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Thread: Katiekittens Banners.

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    Do you really care?


    hello can someone here make me a trainer card plz

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    Text: Just like their love goes on so does mine for you

    Theme: Filled with hearts.

    Add ons: yes

    Animation: yes

    Other: No.

    Pictures :
    Hello all! I'm somewhat back to the forums but I'm also trying to work on my Youtube channel with my husband, The Umbreon Master. Please look at our videos here! YouTube

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    BrokenDreams Guest


    Are u open? If so, I'd like a banner

    Text: BrokenDreams

    Theme: A mirror reflecting the name and a paused thunderstorm

    Add-ons: none

    Animation: Yes; the mirror fades into view, a glint slides over it diagonally and the name comes on as the glint passes over it. The the mirror shatters and falls to peices.

    Is it to complicated??? I hope it isn't

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    Nope, sorry, I'm closing shop. Sorry for not replying to your PM, my computer decided to leave for florida, leaving me behind. ;_; Anyway, I might open a new shop at some point, but not now. I'm way to busy. Sorry!

    Floating over your rocky spine
    The glaciers made you and now you're mine

    Pair: duncan | Lyrics: Great Lake Swimmers

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