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    Default Katiekittens Banners.

    Sorry! Requests closed until I finish the current lot. Shouldn't take long... Just letting you all know.

    Ok, I decided to open up my banners to the public. Examples of my work? Here they are:

    I can also make animated banners, an example is the banner below. I would have put it in my sig, but I already have too many banners.

    If you want a banner, fill out the following form:

    Text: What should it say?
    Theme: What should the background be?
    Add ons: Do you want any other pictures blended in?
    Animation: Should it be animated? If so, what should be animated? How?
    Other: Anything else you want on it.

    That is a rough sheet of what you should put. Please bare in mind that animations take a lot longer to create than normal banners.

    Banners I have completed for other people...

    1. Mimori's.
    2. Shadow Fortes
    3. Jojo's
    4. Persian elegance
    5. Clammyshazam
    6. Water lover
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