So May won?
that sucks, and to a Squirtle that was a baby?!?!?

whatever the writers are on I want it! a squirtle beating a crobat 0.o
Why is Squirtle still considered a baby. if proffesor Oak had recieved the starter pokes they had to have been ready for a trainer to start out with it. It seems to me that it was at starter level so why was it considered a baby. Also Squirtle has been shown to have matured a bit since May first recieved it. Near the end of the episode it looked like Harley had won until May had a stroke of luck. Also has anyone noticed that the timer on the timed battle read 1:45 and the next thing that happened was that May won. I know what hapened but, just felt like pointing it out. Also I was hoping for Jessie to win but, whatever. Also was that hug thing a mistake or on purpose. I just thought it happened on accident and Jessie didn't plan for that but, quickly thought of something to make her look good.