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I feel bad I missed the dub episode today... And it has my all time favorite Pokemon in it. Does anyone know when it will air again?

Not to worry, it's on YouTube. That's where i saw it today. Ash is starting to improve, as well as Brock, May and J&J. Max has also improved, but... Meowth just isnt what it used to be. Meowth even reminds me of the first Meowth, the one before Maddie.

For the episode, twas funny how Brock's Marshtomp suddenly fell in love with Maria's Flaaffy. Kinda like how his Ludicolo had a crush on that Mawile. Im starting to sense a pattern here. Also, when Max went to pull Brock's ear, i think Mays suddenly popped in and dragged Marshtomp and Brock away. Personnaly, i think May should be doing this. Hopefully in D/P Hikari will take over that role. Max is too short.

Also, it was kinda funny how Ash's Grovyle uses Bullet Seed, causes Team Rocket to fly off into a boat in a river, then the boat falls off a waterfall. Real unlucky. Also, I think Mime Jr. does a better role than Chimecho ever could, copying everything is quite entertaining. Though James still sounds like he has a cold.

All in all, a decent episode. Starting to improve.