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Thread: Communication (PG-13)

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    If you ask me, Oth and Sei had something to do with it. I think they were working with the 'Other Morgan'. I don't think that young man is actually evil, though, the real evil person is the other Morgan...

    A great chappie anyway Sike; it's given me a lot to think about... Hopeyour comp unscrews soon...

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    I haven't been on in a very long time, I apologize for that. ._. Aside from the fact that I can't get on SppF from my main computer, I've been busy with school and pets and rather demanding friends... heh. Regardless, it's pleasing to see that you've updated. Woo-hoo.

    Kudos for using a Sableye/Venomoth. Xi was a nut. x3 I actually read aloud his quote about throwing fruit (no-one listened but I think the reason for that is my family's ignorance... or the fact that I speak quietly... x_o).

    Deceptiveness is the most lovely(I changed the definition to suit my demented needs a little bit), grasping element that I could find in a story such as this. Kidnapping is also nice. And you put both in this chapter.

    So, in a nutshell, *all* of Morgan's pokemon are gone, there's nothing she can do about it, and Solonn is going to go home in several days? ;D This shreds soap-opera drama.

    Banette... Crazy zipper-mouth marionette po-key-man love. <3

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    Meh, Oth and Sei seem perfectly innocent and friendly to me (especially Sei). But I figured the fake morgan and the "sableye team" to be in the same team.
    And I never gave a thought about Morgan hitting Sableye with a hard object... I always figured ghost types having concrete bodies, except for the Ghastly family, since they're stated as gas pokemons...
    Anyway, I hope your computer gets better soon. (that sounded wierd)

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    *crawls up and latches onto Sike's leg with sucker-tipped tentacles* Mweeeeeeeeeheheheehe. Just a quick comment to let you know I'm still stalking you and Xi. 8D Have you noticed this seems to be a lot more popular than your first story? Congratulate yourself for that; you're an awesome writer. ^.^

    I will proceed to beat you with a banana if you not reveal the next chapter to us, who are DYING to know what's up with the Evil Twin Clone Morgan.

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    Regarding the whole 'how did Morgan hit a Ghost-type with a solid object' deal, here's my opinion: I've always thought of Sableye as sort of an exception to the 'nonphysical body' Ghost-type typicality. Think about it this way; something whose species has been living in the dark for quite awhile is most likely going to have very sensitive hearing, in addition to an 'Omigodgetouttathewayyergunnagetpunchedinthegut' sense, allowing it to dodge most physical attacks or at least move in a way that said attacks just nick them.

    Doesn't explain a lot, but there's always the possibility of a surprise attack. But the apparent plot twist is still tooortuuurooouuusss. ChapterneedachapteromigodmyheadisgunnaexplodeifIdu ngetthechapter. XD
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    Pinecone Tortoise: There are definitely red flags surrounding the whole Morgan(s) situation, and some of them are indeed hidden in plain sight.

    Elemental Charizam: Aww, you still don't trust Oth? It's gonna cry some more, then... XP

    And good eye, I must say, in noting that there are forces at work here other than simple good and evil.

    Alseides: The "fruit" quote remains one of my favorite lines in the story thus far, too. ^^

    metal_chimaera: I can't speak for sableye's qualities on the official level, but here, at least, sableye are generally of a solid form at nearly all times. Most of them can't phase out of tangibility without using faint attack, and even that only provides a brief period out of solidity. Now, of course, it could be speculated that sableye who are the result of crossbreeding with more "ghostly" ghosts, which Xi is, might possess more developed phasing abilities, and so it might be theorized that therefore Xi might have been able to avoid being brained by a hammer.

    But, then again...

    I will say this once more, this time without the spoiler tags: "revealed" and "shown" are not necessarily synonymous. Don't hesitate to question anything and everything that has been done or said in the prior chapter...

    Scrap: I did notice, and I'm frankly baffled--I was expecting this thing to flop, frankly. Sophomore slump, y'know. I still don't quite get what people see in this, but whatever. ^^

    ...WHY DID YOU HAVE TO MENTION BANANAS?! XD Now you went and got that System of a Down song stuck in my head again... X3;

    Wondrous Sableye: I guarantee you that Xi does indeed have stellar senses. Could he have avoided the hammer? Oh, sure he could have. Absolutely. At the very least, it does seem highly unlikely that a mere human girl could clobber him, just like that...


    The 7th chapter is in progress, yes. ^^ However, it can only be posted when I am able to get a hold of my cousin and her (marginally) less dysfunctional computer--easier said than done, I'm afraid. I have no way of knowing when this will be, although I seriously doubt it would be more than a week or two from now. I apologize immensely for the inconvenience--I'm not used to posting this infrequently, let me tell you. I'm definitely itching to get this thing rolling again...
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    Current Chapter: Chapter 18 – Remnants

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    Wheres the ditto?I think there has to be one somewhere.Or maybe Sableye can transform... .I hope that solonn can get back good and well and that Morgan doesn't die.I liked the chapter because it had good description and it made me think of what could be happening.

    Cya next chappie!

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    Chaos Absol: That you’re apparently itching for an appearance by Anomaly is good news to my ears (or my eyes, rather). Good news, indeed. And that is all I will say about that.

    Oh, by the way… The title of the previous chapter was taken from a Coheed and Cambria lyric, specifically one from the song "Blood Red Summer".

    Anyway… UGH. I hate being delayed. I also hate technical difficulties. Hence, I abhor delays caused by technical difficulties…

    Right, then. Enough waiting. Time for Chapter 7!


    Chapter 7 – Convergence

    Tall, thick grass surrounded Solonn, swaying slowly in a light breeze, save for in the wide, more or less circular patch that had been flattened where Solonn had tried unsuccessfully to sleep during the night before. There, he now sat under the pale pink morning sky, gazing out over the grass into the east. Though it was too far away for him to actually see, he knew that the city that he’d fled stood there beneath the rising sun. He wondered if the ones who had tried to abduct him were prowling Lilycove in search of him at that very moment or if perhaps they were extending their search outside the city limits.

    He didn’t know how likely it might be that his enemies would find him there before his allies could return to him. Despite his worries, part of him still managed to hold on to some hope that Morgan might appear through the grass at any moment, calling to him with the news that their friends were safe once more and that she was ready to take him back to Virc-Dho.

    These were precisely the sorts of thoughts that had denied Solonn sleep through the previous night. Countless times, his eyes had begun to close, only to immediately fly open once more and dart about in fretful search of anyone, friend or foe, who might have been approaching him.

    Solonn could not recall ever having been so on edge in his life, and wondered how he would ever allow himself to sleep during the coming night if he still hadn’t heard from Morgan or from anyone else who could help him. He also wondered how he was going to go about feeding himself at this point. While he had lived with Morgan, she had always provided him with sustenance. Before Solonn had evolved, Morgan had given him that flavored snow to eat, and after his evolution he had been provided with a diet of specially-formulated pokémon food designed to meet the nutritional needs of a large carnivore without requiring the predator to do their own hunting.

    Now, however, without Morgan to provide for him, he seemed to have no choice but to take on his natural role as an active predator. Solonn was anything but eager to go through with this. His hunger was steadily growing, but through minute after minute, hour after hour, he had ignored its pleas, and he remained determined to continue doing so for as long as he could.

