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Thread: FB Members List

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    Default FB Members List

    This thread is for Fizzy Bubbles Members only. After you have applied for membership and passed the FB Registration Test you will check the list below to ensure you have been issued with a Special Pokeball. When you see your name below you can copy/paste your post from the Registration Thread to this one which is where it will stay for the remainder of your time in Fizzy Bubbles.

    Please be sure to update your account details regularly to include any pokemon or items you obtain during your adventures.

    Please DO NOT post signatures

    People who have received a Special Pokeball:

    MetalGardevoir - Fast Ball
    Vagabond Aeon - Moon Ball
    EonMaster Zero - Dive Ball
    Gamer C - Heavy Ball
    Hopip - Fast Ball
    Eeveeboy_geoff - Friend Ball - (One Beauty point to captured pokemon)
    1337 Charizard - Lure Ball
    Eon - Luxury Ball - (Two Beauty poiints to captured pokemon)
    Raposa Dalua - Lure Ball
    Darkdog - Level Ball
    Sentret - Moon Ball
    Charizard_master - Heavy Ball
    Ladyumbra - Lure Ball
    Dunkle - Dive Ball
    Chaos Angel - Repeat Ball
    Link Hero Of Winds - Heavy Ball
    Trainer-Corey - Level ball
    Aniodia - Net Ball
    Shimitaro - Fast Ball
    ElementalDragon - Friend Ball (One Beauty point to captured pokemon)
    soaken28 - Dive Ball
    pikachu_king - Nest Ball
    rokman - Lure Ball
    Crystal_Espeon - Fast Ball
    Shadowfaith - Friend Ball One Beauty point to captured pokemon)
    Aeroblast - Timer Ball
    Lon - Love Ball
    Tha Legend - Timer Ball
    Houndoom Master - Heavy Ball
    Torkip - Repeat Ball
    Boy_wonder - Fast Ball
    GardevoirMaster - Dive Ball
    lilbluecorsola - Net Ball
    Aislequette - Love Ball
    Arashi Aeriuu - Fast Ball
    Absol_Master - Moon Ball
    Pichu lover! - Lure Ball
    jaelinfunk - Dive Ball
    Blaxiken-Z - Heavy Ball
    Shadow_Fox - Friend Ball (One Beauty point to captured pokemon)
    Crystal Nanaki - Dive Ball
    Batesy - Net Ball
    Flanneryfan - Moon Ball
    Lugia the Ultimate - Luxury Ball (Two Beauty poiints to captured pokemon)
    Mozinrath - Fast Ball
    Flames Galore - Lure Ball
    Sheer Cold - Friend Ball
    ForeverFlygon - Love Ball
    PokéCma - Fast Ball
    SnowStorm92 - Dive Ball
    pokemon_pirate - Moon Ball
    Vilexaron - Timer Ball
    Iveechan - Net Ball
    Hao Kaiser - Heavy Ball
    Juno - Level Ball
    Aurora Wish - Lure Ball
    Black_Luster_Typhlosion - Lure Ball
    Pikamaster - Moon Ball
    BD25 - Timer Ball
    Taihen Dakedo - Net Ball
    Typloshion X - Dive Ball
    komodo396 - Repeat Ball
    Aron Fan - Dive Ball
    Ringo - Love Ball
    Psychic - Premier Ball
    Fluorii - Heavy Ball
    Golden Mew - Fast Ball
    Golden Glory - Lure Ball
    schrack - Moon Ball
    jerichirules - Heavy Ball
    Arctic Wish - Nest Ball
    Kittsie - Fast Ball
    GoGoTenda - Heavy Ball
    Mr.Internet - Fast Ball
    Samot - Lure Ball
    Latias10 - Luxury Ball (Two Beauty poiints to captured pokemon)
    The Master - Repeat Ball
    Deoxysmaster17 - Fast Ball
    Chika Jin - Moon Ball
    RekKuzA - Dive Ball
    Elite Arbiter - Moon Ball
    Wyndigo - Friend Ball (One Beauty point to captured pokemon)
    Crystallugia - Dive Ball
    Staryu & Starmie - Net Ball
    goldraven - Moon Ball
    Nuzleaf Blower - Love Ball
    Shining Kyogre - Heavy Ball
    Shinji - Net Ball
    BlastoseBrigade - Nest Ball
    AJ. - Timer Ball
    Amadeus Windfall - Fast Ball
    Vox_Anteron - Timer Ball
    Neptune - Lure Ball
    ?????- Premier Ball
    Wayne 007 - Lure Ball
    BabyCharmander - Net Ball
    mantio - Dive Ball
    Professor Xic - Friend Ball (One Beauty point to captured pokemon)
    Lord Of Fishmelia - Nest Ball
    MetalYoshi17 - Lure Ball
    Epyon - Heavy Ball
    Legendary Shobu X - Friend Ball
    Kas85 - Heavy Ball
    Krystal - Moon Ball
    Icechomp 3 - Luxury Ball
