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Thread: Katiekittens Banners.

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    Do you really care?


    hello can someone here make me a trainer card plz

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    In the Valleys of Darkness


    Text: Just like their love goes on so does mine for you

    Theme: Filled with hearts.

    Add ons: yes

    Animation: yes

    Other: No.

    Pictures :

    PO username: [PK]Dark Goddess
    Credit to Hokiemon of Nintendo Worlds for the banner
    and Dr. Chaos for the userbar. :3

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    BrokenDreams Guest


    Are u open? If so, I'd like a banner

    Text: BrokenDreams

    Theme: A mirror reflecting the name and a paused thunderstorm

    Add-ons: none

    Animation: Yes; the mirror fades into view, a glint slides over it diagonally and the name comes on as the glint passes over it. The the mirror shatters and falls to peices.

    Is it to complicated??? I hope it isn't

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    On a Mars bar. :)


    Nope, sorry, I'm closing shop. Sorry for not replying to your PM, my computer decided to leave for florida, leaving me behind. ;_; Anyway, I might open a new shop at some point, but not now. I'm way to busy. Sorry!

    Floating over your rocky spine
    The glaciers made you and now you're mine

    Pair: duncan | Lyrics: Great Lake Swimmers

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