    He began to wonder just how long he could go without food. Morgan had always fed him twice a day. He didn’t know how frequently the glalie back in Virc-Dho hunted, for they still generally kept those matters from the snorunt.

    Solonn suspected that their reason for not telling snorunt of the hunters that they would grow up to become was so that the snorunt would be able to accept the predatory instincts that came with evolution without any prior misgivings about predation to get in the way. Solonn had possessed precisely those kinds of reservations ever since learning that glalie were carnivores. Still, the instincts that came with his evolved form were nonetheless also present within his mind. He tried not to pay them any heed, but they remained steadfastly in place, waiting for his inevitable surrender to their demands.

    He winced slightly at yet another pang of hunger. It had been nearly an entire day since he’d eaten last; Morgan had fed him prior to leaving for school the day before, and he’d not had anything since. Though Solonn had looked toward the day when he would regain his independence ever since coming into Morgan’s custody, the simple fact was that he had fallen into the habits of a human’s pokémon. He had been rendered unused to fending for himself, and was certainly not prepared for anything along the lines of “roughing it”. Though he was quite hesitant to admit to himself that he’d grown accustomed to being tended to, he could not deny that he was left in no position to defy his body’s expectations for much longer.

    A brief rustling in the grass alerted Solonn to a newly arrived presence not too far from where he sat. He turned toward it and saw the glow of the newcomer’s body heat, which seemed to flicker as it shone between the swaying blades of grass. Something stirred within the back of his mind, trying to persuade him to see the solution that lay in this discovery.

    Take them, it seemed to say. Take them and know relief.

    Solonn paid no mind to the notion, closing his eyes and beginning to turn away from the creature nearby. He silently told the faction of his mind that had suggested using the newcomer as a means by which he could alleviate his hunger that whatever the creature was, they were not prey. Still, his instinct continued to relentlessly plead its case, but still, Solonn managed to tune out its suggestions, even as it seemed to emphasize its point by sending another tendril of aching hunger down into his belly.

    I’m not doing it, he argued internally, gritting his teeth in desperate determination. Good gods, I’m not starving to death yet…

    His physical demands would not stand to be silenced, however, and so they presented yet another unbidden argument through his mind: You had better get used to this—it’s going to be the way you’ll be feeding yourself for the rest of your life. There aren’t going to be any humans around to feed you when you get back to Virc-Dho.

    Solonn sighed in resignation as he ceased his internal argument. There was the undeniable truth of the matter: his independent survival required him to embrace his predatory nature. There would be no processed pokémon food outside the human realm. There would only be prey—lives which he would have to end in order to sustain his own. He knew that he would ultimately have to accept it, but he couldn’t imagine himself ever liking it.

    It was with considerable reluctance that he turned back toward the heat signature of his would-be prey, rose from the ground, and began to glide in their direction. The creature had drawn closer to him since he’d last allowed himself to look toward them, apparently oblivious to his presence; even moving at minimal speed, Solonn would be upon them swiftly.

    As Solonn approached, he called upon his element, summoning ice to hold the prey in place and prevent their escape. The hapless creature began screaming at once in response to Solonn’s actions, their voice shrill and surprisingly loud to be issuing from what had to be a tiny throat and tiny lungs.

    Solonn tried in vain to shut out the cries, but his keen hearing allowed him no refuge from them. Struggling to steel himself for the task that lay ahead of him, he pushed his way through the last blades of grass separating him from his prey and looked down upon them directly for the first time.

    There, with ice encasing her legs and tail, a female zigzagoon screamed again and again, the terror in her cries magnified greatly upon seeing the huge face of her captor looming before her. Her head thrashed and her spine arched as she fought to free herself, but her struggles were of no use; in truth, she knew this just as well as the creature who had frozen her to the spot did. Closing her eyes, she fearfully awaited her imminent demise.

    Solonn could almost literally taste the fear of his prey on the air as he prepared to deliver the killing strike. He knew that he could freeze the flesh and blood of the zigzagoon in an instant, and perhaps that way, just as his mother had told him years ago, his prey would not have time to suffer. He needed only to tap into that power, and the deed would be done…

    He hissed as hesitation pulled him sharply back from finishing off the zigzagoon. You should have just taken her out when you first noticed her, chided the faction of his mind that still remained in favor of the act that he had so very nearly committed. You shouldn’t have looked at her first.

    Solonn’s gaze fell upon the face of the zigzagoon, whose features were contorted almost grotesquely in mortal terror. His throat constricted, and his stomach went sour, extinguishing his appetite. With a hiss of disgust, he instantly vaporized the ice that had held the zigzagoon in place.

    After a second’s delay, she dared to open her eyes. She stared up at Solonn with a wild gaze, seemingly paralyzed with fear and confusion.

    “Go,” Solonn said abruptly. “Just go.”

    The zigzagoon remained rooted to the spot, fixed in place by disbelief. Her jaw worked almost imperceptibly, as if she were trying to speak.

    Solonn didn’t wait for her to pull her words together. “Go!” he commanded sonorously, darting at her to emphasize his point. With a squeak of fright, the zigzagoon scrambled away as fast as she could with not a single glance behind her.

    Solonn sank wearily to the ground, more than a little disgusted with himself. Gods’ mercies, you almost killed that poor creature… He shuddered as he thought of what would have happened had his reluctance not gotten the better of him in time.

    “Well, that certainly was magnanimous of you,” said a jovial and utterly unexpected voice.

    Quite startled in his rather compromised state, Solonn spun around instantly to face the source of the utterance. He found a swellow hovering in midair before him, sweeping the grass below him around with the steady beats of his wings. Solonn wondered how this creature had managed to sneak up on him so thoroughly unnoticed.

    The swellow descended to the ground, pushing the tall grass out of his face with his wings once he’d landed. “You know, ordinarily I might hesitate to stop and chat with an ice-type such as yourself, but given what I’ve just witnessed here, I’d dare assume yours to be safe company,” he said. The swellow then bowed. “Do allow me to introduce myself. I am the swellow Jal’tai. And you are…?”

    Still slightly bewildered by the pokémon who had just apparently spontaneously appeared in his midst, Solonn responded with a bit of a delay. “Solonn Zgil-Al,” he introduced himself; then, after a short pause, he added, “the—”

    “Oh, I know, I know,” Jal’tai interrupted with a chuckle. “You don’t need to tell me what you are, Mr. Zgil-Al. There’s no mistaking a glalie for anything else once you’ve seen one. So, then. I haven’t seen you around these parts before. Have you only recently relocated here?”

    “I guess you could say that,” Solonn replied. “I mean, I haven’t exactly moved here permanently…” The swellow cocked his head inquisitively. Solonn hesitated at first to elaborate on what he was doing in the area, but then reckoned that it was safe to tell of such as long as he was careful not to give away too many details of the situation. “I’ve just escaped from human kidnappers in Lilycove,” he told the swellow. “I’m just lying low in this area until I can find some way to get back where I came from, across the sea.”

