Mary was one of Cynthia’s best friends. They meet the first time Cynthia went to Hoenn, at Lilycove, four years ago. Cynthia went to visit her cousin, who was going to enter to a pokemon contest. Mary liked a lot pokemon contest but she never entered one because she didn’t have any pokemon. She just liked to go and see how co-ordinators made their appeals, so she always sat back on the spectators sit. Cynthia went to see the appeals too, and to cheer for her cousin, Brisa (Breez-ah). Mary and Cynthia went to congratulate Brisa, who had won; each girl went for her own. There they met, Mary admired Brisa and Cynthia liked the way she used her pokemons. Mary and Brisa knew each other, and Mary had always asked her for tips when she become a co-ordinator herself, and she also wanted to be a trainer. Cynthia and Mary started talking about the way Brisa made her appeals, then about pokemons, and all the things they liked. They found out that they were very alike and became closed friend. Cynthia had to return to her cousin’s house in Fortree, after the contest, and Mary was moving to Fortree City, so they continued seeing each other until Cynthia had to return to New Bark City. They decided to not lose contact so they sent e-mails to each other frequently and try to call each other, too.

    ‘I have to go; I have to help those poor pokemon… I’ll tell Misty maybe she can help, too.’ Thought Cynthia logging off of the computer.

    She dashed to the pool where she had left Misty and Tracey.

    “Misty!” she shouted without breath, getting the attention of her two young friends.

    “What’s the matter? Why were you running?” asked Misty, looking strangely to her friend.

    “…received…. e-mail……Hoenn…” said Cynthia panting, putting her hand over her knees and her head down, trying to catch her breath.

    Tracey and Misty look at each other to see if he/she had figured out what Cynthia just said. Then they approached to where Cynthia was.

    “Ok, take your time to recover your breath, ok?” said Tracey while walking up to her.

    Cynthia breathed deeply, recovering her breath and looking up to them.

    “Ok. Misty, Tracey… I… have to go to… Hoenn.” Announced Cynthia, standing up straight still panting a little.

    “Why?” asked Tracey and Misty at unison and in surprise.

    “My friend, Mary, sent me an e-mail. She said she needs me there is someone who wants to steal some pokemons. She never asks for my help so I guess this is big trouble and she can’t handle it alone. So I have to go to her house tomorrow, she wrote me yesterday at night, and said that a friend of hers, will be waiting for me at Pallet Town port. Misty… I was thinking that maybe you could help us, too…… if you want to.” Explained Cynthia, looking at both of them while talking.

    “Sure, I’d love to help, I’ll talk to my sisters about it.” Said Misty with a worry tone.

    “I would help, too. But I can’t I have to help professor Oak.” Said Tracey also worried for the pokemons.

    “I know. That is why I didn’t ask you, Tracey. You have other responsibilities. Well, I’m going to start packing, right now.” Announced Cynthia.

    “I’m going to asked my sisters to let me go with you.” Said Misty making her way to where her sisters were.

    “And I have to go back to lab. Hope you can manage the problem, Cynthia. Bye girls.” Said Tracey. “Bye, Tracey.” Replied the girls at unison.

    Cynthia went to her room while Misty went to find her sisters and Tracey headed back to Pallet Town. Misty found Daisy at her room.

    The wall of Daisy’s Room were a pale yellow, and was decorate with some poster, paintings and pictures on the walls. It had two big windows to the left of the room, with white curtains and to that side was the bed, at the edge of the window. The covers were orange with flower designs, and on top of the bed Daisy had a doll of a Dewgong. In front of the bed was a sideboard where she had a 20” TV with DVD, a radio, and some of her stuff as a hand mirror, some make up, and ornaments. To the right side of the bedroom, she had some shelves with romance novels, pictures of the shows, a little cough with a lamp behind it, probably to illuminate when she was reading a book, and the bathroom.

    Misty opened the door and looked at Daisy who was sitting on her bed, watching TV beside her was a bag.

    “Dais, I need to talk to you. It’s very important.” Said Misty with a worry tone.

    Daisy turned off the TV and looked at Misty. Misty sat on Daisy’s bed and faced her.

    “What’s the matter?” asked Daisy looking at her little sister’s worry face.

    “Dais, I have to go to Hoenn. Cynthia received an e-mail, a friend of her told she needs to go to Hoenn ‘cause someone wants to steal pokemons.” Explained Misty.

    “Oh, that’s awful. Like, When are you planning to go? ‘Cause Lily, Violet, and I are, going to go to Johto, to like, help a friend of ours today, we’re going to be back as soon as we can.” Said Daisy.

    “She is going tomorrow. She needs to be there I don’t think she is going to wait for you guys to come back so, can I go with her?” Misty asked.

    “Misty, when we get back you can, like, go to catch up with her and help them. You need to stay in the gym while we’re out like someone has to be in charge.” Said Daisy.

    “Daisy! We’re, like, waiting for you, like, hurry up!” shouted Lily from the front door.

    “Well, I, like, have to go. Take care, Mist and like, wish Cynthia good luck for me. Ok?” said Daisy, standing up, taking her bag and putting it in her shoulder. “Bye, Misty”

    “Bye, and good luck.” reply Misty standing up, too.


    Cynthia was packing all her things in her bag, in her room. It was decorated like the bottom of the sea. The upper sides of the walls were blue and the bottom part dark yellow like sand, it has been Misty’s room when she was little.

    She had everything ready now. She was lying in her bed looking at the ceiling, thinking.

    ‘Too bad I couldn’t battle Misty’s Gyarados but this is more important and maybe I get the chance later………. I have to help Mary… I’m glad she still remembers me… but, why me?… The last time I talked to her she told me she have been working for a secret organization that help prevent crimes that involves Pokemon and she also told me that they do that but no one know who they are, and that they didn’t ask for help of anyone and now…… she asked me? She knows I just started my journey, she could have asked someone else… …… probably is just because, I know about it?… probably…’ thought Cynthia quietly, trying to find an answer about why did Mary asked her.

    Cynthia had been wondering that since she entered her room. Why her? There, were many trainers who were strong, stronger than her, anyway. Part of her wanted to go but the other part didn’t want to, for some reason unknown by her. She felt something that was telling her not to go…

    Cynthia sat up snapping out of her thoughts and looked at the clock on the front wall.

    “Seven o’clock.” Whispered to herself, starting at the clock.

    She lay down, again, looking at the walls and closing her eyes.

    ‘Tomorrow by this time, I’m going to be on my way to Hoenn… Hoenn?! Oh, no… what am I going to do? He is going to be there, too, I guess…. Nah, he is going to be in other city probably. After all, he said he was moving to Hoenn and Hoenn is a huge region………but what if….? ……I have to stop thinking about that. He is not going be there…… I hope…’ Cynthia thought to herself, but her thoughts were interrupted.

    Knock, knock. Cynthia sat up when she heard the door.

    “Come in, it’s open.” Said from her bed.

    “Do you have everything you need?” asked Misty, when she came in.

    Misty sat besides Cynthia and faced her.

    “Yeah. I’m taking everything with me. I think that after this I’m going to start traveling again, around Hoenn this time and when I’ll become stronger I will come back and challenge you.” Said Cynthia facing her.

    “I will be looking forward to it.” Said Misty, with a grin. “…Cynthia, I asked Daisy...” this time more serious and a little sad.

    “It’s Ok,” Cynthia said cutting her up. “Violet and Lily stepped by and told me. Don’t worry I’ll take care of the situation, or at least I’ll try.” Said Cynthia, showing sympathy.

    “Dais said they are going to be back soon, I hope. I want to go. So, I decide to go when they come back. Is that ok for you?” asked Misty.

    “Of course. I don’t know where I’m going exactly, so… when I get a chance I’m going to call you to tell you where to go. Mary said that the person who is going to try to steal those pokemon next month, but she needs me to go right away coz she is gonna have me training there.” Said Cynthia.

    “don’t worry, when my sister come back I’ll go and help you.” She said with a grin. “By the way, do your pokemons know you’re going to Hoenn?” asked Misty.

    “No. I forgot, I guess I’ll do it now. I think they are going to very sad when I tell them after all your pokemons and my pokemons have become great friends.” Said Cynthia, sadly.

    “Don’t be sad, they’ll understand.” Said Misty, trying to cheer her up.

    “I’m gonna miss you, Mist.” Said Cynthia very sadly.

    “Me too” said Misty with the same tone of voice.

    “I better go and tell them. They’re gonna find out sooner or later so better be sooner.” Said standing up from the bed.

    “You’re right, I’ll go with you.” Said Misty, standing up.

    They walked out of the room and made their way to the pool where their pokemons were. Cynthia walked closer to the edge of the pool she looked sad. Her pokemons saw her and run to her side, except her Gyarados, it just go closer to her. When they were close to her they sense her sadness. Vaporeon looked up to her.

