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Thread: The Shadow Puff Girls (A Powerpuff Girls fic) Rated PG.

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    Default The Shadow Puff Girls (A Powerpuff Girls fic) Rated PG.

    Now, before I begin, let me make one thing VERY clear...


    Understand that when I do my chapters I base them on one subject, and sometimes short chapters happen often in a fic because of that. So just deal with it. >_<

    Now, for those in the dark, The Powerpuff Girls are three superheroines who fight crime. They may only look like 5 year old girls, but they can kick butt. It also happens to be one of the top girl related cartoon shows on Cartoon Network. It's rather interesting in the end.

    It's been rated PG for increased violence.

    Well, enough of my rambling, time to begin.

    Disclaimer: I don't own the Powerpuff Girls or any of its related content. They are the property of Cartoon Network. The Shadow Puff Girls are my own creation.


    The Shadow Puff Girls: A semi-dark Powerpuff Girls fanfiction.

    Chapter 1

    In a place called Townsville, Mojo Jojo, sworn enemy of the Powerpuff Girls, the super powered crime fighters of Townsville, has just suffered another defeat. He had made a device that would copy the powers of the Powerpuff Girls. He was on the brink of winning. Then suddenly, he was informed that he had created the Powerpuff Girls. He became so stunned by the fact, that he couldn’t move, and ended up being defeated.

    While he was stunned, the Powerpuff Girls had reversed the device that he used, and so that it would erase the powers that he copied from them. They then destroyed the machine. There were only scraps of it left. The machine had been so damaged, that it was beyond repair.

    The oversized brain, monkey like creature just stared out at the place known as Townsville through the glass of his secret lair. He had caused the accident that had created the Powerpuff Girls. When sugar, spice and everything nice was put together, he made Professor Utonium, the now father of the Powerpuff Girls, spill the contents of a liquid substance, known as Chemical X, into the mixture. An explosion emitted from the sudden reaction. Thus creating the Powerpuff Girls.

    However, the explosion had also created him as well. He was nothing more than a simple lab monkey. However, he had been one of the worst lab monkeys to have around. He would do nothing more than break anything he could by any means necessary. However, when the accident happened, everything had changed. The explosion had created his oversized brain, which was protected by a glass case. Which had made him super smart.

    Ever since that time, he has come up with many plans to try and defeat the Powerpuff Girls, but all of his plans were failures in the end. The Powerpuff Girls always found a way to defeat his machines that he thought up.

    Mojo Jojo went up to a table in his lab, sat down, and hit his head repeatedly on it. If the glass of the case weren’t so strong, he would end up damaging his brain. After a few hits, he stopped banging his head. He then put his head down on the table, covered his face with his arm, and started sobbing, while banging his fist on the table.

    He couldn’t believe that all of his plans failed, all because of what he had accidentally created. He continued to cry. Suddenly, a voice made him stop.

    “Now, what pray tell might you be moping about?” asked a high pitched voice.

    Mojo Jojo suddenly stopped crying he didn’t like it when someone entered his lair uninvited. “Who’s there?” he asked.

    The being suddenly appeared in a puff of smoke. He had the legs of a woman, and had high heels. He also had a man like chest and stomach. At the end of his arms, he had lobster like claws, and his devil like face struck fear into any opponent. Even his very name made everyone fear him. In the end, there was only one safe thing to call this being.

    “Him!” Mojo Jojo said in anger.

    “Yes! That is my name. I am Him!” The being said in his girly voice.

    “What are you doing here?”

    “I saw the Powerpuff Girls flying away from your lair, and I was wondering just what kind of plan that you came up with this time to try and defeat those girls, that ended up failing?”

    “Well, if you must know. I had gone and kidnapped Professor Utonium. Tricked him into making a machine that would copy the powers of the Powerpuff Girls to me. Then after that, the Powerpuff Girls defeat me, erase my new powers, and destroy the machine!”

    Him was shocked. “Wow! You even went as far as copying the Powerpuff Girls powers, and they still defeated you?”

    “Yes! And if it wasn’t for that Professor Utonium, I would’ve defeated them!”

    “What does he have to do with your defeat?”

    “He told me something of the past, that paralyzed me long enough for them to defeat me.”

    “What did he tell you?”

    “You’re not going to like it!”

    “There’s alot I don’t like.”

    “You’ll really hate me when I tell you this, I was really the one who created the Powerpuff Girls!”

    Him was shocked. “What?”

    “I remember the events so clearly. I had caused the accident that created them! It is because of me, that we suffer so much! It is because of me, that we don’t rule Townsville. It is because of me, that we can’t ever seem to win!”

    “Well, I must say, Mojo Jojo, I am shocked!” Him then walked up to where Mojo Jojo was sitting. “However, do you realize what this means? You created them right? And in that concocted mind of yours, rests the secret to destroy them!”

    Mojo Jojo suddenly realized that he was right. “You’re right! I created them, so I can destroy them!” He then tapped his index claw on his gloved left hand and rubbed his chin with his other gloved hand. “Now, how do you destroy three little girls with super powers?” He then got an idea. “By creating three little girls with super powers!” Then he suddenly thought of something. “But wait, when they are created, chances are that they’ll be good. How can I make sure that they are evil, the second they are created?”

    “Don’t worry, I have something that can help. You see there is something special that I use on my creations to make them permanently evil. I just need you to create what you need to, and I promise you, they will be evil.”

    “Good! Now let’s see, the Power Puff Girls are made out of sugar, spice, everything nice and something called, Chemical X! That is the stuff that gives them their powers!”

    “I know just where to find some Chemical X, you just get the other three things needed.” Him then disappeared in a puff of smoke.

    Mojo Jojo started looking around his place for the things he would need. “Let’s see,” he said as he searched through several cabinets. “I know I have some sugar around here somewhere!” He then found a bag of sugar and pulled it out. “Ah ha! Found it!” But then he found it empty. “Great!” He slumped. He continued to look around in the cabinets. Suddenly he found something. “Ah, perfect! Some spice!” He said as he pulled out a bunch of different spices. Suddenly, he saw something in the back. “Wait! What’s this?” He said as he pulled out a bag. It had the word “Sugar” written on it! “Perfect! I knew I had some extra lying around somewhere!” It was even better, because the bag was still unopened. He then rubbed his chin while holding all the items. “Now, all I need is something... nice!” He said with a look of disgust. Unfortunately, he didn’t have anything “nice” around his place. “Well it’s a good thing I have someone helping me with this plan.” He then takes out a cell phone and dials a number.

    Meanwhile, Him had now arrived in the basement of the home of the Powerpuff Girls. “Let’s see, I know that Professor Utonium keeps an extra batch of Chemical X around here somewhere.” He said as he looked around the lab that he was in. He soon found a large round beaker with liquid inside it. “Perfect! Just what I was looking for!” He was about to leave, when suddenly his cell phone rang. “What?” He answered in a manly voice, which he only does when he’s angry.

    “Um, yeah, I have a situation here. I don’t have anything nice lying around this place! Would you mind?” Mojo Jojo said on the other end.

    “Oh, no problem! I’m sure there’s plenty of nice things lying around here!” Him told him while smiling evilly.

    “Good! Hey, where are you anyway?”

    “Well, if you must know, I’m at the home of the Power Puff Girls!”

    “What?” Mojo Jojo asked in surprise.

    “Hey! It’s the only place that makes Chemical X!”

    “Fine! Just hurry up! It would be bad if they saw you!”

    With that, Him hung up. He quickly and quietly made his way upstairs. He soon arrived at a certain door on the second floor of the house. He opened it. Sleeping soundly in that room, were the three Powerpuff Girls. He quietly made his way through the room. He then grabbed several things that would be considered nice, but also that the girls treasured dearly. He then left with all of the stuff in a puff of smoke.

    Mojo Jojo was about to pour in the ingredients when suddenly; Him reappeared in his lair in a puff of smoke.

    “Ah! You made it back! Perfect timing too! I was just about to begin!” Mojo Jojo said as he motioned Him to come closer.

    “Getting all of this stuff was far too easy!” Him said as he put the stuff down on the table where Mojo Jojo was preparing everything.

    “Well, let’s get to work!” Mojo Jojo put a rather large bowl in front of him. “First, sugar!” He said as he emptied the bag of sugar into the bowl. “Then, spice!” He poured all of the spices he had. “Now, for all of the nice stuff!” Him handed Mojo Jojo all of the nice stuff that he stole from the Power Puff Girls home. Mojo Jojo dumped everything into the bowl.

    “Now, use this!” Him said as he handed Mojo Jojo a small vile with some sort of black liquid inside. “It is the very thing that will make them evil!”

    “Perfect!” Mojo Jojo then poured the dark liquid into the bowl. “Now! For the final ingredient!” He then emptied the entire liquid of Chemical X into the bowl. “Now stand back!”

    They both quickly took cover behind what was left of the machine that the Power Puff Girls had destroyed earlier. An explosion emitted from the mixture, and new three figures appeared. They walked up to the ones who had taken cover.

    “We are the Shadow Puff Girls! Just tell us what evil thing you want us to do, master, and we will do it!” One of the figures said.

    ---End Chapter 1---

    Okay, still in the dark a bit? Wondering who Mojo Jojo and Him are? Here's their profiles.

    Mojo Jojo: The first and smartest enemy of the Powerpuff Girls. Mojo Jojo is a super smart evil monkey with an IQ of 300. He mostly builds super powered machines to try and destroy the Powerpuff Girls, but as usual, he fails.

    Him: Think of Him as the devil and you'll basically understand this charcter quite easily. Him is a demon with unbelieveable powers. Even though Him is male, he has a female like voice. However, every once in a while, he does use his man like voice. Very little is known about Him's origin. There's no real knowledge of where he comes from, but one thing is certian, he wants to rule the whole world and enslave everyone, and the Powerpuff Girls won't allow that.

    You'll be introduced to the Powerpuff Girls in the next chapter.

    For now, please review.

    And remember, NO comments on length.

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    I don't mind the length. It's very interesting, how you started out with something not so girly and logical for a evil guy like Mojo Jowhatever. It makes sense how he's always coming up with these big ideeas that would work if one gear hadn't stoped truning. And now he and Him created an even bigger one! I'd like to see how the Powerpuff Girls react to this.

    I'm rambling again.
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    i'd like to see a nice juicy description of the shadow puffs... or is that coming in the next chapter?

    cool fic! and thanx for the PM!

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    The Shadow Puff Girls

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    Not a bad start. However, you seemed to have stopped Mojo from his usual ramblings on specifics. But you depicted "Him" pretty well. Makes me wonder what these Shadowpuffs are like.
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    Default Chapter 2

    Burakki: Well, Chapter 2 will explain all. Umm, not quite really, there will still be a few secrets left to bring forth, but you'll be surprised by the first few secrets.

    Flygonzilla: Don't worry, the Shadow Puff Girls are meant to be kept in mystery until Chapter 2, where the first fight takes place. One of the secrets I reveal about these three evil girls will be quite unbelieveable but highly understandable.

    EDIT: WaterTrainer243: Wow! Didn't know you were a fan. Anyways, the reason this chapter is so bad in that area, is because I created it several months ago, and since then, my writing has greatly improved. The later chapters will look better than the first one.

    Ahh screw it! I can't wait to post it! I'll do so now. Now be warned, mild violence. (Mainly hitting.)


    Chapter 2

    It was a beautiful Saturday morning. Buttercup was up watching cartoon shows like any normal kid. She was watching a show that was incredibly funny. She shut her green eyes tightly as she laughed at the barely suitable for her age program.

    Suddenly, a little blonde girl with two side pigtails came downstairs. She looked around worriedly with her blue eyes. She tapped Buttercup on her short black hair. Irritated that she was being bothered during one of her favorite shows, Buttercup rudely looked up at her.

