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Thread: need help w/ a team (need natures)

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    NeoCrisis873 Guest

    Question need help w/ a team (need natures)

    hey im new n need my emerald team rated
    idk n e thing about EVs or IVs or natures(pleez help me!!!)

    Sceptile@Lum Berry(Lvl. 62)
    Lax Nature

    Giga Drain
    Quick Attack
    (goin to rebreed but need nature; im gonna have leafblade, thunderpunch, crunch, FILLER)

    Swellow@Lax Incense(Lvl. 58)
    Impish Nature

    Aerial Ace
    Wing Attack (ganna be facade)

    Gyrados@Mystic Water(Lvl. 57)
    Sassy Nature

    I'm not gonna put the moveset cause I'm not gonna change it...

    Aggron@Leftovers(Lvl. 57)
    Rash Nature

    Iron Tail

    Metagross@Shell Bell(Lvl. 57)
    Hardy Nature

    Sludge Bomb
    Meteor Mash
    Iron Defense

    Camerupt@Quick Claw(Lvl. 40) (Still in training)
    Serious Nature

    Ember(Soon to be Flamethrower)
    Rock Slide
    Amnesia (???Need a move or keep this one???)

    Thats my team... again i don't know what EVs are or what nature ot make them.
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