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Thread: What happened to " A Day in May?'

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    Unhappy What happened to " A Day in May?'

    What happened to " A Day in May?' I tryed looking it up, but the search says the words are too random, and I cant find it.
    - credit goes to jolteon
    I know a secret....     Spoiler:

    Quote Originally Posted by Cipher
    No, no, no. You simply don't understand how comfortable those pads are. Women who wear those jsut can't wait for their next period so they can feel its cushy softness in their pants. Women also enjoy: cooking, cleaning, raising children, and not being able to vote. If only you understood. That commercial's just talking to all the little women out there.
    You tell em cipher<_<

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    There you go.

    Now try not to make anymore rule-breaking topics like these, please. :\

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