    “Vap poreon poreon?” Asked Vaporeon worry by her expression.

    Cynthia gave it a little smile but in her eyes her grief was clear. She went down on her knees and put one hand on Vaporeon’s head and the other one on ditto’s.

    “Guys, I have something to tell you.” Said Cynthia, and then she closed her eyes. “We are going to go to Hoenn, tomorrow.” She announced firmly.

    Her pokemons were all surprised by what she just had said. They didn’t understand her sudden decision. Cynthia was staring at the floor; she didn’t know how to continue. Misty advanced a few steps more to get closer to them. And tried to explained Cynthia’s pokemon the reason of her decision.

    “We are gonna miss you all, but Cynthia and you guys, have to go. She received an e-mail from her friend, telling she needed Cynthia’s and your help so you could recovered some pokemons that have been steal there.” Misty explained.

    Cynthia looked up at her and thanked her with a grin, which wasn’t more than a level gesture on her face.

    “Thanks Misty. Don’t worry guys; I’m sure we are going to see them again. Misty is going, too, but she is not going tomorrow but in a few days she and your friends are going to be there.” Said Cynthia, smiling trying to cheer her pokemons up and herself.

    The pokemons knew she was telling the truth, she never lie. Besides, she wanted the cascade badge, and to get it she would have to beat Misty. They felt a little relief for that part, but after Cynthia gets the badge…… maybe they wouldn’t see Misty or her pokemons again.

    “Guys, I promise your are going to see your friends again. I promise.” Said Cynthia.

    “Cynthia is right. It’s not like we are not gonna see you again.” Affirmed Misty.

    All of their pokemons cheered up. All the pokemons continued playing like they were before Misty and Cynthia told them the bad news.

    “Misty, I forgot, I have to reply that e-mail.” Said Cynthia.

    Misty nodded. “Go and use the computer then, you don’t have to ask for permission. I’ve told you that a hundred times already” Said Misty, pretending she was scolding her.

    Cynthia smiled, nodded and hurried up to reply that message telling she was going, and that Misty maybe will go if her sister return in a few days. After a few hours they all went to sleep.

    While somewhere in Hoenn…

    A girl of long, curly hair was looking at the monitor of her laptop. Behind her hair she had something, it was a little bright red light that was in her neck. It could be easily hide by using an long earring or covering with her hair. Her face was all cover by shadow and just the shape of her body was visible. The girl was checking her e-mails and reading the one she had been waiting for.

    ‘Perfect.’ She thought reading the e-mail. ‘She’s coming, but, what’s this?…’she thought continuing reading from where she left off.

    Hi Mary

    I wanted to tell you that I will be going to Pallet town tomorrow, morning. I just hoping I’d be able to help you. I’ve asked a friend if she could help, too. She can’t go with me but that she will be coming, too, to help. When I arrive, I’ll call her to tell her where we are going to meet her, in Hoenn. I think she is going to be a great help for you.

    See ya soon!


    ‘Oh, no. I have to convince her not to bring her friend here. If she brings someone with her the whole plan will be ruined. She needs to come alone…’ The shadowy figure thought. “I got it!” the girl exclaimed and with that in mind she turned off the computer.
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    Yay! First reviewer of this chapter! Good chapter, would like to know what happened to that girl though.
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    Pictures thnx to team_magma93

    previously Dragon_dude35d

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    another Good chapter this is getting really exciting
    Quote Originally Posted by Redsoxpsyco
    Ok, I'm out, this is turning into a game of spin the bottle O_o.

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    wow! your story is getting better and better! you're a great writer I see! keep it up^_____^

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    Wow, I just posted yesterday and already three review better than the last two, YAY!! ^^

    drango_dude35d: Mmm... you'll have to wait, I want to keep something a mistery.

    AshMistyTogetic: Thanks for reviewing and I'm glad you're liking my fic.

    mistygurl: Thanks for your kind words, but I'm that good of a writer but I'm trying.
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    Hi, it's me, the next chapter is gonna take me some time coz I have too much work with school. Well, here I'm gonna leave you a image I made of Cynthia.

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    That was good So, the main shippyness is AAML, right? Are there any other ships? By the way, great picture of Cynthia. Is ther a pm list? If so, I'd love to be PMed whn the next chapter comes out!
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    I only read two chapters so far, last night and here are my reviews...

    Chapter 1:
    Good start. Enjoying the plot and emotions between those two lovebirds. A number of errors have been spotted though, starting from the top.

    sign weakness
    Sign of weakness

    he holding her
    You could either put down he was holding her or he held her

    Now they are close,
    Now they WERE close.

    That’s all I could find for now, although I could’ve sworn that I have spotted others.

    Chapter 2:
    Okay, a number of errors spotted in this chapter and if I have the time, I’ll send you the corrections for this chapter. In the meantime, I suggest that you carefully double check your chapters or get some one else to check it for you for spelling/grammar/tense errors.

    On the positive side, I liked some of the ‘humorous’ moments with Ash’s travelling buds pretending that they weren’t talking about anything and the big pile of dishes that Misty’s and Cynthia’s pokemon caused.

    Overall score (so far): 3/5
    Advice: Whether you’re using MS Word or not, always double-check your work before placing it in public.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mysteria Pearl
    That was good So, the main shippyness is AAML, right? Are there any other ships? By the way, great picture of Cynthia. Is ther a pm list? If so, I'd love to be PMed whn the next chapter comes out!
    Thanks, and yes AAML it's the main Shippyness. Others? I'm not so sure yet, maybe. Sure I'll PM you for the next chapter, which I'll try to do today.

    Quote Originally Posted by Brian Powel
    I only read two chapters so far, last night and here are my reviews...

    Chapter 1:
    Good start. Enjoying the plot and emotions between those two lovebirds. A number of errors have been spotted though, starting from the top.

    Chapter 2:
    Okay, a number of errors spotted in this chapter and if I have the time, I’ll send you the corrections for this chapter. In the meantime, I suggest that you carefully double check your chapters or get some one else to check it for you for spelling/grammar/tense errors.

    On the positive side, I liked some of the ‘humorous’ moments with Ash’s travelling buds pretending that they weren’t talking about anything and the big pile of dishes that Misty’s and Cynthia’s pokemon caused.

    Overall score (so far): 3/5
    Advice: Whether you’re using MS Word or not, always double-check your work before placing it in public.
    I'm glad you like my fic, Brian. I know I have a lot of mistakes, but I'll try my best to improve my grammar. I kinda confuse with my native language but I'll try to correct and check all my errors before posting.

    BTW, I'm terrible for jokes but I'm trying because something funny always happen to them. And also, thanks for the advice, though I think my MS Word it's malfunctioning 'cause it said I had no errors except for the names.
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    Well, finally I had the opportunity to post it, I've been wanting to do it since last week but a lot of things happened and I couldn't. Anyway, hope ya'll like it.

    One of the most difficult things to do it is to say ‘Goodbye.’ It feels so horrible to say it, I can’t tell how does it feel because it’s too hard too describe…... I think it’s hardest to say it to your best friends, because friends are like a family that keep growing with every person you meet and starts being friends with; it’s like a family you can choose… and to say goodbye, to someone you care about… it’s just too difficult almost impossible for some…So, why do people say it? It’s not like we’re not going to see them again, is it?…. Who knows? Sometimes you can a ‘see ya later’ or even say it when you know it’s a goodbye and know you may not see them again…

    Chapter 4: See you later

    It was morning now, the sun’s rays spread all over the room where she was sleeping. The young pokemon trainer opened her sleepy eyes, and looked at the clock which was over her in the nightstand, besides her bed.

    “Six forty.” she muttered to herself still half asleep, while standing up.

    She got her clothes, and made her way to the bathroom. There she took a bath and put on her clean clothes. She wore the same clothes she wore when she arrived at the gym, dark blue jeans, white snickers, a red and blue neck-helter shirt, and her hair was down. Those clothes were the more appropriate for her journey. Or at least, she thought they were.

    After that, she got out of the bathroom and took her Pajamas with her. She took the blankets of her bed, the bedspread, and made a big ball, including her pajamas. She opened the door, and took the ‘ball’ with her downstairs, to the laundry. The gym was silence, Misty was still sleeping as always. Since she had started living there, she was always the first one to get up. She usually woke up at six or few minutes after, even if she tried to sleep some more she just couldn’t fall asleep again. By the time she finished washing and drying the clothes it was about eight o’ clock. At the time Cynthia went to the kitchen, Misty was already dress and beginning to make the Pokemons’ breakfast.

    “Good morning, Cynthia.” Greeted Misty, while putting down the spoon she had. “Oh, good morning, Mist. I didn’t see you.” Said Cynthia, entering the kitchen.

