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Thread: Difficulty:100 (PG-13)

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    Default Difficulty:100 (PG-13)

    Contestshipping, Pokeshipping, ect. (depends on how you look at it)

    Hey ya'lls, I changed my mind about whether or not to put this story up, so here it is! My first well done Contestshipping fic. There may be a slight (big) problem of OOCness, and if you catch that, and I know theres no reason for it, then I'll try to change it. But here's the first chapter, and I hope you like it! I probably will not be doing a PM List, because it's too much hassle for me, but if I feel you probably won't check back, I'll send you a PM. hope you like it, cause I sure do! By the way, there are a ridiculous amount of made-ups in this story, and the way I view Drew's family. Very good for a Drew fan that doesn't mind millions of made-ups.
    “Oh wow!” I cried as I spun around, holding a brand new, baby eevee in my hands, my arms stretched out so I could see the baby pokemon more easily.

    “Do you like it?” Brock asked.

    “I love it more than anything!” I said pulling the equally excited eevee up close in a tight hug.

    “I’ll call you,” I thought for a moment “Mimi!”

    The Adorable Eevee squealed, and jumped onto the table, covered in birthday presents.

    I was finally turning twelve, and Ash had said it would be okay for us to come back to the petalburg gym, to celebrate with mom and dad.

    Max was sure excited to see them again, as was I, along with all the pokemon I had left at home.

    “Open mine next May!” Misty said gleefully holding up a freshly wrapped gift, which wasn’t very big at all.

    I didn’t mind though, so I carefully peeled off the wrapping, fighting the urge to rip off the colorful paper sealing away my gift.

    “Wow!” I said, lifting the lid of the little box.

    “They’re earrings! In the shape of balance badges!” I cried, showing dad.

    “Only vertical.” He said smiling.

    One tip of the balance badge was connected with the steel ball at the top, and the other pointed toward the ground, therefore making it not very balanced looking, but beautiful just the same.

    I picked up the very last gift, after I had opened ash’s, which was a complete set of pokeballs, except for the master ball of course, that he had ordered from Kurt, from Brock, Mimi, the balance earrings from Misty, a blue flute from Max, which I knew he got from the strange man up in Lavaridge, who made things out of ashes, and a book on famous coordinators, from my parents.

    “We’re not sure who this came from.” Norman said nodding toward the long box encased in gold wrapping paper, in my hands.

    I looked around for a card, or a note or anything similar, but found none, and decided to just open it.

    When I peeled the gold paper off, I found a silver box, and as I lifted the lid, I instantly knew whom it came from.

    I could tell, when I saw the long-stemmed rose, that was lined with gold, that would preserve it a while longer than most roses.

    I immediately recognized roselia’s rose, as I’d gotten at least 6 already.

    “Secret admirer?” My mom joked.

    “I don’t think so.” I replied slyly.

    “That reminds me, didn’t that Drew boy give you a rose at the Grand Festival? Maybe it’s from him!” She said knowingly.

    “Maybe.” I said, already knowing that the truthful answer would’ve been, ‘Of course, who else would send me a rose?’

    “Well let’s get it in a vase.” My mother said, plucking the rose out of my hands, and carefully putting it into a thin glass vase, intricately blown out at the bottom with a thin neck.

    “Looks great!” I said happily.

    “So you think it really was Drew who sent you that rose?” Max asked next to me, smirking at me in his brotherly way.

    “I’m not sure.” I answered truthfully “I don’t think he knows when my birthday is…”

    “Maybe Beautifly told Masquerain, it was spending a lot of it’s free time with Masquerain at the last Contest remember?” max said.

    “Maybe…” I honestly didn’t know.

    Half of me wanted it to be from Drew, and the other half from my old friend Brendan, who knew I liked roses.

    “Anyway,” I said shaking my head “what counts is that it’s beautiful.”

    “I would kill to get one of those!” Misty cried, stars in her eyes “How romantic!”

    “Well we know what to get you for your birthday.” Ash joked.

    “Ash Ketchum is you even try being that unimaginativ-“

    “He was kidding Misty.” Brock intervened.

    “Whoop.” Norman said glancing at the door that jingled as someone opened the door “Maybe a challenger.”

    I glanced over my dad’s shoulder and caught a glimpse of green hair.


    Maybe. But I knew it was him the instant I heard him talk to my father.

    “Just thought I’d wish May a happy birthday before I leave.” He said

    I got up from my seat, Mimi following me obediently, already attached to me like glue.

    “Drew?” I said as I stuck my head around the door leading to the gym arena.

    “Hello there May.” He said coolly.

    “Hi!” I said happily “Thanks for the present!”

    “Your welcome. I was wondering whether you’d figure out who it was from or not, but apparently you did.” He smirked.

    “It’s my birthday. Don’t ruin it.” I said, a smile plastered on my face, but my tone getting irritated.

    I noticed that he was carefully hiding his right arm.

    “Right.” He said shoving it off “Well happy birthday. I doubt I’ll ever be seeing you again, so good-bye.”

    He saluted in a mock fashion, and was about to leave, when I said, “Why won’t I see you again?”

    He turned his head slightly and said “I’m going home, and well,” He flicked his hair and continued “I don’t think I’ll leave anytime soon.”

    I was surprised in every possible way.

    I never thought of Drew as a person with a home.

    Oh that’s smart. Everyone’s got a home. No matter where, or what it’s made of.

    Why was he hiding his arm?

    I sighed, and returned to the kitchen.

    I leaned out my window as I felt my spirits drop.

    With no more partying I finally realized what I missed.

    No more Drew. No more rivalry.

    Less motivation for contests. Less chances to use all these comebacks.

    I was already beginning to miss him.

    I groaned and pulled myself off the windowsill.

    Pulling the open window down, to keep the now chilly wind from sneaking inside, I looked around my room.

    Not much to it. I could see Beautifly sleeping in the corner with Skitty and Combusken.

    Then there was Squirtle and Mimi, who were both still full of energy, playing tag around the rug.

