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Thread: Fanfiction Commericals Thread

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    Scene: Press conference, Jerry the Pesky Pichu, Brian Powell and Black Jack are on stage.

    Jerry: Good day or evening. As the results of our past actions, moderators of the forums, writers who were criticized by Brian, fans of the teams that Black Jack demolished, and Team Rocket that I’ve been victimising over the past year or so, has demanded that we make the following apologies.

    Black Jack: Oh, come on. Why do we have to do the apologising?

    Jerry: *Sternly* Because we have to.

    Black Jack: *Rolls eyes in disbelief*

    Brian: *Looks as Black Jack and nods*

    Jerry: *Starts reading the cards* Firstly, I would like to apologise to Team Rocket, for making you guys look like a bunch of clowns.

    Brian: See? Right there. You couldn’t make Jessie, James and Meowth look any more like dimwits if you tried.

    Jerry: *Tosses away card to read another* Okay. To a writer, from Brian Powell. He apologises for saying the statement, “You were correct, I shouldn’t have clicked on the link because it was...

    Brian: *Knew what was coming. Snatches card away and tosses it* Why should I apologise if it was true?

    Black Jack: *Nods*

    Jerry: To all bad guy teams from Black Jack, for decimating everyone in your...

    Black Jack: *Eyes Jerry with a small frown*

    Jerry: *Predicts what this was going, frowns, tosses card away* To everyone who participated in the past awards for best comedy one-shots, for making you lose those...

    Brian: With all due respect, Jerry, did anyone even think that those guys were going to win those awards? I didn’t.

    Jerry: *Tosses card away, reads another one* From Brian, to Bill Fireman, for making you look like a total...

    Brian: *Smiles mischievously*

    Jerry: *Giggles and tosses card away* From Black Jack to the Barman from PI3 for smashing that tavern...

    Black Jack: *Eyes Jerry again*

    Jerry: *Frowns and tosses card away* We only have one left and we haven’t apologised yet.

    Black Jack: Exactly our point.

    Jerry: *Reads last card* To the Tuskbournes, for making you swear non-stop in front of the audience. We would like to take this opportunity...

    Brian: Hold on a second, Jerry, that hasn’t even happened yet. They don’t do the swearing until later on in December’s fic.

    Jerry: *Tosses away last card*

    Black Jack: Well, what do we do now?

    Brian: We supposed to announce the fic the Tuskbournes are in, coming this December, live.

    Jerry: *Becomes surprised* Wait a minute... we’re live... now...?

    Brian: Yeah, we’re live now.

    *All three slowly and nervously turns to the audience*

    Black Jack: Still... what do we... do?

    Brian: *Quickly ducks down, gets back up this time a laptop computer with a screen showing the forums and a big smile on his face* Check out my first chaptered comedy fic...

    Brian Powell’s Christmas Carol!

    *All three smiled had their thumb’s up before going into different directions*

    All three: *Quickly returns* Thank you!

    *Jerry goes into one direction while Brian and Black Jack go into the other*

    *Jerry quickly follows them*
    Formerly known as Brian Powell

    Check these out:

    Thanks for the card, Skiks
    Pokemon Impact (PG13):
    Series: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 (Cancelled)

    Starring Black Jack, a veteran pokemon trainer who saves the lives of others while breaking necks of his enemies in cold blood. You want action? You got action!
    (Continue or Reboot? That is the question.)

    Goldenrod High (Chaptered Comedy Multishipping fic PG13) Updated: 02/12/09
    Who says school is just for learning? ^^

    Check out my other stories, and everyone else's in the Completed Fics forum!

    Been doing some singing and voice impressions too! Check me out at the Brian Random Channel Thread!

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    Tighten the Noose

    She will die, die if she is not shown to be innocent.

    Death is but the beginning,

    Is poison within her family, or is it from a great source?

    Death is the punishment for something long ago.

    Her friends unite for her, to save her. Friendships are forged, enemies are brought to the surface again.

    Is she really innocent? I don't know...

    Tighten the Noose around her neck,
    push her down for the drop and see the blood run cold.
    Watching will be her family, present, future.

    Will she die? Maybe, maybe not...

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    Trinity: Redemption
    An Original Story From the Mind of Scar

    *cue Reckless Fire by Ide Yousuke*

    Ubae! subete! kono te de!

    It’s approaching midnight. We see a small city which has, by means unknown, suffered massive damage. Walking away from the city is a young boy no older than sixteen at the most, hands slid into his crimson jacket in a surprisingly casual fashion. In his emotional brown eyes can be found a deep depression which takes little to no effort to recognize.

    Tatoe kokoro kizutsuketa to shite mo

    Suddenly, the teenager stops in his tracks, planting his feet firmly in the ground and flinching before turning his head back, at first glance he appears to be taking one last look at the wreckage but very soon dispelling that possibility by scowling in disgust. Without warning, a man- apparently in his mid twenties- with scornful crimson eyes and shoulder-length black hair leaps from the city’s remains. Casting his arm to his side, a solid steel blade materializes over his right hand and extends to a full-fledged sword. The boy is, however, able to react with inhuman reflexes, sliding his own left hand out of his pocket and swinging it behind him; materializing a blade of his own, yet his is forged out of a mysterious sapphire energy. The assailant and the boy collide with the older of the two still in mid-leap, clashing blades viciously. The scene freezes like this for a moment.