    “I see you have washed the covers of your bed.” Commented Misty, looking at the blanket, bedspread, she didn’t see her pajamas because was below the folded clothing.

    “Yeah, I wanted to leave everything just as I found it when I came. You know, I really enjoyed the time we spent together.” She said gleefully, and then made a pause. “Thanks Misty, for everything.” Said Cynthia with a little smile.

    “Don’t mention it. I also had a great time with you. You know, I never met someone like you and that has a lot in common with me. We hate almost the same things, and like almost what the other likes. It has been nice knowing you. And I’m gonna miss you, just promise you’re gonna write or call, ok?” said Misty.

    “I promise, but you promise me also to write me back. Ok?” said Cynthia.

    Misty nodded. “I promise.” Replied Misty with a little grin upon her face.

    There was a pause for few minutes. Misty continued what she was doing. Cynthia was staring into space, think or remembering something.

    “Remember the song I wrote and showed you, ‘To Live’?” asked Cynthia, with cheerful voice and looking at Misty.

    “Sure! I really liked that song! But, what ‘bout it?” asked Misty slightly confused.

    “I really don’t know, but a part of the song came into my mind.” Said Cynthia, and she started saying that part she was talking about with a rhythm. “I should accept, what I can’t change; but I want something else…I know, I’ll just have to wait…” ‘sang’ the girl. “You know,” she started explaining with a little sad tone on her voice. “this part really express what I’m feeling right now, I really don’t wanna go to Hoenn. It’s not that I don’t want to help… but I just feel I shouldn’t go.“

    “I guess you’re right. There are thing we just can’t change but we have to accept them…” said Misty a little sad, remembering the time she had to left Ash and Brock to come to the gym and take care of it.

    She snapped out of it. “…like you say in your song, we just have to wait.” said more cheerfully.

    “Wait until we get the chance to do what we want to do coz we’re gonna do it anyway!” Said both girls at unison more cheerfully. Then they giggled.

    They continued laughing for a few seconds, without noticing that two clouds of black smoke where emerging from the oven until… Sniff, sniff

    “What is that smell? It smells like something is…” said Cynthia being cut off by Misty. “Burning! Oh, I forgot I have put a cake in the oven!” exclaimed Misty, ran to the oven and opening it, and a dense smokescreen appeared.

    Misty took two potholders close by, and took the cake out of the oven, while all the smoke disappeared.

    “Oh, no! It’s all burn…” said Misty with a sad tone and with her face all black because of the smoke. “Don’t worry Mist. Look at the bright side of this.” Said Cynthia comforting her.

    “Does this has a good side?” asked Misty unconvinced, pointing to the burned cake or ashes. “‘Cause if it does I’m not seeing it.”

    “Misty, everything always has a bright side. Now, the good side of this is…… we won’t die of an intoxication.” Said Cynthia, half laughing.

    Misty just glared at her, that if her sight could kill, Cynthia turned into dust or maybe not even that would have been left.

    “I was just kidding! Can’t you take a joke?” said Cynthia quickly, putting her hand in front of her and shocking them, when she saw Misty’s face.

    “You better be” replied Misty with an angry tone and glaring at her.

    “Oh, come on! You’re not mad at me, are you?” asked Cynthia sweetly and smiling and half-laughing.

    Misty thought for a second. “Nah, beside I’ve learned that like to tease me and also that you’re always trying to make jokes even if they aren’t funny.” Said Misty with her eyes close and smiling. Then she opened them and continued, “I think I’m gonna miss that sense of humor of yours; and the way you’re always trying to see the bright side of everything.” Said Misty.

    Cynthia giggled. “Well, I always look for the bright side ‘cause there is always a good thing even if we don’t see it. Ok, now I’ll tell you the good thing of your burned cake that are actually two good things. One, you’ll pay closer attention to it next time you make one. And two, we shared one more thing before I go away.” Said Cynthia, seriously.

    “Guess you right,” said Misty not so convinced.

    “You –“ said Cynthia being cut off by someone who had just entered the gym, and was shouting saying he wanted to challenge the gym leader.

    “Can I do it for the last time? I’m sure he is not strong enough to actually challenge you.” Pleaded Cynthia.

    “Sure, after all that still your job until you go.” Answered Misty with a grin.

    Cynthia smiled her back. The two girls went to the battle arena where the boy was.

    He was about twelve-years-old, blue eyes, and spiky black hair and he was wearing a purple shirt and purple pants with black snickers. His clothes looked a lot like a school uniform of some kind.

    “I came to challenge the gym leader.” Said the boy confidently to Misty and Cynthia. “I’m Ryan, from Vidrian City.”

    “Well, Ryan, you’ll have to beat me first. If you defeat me, you may challenge the gym leader. I’m not as strong as her, so if you’re a worthy opponent you’ll win this match.” Said Cynthia.

    “I’m strong enough to beat both of you just with one Pokemon.” Said the boy with over confidence.

    “We’ll see about that.” Said Cynthia with a challenging tone.

    The three of them took their positions. Misty was the referee of the battle, the boy as the challenger, and Cynthia as the gym leader’s assistance. And the match began.


    “And the victory goes to Cynthia!” announced Misty, with her left hand up as a signal of Cynthia’s victory.

    The challenger withdrew his pokemon to its pokeball, while he looked at the floor, and fell into his knees in shock.

    Cynthia congratulated her pokemon for its victory, and called it back to its pokeball. Then she came closer to the boy with Misty.

    “Are you ok?” she asked him gently, looking how depressed he seemed.

    He looked up to her and Misty.

    “Yes, I’m fine. It’s just I thought that the Cerulean Gym was the easiest gym to get a badge… and you, that are not even the leader beaten me with just one pokemon…” said the boy with a depress and confuse tone, because he had already few badges.

    The boy stood up, recovering himself.

    “Anyway, that was a great battle. I guess I’ll train more for the next time and I hope we can battle again.” Said the boy with a little grin upon his face and extending his hand to Cynthia.

    “Sure, maybe someday.” Said Cynthia returning the smile, and shaking hands.

    A little while after the trainer was gone, and Cynthia’s pokemon was fully recovered. Misty and Cynthia were in front of the door.

    “Well, this is it.” Said Cynthia, she sad but didn’t show it much. “Well, see ya. I’ll be calling you, ok?”

    “Ok, well you better go now or you’ll be late.” Said Misty, sadly. Cynthia hugged her and Misty hugged her back. “see ya later.” Said both at unison, Cynthia walked out the door and she was gone.

    While Ash and Company...

    Our friends were walking through a forest, making their way to Fortree City. Just one week, or so and they would be there. The sun was red, and the sky has all different colors, and some stars were beginning to present themselves showing that the night was about to fall.

    They were completely exhausted, the day have been a full of surprises and fights; a long day indeed.

    After the fight between Torchic and Corphish, Team Rocket stole some fruit from the Shroomish, making them mad. Then some of the Shroomish evolved into Breloom and chased them. Later Team Rocket ran into Ash and his friends’ camp the Breloom and Shroomish saw Team Rocket, Ash and company and attacked them, too. Dividing them, and reuniting them in Shroomish and Breloom’s territory. Shroomish and Breeloom were really mad because they thought Ash and his friends were going to steal their fruit so, they attacked them. Corphish protected Torchic from few Breloom but it got hurt, badly. Seeing this Torchic shouted and a white light surrounded it and cause Torchic to evolved into Combusken, who battle the leader and won the battle and the trust of the Shroomish and Breloom… It was pretty obvious they were tired.

    After dinner, they all went to sleep pretty quickly. A few hours after, Ash started moving in his sleeping bag, sweating and repeating ‘No’ again and again.

    He woke up disturbed because of his dream, sat up and gave a look around looking for something or someone. Everyone was sleeping peacefully.

    “Misty?” asked in a whisper as a soft breeze pasted like a soft care to his face and it disappeared as it came.

    He sighed with relief but also with sadness to know that his friend wasn’t there. A little while after, he went back to sleep again.

    This have been happening lately, Ash had been waking up late at night calling her name. In his dreams, he saw her every time he woke up. She was there right next to him, as she had always been; sleeping peacefully. He looked at her for few seconds before a shadow that came out of nowhere took her, and disappeared in the fog of the forest. He started to looked frenetically for her, while he heard Misty’s voice calling his name and also another voice saying and echoing in his head ‘You’re not going to see her again. Never! You lost your chance to tell her! You lost her!’ and every time he heard that he started shouting ‘no’ in his dreams until he woke up.

    Hours later, Pallet Town…

    Cynthia had just arrived to Pallet Town’s Port a half hour before the accorded hour. She stared at the different kinds of ships that were there. All different in sizes and models but with one same characteristic, all were white.