    Beautifly had been down for awhile, because I got her back for the very last contest in Cinnibar, and she enjoyed flying around with Masquerain, but for a long time now she hadn’t been able to see him.

    I hadn’t seen very much of Drew either.

    I felt someone nudge my shoulder, I turned around and saw a vine waving in front of me.

    Looking down, I saw Bulbasaur looking at me confused at why I was so quiet.

    I laughed softly and bent down.

    “Would you by any chance know where Drew lives?” I joked.

    Bulbasaur looked at me, utterly confused.

    “I didn’t think so.” I said smiling sympathetically.

    “Maybe Beautifly does.” I said before stifling a yawn.

    “I’ll ask her tomorrow.” I said getting up and turning of the lights “Night Bulbasaur.”

    Kay, well there may be a fair few mistakes there, so if you'd kindly point out any you see, and I'll fix them. I may have to make it longer in an edit, but oh well...Also, I'll be making sprites of almost all the made-ups, because I suck at description, so you'll want to check my freewebs site, which I'll put up once I have the page up and running. As for the pokemon, keep dreaming that I'll make the ones I make up. Pokemon are ridiculously difficult.

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    ooooooooo awesome Aquarius....... i love where its going....... add me to the PM lis if theres one...... *suscribes*

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    Yes, it's awesome, I'd love to find out more! ^^

    Ash Ketchum is you even try being

    Ash Ketchum, are you trying to be

    I'm too lazy to look for more or quote. =p Either way,

    My tumblr or something: x

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    Oh, that was supposed to be 'Ash Ketchum iF you even try to be that unimaginative!' sorry bout that, I'll fix it.

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    Aw, I love it! <3 Too cute. I didn't see any problems with OOCness; the group dynamic sounded natural, and Ash and Misty's two lines of bickering stuck out to me in particular as being very much like them. My favourite part was at the end, when May was missing Drew. It was nicely understated, not mushy at all. And I'm looking forward to your take on Drew's family. So overall, big thumbs up!
    Fic plugs: Taking a Chance (multi-chaptered, Contestshipping/Pokeshipping)
    Firelight (Christmas oneshot, Contestshipping)

    I adopted Drew Plushie from Ama's Collection

    ^ Adopted by moi. Innit CUUUTE?

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    I love it! *Squeals*

    Is Misty rich or what? She has the money to make badges into earrings?

    The Drew thing was cool. Drew's family and home: Yeah!

    Could you add me to the PM List?

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    I...guess I am doing a PM list! _ _; anyway, yeah, you'll find it gets WAAAAAY more OOC in later chapter's for Drew, but you must remember, that this happens AFTER Kanto. so....yeah. lol. It may take awhile for the next chappie to come out, because since I suck at describing things, (especially those dumb badges) I'll have to make sprites of everything. But not pokemon. Pokemon are ridicoulusly hard, especially for a perfectionist. So, the new chapter should be out soon, since I've already got...MOST of the sprites....


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    when are you going to continue Aquarius? i want to read more... of your fic i mean. well great job on it!! ^_^

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    Hmm...I'll continue...right now! lol
    Whoops, not yet, I still have to put the rest of the authors note. This is a soooooooper long chapter *IMO* because I couldn't find a good stopping place until like, pages later, sooo don't expect a fast update after this. *_* *is going insane switching between the guilt of not typing GL:Chronicles for ages, yet posting a chapter on thine new fic* lol.
    “Nyaaaah!” Skitty cried as it pounced on me.

    “E-we!” Eevee cried also, as it brushed it’s tail across my face.

    “I’m up already!” I mumbled as I groggily opened my eyes to the blazing sun.

    “Bulba, Bulbasaur!” Bulbasaur hopped on my lap next to Skitty and Mimi, and smiled after it’s cheerful good morning.

    “Morning.” I said as cheerfully as I could.

    “Beaauteefly.” Beautifly landed next to me.

    “Yes, I wanted to know whether you told Masquerain when my birthday was.” I asked.

    Beautifly nodded once.

    “Do you by any chance know where Drew lives?”

    Beautifly nodded once again.

    “You’re sure?” I wanted to make sure I didn’t get the wrong address.

    Beautifly nodded twice this time, letting me know it was more than sure.

    “Can you show me where?” I asked pulling out my atlas.

    Beautifly turned the huge pages with its long mouth, and stopped at a region called Pailika.

    “Do you know which city?” I asked, scanning the map, which was very similar to Kanto’s.

    There were a lot of awfully complicated names, and apparently, the only way to get there from Hoenn was from Larousse…south of Hoenn…

    Beautifly placed it’s long mouth at a big city called Aranea.

    “That’s at the far end of the region though!” I cried.

    “Beautifly” Beautifly pointed at a website at the corner of the map, which was on that specific region, talking about what it had to offer and the sights and food, and cities.

    “Let’s check it out shall we?” I asked Beautifly, who nodded happily in response.

    “Pailika…” I murmured scanning the pages “Aranea. Here we go!”

    Clicking on the link, Mimi hopped onto my lap and stared at the monitor with great fascination.

    “Aranea, is known for it’s love of eevee’s and they’re evolutions…” I said glancing at Mimi who put her forepaws on the monitor, watching the little animation of an eevee walking along a road in Aranea.

    “E-we!” She cried happily.

    I lowered Mimi from the screen and read on.

    “The gym consists of 6 consecutive battles, each member having a different type of the foreign eevee evolutions.” I read “That means Espeon, Umbreon, Vaporeon, Flareon, and Jolteon…”

    “Aranea is also known for its abundance of evolution stones, and eevee’s, causing many wild eevee’s and evolutions to run wild in the flower pastures and lake.” I smiled at Mimi, who was listening intently and said “Looks like if we ever go there, you’ll have your pick!”

    Mimi gleefully hopped off and went to find Squirtle.

    I later learned that there were other evolutions also.

