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Thread: "Two of a kind" (AdvanceShipping, PG-13)

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    Default "Two of a kind" (AdvanceShipping, PG-13)

    Well its been a while since my last fic, so here's my third and newest Advanceshipping fic. I was kind of disappointed that there are so few Ash/May fics posted here, so I felt compelled to make another one. After all, bickering couples get a bit old after awhile don't you think?

    * 12/28/06 note: Enjoy the hell out of this!


    For newcomers I have compiled a quick link to each chapter, so you don't have to shift through all the reviews. Enjoy!

    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3
    Chapter 4
    Chapter 5
    Chapter 6
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    Chapter 44 (Pt. 2)
    Chapter 45
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    Chapter 49
    Chapter 50 (Pt. 1)
    Chapter 50 (Pt. 2)
    Epilogue (Pt. 1)
    Epilogue (Pt. 2)


    Chapter 1

    It all started out like this?

    “Let’s see you catch this!” a young girl exuberantly exclaimed.

    “I’m waiting for it,” a young boy responded.

    The girl smiled at her friend as she pulled back her arm. She then twirled herself clockwise as she released the orange frisbee in the air.

    The young boy named Ash started running toward the frisbee as it was coming down to the ground. Ash knowing that he would never catch it with his current speed, leaped off the ground and extended his arms as he darted for the object.

    The young girl named May looked with glee as the dust cleared. Ash was laying with his body flat on the ground. He picked his face up from the dirt and looked out toward his hand. He grinned and jumped up into the air as he realized that he caught the frisbee.

    Brock and Max, two close friends of Ash, were standing on the side of the field watching as the two young teens played together. There were very few trees where they were playing, which was why they chose to play in this area as there was plenty of free space to run around. Near the end of the field was a small silver toned building, with small circular windows and a very high tech door. The kids decided to play near the middle of the field so they didn’t accidentally disturb whoever was living there. But in the heat of their game, the two friends didn’t realize that they were slowly but surely beginning to move toward the small building, as each throw moved them closer and closer out of the field. Brock and Max, the oldest and youngest of the group respectively, also began walking toward their friends while watching them continue to play with much excitement.

    “Gee, those two are really getting into this aren’t they? I sure hope Ash can beat my sister," Max said giggling, "I want her to lose for beating me!”

    “This game could go either way," Brock replied, "After all, they’re the two who made it to the finals of our little tournament.”

    Ash and May continued to throw the frisbee at each other, each trying to throw it as far away from their opponents reach as they could so they could win a point.

    May moved her body athletically, as she was leaping and running with delight catching all of Ash’s throws. The young girls’ thick brunette hair blew in the wind as she was playing. She noticed her chest started to hinder her movement when they were playing, as her breasts continued to bounce with each run. May tried to ignore it as she knew there was nothing she could do with the type of bra she was wearing.

    Ash, now holding the frisbee again after another throw from May, stared her down in a showdown. May started running to the side of the clearing so she would have an easy time to catch the frisbee no matter which direction he would throw it in.

    May bent forward putting her palms on her knees. She licked her lips in anticipation, waiting for her moment. Her huge smile and determined eyes gave Ash the impression that she wasn’t going to give up easy. May continued to wait for Ash to throw the frisbee, as her heart continued to pump faster.

    Ash stood there eyeing his opponent, he knew the girl was serious about winning the match. After all, either side needed only one more point to win, and whoever managed to score would win the tournament they played as a group with Brock and Max.

    Ash felt a drop of water fall off his face. He rubbed the side of his face with his elbow as he noticed he was sweating. He gripped the edge of the frisbee tightly, he only needed to throw the frisbee where May couldn’t catch it in order to win. He also knew he needed to throw it in the vicinity of May’s position, or it would be considered a foul and he would automatically lose. He was in a very tight situation, as this round had lasted over 40 minutes with a lot riding on the outcome.

    The prize for winning the tournament was an extra slice of strawberry shortcake left over from their lunch before. Ash and May were more determined to eat that last piece of cake than their other two friends, as neither Ash or May could resist eating something as creamy and tasty as cake. This fueled their ambitions to win the game, and both of them played so intently and so seriously, that one would expect they were acting like the prize would be the world itself.

    Ash returned a smile to his opponent. Both players were staring into each others eyes as if they could read what the other was about to do by their facial expressions. Brock and Max did nothing but watch silently, awaiting the outcome. The tension in the players grew, but the smiles on their faces didn’t change, which only increased the anxiety and intensity between them.

    Fueled by the intensity of the game, none of the group realized that they were much closer to the small silver toned building then before. In fact, May was only standing roughly ten feet in front of it. All eyes were glued on the game however, as none of them could break their gaze off of it in order to notice something in the background.

    Finally, Ash lifted his arm back as he prepared to make his throw.

    “This is it!” Ash snarled.

    “C’mon Ash, give it to me!” May sarcastically yelled back.

    Ash released the frisbee in the air. May looked up at the flying disc as she noticed it was too high up for her to jump. Brock and Max gasped as it looked like May would miss the catch.

    May, still fixated on the frisbee, started running backwards so she could catch it as it came down. Ash stared intently as he had put all the last of his remaining strength into that last throw.

    “She’s going to miss it!” Max yelled.

    May continued running backwards as a feeling of dread washed over her.

    “NO! I can’t catch it!” May gasped.

    The frisbee zoomed over May’s head until suddenly….


    May stopped in her tracks and looked forward with wide open eyes. Her blue sapphire eyes extended as her mouth gaped open. In a shock to all of them, the group looked with anxiety as they saw the frisbee smash through one of the small circular windows from the small silver toned building.

    “Oh…damn…” Ash thought to himself, looking at what he had done.

    “I didn’t think we were that close to this building!” Brock said, astonished, as he and Max started running toward May.

    May stared at the cracked glass as some shards began to fall and break on the floor. Her gaze was fixated on the cracked window until Ash ran up to her and snapped her out of her gaze.

    “May?” Ash asked as he put his hand on her shoulder.

    May looked back at her friend and said nothing, she was uncertain and worried.

    Max exclaimed, “I sure hope nobody was home…”

    May brushed Ash’s hand off her shoulder and walked ahead of him. While Brock and Max continued to look at the broken shards, Ash and May were locked in a deep train of thought while staring at one another.

    Both knew what this meant.

    The cake.

    Even though they both felt terrible about breaking the window, the cake was the first thing that came to both the boy and girls’ minds as the first sounds of broken glass occurred. As if they could understand each other’s expressions and feelings, both Ash and May knew what the other was thinking.

    The small slice of strawberry shortcake…belonged to the victor…May.

    Having thrown the frisbee out of bounds into foul territory, Ash had lost the match even though May missed catching it.

    Before their minds could even go back to the broken glass, May uttered a sound.

    “I get the cake Ash?” she uttered in a low soft voice.

    “You get the cake May,” Ash reassured her in a low, defeated voice.

    May managed to smile and closed both her eyes tightly for a few seconds to quietly celebrate her victory over their 40 minute match, before turning around to the shattered window while the feeling of anxiety and uncertainty washed over her again.

    Ash looked at his friend compassionately before focusing his attention on the building and feeling terrible for breaking the glass. As the group continued to feel a bit nervous, their shock and tension increased ten-fold as an old, high pitched voice screamed from inside the building.


    Ash and May felt their hearts leap up into their throats. They took one final glance at each other for some false hope of reassurance, as the doors slid open and the old man inside opened the door…


    This fic will be ongoing, because God knows Advanceshippers need a nice, long fic nowadays. Not much shippyness yet of course and it will remain mostly lighthearted in direction as it continues.
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    I liked how you displayed May and Ash´s similarities. I think that´s the path of this fic. Is the first chapter thanks god you didn´t rush anything. I´ll be waiting for more.