    thed3 - Level Ball
    BlazikenBoy - Fast Ball
    Shiny_Magneton - Love Ball
    mike4545163 - Dive Ball
    TK03 - Nest Ball
    The Water God - Moon Ball
    Takashi - Timer Ball
    >Heroduck< - Heavy Ball
    TexanChris - Friend Ball
    Riku fan - Premier Ball
    Elite Water Trainer - Heavy Ball
    Castform - Moon Ball
    Trick-or-Treater - Fast Ball
    LordAndrew - Friend Ball
    RazzPersian - Dive Ball
    rosedarkmaster - Lure ball
    tommyship2 - Fast ball
    Pokémon Master Denny - Nest Ball
    Master of Chaos - Moon Ball
    joshua - Dive Ball
    Spi Jirachi - Love Ball
    Kauser79 - Fast Ball
    x9ss - Lure Ball
    P-Arts - Level Ball
    Tamer Zack - Moon Ball
    meandude33 - Luxury Ball
    Psyshadow - Friend Ball
    Raikou_Man - Fast Ball
    umbreon11 - Net Ball
    Dark Fire - Repeat Ball
    Ice Tyranitar - Moon Ball
    Lil Flareon - Lure Ball
    JirachiBlack - Heavy Ball
    duncan - Fast Ball
    Psychic Scyther - Level Ball
    Crazy Wartortle - Repeat Ball
    Nitrus - Dive Ball
    Mr. Metagross - Net Ball
    neopolis3 - Repeat Ball
    Ultra_Espeon - Fast Ball
    Dark Scizor - Timer Ball
    ShinyStaryu - Nest Ball
    Jered Cain - Friend ball
    Moonlight - Lure Ball
    Jon Jen - Moon Ball
    Darkchu - Dive Ball
    Chikorita04 - Premier Ball
    lord of steel - Heavy Ball
    Battle Champion - Moon Ball
    Nightime Lugia - Lure Ball
    Thunder Star - Fast ball
    TreekoKnight87 - Heavy Ball
    Bzoeker - Timer ball
    Fire Tornado - Nest Ball
    blaziken's_charizard - Heavy Ball
    Torkoal Stu - Fast Ball
    Furret Flurry 12 - Net Ball
    hitmon - friend ball 1 Beauty point to captured pokemon
    Minun Master - Level Ball
    Pizza guy - Dive Ball
    UmbreonTrainer2004 - Premier Ball
    Aura The Wolf - Moon Ball
    JBlink - Lure Ball
    GWAR_Aggron_GWAR - Fast Ball
    -Q- - Heavy Ball
    CowDude - repeat ball
    Elemental Charizam - Timer Ball
    HakuBlue - Net Ball
    Alexander the great V2 - Nest Ball
    Arc_Angel - Heavy ball
    Dark_Umbreon2005 - Lure Ball
    Umbrazard - Timer Ball
    Artic_Fox - Lure Ball
    Supernerd - Heavy Ball
    NateDawg161992 - Timer Ball
    Kickle Cubicle - repeat Ball
    crosoverdroble45 - Timer Ball
    Power Hunter - net Ball
    Shigeru-Kun - Nest Ball
    Missingno. Master - Premier Ball
    Forest_4420 - Friend Ball (1 beauty point to the captured Pokemon)
    furizaa - Love Ball
    Shinjara - fast Ball
    PWDDragon - Lure ball
    Minako - Heavy ball
    Octillery - Fast Ball
    Shucklemaster J - Premier Ball
    Kawaiizanzan - Moon Ball
    Shining Vaporeon - Nest ball
    Bladerboy - Lure Ball
    MewSP - Heavy ball
    AeroGP - Timer Ball
    _Kangaskhan_ - Moon Ball
    cyberfazza - Lure Ball
    Veekatgirl - Net Ball
    Rocket's Sneasel ex - Dive Ball
    Sparkytroggle - Heavy Ball
    AeroKnight - Lure Ball
    quilava plush - Premier Ball
    Harper - Heavy Ball
    Flamethrower Charizard - Lure Ball
    Dae90 - Net Ball
    ryman - Fast Ball
    Skrusti - Timer Ball
    Beco - Net Ball
    azurill - Nest Ball
    Dragonite108 - Dive Ball
    Another Fan - Luxury Ball
    Manji - Moon Ball
    jirachiman876 - Heavy Ball
    Suicide - Premier Ball
    PorkYouPine - Heavy ball
    Nintyweb - Fast Ball
    PenguinGengar - Lure Ball
    Dark Duskull - Heavy ball
    Lonely Wanderer - Lure Ball
    ChakiChu - Timer ball
    Tale - Nest Ball
    Miror. B - Lure Ball
    Pan - Fast Ball
    The Eevee Evolutionary - Friend Ball
    Psiumbreon - Lure ball
    PokeKnight - Moon Ball
    Saffire Persian - Nest Ball
    Ichimaru - Heavy Ball
    Alilatias - Level Ball
    Cipher Admin Skarmory - Premier Ball
    Gunit - Fast Ball
    blaziken77 - lure ball
    Lee-san - Dive Ball
    Jonouchi - Fast Ball
    Kyuubii - Moon Ball
    Pearl's Perap - Heavy Ball
    Weebos, Purveyor of Great Fun - Level Ball
    Dragon 11 - Friend Ball
    [b]People who have recived a Starter Pack:[/url]
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    Default Home Board: UPN