    “What do you want, Bubbles?” Buttercup asked her sister.

    “I can’t find Octy anywhere, Buttercup. Do you know where he is?” Bubbles asked.

    “I couldn’t care less about that stuffed octopus of yours that you always sleep with!”

    “Well, I remember going to bed with him, and when I woke up this morning, he was gone!” Suddenly, a thought entered her mind that made her shake in fear. “Oh no! What if someone kidnapped Octy?” She sobbed.

    “No one would want to steal that old thing!”

    Bubbles then got angry at what her sister had called her favorite thing. “Octy is not old! It is my favorite thing in the entire world! It was the best birthday present the Professor ever got me!”

    “Maybe it’s time you got rid of that thing anyways!”

    That really got Bubbles angry. “Okay, that’s it!” She said as she grabbed her sister by the collar.

    There was hardly a time in Bubbles’ life that she actually got angry enough to start a fight. To get her to fight you, you’d really had to get her angry. Of course, if you did, you’d be lucky to even live.

    Suddenly, a little red haired girl walked by. Seeing her made Bubbles suddenly forget about what Buttercup had said. The red head had her hair all messed up, and you could see the anger that could burst out with just one word in her red eyes.

    Buttercup couldn’t believe her good fortune. She loved teasing her sisters at any chance she got. She was about to say something to the red head, but she stopped her.

    “If you value your life Buttercup, you won’t say anything!” She said rather threateningly.

    Bubbles immediately got in front of her. “Blossom, what happened to your hair?” She asked.

    “I woke up like this, and when I went to fix it, I couldn’t find any of my hair bows!”

    “Who would want to steal all of your hair bows?”

    “I don’t know, but when I find out who did it, they’re dead!”

    Suddenly an announcement from the TV got the three girls attention.

    “We interrupt this program for an important news flash!” A man in his thirties, with brown hair, appeared on the screen. “Earlier today, the Townsville Homeless Shelter was attacked. We now take you live to the scene.”

    A woman with blonde hair, who appeared to be in her late twenties appeared on the screen. “I’m standing here at the Townsville Homeless Shelter, where, earlier today, it was attacked for no apparent reason. Even though no suspects have been found, police are investigating.” She was about to call out, when she saw three familiar figures. “Wait a minute! It’s the Powerpuff Girls!” Three girls who look just like Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup appear on the screen now.

    Back at the home of the Powerpuff Girls, the ones who are watching have confused looks on their faces. They wondered how they could be in two places at once.

    “I think they can tell us what happened!” The reporter on the TV said as she approached the Powerpuff look-a-likes. “Girls, can you tell us what happened here?”

    The Blossom look-a-like looked angrily at the reporter. She then fired powerful lasers from her eyes at the reporter. The reporter screamed as the camera got cut off.

    “Let’s go girls!” Blossom said.

    In a flash of pink, green and blue, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup immediately blasted through the roof, and headed towards Townsville. They soon arrived at what was left of the Townsville Homeless Shelter. Half of the place was reduced to rubble, while the other half had broken windows and a demolished door. Blossom immediately ran up to the unconscious anchorwoman and lifted her up head up gently. She started to wake up.

    “Who did this to you?” Blossom asked.

    The anchorwoman weakly pointed at Blossom, “You!” was all she said before she became unconscious again.

    Blossom just gently set the woman down and walked towards Bubbles and Buttercup. “Come on, girls!” She said. Bubbles and Buttercup followed her.

    They all figured that what was left of the homeless shelter would be where the three imposters would be hiding. They walked cautiously inside. They walked through the place, making sure no one would sneak up on them.

    “Keep your eyes opened girls, they’re around here somewhere!” Blossom said.

    They continued to walk through the place, until suddenly, they heard an evil laugh.

    “Well, it’s about time you girls showed up!” A voice said.

    “I guess our master was right when he said that you would come if we caused a little trouble.” Another voice spoke.

    “Who’s there?” Buttercup asked.

    “Show yourselves!” Blossom ordered angrily.

    “As you wish!” A completely different voice said.

    A sudden streak of a darker shade of pink, green and blue attacked the Powerpuff Girls. The attacks hit them right in the face. The girls flinched at just the sudden movement of the attack.

    The same attacks were done to the Powerpuff Girls, this time in the back of the head. The three beings then stopped in front of the girls, hidden in the shadows. They then fired laser beams right at the girls, which made them back flip onto their stomachs.

    “Who are you?” Bubbles asked.

    The three girls let out an evil laugh as a dark light appeared. The Powerpuff Girls covered their eyes as the light engulfed the entire area. The light vanished as quickly as it appeared. When the light had gone, the three beings were now in their true forms. They looked exactly like Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, with the exception of their skin being a shade of dark gray.

    “We… are the Shadow Puff Girls!” The Blossom look-alike said as they walked towards them. “We’re faster than you…”

    “Stronger than you…” Continued the Buttercup look-alike.

    “Smarter than you!” Finished the Bubbles look-alike.

    “The big difference…” The Blossom look-alike said as they stopped and she gave an evil smile. “Is that we’re evil!”

    “I am Archfiend!” Said the Buttercup look-alike as she did a pose.

    “I am Angst!” Said the Bubbles look-alike as she did a completely different pose.

    “And I, the leader, am Apollyon!” Said the Blossom look-alike as she landed in the middle and did a pose of her own.

    They then go into a completely new pose with each of them having their hands meet in the middle. “And together we’re the Shadow Puff Girls!” The three of them said together.

    They then got out of the pose and Apollyon pointed at them. “Your worst nightmare!” She said.

    The Powerpuff Girls then got up. Blossom pointed angrily at them. “Yeah right! We’ll defeat you just like all the other villains!” She yelled

    “In that case, take your best shot!”

    “Let’s get them, girls!”

    The Powerpuff Girls charged with ready fists right at their counterparts. As Blossom was about to deliver her fist into Apollyon’s face, Apollyon immediately grabbed Blossom by the wrist, and threw her right behind herself. Blossom skidded across the floor.

    As Buttercup was about to hit Archfiend, Archfiend jumped up and delivered a kick right on top of Buttercup’s head. The attack immediately paralyzed Buttercup. Archfiend then picked her up, and threw her. She landed right next to Blossom.

    Bubbles kept throwing fist after fist at Angst. However, Angst easily dodged them while she busily did her nails. She then quickly got right behind Bubbles, and punched her in the back. Bubbles went flying and landed on the opposite side of Blossom that Buttercup did.

    The Powerpuff Girls started to get up. Blossom rubbed her head. “Okay, so you’re tough, but we’ll still beat you!” She said.

    “You girls will never beat us!” Apollyon said.

    “Bubbles, do you know how I was able to dodge your attacks so easily.” Angst asked her.

    “How do you…?” Bubbles couldn’t bring herself to finish.

    “I can read your mind, Bubbles!”

    That really scared Bubbles. “What?” She asked.

    “We can all read your minds!” Apollyon said. The Shadow Puff Girls started approaching them. “We know your every thought…”

    “Your every strategy…” Continued Archfiend.

    “Your every fear!” Finished Angst.

    “We’ll know every move you’ll make, before you even make it!” Apollyon told them as they stopped walking.

    The girls were shocked to the core with fear. They couldn’t believe that these three could read their thoughts. However, they saw no other explanation as to how Angst easily dodged all of Bubbles’ attacks. Not to mention knowing her name.

    The Powerpuff Girls shook this fear off and they charged right at their counterparts with ready fists.

    The Shadow Puff Girls easily dodged their attacks, grabbed them by the wrist, whipped them around, and threw them back where they came from. The Powerpuff Girls skidded across the floor.

    “Attack!” Apollyon shouted.

    The Shadow Puff Girls each fired laser beams at their counterparts. The Powerpuff Girls screamed in agony as they got attacked. The Shadow Puff Girls stopped their attacks, and the Powerpuff Girls fell to the ground. The Powerpuff Girls started getting up. The Shadow Puff Girls smiled evilly at them.

    “We leave you for now, girls!” Apollyon said. “This was only a test! When next we meet… you won’t survive!”

    In a streak of dark pink, blue and green, the Shadow Puff Girls blasted through the roof and left the Powerpuff girls wondering how they could ever win.

    ---End Chapter 2---

    Surprised by what the Shadow Puff Girls look like? More importantly, surprised by their hidden secrets so far? The ability to disguise themselves as their counterpart? And the ability to read the minds of the Powerpuff Girls? Shocking, no?

    Origin of names:

    The way I came up with the names is a bit complex, but highly understandable. The names Apollyon and Archfiend both mean devil. Archfiend is another word for when you call a person a devil, while Apollyon is another name for the devil himself. Angst is different. It ends up describing what she causes to others. Trust me, she's one EVIL girl.

    Next one Sunday. Until then, please review.
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    that was interesting! i quite liked it, though the idea of the enemy knowing what they're about to do before they do it was used already (the episode where they fight this huge robot and they needed mojo jojo's super evil-ness to defeat it). but it still works.

    She shut her green eyes tightly as she laughed at the barely suitable for her age program.
    i would have said, "She shut her green eyes tightly as she laughed at the program that was barely suitable for her age.", but whatever.

    overall, its awesome!

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    The Shadow Puff Girls

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    Flygonzilla: Well, I did miss that ep. I don't get to see it as much as others do, as I don't have Cartoon Network. The only times I get to see it is when I'm visiting relatives (Like my aunt or grandma.) that have the channel. Simply, it's hard for me to see it. However, whenever I get the chance, I go for it.

    Anyways, there's more to unfold before the full plot is revealed. There are a few last hidden secrets of The Shadow Puff Girls. The next one will be revealed by Chapter 7, but the final one, shall come in Chapter 8.

    I have 10 Chapters already done. If you want to see the rest and be spoiled, go to After a little searching, I'm sure you'll find it.

    Well, see ya later. ^_^

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    Default Chapter 3!

    Not a double post, but the update to the story.

    Well, here it is, Chapter 3.

    Oh, and BTW, I apologize in advance for putting Professor Utonium OOC here and not giving him a very good role to develop. Terribly sorry.

    Chapter 3

    The Shadow Puff Girls blast through the crust of the earth, and arrive in a place only the devil would love. They land near a chair, which is occupied by someone who has their back turned to them. The Shadow Puff Girls get on one knee and bow to the unseen being.

    “Master Him!” The Shadow Puff Girls said in union.

    “So, you did as I commanded you?” Him asked them.

    “We tested the girls as you requested, my lord, but they don’t seem to be worthy of us!” Apollyon retorted.

    “Do not underestimate them!” He warned them. “Despite the fact that you are stronger, faster and smarter than them, and that you can read their minds, one of you would never stand a chance if all three of them teamed up on you!” He turns his chair around to face them. “You don’t have the strength to beat all three of them together when you are alone!” He spoke more angrily. “You must never let those little Powerpuff Girls get any one of you alone!”

    “We understand, our lord!” She said as she and her sisters bowed.

    Him then turns his chair away from them. “Now leave me! I have a few things to take care of!” He told them.

    The Shadow Puff girls stood up, did a final bow, and left as requested. As soon as the three had left, Him put his claws together and smirked evilly. “It was so easy to trick you, Mojo!” He said.

    Meanwhile, back at the home of the Powerpuff Girls, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup were mourning over their defeat, while tending to the wounds they had suffered.

    Professor Utonium had to attend to many wounds that the girls suffered over the many battles, and was always ready. This time, the problems were only minor. Bubbles had a Band-Aid on each arm. Blossom had one on each of her cheeks, but Buttercup had really suffered.

    The attack that Archfiend did on her head earlier gave her such a major headache, that she couldn’t stop complaining about it. The attack had caused her to bleed. The Professor specially wrapped the bandage just for her. It was all wrapped from the chin, down to her head. One would think she had a toothache, if it wasn’t for the ice pack on top of her head. However, she didn’t realize how lucky she was, until Professor Utonium got a good look at her. He concluded that, any harder, she might’ve suffered brain damage. That really ended up scaring Buttercup.

