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    Oh yeah, the episode when the show went completely downhill for me. *sigh*

    Things haven't felt the same since this episode began, IMO.

    I know what you're thinking: "Oh, Dwail always hated the TPCi voice cast right from this point onwards."

    Surprisingly, I really didn't, people. I only began really disliking them when they started deviating so strongly from the 4Kids VAs, which occurred in the middle portion of BF up until the second season of DP.

    To me, though, this marks the point where the show doesn't even feel remotely like the same show anymore, with a few exceptions in VAs here and there, IMO.

    Okay, yeah, this cast is not as good as the 4Kids cast to me at all, but that doesn't mean I thought they were bad here. Truthfully, I think some started better here, than how they are nowadays. O_O

    Ash: Easily a NO. Just a big fat no. The voice itself...surprisingly, I didn't hate it. The emotion was god awful, though, but I did like Sarah was going for Veronica here. Wish she'd kept the voice but worked on the emotion myself, looking back. 5.5/10 is a fair score. Probably the worst of the replacement VAs to me here.

    Brock: Easily a YES. Wow, I still can't believe this is Bill Rogers. Because this was VERY good. Man, why and I mean WHY didn't he stick with this voice? I mean, it's lacking Eric's rasp and emotion, but the voice itself is VERY GOOD and actually sounds like a 15 year old kid. That's who Brock is, people. 9/10 is fair. Best of the replacement VAs to me here.

    May: Another big fat NO. Seriously, Michele doesn't even TRY in this role. Seriously, there's no defense for this crap. Anyone can see this is just Hajime Yagi from "The World of Narue." Okay, Taylor was just using her voice for Narue itself, but she was May before, so it was okay. It was a pre-established voice for her. This isn't even a REMOTELY acceptable or passable imitation. Not even trying, IMO. The voice is okay. 6/10 is more than fair here.

    Max: Barely PASS. It's...okay, actually. Kayzie sounded a lot more like Amy Birnbaum here than she does later on, and it shows. It's a passable impression, yet it's not good, either. 7/10 is fair.

    James: Another YES. Pretty good, but it's lacking in staying power and presence. Ever since this episode Jimmy has made it sound like Eric's James got a cold and so this is now his voice. I will say that he could actually ACT back then, though. 8/10 is fair.

    Jessie: Another YES. Excellent. Hate the high-pitched squealing, but besides that, easily almost on par with Rachael's version and fits Jessie very well. A 9/10 is fair. Tied with Brock for the best replacement VA at the time.

    Meowth: Slightly a NO. Okay, I guess. Too pirate-y and artificial for my tastes, yet not bad, either. A 6.5/10 for me.
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