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    Default ATTN:Shining mew

    Just pointing out,I'M NOT KOOPA.have you looked at our IP adress ?
    im not even joking.

    The awesome banner was made by Drayano

    The Metanitar

    Version: Diamond
    Name: Silver
    Friend Code: 0559 3411 3765

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    um yes. there is one that matches.

    more specifically:

    and PMs would work too.
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    My TSVs are 1021 and 1558

    If you have a matching egg, I will gladly hatch it for you! Please send me a PM with your FC, IGN, timezone/availability, and if you want a nickname.

    I am looking for people to hatch the following eggs for me:

    2895, 2653, 1622, 3548, 3208, 0848, 2682, 2844, 2955

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