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    Wow! This is a great story. Teriffic description and lenth. Keep up the great work!

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    Well this is definitely starting to look like an interesting fic...can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter. Really neat how you had them fighting over a piece of cake like that XD
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    Quote Originally Posted by devilrose
    Really neat how you had them fighting over a piece of cake like that XD
    I got my incentive over that from "fiery" May in the Hitomanchan Vs. Hitmonlee episode of the Frontier, where May was all fired up to eat some ramen noodles and therefore was more determined to win the match with Ash.

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    Alright another advanceshippy fic. XD Anyways great intro Cybercubed. The description and length is good. Can't wait to see what happens next. Keep up the good work. ^^

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    I find that your fics involve a great deal of sexual tensions whenever you make an Advanceshipping story. Usually it comes right off the bat, but I am interested as to why you held off this time at the beginning. It is a turn for the better though, as your previous story tended to reach the climax far too early in the story.

    I hope that this story will be a story, and not another excuse for horny teenagers to tell you that you could work in the porn business. I will view these proceeding chapters with interest, you are a good writer, yet you seemed in "A Day Inside May" to be focused too much on the sex. You grabbed the reader's attention, but gave in too soon with the sexual escapades to give it a large amount of depths. It soon was merely a sex story told in three episodes.

    I am glad to see that you have placed depth in the story this time. Just don't lose it too early.

    If it wouldn't be too much trouble, could you maybe review my stories? I have been curious about shipping, but I'm not quite sure I'm ready to try it yet.
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    The legacy begins...

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    I will admit that a lot of my stories do involve a lot of sexual tension and/or sexual themes, but it won't be as much in this particular story. Granted there will be some implied sexual innuendo, but nothing too heavy.

    Chapter 2

    "You break it, you buy it!"

    The four kids looked before them as a shadowy figure began to emerge from the house. As the sunlight revealed his character, the group looked at him a bit reluctantly. The elderly man who appeared to be in his early 60’s had frizzy gray hair sticking out from the sides of his head. He had a large, oval-like nose that was almost humourous to look at. His balding head reflected the sunlight that battered down upon his scalp. The old man was wearing a white lab coat that stretched down to his knees. His dark black pants contrasted his shirt which was full of dirt patches underneath his open lab coat.

    He gazed upon the kids with both a nervous and convulsed demeanor. Without saying another word, the man took out from his coat pocket the frisbee that Ash had accidentally thrown through the window.

    “Which one of you did this?” he asked in a gruff, curious voice.

    Ash’s nose twitched before he stepped forward, “I…was the one who broke you window…I don’t know how I could say this but…”

    “Never mind!” the elderly man interrupted while tossing the frisbee back up into the air.

    As Brock jumped forward to catch the frisbee as it fell, the old man turned to the group as a glimmer sparked in his eye.

    “I hope you kids know that you’re going to have to reimburse me for the window,” he said, cracking a smile.

    “Wha…really?” May asked, startled.

    “When you break other peoples things you’re going to be expected to pay for it, little girl,” he snickered, “Anyway, come inside. I’d like to take the names down of you kids you know.”

    Ash and the others took a glance at each other before reluctantly walking forward into the small building. As the group walked into the building they were aghast by all the high-tech devices around them. Mechanical arms moved erratically placing small objects on conveyor belts. Bubbling chemicals were being mixed and remixed in test tubes by machines. Various computer screens were displaying numerical data and mathematical formulas.

    The gang realized that they appeared to be inside some type of lab, and judging by the elderly man’s appearance, he was the scientist or professor of this particular lab. The gang continued walking a few steps behind the man as he motioned for them to follow him.

    “Wow, what is with all this stuff?” Max asked curiously.

    The others continued to gaze around as the elderly man motioned for them to sit on an orange couch in front of a coffee table. Ash sat on the left side of the couch while Pikachu jumped on his lap, as May, Max and Brock sat next to him respectively.

    “Nooooooooooow then!” the elderly man exclaimed, “Whose names should I be taking to report this vandalism?”

    “Hey hold on, I told you it was an accident!” Ash said defensively, waving his hand.

    “Now, now, now. It doesn’t matter to me, all I want is the cost of my window repaired,” the man exuberantly exclaimed as he twirled around.

    He then suddenly stopped spinning and put his face right in front of Ash’s. Ash jerked his head back with a nervous gaze as the others looked upon them.

    “Unleeeeeeeeeeeesssss,” the man said cheerfully as he grinned, “You’re willing to work for me to pay up your debt.”

    “But…we don’t even know who you are or what you even do here,” Brock interrupted.

    The elderly man turned his face away from Ash and turned toward Brock, “Well then, let me introduce myself as, “Mr. I just got my window broken by four kids and their Pikachu!”

    The group stared at him with blank expressions.

    May raised her hand in order to get the man’s attention. “Um, Mr. I just got my window broken by four kids and their Pikachu?” she asked naively.

    The man raised an eyebrow as he stared at the petite young girl, “Yes…?”

    “I think your lab coat is on fire,” she said softly.

    The elderly man’s eyes opened wide as he glanced down at the back of his lab coat. He had been leaning against the fireplace that was a few feet ahead of the coffee table. The back of his lab coat ended up catching the flames blowing from the opened fire place during his spontaneous movements.

    “GAH!” he screamed as he jumped in the air flinging his coat left and right.

    The man continued trying to put out the fire by rubbing his back against a wall, only to find out that he wasn’t doing a very good job at doing so. As the gang continued to watch him prance around muttering various phrases to himself, Ash decided to get up to help him.

    “Don’t you think we should help him put out the fire?” Ash asked his friends.

    “That would be a good idea Ash, it doesn’t look like our friend here is having the time of his life,” Brock replied.

    “Why don’t you take off your lab coat?!” May shouted.

    The scientist looked up at the girl and said, “Gee, why didn’t I think of that?”

    He then removed his arms form the sleeves of his lab coat as the fire still spread across the fabric. He dropped his coat to the floor as Ash and May ran up to it and started to stomp on the fire in order to put it out. Max stood holding Pikachu in his arms watching from the couch.


    “Wuh?” Ash and May said while noticing their attempts to put out the fire had been pointless.

    Brock yelled, “Move away and just douse the flames with your water Pokemon instead!”

    Ash and May stepped back a bit and reached for their Pokeballs. The elderly man stood behind his lab coat watching the kids send out their Pokemon.



    “Bubble Beam!”

    “Water Gun!”

    The small timid turtle and jolly lobster spouted aquatic attacks from their mouths and pincers respectively. The water attacks successfully doused the flaming lab coat but they put out too much pressure as well!

    As the splashes cleared, the kids saw the man drenched with water while sitting on the floor, along with the fireplace behind him completely dry. The man looked even more fed up than he was before, as he wiped his brow with his soaking arm sleeve.

    “Eh, I think we overdid it a little Corphish,” Ash said, frowning.

    “Well we put out the fire, he can’t be mad at us can he?” May asked reluctantly, feeling a sweat mark run down her face.

    The man finally stood up as he stared at the young teens completely dripping with water as it made a puddle on the floor underneath him.

    He stared at them with a stern expression and stated very quietly, “I don’t know why I invited you kids in here, as I know I probably just made the biggest mistake of my life.”

    May took a glance at Ash for reassurance but he continued staring straight at the man.

    The man continued, “I am going to go into the other room to change my clothes. My name is “I cannot stand the lot of you”, and when I come back, I want to see you kids RIGHT on that couch.”

    “Uh, of course,” Ash said nervously.