    Mezameta chikara karada wo kakemeguru

    The combatants begin swiping with their blades fiercely as the scene fades out. The instant “kakemeguru” is spoken, the words “Trinity: Redemption” flash on the screen in a fashion similar to Fullmetal Alchemist’s logo, disappearing once the lyrics pick up again.

    Kotoba wa imi wo kaete

    Whereas our unknown teenager chose to leave the city, another opts to remain within the wreckage. This one also a boy, but was a few years older than the teenager we saw earlier. As he walks through the streets, which were still engulfed in chaos, he clutches in his hand a golden stopwatch of some form. Looking skyward with his emerald green eyes, he looks toward the glistening stars above.

    Kinoo no shinjitsu wa kyoo no uso ni naru

    A number of stars seem to flicker once or twice, and then they appear to burn out all together, in perfect unison. A semi-transparent image of the first teenager appears in the sky, for some reason infuriating the older boy, causing his muscles to tense up and his teeth grind.

    Daremo ga samayoi nagasarete yuku dake

    Standing on a cliff overlooking the wreckage- as well as the scene of the battle- stands five young humans, ranging in age from fourteen to twenty nine. They are: an attractive woman in a black dress, a youthful girl dressed in modern attire, a muscular human specimen with spiky crimson hair, a rather lanky boy dressed in the clothes of a stereotypical rebellious teenager, a young man with demonic features. They seem to focus mainly on the battle below, and a bolt of white lightning strikes down behind them.

    Yume ya ai nante tsugoo no ii gensoo

    In the midst of another area entirely, this one a grassy plain full of plant life, a lone female- around the age of the first teenager visited- sits atop a rather large rock with her legs at a slant, staring passionately at the night sky with large crystal blue eyes. Her lengthy brown hair blows wildly behind her in the midnight breeze.

    Riaru wo fumishime hateshinai

    She lets out a deep sigh as a few droplets of rain fall to the ground, and the moonlight ceases to penetrate the dark gray clouds above, thus signifying an oncoming storm.

    Asu e to te wo nobasu

    Abruptly, this peaceful scene changes to the same wasteland in which the two boys are still locked in a raging duel. However, they now stand a good thirty feet apart. The younger of the two seems very slightly more fatigued than the elder as the black-haired assailant leaps through the air with his arm blade raised high above his head, easily closing the distance between them. The teenager’s eyes shoot wide open as he regains an inhuman awareness and rises to deflect his opponent’s downward slash.

    RECKLESS FIRE soo daitan ni tamashii ni hi wo tsukero

    In a sudden frenzy of rage-induced strength, both combatants begin slicing at one another at unrivaled speed, displaying superhuman reflexes and agility as they courageously attempt to best their adversary. At several points, lightning strikes down upon the battlefield itself as rain begins to fall in what could be considered a torrential downpour. Before a clear winner can be decided, however, the younger combatant catches sight of something in the corner of his eye.

    Nigeba nante nai sa uso mo mujun mo nomihosu tsuyosa to tomo ni

    He quickly evades to the left and turns about face in the process, just barely missing a blast of crimson fire somehow co-existing with the heavy rainfall as he skids to a stop in a kneeling position. It instead strikes his attacker, sending him off-screen. The teenager then looks upon the faces of his new foes; the five who had previously stood perched atop the cliff.

    RECKLESS FIRE soo daitan ni tamashii ni hi wo tsukero

    Unphased, he rises to his feet and begins sprinting toward the enraged “humans” before him. As he closes the distance between him and his opponents, he utilizes a variety of leaps and rolls to evade the oncoming attacks; a blast of fire shot in unison with a burst stream of black water, followed by several jagged rocks shooting from the ground, and a strange sphere of a mysterious energy extremely dark in color. At last he reaches the five of them, leaping through the air with his sword pulled back behind his shoulder to help gain momentum.

    Nigeba nante nai sa uso mo mujun mo nomihosu tsuyosa to tomo ni

    As he flies off the ground, the scene slows down and we see various close-ups of the characters displayed thus far, beginning with the boy who remained in the city and ending with the girl seen in the field, now with a rather passionate look on her face. At last we return to the scene of the duel, where the teenager is just about to stab through the crimson haired man- the apparent leader of the group. However, as his sword makes contact, the entire scene is covered by a bright golden light.

    Tayasu wake ga nai kono mune no kagaribi wa

    Before the light dies down, we see the words "Introducing..." flash across the screen.

    We now return to the field in which the girl is still standing, now slightly depressed. She looks off into the distance one last time, but now catches sight of the silhouette of a teenage boy dashing toward her.

    Yuruginai chikara to ishi tsuranuku yoo ni

    The screen turns black for a moment as "An original story from the mind of Scar..."

    As he draws nearer, he’s revealed to be the boy we’ve seen fighting throughout the song. His crimson jacket is blowing wildly behind him, as is his dark brown hair. Overjoyed, the girl runs toward him as a few rays of moonlight manage to pierce the dark gray clouds.

    *the music becomes purely instrumental*

    In the night sky, the words "The first saga of the Trinity series..."