    Name: enchantress
    Nickname: Tess
    Starter Pokemon: Girafarig (M) Lv. 5
    Misc: enchantress aka "Tessa" or "Tess" by her friends is 18 years old with shiny waist length black hair and emerald green eyes. At 5 feet 6 inches with pale skin, a belly button piercing and a tattoo of a small blue unicorn on her lower back she favours wearing tight black hipsters and black boots with a red tank top. She tends to be rather shy when she first meets people but opens up more and more as friendships form. Fiercely loyal to her friends (sometimes to a fault), honesty and a down to earth personality are what make her popular but this girl is no fool! She does not condone violence, stupidity, rudeness or egotistical attitudes. She favours fire-type pokemon because they match her temper. When this girl gets fired up be prepared for a blazing battle!

    For a more detailed account, click here.

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    Default Home Board:UPN

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    Post Home Board: Serebii

    ~*~*Trainer Name*~*~

    Crystaleirenia Lilyuh Serenity Auranima Breezezaru (Rei, call me Rei if you please)

    ~*Flygon :: Mysti Celeste Areganean Trepsteria(Mystic) :: Female :: Lv. 48
    Original Owner: Rei(Starter)
    Currently in: Friend Ball
    Type: Ground/Dragon
    Beauty Points: 0
    Nature: Rash
    Hold Item: Blackglasses
    Attacks Learnt: Bite, Sand Attack, Faint Attack, Sand Tomb, Crunch, Dragonbreath, Screech
    Egg Moves Learnt: Gust
    Move Tutor Moves Learnt: Substitute
    TMs/HMs/AMs: Icy Wind, Tri Attack, Shock Wave, Water Pulse, Fly, Strength, Rock Smash, Dig
    Current Location: Active Party