    Whenever Buttercup was scared, there was only one thing that ended up comforting her and return her confidence. She went upstairs into her room, and slammed the door shut. A minute later, she bursts out of the bedroom door, runs up to Blossom and Bubbles, who are sitting on the couch, and stares angrily at them.

    “Okay, who took it?” She asked.

    “Took what?” Blossom asked.

    “My blanky! Which one of you took my blanky?”

    Blossom let out an angry sigh. “You probably left it somewhere, and forgot where you put it.”

    Figuring that she might be right, as it had happened before, Buttercup immediately ran as fast as she could through the entire house, looking for her blanky. She zoomed in and out of each room. Finally, she ran up to Blossom and grabbed her by the collar.

    “Okay, where did you hide it?” An exhausted Buttercup asked.

    Blossom had hid several things from Buttercup before. However, Blossom only did it to help her. There were times when Buttercup did go crazy, and Blossom knew that it was best to just get rid of the source. She has always been the smart one of the bunch. Blossom forced herself out of Buttercup's grip and looked angrily back at her threatening sister.

    “I didn’t do anything to your stupid blanky!” Blossom said.

    “I bet you did!”

    “Did not!”

    “Did too!”

    “Did not!”

    “Did too!”

    “Did not!”

    “Did too!”

    “Did not!”

    “Did too!”

    “Did not!”

    “Did too!”

    “Stop it!” Whined Bubbles.

    Bubbles had seen Blossom and Buttercup fight many times, and every time, there was a point when she couldn’t take it. She always hated seeing Blossom and Buttercup fight. There were even times she thought that Blossom and Buttercup didn’t love eachother like sisters did. That yell just got them out of their phase.

    “You always hated that blanky of mine! That’s why you got rid of it!” Buttercup accused.

    “I did hide it once, yes, but to only prove how crazy you were, and to try and show you could be confident without it!” Blossom yelled back.

    Bubbles covered her ears, not wanting to hear her sisters fight.

    “Yea, but then you went and got the blanky back, proving that I do need it!” Buttercup yelled back.

    Buttercup at this point believed that she for once had the upper hand, and would win this fight. She didn’t realize the fight wasn’t over yet.

    “Still, I did not take it!” Blossom yelled.

    “I bet you did! I bet you even destroyed it!” Buttercup accused.

    “I did not!”

    “You did too!”

    “Did not!”

    “Did too!”

    “Did not!”

    “Did too!”

    “Girls stop it!” yelled Professor Utonium.

    This time, the Professor had had enough. Whenever Professor Utonium wanted them to stop, they did so. The Power Puff Girls highly respected the only father they ever had. As shown many times, Blossom and Buttercup stopped arguing and just turned their backs towards one another.

    Blossom angrily sighed to herself in her mind. ‘I can’t believe Buttercup! Why does she think I took her blanky?’ She thought to herself. Suddenly, something came to her mind. ‘Wait a minute! Buttercup’s blanky is missing? That’s her favorite thing!’ Forgetting the argument, she turned to Bubbles and Buttercup. “Hey, I just realized something!” She said.

    “That you’re a nerd?” Buttercup teased.

    “No!” She answered angrily. “We all have something missing, right?” She points to Bubbles. “Bubbles, your Octy is missing.” She then points to Buttercup. “Buttercup, your blanky.” She finally points to herself. “And my hair bows! Call me crazy, but someone did come in and steal our favorite things last night.”

    “But who would do such a thing?” Bubbles asked.

    “I don’t know!”

    Suddenly, the doorbell rang. “Ding Dong!”

    “I’ll get it!” Said the Professor. He opened the door. “Yes, how can I help – AHHHHHHHHHH!” He screamed.

    The Powerpuff Girls immediately ran to the door to see what Professor Utonium was screaming about. What they saw made them gasp in horror.

    The individual in front of them had multiple fractures on him. His left arm was in a sling. His right leg was in a cast. One of his eyes was black, while the other had a patch over it. He also had a protective collar around his neck, and he was using a wheelchair to get around. Despite all the injuries, the girls still recognized who it was.

    “Mojo jojo?” The Powerpuff Girls asked in complete shock.

    He had come for one reason. He had something important to tell the Powerpuff Girls.

    ---End Chapter 3---

    Hehehe! Him has betrayed Mojo! ^_^

    How did you like Buttercup's reaction to her blanky missing?

    Once again, Sorry for not doing Professor Utonium's role. He'll have a better one later in the fic.

    Anyways, please review.

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    LOL! that was funny. i especially like this part:

    “Did not!”

    “Did too!”

    “Did not!”

    “Did too!”

    “Did not!”

    “Did too!”

    “Did not!”

    “Did too!”

    “Did not!”

    “Did too!”

    “Stop it!” Whined Bubbles.
    ROFL! soo blossom and buttercup-like. even if its simple.

    nice idea, BTW, of him betraying mojo!

    (Heres my request thread, but it's closed. Some more of my art here and here.)

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    Default Chapter 4

    Flygonzilla: Glad you liked that part. That was the epitome of comedy for this fic. So enjoy it while it lasts.

    And anyways, Him betraying Mojo was the plan from the start. Mojo was used by Him just to make an ultimate plan for the destruction of the Powerpuff Girls come to life. You see, it's that 5th hidden ingredient that led to the whole plot. Him did tell Mojo it would make them evil, there were just a few things he kept hidden from Mojo.

    Now, here's where the plot really starts to thicken. However, I must warn you, death in this chapter.

    Chapter 4

    Mojo jojo had just entered the house of the Powerpuff Girls. Usually, the girls would beat him up. However, it seemed that someone already did that for them. When the girls saw their greatest villain and true creator in such bad condition, they really didn’t have the heart to beat him up.

    The girls decided to take pity on him, even though Buttercup was against it. Bubbles got him a spare pillow for his head and Buttercup gave him a special kind of beverage. The beverage was made with special medicines that would help him heal faster. Blossom and Professor Utonium were the ones who made it. He accepted the beverage and held it in his hand.

    “Thank you! You girls are so kind, that it disgusts, nauseates, repulses, revolts, and sickens me.” He said as he quickly downed the purple liquid. He then threw the cup aside.

    “What happened to you Mojo?” Bubbles asked.

    “Why would you Powerpuff Girls care about me? Me! Mojo jojo! The most evil and the smartest of all the super villains, who created his own destruction?” He asked as his face changed to being more serious.

    “Well, according to what we found out, you did create us.” Blossom started.

    “Which I still find hard to believe!” Buttercup interrupted.

    Blossom did a quick glare at her sister and continued. “And the fact that you are actually injured not because of us, we can’t help but care for someone who is in your condition. Even if we hate them to the bitter core of our hearts.”

    Mojo jojo just slumped at them and then looked them all in the eye. “You three are just too goody-goody!” He said.

    “What did happen to you Mojo?” Blossom asked.

    “Someone very powerful beat me up.” He began.


    Down in the most evil place in the universe, Him turned toward the Shadow Puff Girls, who had just come into his office, because he had asked them to. He got up from his desk and walked down the long row of stairs.

    “Now, for phase two of my plan.” He said as he walked down the stairs. “I not only plan to destroy the Powerpuff Girls themselves, but destroy their reputation and their spirit.”

    “How do you plan on doing that?” Archfiend asked.

    “You three shall disguise yourselves as the Powerpuff Girls, and cause havoc among the city.” He stopped walking as he was at the bottom of the stairs and was right in front of them.

    “How are we going to do that?” Angst asked.

    “Let’s just say, I plan to get rid of the one who always makes sure that they make it to where we are causing such havoc!”

    “We understand master!” Apollyon said.


    Back at the home of the Powerpuff Girls, Mojo jojo was continuing his tale.

    “The ones who beat me up you happen to already know.” He said.

    “What do you mean?” Bubbles asked.

    “The ones who had beaten me up are the Shadow Puff Girls, and I, Mojo jojo, was the one who created them.”

    “What?” The Powerpuff Girls asked togther in shock.

    “Yes! I had created them.” He then started going into a long speech. “I had created them as a plan to destroy, annihilate, atomize, demolish, dissolve, pulverize, shatter…” He was interrupted by a fist, which was Buttercup’s doing, that made his face imbedded in for about two seconds then returned to normal. “Okay, that I deserve, but as I was saying, I had made them to permanently get rid of you Powerpuff Girls. However, Him had made them betray, double-cross and deceive me. They then beat me up. I was then sent to the hospital, and was there for five days. I had created them exactly that many days ago, and was released from the hospital today. Him was probably just carefully planning his entire thing and strengthening them to be more powerful than you.”

    “So all this time, the great Mojo jojo wants to destroy what he created by creating something he already made, just more evil?” Blossom yelled at him.

    “Yes! However, you know that I can’t rule Townsville and the world as long as those Shadow Puff Girls are around, and I know you are the only ones powerful enough to defeat them.”


    Him and the Shadow Puff Girls, who were now disguised as the Powerpuff Girls, stormed into The Mayor’s office by via window. The Mayor was surprised to see them.

    “Well hello Powerpuff Girls, what are you doing…” He was interrupted when Angst punched him hard in the face.

    After the punch, it was followed up by two kicks from Archfiend. Then came a laser eye attack from Apollyon. Which was followed up by an ice breath attack from Angst. Finally, Archfiend slammed right into the back of the frozen mayor, splitting him in half, killing him instantly. The Shadow Puff Girls seemed rather proud of their work.

    “Let’s go! Our work at this location is done!” Him commanded.

    They all immediately left The Mayor’s office. At that point a woman with so much red hair that you couldn't see her face, Ms. Bellum, walked in.

    “Mayor, I heard a noise and – AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” The assistant fainted at the sight of seeing The Mayor dead.

    Back at the home of the Powerpuff Girls…

    “So, you only came to ask us to destroy something you made?” Blossom asked.

    “Yes! Normally, I would not allow, acknowledge or let it be done, but I have hardly a choice in the matter. It was Him who made them betray me. I thought that by teaming up with Him, I would actually defeat you Powerpuff Girls. However, you are now the only hope I have for getting revenge on the ones who betrayed me.”

    Buttercup was about to speak, when suddenly the Professor called from the living room. “Girls! You’d better come see this!” He said.

    The Powerpuff Girls flew into the living room, while Mojo Jojo followed them as fast as he could in his wheelchair. The Professor turned up the volume on the TV as they listened to the announcement.

    “We interrupt this program to bring you an important message.” The male reporter began. “Just moments ago, our beloved Mayor was found dead at City Hall.”

    “What?” The Powerpuff Girls asked in union, not believing what they heard.

    “We have just received footage of what happened in the Mayor’s office, where he died.”

    The TV then widens and shows a full color scene of the Shadow Puff Girls, disguised as the Powerpuff Girls, killing the Mayor.

    “Well, there you have it!” The anchorman began, keeping his face serious. “The once believed to be superheroes, known as The Powerpuff Girls, have murdered our beloved Mayor.”

    Buttercup didn’t want to hear anymore of what the anchorman would say. “I don’t believe it!” She said, not believing anything that she just saw.

    “Why would they think we would do such a thing?” Bubbles asked.

    “This is obviously the work of the Shadow Puff Girls! Let’s go!” Blossom said.

    “Wait!” Mojo Jojo said, but they didn’t listen to him and blasted through the roof of the house and headed towards the scene. ‘Their doomed!’ He thought to himself!

    The Powerpuff Girls soon arrived above the crime scene, and nearby the Shadow Puff Girls were waiting for them.

    “Here they come!” Apollyon said.

