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Thread: ***Read this*** Before replying to or posting a deck.

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    Default ***Read this*** Before replying to or posting a deck.

    To Deck Posters:

    1. Be sure to specify whether your deck is following the Unlimited or Modified (DP-On) format.
    Ulimited decks are decks that contain cards from any set released in North America.

    Modified (Boundaries Crossed-On) decks can only contain the following cards and promo cards from these sets:

    BW Boundaries Crossed
    BW Plasma Storm
    BW Plasma Freeze
    BW Plasma Blast
    BW Legendary Treasures
    XY Flashfire
    XY Furious Fists
    XY Kalos Starter Set
    XY Trainer Kit
    Black Star Promo Cards numbered BW51 and higher
    Black Star Promo Cards numbered XY01 and higher
    2014 McDonalds promos

    The above formats are currently PP 2015 Official Formats.

    2. Let us know any limitations on cards you have and also what cards you do have available. This will greatly help us with helping you. Also, if you don't have a deck yet, but have an idea or a grouping of cards you want to use, please do so and let us know what else you have or what you're trying to accomplish with your deck.

    3. Keep your decklist well organized by separating Pokemon, Trainers, and Energy from each other, preferably in that order. Also, try to keep evolution lines together. Finally, post a relevant title to the deck, including format, so the raters/helpers know what they're going to be looking at ahead of time.

    4. Specify what set a particular card comes from so we know exactly which card it is. Also, specify an attack or power on it if there is more than one card in that set that shares the same name. You do not have to specify the set of a card that does the exact same thing such as Potion.

    Decklist Example:
    Title: My Kingdra EX Deck (Unlimted)

    Horsea(3) - EX Dragon (Common)
    Horsea(1) - EX Dragon (Uncommon)
    Seadra(3) - EX Dragon (Water Arrow)
    Seadra(1) - EX Dragon (Agility/Waterfall)
    Kindra EX(3) - EX Dragon
    Skitty(4) - EX Sandstorm (Energy Catch)
    Delcatty(3) - EX Ruby & Sapphire (Energy Draw)
    Zigzagoon(4) - EX Sandstorm (Collect)
    Linoone(3) - EX Ruby & Sapphire (Seek Out)
    Solrock - EX Sandstorm
    Lunatone - EX Sandstorm

    TV Reporter(2) - EX Dragon
    Fast Ball(4) - Skyridge
    Oracle(2) - Skyridge
    Lanette's Net Search(2) - EX Sandstorm
    Town Volunteers(2) - Aquapolis
    Moo-Moo Milk(4) - Expedition: Base Set
    High Pressure System(2) - EX Dragon

    Water Energy(15)


    To Deck Raters/Helpers:

    1. If you can't give good advice then don't try. Not to be rude, but if you don't know much about the TCG and can't give good advice then don't reply. Bad advice is sometimes worse than no advice at all.

    2. Do not insult the deck and/or the deck's poster. This will usually leave to off-topic posts, spam, and a flame fight. Again, this will save mods the time from deleting your post and/or banning you.

    3. If you are only going to rate what you think of the deck, please post the purpose of your score and why you think it deserves that score.

    4. Off-topic posts will be allowed on a very limited level, such as debating on the usefullness of a card or alternatives. However, keep it from going into an argument.
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