    The two run toward one another in the moonlight, and the scene slows down once more. As they’re mere moments away from embracing each other the entire screen goes black for a moment and then the words “Trinity: Redemption” appear once again in sleek, silver letters.


    So there you have it. Oh yeah, nice preview by the way, LX. The song fits the mood very well. Even though I knew about Chronicles long before you posted this, it's still very interesting.
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    The Twelve
    (Words spoken by the voice of a young man of about the age of twenty, while showing a map of the world of Icaria)
    Long ago the world of Icaria was in peace and everything was in harmony. For as long as anyone could remember there had always been an order that resided over the world’s population. That is, until the New Year arrived and all of the leaders for each country met
    (Switches to the inside of a meeting hall)
    (A man bursts in through the door wearing crimson robes)
    “I believe we need to address some important issues,” the man boomed while walking to his seat.
    “Indeed, there have been many attacks made on my villages. Before we can counter them and figure it out they disappear,” another man wearing a robe said.
    The world was a safe place...
    “What do you think of this?” A hefty man asked a silent man. He wore a plain black robe with three rings around his arms resembling leadership.
    But it's amazing how quickly all that can change
    “I believe that there is a certain traitor among us,” a young male said. He wore a silver robe that had wind currents marked all over it. “I leave the choice up to you gentlemen.”
    At this there was great discussion. Many people began accusing other villages of the crime. There was another silent figure in the room. A young boy about twelve years of age sat next to the fire leader. He sat patiently and watched wide eyed as the talk continued.
    The argument continued on through the night. The dark figure and the boy remained quiet. Eventually everyone had tired out and was resting in their seats. Without warning wind village soldiers burst into the room with their weapons raised. One threw a spear which hit an advisor of the silver robed leader. “The wind nation will be overturned!” he shouted as he raised his sword and charged for the wind leader.
    (We see the leaders thrust their hands forward. Then we see a blast of compacted air thrust towards the screen, then fire, a water ball, a boulder, a lightning bolt, then a ray of sunlight, then a moonbeam, some vines, then a glow of pure light, a cloud of darkness, some ice shards, and then poison...)
    (Then we here the same voice...)
    Chaos reigns...

    The Twelve
    Coming Soon to Serebii Forums

    Just a fic I was writing with a friend, not sure if he'll agree to post it, but I thought I'd make a commercial for it anyway...

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    None of your business!


    Marauders' mission

    Marauders' mission, one seriously crazy Banette that isn't like his species.

    One trainer thats a collector and scared of Spina - read to find out why.

    One paradise, Manaphy's.

    One review so far, so read.

    Marauders we are,
    visiting places, both near and far!
    Going to venture into unknown terroitory,
    come now! Join in and read the story...

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    - Best viewed in the Dark Type Pokemon skin -

    *A scene is written out on a cracked computer screen, well beyond modern times, yet extremely ancient. As every sentence is finished, flashes of the scene are shown, and a voice rings out.*

    A parched desert of black spreads out, as far as the eye can see

    Paradise lost.

    A steely talon pounds against the ground

    Order unsettled.

    the camera pans up to show the face of a skarmory, cold, hard, calculating

    The balance of power is no longer as it was...

    behind the skarmory is an army of vapor no stained glass -

    The universe is threatening to rip at the seams, releasing sheer madness.

    the army is a discordant mass of pure emerald soon to quench its bloodthirst

    The war will only end in the death of all but one, and then -

    *The voice falters.*

    the wartorn ground is a stormy sea the last remains of life are sinking helpless stones chaos is all-pervasive inescapable contagious omnipotenttttttt

    All shall be lost.

    a blnding light flils the vison the lat moments of clrity reveal

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    Santa Destroy


    *Screen turns distorty for a second, then reverts to regular view*

    *purple herds of thunder pan up and down on screen showing a landscape of darkened deilds of hills*
    *ripping waves of water flood across the beach and dock of a quiet city. The moonlight glints on all fronts*
    * a clear daytime view of a ferocious landslide appear on screen. Scattered Graveler start to roll out of the path*

    Voiceover: Never before... has three tiny sub-regions been involved in this much.

    A darkly clothed man with long green hair appears onscreen. "If he won't come to us, we'll come to him."

    "Where did I go wrong in my loyalty..." a small exagerated shadow appears on screen in a purple vorpal of shades.

    " Cougret! Drillore! Chase 'em down!" pans screen as a man in a green uniform commands two Pokemon.
    A sleek black cat Pokemon and brown spiked lizard start running down two young boys. "..almost there!" cries one of the boys "Uwah!" The two plunge off a cliff,and air whistles by sharply. They release into the air a Marshtomp and Narian. The Narian manages to catch them on it's back, and they speed away to the nearest town.

    Voiceover:New dangers.
    New Pokemon.
    New regions.
    Come for the adventure, stay for the danger. All you wanted was to be go to the new region...

    The Lost Regions. Episodes coming this winter on...SFTV. (Serebii Forums Televison)

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    Here's a new one for my most poplaur fanfic on I have renatlly put in the non-Poke fics section... here's a preview for The Biju Biju Fruit...

    (The Naruto BGM 9 Tail Demon Fox plays in the background, the screen in balck)

    Voice Over (male, in an onimous tone): Many years ago the king of the Pirates Gold Roger was excueted...

