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Thread: Working on making a Blaziken EX Deck

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    Default Working on making a Blaziken EX Deck

    I planned out a list of cards I need for this deck that focuses on Mega Blaziken EX. Also, I'm only going for the cards within the XY sets, because they're gonna ban the BW set cards soon, and I need to be ahead of this. And, I am fully aware that they banned Lysandre's Trump Card now.

    So tell me what you think of this deck list and what can I fix this?

    3 Mega Blaziken EX
    3 Blaziken EX
    3 Torchic
    3 Combusken
    3 Blaziken (2 FFI, 1 PC)
    2 litleo
    2 pyroar

    3 energy retrival
    3 blacksmitch
    3 shauna
    2 professor's letter
    2 lysandre
    2 escape rope
    2 bridgette
    2 giovanni's scheme
    3 vs seeker
    4 ultra ball

    11 fire
    4 double colorless
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