    The Shadow Puff Girls then positioned themselves not too far away from the crime scene, but far enough away that no one would know what was going on. The Powerpuff Girls saw them and stopped right in front of them. Each one facing their counterpart.

    “It was you three who did it, wasn’t it?” Blossom asked them.

    “I’m afraid we’re guilty as charged!” Angst answered.

    “And you know what? We actually enjoyed doing it!” Archfiend added.

    “You actually enjoy killing others?” Bubbles questioned.

    “Yes! In fact, if a more worthy opponent wasn’t standing in front of us right now, we’d go and kill anyone who was nearby to have some fun.” Apollyon told their counterparts.

    “You… you monsters!” Blossom yelled at them as loud as she could.

    The Shadow Puff Girls didn’t seem to be angry at such a response, but rather pleased.

    “Why thank you for the compliment, Blossom! We never thought you three would figure out so much about us! Then again, you are the smart one, Blossom, so I’m not surprised.” Apollyon said with an evil grin.

    The six then started ascending high into the atmosphere of the earth. Soon, they were so high, that not even people who use binoculars could see them. They soon stopped near the edge of the atmosphere.

    “You three will pay for what you did to the Mayor!” Buttercup warned.

    “You’re right about that Buttercup. In fact, we won’t stop until we make sure you three are forever defeated. Mark my words! You will all pay for what you have done!” Blossom said as she readied herself for the fight.

    So, the battle that would decide the fate of the world was about to begin.

    ---End Chapter 4---

    Tomorrow will be the first part of the action packed 3-parter battle that could decide the fate of the world. Trust me, you won't believe it. Let's just say, the rules will change greatly.

    Until then, please review.

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    “Wait!” Mojo Jojo said, but they didn’t listen to him and blasted through the roof of the house and headed towards the scene. ‘Their doomed!’ He thought to himself!
    nup, should be "they're".

    another good chapter! i forgot mojo used synonyms so much. well, it has been a while since i last saw an episode *gets out dusty video*

    can't wait for the fight! and sorry i didn't post earlier.

    (Heres my request thread, but it's closed. Some more of my art here and here.)

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    Default Chapter 5

    Flygonzilla: Well, I had forgotten about Mojo's synonyms usage too, until a little fic reminded me of that.

    And hey, is it just me, or does it seem like you're the only fan posting here? Would you mind finding other fans to enjoy this story? It would mean alot to me if you did.

    Well, after a bit of a delay, here's the next chapter. ^_^

    WARNING: Violence (duh!) and another death. (I think you'll hate me for this.)

    Chapter 5

    Blossom started out by charging right at Apollyon. She immediately started delivering lighting fast punches right at Apollyon. Each punch, however, was easily dodged by her counterpart. Blossom then tried to deliver a roundhouse kick right to the head, but Apollyon ducked under it.

    Seeing her chance, Apollyon slammed her head into Blossom’s back. She then delivered two punches in the face. Which was followed up by a kick in the stomach, an uppercut in the face and one hard kick right in the chest. The kick made Blossom go flying. She soon stopped herself and charged back into battle.

    As this was happening, Bubbles was having her own problems with her counterpart. Angst was easily blocking each attack she was giving her without looking. Bubbles knew far too well about her counterpart’s capability to read her every move, but would not give up.

    She then tried a laser eye blast, but that was easily dodged. She tried again and again, but each time the attack was easily dodged by a millimeter. Bubbles then tried to deliver another punch, but this time Angst had a plan up her sleeve.

    She immediately dodged it and quickly wrapped her arm around Bubbles’ neck. Bubbles struggled to get out, but her efforts were in vain. Angst then used her free fist and continuously punched Bubbles in the stomach, each time knocking the air out of Bubbles.

    Angst knew this to deliver death to your opponent in a painful way, and that’s what she wanted. She squeezed Bubbles’ neck even tighter with her arm, trying to cut off her air supply.

    “Don’t worry Bubbles, I’m coming.” Bubbles heard Buttercup say. Bubbles hoped that she would save her.

    She kept punching Bubbles in the stomach, knocking out whatever amount of oxygen she had in her. After several more blows to the stomach, Bubbles stopped struggling and went unconscious.

    Angst then looked at her fainted opponent in disgust, hoping she would’ve put up a better fight, and pounded her right on top of her head. Bubbles went flying through the atmosphere, and crashed into a hospital, destroying it and causing a huge crater where it once was. As soon as the blue puff had landed, Angst slowly floated down towards her to deliver the final blow.

    Meanwhile, Buttercup was trying her hardest to at least hit her opponent, but all efforts failed. This one would prove to be the most brutal of all the battles Buttercup ever had. She started with a roundhouse kick to the chest, but that was easily blocked and a punch to Buttercup’s face followed. Nothing more than a quick little bruise was left in her cheek.

    Buttercup then tried to deliver a right uppercut to the face, but Archfiend grabbed the fist and started to push it down, showing that she was far stronger than her counterpart. Buttercup decided to use the chance she had and threw her other fist into her face. However, right before it hit, Archfiend stopped it by grabbing her wrist. She then flipped her around in little upward circles to her side. Finally, when she became bored, she brought her knee up and made Buttercup’s face land right into it. Such an injury would normally kill a person, but to one such as Buttercup, it only hurt her pride.

    As soon as Buttercup recovered from the attack, she was met with a fist to her eye. The attack had caused it to become black. She could easily tell what she had gotten from the pain and yelled at her counterpart.

    “You’ll pay for that!” Buttercup shouted angrily.

    “What’s wrong? Did the baby get a boo-boo?” Archfiend asked teasingly.

    Buttercup really got angry for being called a baby. She then charged at her opponent with a ready fist. That was easily blocked and another fist to Buttercup’s face followed. After the hit, Buttercup decided to try to take her out what she thought would be the easy way.

    She continuously kicked her right in-between the legs. Archfiend just purposefully took the hits. Every time Buttercup hit her, she gave fake grunts of pain, trying to make her opponent think she was winning.

    Archfiend finally laughed after a few kicks. “What are you kicking?” She asked amusingly.

    Buttercup suddenly remembered that that place was not the weak point of a girl and slapped herself on the forehead for being so stupid.

    Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, Buttercup saw that her sister was struggling to get out of Angst’s grasp. She then saw the cheap move that Angst was doing to her. Buttercup immediately knew her sister was in danger of being killed. She had learned how to fight dirty herself, and knew what the result would be of such a move. Forgetting Archfiend, she rushed to save her sister.

    “Don’t worry Bubbles, I’m coming!” Buttercup said as she flew towards her sister.

    Suddenly, she was stopped in mid-air. She turned around to see that Archfiend had grabbed her by her ankle and was holding her back.

    “Going somewhere?” Archfiend asked.

    She then pulled Buttercup towards her and punched her in the face. The attack started to make her go back towards Bubbles. Archfiend rushed and grabbed Buttercup by the foot, far long before Buttercup ran into the battle between Angst and Bubbles. As she was getting pulled back towards her counterpart, Buttercup saw the horrific scene that would forever be imbedded in her memory. She saw Bubbles go unconscious, then saw her get knocked down, and saw her impact the earth at a speed that would kill anyone, even ones with superpowers. A small tear escaped Buttercup’s eye.

    ‘I’m sorry Bubbles, please forgive me.’ Buttercup thought to herself, sorrowfully.

    At this point, Archfiend had grabbed Buttercup by her collar and saw the tear that escaped her eye.

    “Oh, is the baby crying?” Archfiend asked sarcastically. “Here, let me make it better,” she reared back her fist. “By making you not suffer anymore!”

    She gave Buttercup an upward punch at the nose. The impact would normally damage the brain, but Buttercup felt nothing but the pain that was caused by what she saw happen to her sister.

    Archfiend continuously punched her downward, making her counterpart head to earth. Buttercup was feeling nothing as the attacks continued to hit her. Archfiend then slammed her down, and she, just like her sister, went flying through the atmosphere and impacted earth. Buttercup’s body crashed into an orphanage. Archfiend couldn’t be even more pleased with the destruction she had caused.

    Archfiend descended towards earth, as soon as she landed, she saw something that almost made her quake in fear. Buttercup had gotten back up. What Archfiend was really scared about, was that she wasn’t receiving any information from her opponent. She knew that Buttercup’s brain wasn’t responding, yet somehow Buttercup was up and moving. However, Buttercup turned and looked at Angst, who was ready to deliver the final blow that would guarantee Bubble’s death. Buttercup said only a single word to make her stop.

    “Angst!” Angst heard someone say behind her.

    She turned around and saw an angry Buttercup glaring at her with eyes that would strike fear into anyone, even one such as Angst, who was used to seeing fear.

    “You’ll pay for what you did to my sister! Mark my words, you’ll pay dearly for killing her!” Buttercup said in the most evil tone she had ever given in her entire life.

    ---End Chapter 5---

    *shields self from Bubbles fans.*

    If you ask me, Angst is in trouble.

    Up next, is the fight between Angst and Buttercup. The chapter is ONLY that. Only one shall come out alive. Who will it be?

    It's time for a little revenge. Buttercup style. >:]

    Well, hope you enjoyed it.

    See ya later. ^_^

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    nnoooooooo!!! diediediediediediediedie (referring to you)!

    ah well, bubbles was never my favourite.

    She continuously kicked her right in-between the legs. Archfiend just purposefully took the hits. Every time Buttercup hit her, she gave fake grunts of pain, trying to make her opponent think she was winning.

    Archfiend finally laughed after a few kicks. “What are you kicking?” She asked amusingly.

    Buttercup suddenly remembered that that place was not the weak point of a girl and slapped herself on the forehead for being so stupid
    unfortunately, it does even more damage to girls than it does to boys, because all the damage is internal and fixing it would require surgery.

    And hey, is it just me, or does it seem like you're the only fan posting here? Would you mind finding other fans to enjoy this story? It would mean alot to me if you did.
    k, i'll try advertising in my sig.

    that was a very exciting chapter! i hope to see more!

    (Heres my request thread, but it's closed. Some more of my art here and here.)

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    Default Chapter 6

    Flygonzilla: Thank you for advertising it in your sig. As soon as I get it set up in mine, I'm sure I'll get plenty of fans.

    Well, here's the next one.

    WARNING: Another death. (Gezz! I'm killing everyone here!)


    Chapter 6

    Buttercup stared angrily at the being that had just supposedly killed her sister. The angry Buttercup looked at her with eyes that seemed to cause fear. Also, somehow Buttercup was blocking out the opponent’s ability to read her mind. Angst knew this, and yet, she didn’t care. She loved the idea of a challenge such as this. Buttercup was the strongest out of all the Powerpuff Girls, and Angst knew she, herself, was the weakest on her team. Yet she didn’t care. Angst saw this as a typical battle of the strong vs. the weak. A battle of good vs. evil where good had an advantage. Yet did she care? No! She didn’t care one bit.

    Fighting against her counterpart didn’t even come close to a challenge to her. She loved to kill, and if she could kill the strongest one, all by herself, she knew she would earn her place as a Shadow Puff Girl.

    Dark clouds suddenly filled the sky, and lightning struck the ground. After that, a downpour of rain fell from the heavens. It was soaking anyone who was involved in it.

    Angst looked up at the clouds while they rained on her with an evil smirk. “Ah, the perfect atmosphere, for the death of the strongest of all superheroes!” She said, rather pleased.

    “Shut up and fight, you murderer!” Buttercup growled at her.

    Angst took her advice and immediately charged at her with a ready fist at incredible speed. Buttercup easily dodged it and struck her opponent right on the side. The evil blue puff skidded across the hard pavement. With only her pride hurt, she immediately got back up.

    “You call yourself strong? I didn’t even feel a thing!” Angst said teasing Buttercup and rather displeased.

    “I’ve got a lot more in me than you think, you vile fiend!” Buttercup said in a harsh, yet loud whisper.