    (shot of Gold Roger's exuction)

    Voice over: Years later... the Kyubi no Yoko was sealed in a child by the 4th Hoakge...

    (shot of the Kyubi's sealing)

    Voice: Now a boy who dreams to be Gold Rogers' succecor...

    (shot of Luffy lookign demtined)

    Voice over: And his younger brother... who had the Kyubi selaed within him...

    (shot of Naruto looking detmined)

    Voice: Will go on an advirue of a a life time...

    (music stop with a record strach...)

    Voice: Did I mention they might die very soon...?

    (secne shifts to Naruto and Luffy being sucked into a wirlpool.)

    Naruto: Who knew this adventure would end so soon…

    Luffy: Yeah it’s a shame…

    (Bealve (2nd One Piece Opening) begins to play)

    Voice over (no longer in ominous tone): Monkey D. Luffy dreams of becimign the next pirate king...

    (Seenc shifts to when first meetign Koby)

    Koby: King of the pirates! That means you have to go to the Grand Line and find Gold Rogers treasure One Piece… and that means you have to beat up many rivals…

    Luffy: So what I’m going to be King of the Pirates…

    Voice over: And his younger brother dreams of becomign a Kage...

    (same scene with Koby)

    Koby: What’s a Kage anyways…

    Naruto: Okay I’ll explain… the Kages are the 10 greatest Clone Users… Hokage, Kazekage, Mizukage, Raikage, Tsuchikage, Otokage, Hoshikage, Namikage, Tsukikage and Yukikage… they are the greatest all of them fight with hundreds maybe thousands of clones all of different types… and I am going to be one!

    Voice over: Now, Luffy, with powers of the Gum Gum Fruit.

    (secne shifts to when Nami and Sakura find out about Luffy's power)

    Nami: Rubber man…

    Luffy (streaching his cheeeks): See!

    Voice over: And the power of the Biju Biju Fruit...

    (sence of Naruto in full Kyubi form fighting Ritchie)

    Voice: And with Kyubi's adivce...

    (sence shifts to Naruto traped in his mind durrign the Don Kreig fight)

    Kyubi (in his cage): I don’t want you to fight… this is your brother and the cook’s fight now…

    Naruto: So your keeping me in here until it’s a good time for me to wake up…

    Kyubi: Yup...

    Voice over: And with a crew...

    (shots of Zoro, Sasuke, Nami, Sakura, Usopp, Kiba, Sanji, Ino and Hinata)

    Voice over: They should be able to do it... with comedy, drama, action, advutnrue and partial nundity...

    (Seceif shifts to Naruto useing his sexy attack on Helmelpo, BGM is that sexy saxphone music when ever Jirayra is peeking... (don't knwo the name of that) Hemelpo's nose is slightly bleeding)

    Kyubi's voice in NAruto's head: Fox it up a bit!

    (Music stops, Sign now playing, rated PG-13...)

    Naruto (vocie over the sign): Pervert Demon...
    One day... one day in the future... I will get over my hatred of Betas... when that day comes you will be able enjoy my fics in all it's glory...

    Unless you hate crossovers and AUs... then your pretty much screwed...

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    Default Now and Forever. It begins. Again.

    In three months...

    Quote Originally Posted by Journal of Connor O'Brien
    "I wasn't the only one. I was, in fact, one of three. Three that set out in June of 2007 for a great adventure, three that returned a year after, their souls and hearts broken. Three beautiful girls by their side, friends forever."
    This April, the journey will begin...

    Quote Originally Posted by Journal of Kyle O'Brien

    The war was one that challenged all of us. Not only had Nebula hemmed us in fore and aft, above, below, all around, but they also had injected themselves into our own camp. Munity ran rampant. It was unbearable. But, someone, I made it through.
    The Ante Alliance War has scarred the nations of Japan and Hakkou. Heroes have risen and fallen.

    Yet Hakkou and Japan have retained their dignity. Pokemon journeying still runs rampant and is honored highly. However, the scars still remain. Nebula itself works secretly, and plans to rise again.

    Connor, Kody, David and their friends Heather, Ashley, and Cara are about to set forth on the greatest journey of their lives. A journey more than pokemon training.

    A journey that will bring them to China, Russia, Emerald City, a whole entirely different world, and back again.


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    I'll advertise Ed, Edd, n' Eddy....'n Pearl? Journey to be Rich.

    Just read. It has Ed, Edd, n' Eddy plus other characters in the show on a journey in Johto. Attacks like Edtrenome are funny. The next chapter will have appearences by:
    Reatard the Pokemon Ranger
    Donald Trump, (who will be called Tronald Dump) who will make fun of Rossie O' Donnel (called Dossie O' Ronnel)
    Cartman (South Park. Don't worry. He won't cause or do something innaproprite)

    Plus someone who will make fun of Briteny Spears.
    On a 3rd Gen Game (Temporarily Unavailable for Trade-Missing DS with a GBA Slot): Bonus Disk Jirachi, 10 ANIV Celebi, 10 ANIV Typhlosion, 10 ANIV Suicune, 10 ANIV Espeon, MYSTRY Mew, XD Lugia
    On a 4th Gen Game: ALAMOS Darkrai, Japanese Member Card Darkrai, Zoroark Movie Scizor, 11219 Mew, NZ Jirachi, Japanese Regigagas to activate the event
    On a 5th Gen Game: GAMESTOP Suicune, May 2012 Darkrai x 3, June 2012 Victini x 2, Spring 2012 Reshiram, Spring 2012 Zekrom, 2012 Arceus, Liberty Island Victini

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    Well, since "Shadows of Fear: Return of Cipher" is finished, I thought I'd put up the commercial for the third installment.