    “Oh my… that must have been harrowing,” Jal’tai remarked, sounding both astounded and pitying. “Thank goodness you escaped, then. Say… if you need a place to stay, I know an excellent candidate.” He took on a rather grand pose, puffing out his feathered chest. “I don’t reside in this area, either; I just like to come here every now and again for a break from all the hustle and bustle back home. I come from a city in the west, and it’s the greatest city in the world, in my opinion. And I’d bet anything you’d agree with me, given the chance to see it with your own eyes! You could stay safe from your pursuers there, and in far more comfortable conditions than you’ll find out here. Plus, I’m certain you’d find a means to cross the sea there—that is, if you’ll want to leave!” the swellow added with a chuckle. “So, what do you say, hmm? Can I tempt you with a stay in my beloved city?”

    Solonn eyed him somewhat skeptically. “That’s a very nice offer, but… well, I would really rather not enter another human city if I can avoid it—that is what you’re talking about, isn’t it?”

    Jal’tai blinked in surprise, then burst out into crowing laughter. “No, no! It’s not a human city, I assure you. You’d realize that quite swiftly if you saw it for yourself. Oh, you’d be amazed at the things it has to show you…”

    Solonn considered the swellow’s offer. Moving farther into the west, and thus farther from Lilycove, would keep him farther from the reach of those who sought him with ill intent. It also occurred to him that the locals probably wouldn’t mind sharing their food with him as well as their shelter; he could already feel the relief of possibly being spared the need to hunt, even if only for a while. Plus, the swellow certainly made this city out to be a nice place, although Solonn did find the level of Jal’tai’s enthusiasm vaguely disturbing.

    At the same time, however, he couldn’t help but think of Morgan, who had said she would return to where she’d left him if she came up with a means to take him back to Virc-Dho. He didn’t want to entirely discard faith in her; furthermore, he did, in all honesty, still hope to once again see her and the pokémon whom he’d met and befriended through her, and hopefully in a happier light next time. That, at least, seemed to him like a more proper farewell, and an easier one—the one she and they deserved, in his opinion, for treating him so well.

    He hadn’t forgotten what Morgan had said the evening before, though, not one word of it. She had expressly told him that if he found another means for him to return home before she could find one, then he was to take it. Solonn questioned whether or not this truly was what she wanted; surely she wouldn’t want to lose a chance to see one of her closest friends one more time, would she? But in the end, he decided that he had to give her the benefit of the doubt where that was concerned. This was what she’d said she wanted, and he reckoned that he should take her word for it.

    “All right,” Solonn said finally.

    “Ah, excellent!” Jal’tai said, sounding supremely delighted. “Come, then, follow me!” With a powerful flap of his wings, Jal’tai took to the air, sending the grass below him into a frenzied dance as he set off very swiftly toward the west.

    Solonn sighed wearily; the evening before had been quite taxing and his body was still not quite ready to endure being made to hurry anywhere. “Jal’tai? Excuse me, could you slow down a bit?” he called after the swellow as he struggled to keep the pace.

    “Oh, of course!” the swellow responded, and slowed down significantly. “Terribly sorry about that. I just simply can’t wait to show you my city…”

    As Solonn followed Jal’tai, he found the tall grass that had surrounded him thinning, eventually disappearing from his surroundings altogether. Conversely, the trees were becoming more plentiful as he continued westward, increasing in number and density until Solonn found himself led into a true forest—and a bit of inconvenience.

    “Jal’tai! Wait!” Solonn shouted. Jal’tai’s speed had decreased even further due to the fact that the surrounding trees left him little room to fly, forcing him to walk. Solonn would have had no problem keeping up with him if it weren’t for the fact that the trees provided an even greater impediment to him than they did to the swellow. Solonn was forced to pick his way between those trees that grew far enough apart to admit his considerable girth.

    Jal’tai halted and turned. There was a smile playing about his eyes that suggested that he was holding back an urge to laugh. “I apologize on the trees’ behalf,” he said, the tiniest of chuckles managing to break through.

    Solonn gave Jal’tai a dull glare, then resumed making his rather difficult way amidst the trees. “I do hope that this ‘city’ of yours isn’t so—” He broke into a snarl as a branch on one of the trees between which he was squeezing swatted him just below his left eye. “—infested with trees…”

    “Oh heavens, no. The forest had to be cleared in that area before the city could be built—a necessary evil, I’m afraid, but I daresay that’s it’s come to give more to the area than it’s taken. Anyway, you’ll not have to suffer the vegetation much longer. We’re nearly there.”

    This came as a surprise to Solonn; from what he could see, the only thing that they were drawing closer to was another several acres of dense forest. Managing at last to follow closely behind Jal’tai once more after coming across a fair number of trees in his path that had all grown far enough apart to allow him to pass through with ease, Solonn began casting glances about for signs that they were indeed nearing Jal’tai’s city, but still saw nothing but trees surrounding him.

    Halt!” two voices shouted in unison, taking Solonn by surprise. In nearly the same instant, the owners of those voices, a pair of stantler, jumped out before Solonn and Jal’tai from behind two of the trees, landing gracefully on their dainty hooves. They glared at Solonn and Jal’tai for a moment, lowering their golden antlers menacingly—then, abruptly, the stantler both raised their heads and took a step back, wearing alarmed expressions.

    “Oh! We… we didn’t realize it was you!” one of the stantler said.

    “We’re so sorry… really, we are… very sorry…” the other one rambled.

    “Well, that is why it’s wise to always look before you leap, now isn’t it?” Jal’tai said pleasantly.

    The two stantler nodded. “Can… can you forgive us?” one of them asked.

    Jal’tai gave a chuckle and a dismissive wave of his wing. “Oh, of course, of course,” he said. “No harm done at all. Now, why don’t you fellows let us in and then see about having someone else finish your shifts, all right? It doesn’t do to work too long; it’s absolutely murder on the nerves, as we’ve seen displayed here quite clearly.”

    “Yes, yes, of course…” one of the stantler muttered. His eyes then traveled from Jal’tai to Solonn, and the other stantler’s gaze followed. It was as though they had actually not noticed the large glalie hovering there up to that point.

    “Yes, he’s with me. You know I wouldn’t let just any of them in,” Jal’tai said.

    Both stantler seemed to have one last moment’s hesitation. Then they both gave another quick nod and stepped aside.

    “Thank you kindly,” Jal’tai said warmly, bowing his head as he passed between the two guards. “Right this way,” he said to Solonn, beckoning with his wing. “It’s right through here.”

    “Where?” Solonn asked as he moved forward alongside Jal’tai. “I don’t see—”

    The glalie was instantly stricken silent by the sight that had spontaneously appeared then. All at once, the endless forest before him was replaced by a view of a thoroughly modern city. There was no canopy of leaves to obstruct the sky above, for the trees’ presence was relegated to neat rows lining the streets and the occasional one growing in someone’s yard. A few of the inhabitants of the city, varying in species, could be seen strolling on the sidewalks or milling about in the lawns or on street corners. Every now and then, a vehicle cruised up or down one of the visible streets at a casual pace.