    Angst saw that her killing of Bubbles brought some sort of newfound strength in Buttercup, yet what blocked her ability to read Buttercup’s mind, she didn’t know. She just ignored that and charged right back into battle.

    Buttercup dodged her on coming fist with the greatest of skill. She then dodged another fist, a near uppercut, and ducked underneath an upward roundhouse kick. Buttercup took the chance she had and brought an uppercut to the face. The attack hit its mark right on the nose. Angst held her nose in pain. When she removed her hands, it was shown that Buttercup had struck her hard enough to make blood come out.

    Angst immediately wiped her nose with one of her hands and looked at the result of her injury. She then glared angrily at her opponent.

    “Looks like you’re much stronger than I thought, Buttercup! Maybe you’ll be a worthy challenge to me after all!” Angst said in a bit of an impressed tone.

    “Stop your yak-king and start attacking!” Buttercup said, annoyed.

    Angst started throwing lightning fast fists of fury right at Buttercup. Buttercup easily dodged all of the attacks. Buttercup kind of found it kind of strange. It seemed that they had no skill, and just spoiled their ability to read their opponent’s mind. Buttercup then saw her chance and punched Angst with all her might.

    Angst went through several buildings and skidded to a stop right in front of Pokey Oaks Kindergarten School. Seeing the school right behind her, she got an idea. She then lifted the building right off it’s structure and threw it right at Buttercup.

    Buttercup saw this and knew how upset Blossom would be if it was destroyed. Even though Buttercup hated school, she didn’t want her sister to be miserable. She immediately flew in and saved the school right before it crashed.

    Seeing her chance, Angst got into position, and as Buttercup was carrying the school back, took in a deep breath, and yelled out a scream so loud, that it caused the entire world to shake. The loud sonic boom was making it more difficult for Buttercup to carry the school back, yet she didn’t give in.

    Angst kept screaming the high pitched sound, trying her best to make Buttercup drop the building. Buttercup would not give in. She, fighting the powerful sound attack that was damaging her ears, put the school back where it originally was. Buttercup then flew back and was even more determined to win.

    Buttercup looked at her opponent, the one who had supposedly killed her sister. This had been a tough match, and Buttercup knew she could fall at any moment. She then got an idea that her instincts were saying would finish it all.

    “How about this for a final fight to the finish?” She began, glaring death at her opponent. “No flying, no use of laser eyes, no ice breath and no sonic-boom attack from you. Just our own physical strength to determine who wins it all.”

    Angst looked at her curiously. She was confused with Buttercup’s decision. Buttercup had been dominating the battle the whole way through. Yet Angst loved the idea of a challenge, and that desire for a challenge was enough for her to make her decision.

    “Yes, I agree to it. A test of strength to the finish.” The evil blue puff said.

    Angst made the first move and charged right at Buttercup with a ready fist. Buttercup didn’t time the dodge right, and was hit square in the face. Seeing her chance, Angst continued her assault. She started punching Buttercup like there was no tomorrow.

    After a few hits, Buttercup saw her chance and scored a hit right in the face. Angst was able to shake the pain away and hit her in the face again. The assault continued the same for a little while. Angst got a few hits on Buttercup before the green puff could score only one hit on her. Each hit that Angst inflicted on Buttercup made her step back.

    They soon ended up on a street where several cars were passing by on a regular basis. The drivers of the cars swerved out of the way of what they all believed to be a practice battle between Buttercup and Bubbles, which they often had just to train themselves.

    Soon, a guy who wasn’t paying attention crashed into them. The two fighting went flying into the car by via windshield. The impact had knocked the driver out, with his foot still on the gas pedal.

    The two continued to fight, each one receiving the exact same attack as their opponent. A left got a left back at them and a right got a right back at them. The car soon came to some railroad tracks where a train came by and knocked the car away and made the two go flying into the air. They fell and landed right on top of the train.

    Angst immediately got up and was ready to continue fighting. Buttercup then got up and motioned her opponent to make the first move. Buttercup was able to dodge the oncoming fist and countered with her own fist. Buttercup was able to score several hits in the face before she was kneed right in the stomach. The attack had knocked the air out of her and Angst saw her chance. She then continuously punched Buttercup in the face.

    After a few punches, they both lost their footing and fell off the train and landed on a handcart. They both started to control the handcart. As they were controlling it, they continued to punch eachother in perfect sequence.

    Soon, another train came by and made them go flying towards a vast lake where a grand ship would soon be pulling in. Buttercup and Angst landed in the dining hall, which shocked all of the passengers and made them run away. The only ones who didn’t leave were the hired musical band who thought it was just part of the entertainment and played a piece of music that matched perfectly with the battle scene.

    The two continued to fight with perfect sequence punches back and forth. They soon moved towards the band, who then realized that it was not part of the entertainment and got out of there as fast as they could. Angst then jumped into the air and tried to deliver a kick right at her opponent. Buttercup was able to dodge it with the greatest of ease. The impact made the floor below them crumble and they both fell through to the basement.

    As soon as they landed, the two immediately got back up and continued to fight. Angst once again got the upper hand. She was able to punch Buttercup several times in the face before getting punched herself. It continued like this one last time, but this time Angst was able to dodge the oncoming hit. In the process, Buttercup hit the control lever that was there and made the ship suddenly launch at full speed. The ship sped up to its highest speed and went crashing into town.

    The ship went through building after building without ever slowing down one bit. After crashing into several buildings, it headed straight for the airport. An airplane got out of the way just when the boat would’ve hit it. The boat finally came to a hard stop with a big hole in it.

    Angst scored another hit and made Buttercup go flying through the opening in the ship. As soon as she landed, Buttercup got back up and was ready to fight.

    It was really strange to Buttercup. For most of the battle she had the upper hand, but when she made her decision, the tables turned and Angst was clearly the one dominating the match.

    Angst jumped out of the ship and landed safely on the ground. She then ran up to Buttercup and punched her in the face. This time, Angst was truly winning. Buttercup wasn’t able to launch a single punch. Angst was attacking too fast and too hard for her to counter.

    They soon went near a plane, with a spinning duranium propeller, which the pilot had gotten out of, that was now spinning slowly in a circle. They then got rather close to it and at that time Angst scored another hit that had made Buttercup fall to ground. She had slipped into an extremely small state of unconsciousness. Angst would take this chance and deliver the final blow, by breaking the rules.

    Angst then heard a noise behind her and turned towards the noise. She then saw her own demise right in front of her. Buttercup had started to get back up and saw that her opponent was about to be killed. Knowing it was going to be pretty; Buttercup ducked down from the scene, with her back turned from it, and closed her innocent eyes.

    The blood and guts of Buttercup’s opponent splattered all over the scene. The impact had also made the plane come to a hard stop. Buttercup then got up and looked at the death scene in front of her. A small smile escaped her face.

    “I did it Bubbles… I won!” She said, proud that she avenged her sister’s supposed death.

    With that, Buttercup’s body finally gave in and she fell to the ground and slipped into unconsciousness.

    Angst had been defeated, but no one knew what events would soon come of this.

    ---End Chapter 6---

    Now, for those in the dark, duranium is a special kind of made up metal. It is the only metal in the world that the Powerpuff Girls can't damage. Also, when specially carved into bullets or other types of weaponry, it will be the only weapon that can cut right through their skin and have the greatest chance of killing them.

    And before anyone asks about how the school stayed in one piece, hello, it's a cartoon! You can break the rules if you like!

    Oh, also, if the second half of the match seemed familiar to any Family Guy fans out there, that's basically where I got the idea from. Think of the scene where Peter and some giant chicken had a little fight. Not exactly how it happened, but I'm sure you get the basic idea.

    Okay, next chapter will show you what Apollyon, Blossom and Archfiend were doing during the fight of Buttercup and Angst. I mean, they never once interfered with the battle, so they must've done something.

    Also, Chapter 7 will reveal yet another hidden secret of The Shadow Puff Girls.

    I'm sure you'll be quite surprised with it.

    Oh, and if you think Angst is gone, you're wrong! She'll be back. Just wait and see. ^_^

    Well, enough of my rambling. Time for those reviews.

    See ya later.

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    Pining for the fjords?


    Oh, and if you think Angst is gone, you're wrong! She'll be back. Just wait and see. ^_^
    oh yuk.

    another great chapter, and while they went from the ship to the airport i was almost thinking, "don't tell me they'll continue the fight on the plane...". lucky it wasn't, though!

    (Heres my request thread, but it's closed. Some more of my art here and here.)

    The Shadow Puff Girls

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    Default Chapter 7

    Okay, I'm terribly sorry it took me so long to post, but I had a little internet problem and couldn't get on until yesterday and even then, I had little time to catch up.

    Anyways, here's the next chapter. And it's time for another secret to be revealed.


    Chapter 7

    As Buttercup was battling Angst, Blossom was having one of her toughest fights yet. In fact, it was a wonder that she lived through it. The battle started with the clouds suddenly coming in and a thunderstorm beginning.

    ‘This is just what I’ve been waiting for!’ Blossom thought to herself.

    After the first battle, Blossom tried to come up with a plan to defeat Apollyon. She believed that Angst and Archfiend were nothing without Apollyon around, as Apollyon was the leader of the Shadow Puff Girls. While trying to think up a plan, she decided to watch a little bit of the News. She then heard that a thunderstorm would be coming in today, and an idea hit her. She believed that if the storm could distract the leader enough, she would have a chance at defeating her counterpart for good.

    Blossom had it all planned out. The two were now in the middle of the cloud that was producing the thunderstorm. One would probably call her plan a suicidal attempt, but to Blossom it was one of the most brilliant plans she ever had.

    The battle began with Apollyon scoring a direct hit in the face. She then continuously attacked Blossom like she was a punching bag. Apollyon made many lightning fast fists hit Blossom in the stomach as lightning flashed around them.

    Blossom tried her best to counteract with a kick, but Apollyon made an easy grab at the ankle. She then threw Blossom into the air with all her might. Blossom quickly stopped her ascend, and what she saw next would destroy all efforts of her plan.

    A bolt of lightning headed straight for Apollyon and, to Blossom’s complete amazement, dodged it with the greatest of skill. At first, Blossom believed that Apollyon was just lucky in her dodge. However, the next move defeated that assumption easily. Three more lightning bolts came at Apollyon and she dodged those as well. Blossom couldn’t help but stare at her counterpart with a completely shocked look, and her mouth wide open in disbelief.

    “I guess I should explain a few things to you.” Apollyon began. “You see, each of us has a special bond with the elements, and I hold one with the air. Therefore, I can tell what the air will do. In this case, I can tell when a lightning bolt is about to hit me. I knew what your plan was Blossom, and as you can see, thanks to my special bond, it failed miserably.”

    After hearing that, Blossom was shocked even more. What kind of girls were these? Beings that were one with the very elements of the planet. It was never known that one could have such a bond with Chemical X in them. It made Blossom wonder if she had a special bond with any element. She shook off the thoughts and looked angrily at her opponent.

    “No matter! I still have some other tricks up my sleeve!” Blossom said as more determination was shown on her face.

    “I’m reading your mind, and can tell you that you’ve got nothing else planned!” Apollyon said.

    Blossom glared angrily at her, knowing that she was telling the truth. Blossom’s whole plan relied on the lightning, and it failed so easily. Blossom then quickly fired her laser eyes at her opponent. Apollyon easily dodged the oncoming laser. Blossom then fired two lasers from her hands and another laser eye attack. Apollyon easily dodged those. At that point, Apollyon charged right at Blossom with a ready fist.

    Blossom saw the move and was ready to dodge. However, Apollyon, thanks to her mind reading powers, saw the dodge coming and was able to easily strike Blossom in the face. She then grabbed Blossom and interlocked her arms and so that she couldn’t move them. Blossom struggled to get free, but her efforts were futile.

