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Thread: The Saga of Snoflake

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    Default The Saga of Snoflake

    Snowflake woke up. She checked her alarm clok.
    "IM LATE!" She yelled elegantly then sashayed over to her closset. She took out her nice sparkly dress and rainbow hi heels. She put them on. She went downstairs to the bottom flor of the orfanage. She ate bremfest while a lady ho worked t the orfanage screAmed at her. She depressedly went out and cut her self. Then she went over to professor oaks lab.
    "Sorry we don't have any more pokemns he said.
    "WUT DO U MEAN," snot lake shouted at teh top off her lungs. She grabbed teh nearest pokeball and stormed of. She opened it.
    Woah a evvee" she said in depression, thrilled to get her fav pokemon. It was butifuly shiny version, gold wit rainbow ears. She smiled and emediatly new that this evvee was also orfan. She ran away quickly. She stopped in teh woods and set up campfire. Sudenly she herd an astonishing sound. She saw a smal pikachu.
    "Hey Snoflake can u be my trainer," he asked curtly, sliking bak his hansom fur.
    "WOAH U CAN TALK!" Snoflake saad in love. (there gonna be some Snoflake/pikachu action lol be prepared)
    "Lol yeah u can speak pokemon languge you'll get use to it. Anyway I was with ash but he abused me so I gonna bee with you k, teh devishly hansome pokemon said. Snoflake agreed and flipped her golden hair.
    "Sweet lets go to viridian," she said. They walked off into teh sunset.

    pls review acepting critic
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    If you're going to attempt a parody, at least read the Fan Fiction Rules and make some basic attempt at using proper English first. Please do not post again until you have shown you can actually follow the rules.


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