Hey everyone, hope you've all been enjoying the Webmasters section

Anyway, recently - there's been a selection of multiple topics on users requesting free hosts. So as to avoid a major flood of these topics - I've created this sticky in order for anyone to request, post or talk about free hosts. Please remember though - that FORUM hosts and such are NOT allowed.

Anyone creating an individual topic in where to find free hosts will have there topic closed and will be pointed here - just so you know ok?

I'll start of by recommending a great free host - http://www.geocities.com - It's got a great pagebuilder for new sites and works fluently with anyone. Be warned though - once your site grows, geocities may become less helpful towards your websites needs. Got an advanced free host you'd like to share with other users? Wanna find a better host than Geocities? Post your requests and replies here. But please remember, no forums.