Bah, the only surprising aspect of this entire episode, was the fact that Wobbuffet was actually used to take part in a proper pokémon battle. That one seemed to come out of nowhere. Everything else sounds like pretty standard fare, and I can't say I'm dissapointed. It wasn't handled perfectly, but this is the sort of thing I 'm expecting from the Frontier saga now. Predictable outcomes with a few little shockers here and there. I don't get why people are getting so upset about it, we've has weeks of average stuff like this.

I'd have liked Harley to win and all, but I'm not really phased by the final result of the skirmish. Squirtle finally paid its dues and won its first battle, which could have been handled in the exact same way if another of Haruka's pokémon had taken part. The only factor that bothers me about Squirtle is the fact that its attacks and strategies are all out boring and redundant, and any other pokémon in Haruka's roster could essentially do pretty much everything it has done so far. Blah~

I'm just glad Ariados got some screentime, and that we got to see Harley again. But overall, it was all rather meh.