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    Hello again, everyone. What follows is my second Pokémon fanfic, which I began writing in late November of ’04. This is sort of the life story of the glalie Solonn Zgil-Al, a character from my previous fic, The Origin of Storms. While reading that story isn’t crucial to understanding this one, I’ll go ahead and suggest that you read it, as well, because why wouldn’t I? Heh heh heh… Anyway, you’ll find a link to The Origin of Storms in my sig if you’re interested. (Of course, you’ll still find it even if you’re not interested, for that matter.)

    The PG-13 rating is for violence, adult situations, mild language, and other things that are just not very cheerful. Discretion is advised.

    DISCLAIMER: I do not own Pokémon. Any resemblance or reference to any real persons, places, things, or ideas is purely coincidental and unintentional unless explicity stated otherwise by the author. Opinions and statements expressed in this story do not necessarily reflect those of the author. Views expressed by one or more members of any given species within the context of this story are not intended to represent the views of all members of that species within the context of this story or any other context. This story does not strictly or entirely adhere to any form of the established Pokémon canon.


    Chapter 1 – Foreign Relations

    In the depths of Shoal Cave, unknown to humanity at large and almost completely untouched by other species of pokémon, there was a place known by the snorunt and glalie who called it home as Virc-Dho. Here, in a cavern whose ice-covered surfaces glittered eerily in the glow given off by her eyes, a glalie by the name of Azvida Zgil-Al sat waiting.

    Azvida was waiting for two different things in two separate ways and to two varying degrees. She was watching, staring intently at a round, black, featureless egg that was now beginning to shake slightly a couple of times each minute. It was bound to hatch at any moment now. She was also listening, just as she&#146d been doing for months now, waiting for the first sign of an approach that might or might not even come.

    Invoking the power of her element, the glalie spontaneously generated a small heap of snow, which she arranged in a ring around the increasingly animated egg. She knew that the baby would be ravenous upon hatching.

    A grinding sound in the distance caught Azvida’s attention then. Its volume made her wince, not only out of physical discomfort but also concern over others hearing it. She had told him emphatically that he needed to make as inconspicuous an entrance as possible… but, as she reminded herself, the very nature of just what the approaching creature was surely made that especially difficult for him.

    Keeping the egg at the edge of her vision, Azvida only partly turned toward him as he came to a stop in the shadows nearby. “Hello, Grosh.”

    Grosh only grunted in response, his face looking almost ghostly in what little of Azvida’s cyan light touched it.

    Azvida’s attention was quickly monopolized by the egg again as it gave an almighty lurch, rolling straight into the snow that had been piled in front of it. The glalie inhaled with a long, rattling hiss and held her breath, anxiously watching the event that was unfolding before her eyes. The egg gave one last rustle, and then, with a tiny crack, something small and very pointed broke through the shell. With something of a drilling motion, the tip of a cone-shaped head continued to emerge from the hole it had made, cracking it open wider and wider until finally the egg simply fell apart.

    Amidst the broken eggshells, there now sat a tiny male snorunt. He tried to stand up, only to immediately fall right over. His conical body rolled pitifully as he attempted in vain to right himself.

    Azvida could not suppress the gale of hissing, elated laughter that came forth then. She rose from the ground and descended upon the snorunt, picking him up very gently and carefully and then setting him upright once more.

    Her son blinked up at her in curiosity for a moment. Then he noticed the fresh, powdery snow that surrounded him, and he became oblivious to all else.

    Azvida grinned brightly at her new baby. She then looked into the shadows at her side. “Look, Grosh,” she said, her voice alight with pure wonder. “Look at your son. Isn’t he beautiful? Why don’t you come closer? Don’t you want to see him?”

    The shadowed form of Grosh stirred in the darkness. His eyes turned their sight upon the newborn—then turned away. The rest of Grosh immediately followed.

    “Grosh, wait!” Azvida called to him. But Grosh kept moving on, scattering many rocks and chunks of ice in his wake. Within seconds, he was gone, back into the shadows from whence he’d come—never to return, Azvida was certain.

    The new mother sighed. “It’ll just be us, then,” she said as she set herself back down before her son. No surprise, she thought, yet nonetheless she could not deny the pang of disappointment that she felt at Grosh’s departure. “We’ll have to be everything for each other. But I know we can,” she said, hoping to sound reassuring.

    Not that it mattered to the snorunt. He was too focused on the snow, which he was devouring voraciously. Once he’d eaten his fill, he discovered that he could also play in the snow, and he quickly became as engrossed in that activity as he’d been in the one before it.

    Azvida smiled again. “Now, what to call you?” she wondered aloud. She thought about it for a little while, rejecting several potential candidates for her son’s name until one that felt right to her finally came to her mind.

    “I know exactly the right name for you,” Azvida said triumphantly. “You shall be called Solonn.”

    * * *

    A little over seven years into his life, Solonn was deemed old enough to go up to the snowgrounds where he could meet and play with other children. But to get to the snowgrounds, one first had to make one’s way through a rather long series of tunnels, much to his displeasure. This was the farthest that he’d ever had to walk; it was proving to be rather tiring, not to mention quite slow compared to being carried in his mother’s jaws. But since he was getting too big for that, moving himself by the power of his own two feet was the mode of transportation with which he was now stuck.

    That, combined with the fact that the tunnel through which he and his mother traveled looked practically the same through yard after yard, caused his patience to run out fairly quickly. “Are we there yet?” he finally asked, unable to keep himself from whining a bit as he did so.

    “Almost,” Azvida answered, gliding along a few inches off the ground at less than half of her usual pace so as to let the snorunt’s tiny feet keep up with her. “I told you, you’ll know right away when we get there. It’s very different from this place and from every other place you’ve seen.”

    Better be, Solonn thought rather grumpily.

    Shortly thereafter, they arrived at last at the snowgrounds. Solonn saw at once that his mother had been right about this place—it was different. It was a huge, open space, nothing at all like the close confines of the winding tunnels and small caverns that made up the warren in which he lived.

    What he found most remarkable about this place was not its size, however. Rather, it was the fact that the floor of this vast cavern was entirely blanketed in sparkling, white snow, just begging a snorunt to dive right in—which is precisely what Solonn did.

    Azvida laughed. “Have fun with the other kids,” she said, her son poking his head out of the snow at her words. “I’ll be back soon.” With that, she turned and exited, leaving Solonn behind in the field of snow.

    Solonn watched her leave, wishing that she would stay and wondering why she didn’t. He also wondered where those “other kids” of which his mother had spoken were. He didn’t see anyone else there…

    POP! With absolutely no warning, something burst out of the snow, launching out right in front of his face.

    “Aaah!” Solonn was scared right off of his feet. He tumbled over backwards and landed upside-down, his pointed head sticking in the snow, his short legs kicking uselessly.

    He then heard a sound—laughter. Someone was laughing at him—and grabbing his feet. He screamed again as whoever it was started pulling on his legs, which was rather painful. His ambusher didn’t relent until Solonn was quite suddenly extracted from the snow and sent flying from his grasp, landing in the snow several feet away with a whumpf (and fortunately not landing on his head this time).

    Solonn managed to right himself fairly quickly, and as he was doing so, he heard footsteps approaching him. He turned to face the sound and found another snorunt, one who came to a stop a short distance before him. It seemed that he was the one who’d given Solonn that scare.

    Solonn’s eyes flashed in anger. He lunged at the other snorunt, snapping his teeth and missing him by only a fraction of an inch.

    The other snorunt jumped backward away from Solonn, staring back in surprise for a moment. Then he burst out into laughter once more. The moment he did, though, Solonn looked as though he might try to bite him again, making him fall silent in a hurry. He backed up a bit farther and held out his hands as if to keep Solonn at bay.

    “Hey! It’s okay!” the other snorunt said. “I didn’t mean to scare you… well, not that badly, anyway…”

    Solonn hesitated, giving a frown of uncertainty.

    “I’m sorry,” the other snorunt said earnestly. “It was just a joke.” He approached Solonn again, albeit a bit gingerly. “I’m Zilag. Who are you?”

    Solonn hesitated a moment before answering. “…Solonn,” he said finally. “Are there any other kids here?” he then asked warily.

    “Yeah. They’re hiding,” Zilag answered. “Come on out,” he called out, then added, “and don’t scare him!”

    At Zilag’s call, twelve other snorunt popped up out of their hiding places beneath the snow. Solonn remained quite wary of them at first, but through the minutes that passed, they seemed to heed Zilag’s advice; no one attempted to frighten him or to otherwise make a joke at his expense. By the time his mother returned to take him home, Solonn had managed to shed his distrust and reluctance almost completely. As he departed the snowgrounds, he found himself looking forward to returning there.

    * * *

    Solonn was brought to the snowgrounds almost daily from that point onward. As the weeks went by, he and Zilag became very good friends. Every time Solonn returned to the snowgrounds, Zilag was there waiting for him.

    On one day, Zilag gathered eight of his closest friends, including Solonn, to hear his announcement of how they were about to have the “best day ever”.

    “I’ve found something so awesome that you’ll go crazy when you see it,” he said.