    The man began to walk through the doorway before turning around, “And for the love of God, do NOT touch anything. Do NOT look at anything. Do NOT even think about doing ANYTHING at all. You do NOT want to upset me anymore than you already have, as I think my blood pressure has already risen since you kids entered my place.”

    Brock stepped foward, “Sure, we won’t do anything until you get back. Right guys?”

    Ash, May and Max replied with, “Yep!”

    The scientist shook his head again before exiting the room.

    “Phew, at least he’s gone,” Max breathed a sign of relief.

    “Hey Brock," Ash asked, "Why didn’t you help us put out the fire with your water Pokemon?”

    Brock quickly answered, “Don’t you remember Ash? I sent all my Pokemon except Foretress back to my brother in Pewter Gym. I just sent them over yesterday if you recall.”

    “Ah, yeah. I forgot about that,” Ash said, putting his hands on his hips.

    Max again glanced around the wide open room they were in, with various electronic and mechanical devices moving at alarming speeds.

    “This place is AMAZING!” Max shouted gleefully, “Just look at all this cool stuff going on!”

    “Don’t get too carried away Max," Brock reminded him, "The professor told us not to touch anything. We don’t even know what all this stuff is for or what it even does.”

    “Oh you’re right. It’s still fun to look at though. It’s no fair that we can’t at least get a little closer and touch some of this stuff,” Max sighed.

    “Yeah, but let’s just sit still for the moment. Right Ash?” Brock asked as he noticed Ash wasn’t near him.

    “Uh….Ash?” Brock said again looking around the room.

    “May?” Max added as he noticed his sister also wasn’t in the vicinity.

    Pikachu uttered, “Pika.” and cocked it’s head.

    At the other side of the large open room behind some rather large machinery, Ash and May stood side by side admiring the equipment.

    “OHMYGOSH!” May exclaimed.

    “Wow, what could all this stuff be for?!” Ash added while drooling at all the nice shiny equipment.

    The two stared in awe at two sets of mechanical arms as they continued putting together metal cylinders at a fast speed.

    “I bet you can make your breakfast really fast with a pair of these robot arms!” Ash bemused while gawking at the invention.

    “Or better yet just imaging getting a massage from these arms. After my back aches from walking so much I would love to program these arms to give me a little relief,” May said eagerly while putting her pointer finger to her lips.

    “Heh, imagine if you could get these things to tie your shoes for you?” Ash added.

    “Or even comb your hair? One arm would hold the brush and the other the hair dryer!” May said placing her hands on her cheeks blushing heavily over her own comment.

    The two young teens continued to look in awe as if they were two kids in a candy store.

    “Pika!” Pikachu shouted as it ran toward it’s trainer.

    “Ash!” Brock shouted.

    “May!” Max added.

    Ash and May turned around to see Pikachu, Brock and Max run up to them.

    Max scolded his sister, “Why did you walk all the way over here? Didn’t you hear when he told us to sit still? We’re in enough trouble as it is!”

    “I agree, you two pretty much disappeared in an instant," Brock said.

    “Oh please, Max," an annoyed May bended over toward her little brother while putting her hands on her hips, “We just wanted to take a closer look at all of this stuff. We’re not causing any trouble.”

    “I’m sure the old guy didn’t literally mean for us to sit on the couch," Ash added, “Besides, I’ve never seen stuff this cool in my life!”

    May turned around, holding her hips back to the robotic arms. She stared at their motion again as her eyes began to water with excitement. She then turned around before leaning her arm against the table in which the arms took the metal cylinders from.

    “You know Max, I think you need to stop being such a goody-too-shoes,” she said sarcastically.

    Off of Max’s angry reaction, May accidentally leaned her arms back which knocked over a group of cylinders.

    “May watch what you’re doing!” Ash shouted.

    “Oh damn," May muttered as she frantically began to stack every last cylinder back in it’s place.

    Just as she began to pick up the last one and place it with the others, the pair of robotic arms gripped onto the back of her shirt while she was leaning over the table!

    “What the!” May exclaimed as she felt herself being lifted in the air.

    “You know, I think we should have listened to you two,” Ash confessed to Brock and Max as he covered his face with embarrassment.

    “Gah! Why don’t you guys try to get me down!” May shouted as the two robotic arms began to swing her back and forth.

    Due to May’s weight and the arms erratic movement, the machinery began to malfunction. Metal cylinders continued to fall off the conveyor belt toward the arms, but instead of the arms picking up the cylinders they continued to fall and roll over the table instead.

    “GUYS!” May shouted frantically.

    The left arm was holding her from her white skirt while the right arm gripped the back of her red shirt. The arms continued moving in a circular motion with May along with it.

    “Ash, Brock you got to get my sister down! These cylinders are falling off the table and onto the floor here,” Max cried.

    Brock motioned for Ash to follow him in order to reach May who was hung a few feet above the table. They walked their way around the falling metal cylinders as they tried to reach up to pull May down.

    Ash reached up and grabbed May’s arms while Brock pulled on her legs in the opposite direction. The mechanical arms still held onto the back of May’s skirt and shirt respectively, as it continued moving her in an erratic manner.

    May’s eyes broadened in frustration and pain as three forces were pulling on her in opposite directions. The fabric of her skirt and shirt were being pulled upward which nearly began to tear, while her friends had a firm grip on the other two ends of her body.

    “You guys are going to pull me to pieces!” May screamed.

    “Errgh…let go of her!” Ash cried as he continued pulling May’s arms with all his might.

    Brock tried to brace himself by placing his foot on the table while pulling on May’s legs. Apparently neither was strong enough to remove her from the arms grip.

    Suddenly, an idea popped into May’s head.

    “Ash, quick, let go of me!” May said as she watched him continue to pull her forward.

    “Wha?” Ash asked as he loosened his grip on May’s arms.

    As soon as May’s arms were free from Ash’s grip, she tried to reach back to her fannypack to pull out a Pokeball.

    “May, what are you doing?” Ash asked.

    May didn’t answer but continued to struggle to open her pocket. After a few attempts she was lucky enough to open her top pocket and pulled out the first Pokeball she could grab.

    “This will do, come out!” May cried as she threw the Pokeball ahead of her.

    As the flash of the light formed into a strong burly Pokemon known as Combusken, Brock let go of her legs as he realized what she was up to.

    “Combusken, Sky Uppercut!” she commanded.

    “Sceptile we need you too, use Leaf Blade!” Ash commanded as he threw out his Pokeball.

    The large grass lizard appeared next to Combusken as it scratched it’s chin. The two Pokemon suddenly leaped up toward the mechanical arms and pulled back their bodies to unleash an attack. Combusken pulled back it’s right arm in order to give a devastating blow to the left mechanical arm, while Sceptile's arm glowed a bright green color and attacked the right arm.

    May looked up frantically as both Pokemon continued to pound away at the two arms. As both attacks were hitting in succession, the sturdy robotic arms began to weaken by it’s upper limbs.

    “That’s it, keep pounding away!” May exclaimed.

    With one last cry, Sceptile's and Combusken’s attacks weakened the arms so much that the weight of May’s body snapped the hands off the upper half. Without warning, May fell five feet onto the table below. Sceptile and Combusken had landed on the ground next to Ash, Max and Brock.

    A small tear formed in the upper right corner of May’s eyes as the impact of the fall really hurt her face and chest. She lifted herself up with her arms until she noticed the table was wobbling. Suddenly, the table could no longer handle so much on top of it as it lop sided over and May fell down onto the floor.

    The others watched as a very frustrated May began to lift herself up off the floor, only to end up slipping on one of the metal cylinders on the ground.

    “Gah!” May shouted as she fell down on her butt.

    “May, are you alright?” Ash asked.