    Oliveon, and Metameon. (Oliv-eon, and Metah-me-on)

    Oliveon’s picture, was an tan skinned vulpix-like pokemon, with one large brown leaf as a tail, instead of six tails like a vulpix, and two beige leaf’s for ears, which folded back, and curled like a raichu’s ear. It had Olives circling it’s fore and hind paws, and the pokedex definition was just as I imagined.

    As I clicked on the voicebox icon, a computerized voice, which sounded awfully similar to Professor Birch’s, said

    “Oliveon, the evolved form of eevee. Oliveon can cleverly hide in fallen leaves in autumn, becoming nearly impossible to trace. The olive’s around it’s paws can be eaten, and will regrow within the hour.”

    I read on about Oliveon.

    ‘Oliveon is the evolved form of eevee. When an eevee is exposed to the rare brown stone, rarely, but found in Orre, and found in Pailika, it becomes this Olive pokemon. Oliveon was used to make oil for lanterns when the streams ran dry, and the olive trees were dying. As a pokemon with the characteristics of a Vulpix, it is very useful in beauty contests, although most Oliveon’s are known to be disobedient, and very independent.’

    “So in summary, very hard to train.” I said sarcastically.

    I clicked on the voice box underneath ‘Metameon’

    “Metamon, the evolved form of eevee. Metemon can easily be found in high mountains, or industrial cities and factories. The metal spikes on it’s back are sharper than your average sword, or knife, therefore is often not used in battles, due to the precaution of critically injuring the opponent.”

    I looked at the picture of the steel pokemon, and saw the scariest looking pokemon ever.

    With blood red eyes, and a tail that was just a foot long spike, ending in a point sharper than a needle. There were three spikes on it’s back, like arrows, poking out at you. It’s paws looked just as deadly, due to the pointy fur, and inch long claws. It had a grayish sliver sheen to it’s spiky fur, it’s ears, two spikes, that were slipt down the middle, but sharp at the tips nonetheless. It had the build of an Umbreon, very similar to say the least.

    I shuddered “I hope I never see one of those.”

    “May!” I heard Max call from downstairs.

    “Yeah?!” I asked, shutting down my computer, though still eager to learn more.

    “Come on down!” He called.

    Probably about his new pokemon. Max’s birthday was a month before mine, so he was now of age to have trainer’s license, and a pokemon.

    When I reached the last step on the oak staircase, I saw Brock, Misty, Ash, and Max, all packed up.

    Ash and Brock in their Hoenn outfits, while Misty, was back in the shorts and overalls.

    “Going somewhere?” I asked.

    “Yeah, we’re going on another journey, you coming too?” Max asked.

    “Where?” I asked, hoping the answer was Pailika.

    “We’ve yet to decide.” Brock said sweatdropping.

    “Misty says she wants to go to Alcione (Al-see-own), and Max says he wants to go to Eperia (E-pear-e-ah)” Ash said dropping his backpack down, thinking that this would take a lot of time.

    “I want to go to Pailika.” I chirped.

    “Pailika…” Brock consulted his trusty pokeguide.

    “Are you sure May?” Brock asked “Pailika is a very advanced region, and it’s quite difficult to navigate.”

    “Are there gym battles?” Ash asked slowly.

    “Gym in every city except the starter city, Purpea (Purr-pay-ah)” Brock said.

    “Then what are we waiting for?!” Ash asked standing up, fist in the air.

    “Buuut…” Brock started “All the gyms have a challenge of 2-6 different gym leaders.”

    “Six?!” Misty asked intrigued.

    “two to six.” Brock corrected. “there’s a two gym leader challenge in the first few cities, then it gradually becomes larger, until it hit’s six, in Aranea, and Geopella.”

    “Wow…” Ash sat back down thinking how he’d get through so many gym leaders.

    “Of course, you have the choice to let your friends help you battle.” Brock said “So, like you could let Max help you in the first few, then Me and Misty, or May, it all depends on the person who’s actually winning the badge.”

    “That’s a complicated system.” Ash grumbled, apparently getting a headache.

    “So, even though we helped him, we wouldn’t get a badge?” Max asked.

    “No, because the real gym leader appoints people to help them, and you have to defeat at least more than half of them in order to win.” Brock was still reading, his nose stuck in the book.

    “Why would you want to go there May?” Max asked.

    “Oh,” I thought up a reason “I want to see an Oliveon!”

    “Oliveon?” Ash asked.

    “Uh-huh, it’s one of the eevee evolution’s that can be found most abundantly in Aranea.” I said.

    “sounds like you’ve been doing your homework.” Misty teased.

    “More than just that, but Drew lives in Aranea!” I said matter-of-factly.

    “Drew?!” Ash and Max said together.

    “Who’s Drew?” Misty asked

    “He told you that?” Brock asked.

    I took a deep breath, and said “Yes, Drew, and Drew is my contest rival, who said that he’d be leaving soon, and no, he didn’t tell me, Masquerain told Beautifly who told me.”

    “That was a mouthful.” Max said.

    “Well, why not?” Ash asked “The gym challenges should be really challenging, and I’ll be able to work harder!”

    “Harder huh?” Misty asked skeptically.

    “Nobody asked you!” Ash yelled

    “So, what kind of starters are there?” Max asked

    “Well, it says that there aren’t a huge amount of new pokemon, and all the new pokemon aren’t fit to be starters due to the fact that they’re extremely disobedient, and some are really dangerous.” Brock said reading still.

    “Like Metameon.” I said.

    “Oookay…” Max said, obviously having no clue to what I what I was saying.

    “So,” Brock continued “it seems they’ve combined the starters from hoenn, johto, and Kanto. A charmander, a treeko, and a totodile.”

    “Great!” Max said “I’ve always wanted a treecko! Let’s get going!”

    “Alright, it sounds good enough.” Misty said standing up also.

    “Pailika, here we come!” Ash said pushing the door open.

    “Wait!” I said.

    “Huh?” Ash turned around, letting the door slam closed.

    “We have to go to Larousse in order to get to Pailika. It’s the only way to get there from Hoenn.” I said.

