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Thread: A Chip Off The Old Brock (425)

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    Awesome! Brock's Mudkip evolves!

    When I saw the episode "Abandon Ship!" I thought Marshtomp's voice would be that high-pitched in this episode. But, I guess they can't always keep Pokemon's voices sounding the same all the time, can they?

    It was funny when Marshtomp fell in love with Flaaffy the same way Brock was in love with Maria.

    When I first heard Maria say her name, I thought her name was Araya. Like Tom Araya from Slayer.

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    Good to see Brock's Mudkip evolving into Marshtomp.... hope it evolves into Swampert soon

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    This episode was ok. It was great to see Mudkip finally evolve into Marshtomp. Unfortunately its new move Mud Shot attack ended up harming a Flaafy since it was a Ground-Type attack. The way they use electric Pokemon to make medicine was really cool to see. It was funny to see Marshtomp falling in love with Flaafy. Marshtomp definitely has a much different personality than Mudkip did.


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    This episode was good. It was awsome to see Mudkip evolve into Marshtomp. Nice to see It learn Mud shot too. Nice to see Flaaffy again too. It was funny when Marshtomp fell in love with Flaaffy,just like Brock ddoes with every girl.


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    Yay! Mukip evolves! I am so happy for it! Mudkip was one of brocks greatest pokemons.

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    Fine episode. Mudkip evolving, and the medicine stuff with Team Rocket trying to steal the Pokemon, but their plan backfired when the medicine was a success.

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    ..apparently it's pronounced 'Amphorous" now. Hm.

    I appreciate the Meowth balloons gaining swirly eyes when attacked.
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    That was a rather random evolution. There was no build up to it at all but I suppose that they had to do something with Brock. The episode it self was pretty okay for a rather random episode.

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    This was a good episode, and definitely one of my favorites in the infamous Season 9.

    I really didn't like Bill's Brock in DP, but here it was an entirely different case for me. I feel he was the best replacement VA at the time, and this episode really gave him a chance to shine and acclimate to his role.

    Michele did a good job imitating Lindsey Warner's Mudkip. Surprisingly I didn't notice much change here.

    Bill did an okay Grovyle, I guess. Meh...

    Sarah Natochenny couldn't emote at all as Ash here. I can't stop laughing at the, "Quick Grovyle use bullet seed!" line in particular. HAHAHAHAHA. XD.

    May: "I've never seen Ash work it so hard before."

    Ummm...WTF? Who wrote this line? Terrible...

    Max's voice starts sucking majorly from this point until the end of Max's duration on the show. Kayzie now FAILS at his voice, IMO, from here up until AG192. Not at all even CLOSE to Amy Birnbaum's portrayal...pitiful.

    Anyway, I really liked the episode anyway, and I loved how Brock made the potion using the ingredients. I also love how Marshtomp evolved and its interactions with Flaffy.

    Bill did a good job here, IMO.

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    It was an okay episode, though Mudkip's evolution seemed a bit random.
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    Default A Chip Off the Old Brock!

    It's great to see Mudkip finally evolveing into Marshtomp and learning Mud shot. I liked this episode's Cotd Maria, she was cute, and Hot too. It was hilarious when Marshtomp grasped Flaffy's paws and Brock grasped Mariah's hands to show attraction, Mariah's facial expression was priceless. May was right about Marshtomp being a Brock Jr. xD
    Too bad Brock and Marshtomp had to leave them in the end, poor guys.

    Overall, it was an OK episode with a few funny moments. The voice acting was a little better, but Max referring Mud Shot(a Ground-type move) as an "Earth-type" move was stupid! that was a silly dub error. Oh well, at least it wasn't as bad as the "Arbok evolving into Seviper" error in "A Fan With a Plan!".
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    Finally Mizugorou evolves into a Numacraw after a long time. It is funny that although he added his flirty side in addition to his original character. But still only learning Mud Shot is not good enough and he should have learn some other powerful water/ ground type moves.

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