    Still rather mesmerized by the city that had just appeared before him out of thin air, Solonn was a bit startled by the wing that clapped him heartily on the back then. His gaze shifted to the swellow beside him, who was smiling warmly in the fashion of his kind, the look in his eyes positively radiating pride.

    “Welcome, my friend,” Jal’tai said, spreading his wings wide, “to Convergence, the city of a better future! Isn’t it magnificent?”

    “Well…” Solonn began a bit awkwardly, furrowing his brow in an expression of uncertainty. The city of Convergence had certainly made an entrance that had impressed him, but beyond that… The fact of the matter was that the city might have come closer to being magnificent in his eyes if it hadn’t seemed so familiar. Solonn had gazed out the window upon a view of Lilycove on enough occasions to know a human-style city when he saw one. “It’s certainly… er, doing well for itself, and I guess that’s nice, but… Jal’tai, I thought you said this wasn’t a human city…”

    The swellow chuckled. “Yes, I most certainly did. And on closer inspection, you might realize that indeed, just as I stated, this is not a human city. Or do you not see the abundance of pokémon about?”

    “What of it? Pokémon live in human cities, too,” Solonn pointed out.

    “True, true… but there remains a very significant difference between those cities and this one. Why, look over there,” Jal’tai said, gesturing with his wing toward a truck that had stopped at a traffic light some distance before them. Its driver was large and hairy—and an ursaring. The light turned green, and the truck went on the move again, heading their way. Solonn could hear country music issuing from the vehicle’s sound system; the bear was nodding her head and growling faintly along with the song.

    “Now, there’s something you won’t see in a mere human city,” Jal’tai said.

    The ursaring driver rounded a corner, pulled into a driveway, and stepped out of her truck. She then turned and spotted Jal’tai and Solonn. Her eyes widened, and she waved vigorously. “Hi!” she half-roared cheerfully from across the street.

    “Good day to you, madam!” Jal’tai returned, waving back at her. “I might also add that Ms. Olcarion actually owns that lovely house,” he then informed Solonn. “As a matter of fact, all of those homes are owned by pokémon,” he said, indicating the three houses to the right of the ursaring’s home. “Independent pokémon, Solonn. Do you realize the significance of that?”

    Without waiting for Solonn to answer, he continued. “In human cities, pokémon are second-class citizens—if even that.” His features gave a brief flash of disgust. “But here, pokémon are afforded the same rights and opportunities as humans. They may own properties like those the humans own. They may learn to operate the vehicles invented by humans if they so wish. Our academy offers them the same education that humans receive and training for those who wish to enter occupations that elsewhere may only be held by humans.

    “This is a community with no parallel in the world today, one in which pokémon and humans are truly able to live and work as equals. Do you see now what makes Convergence great?”

    Solonn nodded vaguely, still absorbing the information Jal’tai had just imparted upon him. He had not realized that pokémon were such non-entities in human society. True, pokémon were taken from their homes and made to live in human custody, but judging by his experience with Morgan, he had not found himself or any of her other pokémon treated poorly… Solonn realized that if what Jal’tai said was true, then he had been quite fortunate indeed to have been taken in by Morgan and not by one of the apparent, inconsiderate majority of humans.

    “Now, then,” Jal’tai said crisply. “I’m feeling rather in the mood for lunch of a sudden… How about you?”

    Solonn made to answer Jal’tai, but his stomach beat him to it.

    “Ah, right then,” Jal’tai said. “We’ll go to Whitley’s; it’s to die for…”

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    The swellow led Solonn deeper into Convergence, heading toward the center of town. Along the way, Solonn spotted more of the city’s residents out and about. They were mostly pokémon, some of whom were using what he figured were devices made by humans, such as the very noisy leaf blower being operated by an electabuzz at the curb in front of one of the houses.

    Solonn also spotted a couple of humans as he continued through the city after Jal’tai—literally a “couple”; he saw only two of them and they were together. It seemed that the pokémon outnumbered the humans here. From what he could glean at a glance, though, Solonn thought that the two humans both looked quite happy to be living here. They were neither goggling nor blatantly avoiding looking at the pokémon citizens; it seemed that they found nothing strange at all about the notion of pokémon living right alongside them, which Solonn found to be a relief in the wake of what Jal’tai had told him.

    At last, Solonn and Jal’tai arrived at Whitley’s. The restaurant was a large, country-styled building situated at the end of a fairly sizable parking lot that presently had most of its spaces unoccupied. Above its entrance, a sign bore the image of an elderly, goateed man’s smiling face, along with the words “Whitley’s Family Restaurant” spelled out beside the portrait—twice. It was written once in what Solonn recognized from his time with Morgan to be a form of human writing and once in a curious, unfamiliar script that seemed to be largely made up of eyes. Each character was formed by one of these large, round “eyes”, with the letters differentiated by bars that radiated from them in varying shapes and at varying angles.

    Solonn found himself able at once to read the first script just as he had been whenever he’d seen it before, so it didn’t surprise him much to find the second script instantly understandable, as well. However, there was more to his comprehension of the eyed letters than mere literacy, and he recognized this immediately. Puzzled, he brought the matter up with Jal’tai.

    “That second kind of writing, there on that sign… There’s something different about it. I don’t know how to explain it other than that it just feels… more natural to read somehow.”

    “Ah. I suppose you’ve never seen unown-script before.” Jal’tai smiled. “Well, Mr. Zgil-Al, there is reason why it feels natural to read. It is our written language, the script of pokémon. Allow me to explain. The unown are a species of pokémon who are credited as the ones responsible for eradicating many of the communication barriers between the peoples of the world. Many pokémon, myself included, believe that it was they who blessed the differing races of pokémon with the ability to understand both one another’s languages and the spoken languages of humans. But for some reason, their blessing failed to touch humans, leaving them unable to understand pokémon speech.

    “The unown tried to solve the problem through the creation of a universal written language, a process so demanding that it apparently forced them to evolve to that specific end. They developed special written characters that they infused with a mysterious quality meant to render them instantly comprehensible to both pokémon and humans alike. And it worked, too, at least under some circumstances; with it, pokémon have been able to convey messages to humans that they could otherwise never receive. Sadly, the script failed to catch on—perhaps the cultures that used it were conquered or decimated by humans who trained pokémon to fight for them rather than communicating and living in harmony with them,” the swellow added, bitterness seeping into his tone.

    “Anyhow,” he finished, “though the script fell short of a perfect solution, it was successful enough for us to see fit to celebrate and honor the unown and their tremendous efforts toward interspecies understanding by using unown-script as a sort of official ‘language’ of our city. All citizens are required to memorize all of its symbols, humans and pokémon alike.”

    Solonn took another look at the sign and its message in unown-script, intrigued and quite impressed. It was an incredible notion to him, that of an entire species literally transforming itself in the name of promoting universal communication. He wondered what it might be like to actually encounter one of them, what things that could be learned from such creatures—especially by one such as himself, who had his own relationship with the concept of universal communication…

    His eyes widened. Wait…

    “Tell me, Mr. Zgil-Al,” Jal’tai spoke up crisply then, interrupting Solonn’s reverie almost as soon as it had begun, “when you mentioned that unown-script felt ‘different to read’… did you mean as compared to human writing? I have always hoped to meet another who is human-literate just as I am.”

