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    Quote Originally Posted by Pokemon Fan
    So why exactly did May and Ash battle? That seems to be something nobody mentioned. I understand one guy got a back problem and so one character would take over for him but what about the other?
    Kyoutaro seemed to have a problem with the fact that he had to face Ash and not his father himself. I don't know why, but perhaps he figured that his father's side would automatically have a disadvantage, since the deputy (Ash) wasn't familiar with the Pokémon (Hitmonlee).
    I guess he just wanted to beat his father fair and square, so letting May battle instead of himself gave him the feeling that the match was more equitable.

    Indeed what exactly was going on with the plot? It seemed one guy and the girl were in love or something but the father/grandfather was against it and he and the guy had some kind of rivalry or something.
    Tsuguyo (the girl) seemed to have a crush on Kyoutaro, but that was just a negligible feature to the plot in my opinion.
    Hamaguri (the old man) intended to give up being the Dojo leader, so he wanted his son to take over. Kyoutaro, on the other hand, wanted to stay at his ramen shop, so the two of them were constantly fighting.
    Tsuguyo was just upset to see those two being angry at each other all the time.
    And concerning the battle..Hamaguri decided that if Kyoutaro won a battle against his Hitmonlee, he'd let him do whatever he wanted. If Hamaguri won, Kyoutaro would take over the dojo.

    And what the heck was May so angry/fired up (in her eyes) about?
    She wanted to eat those "Battle Ramen" (yeah, strange name) she had spotted at Kyoutaro's ramen shop at the beginning of the episode. That's also the reason why she wanted Kyoutaro to win the match against his father. I think she wasn't really interested in resolving the problem between Hamaguri and his son, she just wanted Kyoutaro to return to his shop so she can eat. Pure excitement, I guess.

    During the battle, Max was surprised at how well May was doing, and Brock assumed the urge to eat ramen was sort of inciting her O.o

    Er, yeah. Can't explain it better, sorry X_X
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