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    I'm going to go ahead and set this all up and put up the prologue in the next post.

    Rated R for: Language throughout, Scenes of Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, and Thematic Material

    This is very, very important that people read this, especially moderators because I don't particularly want to cause trouble, or hurt anyone on a deeper level what with psychological triggers and the content and concepts that will come up.

    This story, as it progresses will feature a character who is brutally attacked and raped much later in the story. This version will not actually show the more explicit content (yes, I will have another version; and I won't link it here, like I said, trying to stay within the rules here), the implication should be enough. The story focuses on the characters and how they deal with their problems and it isn't necessary to show this. It also involves the relationships between Humans and Pokémon, which includes possible romantic involvements as well, so if that makes you uncomfortable in any way, I ask you shy away immediately. Relationships between individuals is a central theme, and both human and Pokémon relationships will be shown, although it's not the only plot because it's not a shipping fic (at least not solely).
    The violence is not a constant, but there are scenes with a lot of gore once the main antagonists are introduced.
    Language is going to be fairly constant, but I don't mind the censors, it's not particularly important, just local color.

    If you skipped the above, READ IT, I don't want any trouble, nor do I want anyone in trouble. If this winds up closed and deleted, I understand, and I have no qualms with such a thing.

    It has been 12 years since the events of Black and White 2, and Unova has been in the dark ever since. They have cut off all contact with the rest of the world, until now, when Champion Hilbert Black declared war on the other six regions. The world waits to see what he will do.

    Andrew Faulkner, a young boy from Aspertia City, receives his first Pokémon and is enrolled in Cheren's Trainer School. He begins the most devastating and incredible journey in his life.

    A group of killers emerges on the world scene as they stalk and brutally kill members of the Pokémon Leagues. Their motives are unknown and their intent is unstoppable.

    A cult rises praising the value of life, performing incredible miracles beyond belief and seem to be connected to the

    The Champions of the world gather to counter the upcoming threats in the first annual Champion's Summit.
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    Please read the Fan Fiction Rules before posting.
    Quote Originally Posted by Psychic View Post

    Rules for Writers: How to post a fic

    4) You must post your story within fifteen minutes of starting the thread.
    If your thread will contain a single work (such as a one-shot or a single poem), then it must be in the first post. However, if it will contain multiple segments or parts (such as in a chapter fic, an anthology of poems or drabbles, etc) you do not have to post the first installment in the very first post. In this case, you must then post it no more than fifteen minutes later. This means that for the latter, you have different options of what to put in the first post, such as:
    • author’s notes
    • background information
    • chapter index
    • PM list
    • a prologue
    • the first chapter

    If part of your story is not in the first post, then you must post it immediately afterwards – we will check the post time. Saying “I will post my fic later” is not acceptable. Similarly, you must post the entire chapter at once – don’t divide a chapter into multiple posts or only write up half of it and edit in the rest later. The exception to this is if your chapter is too long to fit onto one post. Please also note that you cannot link to your fic on another site.

    6) Provide adequate warnings.
    While it is not necessary to rate your fic, you must include warnings in the first post. This indicates what readers can expect in regards to mature themes, violence, blood/gore, sexual content and strong language/swearing. If a new chapter has mature content that has not previously been warned for, include it at the start of the chapter. Evading the swear filter is allowed within the context of a story.

    Some content must be approved by a mod before they can be posted. This includes any content that would require an R-rating, such as intense, graphic violence/gore, sexual scenes, scenes of rape/abuse and similar topics. As a child-friendly forum, descriptive nudity, detailed sex and fetishes are not allowed here, period.
    The first problem is that it's been over twelve hours and you haven't actually posted any part of the story yet. Secondly, while you did warn about the content, nowhere in your post is it indicated that you got a mod's approval for the more mature content. Even before we implemented the new rules, you always had to ask a mod before posting anything that would warrant an R-rating.

    Please be sure to read the rules and speak to a mod about the exact content you intend to include (preferably showing the scenes in question).


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