    She started walking around looking for the yacht of her friend and the person she was suppose to meet there; until she realized she didn’t know which ship was her friend’s or where she was supposed to meet the person who would take her to Hoenn. She didn’t know where she should go, or what she should do now. So, she thought that if she couldn’t find the yacht nor the person, she would let the person find her and with that in mind she decided to stayed there and wait. After all, the person would be looking for her and if she went looking for someone she didn’t know will be pointless, she thought. She sat on a bench close by and wait.

    She wait there for about fifteen minutes, always looking around to see if someone pass by, but the port was deserted, for some reason the ships weren’t going out today; unless they were for private use only. That’s why no one was around.

    Then she turned her head to the right, as she had been doing it for the last fifteen minutes; and saw a little shadowy figure walking up to her. It looked familiar to her somehow but it was too far away for her to distinguish it. She stood up and tried to guess who it was. She closed her eyes a little trying to see better who that person was but it was a useless.
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    I'll try to update ASAP. I'm glad you like it, mistygurl. Thanks for reviewing.
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    Now on Chapter 19 !!

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    Ok, finally I finished the fifth chapter so I hope you like it. This chapter is going to explain somethings and leave others into a mistery. Well enjoy, here's chapter 5!

    Life it’s presented with choices. Every single day we make choices. Then, why sometimes it is so difficult to make the right choice? Why sometimes we regret what we chose? Why does life has to be full of choices? Well, we don’t know why life it’s fill with so many choices, but we have to make sure we make the right ones. How? Thinking before we choose, using our head, heart and gut. If we use those three parts then we’ll make a right choice, though, it’s difficult to make those three parts agree… but let’s try to make the right choice for our own good and for the good of the people around us……

    Chapter 5: A Choice And A Memory

    “Cynthia!” Called the shadowy figure cheerfully while running up to her.

    Cynthia who was standing up, trying to figure out who that person was, close her eyes a little bit to see better, forcing her sight. ‘Is too far away…’ she thought.

    “Cynthia!” called again the person, with the same happiness as before and still running.

    The person was now close enough to be distinguish by Cynthia, who once she saw who it was gasped at the surprise; since she didn’t expected him to see him there.

    “Tracey! What are you doing here? Did you come to say goodbye?” asked Cynthia surprise by Tracey’s unexpected appearance and then ran to where he was.

    Once they were in front of each other, Tracey rest a little bit on his knees, panting.

    “I…wanted…to…give you…this…” he said still panting, placing a pokeball in her hands. He had taken it out of the pocket in his shorts.

    Cynthia took the pokeball and was about to ask something but Tracey cut her off.

    “It has a pokemon in it, I know you don’t have many so I thought that maybe it could help you.” Said Tracey speaking normally and standing up straight.

    She was speechless, didn’t know what to say or what to do. “Tracey……… I can’t……take it…” she said, giving him back the pokeball. “It’s not that I don’t want it….but I feel weird…I don’t know……it doesn’t feel right. Please take it back.” She said with the pokeball still in her hand.

    Tracey put his hand over her without taking the pokeball, and pushed her hand that had the pokeball toward her body.

    “No, I’m not going to allow you to give it back to me. So, take it, there is nothing wrong with you taking a pokeball.” He said looking at Cynthia who gave him an unease look. “I know, you’re not use to receive gifts but give them but I thought I would be nice for an exchange. So take it… And that’s final.” He added, letting her go and folding his arms.

    She had never received many gifts, though she didn’t care much about it. But she always liked to give gifts to other didn’t matter if it wasn’t any special day; she just liked to do it.
    The few gifts she had received were special to her and she always had them give her, but for some reason unknown to her, her favorite was a necklace with a little picture in it, which was cut in half.

    It was a little girl of three or four years old, she was wearing a pink skirt and also a pink sailor shirt, it was her when she was little though she had always hated pink since she could remember. Well, that picture was supposed to have been taken before she had that terrible accident in which she lost her memory. The doctor had said that he wasn’t sure how much time would it take until she recover her memory back. He had said it could take, weeks, months, years or maybe she would never recover her memory back. He had also said that, was a miracle she survived and had recovered completely, at least physically, but that even if she did not recover her memory she could live normally she was little so live a new life and just look into the future.

    She couldn’t remember what had happened, how she lost her memory. She didn’t remember anything. She tried to ask her mother many times about her past or that day but each time she mentioned anything about it her mother either burst into tears or yelled at her saying she would not talk about it. It was prohibit to talk about it in her house. She tried asking as many people as she knew but none of them say anything about her past, about what had happened that day. And that necklace with that picture had been a gift from her mother, she told her that that picture was the taken the day her memory was lost. It was a picture of her past life, as she used to said, that was the only thing she had from her past because the day of her accident was her first in Lima island and everything she had had was replaced by new stuff, new clothes and new toys. (That had been the only time she actually received gifts, at least gifts she could remember. She had been asking so much about her past, she had told Cynthia that if she didn’t stop asking she would never give her another gift. She did keep asking so that her mother never gave her another gift, though her grandma did. She was the only one who gave her gifts.)

    She sighed. “You’re no gonna take it back, are you?” she said giving up.

    He just shocked his head.

    “Ok, I’ll take it.” Sighed placing the pokeball in her backpack.

    “So, what pokemon is it?” she asked with curiosity, facing him.

    “You’ll find out, I don’t want to spoil the surprise.” He said smirking.

    “You know, that I could just throw the pokeball and realize it, instead of being asking you, right?” she said with a smirk. He just looked at her. ” Please, tell me” she said again pleading.

    “You’ll find out soon. I’ll give you a clue it’s not a water pokemon. I thought since you want to have one pokemon of each type, I’ll give one of a type you don’t have.” He said grinning.

    “D-Don’t t-tell m-me th-that I-it-is a-a b-bu-bug p-“ She was saying very scared and her face was pale as paper, until was cut off by Tracey.

    “No, it’s not a bug pokemon.” He said reassuringly, and immediately so she could relax.

    “Thanks for telling me that.” She sighed in relief. A brief paused occurred. “Tracey, do you know what time it is?” she asked politely.

    He looked down to his watch. “It’s five to four.” He answered. “Why, is something wrong?” he asked her unsurely.

    She shocked her head. “No, it’s just I wanted to know. I will be leaving in about five minutes, that if the person who was suppose to come for me comes.” She said, sadly and worriedly.

    “I’m sorry Cynthia, but I have to go back to professor’s Oak laboratory. He said he wanted me to deliver something for him.” He said apologetically while explaining.

    “I understand. Well, goodbye.” She said sadly. Then they hugged and Tracey returned to professor’s Oak lab.

    Not long after that, she saw another shadowy figure coming in her direction. ‘That most be the Mary’s friend.’ She thought. The person started running towards her. Then Cynthia saw it was a girl that looked familiar to her, and recognized her as one of her best friends. Sam

    Cynthia met her in New Bark. They both went to the same school, and became good friends. She is a little taller than Cynthia and about Misty’s height. Her hair it’s a long, dark brown color it’s not completely straight in the ends it’s a little curly, she uses a ponytail on the top of her head and her eyes are also of the same color as her hair. She is wearing blue jeans, a red tank top shirt and white snicker. She also knows Mary because she went to Hoenn when Cynthia was there but only for two weeks, there she met her and exchange e-mails so everyday they talk by the msn.

    “Cynthia!” Sam called enthusiastically.

    “Sam!” she replied completely surprise, running up to her friend, and hugging her. “Have been ages since the last time I saw you!” she said happily.

    “I know.” said Sam, returning the hug. “Well, we can talk on our way to Hoenn, we gotta go now.” Said after the hugged, and taking her arm and starting to drag her to one ship that was close by. “Come on, hurry!” she said hastening her.

    Cynthia looked perplexed at the ship. “I thought she said it was a yacht.” She said looking at the ship slightly confuses, and then turned toward her friend, “don’t tell me this is…” she said slowly but didn’t finish her sentence.

    Sam nodded happily. “Yep. You guessed right. This is her yacht.” Said Sam knowing what Cynthia was going to say as if she was reading her mind. “She lent it to me when I came to Kanto.” Cynthia looked at her in surprise.

    “How long have you been here in Kanto?” Cynthia asked her.

    “Dunno, a month and a half?” Sam said unsurely. “Anyway, we can talk about it later we have a few days before we arrive at Hoenn. Come on now, we have to hurry.” Said Sam pushing Cynthia inside the ship while she was complaining for being push.

    Once they were both on the ship, Sam conducted Cynthia into a little room so she could leave her things there. Then Sam went upstairs to the pilot’s cabin (sorry, I’m not sure how they’re called.) and sailed off to Hoenn.

    After a few minutes, Cynthia came out of the little room and made her way to the cabin where her friend was.

    “So, have you been?” Cynthia asked her, walking up to her.