    “Okay, we can visit Rafe, Sam, and Rebecca while we’re at it!” Ash said cheerfully.

    “Then what are we waiting for let’s go!” Brock said rushing out the door.

    I knew Ash had him the instant he said ‘Rebecca’.
    Happy day! w00t. Review. Reviews are good. Reviews keep me going. So do flames. Trust me. lol. *evilness of sentence fragments!!* anyway, as I ORIGIANALLY said, I'm not doing a PM list, because that slows down my willingness to update, so do what you will, and do it while you can!

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    omg awesome chappie once again Aquarius ^^
    the chappie is long but also good
    can't wait for the next =D

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    Awesome Chappie! I love it!

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    We sat on the free ferry ride from LittleRoot, to Larousse, and when we stopped by at LittleRoot, Professor Birch said to say hello to Professor Willow for him.

    We promised we would, and the next instant, we were on the ferry.

    “It’s so…” Misty started dreamily

    “Boring.” I finished bluntly.

    “No!” Misty said furious “It’s peaceful! Next to the ocean, nobody bothering us-“

    “Nothing to do.” I interrupted.

    Misty huffed and stalked to the otherside of the boat.

    I hung over the side of the railing, looking more bored, than seasick.


    “We’re finally here!” I cried out happily, upon stepping on the moving platform.

    “maaaay” I heard from a distance.

    “Maaaayyyy!” I heard again, as I turned around to see Sid running toward me


    I dodged his bear hug, as he fell face first on the pavement.

    “Hello Ash, I didn’t expect to see you again so soon.” Rafe said, walking up, Catherine and Audrey trailing behind him, but running forward catching glimpse of Max.

    “I can’t say it’s very recently that we’ve seen you though.” Rebecca said, her laptop in her hands again, her hand typing rapidly.

    “It’s nice to see you too. This is Misty.” Ash said, introducing her “Misty, this is Rafe, Sid,” He pointed toward the lump on the ground, “Rebecca, Catherine and Audrey.”

    “Wow, you’ve met a lot of people huh?” She said sweatdropping as she recounted how many people she newly met.

    “We’re just going to get on the ferry to Pailika.” Brock said.

    “Pailika?” Rafe asked.

    “Yeah, south of Hoenn.” I said.

    “Yeah, I know where it is, I’m just wondering why you’d want to go there.” He said.

    “What do you mean?” I asked.

    “Pailika’s been in a crazed situation lately. Metameon’s are showing up all around the factories, and overrunning them. So, there’s not much electricity in certain towns, or any mechanical thing’s anymore. Technology there has come to a complete standstill. All of the electricity comes from Barong and Geopella.” He said.

    “Does anyone know why?” I asked.

    “No,” Sid said, prying his face off of the cement “They wouldn’t have the problem if they knew would they?”

    “All the gym leader’s have been called back to control them.” Rafe said “But, you know, Metameon’s are dangerous to handle.”

    “I really hoped I would be able to travel through Pailika without seeing one.” I moaned.

    “Creepy looking pokemon aren’t they?” Catherine asked

    “I couldn’t sleep for three days after seeing a picture of one!” Audrey shuddered.

    “What can the gym leader’s do?” Ash asked.

    “Nothing really. They try to capture them without injuring they’re pokemon, or themselves.” Rebecca said “But it’s not going too well from what I hear.”

    “Injuring?” Misty asked.

    “Metameon are known for being highly dangerous for use in battle, because just touching one will get yourself a cut big enough for a vampire.” Catherine said.

    “Every bit of Metameon’s are dangerously sharp. They’re fur is sharper than a jolteons!” Audrey said.

    I thought of Drew, and his arm.

    But he couldn’t be a gym leader, because he was traveling in Hoenn for so long, and he was a coordinator…

    I shook my head.

    “This is all so confusing.” I murmured.

    “Well, I think we should help them!” Ash said.

    Max sweatdropped “Somehow this sounds very familiar.”

    “We should!” He mumbled.

    “Well, the ferry’s over there.” Rafe said pointing over to a boat, which seemed much more outdated than all the shiny ships next to it.

    But, this was Larousse, what could you expect?

    “But, it doesn’t leave until tomorrow.”

    “Why not?” Misty asked

    “They’re still securing Purpea.” He said.

    “Purpea? But that’s the-“ I started

    “Starting city, yeah, but the lab is also a sort of factory. Pailika is known for it’s factories, and only Aranea is known for it’s fields.” Rebecca said, typing rapidly on her laptop.

    “So, why don’t you guys stay with us, and you can leave tomorrow?” Rafe offered.

    “Yeah!” Catherine piped

    “Please?” Audrey pleaded, giving Max’s arm a little shake.

    “Uh…” Max sweatdropped.

    “Sure, why not?” Brock said.

    “By the way Rebecca, can I borrow your laptop?” I asked.

    Rebecca looked at me like I was crazy.

    “As long as you don’t drop it…” She said.

    “Okay, then, when there’s a flat surface, I’ll use it.”


    I turned around to the western side of the port.

    “Hey Tory!” Ash yelled.

    “MI MI!” Minun cried hopping off of Tory’s shoulder.

    “Plu Plu!” Plusle cheerfully yelled at the top of it’s lungs, doing the same.

    “*huff* What are you guys doing here? *huff*” Tory asked, catching his breath, from running down the port.

    “They’re going to Pailika.” Sid said.

    “Pailika?” Tory asked “You don’t want to go there. It’s a mess.”

    “We heard.” I said.

    “Misty, this is Tory, Tory, this is Misty.” Ash said.

    “Hello, it’s nice to meet you!” Tory said cheerfully.

    “You too!” Misty replied.

    “Anyway, I bet you haven’t heard this though.” Tory said “My dad’s helping with the investigation, for why the Metameon’s keep showing up, and he’s heard, from the gym leader in Coeurl, that he called one of the gym leader’s helpers in Aranea to help out with his Metameon problem, because in Coeurl, there are only two, including the gymleader himself, and the helper,” Tory took a deep breath, and continued “from Aranea, got himself and his pokemon badly injured!”

