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Thread: Free Hosts

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    Dark Tyranitar Guest


    i think i may try making my first and own site, but i would like to know what this so called "page builder" is that i hear about.

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    [Paint] Guest

    Default -> ilimited -> 3 GB

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    Yoh Guest


    does any one know of a free host who allow PHP?

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    Amidamaru Guest

    It has a lt of Bandwidth! It also has 100 MB for a free site.

    EDIT- I dunno if it has PHP.

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    Crystal_Milotic Guest


    The only thing I have used so far is

    You get 500 MB of bandwidth and 20 MB of disk space. Your subdomain has to be like http://www.(your name) But that's the ONLY thing I don't like. Also, if you stink at stuff like HTML, you can use their Website Wizard, which has layouts and stuff to choose from, so basicly all you have to do is make the text, choose the layout and colors, and the rest is taken care of!

    Bravenet alse has free services. I enjoy the free forums and guest books, but there's also a calender, a daily cartoon, a live chat and so much more!

    I may try other stuff, but Bravenet works for me right now. It may have a lot of ads, but I can survive with that(for now...).

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    Amidamaru Guest


    What's your site url?

    Also in dhost you must have FileZilla. You also have to use wordpad to update a page.

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    I currently use angelfire(friggin' ads and popups...) with freeweb(50 files only?!). I think that's only the good choice for me, but I found a better hosting. has a really fast server. It loads pretty quickly once you get there. Sign up is fast and easy, and when you log in, everything is just basic and plain. Pretty easy to navigate.

    - It is free <-- no duh.

    - 50 MB storage <-- perfect. better than 20, no need for 100.

    - Unlimited bandwidth/Page hits <-- geocities is an ant compared to this.

    - No junk e-mail

    - If you don't know HTML, CSS, Java, etc... all of those, then no need to worry

    - Free guestbooks/weboards <-- don't really care about web boards and I can make my own guestbook

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    i use, i just have to make sure the image is a .png! :P

    <>< rokman

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    I use that to host my "website." I say that with quotesbecause it's mainly for webpages, but you can easily link them together as a website.
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    Blaziken's Emberz Guest


    Okay. I need help. Which is the best for me?

    I'm trying to make a website called Pokémon Platinum. I'll need two things. A forum and a website. Which website offers free webhosting, unlimited bandwidth, loads of memory and other cool features? Geocities is not my type. It requires me to log on to Yahoo! I don't like Yahoo!. The site is about both Pokémon and Digimon. And also, my RPG.

    Also, I'll need a forum. vBulletin is my goal. These are the forums that never helped.


    There are others {I tried alot of them, so I won't remember many.} Private Messages is the only way. I am not coming back to this post. Help me out here. Thank you kindly! And in advance as well.

    ~ Pokémon Master Denny

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    Cephonis Guest


    hostultra has unlimited space and unlimited bandwith... you can put anything you want... proboards didnt help? ah oh well. the only prob with hostultra is that you cant direct link images from the website. i tried it once on another forum and all that appeared was a link to the pic and when i clicked it, a bunch of porn pics came up... i was only 10... *.*" <that was me when it happened... sweatdrop and blank eyes...

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    Blaziken's Emberz Guest


    Hostultra. No way! I tried already. It's too complicated.

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    Umbreon_Girl Guest


    100webspace is a nice one!

    It features PHP, MySQL, FTP, crontab, Frontpage capability, subdomains, free email (, custom 404 pages, CSR, IP manager, SSH manager, allows zip..maybe more, with NO BANNER ADS AND IT COMPLETELY FREE! 0.0 YESSS!!!!....yet I'm still using freewebs...

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    Haku Guest


    Does anyone know a host that only hosts files(file hosts)??

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    Amidamaru Guest

    Default I think can.

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    Like Amidamaru said above,Dhost is a pretty reliable host.
    It has 350 GB(nice one) of bandwithe,100 MB of Disc space,PHP,MYSQL,
    but you'll have to use a FTP program,theres no page builder,no updating page,or anything.
    And,if you viloate the ToS,your account will be deleted with no warning.

    But then again:
    features Cpanel,100 MB of disc space(again)
    1 mySQL database,PHP,
    abd I think 10-30 GB of Bandwithe.

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    Feb 2004


    How much bandwidth and diskspace approximately does a big site like or other sites about this size use? (the site not the the forums)

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    Haku Guest


    Does anyone know of a free ftp host??

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    tvdood92 Guest


    A good 1 is.geocities

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    I was waiting for this:
    Funpic, the host which I am using for my site, is now available in english.
    Check it out! It's worth it

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    lilkrn Guest


    try short URL and 2 ads at the max its pretty good

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    Fluorii Guest


    Lilkrn, all gives is short url, no webhosting or anything. Just the url.

    I can't believe how many people think it's a webhost. XD

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    Jan 2005


    I need a free server with a good site builder program. I used to use Homestead but it got really limited. Any suggestions?
    *pretends to write something witty*

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    Da Games Elite Guest


    Here are the hosts I use for my site and forum: and

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    ivan2149's Avatar
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    Free webs is to kidish and invision is very picky
    visit my forums
    I clamed blu from pokemon special as my bishie

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