    “And what’s that?” Solonn asked.

    Zilag smirked. He rolled up a snowball, turned around, and chucked it with full force into the ground. The snow it struck crumbled away on impact, falling into the rather steep-looking, downward-slanting passageway that was now revealed. The other eight snorunt all drew closer to the hole in order to try and peer down into it, but they were all wary of getting too close to it.

    “Right down there is a portal to another world,” Zilag said in a exaggeratedly grand tone.

    “Yeah, right,” Reizirr said.

    “It’s true!” Zilag insisted. He grabbed her and pushed her face toward the hole, eliciting a very sharp little shriek out of her. “All you have to do to see it is to just go through there.”

    “No, thanks!” Reizirr said as she managed to wriggle away from Zilag.

    “You’re gonna miss out…” Zilag told her. He cast a glance about at each of the others, seeing a lot of uncertain faces looking back at him. Their clear trepidation did nothing to deter him from putting on a huge grin and going on to say, “Okay. Who wants to go first?”

    The others all exchanged nervous glances. Then, in unison, they took a sizable step farther back from the hole.

    “Oh, come on. It’s so cool, I promise… Sical, how about you?” Zilag suggested.

    “No way,” she said firmly.


    Davron responded by shaking his head, insofar as a snorunt can.


    Faroski just turned and left the small crowd, having decided that he’d be better off just watching the others from the opposite side of the cavern.

    Zilag made a noise of frustration. Then he turned to Solonn, who was standing at his immediate left, and said, “I know you’d love it. So come on, go for it.”

    “Uh…” Solonn began doubtfully.

    “It’s just a little slide and then a little climb,” Zilag said with a slight air of impatience. “You’re not a wuss, are you?” he then added.

    “What? No!” Solonn said. He peered down into the hole, wondering just how deep it really was. “I guess I could…”

    “That’s the spirit!” Zilag said cheerfully, and then he shoved Solonn into the hole.

    “Aaaaaah!” Solonn screamed as he found himself rushing down the slide. The tightly-packed snow coating its walls made the ride smoother than it might have been otherwise; by contrast, he was met with a rather rough landing at the bottom, smacking right into a stone wall.

    Solonn pitched backward and fell to the floor, little lights exploding in his vision, his face smarting more than a little. After a few moments, he came back to his senses and became fully aware of his surroundings. He was in a very small chamber made of stone. Before and slightly above him, he saw a hole in the wall, one that was more than wide enough for him to enter.

    Solonn stood and stared with uncertainty into the hole for several seconds, reluctant to enter it. He turned back around and looked back up the length of the snow chute… how in the world was someone supposed to get back up there? Zilag had neglected to explain that detail…

    Sighing, Solonn turned back toward the hole in the wall—there seemed to be no other way to go. Resigned to the only course of action that was presenting itself to him, he hopped up, pulled himself into the hole, and started crawling upward.

    The climb through the secret tunnel was not an experience that he particularly enjoyed. At a couple of points, it was quite steep; Solonn feared that he could easily slip and go tumbling back down the tunnel. Furthermore, the rocky surfaces of the tunnel’s floor and walls were not very comfortable for him to crawl over—one wrong move, and those jagged edges could slice right into a hand or foot, he knew.

    Why, he wondered, had Zilag thought that anyone would like this?

    Quite a while later, Solonn finally reached the end of the tunnel and gratefully hoisted himself out of there. Exhausted, he just lay still for a short time, glad to be on smooth, level ground again.

    Once he’d caught his breath, he got back on his feet and took a look around. He was in a very large cavern which, just as Zilag had promised, was indeed like another world. For one thing, it was much brighter up here than it had been below. Solonn found the source of the illumination overhead: strange, pale light was seeping into the cavern from above, light that was quite strong despite how few of its pale rays managed to penetrate the cracks in the ceiling.

    As Solonn explored with growing curiosity, he found snow, ice and rocks—all of which he could find at home, of course. Here, however, they were just scattered about; rocky, uneven surfaces abruptly gave way to vast, shimmering expanses of smooth, ice-coated floors, and mounds of snow rose randomly over both types of surfaces. This contrasted considerably with the way things looked back in the warren from whence Solonn had come; there, every aspect of the environment had been adapted and conformed by glalie to suit their tastes and purposes. Solonn wondered to what sort of people and purpose, if any, a place like this could possibly belong.

    Right around the next hill of snow, he got his answer.

    He didn’t move. He barely even breathed. The same was true of the creature that stared back at him through her dark-colored eyes.

    Her appearance was stranger than anything Solonn could have ever imagined, especially with regards to the fact that there was a peculiar glow emanating from her entire body. Solonn found himself curiously mesmerized by it. He’d never seen anything like it; he didn’t have that glow, and neither did any of his friends. For that matter, neither did glalie.

    “What… what are you?” Solonn finally worked up the courage to ask.

    “What are you?” the creature countered.

    Solonn was almost too bewildered to answer. This creature even sounded so different… “I’m a snorunt,” he said finally.

    “Oh. Never heard of that… Anyway, I’m a spheal.”

    “I’ve never heard of what you are, either,” Solonn said. As he stared at this creature—this spheal—his curiosity gave rise to a compulsion. “Can… can I touch you?” he asked.

    “Uh… sure, I guess,” the spheal responded.

    Solonn stepped forward after a moment’s delay, feeling quite nervous. His hand shook as it reached out to the spheal. When he touched her, he gasped and pulled his hand back at once, his eyes wide. She felt strange to him, and in a way that was rather startling.

    “What? Is something wrong?” the spheal asked.

    “No… it’s just that you’re so… ” Solonn trailed off and stared with both fear and wonder shining through his eyes as he realized that he knew no word for the way that the spheal felt. He had no way of knowing it, but he had just felt heat for the very first time. Though it hadn’t hurt him, it had definitely made him uneasy.

    In spite of this, however, his curiosity led him to touch the spheal again, and he was not so startled by her warmth this time. Rather, something else caught his fascination.

    “It’s… soft…” Solonn remarked, “and fluffy… What is this stuff you’re covered in?” he asked.

    “Er… that’s fur,” the spheal answered, giving him a funny look.

    “It’s neat,” Solonn said.

    “Uh, sure it is… Hey, could you stop petting me already?” the spheal finally demanded.

    “Oh… sorry,” Solonn said, quite embarrassed, and he took his hands off of the spheal in a hurry.

    Just then, a voice sounded from not too far away—another strange, foreign voice. “Sophine? Where are you?”

    Before Solonn could wonder about the voice’s owner, she came into view. Solonn didn’t know that it was a sealeo who had just arrived on the scene, but judging from the newcomer’s appearance, he was able to guess that she was an evolved spheal.

    “There you are! You can’t keep wandering away from me like that!” she scolded the spheal lightly. Then her gaze fell upon Solonn, and it froze there. “Sophine, get away from that,” she said tensely. “Now. Those things are dangerous.”

    “What? I’m not dangerous!” Solonn protested, stepping forward with his arms outstretched. “Honest!”

    “You stay away from my daughter, you little monster!” the sealeo cried, and then she lunged at Solonn.

    But just then, Sophine screamed, and the sound jarred her mother out of her charge. Her mother looked to see what had frightened Sophine, and then she cried out in fear, as well.

    Confused, Solonn followed the others’ gazes. Now it was his turn to scream—hovering there with an absolutely livid expression was none other than his own mother.

    “Leave him alone!” Azvida spat. With a furious hiss, she darted forward. Her massive teeth snapped together with bone-shattering force bare inches away from the face of Sophine’s mother.

    The sealeo gave a yelping bark as she frantically backed away from the striking glalie. She then gathered up her daughter in a single flipper and waddled off with her as fast as she could go.

    Solonn watched them leave. Then, very nervously, he turned and approached his mother. She turned to face him in an instant, badly scaring him. Azvida then opened her jaws and grabbed Solonn up in her teeth by the top of his head. It caused him pain, making him cry out, but she did not put him down, carrying him in this fashion for the entire duration of the trip back home.

    * * *

    “For the love of all gods, what were you thinking?” Azvida demanded.

    It wasn’t my idea! Solonn thought but didn’t dare say, feeling as though doing such amounted to betraying Zilag, which he most certainly did not want to do. “…I don’t know!” he blurted finally.

    “Well, you’re not going up there again, that’s for sure,” Azvida said, her tone one of strong displeasure. “In fact, you’re not going to be going anywhere for a long time, not even to the snowgrounds.”

    “But… Mom, no! You can’t!” Solonn protested. Surely she had to be bluffing, he figured, or at least hoped.

    “Oh, yes I can, and yes I will! It’s for your own good, Solonn. You have to learn that there are places where you don’t belong, places that are not safe!”

    “Not safe?” Apart from the behavior of the sealeo he’d met there, the cavern above into which he had ventured hadn’t seemed terribly dangerous, just rather strange…

    Azvida lowered her face, her eyes seeming to burn right through Solonn’s. “You think you’re the first who’s ever gone sneaking around up there? There have been plenty of kids before you who have had that bright idea. And you know what? Many of them never came back.”