    Be prepared.


    (Linkin Park's "In the End" begins in the background)

    You thought it was over?

    (cuts to Skull the Shadow Marowak surfing on a rock away from a wave caused by the destruction of Citadark Isle)

    Think again.

    (cuts to Anabel talking to Skull and his Cubone son, Cubon)

    Anabel: (telepathically) I want to ask you something.

    A new journey will with new allies...

    (cuts to Cubon hitting an attacking Kirlia into a bush with his bone, then the scene cuts to Anabel using her Alakazam's Ice Punch to hit an attacking Donkarasu, freezing it in a block of ice) enemies...

    (scene cuts to a male Weavile sharpening his claws, then it cuts to a female Etebossu spinning on her head. Finally, it cuts to Team Galatic's leader tossing a Pokeball)

    ...and a new goal.

    (scene cuts to Anabel talking to Skull)

    Anabel: (telepathically) Scott says we have to conquer the Sinnoh league to train for future challengers. (as she speaks, a short shot of each of Sinnoh's Gym Leaders is shown) (different scene) Are you up for it?

    Skull: (also telepathically, due to Anabel) Probably. Just don't expect us to follow your every friggin' command, okay? (music stops) The hallmark of a slave is following every. Single. Frickin'. Command that a human throws out, expecting the Pokemon to obey! Word of advice: don't try that with me or Cubon.

    (as Skull is seen surfing on a rock into and through a crowd of Bunyatto and Team Galactic grunts, dodging various attacks from the Bunyattto, the following lyrics of "In the End" play.

    I put my trust
    in you
    just as far as I can go.
    Of all the things,
    there is one thing you should know

    I tried so hard,
    and got so far,
    but in the end,
    it doesn't even matter

    The third installment is here.

    Shadows of Fear: Journey with a Brain

    (Skull is seen hitting a Ramuparudo with a Shadow End)


    Just like a movie preview, eh?
    Current fanfics:

    Proving Grounds

    How far will one boy go to prove something?

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    Wouldn't you like to know.


    Then a green tunnel absorbs the black, a face of Johnny Depp in a bowler derby & a tacky blue suit with a scarlet bow tie.
    A police box flies through & behind it trails the multi-colored: DOCTOR WHO

    Then a flash & the titles read: Doctor Who & The Treachery Of The Zygons
    Then another flash: by(NOTE: MY REAL NAME IS TO BE REVEALED!) James Patrick Quick
    Another flash: Segment 1of4

    Possibly coming to a forum near you!

    Credit to Mothim Master! Thanks much!

    Haven't been on here in an age and a day. Might have to lurk a bit...

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    In a galaxy far, far away...


    The crowd shifts uneasily. More trailers. It's like a Marquee of Doom on a site like the Cave of Dragonflies. Will they ever end?

    The scene fades in to a forest. Strings with horns in the background play a spooky type tune, giving the scene a haunting feeling. Suddenly, a shadow runs in front of the camera. The camera moves to follow the shadow, but it disappears. The camera starts walking through the forest, looking around, as if expecting some monster to jump out at any time. A howl is heard, and the camera jerks around, looking for the source of it. The camera settles down and starts walking through the forest, still looking around.

    It stops when it sees two, red, glowing eyes in the forest. The eyes disappear, and paws are heard, and the camera starts running, as if trying to escape something. Then, a Mightyena with glowing red eyes leaps out from behind a tree, and tackles the camera, knocking it to the ground. The camera acts as like someone who is struggling to get away, and then, realizing it can't get away, looks back up at the Mightyena, who bites the camera, and the screen goes dark.

    The screen lights up again as two company logos flash on the screen. More intense music starts, featuring strings, horns, and a chorus, as many different clips are flashed up on the screen, including, two boys being chased by a Lugia, a Mightyena, similar to the one seen earlier, attacking some people in lab coats, and Moltres shooting a fire blast at a village.

    Then, the screen goes dark again, the music quiets down, and the title is shown, along with a boy saying "You ready?". Another clip comes on the screen of a boy outside a PokeCenter. "Dude, I was born ready," he replies, and the screen goes dark again. Then, one phrase lights it up:

    "Coming to a Forum near You."
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    *screen is first black, and then fades into a picture of a Mightyena with teh darkest tufts of fur imaginable with twin streaks of crimson running on the fur from the spot behind his ears unconcious upon a nest of bones. A woosh, and then the camera zooms into the closed eye as it begins to open...*

    The truth...

    *eyelids slowly rise and movement is seen under the skin*

    Don't you wish for it?