    ~*Swablu :: Breezariania Maestro(Breezy) :: Female :: Lv. 23
    Original Owner: Unknown(Adopted)
    Currently in: Pokeball
    Type: Flying/Normal
    Beauty Points: 0
    Nature: Naive
    Hold Item: None
    Attacks Learnt: Growl, Peck, Astonish, Sing, Fury Attack, Safegaurd
    Egg Moves Learnt: None
    Move Tutor Moves Learnt: None
    TMs/HMs/AMs: Water Pulse
    Current Location:Active Party

    ~*Seel :: Morninae Ivesly Dew (MorningDew) :: Female :: Lv. 15
    Original Owner: Unknown(Adopted)
    Currently in: Pokeball
    Type: Water
    Beauty Points: 0
    Nature: Quirky
    Hold Item: Silk Scarf
    Attacks Learnt: Headbutt, Growl
    Egg Moves Learnt: None
    Move Tutor Moves Learnt: None
    TMs/HMs/AMs: Surf, Whirlpool, Waterfall
    Current Location:Active Party

    ~*Horsea :: Aquatic Quo Ugandinae Aeru(Aqua) :: Female:: Lv. 5
    Original Owner: Wayne
    Currently in: Pokeball
    Type: Water
    Beauty Points: 0
    Hold Item: None
    Attacks Learnt: Bubble
    Egg Moves Learnt: None
    Move Tutor Moves Learnt: None
    TMs/HMs/AMs: Surf, Whirlpool, Waterfall, Dive
    Current Location: Active Party


    ~White Flute x1
    ~Black Flute x1
    ~Potion x04
    ~Antidote x10
    ~Burn Heal x10
    ~Ice Heal x10
    ~Awakening x04
    ~Parlyz Heal x10
    ~Super Potion x02
    ~Revive x04
    ~Fresh Water x02
    ~Soda Pop x01
    ~Escape Rope x10
    ~Sacred Ash x01
    ~Blackglasses x01(Mystic)
    ~Soft Sand x01
    ~Blue Scarf x01
    ~Magical Christmas Dragonair Plushie x1 (Gives one level and ice punch when squeezed. Only works once before becoming a prop.) [Not Used Yet]
    ~Shoal Salt x1
    ~Shoal Shell x1
    ~Heart Scale x1
    ~Silk Scarf(MorningDew) x1
    ~Nugget x1

    ~*Berry Pocket*~
    (I dun have a berry bag)

    Magost Berry x1
    Pinap Berry x1
    Wepear Berry x1
    Lum Berry x1
    Rawst Berry x1
    Sitrus Berry x1
    Kelpsy Berry x1

    ~*Pokeblock Case*~
    Indigo Pokeblock Raises Beauty by 30 points.

    ~*Ball Pocket*~

    ~Fast Ball x2
    ~Poké Ball x20
    ~X-mas Ball x2
    ~Fire ball x1
    ~New Year Ball x1
    ~Psychic Ball x1
    ~Love Ball x1
    ~Chocolate Ball x1


    Sunny Day x1
    Softboiled x1

    ~*Key Items*~

    ~Pokegear (Or PokeNav. I like PokeNav better)

    ~*Random Items of the Fizzy Events That Have Almost No Relavence To Adventures*~

    Whoo.... Looonnng name.

    ~Miltank 'loon(FB Birthday Celebration '05. Balloon in the shape of the Milktank's head. Does nothing. But it is very cute...)
    ~Slice of Cake(FB Birthday Celebration '05. Eat the sugary goodness.)
    ~Whistle(FB Birthday Celebration '05. Make noise with it.)
    ~Crystal Egg(Easter Event '06. Crystal statue of no worth. But extremely pretty.)


    1x Miss Kiss Jynx Plushie(kisses anything nearby with it's lips when sqeezed. WARNING: May caused itching on kissed patch.) [Given by FT updator Torkoal_Stu]

    ~*Obtaining of certain items(namely berries)...