    “…What happened to them?” Solonn asked in a very small voice, though he wasn’t altogether certain that he really wanted to know.

    “They vanished,” Azvida replied simply. “Taken away by the creatures from above, we suspect,” she elaborated.

    “You mean the spheal? Spheal took them?” Solonn asked incredulously.

    Azvida shook her head. “Other beings. Stranger beings.”

    What could be stranger than a spheal? Solonn wondered, finding himself rather amazed by the notion. He wondered about something else as well. “Mom?”


    “That spheal’s mom… she called me a monster,” Solonn said quietly. “She said I’m dangerous, but I’m not dangerous at all… am I?”

    “What? No, of course you’re not,” Azvida said. “And you’re not a monster, either.”

    “But… then why would she say that?” Solonn asked.

    Azvida sighed. “It’s all right, Solonn. She meant nothing against you personally. It’s just that… well, her kind fear ours. They always have.” She sighed again. “To be fair, they do have a perfectly good reason to.”

    “Well… what is it?” Solonn asked, a little afraid of the sort of answer he might receive.

    Azvida broke eye contact with Solonn. This was not a discussion she’d been in any hurry to have with him—she’d dreaded it as much as the eventual discussion of how eggs are made.

    Reluctantly, she sat down beside him. “There are certain things that every living creature must do to stay alive,” she began uneasily. “We have to breathe. We have to sleep. We have to eat. When living creatures are different, the ways that they keep themselves alive are different, as well. The spheal and their evolved forms, the sealeo and walrein, are different from us, and so they have their own ways that are right for them. Likewise, glalie are different from snorunt. And we have our own ways.

    “Now, one of the ways that living creatures can have different needs is that for some creatures, like snorunt, the things they need to eat in order to live are not alive themselves. But for others… like glalie… well, the things that creatures like us need to eat in order to live are alive.”

    Solonn absorbed that. Then his heart froze. “You… you eat the spheal?” he ventured in disbelief, his voice cracking.

    “Yes,” Azvida answered honestly, “sometimes. But not usually. Usually, we take the winged creatures instead; zubat, they’re called.”

    “It doesn’t matter what they are. You still kill them!” Solonn shouted.

    “Yes,” Azvida said, feeling and sounding very flustered. “Yes, we do, but we do it quickly. We do it gently. It doesn’t hurt them. They just… they just stop. It’s just like going to sleep, only permanently.”

    How can you know that?” Solonn countered. Azvida did not answer. Solonn said nothing more for several minutes, just sitting and shaking silently. Then, with barely any voice at all, he asked, “Why can’t you just eat the snow? Why?”

    “It’s just not enough for us, Solonn,” Azvida said quietly. “Someday, once you’ve evolved, you’ll understand.”

    “No, I don’t want to! I don’t want to grow up and eat people!”

    “Listen, I know how it sounds, but there really isn’t anything wrong with it!” Azvida tried to assure him. “It’s just part of how nature works. And a lot of creatures live this way, too, not just glalie. Even the spheal you met and her people; they feed on creatures called magikarp…”

    But Solonn was not listening anymore, and Azvida knew it. She sighed and spoke no more, and neither of them said anything to one another for the remainder of that day.

    * * *

    After the long weeks separating Solonn from the snowgrounds were finally behind him, he returned there to find Zilag just sitting there alone.

    Solonn was immediately wary. “Where is everyone hiding?”

    “There’s no one else here,” Zilag said gloomily.

    Solonn walked over to him, frowning. “You got me into huge trouble, you know,” he said.

    “Hey, I didn’t get away with it, either!” Zilag shot back.

    “Well, I didn’t tell on you!” Solonn insisted. “I swear!”

    “You didn’t have to,” Zilag said grimly. “My big sister came in and saw me trying to get Dileras to go down that hole. She went straight home and told Mom everything.” He sighed. “And then everyone else’s parents found out, too. Now no one wants to hang out with me cause they’re all scared of getting into trouble again.”

    “Oh…” Solonn sat down beside Zilag. “Well, I’m not worried about that,” he said, although a small part of him really was. “I’ll still hang out with you.”

    Zilag’s eyes widened, and he broke out into a huge grin. “Really? Thanks!”

    It was then that a strange sound caught the attention of both snorunt: a sort of fluttering noise coming from above. Zilag and Solonn looked up and saw its source flying about overhead. It was yet another creature that shone with that strange glow—the glow of heat, Solonn now knew.

    “A zubat,” Solonn guessed aloud in a hushed voice as he gazed up at the newcomer. “What’s that doing here?”

    “I don’t know… I’ve never even seen one of those before,” Zilag said.

    “I bet your parents have,” Solonn said darkly. “My mom told me that the glalie eat those things.”

    Zilag turned to face Solonn at those words and stared incredulously at him for a moment. Then he broke into laughter. “That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard! They do not!”

    “Oh, yes they do,” Solonn said as he continued to watch the zubat flit around, seemingly without direction, near the ceiling of the cavern.

    “No way!” Zilag said, still laughing. “I know! Let’s ask the zubat if it’s true! HEY, ZUBAT!” he shouted.

    The zubat steadfastly ignored the snorunt below, just wanting to focus on getting out of that place. It was bad enough that she’d gotten herself lost there—she didn’t want to add to her troubles by getting herself mixed up with the locals.

    “The zubat’s not listening, Zilag,” Solonn pointed out.

    “Well, maybe this’ll get that thing to listen.” Zilag made a snowball and chucked it into the air, but missed the zubat entirely. His second shot missed, too. “Come on, hold still!” he urged his target, throwing a third snowball. That one very nearly didn’t miss, whizzing past the zubat’s face just a hair’s breadth away.

    The zubat shrieked, then turned on Zilag. Chittering angrily, she fired a spiraling, sparkling confuse ray at him. It struck him before he could do anything to avoid it and instantly and severely disoriented him, leaving him staggering around and screaming intermittently in a spontaneous panic.

    “What did you do to him?” Solonn demanded of the zubat, both scared and angry. The bat’s response was a wing attack, forcing Solonn to duck in a hurry to avoid her as she dove at him, her wings glowing.

    As the zubat arced back up toward the ceiling, Solonn got back up onto his feet, gathered a number of snowballs as fast as he could, and began throwing them at the zubat, but to no avail. He soon had to abandon his assault as the zubat wheeled around for another wing attack; he only barely ducked out of the way in time.

    At this point, Solonn decided to give up on the snowballs. He began to gather ice-type energy… then lost hold of it as Zilag, who was still confused, came stumbling right into him and nearly knocked him over.

    “Hey!” Solonn shouted as he got himself out of the way of his brain-addled friend. He tapped into the power of his element once again, and this time he managed to summon a powder snow attack. It scattered snowflakes all about as it whistled toward the zubat on a small gust—but before it could connect, a similar but much stronger attack, a blizzard, came howling in and blew the powder snow completely off course.

    The blizzard was the work of Azvida, who had apparently just arrived and was clearly quite displeased. “Solonn Ahshi Zgil-Al!” she shouted thunderously. “You stop picking on that poor zubat right this instant; she’s obviously lost here and needs help, not harassment!”

    Azvida’s shouting brought Zilag back to his senses. “Ahshi?” He exploded into giggles. Both Azvida and Solonn glared potently at him—he shut up at once.

    “But Mom, she did something to Zilag! She made him freak out—I couldn’t just let her get away with it!” Solonn said. “And what do you care what anybody does to her, anyway? She’s just meat to you!”

    Azvida’s eyes widened greatly, and their light intensified considerably. “How dare you say such a thing,” she hissed, appalled. “I would never think of such a creature as ‘just meat’. They give us life, and so they’re to be honored and respected.”

    To the zubat, Azvida then said, “You’ll certainly die from the cold if you stay here much longer. If you’ll follow me, I’ll lead you back to where you belong.”

    The zubat made no response, no sound at all other than the faint flapping of her wings as she hovered warily in place.

    “It’s all right,” Azvida said, trying to sound as pleasant and soothing as possible. “I won’t even touch you.”

    The zubat hesitated at first, then flapped a short distance forward. She hesitated again, for longer this time. Finally, though still obviously very uncertain about the whole thing, she descended and began to follow Azvida out of the cavern, though not too closely.

    “Please stay put until I return,” Azvida instructed her son as she left. “Please.” She and the zubat then vanished into the tunnels of the warren.

    As Solonn watched them leave, he found that he was no longer sure whether it was other species or his own that he found more peculiar.


    Next time: Solonn discovers something peculiar. Someone else learns of it, too—the wrong someone. See you then!

    - Sike Saner
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    Hey Sike! Took me a while to read this. Interesting story then again your last story was very interesting too! So far you got the length, the description, the grammer, and the spelling! Wish ya good luck!
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    ;o; Beautiful, just naturally beautiful. I loved the concept you have showed me, it applies deeply to the story and descriptions, in which I love about your Pokemon Novels. Although I haven't read Origins, I'm assuming that it was just wonderful, seeing as this piece of work was a large bit that I greatly adored. Solonn is a very elegant name, I might add at that. Seeing this is the first chapter, I don't usually review much, since it is only beginning. Just keep up the fantastic work.