    That proved it! It had to be Drew!

    “You guys…” I said thinking if this was going to be completely rash.

    “Yeah?” Sid asked obviously going to bite anyone who didn’t listens head off.

    “I think Drew was the helper that got injured.”

    “What?!” Max asked.

    “May, I don’t think Drew’s a gym leader.” Ash laughed.

    “No, I mean a helper, he’s from Aranea, he was hiding his right arm from me when he came to say happy birthday too me, and he didn’t even let out roselia or masquerain to say goodbye!” I said, not knowing the last phrase until I said it.

    Hey! He didn’t do that either!

    “Could be possible.” Tory said.

    “No.” Rafe said shaking his head “Sorry to burst your bubble, but the gym leader of Aranea is a girl. Her helpers are her family. Her twin brother has an espeon, her older brother has an umbreon, her little sister has an eevee, her mom has a flareon, and her dad has a jolteon. She herself, has a Vaporeon.”

    “How do you know that?” I asked.

    “I know her.” Rafe said folding his arms.

    “I didn’t know that.” Sid said stupidly.

    “Ooof course you didn’t.” Rafe said “But, how old is this Drew, and what color is his hair?”

    “His hair?” I asked confused.

    “Yes, her whole family has green hair.” Rafe said.

    “That proves it even more!” I said.

    “How old is he?”

    “Um…” I thought for a moment. He never told me that… “I think he’s like…14 by now…since I’m twelve…” I counted on my fingers.

    “Well, then it’s very possible Rafe.” Rebbaca said typing still “The gym leader is 14, he could be her twin.”

    Twin. Drew? No.

    “I don’t think so.” Max said “Drew never gave any hint that he had a family, let alone 3 siblings.”

    “But, it would also explain why nobody in his family came to watch the grand festival, they were too busy with the gym!” I said stubbornly.

    “And yet there’s another reason, why most of them wouldn’t go see.” Rebecca said, now reading off her laptop instead of typing. “The gym leader’s won the Hoenn Grandfestival twice already, I don’t think getting second place would really be all that impressive.”

    “How did you know he got-“

    “We watched you battle him on TV.” Tory said.

    “Oh thanks guys!” I said happily.

    “Welcome!” Catherine said

    “It was fun, Drew had a really pretty combonation!” Audrey piped.

    “Why don’t we head back, we can talk more at my house.” Rafe said, as bigger ships pulled in, and the crowd became larger.

    “Good idea.” Ash said, being smoshed between two people.


    “Listen, I’m going to go out for a walk.” I said as the sky got darker and darker.

    Nobody said anything, because that was the first time I had said anything when we got to Rafe’s house.

    I shut the door softly and sighed.

    Why wouldn’t he tell me something like that?

    He told me that I was his rival, and friend at the last contest in Kanto.

    There were so many questions.

    But there weren’t any answers.

    None that were for sure anyway.

    I walked onto the moving platform, people scurrying by walking on the platforms to make it go faster, eager to get home, or get to the nightshift on time.

    I didn’t know exactly where I was going. I just knew that my feet were taking me somewhere.

    “What?” I was back at the port.

    Might as well check out the ferry.

    I gasped “Drew?”

    He froze, then spun around.

    “M-May!” He sub-consiously put his arm behind his back.

    He certainly didn’t look all that different, but his shirt had changed. He now wore only a button up T-shirt, and one sleeve on his right arm, and it looked like the other had been cut, or torn off.

    “You okay?” I asked suspiciously.

    “I’m fine, just, going home!” He said forcing a laugh.

    “Really? We’re going on another journey too.” I said, pretending I had no suspicions at all.

    “Where?” He asked, becoming less nervous.

    “Pailika.” I answered coolly.

    He froze again, then sighed.

    “Well, you found out when my birthday was from Masquerain, I found out where you lived from Beautifly.” I said “We’re even.”

    “Listen, it’s not safe in Pailika.” He said, trying to steer me away.

    “Your awfully nice right now you know that?” I said.

    He sighed and said “Bet you’ve heard about the Metameon problem.”

    “Yes.” I said coldly. I wanted to know right here and now.

    “And I also heard that a gym leader from Aranea got hurt in Coeurl, along with his pokemon, and I also heard that the gym leader’s in Aranea have green hair, and that also points to the fact that you’ve been hiding your arm from me, are you a gym leader or not?” I asked, pouring out all my suspicions.

    He sighed and turned away from me again.

    “I thought you’d be pretty dense if you didn’t figure it out.” He said chuckling.

    “But if you’re a gym leader how could you leave for two years?” I asked.

    “Apart from my sister, who only just turned of age, I’ve always been the easiest to beat out of my family. Besides, I'm not the official gym leader, I'm just a sub-leader.” He said quietly.

    “Is that why nobody came to see you? At the Grand Festival?”

    “No. My little sister dragged my brother to go watch. But, they had to leave right afterwards.” He said “Besides, after my sister’s won once, along with my brother, already, it’s not a great feat getting second place.”

    “So…that means you have another pokemon you’ve yet to show me.” I said.

    “Yes.” He said simply.

    “Is the pokemon the one that’s injured?” I asked

    “All of my pokemon are injured right now.” He said.

    “All of them?” I asked completely taken by surprise.

    ---Drew POV—
    Why I was telling her this I didn’t know

    Why I was even talking to her, I didn’t know.

    This was so out of character for me. I couldn’t imagine the face my sisters would have if they saw me like this.

    I tried to shake the memory of a huge crowd of Metameon’s at the Coeurl gym. All those pokemon, just multiplying so rapidly.

    Then one brushed against my arm, giving myself a nice deep gash.

    “All of them.” I said replying to May.

    “Why are you going back then?” She asked “You’re not going to try and stop them again are you? You’re just going to hurt them again!”