    “Jeez, Ash! What does it look like?” May snarled at him.

    She stood up again as the machine on the right continued sending one metal cylinder after another off the conveyor belt and onto the fallen table.

    “Will someone turn this damn thing off already?!” May shouted.

    Suddenly May turned to Sceptile and Combusken in a rage.

    “You two, get this machine to stop throwing these things here, now!” she demanded as she was completely enraged.

    Sceptile and Combusken took a brief glance at each other before listening to May. Sceptile opened it’s mouth to fire several pellets known as the attack Bullet Seed, while Combusken shot out a breath of fire. Both attacks intertwined with one another and hit the conveyor belt sending down the metal cylinders.

    As the attacks struck, the machine ending up exploding sending the last remaining cylinders up in the air and toward the kids. The cylinders flew off the machine violently and started flying all over the room.

    “Get down!” Max yelled as he jumped toward the ground placing his hands over his head.

    “Oh jeez!” Brock yelled as he followed suit.

    The two Pokemon ducked for cover behind another machine while May wasn’t completely aware of what was going on. Without hesitation, Ash quickly pulled on May’s right arm in order to get her to fall to the floor. Ash pulled her down to the ground and covered her back with his body in order to protect her while placing his hands on May’s shoulders.

    The group continued to listen while laying and covering their eyes on the ground as one last cylinder flew passed them and smacked into a wall.

    The noise had stopped which gave them the impression that the machine had finally been destroyed. Ash opened his eyes and began to realize that he had placed his full body on the top of May’s back in order to protect her. May felt the warmth of Ash’s entire body as his lay perfectly symmetrical on top of hers.

    “I think you can stop laying on top of me Ash,” May said softly, turning her head back.

    “Ok," Ash said, cracking a nervous smile as he began to lift himself off of her.

    The group began to stand themselves up again as they dusted themselves off from the smoke and debris that had flown all over them. May coughed as she brushed the dust off of her skirt. Brock stretched his neck a bit and looked around him. Sceptile and Combusken walked back toward their respective trainers looking to see if they were alright.

    The two machines that they had attacked were completely destroyed. Metal cylinders were scattered all over the floor. The two arms laid broke next to the fallen table. The machines around it continued to function but were filled with smoke from the vicinity. Shards of metal and glass littered the ground around them.

    “Well…at least that’s over with,” Brock sighed in relief.

    “Thanks for helping me, Ash, although you could have gotten me down from that robotic thing a bit sooner,” May said, crossing her arms.

    Ash chuckled a bit to himself as he scratched the back of his head, a habit he had when he was nervous.

    “At least we’re through the worst of it,” Ash stated.

    Suddenly, the gang heard a door slam wide open from the other room.

    “WHAT THE HELL WAS ALL THAT NOISE FROM!?” the professor exclaimed.

    The professor had a change of clothes as he reentered the room, he wore a blue sleeveless shirt with a collar follow by a pair of slacks and dark boots. He took one look around at his lab and saw two completely destroyed machines along the left wall and the floor scattered with debris.

    “CAN’T I LEAVE YOU KIDS ALONE FOR A SECOND WITHOUT YOU BREAKING MORE OF MY STUFF?!” he screamed while his face beamed with anger.

    Ash, May, Max and Brock stared at him a bit blankly as he walked over to them.

    “Who is responsible for this?” he demanded.

    In unison, Ash suddenly pointed toward May, while May pointed to Ash, while Brock and Max pointed to both of them while grinning nervously.

    “It wasn’t me!” the four of them answered in unison only to see each other pointing to other people.

    “Scep," Sceptile smugly stated as he covered his face in embarrassment.

    Ash and May noticed Max and Brock pointed toward them.

    “Uh…I don’t suppose we can make this up, eh?” Ash said politely, lowering his arm.

    “Yeah, after all you can just build these machines over again…right?” May added rubbing her hands together nervously.

    The elderly man raised an eyebrow.

    “Can somebody please explain to me why I’ve been caused nothing but grief by you kids in just the ten minutes I’ve known you?!” he asked as he shook his head.

    May quickly replied, “Well everyone has their bad days every once in awhile right?!”


    The main plot finally gets underway with the next chapter, as Ash and May will discover what it'll like to be young again, literally.
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    Wow...Ash and May are REALLY getting themselves into a lot of trouble...and this time it didn't involve Team Rocket >.>

    Really great fic so far
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    Doesn't matter now


    Poor Mr. I cannot stand the lot of you I just got my window broken by four kids and their Pikachu... I like your story because it´s funny. Nothing Ooc. I understood your writing easily (English is not my language), then it must be well written

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    This is an awsome fic! I wonder how much years Ash and May will take to work for Mr.BlaBlaBla!

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    I think CyberCubed makes the best Advanceshipping fics ever! CyberCubed, bring on the chapters! I wanna read! The best fic I have ever read was CyberCubed's "A Day Inside May".
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    That man is giving me the creeps XD He's a funny character, though he has some...scary sides.
    And, gosh...I loved how you portrayed the main charas. Max was the smart kid, yet he still had this certain childish-excited factor, and Brock was mature and sort of had the role of the 'older brother'. The other two were hilarious, especially May. Their lines and interactions overall were great. Absolutely no OOC-ness here.

    Overall, it had detailed description and very funny dialogues, I enjoyed reading it XD

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    That was hilarious! I loved how you portrayed Ash and May's characters. And you use great grammer and description as well. Keep up the great work!

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    That was pretty funny, you are good at advancedshipping stories. Just the usual errors that spell check won't pick up is my only critisism. I like this, so do your best. I've always love writing things to entertain people, keep that in mind while writing.

    But I was serious about checking out my stories. I'd really appriciate it if you could,I don't know if I'm good enough for shipping yet.

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    "Two of a kind"
    reminds me of Burnt Flower's
    "Two of a Kind" [although it's rated R, not PG-13, w/e]

    aside from that, good work. It reminds me of the cartoons, well the stupidity at least =). Overall a good fic.

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    Heh, didn't realize somebody already used the same title. No matter though, it applies to many ships I guess.

    Anyway I'll be posting Chapter 3 later today, or early tommorrow morning, hopefully it'll be as enjoyable as the first two.

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    Here's the next chapter as promised~

    Chapter 3

    "Listening and taking turns can be fun!"

    The professor had invited his “guests” into his living quarters of his lab. He had a fairly moderate sized room to sleep in, eat in, read in, and do whatever the normal populace would do in their time off. The sounds of machinery from the lab could only be faintly heard in his living quarters, which gave him the peace and quiet he needed. There were a few gadgets and gizmos lined about along his shelves, most of them resembled metallic shaped guns, but Ash and the gang didn’t think much of it as they glanced about them. The professor had calmed down a bit and had decided to fill them in on what exactly he does for a living. First however, it was business as usual.

    “10,000 dollars,” the professor stated.

    “Ten thousand?!” Ash exclaimed.

    “Yep…that just about covers everything you broke since you’ve gotten here,” the man said nonchalantly, checking his fingernails while resting in his armchair.

    “You’re serious, aren’t you?” an astonished May asked.

    “Sure am,” the man said, taking out a fingernail clipper from his pants pocket.

    “I can’t believe he’s going to make us pay for everything,” Max said uncertainly, looking up at his older sister.

    Brock stepped forward, “But sir, can’t you see that most of us are just kids? You can’t expect us to have that kind of money.”

    The professor started clipping his fingernails while talking, “I assume you kids have parents, do you not? You didn’t just appear on the street one day out of nowhere, I'm sure of it. ”

    The gang stared at him confused with a bit of anxiety, as they watched each finger nail fly in the air after being cut.

    “You want our parents to pay for your stuff?” Ash asked.