    Shiftry leapt into the air, shrieking and roaring as she started glowing and absorbing the sun’s light. Leaves shifted and curled at the edges as footsteps sounded on the grass. Her eyes were wide open and crazed, glazed with a white radiance. A slim, dark figure spontaneously crossed overhead, elegant and mysterious as it disappeared within the rose-colored vortex. It all seemed like a medieval fantasy; only reality blended in to make it all seem practical. The new otherworldly essence drifted in, allowing the illumination to bless the woman and reveal herself to the world. Karen had arrived

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    Like, omfg. xPPPPPPP

    This is great. Just like Syra said...

    I like the concept of it all. It's interesting to read a Pokemon Fic.....and such a good one at that. O_O!

    Many kudos to you. I adore Solonn. He's just too cute. And Now I even feel kinda guilty about catching and trading all those Snorunts to my other games!


    All in all, I loved your description and plot.....and it will prolly get much, MUCH better.


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    Wow! I mean, wow!

    My god, you can write can’t you, Ms. Saner? This is only your second fic and already it’s blowing me with all these beautiful descriptions, the flow, the emotions of the characters and such.

    Since the fanfiction awards are up at the moment and if you were a cat, you have caught my tongue… and possibly my vote.

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    Thank you to everyone who has reviewed, as well as to all who are reading this!


    Chapter 2 – Carried Away

    The sound of footsteps echoed through the tunnel as Solonn walked along the route that led to the snowgrounds, and he walked alone. At the age of nineteen, he was old enough to go there unaccompanied and had been for several years.

    Solonn usually didn’t run into anyone when traveling to the snowgrounds, and this trip was shaping up to be yet another of the majority. He heard no steps other than his own, and the level of the blue eye-light shining on the ice-covered surfaces that surrounded him stayed constant and low. There was nothing to indicate anyone of any other kind around, either.

    With not terribly much farther to go to reach his destination, Solonn took to wondering who might already be there. He also wondered if today’s activities would include sparring and found himself hoping rather quickly that they wouldn’t. He had battled on not only the previous day but on the day before that, as well; he wanted something different for today’s trip to the snowgrounds.

    Then, abruptly, he ceased to care about the other snorunt’s plans—or anything else, for that matter. The light in the tunnel cut out altogether, and the footsteps stopped and gave way to the sound of their now insensible maker falling to the floor.

    * * *

    The next sight to greet Solonn’s eyes left him fairly confused in short order. The space surrounding him was significantly wider but also much less empty—a crowd of glalie now surrounded him. No sooner had his eyes opened than a great rush of murmurs rose up around him.

    “Oh, thank the gods, he’s awake!” said a voice that he recognized as Azvida’s, which just managed to rise above the din. “It’s all right now, Solonn,” she then told her son, responding to the growing bewilderment in his eyes. “You’re home again.”

    “Huh?” Solonn sat up, trying to finish awakening his senses quickly. “What’s going on?” he asked.

    “We found you here this morning. You were unconscious for a while; you’ve only just awakened,” answered an elderly male glalie whom Solonn didn’t know. At the sound of his voice, the crowd ceased its murmuring.

    “Solonn, this is Sile Van-Kil,” Azvida said, introducing the glalie who had just spoken. “He’s with the Security Guild. Don’t worry, you’re not in any trouble with them,” she added quickly, seeing the troubled look that flitted across her son’s face. “He just wants to ask you some questions.”

    “That’s right,” Sile said. “First, we’d like to know if you left the warren of your own accord, or if you were taken involuntarily.”

    Solonn’s eyes widened. “…What? I didn’t leave the warren,” he said, growing even more confused. He hadn’t set foot outside of Virc-Dho’s borders even once since that day roughly twelve years prior when he’d encountered Sophine and her mother—or, at least, he couldn’t recall having gone out there since then… What in the world is going on here? he wondered.

    “You did leave, Mr. Zgil-Al,” Sile said, his tone considerably sterner than before. “You were gone for nearly fifteen days.”

    Solonn was now becoming less confused and more afraid. Part of his life was missing from his mind, and it wasn’t exactly a small part… “I… I don’t remember going out there, though, sir,” he insisted. “Last thing I remember, I was on my way to the snowgrounds…”

    “You’re certain that you have no memory of where you went or whom or what you might have encountered?” Sile asked.

    “Yes, sir, I’m certain,” Solonn answered, his worry ringing clearly through his voice. “It’s… it’s like nothing happened at all.”

    “Well, I’m afraid something did happen,” Sile said, his tone softening with what sounded like pity. “As for what… well, we can’t be certain, but one possibility is that your missing time is the result of a deliberate act of memory erasure. That, in turn, could be evidence of abduction by unknown psychic pokémon.” At these words, murmurs rose in a fresh wave throughout the attendants.

    “But why? What would any such creatures want with him?” Azvida asked.

    “Your guess is as good as mine,” Sile replied. “Needless to say, this means that we shall all have to live with increased vigilance. We must keep our eyes open for anything strange. Mr. Zgil-Al is safely among us again, but the next victim may not be so fortunate…”

    “Well, whoever and whatever it was that took him, they’d better not show themselves around me. Not if they want to avoid pain, anyway,” Azvida said with a flash of her eyes. She smiled weakly at Solonn. “I’m just so glad you got back safely. You had me worried half to death!”

    Solonn might have been glad to be back, too. The only problem was that the hole in his mind that served as his only souvenir of the reason why he should be glad to be back was troubling him too much to allow him that kind of relief. Guess it’s my turn to be worried half to death, he thought dismally as the crowd dissipated and he and his mother headed for home.

    * * *

    Weeks passed before Azvida seemed to feel certain enough of her son’s safety to let him set foot outside of their residence again. Once she had, however, Solonn quickly came to wish that she hadn’t. It seemed that there was not a single person whom Solonn could run into who didn’t try to ask him a battery of questions about his disappearance. He had no answers for them regarding that topic, and at first he was able to explain that to them in a calm and patient manner. However, it quickly became clear that they wouldn’t accept that answer. They continued to hound him about the matter, and it wasn’t long before he lost patience for their persistent interrogations.

    As a result, he took to spending as much time alone as he could. He visited the snowgrounds only when he was absolutely sure that no one else was there (he had long ago learned how to detect snorunt trying to hide in the snow) and hence not very often. Thus, for a time at least, he was able to successfully avoid others and their questions both in the snowgrounds and everywhere else.

    It was not a snorunt or a glalie who ultimately broke his solitude. Rather, it was a zubat, one who came fluttering unexpectedly into the snowgrounds one day. It wasn’t the same one whom Solonn had seen all those years ago, however; this one was noticeably smaller. This zubat did seem to have something in common with the previous one, though: he looked lost—very lost, in fact, and very anxious about it.

    Solonn watched as the zubat flapped about in frantic figure-eights overhead. The flying creature appeared not to notice the snorunt below at all and talked continuously to himself about how scared he was, how he didn’t know where he was, and how he didn’t know what to do—Solonn half expected the poor thing to pass out and fall to the snow below from not pausing to take a breath.

    When Solonn thought he could get a word in edgewise between the zubat’s chitterings, he called up to him. “Hey!” he shouted. “Do you need help?”

    The zubat gave a startled squeak. The next second, he plummeted from the air without any warning, diving right into the snorunt’s face—Solonn braced himself for a wing attack or something equally unpleasant, but the zubat thankfully didn’t attack him. Instead, he merely asked, in a very high-strung voice, “Where am I?”

    Solonn winced at the volume and pitch of the zubat’s voice. “You’re where you don’t belong,” he then answered, which immediately earned a shriek of terror from the zubat. “Relax! I can take you to someone who knows the way out of here.”


    “Yes, really,” Solonn said a bit wearily, already fairly exasperated by the zubat. “Now, come on!”

    If the zubat had possessed eyes, they might have been sparkling. “Oh, thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you—”

    “Are you coming along or not?” Solonn interrupted suddenly in order to make the zubat shut up. He turned and started walking away.

    “Oh yes, yes, right,” the zubat said hastily, fluttering after Solonn in a hurry.

    As Solonn made his way through the warren, he tried very hard to ignore the person following him. This zubat was nothing at all like the last one he’d encountered; true, that one had been rather hostile, but at least she had also been relatively quiet. This zubat’s mouth, on the other hand, was in near-constant motion.

    “Wow! This place is so weird!” the bat chittered, rattling on and on. “But it’s still pretty cool, though! Super cool! …And super cold. Brrr! I don’t like the cold. No, I sure don’t like it. Of course, for that matter, I don’t really like the sun, either… But that’s okay, cause I still like you! And that’s cause you’re helping me get out of here! What a pal!” he squealed.

    Solonn cringed. Great, you’ve inflicted a “pal” on yourself, he thought. He reminded himself that he was doing the right thing by aiding this creature… or rather, he tried to remind himself of that, but the zubat’s voice seemed to be trying its hardest to destroy his mind.

    The zubat then got right in his face—again. “Name’s Zyrzir, by the way,” the zubat said.