    *eyelid opens to reveal a bright crimson eyes burning like coal before screen blacks out*

    *Slience hangs for a moment before a low snarl sounds through and screen fades into another scene, one where a Houndoom with a crack upon his right horn is shackled by chians weleded onto the wall. The hound lies there, unconcious as well... but in front of him stands Mewtwo with jet black skin a blood red parts where the purple used to be. He looks impassively at the Pokemon in front of him, a smirk that reaches into his own hellfire eyes*

    Both of you have traveled for sometime now... and long for the same thing...

    *scene then switches to a fourteen year old girl with pale green hair facing a huge shilouette, her emerald eyes glaring straight at her opponent. She shouts something, and then three blurs fly past her, stopping in front of the opponent to real a Pikachu, a Cubone and a Sneasel with a right metallic arm*

    The past will return...

    *now the scene shows Rukario at the very front, walking away from Mewtwo, who is sitting upon a throne-like chair at the very end of the hallway they're in. Two large figures stand behind the clone, both with garnet eyes as well*

    And you will discover your past...

    *screen then flashes the Mightyena from the beginning, a maroon-feathered Pidgeotto, the Sneasel from before, an Umbreon, a small, dark shadow with blood red eyes and an Absol last comes the Houndoom from before, still unconcious before Mewtwo as the screen zooms upon the clone's face, who gives a fanged smile before screen finally blacks out*

    ...for it is time, my son.

    | Midian |
    City. Řf. The. Damned


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    Click to Read Ashes of Johto! Please Review!

    Twilight has fallen on a world in which humans and Pokemon are now bitter enemies

    (A Steelix looms over a collapsing city)

    (A Mighyena drags a villager into a black forest)

    (Badly burned humans hang out of the windows of a village)

    Five Pokemon trainers remain to try and rekindle the fire of a dead world

    James Chambers - Vengeance

    I’ve tracked him across Kanto, Orre and Shinou. I see him in every one of my dreams, every single night. His name is Takeshi Miyai, and he’s the man I’m going to kill

    (James yells and throws a Pokeball)

    Kim Saitou - Loss

    I've lost everything to Pokemon. I hate Pokemon.

    (Kim opens fire on a horde of approaching Magnemites as explosions rock a dark room full of machinery0

    Jeff Hibiki - Hope

    There will be a day that men and Pokemon reunite.

    (Jeff appears, hat slung low over his eyes, on the back of an Arcanine)

    This is their story

    (A Jibacoil buzzes and attacks)

    (Umbreon and Arcanine roar and collide)

    (A Pidgeot screeches and slams a Mightyena)

    Sacred Fire: The Ashes of Johto
    Part One of a Trilogy

    Where were you the day the bells tolled?

    Click to Read and Review Ashes of Johto!
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    Here's another one for New Lives... but it's a special one advertising an upcoming arc that's very exciting...

    (The scene is Naruto lying on his bed, Sadness and Sorrow (piano version) plays in the background)

    Voice Over (Male): Uzumaki Naruto has a secret...

    (Shot Kyubi wrecking the Village Hidden in the Leaves)

    Voice Over: Now Naruto worries that his new friend will find out...

    (Shots of Ash, Kiyo, Luffy, Ranma and Hinata)

    Voice Over: They will abandon him...

    (shot of Naruto's dream where the other leave him...)

    Voice Over: But what will happen when...

    (Shot of Opal merging her energy with Kyubi's...)

    Voice: It does come out...

    (BGM changes to The rising of Fighting Spirit, scene changes to the fight between Cat Fist Ranma and Demon Charaka Possessed Naruto...)

    Voice Over: Now join Ash.

    (shot of Ash with Pikachu on his shoulder)

    Voice: Kiyo...

    (Shot of Kiyo with Zatch next to him)

    Voice Over: Luffy...

    (Shot of Luffy)

    Voice: Ranma...

    (Shot of Ranma)

    Voice Over: Setsuna

    (Shot of Setsuna)

    Voice: Hinata

    (Shot of Hinata)

    Voice Over: The Pervy Sage

    (Shot of Jirayra... but this one has him speaking)

    Jirayra: Don't call me that...

    Voice Over: and of course...

    Ash: Naruto...

    (Shot of Neo Sailor Moon using Rainbow Crystal Healing on him)

    Kiyo: Naruto...

    (shot of Sailor Mercury using Shabon Spray)

    Luffy: Naruto...

    (Shot of Sailor Mars fighting the demons possessed Naruto in hand to hand combat)

    Ranma: Naruto...

    (Shot of Sailor Jupiter fighting Naruto in hand to hand combat)

    Hinata (screaming): Naruto!

    (Shots of various fights from during the arc articallyt the sparring session between Naruto, Luffy and Ranma in the dojo and server shots of the demon possessed Naruto...)

    Luffy voice over these shots: We’re friends and I don’t abandon my friends...

    (The screen goes black and music stops... words appear in gold letters)

    New Lives: Naruto's Secret Arc

    (scene swtiches to Neo Sialor Moon dragging Sialor Venus away in chapter 14)

    Sailor Venus: Help me! Help me! I need an adult! I need an adult!

    (screen goes black gold letters appear)

    Coming soon to Serebii
    One day... one day in the future... I will get over my hatred of Betas... when that day comes you will be able enjoy my fics in all it's glory...

    Unless you hate crossovers and AUs... then your pretty much screwed...