    She turned to her left and saw her then looked back to the sea. “Fine. I know, you started your journey and stayed at the Cerulean’s Gym for training. I also know you’re been doing a very good job at it.” Sam said, still looking at the sea.

    Cynthia looked at her surprised. “How did you-“ She started saying showing how surprise she was that Sam knew so much then realized how she knew.

    “I’ve been in Kanto, remember?” Answered Sam.

    “Still, how did you know I was in Cerulean? You didn’t call my mum, did you?” she asked.

    “I heard a lots of trainer comment about their lost battles to the Gym’s leader assistance. I asked one of those trainers about the gym’s assistance and turned out to be you. When that guy described you, I knew right away it was you. And for what he told me, you have become pretty good at battling.” Explained Sam, looking by the corner of her eye at her friend who was now staring at the sea through the window in front of her.

    “Err…” Cynthia looked to other direction, a slight tint of pink upon her face. “I guess. Misty helped me a lot, you know.” She answered quietly. Sam was a great pokemon trainer. She was the best at battling in New Bark, so receiving complements from her really meant a lot and even more when Sam didn’t give complements frequently.

    After a few minutes they stopped talking and Cynthia broke the uncomfortable silence. “Have you seen Mary? How is she?” she asked her.

    “Well, I haven’t seen her in a while. She called me last week, though. You know she wanted me to take you to Hoenn. But when we were talking, I don’t know, she was………kinda …strange and mysterious.” She said, looking at Cynthia worriedly.

    “Strange? Mysterious? How come? What did she say?” she asked beginning to worry.

    Sam looked at Cynthia who had a worry and determinate face to find out what was wrong with her friend, Mary. “…err… maybe I’m just imagining things.” She said after thinking a while what Mary had told her by phone.

    Sam’s Flashback
    “Sam, it’s me Mary.” Said Mary coldly.

    “Oh, hi Mary. How you-“ Said Sam enthusiastically but being cut off.

    “Listen, I know you are still in Kanto. I need you to do me a favor. Go to Pallet Town’s Port to pick up Cynthia in one week and bring her to Hoenn, to Fortree City.” She said very hostile.

    “Ok, I’ll do it, but why you need her?” asked Sam.

    “That’s for me to know only, now you just do it!” she said commanding her.

    “Hey, I’m doing a favor, ok? You’re being too-“she was cut off by Mary.

    “Don’t! Don’t do it, please, it’s a trap.” She pleaded, and with a weak voice and if she was about to pass out or something.

    “Mary, are you ok?” Sam asked unsurely and worriedly. She heard some weird noises through the telephone line. The telephone she was using didn’t have a screen making it impossible for her to know what was wrong with her. She heard coughing and then someone spoke.

    “Just take her to Fortree City and give her a letter that I’m sending you, you’ll receive it tomorrow.” Said Mary, again commanding Sam and hung up the phone.

    Sam stayed stood up with the phone on her hear for a while, then she hung up too.
    End of Flashback

    ‘Maybe I should tell her……but what if nothing’s wrong, I will be just worrying her for nothing… but what she said ‘it’s a trap’……I don’t get it, a trap for what?… and if it’s a trap then why is she telling Cynthia to go?… I’m so confuse…’ her thoughts were cut off by Cynthia, who was shaking her hand in front of her and talking to her.

    “You ok? You were like out of it, it’s something wrong?” she asked her worriedly.

    Sam shocked her head. “No. Everything is fine.” She said trying to sound confident. ‘I think…’

    “Hey, Mary told me you were going to tell me something.” She said, looking at her friend.

    “She didn’t tell me anything, but she sent me this letter. It’s for you; I don’t know what’s inside or why you’re going there, though. She didn’t tell me.” Sam said handing her a letter she had in her pocket.

    “She said she wants me help her to prevent someone from stealing some Pokemons. Wanna know what the letter says?” she asked her.

    “Yeah, I’m curious. Open it and read, please.” She said pleading and very curious.

    “Ok. It says: ‘When you read this you should be going to Fortree City. Go there to the gym and meet Winona, the gym leader, battle her for her badge. Then, go to my old house there and to my room. Once you’re in there, get the badges that I have; they are not real, though but for anyone who sees them they would think they are. I need you to infiltrate where the Pokemons are, they’ve been stolen before planned. If they think you’re a trainer you should be able to enter where they are, and get them back. Tell Sam to pick you up the next day you battle Winona and get the badges, which must be a week after you read this. Tell her to take you to Lilycove City, when you get there I’ll sent you another letter with more instructions at the Pokemon Center. Good luck. Mary.’” Cynthia read out loud.

    Sam and Cynthia looked at each other in confusion. Then Cynthia read the letter quickly again to herself and looked back up to her friend.

    “This is weird. One, why does she wants my help when she could have asked you, you’re stronger than me, and two she talking like she ordering us, not asking us. She is not like that, even when it comes to complicate and dangerous situations she never gives orders.” said Cynthia thinking out loud.

    She is right. When I talked to her in the phone she was like that, too. So not her…….. A trap…she had two different tones of voice. One, the one sending order and the other one that was like weak and hurt…… should I tell Cynthia?… “Sam was struggling with her thoughts. “…maybe is just a joke, Cynthia’s birthday will be soon and she likes to do that kind of thing. She did something like that for my birthday and everyone thought she had gone mad… yeah must be that, a joke.’ She thought trying to convince herself and decide to not tell Cynthia anything related to Mary.

    While somewhere in Hoenn…

    The shadowy figure of a girl with wavy hair was sitting on a leather chair; looking at a screen. On the screen were Misty’s sister and their friend, Dorien, who was the leader of a private gym in Johto. They were surrounded by some men with black-and-white uniform and in front of each man was a pokemon, which most of them were Voltorb and Electrode and some Mightyena. Misty’s sisters were terrified and were hugging each other and Dorien was standing in front of them protectively. Then those men threw a rope. The girl who was looking through the screen was enjoying that until someone knocked the door.

    “Come in.” she growled and turned to the door.

    The same girl who had read Cynthia’s e-mails entered into the dark room and kneeled in front of the girl. She still had the little red light on her neck, which was being half cover with her hair. She was wearing long, black boots that ended above her knees, a black mini-skirt which was also black, a black blouse with little of white at the end of the sleeve and a white vest, which had a black line at the middle of it, where the sipper went.

    “Just to communicate that the girls are in their way to Hoenn.” Said the recently-arrived girl.

    “Good. Now, I just want to hear that phase one-“ She started saying pleased but was cut off by a boy who had just entered and also kneeled down like the girl did.

    “It’s complete. Phase one it’s complete, my master.” Said the boy.

    He was tall, had short hair and was wearing a black-and-white uniform just like the girl, who was on her knees, did. Except his instead of a skirt it was a pair of pants and instead of having boots that high they were shorter, the high of rain boots. The boy also had a little red light on his neck, like the other girl did but it was being cover with the neck of the vest.

    “Great job, you two. Soon we’ll proceed to phase two. As for now you, Mary, will continue with what you have been doing so far.” Said the girl that was sitting on a chair and previously had been watching the screen behind her.

    “Yes, my master.” Said Mary monotonously.

    “You may go now.” Said the girl to Mary. Mary stood up and exited through the door.

    “And as for you,” said the girl standing up and walking to the boy then she kneeled and put her hand over his chick rubbing it gently. The boy looked up to her. “I have something special store for you. Are you ready to meet an old friend, darling?” continued softly but sinister, as sinister as the smirk she put on her face after saying that.

    The boy looked blank at her. “Your wish it’s my command.” He answered monotonously, like some kind of robot just the same way Mary had done.

    The girl smiled evilly. “I love to hear that.” She said as she got closer to him and whispered something in his ear.

    After she had done telling him his new orders he stood up and exited the room. The girl also stood up and walked back to where she had been sitting and sat again. The she looked back at the screen she had been looking at, now Misty’s sisters and Dorien were unconscious and tied with a rope. She laughed evilly. ‘Everything is according to plan.’ She thought while laughing.

    Sorry, no shipping in this chapter. I'll try next one, but I don't think I will be using any shipping next one, either. I have something prepare for later, though. By the way, I need to know who would like me to send you a PM when I update. So far, I have mistygurl and Mysteria Pearl.
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    Good chapter, I like the way it's unraveling. The first few chapters I can understand are slow because they set up the story. A very good fic so far, especially for someone taking english as a 2nd language! I can't wait for the next chapter!
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    wow! Great chapters! OOH! I'm dying with anticipation! AHHHHHH! I just simply can't wait until the next chapter comes out! but there was one part in the last chapter that the grammar was a little messed up

    “Listen, I know you are still in Kanto. I need you to do me a favor. Go to Pallet Town’s Port to pick up Cynthia in one week and bring her to Hoenn, to Fortree City.” She said very hostile. It should be somthing more like

    She said, very hostiley. (Is that a word?)