    Solonn knew that already. Zyrzir had already introduced himself six times since leaving the snowgrounds.

    “So, what’s your name? Huh? Huh? Huh?” Zyrzir asked as he resumed following behind the snorunt.

    “Mr. Ice Beam,” Solonn said, utterly deadpan.

    “Hey… that’s not what you said last time!” Zyrzir said with a frown. “Last time, you said your name was Mr. Bitey! The time before that, you said your name was Mr. Snowball! And all the times before that, you didn’t say anything at all, as if you didn’t have a name, and that was your answer! Why won’t you just please cooperate and tell me what your real name is, huh?” Zyrzir whined.

    Because you are annoying me to death, and I am trying to ignore you so my brain doesn’t explode! Solonn thought.

    But then Zyrzir laid down his ultimatum. “I won’t stop asking until you tell me the truth.”

    The snorunt produced a sound halfway between a groan and a sigh. “Ugh, fine. My name is Solonn. Satisfied?”

    “Oh yes, yes, yes! Thanks a thousand, Mr. Satisfied!” Zyrzir squeaked joyfully, at which Solonn made a face. “Oh, by the way, are we almost where we’re supposed to be going? Are we? Are we? Are we?” the zubat then asked.

    “Yes, we are, luckily for you.” And even more luckily for me, Solonn added silently. Sure enough, they soon reached the Zgil-Al residence, where they were greeted almost immediately by Azvida.

    “Oh good,” she said. “I was hoping you’d get back soon. Zilag was here looking for you. He just left not too long ago. I told him he could come back here after a little while.”

    Solonn started to turn to leave at once.

    “No, you don’t,” Azvida said. She shifted the ice on the walls to form a barrier in front of Solonn. “Now, I don’t know what’s going on between you two, but I think it’s time you sorted it out. And you’re not leaving until you do just that.”

    Solonn grudgingly started toward his room, but was obstructed once again, this time by his mother’s face.

    “And might I ask why you’ve brought a zubat here?” she asked.

    “He needs out,” Solonn said.

    “Fine, then. I’ll deal with that, and you’ll stay here and wait for Zilag,” Azvida said. “And I mean it, stay here. I’ll know if you don’t.” With that, she left, leading Zyrzir away with her.

    And just how would she know if I left? Solonn wondered, but he decided not to chance it. He went to his room, and for several minutes he just sat there with nothing to do but dread Zilag’s visit. He wished that he could devise some means of distracting himself from that inevitability, but when he tried to think of a way to occupy himself, he found that he couldn’t come up with anything at all.

    The reason for his inability to conceive an idea was that the memory of Zyrzir’s voice was, for some reason, now infesting his brain. It was leaving no room whatsoever for any other thought processes to take place. Solonn tried to displace that memory, but it remained firmly stuck in his head. He groaned in aggravation, muttering a venomous string of curses on the name of the zubat who was inexplicably continuing to torment him even after departing his company.

    “Why couldn’t he just shut up?” he wondered aloud. “Gods, it was nonstop: ‘Are we there yet? Brrr, it’s cold! You’re my friend!’”

    Solonn abruptly shut his mouth in surprise. That impression of Zyrzir’s voice had been eerily close to the real thing… Feeling a giddy little spark of wonder, he tried it out again. “Hi, I’m Zyrzir! And I’m… so… annoying!”

    Dead on! he congratulated himself silently, bursting into laughter. It was then that the iron grip of the Zyrzir-voice on his brain finally relented and an idea occurred to him: perhaps now he could provide something for people to talk about that they just might find more interesting than his recent abduction…

    Grinning in anticipation, Solonn put on the Zyrzir-voice once more. “Wait’ll Zilag hears this!”

    * * *

    In time, Azvida returned, checking at once to see if her son was still home. Shortly thereafter, Zilag arrived. Azvida showed him to Solonn’s room right away, then left the two snorunt alone.

    “Uh…” Zilag started somewhat warily as he stood several paces behind Solonn, who had his back turned toward him.

    Solonn turned very slightly to acknowledge Zilag, wearing an unreadable expression.

    “Yeah, hi,” Zilag said awkwardly, sounding a bit troubled. “I just… you know, wanted to make sure that you’re okay.”

    “Why wouldn’t I be?” Solonn asked nonchalantly.

    “Well… since that thing that happened—”

    “I really don’t want to talk about that, Zilag,” Solonn interrupted flatly. “I can’t anyway—I said I don’t remember anything about that, and that’s the truth.”

    “I know! I believe you!” Zilag said.

    “And what about the others?” Solonn asked. “Have they finally got it through their heads yet?”

    “I told them to quit bugging you about that. I figured out that that was why you’ve been avoiding everybody.”

    “And you’re sure they’ll really listen to you, too?” Solonn asked, wearing a skeptical look on his face.

    “Well, even if they won’t listen to me, I bet they’d listen to you. You’re taller than any of us,” Zilag pointed out.

    “Not by that much,” Solonn said, rolling his eyes. “And I am not going to start pushing people around just because I’m bigger than them,” he said firmly, sounding slightly offended.

    “That’s not exactly what I meant… ” Zilag said—although it was almost what he meant. “Look, I just want you to be able to go out without having to worry about being harassed,” he said earnestly, “and I promise I’ll do whatever I can to keep people off your back about—well, you know what.”

    Solonn turned around completely to face Zilag. Smiling, he said, “Thanks. I appreciate that.”

    “No problem,” Zilag said coolly. “So… feel like hitting the snowgrounds and letting everybody know you’re still alive?”

    “Well…” Solonn began. Then, he smiled craftily. Time to bring out the secret weapon… “Sure, why not?” he said perkily in his impression of Zyrzir’s voice.

    Zilag stood completely still and silent for a moment as if petrified, his mouth agape as he stared like an idiot. “…What was that?” he finally asked, sounding almost as if he were a bit scared to find out.

    “That,” Solonn said slyly, “was the voice of a zubat.”

    Zilag continued staring stupidly for a moment. Then he unleashed a squealing laugh, the volume of which brought a clearly alarmed and confused Azvida rushing onto the scene in very short order.

    “What in the gods’ names is going on in here?” she demanded in a bewildered-sounding voice.

    “I’m sorry,” Zilag said, gasping a bit. He gestured toward Solonn. “It’s just him; he’s doing something funny. Do that zubat voice again!” he then requested of Solonn.

    “Zubat voice?” Azvida asked, casting a puzzled look at her son.

    Solonn hesitated, not sure of how his mother would react to his impression; perhaps this sort of thing fell under the category of disrespecting the “sacred prey”. Finally, he reckoned that she probably wouldn’t take it that seriously—it was just a silly little impression, after all.

    Proceeding with his performance, “Hi, I’m Zyrzir! My voice causes brain damage!” he chittered cheerfully.

    Azvida’s eyes widened. Then she, too, started laughing, though not to the same degree as Zilag had. “Oh gods,” she said once it had subsided, “that sounds exactly like him. I’d thought I’d never hear that horrid voice again!”

    “Isn’t it just awful?” Solonn said, keeping the zubat voice.

    “Oh yes,” Azvida agreed, laughing a bit more as she turned to exit the room.

    Out she went, leaving Solonn to stare at Zilag, who was caught up in a fit of giggles. “Uh… are you okay?” he asked, stowing the zubat voice.

    “Yeah,” Zilag replied, albeit voicelessly. As soon as he managed to catch his breath again, he said, “You have got to go and do that at the snowgrounds. I bet everyone’ll be there if we go now.”

    “Okay, then,” Solonn said, smiling. “Let’s go.”

    The two of them passed by Azvida as they headed out. “Guess you’re going to go show off to everyone you can, aren’t you?” Azvida teased Solonn.

    “Guess so,” Solonn admitted as he and Zilag exited the Zgil-Al residence.

    Azvida was glad to see that Solonn was up for social interaction again, especially given the way that he’d found to go about it. She grinned and chuckled to herself as she thought about Solonn’s zubat impression again, feeling both amused by her son and proud of him. In addition to finding the impression funny—Zyrzir’s was the single most ridiculous voice and manner of speaking that she had ever heard, after all—she also thought that it was uncannily, even disturbingly accurate.

    How does he do that? she wondered. Solonn’s zubat impression was so accurate that it was as if he wasn’t just using the zubat’s voice, but also—

    Azvida stopped laughing, quite astounded, as she realized that indeed her son wasn’t merely using the voice of a zubat. He was using the language of one, as well.

    * * *

    Once Solonn and Zilag arrived at the snowgrounds, Solonn produced the zubat impression yet again. It went over rather well with the crowd of snorunt who were gathered there.

    “That was so cool!” Reizirr said.

    “Yeah,” Davron agreed. “Hey, let’s see if I can do it.” Davron’s attempt at a zubat impression didn’t sound like anyone or anything other than Davron, however. “Aw, crap…”

    “Just keep trying,” Solonn said, and using the zubat voice in demonstration, added, “Like this, see?”