    “Well that would be obvious, would it not? If you don’t have the money yourselves, you have family I assume," the man said still clipping away at his nails, “Let’s see now…”

    The man put down the fingernail clipper on the small wooden table next to his chair. He raised out his fingers and began counting down on each them, “One was for the glass window that I had smashed by such a charming young man, two was for making me get my lab coat on fire thus completely ruining it…”

    Max cut him off, “But we didn’t get your coat on fire, you did it!”

    “True I suppose," the man replied, "But had you kids not come into my house I wouldn’t have caught the fire on my lab coat. It’s all a chain reaction you see…you break my window…you come inside by lab…and you cause me to get myself caught on fire…and as I was saying before, the third and most expensive item being my mechanical arms and conveyor belts, thus ruining one of my experiments. Lots of money went into building that equipment you know.”

    “But…” Max tried to say.

    May put her hand on her brothers’ head and motioned for him to be quiet. A timid Max looked up at his sister and noticed that she was as nervous as he was. Ash took a glance at the two frightened siblings and decided to approach the man once more.

    “How about we work for you to pay off the debt, like you asked us to before?” Ash asked, the rest of the group glaring at him.

    “Hmmm…you’d be working for an awful long time you know,” the man said, scratching his chin.

    “Listen," Brock added, "We’re very sorry for what we did, but can you at least tell us what you even do here? We’d be willing to pay our debt…but heck…we don’t even know your name for one thing!”

    “I thought I told you my name…but ah never mind…that was my name from 10 minutes ago,” the professor replied.

    “Eh?” Ash muttered.

    “My name now is “Mr. Lenient”, and I’m willing to go easy on you since you’re such a swell bunch of kids.”

    “So…we don’t have to pay…or work?” May asked, putting her hand up by her face.

    “To some extent yes, but I believe I should tell you what my lab is about,” he stated.

    “Good, it’s only reasonable for us to be curious,” Brock said nicely, attempting to smooth talk the man.

    “NOW THEN!” the professor suddenly shouted as he slammed his hand down on the table.

    The four kids jumped in the shock of the noise.

    The man looked as if he was confused, “Let’s see…what were we talking about again?”

    “Uh, you were explaining to us what you do in your lab?” Ash reminded him.

    “OH that’s right! Thank you young man!” he replied.

    The professor stood up from his chair, “If you must know, I work as a researcher for Devon corp, you may have heard of them.”

    “Hey, we were there!” Max said happily.

    “Yeah, didn’t we go there back when we were in Rustboro City in Hoenn, Ash?” May asked.

    “Yeah, we met the President of Devon corp and everything,” Ash said happily.

    “Oh so you DO know them. That is just swell. You kids are such a lovely bunch,” The man said slyly as he looked over at May. “Your friend here is quite the looker.”

    “Wuh?” May said as she felt herself blush.

    The professor then looked over at Ash, “You sure can pick them kiddo. This girl is really quite a prize, you must have good taste in women.”

    “Wait, I think you got it wrong a bit. May is just a really good friend,” Ash said reluctantly.

    May moved her arms over her chest awkwardly. Her voice trembled as she said, “Yeah, Ash is my…”

    “Oh really, does that mean the girl is free then? I know a couple of young fellows at town who have been looking for a nice innocent young girl for a while,” he said rubbing his chin.

    “Weren’t you in the middle of telling us about your job?” Brock quickly interrupted.

    “Yeah and besides that, May’s not for sale,” Ash said in a stern voice.

    May glanced at Ash and smiled off of his remark. “Thanks Ash,” she said to herself, proud of the fact that he stood up for her.

    “Relax, I was just kidding,” the man said waving his arms cheerfully. “There’s too much tension in this room, it was time to lighten the mood!”

    May walked over to Ash and decided to stand with the right side of her body behind him, as it made her feel more secure when the man was talking. Ash noticed her standing beside him, and cracked a gentle smile at her.

    “Anyway, as you know Devon Corp. studies all sorts of things. From fossils of prehistoric Pokemon, to new and improved Pokeballs, and to various technology that will help shape our future. I’m one of the many professors who live around the region apart from the main Devon offices, as I do field work with Pokemon as well as sending various cargo from my lab to ships at the port. Being the genius that I am, I have those mechanical arms in my lab which helps do my work for me. Unfortunately one of my mechanical arms broke due to circumstances beyond my control…” he stated.

    Ash and May grinned nervously knowing that he emphasized the pair of mechanical arms that they broke earlier.

    Off their reactions the professor smiled and continued, “But I still have many more of those arms around the lab that continue to hasten production and help me finish my orders quicker than ever before. Some of them have a few kinks to work out, but that’s besides the point.”

    “Hmmm…if you don’t mind me asking," Brock asled curiously, "Does this place send the equipment to other Devon facilities around the region?”

    “Yep, you’re right. Give this man a silver dollar because he hit the nail on the head!” the professor said boastfully, “I’m merely one of Devon’s oldest employees who helps manufacture many goods for the company.”

    “Uh, if you work for Devon then don’t they give you those robot arms? I mean, why should we have to pay for something from your company?” Max asked.

    “Max!” May scolded while still standing partly behind Ash.

    “Gee…I was just asking.” Max said sarcastically.

    “My my, aren’t you the little prodigy?” the professor exclaimed, “Yes you’re right, I should be able to easily get another shipment of those arms from Devon…but that’ll take about a week or more to get here. In the meantime, I have to do all that work by hand and that won’t be pretty.”

    “So then why did you want to charge us for the arms?” Brock demanded.

    “BECAUSE….kids these days need discipline! You can’t expect to go away scot-free when destroying another persons' property now can you?” the professor replied.

    “So then what ARE you going to have us do?” May asked as she rested her left hand on Ash’s shoulder for reassurance.

    “Well your boyfriend here brought up the idea of working for me,” the elderly man coyly stated.

    “Didn’t I already tell you that I’m just her friend?” Ash said quickly to avoid embarrassment.

    “Well sure…but it looks like your girl likes to rest herself beside you a whole lot,” he said slyly.

    May’s eyes opened wide as she quickly let go of Ash’s shoulder and moved her body away from his.

    She said feverishly, “I was only a bit nervous that’s all. When you started talking about working and paying, I went to my friend because I wanted to know what he thought about the situation….”

    May felt her face getting red, as she said softly lowering her face, “I didn’t realize I was leaning myself against him.”

    “Aw, that’s sweet how she looks up to you, Mr. Hero,” the man said coyly at Ash.

    Ash’s right eyebrow raised but he couldn’t think of anything to say.

    “Are you really that concerned about our relationship with one another?” Brock snapped, “Instead of talking about that, why don’t you just explain to us what we should do to pay for this debt?”

    “PUSHY PUSHY are we? OK OK, as I said before my name is “Mr Lenient.” I’m willing to go easy on you kids, just to reiterate,” he said in a loud voice.

    "This guy says the same things over and over again, doesn't he?" Ash whispered to May. She nodded in agreement.

    “That’s good,” Max said quietly hoping for the best.

    “How’s about this then?” the man said pacing the floors, “It will take about a week for the shipment of a pair of mechanical arms to come in. In the meantime, you can work for me on various chores to pay off your debt.”

    The groups’ faces began to light up in relief.

    “Aaaaaaaaaaand….I’ll forget all about the $10,000 you owe me. Heck, I won’t even charge you for the window. 7 days total, about 5 hours a day of work, and I won’t even report the vandalism. Now, how does that sound?”

    “That…sounds great,” Ash said, relieved.

    “Hmmm….it does sound like a pretty good deal myself,” Brock said, sizing up the situation.

    “Cool, what do you think May?” Max asked his sister.

