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Thread: Ruby and emerald!

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    Default Ruby and emerald!

    Can anyone help me on what team i should use for the elite for on emerald (and on ruby, i have to do it there too, but emerald is more important).
    The team i am raising right now consists of:
    Walrein Lv44
    Blaziken Lv48
    Manetric Lv47
    Breloom Lv43
    Pelipper Lv43----->Skarmory?
    Rayquaza Lv70

    Other pokes i have raised are:
    Golduck Lv33
    Seviper Lv40
    Torkoal Lv43

    And on ruby:
    Blaziken Lv50
    Noctowl Lv49
    Glalie Lv48
    Venusaur Lv49
    Manectric Lv48
    Blastoise Lv48

    Others: Magmar Lv45
    Beautifly Lv34
    Bayleef Lv16

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    Yup. There is NOTHING to rate here.

    Next time, post your team with their moves/items/natures/EVs. That way, we can rate.

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