    “Wow, that’s so impressive,” said a sarcastic voice, one not belonging to a snorunt. Everyone in attendance turned toward its source. There, at the entrance to the snowgrounds, lingered a smirking glalie.

    “Kashisha, go away!” Zilag urged. Kashisha was his older sister—though he wished that she weren’t.

    Ignoring her brother entirely, Kashisha advanced into the room, shoving aside any snorunt unfortunate enough to be in her path. “Seriously, I thought there was an actual zubat in here,” she went on, “but it turns out to be just a bunch of snow-twerps. Shame, really. I was looking forward to biting its wings off.”

    She stopped in front of Solonn. “You’re the one responsible for that little trick?” she asked.

    Solonn remained utterly silent and still, wary of interacting with Kashisha in any way.

    “Better answer her,” Zilag said. “She’s evil incarnate.”

    “Why, thank you for the compliment, dear brother,” Kashisha said in a sugary tone, getting in Zilag’s face very suddenly; with a tiny squeak of fright, he dove right into hiding under the snow. Then she got in Solonn’s face. “Well?”

    “Yes,” Solonn confirmed in a small voice.

    “Oh, I’m sorry, what was that? I didn’t hear you…” Kashisha said melodiously.

    “I said yes! It was me!” Solonn shouted hastily.

    Kashisha backed off slightly—very slightly. “Well, then. I guess that makes you pretty cool—for a stupid kid, anyway,” she said.

    Stupid kid? Solonn thought indignantly. You’re barely any older than I am! Which was true; Kashisha was only twenty-one months his senior, and just a year older than her brother. However, she, like all of her friends, had chosen to evolve early (six years ago, in her case), and like them, she treated those who waited until reaching a respectable age to evolve like dirt.

    “I have a request for you, zubat-boy,” Kashisha said then. “Let’s hear… a spheal. Can you do that? Or is that too hard for the little baby?”

    The distinct feeling that Solonn got from Kashisha was that he’d better deliver. He tried hard to remember the way that Sophine had sounded. All of a sudden, the memory of that voice flooded his mind, in just the same way that the memory of Zyrzir’s voice had done right before he’d replicated it for the first time.

    “Is this what you mean?” Solonn asked then, using Sophine’s voice. This earned some impressed noises from the crowd and an approving nod of sorts from the glalie hovering before him.

    “Bravo,” Kashisha said, grinning wickedly. “Say… why don’t you come with me and entertain some of my friends?”

    “I don’t know…” Solonn wanted to back away from her, but he felt rooted to the spot.

    “Oh, I think you’d better—unless you’d rather I snap you in half…”

    “Okay, fine, I’ll go!”

    “Good! And while we’re at it…” Kashisha plunged her face into the snow, pulled Zilag out of hiding, and dropped her protesting brother at Solonn’s feet. “He’ll be coming along with us, too. He is your best friend, after all, right? Surely he wouldn’t want to miss your big debut in front of a real audience?”

    “No, ma’am, I wouldn’t,” Zilag said weakly in defeat.

    “Off we go, then!” Kashisha said merrily. She circled around Solonn and Zilag and began shoving them along before her. The two snorunt got moving in a hurry as Kashisha set about herding them out of the snowgrounds.

    “What should we do?” Reizirr asked once Kashisha and her victims had left.

    “Start composing their eulogies,” Davron answered grimly.

    * * *

    Solonn and Zilag scrambled to stay both on their feet and ahead of the periodically snapping jaws of Kashisha, who had driven them into a part of the warren that Solonn had never seen before.

    With one last shove, she brought the journey of the two snorunt to an end, forcing them into a wide, low-ceilinged room. Solonn saw at once that he, Zilag, and the glalie who had brought them to this place were not the only ones present. The room was also presently occupied by nine other glalie who were sitting in a row and glaring at the two snorunt like some sort of sinister council.

    “I see you brought your pathetic little brother again,” the male in the center of the row said. “I’m getting bored of tormenting him, though… but who’s this other brat?”

    “This is Solonn,” Kashisha told him. “He’s our new court jester,” she added with an enormous grin. She nudged Solonn toward the glalie in the center of the row. “That, Solonn, is Sanaika, the Master of Ceremonies. And I do mean ‘master’. Bow before him!”

    “Yes, bow!” Sanaika snapped.

    Solonn lowered his head slightly. Sanaika responded by spitting a chunk of ice that struck him in the forehead, eliciting a shout of pain from the snorunt.

    “The Master approves! You are now initiated into the Fellowship of Slaves!” Kashisha said gleefully. “Now! Perform for your master!”

    With a small sigh, Solonn ran through his impression of Zyrzir’s voice, followed by that of Sophine’s voice. Then, after rummaging briefly through his memories, he produced a third impression: the voice of Sophine’s mother.

    “What an entertaining little weenie you are!” Sanaika remarked once Solonn had finished.

    “I knew you’d like him!” Kashisha exclaimed proudly. “That sealeo voice trick at the end was a nice touch, by the way,” she told Solonn.

    “Yeah, but I can think of one impression that I guarantee you he doesn’t know,” Sanaika said. The glalie at either side of him gazed expectantly at him with looks of toadying curiosity. “Human.”

    “Oh, that’s brilliant!” Kashisha crowed, her eyes flashing diabolically. The other glalie echoed her enthusiastic approval.

    “…Wait, did you say ‘human’?” Solonn asked. He was sure that he couldn’t have heard that right…

    “Yes, you little turd, human,” Sanaika spat disdainfully. “You know, those weird, stupid-looking things with the long limbs and tiny little heads who sound completely ridiculous when they talk…”

    “And taste like crap,” the glalie to Sanaika’s left offered.

    You wouldn’t know,” Sanaika scoffed at him. “But yes, they do taste like crap.”

    “Humans don’t exist,” Solonn dared to say. “They’re just a myth…”

    All of the glalie stared incredulously at Solonn. Zilag quickly looked away from him, terrified that something hideous was about to befall his friend.

    “Oh, they do exist,” Sanaika said in a low, rather ominous voice. “In fact, you’re going to find out for yourself just how real they are, and you might find yourself very, very grateful that they are, too.”

    Sanaika brought himself to hover right before Solonn, just inches away from his face. “I am giving you a quest and an offer. You’ll go up to where the humans are. You’ll meet one, see them with your own eyes, and hopefully get to hear the idiotic sound of their voice. And if you can return to us with a perfectly realistic impression of that voice, then I promise you’ll never have to come here again if you don’t want to.”

    “What do you say, little baby? You want to go human-hunting?” Kashisha asked playfully.

    “Oh, it’s not his choice,” Sanaika told her. “Now, you and the others can stay here and babysit your little brother while I deliver this twerp to his date with a human.”

    “Aw, we wanted to come and watch!” Kashisha said. The other glalie griped, as well, and one of them even snapped at Sanaika in her outrage. Sanaika calmly turned toward the offender. His eyes suddenly turned a blazing white, and with a resounding crack, he struck her with sheer cold. His would-be attacker’s eyes rolled back, and she dropped heavily to the floor, unconscious.

    “You brain wrecks! We can’t all gather at the exit like that!” Sanaika then said. “Do you not realize how conspicuous we would be? What if we were spotted by some ball-chucking human, huh? Or worse, by the authorities? Now, all of you, stay put, or else you’ll all find icicles where you’d rather not.”

    With that, Sanaika seized Solonn very harshly in his jaws and set off into the warren with him. He carried the snorunt through a series of tunnels that led, much to Solonn’s surprise, up to the very same cavern where, all those years ago, Solonn had met Sophine and her mother. Then Sanaika left the cavern, and he sealed the exit behind him with a wall of ice.

    Solonn knew that there was no way for him to get through that ice wall. Barriers like that one were commonplace in the warren, existing to control where snorunt could and could not go. The ice of which they were made was too thick for even his teeth, the teeth of a creature who frequently ate ice, to break through. It was reinforced with the raw power of the ice element, and could only be removed by the kind of control over ice that no snorunt possessed.

    He knew that the tunnel that led up into this place from the snowgrounds had been blocked off in the same way not long after Kashisha had told on Zilag for encouraging others to travel through it, having learned as much from Zilag years ago. So it seemed that there was no option for Solonn other than to sit and wait for some glalie—and a decent one rather than someone like Sanaika, he hoped—to discover that he was here. He figured that he couldn’t rightly get into trouble as he had last time once he’d had a chance to tell of how, and because of whom, he had ended up here—or, at least, he hoped that he couldn’t get into trouble…

    Solonn found himself strongly wishing that he wouldn’t have to wait much longer to be discovered, regardless of any punishment that might or might not be awaiting him. He was growing quite nervous about remaining in that place, and when he realized that it was because of those humans that Sanaika had spoken of, he couldn’t help but give a little laugh.

    Gods, that’s not what you’re afraid of, is it? Solonn thought incredulously. Don’t be stupid, he scolded himself silently. You know there’s no such thing as humans!

    “Well, well, well. I just knew that if we kept coming back here, we were sure to find one sooner or later.”

    Startled, Solonn jumped at the unexpected, somewhat gruff-sounding voice. He turned toward its source. Standing only a couple of feet away was a manectric, but Solonn had no way of recognizing that. The electric-type had managed to sneak right up behind Solonn, completely unnoticed until he had spoken.