    “I’m just going to go oversee.” I said “Nothing drastic.”

    There was a silence that screamed at me, tell her and then she’ll leave.

    I sighed and said “I can’t just leave Pailika like that.”

    I could feel her staring at me.

    “One of Kile’s pokemon died.” I said.

    “It wasn’t very big, and when the metameon swarmed out of the gym, they all trampled it. Claws and all.” I said.

    “Kile…is the Coeurl gym leader?” She asked.

    “Yeah.” I said.

    “Right…I’m sorry, but I’m going whether you want me to or not.” She said.

    “Fine.” I said “But if you hurt yourself it’s not my problem.”

    I continued to walk toward the ferry, where I was staying for the night.

    WOAH this was incredibly long! *_*; anyway, I think I'd better get started on another chapter...uh oh...well, congratz to you readers! *runs off*

    AHHH! you'll get a brand new character appearance in the next chappie, so look forward to it! It'll be greater than the number of 'blast offs' team rockets


    *Gasp* Who is it? Find out next time! on Difficulty:100!!!
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    omg this chappie was awesome......... Rafe is there......... oh man this was the best chappie Aquarius........ can't wait for the next ^__________^

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    You might want to check out this post again, because I'll be collecting my sprites, and putting them here.

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    Cool story so far. Awsome to see someone besides me is taking the extra step and making up Pokemon for new regions. Good for you! ^^ I like the twists you added in, but I advise not to go overboard. Just a thought. Overall, an awsome story and continue, please. ^^
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    yes do continue please! awsome story! you made a few mistakes but i can't remember what they are.

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    ........twists........hmmm...........*ponders on whether or not to figure them out thine self after reading an excruciatingly complicated chapter by xXSaberXx, or to wait for encyclopika to tell thine self what they are...* Drew's arm? Hmm...naaah, Metameon? grrr...*BRAIN EXPLODES FROM THINKING OF TWO VERY COMPLICATED THINGS WHILST AQUARIUS'S BRAIN IS NOT FUNCTIONING!!!*

    BY the way. Tell me if you want to see a sprite of any trainers I make-up. That are in the previous chapters. Not the one's I mention, but haven't made an appearance. There'll be a few new sprites in the next chapter, depending on how far I decide the chapter should go.

    OH YEAH. Here's my website. Anything that says 'Difficulty:100' in the Navigation bar has to do with this totally awesome Fanfic. Am I not totally right in saying this fic rox?! lolz. Difficulty:100 Info, is where I'll put all the sprites and the map. Difficulty:100 story is where the actual story is, where it's all one thing, instead of like this, where it has reviews in between. Have fun!---TechiKyotee's 00ber cool website!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aquarius
    *ponders on whether or not to figure them out thine self after reading an excruciatingly complicated chapter by xXSaberXx, or to wait for encyclopika to tell thine self what they are...*
    I'm talking about the things you make up about a character already this story, Drew. You gave him multiple siblings (good)...had him come from a new region (good)...made him a sub gym leader (ok...OOC and overboard a little)...all I'm saying is that you don't want to over whelm the reader. Twists like these are great and surprising...but readers are picky and they loose interest easily for all kinds of things. Have questions come up and leave them unanswered for a while.
    Also, in your writing, you give every sentence its own line. ?:/ It's not necessarily the best thing to do. If you're going to do that, it's best to only do it with dialogue.
    Also...PLEASE don't have an OOC Drew...there are some characters you can get away with it...but Drew isn't one of them. ^^;;; I learned from experience with that.
    Overall, you have a very promising fic. Your description is great and your story is well thought out. Just fix it with those things I mentioned and you should do well. I can't wait to see the next chapter. This fic is awesome. ^^

    Offtopic - I was wondering if you would like to affilaite with my site - Ama's Stuff It would be really cool. XP
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    Sure, if you'd like, you can affliate, but I don't know how, soo...have fun! LOL anyway, yeah, all of this is coming from when I really bored, and on the car listening to music. So, with must remember that they passed all of Kanto before going here. _ _; but that's a bad excuse, so you'll hafta grin and bear it until the end of the second chapter, but you will find, sadly, all you Drew fans, do not see much of Drew in the gym battle chapters. sadly. ;_; don't cry though! there will be plenty later on, but the biggest thing that stuck out in your post Ama, is the sentence line thing. Yesh, I know. I have that problem, and I just can't fix it. It's like my bad habit of saying 'tastetes' instead of 'taste's' or something like that. It comes when I haven't done something in awhile. *such as re-learning a language* but I'll work on it...It's a habit that I pulled out of Roleplaying. I'll fix the new chapters....sorry, I'm just not the editing type, I'd rather put the new chapter instead of editing it. I'm lazy like that. These are just for fun, so they don't really concern me very much.

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    OMG! Aquarius I loved it! I have to agree with Sweet_May......Rafe was there....*squeal* You reviewed my fic so I reviewed yours and now I'm hooked. Keep it up! ^^

    Cutest Guy Alive. <33
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    By the way Ama, I've been thinkin' bout what you said, and 'MOST' of the twists will be explained later on as Pailika progresses unless I forget...._ _;
    I realized how harsh those words were when I got into my room.

    But it’s not like she hadn’t heard worse from me.

    I didn’t want her to go.

    Aranea was the safest place, but safe was a word no longer used in Pailika.

    Oliveon’s were dying out. Metameon’s were taking over.

    Soon the Metameon’s would go. No metal to eat anymore.

    But that would be a long time. The factories were practically made of metal.

    I sighed and leaned back on my bed.

    ‘Ring Ring Ring’

    I glanced at the telephone.

    ‘Ring Ring Ring’

    I picked it up



    “Oh, hey there Justin.” I said lazily

    “Where were you?” He asked in an irritated voice.

    “Taking a stroll it’s not against the law.” I replied just as irritated.

    “Don’t tell me you guys are in a fight already.” My sister said, picking up the other phone over in her room.

    “Butt out!” Justin shouted.