    Magost Berry(4/19/06)
    Pinap Berry(4/22/06)
    Wepear Berry(4/26/06)
    Lum Berry(5/3/06)
    Rawst Berry
    Sitrus Berry(5/31/06)
    Kelpsy Berry(6/7/06)

    (Edited whenever needed)

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    Post Home Board: UPN

    Trainer Name: Eon
    Starter Pokemon: Bulbusaur Lv. 5

    Registration Post Here.

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    Post Home Board: Serebii

    Trainer Profile

    Name - Jessica

    Age - Fifteen

    Gender - Female

    Description - A plain girl, whose everyday attire consists simply of jeans, a shirt, and a black hoodie. Raven hair sweeps down the length of her back, and though appearing entirely black from a distance, shines hazel in bright light. Dark strands of it fall before her upturned eyes, which are of the exact same color. Those eyes peer shyly up at you from behind thick glass lenses, encircled by grey frames, which lend an air of intellect to the girl. Her cheeks often show a light hint of rosy flush, as if she were embarassed or ashamed. And indeed, her gaze is almost always directed at the floor, in hopes she will fail to draw attention to herself. If she knows you are friendly, she will usually regard you with a small, shy smile. Often to her own disappointment in herself however, if one were to crack a joke in her presence, she will respond with a wide grin or a fit of giggles, which she will immediately attempt to supress.

    Personality - Deliberately choosing not to stand out from a crowd, she will keep her thoughts to herself, remaining silent and noncommital most of the time. Her character is quiet and reserved, though there are times when her spirit truly shines through. If ever her companions are in danger, she will do everything within her power to aid them. Though she has difficulty expressing her affection, she is exceedingly fond of all her friends, and cares deeply for each and every one of them. When she feels comfortable with herself, she is jovial and responsive, though often clueless. She tends to act a bit odd sometimes.



    Item Pocket:
    7x Potions
    2x Antidote
    1x Full Heal
    1x Revive
    3x Fresh Water
    1x Blackglasses
    1x Green Shard
    2x Red Flute
    1x Sacred Ash
    1x Shoal Salt
    3x Shoal Shell
    1x Sharp Beak
    1x Pink Scarf
    1x Soda Pop
    1x Heart-Shaped Necklace (25% chance of Attraction)
    1x Cupid's Bow & Arrow (Gives chance to strike opponent for guaranteed Attraction)
    1x Lucky Rabbit's Foot (Ups Critical Hit Ratio)

    8x Sitrus Berry
    6x Oran Berry
    1x Berry Juice
    Berry Bag
    -2x Bluk Berry
    -2x Qualot Berry
    -1x Apicot Berry
    -2x Wepear Berry
    -2x Rawst Berry
    -1x Cheri Berry
    Berry Bag (2)
    -1x Lum Berry
    -1x Aguav Berry
    -1x Pomeg Berry
    -2x Chesto Berry
    -2x Petaya Berry
    -1x Starf Berry
    -1x Lum Berry
    -1x Lansat Berry
    1x Belue Berry
    3x Razz Berry
    1x Hondew Berry
    1x Nomel Berry
    1x Pecha Berry
    1x Grepa Berry
    1x Tamato Berry
    1x Kelpsy Berry
    1x Chesto Berry
    1x Magost Berry

    1x Pokéblock Case
    -Indigo Pokéblock (+20 BP)
    -Purple Pokéblock (+20 CoP)
    -LiteBlue Pokéblock (+20 SP)
    -Olive Pokéblock (+20 TP)
    -Pink Pokéblock (+20 CP)
    -Cranberry Pokéblock (+20 to 2x Stats)
    -Passion Pokéblock (+20 CP & +20 BP)
    -Cherry Poffin (+10 CoP)
    -Lemon Poffin (+15 TP)
    -Lemon Poffin (+5 TP)
    -Cherry Poffin (+5 CoP)
    -Strawberry Poffin (+10 CP)
    -Indigo Pokéblock (+20 BP)
    -Brown Pokéblock (+20 CP)
    -Brown Pokéblock (+20 CP)
    -LiteBlue Pokéblock (+20 SP)
    -LiteBlue Pokéblock (+20 SP)
    -Olive Pokéblock (+30 TP)
    -Purple Pokéblock (+20 CoP)