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    Default Pokemon: Ascension

    A figure stands in the peaceful town of Pallet, long red hair blowing in the breeze. The camera zooms in to show the girl’s face, with her eyes closed. “Who Knew?” by Pink is heard as the screen flashes rapidly, showing the girl raise her head to look at the camera. Her eyes open and a human with icy blue hair appears behind her.

    Random images rapidly flash. The red haired girl picking up a Pokeball, a blonde haired girl looking worried and a boy with brown hair rolling his eyes in frustration.

    An announcer comes in, one with a deep voice, as the screen shows three silhouetted figures standing in front of a doorway.

    “Once, they were normal.”

    The screen shifts to show the red haired girl, laughing, a Rentoraa rubbing itself against the girl’s legs and purring happily; the blonde haired girl doing handstands beside her Venusaur, and finally the boy with brown hair sitting on his Blastoise, ordering him to use Surf. The watery attack envelops the screen, then goes black.

    “Now, three teenagers have been chosen – somewhat accidentally – to defeat five tyrannical Legendaries.”

    On the left side of the screen, three strange humans stand behind the teenagers. The one who had icy blue hair – a woman – stands behind the red haired girl, the man with spiky yellow hair stands behind the brown haired boy and a second man with brass red hair stands behind the girl with blonde hair. Hovering in the air above them is a small pink feline and a winged green fairy.

    On the right side of the screen stood a tall whitish-purple masculine Pokemon; beside him were a large white draconic bird, a blue canine with white diamond-like spots, a yellow canine that closely resembled a tiger and a brown canine with a cloud-like formation on its back.

    “Take one rude girl…”

    The red haired girl is shown, shouting at her mother.

    “Add in a bit of deviousness…”

    The blonde haired girl is seen, smiling happily while crossing her fingers behind her back.

    “Now add a bit of cunning…”

    An image of the brown haired boy appears, moving through the soccer stands and pick-pocketing something.

    The screen goes black again.

    The two girls appear, beside the boy, and the red haired girl points at the camera.

    “We may not have been the real Guardians, but we’ll still get the job done.”

    The three teenagers then hold up three necklaces – the first has a smoky blue stone, the second is pale lemon and the third opaque amber. The three strange humans appear behind the teenagers.

    “I’m Alcina; representing Articuno, the bird of Ice.”

    “The name’s Zenas. I represent Zapdos, the bird of Lightning.”

    “And I’m Magnus; representing Moltres, the bird of Fire.”

    The screen goes black for the last time, and words form on the screen, the announcer saying them as well.

    --- Pokemon: Ascension ---
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    Quickly, Kogi bent down and whispered something to Mudkip. Both of them had wide spread grins on their faces.

    Suddenly, Mudkip fell into a collapsed heap. The younger Zagon went over to the Mudkip and pawed at it. Kogi cried in desperation. The older Zagon seemed content and stomped back to the feild.

    "Now!" exclaimed Kogi. Mudkip got up and quickly tripped Zagon. It leapt in the air again, and as the Zagon fired a thunderbolt, it cartwheeled out of the way. It jumped towards the Zagon this time, and started tailwhipping it rapidly.
    Coming soon..maybe even this week.

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    Check out these shipping/romance one-shots! ^^

    I’m With You (Contestshipping)
    May feels lonely in the Johto region, even with his little by her side.

    Far Away (Colosseumshipping)
    Wes, a school rebel. Rui, a goody girl he has a crush on. How hard is it to place a letter in the right envelope.

    You Are Not Alone (Tails x Cosmo)
    Guess what Tails has been doing after Cosmo was sacrificed to save the galaxy.
    Formerly known as Brian Powell

    Check these out:

    Thanks for the card, Skiks
    Pokemon Impact (PG13):
    Series: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 (Cancelled)

    Starring Black Jack, a veteran pokemon trainer who saves the lives of others while breaking necks of his enemies in cold blood. You want action? You got action!
    (Continue or Reboot? That is the question.)

    Goldenrod High (Chaptered Comedy Multishipping fic PG13) Updated: 02/12/09
    Who says school is just for learning? ^^

    Check out my other stories, and everyone else's in the Completed Fics forum!

    Been doing some singing and voice impressions too! Check me out at the Brian Random Channel Thread!

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    ...I decided that I need more readers, so meh. Here goes:

    "There is a region...far away..."

    *Shows map of Orre*

    "Where Pokemon were turned away from the light...and into the shadow..."

    *Shows close-up view of Shadow Lugia's head as you hear it's cry.*

    "But one young boy...stood against them..."

    *Shows blackened picture of Micheal standing atop a rock, Eevee beside him.*

    " their truly darkest hour..."

    *picture fades until Micheal and Eevee are gone, showing only the rock.*

    "Their young hero is gone...and the threat is in a new region..."

    *Picture fades into map of Hoenn.*

    "And the new heroes will have to experience...the worst..."

    *Map quickly flashes into black screen, then a drop of water is seen falling into a black area of water, creating a ripple effect. Inside the ripples the sillouhettes of the four heroes are seen, then rippling stops. Another drop falls, inside these ripples the face of Deoxys is seen, with red glaring eyes.*

    "Pokemon: Shadow Generaton...a new Generation of Pokemon is about to begin...