    Solonn just barely managed to suppress an urge to let his jaw drop wide open. Stupid! he scolded himself silently. He fumbled internally for a means to repair any possible damage done. “Oh… no, I can’t read that,” he finally said, his words tumbling out a bit more quickly than he’d intended. “I just guessed that it said the same thing that it said below in the unown-script.”

    “Hmm…” the swellow responded, sounding perhaps not quite as crestfallen as he felt. “Well, perhaps if you’re interested, I could teach you to read human-script sometime, hmm? In the meantime… I daresay we’ve tarried here outside for quite long enough,” he then said. “Why wait a moment longer when food’s right inside, right? Come on, then!”

    Solonn followed Jal’tai to a set of doors, which opened automatically for them a couple of seconds after the two had stopped before them. They entered the restaurant, which was warmly lit by a large number of hanging, stained-glass lamps, and were immediately greeted by a hitmonchan in a tuxedo.

    “Ah! You grace our presence in person yet again!” the hitmonchan exclaimed. “And this gentleman is your guest?” he asked, at which Jal’tai nodded. “Very well, then! Please, let me show you to your usual table!”

    The hitmonchan beckoned the two of them toward the back of the restaurant. They passed a table where a female human sat feeding small morsels of meat to a baby makuhita in a high chair that barely accommodated him. Solonn spotted an area in one corner of the restaurant that was enclosed by slightly tinted, soft plastic walls with a zippered door flap, in which an assembly of koffing and grimer laughed around a pile of something slimy and rotten-looking beneath a large exhaust fan. In another corner, two magnemite contently orbited a peculiar, seven-foot-tall, towerlike structure that hummed faintly with electricity.

    Jal’tai’s “usual table” was located in a private room in the very back of the restaurant. The room was decorated with paintings of landscapes on every wall and a potted shrub in every corner. A modest chandelier hung above the table in the center of the room, bearing the light of a number of small light bulbs rather than actual, burning candles.

    Jal’tai seated himself at the table, or rather perched atop his seat, his talons gripping the back of his chair while his tail feathers draped over it toward the floor. Solonn, being quite large, quite heavy, and generally just not equipped for setting himself down on chairs without breaking them, merely pushed the one at the opposite end of the table aside and sat down in its place, grateful to be out of the air once more after all the traveling that he’d done lately.

    “Your orders, then, sirs?” the hitmonchan prompted.

    “Oh, it’ll be the Cerulean fish platter for me. Yes, again,” Jal’tai said with another of his chuckles. “And for him… oh, just give him the Specialty of the House to start with. And you know where to send the bill, of course.”

    “Yes, sir!” the hitmonchan confirmed enthusiastically, then departed their table and the room.

    “Isn’t it refreshing to see pokémon holding occupations other than ‘gladiator’?” Jal’tai said wistfully. He sighed. “Alas, the indignities we suffer at the hands of humans… Which reminds me, Mr. Zgil-Al: what of those humans from whom you escaped? Have you any idea what their motives might have been?”

    Solonn was taken a bit by surprise by that question even though he hadn’t exactly expected that the subject of his pursuers wouldn’t come up again; he had just rather strongly hoped that it wouldn’t. Recovering quickly enough, he untruthfully replied, “No idea whatsoever. Frankly, I’m glad I never got the chance to find out.”

    “Indeed,” Jal’tai said. “You’ve certainly been spared a most degrading fate.”

    You don’t know the half of it… Solonn held Jal’tai’s gaze for a moment more, then let his eyes flit about from one painting on the wall to another in the awkward silence that hung in the air until Jal’tai spoke again.

    “You mentioned fleeing from Lilycove… I’ve not heard of an ice-type colony anywhere in that vicinity—believe me, as a flying-type I would make sure to know of such!” Jal’tai said with a laugh. “No offense, of course,” he added quickly but coolly.

    “Meh,” Solonn responded unconcernedly.

    “Anyhow, you were brought into Lilycove by these humans from someplace else, then, correct?” the swellow asked.

    “Well…” Solonn hesitated for a moment, but then supposed that there was no real harm in speaking of Morgan, though he opted against mentioning her by name. “Not by those humans, but yes, I was brought to Lilycove by a human.” He mindfully chose the word “brought” rather than “taken”; he had deduced that Jal’tai had a less than favorable attitude toward humans, especially those who kept pokémon, and so Solonn decided that it was probably prudent to choose his words carefully so as to give the swellow as little provocation to speak ill of Morgan as possible. “I lived with her for several months. She really was a decent person. I won’t lie about it—I do miss her…” He sighed, feeling a strange sensation spreading through his nerves in the wake of this admission. “She must be horribly worried about me…”

    “Do you think you’ll ever return to her?” Jal’tai asked quietly.

    “I don’t know,” Solonn answered truthfully. “I mean, I’d like to, sure. I just don’t know if Lilycove will ever be safe for me again… those people are still out there, and I don’t know if they’ll ever be caught.”

    “Let us hope they will be, at any rate,” Jal’tai said soberly. Solonn nodded in agreement.

    Their food arrived then, carried in on a wide tray that was balanced deftly upon the large hands of the hitmonchan waiter as he pushed the door to the private room open with his hip. Several smoked fish fillets on a ceramic platter were placed before Jal’tai. Before Solonn, the waiter placed an odd, wooden pedestal on which there sat a rather large steak. The hitmonchan then provided each of them with a saucer of water.

    “I’ll be back shortly,” the waiter said merrily. “When I return, you just let me know if you need anything else, okay?” With that, he departed Jal’tai and Solonn’s company.

    Solonn eyed the pedestal on which his meal sat, puzzled. “What is this thing?”

    “Hmm?” was Jal’tai’s muffled response; he already had a large chunk of fish in his beak. “Oh yes, that. It’s just something to make it a little easier for those without limbs to enjoy their meal, particularly someone like yourself—I can see where you would experience some difficulty in attempting to pluck meat off a plate as I am doing.”

    Solonn’s eyes shifted the tiny distance upward from the pedestal to the steak itself. “So… this is meat, then?”

    “Mmm-hmm,” the swellow confirmed through another bite of fish. “I imagine you’re unused to it being cut and processed in such a manner, but I assure you, it is meat.”

    Solonn made a small, wordless noise of acknowledgment. So… this thing before him had once been a part of a living creature… He felt a sense of trepidation fluttering about the vicinity of his heart as he continued to stare at the steak.

    Once again, his internal advocate for predation chose to speak up. It’s what’s right for you, you know.

    Solonn continued to eye the steak uneasily. There was a part of his mind that couldn’t help but try and picture what the former owner of this flesh had looked like before being slaughtered.

    Come on—it’s not like you killed whatever it was, was the internal argument.

    That angle fell just short of mollifying Solonn. He cast a quick glance at Jal’tai and found that the swellow was temporarily neglecting his fish fillets to gaze back at him concernedly.

    “Are you quite all right?” he asked. “You haven’t touched your Specialty there.”