    May staggered a bit nervously as she wasn’t fully paying attention, “Oh what?! Oh…uh yeah that IS great. Thank you “Mr. Lenient!” Thank you a lot!”

    “Anytime my dear,” the professor responded, “Now you kids can sleep in the guest room if you like, and for now you can wander off doing whatever you do in your free time, I won’t put you to work until tomorrow. After all, you’ll need plenty of sleep for the next day!”

    With that the professor opened the door which led back to his lab, he started walking out before he suddenly forgot something and poked his head back in the room.

    “Oh and one more thing….PLEASE don’t break anything else while you’re here? It would make me really, really upset. OK?” he said politely.

    “Sure!” Ash smiled.

    The man nodded and closed the door.

    “Phew…that’s over with,” Ash said gasping a bit.

    May walked over to the armchair and sat herself down. She looked exhausted as she stretched out her legs and arms.

    “How do we get ourselves into these messes?” she asked.

    “Heh, I’m going to go explore the rest of the lab. It’s better than just sitting around here at any rate. The professor didn’t say anything about food though, I hope he’s going to get us some things to eat. Anyway, anyone want to come with me?” Brock asked.

    “Oooh…I do! I want to see some of those other robot arms, they looked so cool!” Max said exuberantly raising his hand.

    “Food…?” May uttered as a thought registered in her head. “OH that’s right!” she continued as she jumped up.

    “What?” Ash asked her.

    “The strawberry shortcake, that’s what, silly!” she said happily as she clasped her hands.

    “That slipped my mind, the game, you won fair and square, May,” Ash said.

    Ash took off his backpack and took out the piece of cake which was carefully covered in a napkin. He brought it to a long table that was a few feet away from them.

    “Yay! I can’t believe I almost forgot about eating this!” May said cheerfully as she took out a plastic fork from her fanny pack.

    “C’mon Brock, let’s go already!” Max said impatiently.

    “Oh, ok, see you guys in a bit!” Brock called out to May and Ash.

    Brock and Max began to exit the room as May leaped toward the table and quickly pulled out a chair to sit on. Pikachu jumped toward the armchair and started to curl up to rest.

    “OMG THIS IS GOING TO TASTE SO GOOD! I love strawberry shortcake!” she said as she prepared to dig in with her fork.

    Just as she was about to stick the fork in the cake she noticed that Ash was standing next to her. May looked up and saw Ash's mouth watering. He looked as if he was completely famished and was dying to eat a piece of the cake.

    “Uh…Ash? You’re drooling on me,” May smiled.

    “Eh, sorry about that…I’m just remembering how good that cake tasted when we were having it for lunch,” Ash said shyly.

    May took a glance back at the cake and then looked back up at her friend.

    “Do you want a piece?” she asked.

    “It…it wouldn’t be right. You won it fair and square, you can have it. Besides, it’s already a pretty small piece to begin with,” he said quickly.

    “Are you sure?”

    “Yeah, you can eat it. I won’t mind,” Ash said as he started drooling while staring at the slice of cake again.

    May’s face beamed.

    “Sit down, Ash,” May instructed as she pulled a chair next to her.


    “I know you want some, I’m willing to share. Besides, I want to thank you for what you said earlier. The professor is a bit creepy, don’t you think?”

    “I guess I can see what you mean. He does seem a bit….odd.”

    May put her hand over the empty chair and rubbed it to tell Ash to sit down, “C’mon, I’ll give you some!”

    Ash chuckled and sat down next to her. The small slice of strawberry shortcake sat there on the unfolded napkin on the table. Both Ash and May took a glace at it and looked as if it was the greatest thing anyone could eat in the world.

    “Wait a minute…we only have one fork,” Ash said.

    “Oh yeah, just this plastic one,” May said as she twirled the fork in her hands.

    “Hmmm,” Ash thought to himself.

    “Wanna use the same fork?” May asked.


    “Sure, we’ll take turns eating, kind of like a game. I’ll take one piece of cake off with the fork and eat it, and then I hand the fork to you and then you take a piece and eat it. Sounds fun?” May giggled as she looked at her friend.

    “Awesome, what are we waiting for?" Ash asked in anticipation.

    With that being said, May cut off a small piece of cake and brought the fork to her mouth. After she swallowed, she handed the fork to Ash and watched as he took off a piece and tasted it. The two of them delightfully continued to take turns, each breaking off only the smallest piece of cake so that they wouldn’t eat too much and leave too little for their friend respectively.

    May would occasionally get nervous and drop the fork on the table from switching too much. Ash watched as she put the fork in her mouth, and he could hardly sit still while waiting for her to hand him the fork so he could get the next piece. Not a word did either speak, the only sound that could be heard is low giggling and the sound from tasting the cake. Side by side they sat, sharing the same fork and eating what little cake there was left in fruition.


    I left this chapter off with a very peaceful serene note. This is only the beginning of more shippiness in the future, as they'll definitely progress as time goes on.
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    Aww...that chapter was cute ^-^
    I kinda saw the whole shortcake-thing coming personally...but then again it takes a major plot twist to throw me off :P And I think that old guy has a couple of screws loose *nod*
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    That was a really sweet chap. As devilrose had said, I thought you were gonna do something like that with the strawberry shortcake to. I love how Ash defended May, it was really cute. Keep up the great work!

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    Doesn't matter now


    I liked the chapter. There are (finally) some shippy parts. I´m waiting for the beginning of the main plot. Things are going great. Don´t blow it!

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    That was VERY CUTE of May sharing the cake with Ash! I just saw it coming. Can't wait for the next chap! Keep up the good work!

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    I felt that that was very nicely written. Good character development, though you haven't started on the actual plot. It's good to see you're taking your time.

    Mr. Lenient: Get up, it's five-thirty!
    Everyone: (Groans)

    Also, I began my own Advance Shipping fic, I'm trying to steal some glory.
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    Chapter 4

    "Is age creeping up on you?"

    A couple of hours passed in the blink of an eye. It was pitch dark outside with the only light coming in the building from the full moon. Most of the machines inside the lab had been shut down for the night. The lab was mostly silent now, with the only sounds coming from the guest room in which Ash and his friends were staying in.

    There were only two beds in the guest room, which May and Max did not hesitate to claim as their own once they laid eyes on them. Ash and Brock were very understanding of their younger traveling companions, so they decided not to start an argument over who would sleep on the beds. Ash and Brock pulled out their sleeping bags from Ash’s backpack and laid them down next to the beds. May’s bed was on the left closest to the wall, followed by Ash and Brock sleeping in their own sleeping bags in the middle, with Max’s bed being on the far right next to the window. Pikachu slept on top of Max’s bed by the end so it wouldn’t disturb the boy while he was sleeping. Their room was dimly lit by a table lamp behind Ash and Brock’s sleeping bags.

    Ash and his friends were already in their sleepwear and ready to call it a night. May was sitting upright in her bed with the covers over her legs. She was wearing her light yellow t-shirt which stuck tightly to her body, along with light blue shorts. Ash was resting in his sleeping bag with his hands supporting his head. He was resting in his black orange striped t-shirt, as his sweatshirt was placed on top of his bag which was placed against a table. Brock, who was wearing his green t-shirt, was sitting up in his sleeping bag combing his hair with a plastic comb. Max had already fallen sound asleep in his bed with his body turned toward the window.

    Ash turned to Brock, “Why are you combing your hair? It’s only going to get messed up when you sleep anyway.”

    “Well I have to make sure I look good just in case I meet a pretty girl in one of my dreams,” Brock said as he finished combing his hair.

    “Oh brother,” May sighed as she rolled her eyes.

