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You can only evelve a Pokemon normally (by playing it from your hand) once per turn. For example you can't have a Charmander in play, evelve it to Charmeleon and then to Charizard in the same turn. The term "This counts as evolving that Pokémon" means you can't evolve that Pokemon the normal way (from your hand) again that turn.
However, card effects can override that. For example you could use that Nidoqueen's PokePower twice in one turn if you had two of them in play. Or you could use Nidoqueen's PokePower and then play Wally's Training that same turn to evolve it again. But you wouldn't be able to use Nidoqueen's PokePower and then evolve that Pokemon again from your hand that turn.

It's kind of hard to explain. Did what I said make sense?
Oh yes, that made a lot of sense. Your explanation even added another important distinction that I hadn't thought of: There's a definite difference between using a power like that after you evolve normally (which works because the power isn't normal) and trying to use the power first and then evolve normally (which doesn't because "this counts as evolving that Pokémon"). Thanks!

Okay, now I have a really weird question. I've enjoyed using strategies involving powers like Sceptile's Energy Trans. Its effect is clear: as often as you want during your turn you can move a Grass Energy card from one of your Pokémon to another. If a card happened to be providing Grass Energy, it seemed obvious that it would not count as a Grass Energy card.

However, several new cards that I like and am thinking of using have Abilities with different wording. They are Klinklang's Shift Gear and Hydreigon's Dark Trance. They read almost exactly the same except with different Energy types (Metal and Darkness respectively). They say you are allowed to move "a Metal Energy" or "a Darkness Energy" as often as you like; they do not specify "Energy card."

This wording difference gave me an idea that is almost too good to be true. Would either of these Abilities be allowed to move a Blend Energy (GFPD with Hydreigon's or WLFM with KlingKlang's)? Each of these cards does provide the Energy type listed on the power, but does that mean that for the purposes of those Abilities it would count as "a Metal Energy" or "a Darkness Energy"? (I could have asked the same question about Rainbow Energy, but since it doesn't look like it's modified legal right now, I'd only be able to try it in unlimited.) I realize it could easily be that "Energy" and "Energy card" may very well be intended to mean the same thing in that context. But since it might not, I had to ask. Any info?