    “Er…” Solonn began, pausing as he swallowed nervously. “…I was just trying to figure out what’s so ‘special’ about it…” he half-muttered, inwardly cursing himself a bit for not coming up with a better response. Still, he found it rather preferable to telling the truth. It shamed him somewhat to admit it to himself, but the fact was that he was disinclined to confess—and perhaps have to justify—his reservations about carnivorousness.

    “Well, taste it and you’ll find out!” Jal’tai said, giving the swellow equivalent of a beaming grin.

    Solonn shut his eyes briefly as he battled an urge to grimace. It seemed that until he partook of the food that Jal’tai had ordered for him, the swellow would continue to press the issue. He was not enthusiastic about accepting the steak, but he was all too aware of the swellow’s eyes upon him.

    At least it hasn’t got eyes, the other faction of his mind told him. At least it can’t look back at you.

    Solonn sighed heavily. It seemed that there were two in his company who would not relent until he accepted the meat, a fact made more difficult to abide by due to the fact that one of those persistent voices was actually a part of him.

    Silently, he rose from the floor and looked down upon the steak. With a flash of light in his eyes, it was instantly frozen. Closing his eyes involuntarily, he lowered his opened jaws toward it and took it into his mouth.

    The taste of it was not as he had anticipated. He had expected it to have the sharpest, most foul flavor imaginable, but found it instead to be rather bland. Vaguely, he wondered if his brain had done him a merciful favor and had temporarily weakened his sense of taste. As he began to chew the steak, he tried very hard not to think about what it was that he was grinding between his teeth. It’s just ice, he tried to convince himself, that’s all… He wanted to rush it down his throat as quickly as he could, but his gullet seemed possessed of contrary urges. It took a few attempts just to force the meat down.

    Solonn opened his eyes again, realizing only then that he’d kept them closed all the while that he’d been consuming the steak. He saw Jal’tai smiling at him, looking satisfied.

    “Was it to your liking?” the swellow asked.

    Solonn gave a quick nod, wondering if anything in his expression was contradicting the gesture even as it was made. His eyes traveled downward to where the saucer of water lay. He rather liked the thought of some good, fresh ice right about then.

    It was convenient that water had been provided for him to freeze, too; it would mean just a bit less effort than spontaneously generating ice would require. He stared intently at it, and within mere moments it changed into a stalk of ice rising from the middle of the saucer. He nipped it off as close to the dish as he could, then sat back down as he crunched it up.

    The hitmonchan returned then and immediately set about removing the now cleared plates and pedestal as well as Solonn’s saucer, leaving Jal’tai’s still largely ignored saucer where it sat. “Is there anything else I can get for you gentlemen?” he asked.

    “Nothing more for me,” Jal’tai said, shaking his head gently. “What about you, Mr. Zgil-Al? Care for another Specialty?”

    There were very few things in the world that Solonn would have cared for less at that moment. “No thanks,” he said—or tried to say, at least. His words were almost completely engulfed in a massive yawn.

    “‘No’, did you say?” the hitmonchan asked.

    “Hm? Yeah, that’s right,” Solonn confirmed.

    “Very well then, sirs. I hope you have enjoyed your day here!” the hitmonchan said cheerfully, then left.

    Jal’tai took a moment to stretch his wings, then jumped down from the chair. “So, Mr. Zgil-Al. Would you like for me to give you a nice tour of the city?”

    “Ugh… that’d be nice, but…” He unleashed another yawn. “I don’t know… I’m just really tired all of a sudden. I feel like I need to get to sleep.”

    Jal’tai frowned concernedly at him. “Hmm. Well, in that case, I think we’d better seek out a place where you can rest. I think your recent tribulations must have finally taken their toll on you.”

    Solonn nodded listlessly, suspecting that the swellow was right. It seemed that his body had taken all that it could and was demanding a break from any possible excitement for a while.

    “Come, Mr. Zgil-Al. The Convergence Inn is not terribly far from here at all. I should be able to get a room for you there without any trouble.” The swellow made for the door leading out of the private room and beckoned Solonn to follow.

    * * *

    Solonn barely registered the trip from Whitley’s to the Convergence Inn, barely even aware of any conscious effort on his part to keep his body afloat as he drifted lethargically behind the swellow. He didn’t seem to absorb Jal’tai’s words when the swellow told him that they had arrived at their destination until several seconds after those words had been spoken.

    Vaguely, Solonn noted that he was following Jal’tai into the hotel. He almost didn’t notice when Jal’tai strayed from his immediate vicinity and crossed the lobby to go speak with a swampert receptionist.

    Jal’tai returned shortly, then gestured with his wing toward an elevator to Solonn’s right. “This way,” he said. “Your room is on the top floor.”

    Making a wordless noise of acknowledgment, Solonn allowed himself to be guided toward the elevator. Jal’tai pressed a button set in the wall beside one of the elevator’s steel doors, and a few moments later the doors opened. Solonn drifted quite slowly and somewhat unsteadily into the elevator; Jal’tai just managed to dash in after him before the doors closed and the elevator began to rise.

    Once it came to a stop, the two of them emerged onto the uppermost floor. Jal’tai moved ahead of Solonn and began making his way through the corridor, heading toward what was to be Solonn’s room. “Here it is!” he soon called back to the glalie.

    Solonn glided over to join him, so hampered by drowsiness at this point that he very drifted right into the wall before coming to a stop beside the swellow.

    “This shall be your room for the night,” Jal’tai said, “right in there.” He gestured toward the very same wall with which Solonn had just nearly collided. There was no door, no apparent means of gaining entry into the “room” that Jal’tai was indicating. The wall was nearly featureless save for the words “Grand Suite” in blue human- and unown-script and a pair of strange devices fitted to the wall next to the words. One of these fixtures was some kind of keypad, while the other resembled nothing so much as a round, blank, gray eye.

    Even in his lethargy, Solonn managed to give the swellow quite a skeptical look.

    Jal’tai smiled. “Observe.” Fluttering up into the air before the keypad, he punched a code into it using a single claw on his right foot, then hurriedly flapped aside from it.

    “Ready,” said a computerized voice from out of nowhere, and a large, glowing, green square lit up dramatically on the floor in front of the lens and keypad. “Please enter the transport field.”

    “Go to that square and sit down,” Jal’tai said.

    Solonn did as he was told. “Initializing scan,” said the computerized voice. The lens on the wall awakened, glowing with a brilliant, golden light. It projected a beam of the same color, which touched Solonn, broadened to his width, and swept up and down over him. “Scan complete,” the voice then said, and the beam vanished.

    The tile on which Solonn was sitting flashed. A peculiar, tingling sensation prickled over the glalie’s skin, followed by a strange, sort of transcendent sensation not unlike that which accompanied entrance into a capture ball. However, he was drawn not into a disembodied netherscape but rather into a large, richly furnished suite with paintings on its walls that put those hanging up at Whitley’s to shame and marble figures of various dragon-type pokémon placed here and there. Not that Solonn could truly appreciate his surroundings, however; to his weary eyes, everything around him seemed to want to bleed together into a blur of color and light at this point.

    “Hey in there!” Jal’tai shouted, his voice coming in through the wall. “Do you like it?”

    Solonn turned toward the wall and made a noise that was as affirmative-sounding as his lack of energy would allow.