    “Why should I? It’s a free country.” She sneered

    “What’s with you guys and your politics?!”

    “Nothing we’re just ten times smarter than you, and actually understand what people say.” I retorted.

    “Oh, yeah, after losing half our gym battles I can’t say I really think you’re allowed to say that.” He said.

    “Shut up Justin you’ve lost the other half.” Christine snapped.

    My twin rocked. We always ganged up on Justin, who was stupid, and never knew when to quit.

    She also stuck up for me, all the time’s I had lost, resulting in the opponent getting an element badge.

    My father was never too happy when any of us lost.

    Except my sisters of course, they were ‘a special exception’.

    “Why’d you call me?” I asked

    “Purpea needs help too.” Justin said.

    “The lab is falling apart, due to the Metameon’s corroding the metal for dinner.” Christine said.

    “The lab is taken care of. May and her friends, who include Ash, can’t resist helping out.” I said sarcastically.

    “Okay, that takes care of Purpea, now we’ve got to think about Sallet.(Sal-ete)” Christine said checking off Purpea on the list.

    “Sallet’s okay, Laura’s doing a good job cleaning up over there, mainly because her pokemon aren’t capable of being ‘cut open’ due to their steel exterior.” Justin said.

    “Stop talking about your girlfriend let’s get on with it.” Christine grumbled.

    “She’s not my girlfriend!” Justin yelled.

    “Sure seems like it.” She mumbled to me.

    I scoffed.

    “Okay, Sallets good, what about Barong and Vertigo?” She asked.

    “Barong (Bah-wrong) is being taken care of by the Gold Basin, and Baron himself, while Vertigo, is being taken care of by the Hoenn league, but you know Hoenn. The only reason they’re helping is because Sky is best friends with Winona.” Justin said lazily.

    “Ahrimen (ah-ri-men) is a mess. Being the most industrial place in Pailika.” Christine said

    “That’s why they’re being taken care of by the Indigo Plateau. Lance, Bruno, Lorelei, and Agatha have got it under control. Jake is breaking to pieces though.” Justin said.

    “Shut up.” Christine said.

    “From there on out everything’s being taken care of by the Silver conference except for Aranea and Geopella, whom are easily holding the Metameon’s down.” Justin continued. I could see him sneering at Christine now.

    Christine’s liked Jake for awhile, but Justin thinks he’s a sissy, event though Justin can’t beat him.

    “I think they should get Jasmine in there.” I said.

    “Why do you think that?” A high voice, belonging to my little sister piped.

    “Because Pailika’s on good terms with Johto right? And apparently, from the metameon’s disability to injure Laura’s Scizor, Jasmine’s steelix should be even harder right?” I asked.

    “That a good plan, but Jasmine can’t stay here forever, besides Laura has her own steelix.” Justin said.

    “Stuff it.” I said.

    “Sorry Drew, but he’s right, we already thought of that.” Christine said.

    “Yeah I thought of it!” Lulu chirped.

    “Good job Lulu, you thought of it before me!” I said in mock congrats.

    But being 10, she just didn’t catch it.


    ---May POV---

    Drew’s caring and less snobbish attitude yesterday really unnerved me.

    Maybe Pailika really was that dangerous.

    “Bye!” I called to Sid, Rafe, Rebbeca, Catherine, Audrey, and Tory.

    “Farewell May!” Sid said running along the port.

    “Come back soon!” He said still yelling.

    “I’ll mis-“ Just that moment, he ran into a pole.

    I sweatdropped as Drew observed the scene “Not the brightest is he?” He said, more as a comment than a question.

    “Bye!” Everyone behind me called to they’re friends and family. Although…not many people were on except me, my friends, including Drew, and-

    “Brendan!” I chirped.

    “May-way!” He said turning around.

    “Who’s this?” Both Drew, and Brendan asked.

    “Um…”I sweatdropped.

    “Made a lot of new friends have you?” Brendan said leaning over the railing to see Brock, Ash, Misty, and Max all conversing.

    “Yeah, this is Drew, my contest rival, that’s Ash, Misty, Max, and Brock.” I said.

    “Well it’s nice to meet you Drew!” Brendan said cheerfully.

    Drew glanced at the hand Brendan held out.

    “Nice to meet you too.” He said, not taking his less stiff, left hand out of his pocket.

    “Oh…okay.” Brendan lowered his hand as Drew walked away “Not very friendly eh?”

    “Well, he’s gotta know you, the first time he met me he was a complete snob!” I laughed.

    “Well, anywho, why’re you going to Pailika, it’s dangerous there.” He said.

    “Why is everyone telling me that?! I know already!” I moaned “I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself thank you.”

    “Which is why you travel with 6 other people?” He smirked

    “FIVE!” I said defensively

    “5, such a great difference of people, yes, an unfortunate mistake on my part, please forgive me!” He said sarcastically.

    “Why are YOU going to Pailika?” I asked annoyed.

    “I asked you first.” He said.

    “Well I asked you second.” I retorted.

    “I’m going because I want a Metameon.” He said.

    “I’m going because Ash wants to go to the Gold Basin Competition.” I said simply.

    “Great I’ll see him there.” Brendan said.

    “W-what?” I said taken aback “You’re going too?”

    “Well, it’d be pretty boring just going to catch a Metameon, I’m thinking of catching a Rarudo.” He said thinking.

    “A rarudo?” I asked.

    “Mole pokemon.” Drew said walking back up to us.

    “Where’d you go?” I asked

    “New bandages.” He said simply.

    “Oh, right, anyway!” I said changing the subject “What’s a Rarudo look like? (Rah-Rue-Doe)”

    “Looks like a Raticate, just it’s snout is longer, and it’s nose is red.” Brendan said.

    “No tail.” Drew added.

    “Darker color.” Brendan added also.

    “Ten times smaller.” Drew said glancing at the cabin.

    “Gross description.” I finished.

    Brendan laughed, while Drew scoffed.

    Short huh?