    *Sound of Deoxys' cry is heard.*

    So? What do you think? Not bad.

    ~fuzzy out~

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    Next time on Pokémon XD^3: The Waves of Truth :

    What happens when music goes bad?

    "I so will now dazzle you with my starring performance! My musical talent combined with the raw power of Shadow Pokémon! Now, shine the spotlight on that brilliant star of shadows - Togekiss!!"

    And what happens when the awful melody of evil cannot be stopped?

    "None of your feeble Ranger Stylers can stop our Shadow Stylers! Togekiss! Teach him a lesson!"

    Rich, Anabel, Olivia and Jackie make the startling discovery that Enigma Shadow's been quite busy for the past seven years. Their new Shadow Styler is no joke already. While Yung and Gordor work feverishly under Queen Shadow's supervision with the goal of creating the ultimate Shadow Styler, can Rich manage to stand up to the startling power possessed by only a prototype model?

    The harmonic clash of Rich versus Lovrina shall be resolved in Chapter Two of Pokémon XD^3: The Waves of Truth.

    (Banner by Matori)
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    Next: The Weight of the World (Part 2)

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    Wouldn't you like to know?

    Default Memory Lake

    Come and read one this awesome story called....

    Memory Lake

    A fic that includes a lot of mystery, comedy and teenage romance and an unbelievable amount of suspense! So, what are you waiting for? Go and read the fic, I promise you that you will not regret it! Just click on the banner in my sig!
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    *A clock is heard ticking*
    *Screen changes from black to a startling flash of blue*

    *Camera pans out to an arena, where a fainted Pikachu can be seen, with a Regice standing over it*

    "Pikachu is unable to battle. Regice is the winner. The match goes to Brandon."

    ANNOUNCER: Twelve years ago, Ash Ketchum failed in the Battle Frontier.
    And his life fell apart.

    *Camera fades out, pans to an office*
    *We see an old man in a business suit sitting at his desk. A guy in his twenties rushes in*
    "Mr. Ketchum, you're late."

    *We see the guy on a bike, in a messenger's uniform*
    *He pulls up to a mansion, and rings the doorbell*
    *A red-haired woman opens the door*
    "Misses Rainette Abalone, Gym Leader of Cerulean? Package for you. Sign here."

    ANNOUNCER: He drifted through life...without purpose, hope, or a future...
    Until a horrific crime shocked him into action....

    *A horribly mutilated body is shown on the floor of a large laboratory. Camera
    pans to diploma on wall, which clearly reads Samuel Oak*

    ANNOUNCER: Now, Ash Ketchum must revisit his past. Old friends, enemies, and Pokemon...

    *A Pidgeot descends from the skies*
    *A man wielding a sword, fights Mightyena alongside a Meowth wearing boots*
    *A helicopter with a large red R on the side takes off*

    ANNOUNCER: And find the killer, before it's too late...

    *He is shown tumbling off a skyscraper*

    ANNOUNCER: Regrets. Coming Summer 2007 to Pokemon Fan-Fiction forums everywhere.
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    Next time on Pokémon XD^3: The Waves of Truth....

    Rosemary's invention begins to show its stuff, but not in the way she had intended!

    "I don't understand it. I designed this machine to detect diamonds and pearls, but I'm getting ridiculously high readings of heat, metal and oxygen all from the same place!"

    When an accidental reading leads to the unintended discovery of an ancient relic with great powers said to be sealed within, it's a race against time for Rich to make it there before Enigma Shadow!

    "We discovered the key relic to uncovering the Aura Crystals, Queen Shadow. Hyota and I are preparing for an expedition there right now."

    "This sounds promising, Brandon. You'd better not screw it up!"

    "I don't think they even know about the relic, so there shouldn't be anything to worry about."

    But Rich and company didn't count on getting interference from a third party...

    "My name's Eusine. I'm an expert on Legendary Pokémon, and I travel the world with the goal of seeing, battling, and capturing Suicune. Sorry, but I can't let you go into that relic and disturb the peace of the Aura Crystals."

    "Listen to me, Eusine, we have to go there! Enigma Shadow might already be there as we speak!"

    "The answer is no! You are not worthy of standing in the presence of Legendary Pokémon!"

    "I've battled and captured a Suicune myself. Are you going to tell me that isn't enough?"

    "HOW DARE YOU! How dare you desecrate the name of the legendary and fantastic Suicune! I'm going to beat you into the ground in a battle to make you pay for that lie!"

    Can Rich convince Eusine that what he says is true? And even if he can do that, can he manage to save the relic from Brandon and Hyota? Tune in next time on Pokémon XD^3: The Waves of Truth to find out!

    (Banner by Matori)
    Beyond all ideals, the truth shall set you free...
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    The steps on the road to the truth.
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    Hmmmmm, how about 1 for one of my series, its not on here cause I dont think it would go over big here, but w/e.

    He was kidnapped, his friends murdered, but a satanic cult, and his time to be killed has almost arrived. But he isnt going to stand for that...

    He must escape, and battle the cult itseld to do it. But can he take out the cult's seemingly invincible leader? This is the episode that everyone will remember. Who will survive, and will be exterminated? Its an all new Extermination, now on Showcreator forums.

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