    “Good, good!” Jal’tai responded merrily. “Now, listen, I doubt you’ll need anything overnight; your suite comes very well equipped, I assure you. But, if you do… Well, have a look at the little table by that green armchair in the den.” He gave the glalie ample time to find it; Solonn, in his present state, needed every second of it.

    “I see it,” Solonn finally said, his words slurred.

    “Good,” Jal’tai said, speaking more loudly now to ensure that his next instructions would be heard. “Now, you’ll notice the little black box with a large, round speaker on top—you can use that to call me if you need anything. It’s voice-activated. You need only speak into it—say ‘Page’, then my name, followed by ‘Room 44-B’, which is where I’m going to be staying. Call, and I’ll come up here as quickly as I can manage. Got it?”

    “Got it,” Solonn confirmed, although he was only minimally aware of what he was saying.

    “All right, then. Rest well, Mr. Zgil-Al!” Jal’tai said brightly. His words were followed by a continuing silence that signified that he’d left.

    With yet another huge yawn, Solonn lowered himself onto the floor. He rolled onto his back and gratefully let his eyelids meet, sighing as he did so. His fading mind drifted back to information that it had absorbed earlier that day, specifically information regarding the unown. Solonn remembered, in a detached sort of way, something having been piqued within his mind at learning of them, but he had fallen too far toward sleep to truly reach any of those notions now. Already half-dreaming, his brain conjured images of the fantastic, surreal beings that it guessed the unown to be, whimsically bizarre creatures that danced in circles around his consciousness as it dwindled away.


    Chapter 7 contains one of my absolute favorite Solonn quotes. See if you can guess what it was.

    Next chapter: Solonn makes a discovery of a most unexpected nature and gets to know Jal’tai a little better. See you then!

    - Sike Saner
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    Current Chapter: Chapter 18 – Remnants

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    This was effing awesome.

    I especially like the description of the town and the Unown language. ROFL. That's what I always imagined it to be. A way to communicate between dum humans and poke's. xP


    The city...haha. At first I thought it was FORTREE. But then the URSARING ROFLAMO. I spent like, three minutes LAUGHING about a BEAR DRIVING A CAR.



    Haha. All in all though, I really like the hunt scene and where Solonn first ate meat. YUXS. xP

    Luffs to you, dear. *hugs*

    I know it was a long wait, but it was worth it! ^.^
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    THAT WAS SO...*babbles*


    The Magnetmites...the saucer freezing to Solonn's on earth do you think of those things? It's the mark of creative genius at its best!!


    *builds you a Solonn scultpure out of cheese*

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    Wowsers Sike.

    That was one nice chapter!

    I particularly enjoyed reading about this apparent "Pokemon City". It had a very fresh feel to it. The feel of originality. I need that feeling more. I truly loved that city...especially with Whitley's. That was very, very original, the concept of having the pokemon running all the services. It was fresh and new! Which is great! Oh, have I mentioned that Swellow yet? He was GREAT! What was his name...Jal'tai! Yes! He was awesome! A very interesting character to introduce to this intriguing story. I also liked the back story of the Unown...that was...choice? *is running out of complementary words XD*


    to his weary eyes, everything around him seemed to want to bleed together into a blur of color and light.
    I think you mean blend. Or do you? Now that I think of it, bleed could work. Gah, whatever!


    The Ursaring driver rounded a corner, pulled into a driveway, and exited her vehicle. As she did so, she turned and spotted Jal’tai and Solonn. Her eyes widened and brightened, and she waved vigorously. “Hi!” she half-roared from across the street in a cheerful greeting.
    A BEAR DRIVING A CAR. Honestly Sike, that sounds like something I'd come up with XDDDDD. Priceless, I could just imagine this Ursaring roaring "HI!!!!!!".

    CRAP! I'd post more great quotes but I'm being forced off the computer. I'll update with som'ore.

    Anyway, fantastic chapter. It was worth the wait. Take your time on the next one, we want it to be just as good!!!

    As for that fav quote of yours:

    “Meh,” Solonn responded unconcernedly.


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    Whoah!!!! That was amazing! Such creativity and imagination! Reckon you'll put up a sketch or so of that city? Sounds like it would be awesome to draw!!

    Things I liked in this chapter: Jal'tai. Can just feel the personality rolling off him. Strangely, he reminds me of Claudius. o.O Moving right along now...

    'infested with trees'. Lovely expression. I hope there's an opportunity for me to use that myself in the future (not in fic, of course. That would be plagiarism. I meant in actual conversation. That would be witty quoting. x.X)

    The Ursaring in the car. Fantastic. In fact, the entire concept of the city was brilliant. Sheer imagination garnished with humour, laced with the spice of excitement, sprinkled with intrigue and fascination and served in as an easily digested dish coated with the slick syrup of flow upon the silver (or golden, if you will) platter of quality writing. Delicious. ^^

    And since I can't really think of anything else to say, congratulations. ^^

    I wish you peace and love. God bless us all.

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    well, that was an interesting chapter... Bear driving a car... XD

    the idea of a Pokemon city caught me comepletely off-guard.... excellent!
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    Okay, it's pretty good (forced me to post this, actually), but I can't shake the feeling that there's something odd with the city, or at the very least with that Swellow. I'm probably right, for all I know, too.

    Good job so far!

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    Poor Glalie. He must do things pretty fast before thinking. Heh nice chapter. I like the fact you do something kinda cool. Let the Pokemon have their own city. Very nice indeed. And pretty funny too! Heh! Well good luck with the next chapter as usual. Oh and yes....leaf bowers are horrible!

    Jal’tai gave him a blank, unblinking stare for a moment. Then, he slapped his wing against his forehead and burst into laughter. “Oh, dear!” he cried, still laughing uproariously, tears beginning to gather at the corners of his eyes. “Oh, heavens, I don’t know why we didn’t think of that…Is there any particular reason you must freeze it first?”

    Solonn gave Jal’tai a momentary, mild glare. Then, he lowered his face towards the saucer of water and, in an exaggeratedly delicate manner, dipped his tongue into the water. A second later, he lifted his face to look back up at Jal’tai, wearing a deadpan expression. The saucer of water was dangling from his tongue, to which it had frozen.
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    Awesome Sike!

    Jal’tai was kinda annoying to say the least.. And I thought Convergence was a very strange city.. The part with the Ursaring driving freaked me out. o.o;

    Wonder what's up with Solonn and the Unown.. Hopefully that'll be explained in the next chap.

    Keep up the good work Sike! Hope to read chapter 8 soon. ^^

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    You know what I'm going to say...

    HITMONCHAN IS EVIL! Solonn feels tired after eating the meat because it was covered in a sprinkling of sleeping powders by that evil knave Hitmonchan. Or possibly Jal'Tai

    I wonder if Anomaly would look like the shiny version of the human it replicates O.o

    Anyhoo, in Convergence, do the predators eat the prey denizens freely? I mean, if Jal'Tai met a Remoraid in the city, would he eat it? It seems they didn't want to let in the predetory Glalie (usually) so are there different standards for different pokémon?