    “Don’t struggle! My interlocking move is so strong, that not even Buttercup would break free, and that’s definitely saying a lot.” Apollyon told her.

    Blossom then gave up and waited for whatever it was that Apollyon was going to do to her. Apollyon then whispered loudly into Blossom’s ear as she ascended higher into the air.

    “Now, I’ll tell you that our plan has already succeeded.” Apollyon began.

    Blossom face showed great confusion, and Apollyon could tell even though she couldn’t see what her counterpart’s face showed.

    “Confused? Let me explain it then. The plan was simple. Archfiend and me keep you and Buttercup busy while Angst takes care of Bubbles. Yes, the plan was to kill Bubbles first. What? You don’t believe me? Then I’ll tell you this, I can read the mind of any of you three and I sense no brain activity in Bubbles, and since the brain controls the body that means only one thing. Bubbles is dead!”

    Blossom face suddenly turned pale. Her skin was nearly as white as a ghost. She was scared because they had killed Bubbles. However, a part of her didn’t want to believe what she said, but still, a tear of pain escaped her eye. Apollyon then turned upside down and started floating downward, still holding Blossom in her inescapable lock.

    “Now, hoping you’re not too shocked to hear me, I’ll tell you part two of the plan. The second part was to keep Bubbles’ body intact. Why keep a body intact? It’s to see you suffer. It’s for you to experience the pain we love to see you in completely. How do you keep a body intact and still kill it? Simple! Cut off its air supply! We made it unable for Bubbles to breathe, and that’s what killed her in the end.”

    Apollyon then picked up speed. She started moving faster to the ground, and was still holding Blossom in the lock she couldn’t escape.

    “The last part of the plan was to knock both you and Buttercup out. However, we wanted you to suffer even more. So we decided to badly bruise her. That part of the plan is still in action. Oh, we’re about to hit the ground. Well, good night, Blossom!”

    The two then crashed into the hard pavement below. The impact caused a devastating earthquake, which made several buildings around them to collapse, and a huge crater was formed where they impacted. Upon landing, Apollyon let go of Blossom and let her body fall onto the hard ground. Apollyon looked at the unconscious Blossom and smirked wickedly.

    “Sleep tight Blossom!” She said.

    Apollyon then floated over to her sister, Archfiend, who was apparently watching something.

    “Hey! What’s going on? How come you’re not fighting Buttercup?” Apollyon asked her sister.

    “Well, I thought I had knocked out Buttercup, but then she got up and started fighting Angst. I then decided to watch and let my own sister get beat up!” Archfiend said.

    “Ooh! Quite evil I must say! Very good my sister!” She said with an evil grin.

    Apollyon then saw Angst get hit hard in the face and go flying through several buildings. Seeing this confused her.

    “Wait a minute! Unless it’s part of her plan, Angst shouldn’t be getting hit at all. So, what’s going on?” Apollyon asked Archfiend.

    “Strangely enough, I can’t seem to read Buttercup’s mind.” Archfiend confessed. “Maybe it’s a move I did on her that caused it, but I’m not sure.”

    “Well, things should get interesting now. Let’s just see how good she is.”

    They then heard the high pitched scream from Angst and covered their ears. Yet continued to focus perfectly at the battle going on. The scream soon stopped, and the two uncovered their ears.

    “Boy!” Archfiend began. “Buttercup’s gonna be feeling that tomorrow, if not for a whole week!”

    “No doubt!” Apollyon said back.

    The two then saw the tables turn as Angst started gaining more hits on Buttercup.

    “Maybe she has some skill after all.” Apollyon said.

    “Either that or just dumb luck!” Archfiend stated.

    They then saw the two that were fighting get hit by a car, crash into it, and get sped off away from them.

    “More dumb luck!” Archfiend said as the surprises kept coming.

    “Come on! I don’t want to miss the rest of the fight!” Apollyon said.

    The two then sped up and followed them. By the time they caught up, a train came by and launched the two that were fighting into the air. Archfiend took this chance and tried to hit Buttercup with her fist, but barely missed by a millimeter. She cursed herself for not being able to time anything right without her mind reading power.

    The two battling then landed on top of the train which sped off away from them.

    “Let’s catch up with them!” Archfiend said, not wanting to miss anything.

    They sped up and quickly caught up with the train, but then the two that were fighting fell off the train and landed on a handcart. However, they were able to keep up with the two that were fighting and were able to enjoy the fight this time.

    “Finally!” Archfiend said, as she finally got the chance to savor the fight.

    However, a train then came by and knocked them away.

    “Give me a break here!” Archfiend complained.

    Apollyon just smiled as she enjoyed seeing something so simple annoying her sister. The two then followed the two that were fighting, who ended up crashing into a boat. Apollyon and Archfiend weren’t able to see what was going on, and that really annoyed Archfiend.

    “Come on! You could’ve landed in a place that I could see everything!” Archfiend complained.

    ‘She obviously forgot she has x-ray vision.’ Apollyon thought to herself, amused.

    Apollyon was using her x-ray vision and saw the whole fight going on while Archfiend muttered curses to herself. The boat suddenly sped up and Apollyon stopped using her x-ray vision.

    Archfiend groaned. She was really annoyed by now. “Let’s catch up with that boat.” She simply said.

    The two sped up and met it when it came to a hard stop at the airport. They were now very impressed, as Angst was the only one attacking and hitting in the battle scene now.

    “Wow! Maybe she does have skill after all!” Apollyon said.

    “Or the biggest luck ever!” Archfiend said amusingly.

    They then saw Angst knock Buttercup down.

    “Looks like your plan worked, my sister.” Apollyon said.

    They then saw Angst get killed by the duranium propellers.

    “Gee, that was unexpected. Guess Buttercup won that one!” Archfiend said, showing no sorrow for the loss of her sister.

    They then saw Buttercup get up, stand there for a few seconds, say something, and fall to the ground.

    “Well, despite losing Angst, we won this battle.” Archfiend said without a hint of emotion.

    “Yep, and with what will come next, will definitely make both Buttercup and Blossom meet the same fate as Bubbles.” Apollyon said with an evil grin, knowing what was about to come.

    ---End Chapter 7---

    So, now you know that the Shadow Puff Girls have the power of the elements within them. Why didn't they use their secret elemental powers? The Shadow Puff Girls are playing with them. They believe they can beat the Powerpuff Girls without the elemental powers. Hope that explained alot.

    Now, there's one final secret, and it will be revealed next chapter. Trust me, you'll be quite surprised. ^_^

    Well, I'll see ya later.

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    great! I'd elaborate on that single word, but if you haven't already worked it out, I don't rate many fics ^_^

    Okay, I'm terribly sorry it took me so long to post, but I had a little internet problem and couldn't get on until yesterday and even then, I had little time to catch up.
    You should see what happened to my fic... I haven't updated it for more than a month. reason? I gave myself unlimited time to work on the chapters. theres a saying that goes, "work expands to fill the time it is allowed in".

    (Heres my request thread, but it's closed. Some more of my art here and here.)

    The Shadow Puff Girls

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    Hoo, you're really good at updating quickly. So quickly I couldn't post until now!

    Angst getting killed by duranium propellers was somehow amusing to me, and it reminded me of a movie I saw where this lizard/monkey/Furby monster thing exploded in the microwave while another one was murdered in a blender. XP

    Oo, suspense! Buttercup was my favorite. ;; The Powerpuff Girls are a lot more interesting with this much violence and pokeplayer writing it XD
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    Default Chapter 8

    Flygonzilla: Thanks for understanding. Glad you liked the chapter.

    Burakki: Okay, obviously you're either a slow reader or you don't have as much time as me. (I'm going with the second choice.) Which is okay. I'm not going to say anything bad about it. ^_^

    An alien getting killed by a blender? That must've hurt. XD

    Well, there is no violence in this upcoming chapter, but it does wrap everything up. Oh, and Buttercup is my favorite too. Don't worry, I won't let her die that easily. Remember, she's only knocked out right now. She'll be up when the real match comes.

    Now, for your viewing pleasure, Chapter 8. And get ready. It's time for the final secret of my creations to be revealed. *smiles evilly.*


    Chapter 8

    After the death of Angst, a dark blue mist arouse from the evil puff’s remains.

    Archfiend gave an evil smile as she saw what was now happening. “It’s time!”

    “Yes!” Apollyon began. “It’s time for them to see the biggest and darkest secret we Shadow Puff Girls hold!”

    After arising to nearly two hundred feet above the ground, the dark blue mist started to take shape.


    Blossom finally woke up from her knocked out state. The rain had finally ceased, but the dark clouds still hung overhead as if they were threatening to start raining again. She sat up from the ground, pain in her head.

    “Ooh! My head!” She complained to no one in particular as she put her hand on her forehead.

    She then looked to her right and saw Bubbles knocked out and on her stomach. Blossom rushed over to her.

    She then gently shook her sister. “Bubbles! Wake up!” She yelled. There was no response. Blossom shook her again. “Bubbles! Wake up!” There was more panic in her voice this time than there was before. There was still no response.

    Blossom feared the worst. She carefully turned Bubbles onto her back. She then put her hand onto the lower part of Bubbles’ neck, and looked at her chest. She never saw the chest rise, but she did receive a pulse. However, Blossom knew that if her sister didn’t get air to her lungs soon, she would die.

    Blossom then gently tilted Bubbles’ head back. She then looked at the chest again. There was still no breathing. Blossom then knew what she had to do now. She pinched Bubbles’ nose, and then she put her lips around Bubbles’ lips, creating a tight seal. She then breathed into her mouth, giving her oxygen to Bubbles in all hope that she would breathe again.

    Still holding onto Bubbles’ nose, she once again breathed into her mouth, giving her even more oxygen. She then stopped and looked at the chest again. Once again there was still no breathing coming from Bubbles.

    Blossom repeated the process two more times, repeatedly giving her oxygen, hoping she would breathe again. There was still no breathing. Blossom would not give up on her sister now. She repeated the process. After repeating the process three more times, and still no breathing, Blossom started to fear the worst again. She checked Bubbles’ pulse again. This time, there was no pulse.

    Blossom was on the brink of panicking. However, thanks to everything her adoptive father taught her, she knew what to do. Blossom then put her hands onto Bubbles’ chest, and then she pressed down firmly, but remembering the strength she has, also pressed down gently. She did this movement five times. She then pinched Bubbles’ nose again and breathed into her mouth. She repeated the process.

    “Come on, Bubbles!” She said as she continuously pressed on the chest. She then pinched the nose and breathed into the mouth again. She pressed on the chest continuously again. “Don’t die on me!”

    She pinched the nose and breathed into the mouth again. She was about to press on the chest again, when she heard Bubbles cough. Blossom lifted up her head and so that the saliva could leave her mouth.

    “That’s it, Bubbles! That’s it!” Blossom said, smiling, as her sister started coughing.

    Bubbles then weakly spoke. “Buttercup?”

    Blossom was a bit surprised that she said that. However, she just smiled at her sister. Bubbles opened her eyes and her sister came into view.

    “Blossom?” Bubbles asked.

    “Hey there, Bubbles.” Blossom said.

    She started to get up to hug her sister, but her body was so weak, that she fell to the ground half way up. Blossom then lifted her up and hugged her, knowing what she wanted to do. Bubbles returned the hug. During the hug, Bubbles was crying. Painful tears streamed down her eyes as she sobbed.

    “I… I nearly died, Blossom!” She managed to say through the sobs.

    Blossom comforted her further.

    “There, there, Bubbles! Everything’s gonna be okay, now.” Blossom comforted.

    “N… no, B… Blossom! Y… you don’t under… stand! I… I saw h… Heaven!”

    Blossom stopped hugging her, but was still holding her. “What?” She asked in shock.

    “I saw where you go after you die!” She said with a sniff.