    She said, very hostile-like. Anyhoo, they were great chapters even if the 5th chapter didn't have any shippyness! :d I really love your work and will be anxiously waiting for chapter 6!

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    Hi, well here it is Chapter 6, I hope you like it.

    Dark MissingNo.: thanks for reviewing.
    Mysteria Pearl: Thanks for reviewing and correcting me. It's a great help.

    Haven’t you ever had a dream that seems so real and you think it’s actually happening? Haven’t it ever happened to you that you can actually feel it? Though, even if it seems so real you can tell it’s just dream if it’s too perfect to be true. Sometimes when that happens, don’t you feel like you don’t want to wake up to reality? Well, we have to wake up from our dreams even if we don’t want to. We can’t live in a dream world forever but we can escape to our dream world whenever we want but we have to remember and learn to differ reality from fantasy…

    Chapter 6: Getting ready

    Few hours have past since her friend left the gym and she still had to do her chores, now she was feeding the pokemons at the aquarium. Horsea, Luvdisc, Corsola, Politoed, Starmie, Staryou and the Goldeens were enjoying their food. The other Pokemons were with Misty’s sister, they had taken them with them in case they may need them.

    Psyduck, who was sitting near Misty and had finished its food looked up at the bucket were she had some of the other pokemons’ food. It stood up and walked up to the bucket, with both of its hand in its head, it looked inside and saw some more food and it tried to ate it but it only gained to get its head stuck on the bucket. Feeling sorry for itself, it started trying to get out but it couldn’t so it began to shriek asking for help. She Misty noticed she ran up to it and helped it out. Psyduck sigh heavily after being release from its prison, when Misty was about to started scolding it for trying to eat some of the other Pokemons’ food the door of the Gym open and someone was requesting a battle with the gym leader. Misty let go of Psyduck and made her way to the lobby of the Gym where the person who had entered the Gym was.

    “Coming just wait a second, please!” she said while going upstairs, raising her voice just to be sure the person would hear her.

    Misty saw a boy when she approached to the entrance hall. He was looking at some pictures and announcements of the shows that were on the walls of the lobby. Misty stepped into the lobby and saw a boy with his back facing her. He turned around to face her when he heard her entered the hall.

    He was wearing blue-jeans, a black T-shirt. He had black, blue eyes and pale skin. He also looked around sixteen years old.

    “Hi.” They said at the same time. “My name is Chaud.” Said the young trainer.

    “I’m Misty. So, you came to challenge me?” Asked Misty, looking at the boy.

    The boy looked at her back. ‘She is not who I’m looking for; she must be the gym leader. Hmm, well I’ll battle her and ask then I’ll ask.’ Thought the boy, while looking at Misty. Then he realized what she had said about the challenge. “Yes, I came to challenge the gym leader, but I thought I’d had to battle your assistance before challenging you.” Said Chaud.

    Misty put one of her hand behind her neck and the other one on her waist before talking. “Well, she had to go” she started. “She was helping me, but she had to go to Hoenn. So, now, I will be the one doing all the battling.”

    ‘Damn it. I wanted to battle both of them and see if her assistance was really her.’ Thought Chaud. “Too bad, I wanted to battle both of you. I heard that the gym’s assistance had not only water pokemon but other types and I wanted to battle her non-water pokemons, too. Guess I’ll have to go look after her to have my battle.” Said Chaud to Misty with a harsh tone.

    “Huh? By the way your talking I’d say you’re more interest in battling than in getting the cascade badge.” Said Misty.

    “That’s right. I don’t care about the badge. I’m more interest on improving my skills.” He said. ‘I hope she’d tell me where exactly this girl is. I have to see her and verify if it’s really her.’ He thought in a bit of daydreaming. “Let’s just battle, ok?” He said with a cranky attitude when he snapped out of his thoughts.

    Misty looked at him oddly. ‘He is kinda weird.’ Misty thought. “Fine. Follow me.” She said coolly.

    They walked through a corridor and into the pool area, or what would be their battle arena.

    Before they started battling, the front door opened. Misty and Chaud heard it opening. Misty told him to wait for a moment and then she ran to the lobby she was minutes earlier.

    “Tracey!” she said surprised.

    Tracey had put two big packages of Pokemon food on the floor, when he heard his name he immediately looked up to Misty.

    “Hiya, Mist” He replied. “I thought you might need this. Professor Oak, say hi to you, same with Ash’s mother.” Said Tracey, and pointing to the two big bundles.

    “Thanks, Tracey. Hey, think you can do me a favor? I’m about to start a battle and-“she was cut off by Tracey, who already knew what she wanted.

    “You want me to be the referee of your battle, right?” said Tracey grinning.

    She looked a little embarrass. “Yeah.” She answered quietly.

    “Sure! Let’s go, it’s gonna be interesting. It’s been ages since I’ve seen you battle.” Commented Tracey. Misty gave a little laugh, while they were walking to the pool area.

    Misty entered with Tracey to the pool area, while talking to him. Chaud turned around when he heard people talking behind his back.

    “Chaud,” said Misty looking at him “this is Tracey, a friend of mine. He would be the referee for this match. Ok?”

    “It’s fine with me.” Said Chaud monotonously, and with his eyes close.

    Misty ran to the other side of the pool and took her position facing Chaud while Tracey did the same thing, taking his position as the referee. Once, he was in his position he said the rules.

    “This battle will be a two on two-“started Tracey but was cut off by Chaud.

    “Wait. I don’t have time to have a two-on-two battle.” He said looking at Tracey, and then at Misty. “Can we just battle a one-on-one battle?” asked Chaud, looking seriously at her.

    Misty and Tracey where a little surprise by this besides, the rules were the rules. Misty considered having a one-on-one battle though; she really had a lot of things to do. She had got use to Cynthia’s presence that was always helping her and sharing Misty chores but now that she wasn’t there she was already behind schedule. She hadn’t finished giving they’re food to the pokemons, not all, just Gyarados. Gyarados was the only pokemon who could fight right now, they others needed to eat in other words they needed energy they didn’t have to a battle.

    Misty breathed deeply. “Ok, it would be a one-on-one battle.” She decided.

    Tracey nodded his head. “This will be a one-on-one battle with no time limit. The winner of the match will be declared the winner when one of the Pokemons is unable to battle. Begin the match!” shouted Tracey putting both of his hands up and a signal of the beginning of the battle.

    “Come out, Scizor!” shouted Chaud while throwing his pokeball. A white light appeared from the ball when it hit the floater, and then it changed into a Scissor. “Scizor!” it yelled out.

    Misty gulped but tried to control herself, she breathed deeply and tried to relax. ‘Why did he have to choose a bug?! Ok, focus.’ She thought. “Come out, Gyarados!” She shrieked and Gyarados emerged from the pool, where it was resting. Gyarados came into view and growled to its opponent, intimidating it.

    “Scissor, use quick attack.” Said Chaud.

    Scissor tackled Gyarados with a tremendous speed but it didn’t make a lot of damage. It only made him step back a little and growl because of the hit, but it recovered itself quickly.

    “Flamethrower, Gyarados!” shouted Misty.

    Gyarados started charging its powerful attack at scissors. Chaud just smirked a little knowing how to repeal that attack. He had heard from other trainers that her Gyarados could use fire attacks, that’s why he had chose Scizor because it could repeal the attack.

    “Scizor, use swords dance,” commanded Chaud.

    Scizor began spinning in the same spot it was, gaining speed as the seconds past. Gyarados launched its attacked and hit directly to where Scizor was but the attack was repealed. Misty looked shocked.

    The swords dance of Scizor had acted as a giant ventilator and Gyarados’ attacked went around Scizor. That technique looked familiar to her but couldn’t recall where she had seen it before.

    “Come on, you can do better than that or is that all you can do?” asked Chaud mockingly. “I thought you were tougher, everyone in town says you’re the strongest. I wonder if it’s the strongest girl in town or just the strongest leader of this gym. Everyone knows this is the most pathetic gym of all Kanto. Still, I thought you’d give me a better battle.” Said Chaud smirking a little; he wanted to make her mad.

    Misty frowned, she was about to lose her temper but tried her hardest to control herself, and she had to keep her cool if she wanted to finish him off. She breathed deeply trying to relax when she remembered something, the battle between Ash and Bugsy. That’s where she had seen that strategy before the same thing had happened. Unfortunately, for Chaud she knew the flaws of that strategy. She was going to do the same thing Ash did during his match.

    “I’m gonna make you eat your words! You’ll see how tough I can be! And show you how this gym has changed!” said Misty trying to keep her cool but failing. “Gyarados prepare another flamethrower,” ordered Misty.

    Gyarados did as told and prepared another flamethrower. Chaud smirked, thinking he would be the victor and that his strategy was the perfect one.

