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No you aren't, I also kept rewinding my DVR although I don't think it was a Breloom, or any other current Pokemon for that matter.

If you look at the 1st pic on the 2nd row of this link http://serebii.net/anime/pictures/kanto/428.shtml you can see this mystery pokemon (the blue-purple one with a green collar), the reason I say it isn't a Breloom is, (a breeloom pic is in this link http://serebii.net/anime/pictures/houen/358ps6.shtml)
1. The green collar around it neck, Brellom's collar sticks out, this one bends down.

2. Breloom have 2 little mushrooms on there head, neither of these little mushrooms are there.

3. Breloom's head is shaped like a mushroom, the mystery pokemon's isn't.

So if anyone knows what the pokemon in the link above is, please tell me.
If you loo kat the photo really closly I see 2 little mushroom things but they are kinda fuzzy, also Brelooms collar does bend down... it isn't stright out like I see in both pictures. So some wierd error proably at the studio and they slipped in a shiny Breloom by accident.

We really can't count it since it wasn't battled but maybe it was just a thing that they slipped in to fool us.

On topic: Great show, the wife was kinda dumb... at least her fat didn't cover her face like the last anti-pokemon lady. It was also a really good showing of frenzy plant. Overall very good show, and the voices got better too!