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    wow nice chap Aquarius...... a bit short and funny. IMO
    can't wait for the next one =D

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    I love scarcastic!Drew...there's the Drew I know. XB Awsome and funny. I like it when humor is incorparated into a story. I must say, I loled at some parts. Keep up the great work. ^^
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    Cool Chapters Aquarius! I really love it. I'm bad at reviews.

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    xXSapphireXx---S'okay Saph, we're both fans of xXSaberXx and I suck at reviews too. Were in the same boat! w00t!

    Encyclopika---Yay! lol. I had lots of fun writing this chapter. Especially the phone call. Politics. yup. Might stab that in somewhere in the future...MIGHT. Probably not. but that's okay. I GOT AMA TO LOL! *RUNS AROUND DOING THE 'ACCOMPLISHMENT DAY DANCE'*

    Sweet May---I know. Short. Funny. Smiley faces. IMO's. yeah. All that junk and jazz.

    And here comes the new chapter!
    “We’re finally here!” I said streching.

    “See ya.” Drew said letting out Flygon.

    He’d gotten all his pokemon back in the morning, completely healed.

    “Where are you going?” I asked.

    “Home, where else?” He replied, hopping onto flygon’s back.

    “Oh, okay bye!” I said as Flygon beat it’s wings rapidly, making my hair lash in and out of my face.

    “Let’s go get you a starter Max.” Misty said.

    “Yeah!” Max agreed, enthusiastically.

    I didn’t hear any of what Misty and Max said.

    I was too busy wondering when the next time I would see him, would be.

    “AAAIIIEEE!!” A man in a white lab coat along with a woman in a white lab coat ran out of the bleach white, warehouse-like lab.

    At first I didn’t get it, then I saw all the machinery next to the lab.

    “Metameon!” I cried, pointing at a Metameon, that was lazily chewing on a piece of tin foil.

    “Let’s catch it!” Ash said ackowladging Pikachu.

    “Pi Pikachu!” Pikachu hopped off ash’s shoulder in front of the Metameon.

    “Meon.”Metameon said lazily as it ignored Pikachu and continued to rip the tin foil into pieces.

    “Pi, Pi, Pikachu!” Pikachu’s cheek’s began to spark, and the Metameon lifted it’s blood red eyes back up at pikachu, it’s mouth slowly chewing a piece of foil, which was sticking out of it’s mouth like a tounge.

    Was it a tounge?

    The metameon slowly stood up, and spit the foil out.

    The silver pokemon walked right up to pikachu, and right past it, brushing it’s fur against pikachu’s tail.

    “PIIIII, PIIII-PIKACHU, CHU CHU!!!” Pikachu cried holding it’s tail, and jumping up and down.

    “Pikachu!” Ash said running up to the ballistic mouse pokemon.

    Mimi popped out of it’s pokeball just then.

    “E-we?” Mimi said looking around for Squirtle.

    Metameon flashed red it’s eyes at Mimi

    “Eeek! It’s not safe out here Eevee get back in your pokeball!” I cried as I picked Mimi up in my arms.

    Metameon gave a bark like shout at me, which made me freeze.

    It slowly walked up to me and looked up at Mimi.

    “E-we?” Mimi said, recognizing the picture she’d seen on the magical box.

    Metameon examined Mimi, and shook it’s head, turning, and walking into the trees nearby.

    “Thank you so much!” The man ran up to me, as the woman to ash, and started shaking our hands rapidly.

    “F-f-f-or w-w-hat?” I asked feeling myself go up and down from the violent handshake the man was giving me.

    “getting the Metameon to go away, I thought Christine would have the decency to at least help get rid of it.” The man said.

    “Christine’s got enough on her hands Prof. Willow, she lives in a place known for Metameons and Oliveons.” The woman said.

    “Um..what about my Pikachu?” Ash said pointing at Pikachu, who was cradling it’s tail and talking to it.

    “Oh, that was just a ‘go away’ thing,” Professor Willow said, taking out a potion, and spraying it on Pikachu’s tail “It’s sort of like a rash, Lillian’s gotten one.”

    Lillian ignored Professor Willow’s remark and said “What brings you to Pailika?”

    “Gym battles.” Ash said.

    “Starter pokemon.” Max said.

    “Starter pokemon we can help with, battles, well, let’s just say that Kile’s been very uneasy lately, due to his Rarudo’s death.” Lillian said sympathetically.

    “I thought a Rarudo was like a Raticate.” I said, remembering the conversation on the ferry.

    “It is, but it’s a lot smaller, I guess I forgot to tell you that.” Brendan said.

    I jumped “Oh, I didn’t know you were still here!” I laughed.

    “Thanks.” Brendan said sarcastically.

    “Did you only have one Metameon?” Brock asked.

    “No, but that was apparently the leading Metameon, if he leaves, the rest will.” Professor Willow said.

    “What starter would you like?” Lillian asked Max opening the door to the Lab.

    “Treecko.” Max said confidently.

    Lillian walked to the overturned book shelf, and picked up a battered, and broken pokeball.

    “I’m sorry, that Metameon’s pack has caused us a lot of trouble, I hope you have spare pokeballs.” she let out a very dazed treecko.

    “Your lucky, you’ve got a new trainer!” Lillian said to the treecko who immediately ran behind Max’s leg.

    “Tree.” Treecko held onto Max’s leg for dear life.

    “Living here hasn’t been so comfortable.” Professor Willow sweatdropped.

    “Professor Birch told us to say hello for him.” Misty said.

    “Ah, well I’ll have to give him a call sometime.”

    “Could I have a more throughul guide to Pailika?” Brock asked pointing to his old Pokemon guide, which covered only the basics.

    “Yes, if, it’s not ripped up and if, we can find it.” Lillian said digging through the pile of books that had fallen out of the bookshelf.

    “Here it is!” Lillian said holding up an un-injured book.

    “Thank you!” Misty said, grabbing the book before Brock.

    “Couldn’t let you swoon over her now could we?” I heard her mutter to a disappointed Brock.

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