    ...Ahem, enough random musings. Great chappie this, it gives you a lot more to think about in the Solonn kidnapperds mystery. I thoroughly enjoyed the description of Convergence, especially the car-driving Ursaring (though I bet Snorunt are better drivers ). The Hitmonchan waiter was suspiciously cheerful if you ask me, but Jal'Tai seems nice enough. Good luck with the next chapter!

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    Quote Originally Posted by xXSaberXx
    I especially like the description of the town and the Unown language. ROFL. That's what I always imagined it to be. A way to communicate between dum humans and poke's. xP
    *is immediately given a mental image of a swarm of Unown bestowing Hooked on Phonics upon the human masses*



    Ah, yes. The bear. Wanna know where that came from? A few years ago, they tried to make an animated series out of the movie Clerks. (Kevin Smith = the kicking of butts.) The show had its fair share of great, memorable moments, one of which was--guess what--a driving bear, and the utterance of one of my very favorite lines from ANYTHING, EVER: "OH MY GOD, BEAR IS DRIVING, HOW CAN THAT BE?!?" XD I just love that. So, yeah, I was compelled. X3

    Quote Originally Posted by Scrap
    The Magnetmites...the saucer freezing to Solonn's on earth do you think of those things?
    *shrugs* No clue. A lot of those things weren't in the original version, though, so be glad I bothered to revise. ^^

    *shoos kitty cats away from sculpture* NO! That's MY cheese! MINE! Hmph! XP

    Typhlogirl: Nope, I meant bleed.

    ...Wait. What I just said...Out of context, that would sound... yeah. o_0

    Quote Originally Posted by Typhlogirl
    Quote Originally Posted by Sike Saner
    “Meh,” Solonn responded unconcernedly.


    XD Yeah... yeah, that was it. *dies*

    Pinecone Tortoise:
    Quote Originally Posted by Pinecone Tortoise
    Whoah!!!! That was amazing! Such creativity and imagination! Reckon you'll put up a sketch or so of that city?
    Nah, not gonna happen, I'm afraid. ^^; a.) My art skills = virtually nonexistant. And don't tell me they're not, either, because you have not had to suffer the vile portfolio known as... the Toilet Book. *thunder explodes and women scream* XD b.) I don't have a scanner.

    "Infested with trees"... There's another of those little elements that wasn't in the original version. Again, it's a good thing I revised...

    EvilKeckleon: It's quite delightful to see that the bear has gone over so well, especially considering that every time that's mentioned, I'm reminded yet again of the quote that inspired it. XD I love that.

    Seijiro Mafuné: =D *does new reviewer dance, sending kitties scrambling for cover*

    Quote Originally Posted by Seijiro Mafuné
    I can't shake the feeling that there's something odd with the city, or at the very least with that Swellow.
    Odd beyond driving ursaring, you mean? XD Well, we'll see what happens. You're going to make Jal'tai sad if he finds out you implied that his beloved city was odd, though... XP

    Wes: Glad you liked that scene you quoted there. Again, something that wasn't in the original; not any part of that there, actually.

    Dark Latios:
    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Latios
    Jal’tai was kinda annoying to say the least..
    XD Yeah. I kind of get a corny tour guide vibe off of him.

    Elemental Charizam:
    Quote Originally Posted by Elemental Charizam
    Anyhoo, in Convergence, do the predators eat the prey denizens freely?
    There's a "Thou Shalt Not Eat Thine Neighbors" law. X3 If you need to hunt, you take it to the neighboring forests and river. If you can make do with pre-butchered meat, that's available, but if you absolutely must have live prey, then you'll just have to step out of town. Well, it was reckoned that humans wouldn't want to live there if they had to fear one of the other citizens wanting to eat them, but it was also deemed unfair to extend the protection to one species alone. So, no predation in Convergence.

    Quote Originally Posted by Elemental Charizam
    HITMONCHAN IS EVIL! Solonn feels tired after eating the meat because it was covered in a sprinkling of sleeping powders by that evil knave Hitmonchan. Or possibly Jal'Tai
    Uh-oh... XD To the Darkened Corner of Mistrust, you two... *Jal'tai and that poor hitmonchan waiter shuffle miserably into the corner, where the are greeted at once by Oth*

    Quote Originally Posted by Elemental Charizam
    I wonder if Anomaly would look like the shiny version of the human it replicates O.o
    Shiny humans?... *involuntarily imagines a blue Claudio Sanchez with purple hair* XD Actually, I would say that Anomaly's imperfection in transforming would apply to anything it became, not just pokémon. It could never exactly duplicate anything because it would always remain discolored in one way or another. Although I don't think it would be quite so dramatic with human forms as it would be with some pokémon forms... but still, if you see any blue humans with purple hair about... XD
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    It's not that, it's just that feeling that... I dunno, it's like going into Silent Hill or Racoon City, if you get it. Okay, not that bad. It still feels weird.

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    I'm so sorry for taking so long to get to this, I've been just a "little" busy as of late. Anyways, this chapter was superb and worth the wait. Other than that I really don't have too much else to say. I'm actually a little confused on where the Swellow came from and such...

    Nevermind that part actually. I just realized I read the second half of the chapter and haven't touched the first part... Well, so far the second part is rather good and I'll have to get back to you on the first part.

    EDIT- Ok, I've read the first half of the chapter now, and I must say the second half makes a great deal more sense. Anyways, I really don't have too much to say about how it was written because it was just fine to me.

    “Ah, right then. We’ll go to Whitley’s, it’s to die for…”
    That line did seem a little out of place to me and though I doubt anyone's going to die, it seems to be hinting at something; probably the steak Solonn ate.
    I'm also a little unsure about Solonn's whole hating meat thing. I know he's a predator that was raised in captivity and all, but it doesn't seem very fitting to me for him to hate it's flavor so much. I can see his qualms about killing, but maybe he thought it tasted so bad only because he was so unwilling to eat it? I don't know, it's certainly a turn in Solonn's personality that I'm guessing he'll have to resolve eventually. After all, tame or not, he's still a predator and will want to eat that eventually.

    -Sorry if this review was horrendous, I just really couldn't think of what to say. You did a spectacular job is probably all I should have said.
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    Um... that was an expression. You know, like things costing an arm? He meant that the place was so great, you just can't resist it.

    But your theory adds to the conspiracy.

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    that chapter was interesting.....never thought of a pokemon hotel/restuaraunt

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    Seijiro Mafuné: Raccoon City? Ooh... *swats away sudden wild hair to do the wicked crossover that brought to mind, knowing I could never do it justice*

    Quote Originally Posted by kaizer63
    I can see his qualms about killing, but maybe he thought it tasted so bad only because he was so unwilling to eat it?

    Flying Tropius: I'm glad you liked Whitley's and the Convergence Inn. The revised version went into a lot more description of both those places, so, again, I say, GOOD THING I DID THAT. X3
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    *Steals your writing talent*Now that I have the bestest talent ever, I may begin-*trips and drops it*-oops.I loved this chappie because solonn met someone who can help him^_^.Although it was a big twist, it was wierd that he met the one person who most likely owns/started the place.I think you missed the h in him somewhere, although I forgot where.I hope that there was no sleeping potion or anything in that steak.

    Cya next chappie!

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