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    Default READ these SIMPLE RULES

    I'll update this sometime in the future, but here's a general outline:

    1) Provide constructive criticism and offer help to a deck. (haven't seen this as much of a problem)

    2) Explain what sort of deck it is either in the title or first few lines of the post. (again, not much of a problem)

    3) Don't do anything to just push your deck down (prevent peeking to see what its about when you hover over the thread title.)

    4) Do state what format your deck is. (Yu-Gi-Oh!: Advanced vs Traditional, Magic: Type 1 vs Type 2, etc.)

    ***To make sure everyone here reads the rules, any thread not following any of the above will be closed on the spot.

    Count-down to section-wide clean-up:

    (countdown started at 7)
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