    Blossom was speechless. She didn’t see how this was possible. They were created, not born, and as such, didn’t have a spirit. Thus meaning that they would never go to heaven when their bodies finally gave out. Blossom then pulled away from her sister and looked at her face that was still having tears flow down from her eyes.

    “But, that’s impossible! We don’t have a spirit!” She said in disbelief.

    “I know, but I saw it! And it was beautiful, Blossom! It was more than I ever dreamed of!”

    Everyone who had ever seen heaven, and had somehow come back to life, said that it was quite a beautiful place. It just seemed impossible to describe the beauty of the place. One could tell you what it was like, but that was not enough to describe the reality of such a place. At this moment, Blossom now believed that they were probably more human then she realized.

    However, it could’ve been a dream, but then again, a dream could never describe the true beauty of heaven. Blossom now truly believed in her heart that she did die and go to heaven, but was brought back to life. She could only think of one thing she could say that could comfort her sad sister.

    “It’s okay, Bubbles! The important thing is that you’re alive!” Blossom said, with tears streaming down her eyes. “Now, let’s get you home.” Blossom dried her tears.

    “But what about the Shadow Puff Girls? We have to stop them before they kill someone again.” Bubbles said in a pleading tone.

    “Well, as far as I know, they’ve left. Their main objective was to kill you, Bubbles, but they failed. Now let’s go home.”

    “But, what about Buttercup? We can’t leave her alone with those evil monsters!”

    Blossom knew that she was worried about leaving their sister alone to take on the Shadow Puff Girls.

    “Well, we’ll find her and take her home too. We have to retreat and come up with a plan to beat them. They’re just too powerful for us right now.”


    Bubbles tried to stand up, but she could barely lift herself off the ground. She quickly fell back down, and out of breath. As if just trying to get up took all her energy out of her.

    “Blossom, I can’t get up!” Bubbles complained to her sister. “Would you mind carrying me home?”

    “Sure Bubbles!” Blossom said with a smile.

    Blossom cradled Bubbles in her arms, and flew into the air to begin her search for Buttercup and so that they could head home. Suddenly, she saw something in the distance. It was a blue mist. The mist seemed to almost hypnotize Blossom. She was strangely moving towards it, as if nothing else seemed to matter, but finding out what it was that she saw exactly.

    The mist continued to rise. It rose until it reached nearly two hundred feet in the air. After that, it started to take shape. It took on several shapes that were combined. It took the shape of a head. Then it took shape of a neck. Then arms, hands, chest, midsection, legs and feet. Finally, the mist began to harden. First the feet hardened, being a length of that of three school buses. Then the legs hardened, being the height of a ten-story building. Then the chest and midsection hardened. After that, the arms hardened, being the same length of the height of the legs. Then the hands hardened, being nearly the same length as the feet.

    “She’s nearly done!” Archfiend said as she watched the mist harden.

    “Yes! They’ll now see the true power of Angst. They thought they destroyed her, but she’s far from dead.” Apollyon agreed.

    Finally, the head hardened. As it did, eyes appeared, glowing a dark crimson red. Then a nose formed. Then came ears, and finally a mouth, that smiled, baring sharp fangs.

    The giant newly formed snow-monster roared with a sound that shook the earth.

    “At last! Her true form has come forth! Now they’ll never win!” Apollyon said with an evil smile.

    ---End Chapter 8---

    Yep! That's the final secret. They're monsters!! *smiles evilly.*

    Where did I get this crazy idea? I thank The Psycho Rangers Saga of the Power Rangers for this crazy idea. Though trust me, none of The Shadow Puff Girls monster forms match that of The Psycho Rangers ones. Though I will indeed remember them forever. ^_^

    Oh, BTW, one last thing about Angst's monster form. Melting her won't work. It'll only make things worse. Which will be highly proven in the next chapter.

    Well, I await the reviews.

    See ya later. ^_^

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    Pining for the fjords?


    that was scary. as usual, great chapter!

    (Heres my request thread, but it's closed. Some more of my art here and here.)

    The Shadow Puff Girls

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    I'm back

    Sorry I havn't posted in so long, but I got my internet shut off for a while, and after I got it back I found out that my account had been deleated. I just now desided to make a new one so... yeah.

    And this Shadow Puff Girls thing is awesome, so much violence. They should make an episode of it, although if they did they would probualy make it so the mayor didn't die. Also, you capture the character personalities perfectly, nice job

    Angst getting killed by duranium propellers was somehow amusing to me, and it reminded me of a movie I saw where this lizard/monkey/Furby monster thing exploded in the microwave while another one was murdered in a blender. XP
    Burakki, The name of that movie was Grimlins just to let you know.

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    I know, and my friend William kept on pretending to gag. I clung on to a desk leg. Hey, I'm only is sixth grade! We haven't finished watching it, but I thought it was the Gremlins. Ah whatever.

    Holy shmoly the Shadows seem unbeatable! Aw, Bubbles saw heaven! How sweet! ^^

    Ah, that's my mostly-off-topic review. :P I feel like rereading Misty's Miracle.
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    Default Chapter 9

    Flygonzilla: Ah, so you're finally getting scared? Good! It's meant to be scary in its own way.

    Chaos Knight: Hey! Welcome Back! I missed you! Glad you like the story, but just wait until you see how much violence is really put into this. It hits the borderline of PG and PG-13 for crying out loud!

    Burakki: Ah, so you've read my other projects. Always good to see a fan of my work.

    Now, here's Chapter 9. Time to wrap everything up before the fight with Angst that you won't believe.


    Chapter 9

    The giant snow-monster started heading towards Townsville the very moment it became its true form. Many of the citizens saw the monster and ran for their lives at the very moment that they saw it. It was a pretty normal routine. Just about any citizen who lived in Townsville knew it was best to run, and leave it to the Powerpuff Girls. There were sadly several that tried to take on the monsters with failed attempts. They would’ve met their end if it weren’t for the quick thinking of the Powerpuff Girls to save as many citizens as possible.

    The monster continued to walk towards Townsville. Every step it took shook the earth. The dark clouds blocked the sun so well that despite it was near summer; the sun couldn’t reach the monster to melt it away. The only hope they had, were the Powerpuff Gils. However, since it was believed that they had turned evil, many had lost hope.

    Blossom soon arrived at the airport. The only thing that was really damaged was the control tower, which was still amazingly intact, with the only exception being that a giant ship was imbedded into it. However, Blossom still seemed to be hypnotized and didn’t notice the damage to the control tower.

    She suddenly saw the mist harden into a giant snow-monster. Seeing that made her be snapped back to reality. She immediately set Bubbles, who was now sleeping peacefully, on top of the airport where she knew she would be safe.

    She was about to start battling the new monster, when she suddenly saw Buttercup on the ground, who was now lying there with her eyes closed. She then saw two beings approaching Buttercup. She immediately recognized them as Apollyon and Archfiend.

    “This is too easy now!” Apollyon said as she approached Buttercup.

    “Yeah, it’ll be a sweet one to savor! Killing the strongest of all with our own two hands.” Archfiend added.

    They were about to reach Buttercup when Blossom immediately got in front of them and was ready to protect her sister.

    “Don’t you dare come near her!” Blossom warned. Though she knew she wasn’t a match for them, she would fight to the death to protect her sister.

    Apollyon smirked evilly at her. “Ah! Glad to see you survived, Blossom. I wasn’t too sure if my final attack killed you, but we were planning on killing you after we take care of Buttercup.” She said.

    Blossom then noticed something. “Hey! Where’s Angst? Shouldn’t she also be here?” She asked.

    She then heard Buttercup moan and saw her get up.

    “Don’t worry about it, red! She’s gone! I killed that evil witch! And I’ll kill those two as well!” She said as she pointed at Apollyon and Archfiend.

    “What? How did you kill Angst all by yourself?” Blossom asked, confused.

    “I just did, okay? I’ll explain when we get home.”

    “Okay, three things…” Apollyon began, getting their attention. “One, you didn’t kill Angst! That propeller on that plane did!” She pointed to the plane with the duranium propeller. “Just like you Powerpuff Girls, the only metal that can cut through us when it’s sharp is duranium. Two, for someone who is completely exhausted and doesn’t stand a chance, you have a lot of spirit. I’m rather surprised. Third,” She then smiled evilly. “Angst isn’t really dead.”

    “Yeah right! I saw her get killed by that plane with my own two eyes!”

    “Well, you did kill her, but she’s not dead yet. When you killed her, you unleashed her true form!”

    “What do you mean?”

    “Look over there, towards the city.” She said as she pointed in a certain direction.

    Blossom and Buttercup looked towards the city, and saw the giant snow-monster, which was now rather close to the buildings.

    “You see Blossom,” Blossom now looked at Apollyon, who was speaking to her. “That is why I took you calling me a monster as a compliment. That’s what I really am, Blossom. I really am a monster. I’m just in a disguise that’s rather tough to beat. Oh, and it looks like Angst is about to attack the city. What are you going to do about it, Blossom?”

    Blossom glared angrily at her. She was indeed shocked by what she was told, but there was great reason for Blossom to be angry. She was in quite a dilemma now. A monster was about to attack the city, and hundreds of lives could be hurt or even lost. Yet, if these two monsters that they were looking at were left alone, they could end up killing anyone they got their hands on. What was worse, by the look of things, they needed teamwork to defeat that giant snow-monster that was about to attack Townsville. Sending in someone to battle it alone would be suicide. It would also be suicide to be left alone to fight against two monsters that had mind reading powers.

    “Look, Blossom.” Apollyon began. “I know what you’re thinking, but the truth is Him created us to destroy you. Everything we do to innocent lives is nothing more than a way to lure you out. However, we needed a way to get you to fight us without holding back, and so that we can be very proud of ourselves when we finally destroy you for good. Since the killing of Jay Mayor brought that out quite nicely, I’d say this would be a victory we can be proud of. Since we lured you in, there’s no need to attack innocent lives. Besides, Him wants as many around as possible when he rules the world. You three girls are the only thing standing in his way. Trust me on that. Despite that I haven’t known Him long, I know our master very well.”

    Blossom got out of her fighting stance, and just looked at them. “I’ll be watching you!” She warned.

    Blossom then took off, with Buttercup close behind. Apollyon turned to her evil sister after their enemies got a good distance ahead.

    “Let’s follow them. I don’t want to miss the action!” She said.

    The two Shadow Puffs then followed them.

    “You’re actually going to trust them, red?” Buttercup asked Blossom as they flew towards the monster.

    “Not really, but there’s a much bigger threat at hand right now. However, they were telling the truth pretty much. As far as I can tell, they only kill others to lure us in.”

    “Well red, I’ll tell you this… I’m willing to use my head for once. It’s only because I know that Angst is no pushover. I know her strength and her skill, and trust me, I was lucky that plane was around.” Buttercup explained. “Just like before, I’m willing to go along with any plan you have, when I know strength won’t be enough to win.”

    “Good to see that you feel differently about it all, Buttercup.”

    They soon reached the monster that was attacking the city. They then stopped near it.

    “So red, what’s the plan?” Buttercup asked, knowing very well the strength she was up against.

    “Well, since she’s made of snow, how about we melt her?” Blossom asked.


    “Simple! Our laser vision is also a powerful heat source, why not use it?”

    Buttercup smirked. “You know, I actually like this plan strangely.”

    The two Power Puffs flew in and attacked the monster with their laser eyes. It actually worked. The heat of the laser eyes slowly melted Angst. However, Angst didn’t seem to scream in pain at all. They kept up their attack until she was nothing more than a giant puddle of water.

    “We won! Way to go, red!” Buttercup shouted as she gave her sister a high-five.

    “Let’s get Bubbles home now. I think we’ve had enough for one day.”

    As they started to leave, the liquid form of Angst morphed into a giant, watery snake like being with glowing crimson red eyes. It seemed that the battle wasn’t over yet.