    The professor opened the door to the guest room to say goodnight to his guests before he turned in himself. The professor was in blue pajamas with a sleeping cap on, along with rather loose-fitting blue slippers. He held a candleholder with a lit candle stick, which lit up the room as he entered.

    He looked at his guests jovially as they were just about ready to get some sleep. Ash, May and Brock smiled at the professor as he entered the room.

    “It’s 11:30p.m., I hope you kids get some good rest tonight as you’ll be pushing plenty of boxes tomorrow morning,” he said quietly.

    “No problem, Professor, I can barely keep my eyes opened already,” Ash said, yawning.

    May naively added, “Thanks for the dinner you cooked us Mr. Lenient, I didn’t know you were such a good cook.”

    “Truth is I’m not, my food usually tastes like crap. But hey, it’s not like I normally have people to cook for,” he responded.

    Brock yawned as he laid himself down in his sleeping bag, “8 a.m. tomorrow, right doc?”

    “Yes, yes. Just remember not to knock over anything in this room as you get up in the morning. That lamp over there is expensive you know.” the professor said pointing toward it.

    “Heehee, if I elbow the lamp in my sleep it’ll fall right on Ash’s head.” May jested.

    “Gee, thanks a lot. I better move my sleeping bag a bit forward and away from the table. I don’t trust her now,” Ash said sarcastically as he moved his sleeping bag a few inches forward.

    “I’m being totally seriously you know. You know how I hate things of mine touched or well…broken. And you kids certainly do not have a good track record. Now start counting Mareeps already, or whatever you do to fall asleep,” the professor said, scratching his right armpit.

    The sounds of Max snoring gained the attention of everyone in the room.

    “Looks like my brother has the right idea,” May said looking over at Max snoring away in his bed.

    Ash and Brock looked over at Max and smiled contently.

    “Yeah, yeah. Why am I still standing in here anyway?” the professor asked himself.

    He then took his fingers and covered the flame of the candle and walked toward the door. As he left the room, May slid down in her bed and rested her face on the pillow.

    “Well tomorrow’s our first day of work. How many days do we have to work for? 5…6…?” Ash wondered.

    “Seven days,” Brock stated.

    “I hope he gives me light things to carry, I’m not made for manual labor,” May said.

    “That’s interesting to hear, May, I’ll probably tell the Professor to give you the heavy stuff on purpose then,” Ash said looking over to his left.

    “Ha, stop messing with me Ash,” May snorted as she turned her head around to the other side to rest.

    Ash stared back up at the ceiling while supporting his head with his hands. He still felt rather affectionate toward May since she shared that last piece of strawberry shortcake with him. He apparently noticed May felt the same way, as she started teasing him quite a bit for the rest of the day after they finished their cake. Ash started to close his eyes, preparing himself for days of work…

    The next morning arrived as Ash and his friends were getting ready for the Professor to come into their room. Ash and Brock had already taken their showers, and were fully dressed waiting for May and Max.

    In the bathroom, May was drying Max’s hair with the hairdryer. Both were fully clothed and almost ready to head outside. She was holding him in place by combing his hair with her left hand while moving the hair dryer with her right.

    “C’mon, May," Max frantically screamed while pushing his sisters hands away, "My hair is dry already! Let me go now!”

    “Stay still," May reprimanded, "I’m not having my little brother walk around looking like a slob. Your hair is still standing up in the back here…time to wet it down!”

    “Gah...c’mon!” Max said frustrated.

    May then licked her fingers and placed them down on the strands of hair sticking up on Max’s head. She then combed his hair down, a bit too harshly and forcefully, which caused her brother to scream.

    “STOP ALREADY!” he yelled.

    Ash and Brock looked toward the open bathroom door, smiling.

    “Heh, poor Max,” Brock said.

    “Makes me happy that I don’t have any siblings,” Ash boasted cheerfully.

    Max then ran out of the bathroom and stood next to Ash out of breath.

    May walked out of the bathroom door to see her friends standing there looking at her. She was annoyed as she put her hands on her hips and walked toward her brother.

    “It’s bad enough that I have to make sure you take a bath everyday, it’s even worse that you still don’t comb your own hair!” May scolded her brother.

    “Oh forget it, sis, I’ll comb my hair on my own someday,” Max said, clinging to Ash’s leg.

    “Ah, the trials of an older sister. I like it,” Brock said, scratching his chin.

    “He acts like it’s such a big deal," May said bragging, "I started taking care of myself when I was seven!”

    “So that’s only one year younger than I am now! Besides, I know Mom used to comb your hair too sometimes,” Max said defensively, letting go of Ash’s leg.

    “That only happened when my hair got frizzy,” a snooty May replied.

    “You must have been really independent when you were younger, eh May?” Ash asked.

    “Sure. I had to since well…I grew up rather eh…quickly…” May blushed.

    “Yeah, my sister was too embarrassed having Mom bathe her when she already looked older herself. I remember Mom talking to her about some kind of changes girls go through…”

    “MAX!” May interrupted.

    “What?” Max asked naively.

    “So I matured quickly and got a head start on most other girls my age, big deal! It’s not like you have to tell Ash and Brock that,” May said cocking her head.

    “Uh…” Ash muttered.

    Brock smiled as if he tried to pretend that he didn’t know what May was talking about.

    Suddenly, the door slammed wide open and almost knocked Ash and Max down as they were right in front of it.

    “WELL HELLLOOOOOOOOOO CHILDREN!” the Professor shouted dubiously.

    “Uh…hi.” May grinned, waving her hand.

    “Happy day! Today is the day I put you kids into hours of painstakingly harsh and cruel child labor!” he stated with a huge smile.

    The group stared at him with blank expressions.

    “Hoo! Just kidding my little buddies,” the Professor laughed, patting his belly.

    “Great, so what’s first?” Ash asked enthusiastically.

    20 minutes later, Ash regretted asking the Professor for work so nicely. He was gripping onto two huge boxes stacked on top of each other which was filled with machinery. Ash’s back was stretched back due to how heavy the weight was.

    “Gah…just got to carry this a…little…further…” he said grinding his teeth.

    An out of breath Pikachu walked next to him carrying its own little box.

    “The-----re,” Ash gasped as he placed both boxes on the ground.

    Pikachu then placed it’s little box on top of the big ones.

    Ash leaned against the two boxes and wiped the sweat off his forehead, “Gee, this guy is going to work us to death.”

    Ash then felt the boxes being picked up behind him which almost made him fall over as he was leaning against them.

    “Whoa…” he gasped as he stepped away from the boxes.

    Another set of mechanical arms picked up the two boxes and placed it on a conveyor belt behind them.

    “The Professor has so many of these arms, too bad the one we broke happened to be in the area that needs the most shipments. Jeez,” Ash sighed.

    Pikachu tried to reason with its trainer as it patted his leg, “Pikapi”.

    “Well…might as well go get the next two boxes,” Ash said reluctantly.

    Ash walked into the next room and saw May mopping the floors.

    “May, you really lucked out with such an easy job!” Ash exclaimed.

    “Are you kidding? Did you know what I was doing before he told me to mop the floors?” May said out of breath.

    “Let me guess, he had you wash his dishes?”

    “NO! He had me going up 20-foot ladders carrying a huge sack of machinery on a bag tied around my back. The weight of that machinery almost pulled my back down and nearly had me tip over on the ladder! Good thing I only had to do that once though before he told me to mop the floors. Too bad now that I’m done mopping the floors I gotta go lift some more boxes again….ugh,” May sighed.

    “Wow, that is something.”

    “Excuse my language but I felt like I was carrying a huge sack of crap,” May said, resting the mop against the wall.

    “I guess there’s a lesson in this somewhere,” Ash said as he walked with May across the room.

