So those Contest judges have to run back and forth through the country to host each and every Contest in the region? Wow. Mighta been easier to make them have multiple sisters like Jenny and Joy. XD

Harley's back. Up to his dirty tricks again, I see.

Squirtle learns Ice Beam? Squirtle and its evolutions are my favorite Pokemon, but that little Squirtle randomly learning Ice Beam is even weirder than May's Skitty being taught Blizzard. Those writers really need to find a better way of giving May advantages in battle.

The lady letting May be in the Contest was nice, but against the rules. Once again May needs help. Although it was Harley's fault in the first place.

Anyway, in general, this was a nice setup episode for the Saffron City Contest. Oh, by the way, if they hadn't mentioned this being in Saffron I'd of had no idea where it was. It might as well be some random city called "Squirtlelearnsicebeamhere Town". >_>

"I'm her lacky, Jameson!" "And I'm her Pokemon, Meowtheson!" XD