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Thread: MTG COTD: Serra's Blessing

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    Default MTG COTD: Serra's Blessing

    Serra's Blessing - Weatherlight, 6th, 9th Edition. Uncommon
    1W: Enchantment
    Attacking does not cause creatures you control to tap.
    Attacking doesn't cause creatures you control to tap.
    "I have seen your strength inbued in angels' wings, and I have felt your sorrow rain down on the ruins brought by the Lord of the Wastes.
    -Hanna, Weatherlight navigator

    Creatures you control have vigilance. (Attackin gdoesn't cause them to tap.)
    "Rise, and I will show you how to run without flagging, fight with raging, and fly without wings."

    Cool card. I was always a fan of vigilance since you dont have to worry about leaving yourself open if you tap your attacking creatures. Now, since this card is a static effect, doesn't target, and only costs 2 mana, what's wrong with this card? Not much.

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    From what little experience I have in the MTG world, this thing looks pretty strong. At a cost of only 1W, it is a cheap way to go on the offensive without leaving yourself open to a massive attack next turn. It also lets you use abilities of creatures after the attack phase a bit more often.

    It's not exactly worth splashing some white mana in ANY deck for, but it is reasonable to work this in to a deck that doesn't have TOO much trouble paying its casting cost, especially if you play cards that can produce multiple types of mana. 3.5/5
    Props to MysticFlames for these!

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    As nice as vigilance is, Serra's Blessing is almost worthless in a deck.

    Unlike Levitation or Glorious Anthem, Serra's Blessing won't help you win any games. Vigilance is nice when it's built into a creature, but to put a card into your deck just so your creatures can have vigilance and only vigilance, it's not particularly amazing.

    Vigilance is primarily a defensive ability and there are plenty of other, much better Enchantments to help with being defensive while offensive. i.e. Noble Purpose.

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    I don't have too much experience with White but this would be quite fun with the voices or Jareth Leonine Titan. 3/5

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