    “Who… who are you?” Solonn asked nervously.

    “Oh, there’ll be plenty of time for introductions once we’re back in Lilycove, buddy,” the manectric said. He then unleashed a chilling, wavering howl, the sound of which was magnified and echoed by the cavern.

    As the howl faded, another sound became audible. Solonn recognized it as the sound of snow crunching underfoot, but these footfalls sounded much heavier than those made by his own feet or those of any other snorunt. The footsteps were approaching swiftly, and soon their owner came into view.

    For a very long moment, Solonn’s mind went blank at the sight of the newcomer. They do exist, Solonn thought, his eyes wide with wonder. Some tiny part of him still insisted that it was impossible, but the creature that now stood a short distance before him fit Sanaika’s description of a human well enough to make him believe otherwise.

    “Ah, Brett, you found one! Good job!” the human said brightly. The sound of her voice surprised Solonn; he didn’t think that it fit Sanaika’s descriptions of how humans sounded at all.

    The human then detached a pokéball from its resting place at her hip. It expanded in her hand, more than tripling in size. “Come out, Aaron!” she said.

    The sphere burst open at its equator. Energy exploded from within it in a surge of white light, and then, much to Solonn’s astonishment, it coagulated into a living creature. A sceptile now stood at the human’s side.

    “Don’t be afraid, snorunt,” the human said gently. “We don’t really want to hurt you. We’re going to make this as easy on you as possible. You won’t even feel a thing.”

    She looked toward Brett and then toward Aaron. “Thunder wave and false swipe, please,” she instructed them respectively. The two pokémon gave quick nods of acknowledgment, then began moving toward Solonn. Brett’s fur crackled with dancing sparks of electricity, while one of the bladelike structures at Aaron’s left wrist took on a white glow.

    Where others might have screamed, fled, or perhaps attacked out of fright, Solonn only stood and stared, transfixed by fascination and lingering disbelief at the human and the two pokémon who accompanied her. He seemed not to even realize that he was being attacked until it was too late.

    Brett released a small pulse of electric-type energy. Solonn cried out at the initial pain as the attack struck him, but a second later, that pain was gone—along with all other sensation throughout his body. His legs gave out from under him in the next instant, and he toppled over onto his side.

    Aaron was now standing over him, peering down through eyes of a dull yellow shade as he raised his glowing wrist blade. Solonn could not see this, however. His view of Aaron was limited to the sceptile’s tail and clawed feet. He didn’t see the careful, precise strike that left him on the sheer edge of consciousness, and just as the human had said he wouldn’t, he didn’t feel it either.

    “All right, that ought to do it,” the human said. From a pouch strapped to her shoulder, she produced another capture ball, a great ball this time.

    Barely able to remain conscious as he was, Solonn’s mind didn’t quite register the human’s next action: she threw the ball at him. It opened in midair before him and released a red beam that struck him and filled his fading vision with crimson light.

    One second, Solonn was lying paralyzed and nearly unconscious on the cavern’s floor. The next… he was nowhere.


    A little history on the name “Kashisha”: the late Billie, one of my cats, would invariably hiss at me whenever I said that word to her. None of my other cats have ever responded that way to that word. Weird, but true.

    Oh, by the way, if any of you would like to receive PM notification of the release of each new chapter, please let me know.

    Next time: The intentions of Solonn’s captor are made clear. See you then!

    - Sike Saner
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    Current Chapter: Chapter 18 – Remnants

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    Hmm things are starting to get more interesting. I really like this stuff Sike! Hmm... I wonder what's will happen next? Heh so far so good and yeah PM notifications wouldn't hurt.
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    quite an intriging fic... I like how the Snorunt and Glalie have exotic-sounding names, and how you desricbed the cold and hostile world of the ice cave.
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    ahhhh, me likey, me likey. It definitly had unique qualities.

    It kept we wanting more, it intrigues me and again makes me want more.

    Ah, yes, I would like a PM when the next chapter is up.

    As always, respect the mime.
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    Wow, first horror and now psychology. You really are a talented writer. I didn't have time to review chapter two yet, but I'll get to that sometime tonight or tomorrow, I promise. As for chapter one and the prologue; I really like them. The Glalie confuse me just as much as they confuse Solon though... If they eat them, then why do they lead them out of the cave? Or did she really lead it out of the cave? Anyway, it was a really good read and I only found one mistake in the prologue.

    pale blue eyes, but his gleaming, white teeth were huge in proportion to the face that held them.
    I believe you need a comma after white.

    Well, I'll reply again later.
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    Damn... O.O

    I can't really say anything for this fic for it is amazing. It is nicely construction, no errors I noticed to speak upon, and a very entertaining and good story. The characters were intresting as well. Kashisha, the bad news older sister. The annoying Zubat, Zyrzir.

    I really can't say much as on terms of how you need to approve. Every writer has room for approving, EVERY one but as far as you go you don't need advice from me. ^_^; This is an extremily good start I'll say!

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    O_O This changes my whole perspective on catching pokemon. xP

    Also, it seems like every Hoenn trainer that's in a fic has a Sceptile and Manectric. It could just be me.....xP Oh wells.

    Over all, excellent chapter. The Zubat....good god. I think I hear his voice in my brain now...^_^;;; Oh, and my cat says words too when she meows. One of them is Merowr, and Rarol. O_o weird. xP Anyway, teh awesome....just...awesome. *gives kudo* KUDOS TO YOU!
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    Very nice! Not to mention interesting... I don't know if I've ever read a fic quite like this before... I think it's cool how you based you fic on one certain pokemon though. ^^

    Very good description in everything from the prologue to chap 2... I felt as if I was there too. Most interesting part was at the end of chap 2 when Solonn was caught.. It sounded so real of what he felt at the time. 0.0

    Overall, awesome.. Just plain awesome.

    One more thing, even though Zyrzir was annoying, I kinda hope he's in another chap. XD

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    Wow. I liked this one very much. The chapters were a bit long though. But some people like long chapters. I´m not one of them, but I still loved this fic.

    I don´t see any grammar errors either, exept that sometimes you said "he" when you menat "she" and other way around. But, as I have said to others too, I´m not the one to talk about proper spelling or grammar.

    You descripe pokemons, places and emotions really well. I like that. I´m not too big fan of a Snorunt, but you made me respect them more. ^_^ I just can´t keep put wonder what kind of story would this be if the main pokemon would be four legged, though.

    I like the plotr of the story. And especially now when Solonn got out from the caves. I don´t like caves. I always get lost in them. Oh, but that´s not the point... I also would appriciate a PM notification when you post next chapter, but I will not be here at weekend. You can still send me the Pm then, though.

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    Bravo! I already love this fic; in all sense of the word the most original thing I've read here, I love the way its written and the very idea behind it. As with TOoS, I found it very readable too, I could've read page after page...

    Solonn, this is Sile Van-Kil,” Solonn said, introducing the old man. “He’s with the Security Guild. Don’t worry, you’re not in trouble,” she added hastily, seeing the troubled look that flitted across her son’s face. “He just wants to ask you some questions.”
    Just before I say anything more, I noticed this typo; I think it was his mother saying this.

    So, Solonn was captured? I was almost fearing that that might happen - still, all good things must come to an end, and I'm excited to see where the story is going. I'd like to offer some improvement advice, but currently I can see nothing I could offer advice on... if I ever do find anything (not likely) I'll be sure to tell you

    My Glalie loving conversion is now complete

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    Ok, I've read chapter two now and all I can really say is that I want more.

    I didn't spot any mistakes to point out this time and I didn't find anything wrong; other than you taking at least half-my brain with that zubat... I could try to compliment your writing more, but that just wouldn't be me so I'm going to say this review sucks and move on.

    This review sucks and I look forward to the next chapter where the review will *hopefully* be much better.
    Is all the innocence of once seen gone? Can it ever truly be recovered? Fighting to the end, will the shadows always overcome? Or will the flames of the past reclaim their lost goals?

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    You shouldn't have had to PM me to get me to read this fic, I should've read it anyway, regardless. Anyway, I'll try to review as well as I can. Though, my reviews will probably be sporatic due to my tendencies when it comes to posting and reviewing.

    First off, I've always liked reading stories like this - the ones that are about the Pokemon, not the humans. I've found them fascinating for the most part, and have found they're either done horribly or done well. Luckily, yours is very much the latter.

    If I could bother correctly typing out Solonn's full name, I would. Heck, I can't even correctly say the full name. Congrats. And yes, I like it. I think it mixes wonderfully in the little culture you've made for the Glalie line.

    Certainly, all the characters are well done, and it's nice to see they're done in character. I never once doubted any of the characters actions, and found many of the ideas you included in the story very fun to read about - or think about.

    Like the fact about Glalie being predatory creatures. That sentence got a long stare from me, as well as a spark of recognition as I looked at your user picture.. they certainly don't look like vegetarians.. or maybe snowitarians for that matter. I liked it, and am glad to find you take your writing seriously (though I never doubted).

