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    Default Memories (Hoennshipping PG)

    This is just another fic of mine I wrote (or typed). Hope ya like it!

    Rated: PG
    Genre: Romance
    Couple: Hoennshipping

    Do You Remember?

    The sun shines over the region of Hoenn as I lay down on the soft grass, the wind tickling my face.

    “Brendan?” There was that angelic voice I loved. I turned around to see my childhood friend watching me with those beautiful sapphire blue eyes.

    “Yes, May?” She walked over to where I was sitting and plopped down next to me.

    “What are you doing?” She asks, her eyes curious. She always was pretty cute like that.

    “Nothing, just sitting around enjoying the day,” I reply. She nods and looks at the vast sky that goes on forever.

    “… Do you remember?” May asks all of the sudden. Now I got curious.

    “Remember what?” She giggles and ruffles my snow-white hair.

    “Do you remember when we used to play here back then when we were little?” Ah, I get it. I smiled remembering.


    It was a happy day as I play at my favorite spot in Littleroot. The hill was always a great place to play and see the view of Littleroot. The oak tree was great for shade, so it was nice and cool. I roll my ball seeing as I was bored. “Aw man, I wish there was someone I could play with…”

    “Hi!” said a sudden voice. I jump up in fright and turn around to see a girl with brown hair and sapphire blue eyes wearing a red dress. She sure was pretty. “Oh, I didn’t mean to startle you! Sorry about that!”

    “It’s ok. I wasn’t scared or anything!” She just giggles.

    “Really? Then, why did you jump up like that?” I blushed in embarrassment.

    “I-I was just surprised, that’s all. Anyway, you don’t seem to be familiar face around here.”

    “I just moved here! I used to live in Johto. But, my dad moved here for his work as a gym leader.” Gym leader?

    “Oh, is your dad friends with my dad Prof. Birch?” She nods in reply.

    “Yep! I’m the daughter of Norman Maple! I’m May. Nice to meet you!” May smiles and extends her hand.

    “Nice to meet you too. I’m Brendan Birch!” We shook hands and I think I felt myself blush holding her soft hand. “I heard the gym leader had a kid around my age. I didn’t the kid was a girl!”

    “Hey! That’s mean!” She said with a mock pout. I chuckled at her cute antics.

    “Don’t worry about it. I was just kidding. I’m glad I met someone new. Besides you’re really pretty.” Once I realized what I just said, we both flushed.

    “You know Brendan?”


    “I think you and I could be really good friends!” I smiled.

    “Sure we can!”

    “Promise we’ll be friends… forever?” She shyly held out a pinky finger.

    “Promise.” We did a pinky swear, promising we’ll be friends no matter what.

    “Kids! It’s time for dinner!” Our mother called.

    “Aww… we couldn’t play together!” May whined.

    “It’s okay. We can play together tomorrow!”


    “Sure, we are friends after all!” We smiled.

    “Kids!” Our mothers called again.

    “Well, see ya later!”

    “Okay!” Before she left, she gave me a kiss on the cheek. I felt myself blush even harder.

    That meeting under the old oak tree was the start of a new friendship. It was a special place.

    End of Flashback

    “Still living up to that promise?” She asks. I chuckled softly and kissed her on the cheek.

    “Of course, dear.” It was pretty cute seeing her blush like that.

    She puts her head on my shoulder. “Forever?”

    “Forever.” I put an arm around her.

    We sat like that under the same old oak tree watching the clear blue sky.

    ~The End~

    So, is it good, bad? I feel kinda silly writing this when I haven't even finished my first Hoennshipping fic.

    Plz R+R!
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