    “Swords Dance, again, Scizor.” Said Chaud as Scizor started to spin just as it did last time.

    “Gyarados now, go closer.” Said Misty.

    “Getting close won’t make any difference. Scizor will just repeal the attack again.” Said Chaud.

    Gyarados went closer to Scizor who was spinning really fast and all it could be see was something was spinning, it was spinning so fast it seem like Scizor had lose its color and was now white.

    “Now, Gyarados, flamethrower but launched over its head!” said Misty smiling to herself.

    Gyarados did as that and the flamethrower combined with the sword dance of Scizor looked like a flaming tornado. Scizor kept spinning for few seconds, before it fall onto its back all burned.

    Tracey was about to call Misty as the winner of the battle. However, Scizor stood up, shaking a little. It glared at Gyarados, and Gyarados glared back. Tracey and Misty were surprised; they hadn’t expected that a Scizor could actually resist that attack, which was a direct hit and not only that Scizor was part steel and bug Pokemon so that attack should have made four times more than normal damage.

    “My pokemon doesn’t give up easily and nor do I. Let’s continue.” Said Chaud, monotonously.

    Tracey elevated both of his hands on the air and let them fall as he called to resume the match.

    “Scizor, synthesis.” Ordered Chaud.

    The pokemon recovered itself for the damage caused by Gyarados. Misty looked surprised once again, and then she frowned. Her opponent wasn’t going to be easy, not if his pokemon new any other grass-type attack, like solar beam.

    “Gyarados, use hydro pump attack,” Misty told her pokemon, which obeyed instantly.

    Gyarados aimed his powerful attack at Scizor but it failed, Scizor was too fast and dodged the attack without receiving any order.

    The battle continued like that for several minutes, Gyarados launching its attacks but most of the time Scizor dodged them. From time to time, Scizor also attacked but Gyarados also dodged some of them. Both of the pokemon were getting tired.

    Gyarados was on the pool panting a little and give some bruises and so did Scizor, both of them were as tired as the other. Chaud and Misty notice that and knew they could not keep up like that; soon both of their pokemons will be completely exhausted.

    “Hey, Misty both of our pokemon are getting tired. What do you think if we use our most powerful attacks and see which one will be the last one standing?” asked Chaud, looking at their pokemons.

    “I was thinking exactly the same thing.” Misty said looking at him. “Think you can do it Gyarados?” she asked her pokemon.

    “What about you, Scizor? Think you can use one final attack?” Chaud asked.

    Gyarados and Scizor nodded at the same time to their respective trainers. Neither pokemon was ready to give up. They were going to try their best to win this match for their trainers.

    “Gyarados/Scizor hyper beam” Misty and Chaud shouted at the same time.

    Gyarados started charging the attack, little sparks were appearing in its mouth and a ball of light orange and yellow color was being formed. Scizor was doing the same except it had it claws opened at two yellowish balls were forming on them. When the attacks were ready they launched them, at the same time, both of the attacks hit themselves and an explosion occurred forming a big and thick cloud of smoke. It took a little of time before the smoke disappeared from the battlefield completely. The three of them were anxious to know who the victor of the match was and were surprised to see how the battle had ended.

    The two pokemons were fainted; Gyarados was on the water floating with swirls in its eyes and Scizor on the floater with also swirl as eyes.

    Tracey put of his hand in the air, “both of the pokemons are unable to battle which means it’s a tie.” Said Tracey and then put down his hands.

    Misty held Gyarados’ pokeball up and aim at it, “return, Gyarados” she said before returning it to its pokeball. “You really did a great job. Gyarados I’m proud of you. Now you deserve a nice and long rest.” She said to the pokeball that was holding in her hand in front of her.

    Chaud did the same as Misty. “Return.” He said to Scizor. “Good job, now rest.” Said to the pokeball in front of him. He then walked up to Misty.

    “I guess I owe you an apology… for what I said before” he started, saying in really quiet tone of voice almost as whisper and at the floor he was too ashamed of himself for what he had said. “…Sorry…” he said, so low that was almost inaudible.

    Misty barely heard him, she smile at him and then said “Apology accepted.” He looked up to her, slightly surprise but didn’t show it. “It was an interesting battle. I don’t know what people have told you, but it’s not easy to get the cascade badge in this gym. Now that I’m in charge of it I won’t let anyone win the cascade badge.” Said Misty.

    “I sure that many trainers will think twice before saying what I said.” He assured her.

    “I hope so. I want to change the reputation of this gym.” replied Misty “Oh! Wait here a moment please.” Said Misty running towards one of the exists in the battlefield.

    “Where did she go?” Ask Chaud looking at Tracey.

    “I’m not sure.” Answered Tracey looking at the direction where Misty had disappeared.

    Seconds later Misty returned with something in her hand. “Take it. The Cascade Badge, you earned it.” Said Misty presenting to him the cascade badge over the palm of her hand.

    Chaud looked at it from her hand but didn’t even touch it. “Why are you giving it to me? I didn’t win the match.” Said Chaud to Misty.

    “You would have won it if you hadn’t asked me to battle one-on-one. You see, I was feeding my pokemons before you came, they weren’t completely ready to battle, and Gyarados was the only one. If we had had a two-on-two battle you probably would have win it. So take it, it’s yours.” Explained Misty.

    Chaud still didn’t touch it he continued staring at it. “No, next time. I’ll train harder and next time we battle I’ll get that badge.” He said determinately.

    “Have it your way.” Answered Misty, closing her hand and putting the badge in her pocket.

    “By the way, where is your assistant? In what part of Hoenn?” Chaud asked suddenly.

    Misty looked at him being slightly surprise by his question. “I don’t know. All I know is that she went to Hoenn.” She simply replied.

    “Could you at least tell me when did she parted to Hoenn? And what’s her name?” he asked her urgently. ‘For what the other trainers told me ‘bout the Cerulean Gym assistance it was her. The way they described her…’ he thought but snapped quickly out of it.

    Misty looked him being taken aback by his question. “She went to Pallet Town’s Port today, she was going to be taken to Hoenn in a private yacht at five, I think. Her name is Cynthia.” Said Misty looking at him confused. “Why?” she suddenly asked him.

    Chaud looked at her, surprise but didn’t show it. “I want to and battle her.” He simply said.

    Misty looked at him oddly. Didn’t this boy care about anything besides battling? He reminded her a little of Ash, too. His desire to be the best and how excited he always was each time they were close to a Gym and close to get his next badge. Misty’s mind started to travel back in time, when she was traveling with him and Brock and later on with Tracey on the Orange Islands; until someone speaking snapped her out of her thoughts and memories.

    “Well, I must go now. Good-bye, Tracey, Misty.” Said Chaud while nodding when he said their names and then went out through the door he had entered when he entered the gym.


    Outside the Cerulean Gym, Chaud took out his Pokegear and called someone. “Hi. Fine. Ok, I’ll do it but, could you send someone to take me to Hoenn? Ok. Yes. Got it. See ya then.” And with that he hung up.

    He looked at the sky which had different shades of colors, and at the white-full-moon that will be present that night. He breathed the clean, pure air as a breeze past. 'Soon I’ll be back home. Back to Hoenn.’ He thought as he took out one of the pokeball he had on his vest and released a Charizard.

    “Charizard, let’s go to Vermilion city. Soon we’ll be back home, my friend.” He said to his Pokemon as the Pokemon growled in joy. “But before that we have to go to Fortree City.”

    Few Days Later…

    The night would soon present itself by the Cynthia have finally arrived to a forest close to Fortree City. Her friend, Sam, left her as close as she could but she had to go now to visit her family in an island close by.

    “Thanks, Sam.” She said hugging her friend and with a big smile.

    “No prob. Take this.” She said handing over a blue and white Pokegear. “I had completely forgotten about it. Mary gave me this for you like a month and a half ago. She thought I would see you, when I went to Kanto, but you know I didn’t and I just remember to give it to you now. Oh, and this is for you it may help you incase you see a Pokemon you don’t know.” She added giving her a Pokedex. “In this forest you may run into one Pokemon you’ve never seen, so this might help you.”

    “Oh, thank you so much! For everything… Come in… a week? I think by that time I’ve already beaten Winona, or at least I hope. There are new rules and the leader probably is very strong. So a week, ‘k?” She said taking the Pokegear and Pokedex and hugging her friend.

    “Ok. See ya!” said Sam returning the hug. “Now, you better give your all and try your best to win that gym battle. Good luck.” Said again after parting the hug.

    Cynthia started walking up a little hill and when she got to the top, turned back and waved her friend for few seconds before she began to walk into the forest.