    I happen to like Solonn's mother - can't spell her name for the life of me - and quite enjoyed the little scene when his dear mother found him with the Spheal/Walerin pair. "Hell hath no fury" indeed.

    Also the fact that Walerin are afraid of Glalie, I found amusing. Thinking Glalie would prey upon them is a logical answer, though I can't help but see Walerin as quite formidble opponents for them.. Those tusks! Added to the fact - if you include it - its Pokeability, which I believe would help protect it from Glalie's attacks even more.

    I can't help but wonder of Sophine will run into Solonn again. I'm betting he does, but one can't be sure at this point.

    I know I havne't gone over all of it, though I read the whole chapter and enjoyed it. The description was awesome, while the characters and their dialogue were even more so. I can see you know where you're heading, and I'll be delighted to read more whenever I next visit.

    As for flaws, well, I'm sure there were some mechanical mistakes, though I find that to not be my forte. And, really, I rank mechanics low on 'what I consider to be a good story' list. Most important, are the characters. (Which you have done a superb job on, and I can't find any worthy complaints.)

    Until next time.

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    That Zyrzir… that guy cracked me up. Big time! XDDD I had to get that off my chest, cos he’s so funny… I wanna see him again!!

    Ms. Saner,

    At the beginning of the fic, I was just confused as Solonn was when he was asked about what he was doing for the last two weeks. This bit has got me in suspense. I wonder if you can answer that question in future?

    How cruel can Sanaika get? He took him to a place and just left him there to be captured. What’s gonna happen to the poor little guy now? ;_;

    There are no errors in this fic… apart from this one…

    “Solonn, this is Sile Van-Kil,” Solonn said
    Wasn’t his mum supposed to say that or was Solonn talking to himself?

    Overall score (so far): 5 out of 5
    Advice: Same as before

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    Wes: You will get your PM notifications, sure. ^_^ Anyone else who wants those, please, speak up now if you’ve not already.

    EvilKeckleon: I’m glad you like the names. They were one of the first aspects of the snorunt and glalie characters to be concieved.

    Klaus: Another PM customer. Awesome. ^_^ No, you’ll not miss a chapter; I’ll make sure of it.

    kaizer63: Though predatory, glalie (or Virc glalie, at least; they might do things differently in other glalie societies) nonetheless revere life. Because prey creatures such as zubat provide sustenance and make life possible for the glalie, they are considered sacred. As such, a glalie (with the exception of those like Kashisha or Sanaika) would not harm or kill a prey creature for any purpose other than for food, and would go out of his or her way to help one in need. And officially, for the record: Azvida said she would get the zubat out of the warren and back where she belonged, and she kept her word.

    Vortex: Kashisha and Zyrzir are two of my favorite characters, and I had a fabulous time writing them. Glad you like them!

    xXSaberXx: *shrugs* Sceptile and manectric were chosen in this case because Solonn’s captor is of the mindset that battling the crap out of a pokémon to capture it is inhumane, and hence uses two pokémon trained specifically to capture others using thunder wave to anesthetize the pokémon and then false swipe to weaken it with surgical presicion for minimal trauma and injury.

    On a side note: One of my cats can say “Marbles”…God only knows what reason a cat would have to say “marbles”, but there it is.

    Dark Latios: Yes, I was very insistent on doing the capture scene just like that. I could never accept the whole idea of a pokémon automatically wanting to challenge a prospective trainer to battle. I imagine that generally speaking, pokémon wouldn’t be raised in their own societies to merely await the day of an inevitable capture. In fact, I reckon that many pokémon in the wild would actually be partially or entirely ignorant of human practices. For Solonn, the appearance of the human, a fantastic creature supposed to exist only in legend, was a source of curiosity and bewildering, even mesmerizing fascination. There was no desire to attack or even run; all he could seem to do was stare in wonder.

    GoldenHouou: Yeah, the chapters in this story are considerably longer than those in my prior works. I didn’t plan them that way… I guess I just find it irresistible to write a lot about this particular subject matter… I think my stance on that particular race of pokémon is clear. X3

    It would definitely be a different experience, writing about a quadripedal species. One thing I’ve found in working with glalie is that the body type of the character has a substantial impact on the way you must wield that character since, of course, the body language it would use would have to be taken into account. Glalie is basically not much more than a face and enough body to carry it, so I’ve really had to think about how such a creature could express itself.

    Elemental Charizam: XD Oh, God… Solonn is his own mother! *dies, resurrects and goes to fix that*

    Saffire Persian: Walrein are formidable creatures. Hence, glalie typically leave those the frell alone. Generally, glalie will take zubat, which are weaker and more plentiful. Otherwise, they will almost never prey on anything more advanced than a spheal, and a young one, at that. The reason that they take the young rather than adult sealeo and walrein is that if a child is taken, well, that’s it: one life. Kill the parents, however, and their children could die as a result of having no one to care for them. Again, Virc glalie revere life, and will not take more lives than they must. Large prey would typically only be taken as a last resort.

    As to how a glalie can kill something with a x8 resistance to ice, the primary kill weapon of glalie in the context of my stories is a technique which is essentially a lethal-strength version of the sheer cold technique—or, more accurately, sheer cold is a diluted version of the killing technique. It is very difficult for them to manipulate the power of this attack into the non-lethal version we know as sheer cold, and hence glalie take longer to learn sheer cold than any other technique. The difficulty of the non-lethal version is also the cause of its inaccuracy—or that’s the cause for sheer cold’s inaccuracy for this species, anyway. For many other users of sheer cold, the inaccuracy stems simply from being less accomplished cryokinetics, species who did not evolve to use it specifically as a predatory weapon. That said, there are species that are far more skilled with the sheer cold technique in the context of my stories than the glalie are. Guess which.

    Brian Powell: Zyrzir seems to be earning quite a few fans… That’s good; I had thought that he would just end up making folks want to take power drills to their own skulls… X3 And yeah, Sanaika’s a real *******. He was a lot of fun to write, too.

    I’ll let you all know now that there’s going to be a slight delay in the next chapter since I have to take the computer to the shop for a couple of upgrades sometime this week. Chapter 3 should be able to come out sometime next week; at the present, it still needs a couple of last-minute tweaks.

    As always, thanks again, immensely and sincerely, for the support. ^^
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    Current Chapter: Chapter 18 – Remnants

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    I read the prologue, I'll read the rest as well as Origins, later. Sounds good so far.

    I remember when "The Authors' Cafe" was still "The Author's Cafe".
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    Well, well, well. Guess who's back. Although it might not do any difference *sigh* Don't worry I'll explain Sike.

    Anyway, about the fic... What to say. Well, in two words, It's as superb as your first one although in a different style (somehow). As you might have guessed, IMO (too), Zyrzir's really funny. Sanaika's kinda neat too (in a different way). Reminds me both of some other people I know... Anyway, I have to say that right in the beginning (read: the first two paragraphs) It didn't really hook me up, but you took care of that in the following paragraph.

    Oh well, as I suspected your fics have once again converted people into Glalie loving fans

    P.S.: It don't think I stick to the "two words" there...
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    Hey Sike, do you ever feel a weird feeling when you read a really well written fic?

    I just got that feeling.

    This was fantastic. It just...flowed. Perfectly. I loved well written fics. They are simply pleasures to read. I loved this one. I especially loved the names of all the Snorunt and Glalie. Did you think of them yourself? Because I love names like those. They are fun to say!! XD

    I presume years mean levels, right? That seems to make sense, (in my mind XD).

    Words can't really describe how much I thought of this fic. I just read it and went, WOW. THATS GOOD. Plus, I've never read a fic with a Snorunt or Glalie, which gives it extra points. You described them very well.

    God, I hates Kashisha and Sanaika, (though I love that name). *kicks teh stupid bullies*. Geez, I hope I'm not that mean to my little brother and his friends...XD. I seriously hope that Azvida beats the living crap outta those two. They deserve it.

    Anyway, add me to your pm list. It's rare that you find fics of this quality.

    Happy writing!!

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    Ya, Sike can you add me to your PM list too?Becuase this fic is awsome.In fact, I'm just about to rate it five stars.

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    Hello Sike, I'm sorry for not coming sooner. When I read your was last night when I was going to get off and I noticed it was there for like two weeks. So I came as soon as possible and wanted you to know that I am not avoiding this whatsoever. I actually really like this fic, I think it's pretty good really. I like how you didn't just start out with a basic trainer fic then have the girl capture Solonn. Weird he is captured at he should have been more mature I thought but of course this is pokemon. Will Solonn stay with this new girl and her Manectric + Aaron? Or will he try and escape? I think it would be fun for him to stay with the girl, and I think thats what you are doing but I could be wrong. Either way, I can't wait for your next chapter.

    P.S. Could I please be on your PM list to? I get on this like once or twice a day and catch up with all my fics then, thanks.

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    Whoo, this has to be one of the greatest fics I've read in a long time. Very original names, not to mention subject matter. ^^ Keep it up. It's both funny and exciting.

    Pinecone Tortoise.
    I wish you peace and love. God bless us all.

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