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Thread: Pokemon TCG Online (PTCGO) Trading Thread

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    Default Pokemon TCG Online (PTCGO) Trading Thread

    Post your haves/wants in PTCGO here. Please post only once per page (25 posts) and only post lists here; do all communicating about trades via pm/vm and edit your post when a trade has been completed. You must also post your full list within a post in this thread; do not link to off-site pages for your list.

    If you are not sure what your card is worth, one of the many trading companies will be helpful. Try to look at an average of their buying price and selling price to get an idea of the true value.

    Please note that trading of physical cards will no longer be allowed, as this forum is not equipped to handle potential scams of physical items.

    be sure to read the rules of every section before posting ;)
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    Hello everyone who read this. Can someone give me pls. Redeem codes?i'll be so thankful!!!!!

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