    ---End Chapter 9---

    Hehehe! Surprised? What were you expecting? Angst melting and draining into the town's water system? Yeah right!

    That's the element she really controls. Water.

    Next chapter, the big battle against Angst's monster form. Who will win? Blossom and Buttercup? Or Angst?

    I'm not telling, but I'm sure you're willing to wait until the next chapter.

    For now, please review.

    See ya later. ^_^
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    Many of the citizens saw the monster and ran for their lives at the very moment that they saw it.
    just that bit annoyed me.

    *groan* how many forms are these monsters going to take?! lol just kidding! the chapter's awesome.

    (Heres my request thread, but it's closed. Some more of my art here and here.)

    The Shadow Puff Girls

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    Default Chapter 10

    Flygonzilla: ^_^; Sorry about that. Guess I need to work on my grammer a bit. Glad you liked it, though. Thanks.

    Now, here's the tenth chapter and the end of the first part of the story. There are a total of 4 parts for this story. Each predicted to be 10 chapters long. So this thing is predicted to be 40 chapters long.

    WARNING! Very graphic scenes that threaten to make this PG-13 contained.


    Chapter 10

    The watery snake like form of Angst narrowed her crimson red eyes. She then attacked the two Powerpuff Girls who were completely unaware of the attack until it hit. They were slammed into the nearest building, which collapsed upon impact. Angst no longer had a mouth, but if she did, she’d be smiling evilly.

    The Powerpuff Girls rose from the collapsed building, which was luckily evacuated, and narrowed their eyes at the new form of Angst as they floated in the air.

    ‘I can’t believe we were tricked like that! I should’ve known it seemed too easy!’ Blossom thought to herself.

    “You now see it before yourselves, girls.” Angst said to them, though she had no lips, yet was not speaking telepathically. “My true form is what you now witness. I am indeed water itself, in all its natural power. You girls don’t stand a chance against the pure power of water. Nothing on this planet is stronger than water. It can cut through the very earth itself. No powerful wind can stop it, and fire is useless against it. Interesting how you will be destroyed by a monster that is made completely out of water.”

    Suddenly, Blossom saw something unusual inside the monster. It was a heart. She saw the heart that was steadily beating in front of her. She then got an idea.

    “Buttercup, aim for her heart!” Blossom ordered as she pointed at Angst.

    Buttercup saw the visible heart that Blossom was talking about. “You got it, red!” She said.

    Buttercup charged right for the heart of the water being. Blossom quickly followed suit. They soon entered the watery liquid body and surprisingly came out the other side. They had completely missed the heart by a millimeter. If anyone were watching, one would notice that Angst simply moved her heart upward, making the girls miss it easily.

    Angst laughed evilly at them. “You girls won’t beat me that easily.” She said to them.


    Apollyon and Archfiend watched the battle that was taking place. At the time, Angst was still in her snow-monster form.

    “This should be interesting!” Apollyon said.

    They seated themselves onto a building and just sat back, watching the fight. They then saw Angst get melted, and just continued to watch, knowing exactly what would happen.

    “Oh boy! They’re in trouble now!” Archfiend said.

    “Yeah, it won’t be long before they’re dead.” Apollyon said.

    They then saw Angst attack the Powerpuff duo and make them smash into a building, demolishing it.

    “Even better, she’ll do all the real work. After which, how about we kill her and take all the credit?”

    “Hmm, not a bad idea sister. Your forest power should easily suck up her water form. After which, I can easily destroy her heart.”

    “Then once these two are gone, we’ll take our plan into action.”

    They then saw them miss the heart.

    “This is quite enjoyable. If only I had a snack…” Archfiend said.

    At that very moment, a pigeon flew by them. Archfiend looked at the bird and eyed it hungrily. She then leapt at the bird and attacked it. Apollyon just continued to watch the battle. She then heard screeching noises from the bird as well as munching noises coming from Archfiend. She then heard the screeches die out and a barely audible gulp. Finally she heard a rather loud belch. She then turned to her sister who was coming back to her seat and was wiping off feathers from around her lips with a handkerchief.

    “Enjoyed your little snack?” Apollyon asked her sister.

    “Yes! These earth animals are rather tasty.” Archfiend answered. They then went back to watching the battle.


    Seeing as how the attack failed, the girls knew they had to come up with a new plan. They believed the heart was the live support. If they could just destroy it they would defeat Angst and be one step closer to defeating the Shadow Puff Girls. Blossom then came up with a new idea.

    “Buttercup, I’ll distract her! You go for the heart!” She commanded her sister.

    “Okay red, but you’d better keep her busy!” Buttercup told her as she went to get herself into position.

    ‘Ha! I can still read their minds. I’ll pretend to be only paying attention to you, Blossom, but in the end, Buttercup will meet her doom!’ Angst thought to herself.

    Blossom started by attacking with her laser eyes. However, the liquid body of Angst just absorbed them and continued to hold still. While Blossom kept attacking Angst, Buttercup got into position behind the liquid monster and readied herself for her attack. She then went flying as fast as she could right towards the heart. She was about to hit it when suddenly a huge stream of pure liquid water came out of Angst and attacked her from below.

    The powerful force of the water made Buttercup go upward. Buttercup struggled to get out, and succeeded in doing so in the end. She headed back down towards the fight when suddenly, without warning the water attack curved back downward and hit Buttercup, forcing her down. She went down towards the pavement, and hit it hard. The water attack continued to hit her, covering her body completely, and making it impossible for her to breathe. She tried to get out, but the water attack was so powerful, it easily beat her strength. She wouldn’t be able to hold her breath for very long. The recent battles had taken their toll on her and she would soon meet her end.

    Blossom saw the whole thing and was shocked. One simple command put her sister at the mercy of the beast. She had to save her sister at all costs now. Without Buttercup, she just couldn’t win. She rushed to save her sister.

    “Hang on Buttercup, I’m coming!” She said as she headed straight for Angst’s heart.

    Angst saw this and sent another powerful stream of water, knocking Blossom away. Blossom hit a telephone pole and came to a crashing halt. As Blossom fell, the telephone pole broke off and fell to the ground, wires snapping apart.
    Blossom rubbed her bruised head as she rose from the ground. She wasn’t about to give up yet. She still had time to save her sister. Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, she saw it, the very thing that could help them in winning the battle. The wires were jumping around madly, sparking out dangerous volts of electricity. It finally hit her, the way to win.

    ‘That’s it! Water conducts electricity! I can destroy Angst that way and still save Buttercup!’ She thought.

    She rushed to the wires and grabbed onto them. Electricity flowed through her and was hurting her greatly. She ignored the pain and held onto the wires tightly. She rushed as fast as she could, the broken pole dragging behind her, towards Angst. She managed to insert the wires right into Angst’s body.

    Angst howled in great agony as the powerful telephone wires that were inserted were electrocuting her. The electricity stopped her attack on Buttercup and allowed the green puff to finally breathe. She gasped rapidly as fresh oxygen went in and out of her lungs. As soon as she got her breathing under control, Angst’s liquid body had fainted, and her heart was left outside of her body, still beating.

    Apollyon and Archfiend were shocked by what had occurred. Angst’s entire body had been nearly completely evaporated by the power of electricity. However, they knew she was still alive as her heart that was outside her body was still beating.

    Blossom soon reached her sister. “Buttercup, are you okay?” She asked as she helped her sister up.

    Buttercup was a bit shocked by the now sight of her sister. The electrical attack had damaged her so much that she was bleeding from every pore. Still, she managed to respond to her.

    “I’m fine, red, but I think you could use some time in the Med. Room.” Buttercup said.

    Blossom saw how much blood was coming out of her and knew she was right. “I’ll get the Professor working on me as soon as we get home!” She promised.

    Suddenly, what was left of Angst rose from the ground and took shape of the form of Bubbles. Her new form did not intimidate them for they could tell it was Angst by the liquid body and the visible still beating heart inside her.

    “You should’ve destroyed me when you had the chance!” Angst said.

    She extended her arms outward, and from them appeared gigantic fists made of pure water. Powerful sharp blades of solid ice extended from the huge fists. She knew one more powerful blow would kill Blossom.

    Angst was about to attack when suddenly, without warning, electricity started flowing through her body, causing her extreme pain. All four of the girls, who saw it, Apollyon, Archfiend, Blossom and Buttercup, were shocked by what was happening.

    “Leave them alone you big bully!” A very familiar voice shouted as she was electrocuting her with the exact same wires that Blossom used.

    “Bubbles?” Blossom and Buttercup asked in complete shock.

    “No! It can’t be! I killed you with my own two hands!” Angst shouted as the electric attack damaged her.

    The powerful attack soon completely evaporated her entire body, leaving only the still beating heart behind. It was still beating, meaning that if it rained again she would reform her body with ease. Buttercup took this chance to destroy the heart. She flew towards it with her foot extended outward.

    Bubbles, who had let go of the wires the moment she had inserted them into Angst, charged towards the heart as well, except she had her fist extended outward. Blossom just stood there, too weak to even move. She was lucky to be standing up right now.

    Buttercup and Bubbles’ attacks met right at the heart. The combining attacks literally ripped the heart in half. An echoing roar of agony traveled from the destroyed heart. The heart crumbled away into dust and the remains were blown away by the very wind that was around.

    Apollyon and Archfiend were greatly shocked. They were not shocked by the fact that Angst had been killed. They were surprised that Bubbles was alive. Archfiend also witnessed Bubbles dying. It was impossible. There seemed to be reasoning beyond explanation for Bubbles surviving her death fight.

    “Fall back!” Him shouted through the mind of Apollyon.

    “But master, we have a chance to win!” The leader objected.

    “I said fall back!” Him repeated.

    Apollyon turned to her sister. “Let’s go! The master wants us!” She said.

    “What? But we are just about to win!” Archfiend objected.

    Apollyon grabs her sister by the collar. “Listen! Our master will kill us if we don’t obey him! Now let’s do as he says and fall back!”

    Apollyon then took off. Archfiend didn’t object any more and followed her sister.

    The Powerpuff Girls looked up into the sky, and saw the two remaining Shadow Puff Girls flying overhead. Apollyon stopped and looked at them.

    “You’re lucky our master has decided to spare you, but mark my words, you’ll be dead when this is all over with!” She threatened. They then left the scene.

    As soon as the Shadow Puff Girls had left, lighting flashed, and a healing rain descended upon the remaining city of Townsville. The wounds on Blossom had clogged themselves, thanks to her super healing ability, and the dried up blood was being washed off her. Still, she had lost a lot of blood, and her body gave in and fell to the ground, sapped of energy.

    “Blossom!” Bubbles and Buttercup shouted in panic.

    The two puffs helped their sister up. She just looked straight ahead. “Let’s go home! We’ve got to plan if we want to destroy the other two. And with what it took to destroy Angst, I’d say this is going to be the toughest fight of our lives!” She said to her sisters in a very serious tone.

    They took off and headed home, with Buttercup and Bubbles carrying Blossom because she didn’t have the strength to move.

    In the shadows, a being pushed a button on a camcorder it was using to record the fight. It had gotten the whole fight on tape, and knew that it was the only one who could prove the girls’ innocence. The being then went to where the ashes of the watery being’s heart once were and picked up something that was now in its place. Something it knew meant a lot to one of the girls.

    ---End Chapter 10---

    Well, that's it! Angst is finally gone!

    Who is the mysterious being that can prove the girls are innocent? You'll find out later in the story. (Chapter 11 or 12. Haven't decided yet.) I'll just give you the hint that they know this being. Just be patient. The answer will come.

    Okay, from here, you'll have to be patient for each chapter. I just gave you all I had, so now you have to wait.

    Just be patient. It'll come sometime this month.

    Well, I'll see ya later. ^_^

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