    While Ash and Company, Hoenn…

    Ash and company had just arrived to Fortree City, and went to look for the Gym leader who was at the festival of the city. They had found her on ‘the Square’ of the city; she has been helping taking some kids to fly with her on her Skarmory. She had promised Ash they would battle after the festival but Team rocket started stealing pokemons and ruined their plans. Ash and Winona, the gym leader, fought Team Rocket to get the pokemons back, Skarmory used its drill peck attacked and sent flying Team rocket with its famous “Team Rocket's been blasting off again!” phrase. By the time, all that was over it was beginning to grow dark so Winona told Ash they would battle the next day.

    Like Ash would have to wait until the next day, they went to the Pokemon Center where Nurse Joy greeted them cheerful and was freaked out by Brock’s behavior, luckily for her Max grabbed his ear and pulled him away from her. Nurse Joy thanked him, and May told her if there was a room for them.

    “Yes.” She answered looking to May and her friends, then she looked down and grabbed a key on the key holder she had on her desk. “Here.” She said giving the key to May.

    “Thanks, nurse Joy.” Said May.

    “You’re welcome.” Replied Nurse Joy with a smile.

    “Guys, let’s eat something. I’m starving.” Said Ash with his hand on his stomach while his stomach was growling.

    Everyone sweat dropped, including some trainers who where going to the cafeteria of the Pokemon Center, because of the loudness of Ash’s stomach growls.

    They guys made their way to the Pokemon Center’s cafeteria, with Max dragging a heart-broken Brock by the ear since he didn’t want to leave his ‘True Love’.

    A few minutes later a mysterious girl entered the pokemon center, she was wearing black glasses with a hat, navy pants and a long coat that covered her neck. She walked up to Nurse Joy.

    “Welcome, how may I help you?” Nurse Joy asked happily.

    The girl took out a letter from one of her pockets and handed to nurse Joy.

    “Give this to a girl name Cynthia. She will be here today or tomorrow; it’s really important.” The strange girl said to Nurse Joy.

    Nurse Joy nodded in understanding and placed the letter with the other messages she had form other people that were staying at the Pokemon center and haven’t come back from wherever they went.

    Nurse Joy was about to ask for the girl’s name in case ‘Cynthia’ wanted to know who sent it to her; but the mysterious girl was gone. No body was around the lobby silence filled the room. Nurse Joy shrugged and went back to her chores at the computer.

    Meanwhile outside the Fortree City Gym…

    Winona was walking up the stairs to her gym, to let rest her Pokemon for the upcoming battle with Ash that would take place the next day. By the time she reached the last step she saw someone in the shadows. She could see it was the outline of a girl. Winona stood there looking at her for few seconds.

    “Could you introduce yourself and tell me what is your propose of being here?” asked Winona, still staring at the shadow of the girl.

    The girl came out of the shadow and closer to Winona.

    “I’m Cynthia and I came to challenge you for your badge.” Said the mysterious girl, now out of the shadows, walking up to where Winona where and stepping into the light.

    “My pleasure, but I’m afraid that today is too late. What do you think if we have our battle tomorrow?” Answer Winona.

    “Ok, then. I’ll be here by nine o’ clock. Is that an appropriate time?” asked Cynthia, standing in front of Winona.

    “That time is fine with me. Now if you excuse me, I have some things to do.” Said Winona walking to the entrance of the Gym.

    Cynthia moved out of her way and let her pass. “Ok, see you tomorrow.” Said Cynthia, walking down the stairs. “Until tomorrow.” Replied Winona, watching the girl goes to the city.

    At the Pokemon Center…

    After some minutes, the entrance of the Pokemon Center opened again. Another girl entered the Pokemon Center, she looked a little tired and sleepy, too. Nurse Joy greeted her as happily as she always does with everyone.

    “Good evening, may I help you?” asked Nurse Joy politely with a smile.

    “Good evening, yeah. May I have a room?” answered the tired girl, forcing herself to give Nurse Joy a smile in return.

    “Of course.” Said nurse Joy, looking down at her desk for a key to one of the available rooms, but then she saw the envelope that strange girl had gave it to her. Nurse Joy grabbed the key and looked up to the girl.

    “Here. Excuse me, is your name Cynthia?” asked Nurse Joy handing over the key.

    “Yes, that’s my name. How did you know?” asked the girl oddly.

    “A girl just came and told me to give you this.” Said Nurse Joy giving the envelope to Cynthia.

    Cynthia looked strangely and a little confuse. “Uh?” the she said the handwriting with her name. ‘Mary’ she thought. She took the envelope and thanked Nurse Joy before going to her room.

    She opened the door of her room. It was a small room for one person only, since it had only one bed. It also had a couch, a desk with a lamp, a small bathroom with everything, a window with curtain that at the moment were close. There was also a bedside table with a little night lamp on it and a small clock with the time glowing in green.

    She didn’t bother to turn on the lights or see what time it was. All she wanted to do was sleep. She saw in the shadow a bed and a desk and next to the bed a nightstand. She left her backpack next to her bed and put the enveloped over the desk across the room and then she threw herself into the bed, closed her eyes. She was so tired she fall instantly asleep fully dress. She was so tired she forgot to close her door.


    Ash, Brock, Max and May had just finished eating their dinner. They were walking to their room, while commenting about the food they just ate.

    “Umm, I was really hungry. The food was so good; I hope that tomorrow comes fast so I can eat breakfast.” Commented Ash.

    “Ash, can’t you think in somethin’ else than food?” asked May, shocking her head after Ash’s comment.

    “Yeah, my next badge! Tomorrow that badge will be ours, right Pikachu?” asked Ash to his yellow partner, which was as always in his shoulder.

    “Pikachu.” Answered the Pokemon in agreement putting one of its paws in its chest.

    “Hey Ash, what pokemons are ya usin’?” asked Max, with a hint of curiosity.

    “Hmm…” said Ash crossing his arms, beginning to think about it. “I dunno. I’ll decide tomorrow.” Said Ash after a while.

    “Hey guys, what y’all think of having some sleep for Ash battle tomorrow.” Suggest Brock.

    Ash yawned. “I think that’s a great idea.” Said Ash sleepily.

    “Yeah, let’s go to sleep.” Agreed May and Max in unison.

    They walked down the corridor to their room and the door of the room that was in front of theirs was open. The lights were off, but it was visible that someone was sleeping on the bed, her feet were touching the floor and the rest of her body was over the bed. The guys saw this, but thought she was awake just laying down there. As they got closer to their room they saw that the person was a girl and she had fallen asleep so they decide to close the door for her. Brock closed her door and they entered the room he and his friend will be sharing and that Max had opened.

    In Cynthia’s Dream…

    She was standing in a place somehow familiar to her and one of her hands was touching something but she wasn’t sure what. All she knew it was something hard and was helping her to keep her balance since she was at the edge of a cliff, and below was the ocean and some rocks. She was staring at a sunset, well not really, but was looking in that direction. She then heard someone calling her from far away, or she thought, because the voice was almost impossible to hear. She was sure she would see someone far away when she’d turned. She turned around and saw someone right in front of her! So close that she was taken aback, she freaked out and that cost her to lose her balance because she let go of whatever was helping her to keep her balance.

    Being at the edge of the cliff as she was, she thought she was a goner for a second but then a boy caught her immediately when he saw she was about to fall, he had put his arms around her waist to not letting her fall and pull her towards him.

    She was a bit shocked. She practically saw herself falling down the cliff; however, she was now in the arms of a boy she felt she knew but didn’t know who he was. He hugged her tightly as he excuse himself for scaring her almost killing unintentionally. She did not make a single movement for a moment then she started patting his back. It was something weird for her because she knew he was talking and what he was saying, but she couldn’t hear his voice. She tried to see his face but failed because of his tight hug.

    After saying how sorry he was, at least ten times, he looses his grip but refused to let her go. She was confused; she tried to see his face now that she could although she just stared at his eyes, at his blue eyes, as she got lost in them. Next thing she knew, she was hugging him tightly. The strange thing was she saw herself hugging him but it was like she was in other place. They were at the edge of a cliff and she was behind them, looking at herself and him from some woods. She saw herself telling him something that apparently made him very happy because he was now holding her up in the air and dancing in circles while both began to laugh.

    She woke up; she felt confused and had a lot of questions in her mind. Who was that guy? Why did she feel she knew him? Was he real? Would she someday meet him? Why when she was with him she felt something she had never felt before? Why couldn’t she stop thinking about it? And why, now, she couldn’t remember the color of his eyes when she had been looking at him straight into his eyes? She stopped asking herself questions when acknowledged the way she had been laying on the bed and also that she hadn’t change. She quickly looked up at the clock. It show 3:49 a.m. but then it changed to 3:50 a.m. She groaned, knowing that she would have to set the alarm clock just in case she oversleeps. She set the alarm and went back to sleep trying to stop think about her dream.
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