    “Let me guess, don’t throw frisbees’ into some guy’s window and then break a pair of robot arms? Yeah, I got that,” May said smiling at her friend.

    “You know, I don’t think we ever found out the Professor’s name,” Ash realized.

    “Mr. Lenient is good enough. Besides, I don’t even think he knows OUR names!”

    “We never told him, May?”

    “Not as far as I remember. Kind of funny when you think about it. We’re working for a guy we don’t even know, and he’s making us work when he doesn’t even know who we are!” May said.

    Ash, May and Pikachu continued walking next to each other until they came upon a hallway with glass windows. Ash and May looked through the glass windows which showed the main floor below them. The main floor had all the machinery and mechanical arms that they saw when they first entered the lab. May continued looking aimlessly until she caught eye of her brother.

    “What!?” May shouted.


    “My brother, look what he’s going!” May pointed.

    Ash looked through the window at Max. Max was running along the conveyor belts laughing while placing small metal cylinders into their respective holes. Ash noticed that Max seemed to really enjoy what he was doing, as he seemed to think running along moving conveyor belts was fun.

    Max jumped off the conveyor belt and grabbed a whole bunch of metal cylinders from an open cardboard box. He zipped over to a pair of mechanical arms and starting handing the cylinders to both hands.

    “Here you go hand #1!” Max said laughing as he placed a cylinder in the left hand.

    “And here you go hand #2!” he continued placing the cylinder in the other hand.

    The mechanical arm then took both cylinders and placed it into a metal machine behind it. Max continued giving the hands all the cylinders he was holding with a huge smile on his face.

    “Oh great, I’m here straining my back and my brother thinks this is an amusement park!” May said fatigued.

    “Wow that DOES look like fun. I want to do that!” an excited Ash said.

    “You know one of these days I’m going to figure out how my brother gets all the easy ways out,” May contemplated.

    “C’mon," Ash said quietly, reassuring her by placing his hand on her shoulder, "Let’s go get those next boxes together. I’m sure it won’t be as bad if two people were carrying the weight instead of just one.”

    May smiled, “You’re right, even though it’ll probably take twice as long since you have to go back and carry your stuff too.”

    The two of them and Pikachu continued walking out of the hallway and down a stairway.

    “I’d give anything to be a little kid again,” May said, walking down the steps with Ash and Pikachu behind her.

    “Jealous of your brother I see?” Ash snickered.

    “Oh be quiet. You wouldn’t know as you have no siblings,” May replied.

    “Yeah, but I can imagine it.”

    “I think I’m growing up too quickly, Ash….I barely remember what it was like being a kid and I’m going to already be a teen in a few years. And then I’ll just get older and older and start getting wrinkles and whatever else happens to old people. Hmmm, maybe I have a wrinkle already,” May said depressed.

    “Don’t worry, you look really cute the way you are now,” Ash complimented.

    “Really?” May glanced at Ash smiling, as she stroked her hair.

    “Well…uh…I mean you look nice of course…maybe cute was too strong a word,” Ash said coughing.

    May’s eyebrows lowered as they exited the stairway, “Maybe nice was too weak a word.”

    They continued walking along a white hallway on the main floor which led to the Professor’s living quarters.

    “Maybe you’re trying to ask me something?” Ash said slyly.

    “Maybe I am,” May replied.

    “Or maybe you’re still annoyed that you have to work for another six days yet,” Ash stated.

    “That may be correct. And maybe we better stop talking and get back to work now that I think about it.”

    “That’s a lot of “maybe’s.” Ash said glancing at May.

    May giggled as they came upon the door to the living quarters. Ash pushed it opened as May and Pikachu walked behind them.

    “The Professor said that there are more unopened boxes here in the back closet,” Ash said.

    “Go bring them out, I need to rest a bit,” an exhausted May said as she plopped herself down on the Professor’s favorite armchair.

    Ash sighed as he walked toward the closet and began to rummage through the stuff inside. May stretched out her legs as her eyes began to wander around the room. Her eyes then caught glimpse of a couple of metallic gun-esque looking items along the upper shelves of the room. She remembered glancing at those objects when they first entered the Professor’s living quarters yesterday, but this was the first time she got a really good look at them.

    “Those look like some crazy futuristic gun thingies that you would find in a sci-fi movie. I wonder if those are real or not,” May said to herself.

    Ash continued looking through the closet as he found the box he was looking for. He then opened it and looked for what he needed inside.

    May’s curiosity got the best of her as she got up and walked toward the shelf with two metallic high-tech guns on top of it. The gun on the right grabbed May’s attention, as it had a futuristic platinum handle, but with a dish like antenna on the end. It had no trigger on it however, which made it seem like a device for something rather than a gun.

    “Hmmmm," May said looking at the device on the right, "That looks like a ray gun of some sort…but the professor wouldn’t keep anything dangerous like this laying about in the open would he?”

    Despite her better judgment, May lifted the right platinum toned gun off the shelf. She then held the device in her hands examining it from all sides. There was nothing to press or hold down on the entire device except a small red button on the inner handle. May continued to examine it as Ash came back out from the closet, dragging out a huge cardboard box filled with machinery. Ash noticed May holding something as he walked up to her.

    “Where’d you get that?” Ash asked.

    “It was up along the wall, it looks like a device of some sort, doesn’t it?” May asked.

    “I guess so, it kinda looks like a toy, but I wouldn’t do anything with it as we don’t know what it’s for,” Ash said.

    “Hm, you’re right. I might as well put this back before I accidentally break it and the Professor yells at me,” May sneered.

    “Yeah, then he’ll really be on our case again,” Ash said putting his hands on his hips.

    May stood up on her toes and reached up with her hand to place the device back on the shelf. May pushed the gun back but ended up pushing it to the right opened side of the shelf too much, which made it fall down onto the floor!

    “Oh crap!” May exclaimed.

    “Nice going, I hope it isn’t broken,” Ash added.

    As May was about to reach down to pick it up she noticed the dish of the gun began to glow a yellow hue.

    “Huh?” May said as she kneeled before it.

    Pikachu stood on the armchair, watching what was happening from a distance.

    “That ray…it’s getting brighter!” Ash said astonished, as he stood behind May.

    Suddenly, the yellow hue began to shine across the dish of the gun, as it began emancipating light toward May and Ash.

    “Ugh, that light is bright,” May staggered, shielding her eyes.

    The sides of the dish began to completely light up now, as it fired a beam of light directly at Ash and May!

    “Ah!” Ash and May exclaimed as the light completely engulfed them.

    A worried Pikachu shouted, “PIKA PIKACHU!”

    After a few more seconds, the light then began to fade as the gun seemed like it was shutting down. Pikachu was finally able to see again as the light had been so bright that it also needed to shield it’s eyes.

    Pikachu looked ahead and didn’t see Ash and May’s bodies! It jumped off the armchair and looked ahead as the dust cleared. It then saw that there were two bodies there…and they were Ash and May…but they were….smaller…and looked younger…

    Pikachu then gasped as it finally saw the effects of the ray gun…

    …Ash and May had been turned into year old infants!


    The main plot finally begins, it just took me 3.5 chapters to set everything up. I'll describe what Ash and May look like now in detail in the beginning of the next chapter, I just wanted to leave this chapter off with one line.

    There were a few clues that something like this would happen in this chapter and in earlier chapters, but hopefully not too many people saw it coming unlike with the cake.

    Next chapter will be rather humourous, so I hope most of you stick around. :P
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    Whoa, didn't see that coming.

    Not bad, that completely threw me from normal land. And I must mention that meeting a pretty girl is his preams is probably the dumbest thing I've ever heard Brock say for a long time.
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