    6x Pokéball
    2x Friend Ball
    3x Chocolate Easter Ball
    1x Christmas Ball
    1x New Year Ball
    1x Love Ball
    1x Leaf Ball
    1x Psychic Ball

    1x TM SWIFT
    1x TM RETURN
    1x TM HARDEN

    1x Gengar Plushie (Teaches TORMENT & TAUNT)
    1x Sneasel Wand (+1 Level & Teaches NIGHTMARE)
    1x Magical Glass Rose (Teaches THORNS)
    1x Magical Snowflake (Teaches ICE BARRIER to an Ice-type Pokémon)
    1x Lapras Plushie (Teaches ICE BEAM)
    1x Cranberry Juice (Teaches 1x Egg Move or 1x MT Move)
    1x Bottle of 'Eau de Bellossom Perfume (Teaches SWEET SCENT)
    1x Magical Chocolate Coated Carrot (Teaches CHOCOLATE MAGIC)



    Custard Lv. 47 (M) (Holding Nevermeltice)
    Nature: Bold
    Pokéball: Pokéball
    Beauty Points: 10

    Level Up Moves:

    Other Moves(Learned):
    Body Slam
    Aurora Beam
    Future Sight
    Mega Kick
    Ice Ball
    Quick Attack
    Rapid Spin
    Seismic Toss
    Mega Punch

    Bobble Lv. 55 (M) (Holding Pink Scarf)
    Nature: Jolly
    Pokéball: Pokéball
    Beauty Points: 10
    Cute Points: 100
    Accessories: Cool Shades

    Level Up Moves:
    Mirror Coat
    Destiny Bond

    Other Moves(Learned):
    Rock Tomb
    Rain Dance
    Ice Punch


    Rocky Lv. 42 (M) (Holding Soft Sand)
    Nature: Gentle
    Pokéball: Pokéball
    Beauty Points: 10

    Level Up Moves:
    Horn Attack
    Tail Whip
    Fury Attack
    Scary Face
    Rock Blast
    Take Down
    Horn Drill
    Hammer Arm

    Stone Edge - Lv. 45
    Earthquake - Lv. 49
    Megahorn - Lv. 57

    Other Moves(Learned):
    Body Slam
    Rock Slide
    Crush Claw
    Swords Dance
    Rock Smash

    Gumpy Lv. 42 (M) (Holding Poison Barb)
    Nature: Quirky
    Pokéball: Pokéball
    Beauty Points: 10

    Level Up Moves:
    Poison Gas
    Body Slam

    Stockpile - Lv. 38
    Spit Up - Lv. 38
    Swallow - Lv. 38

    Sludge Bomb - Lv. 45
    Gastro Acid - Lv. 52
    Wring Out - Lv. 59
    Gunk Shot - Lv. 66

    Other Moves(Learned):
    Body Slam
    Dream Eater
    Dynamic Punch
    Rock Smash
    Acid Armor

    Haruki Lv. 42 (M) ¤Shiny¤ (Holding Mystic Water)
    Nature: Rash
    Pokéball: Pokéball
    Beauty Points: 10
    Cute Points: 80

    Level Up Moves:
    Rock Blast
    Lucky Chant

    Ancientpower - Lv. 32
    Aqua Ring - Lv. 37

    Spike Cannon
    Power Gem - Lv. 44
    Mirror Coat
    Earth Power - Lv. 53

    Other Moves(Learned):
    Water Pulse
    Icy Wind
    Body Slam
    Rock Slide
    Confuse Ray
    Icicle Spear
    Rock Smash
    Hydro Cannon
    Rock Polish

    Kief Lv. 43 (M) (Holding Devil Horns)
    Nature: Impish
    Pokéball: Pokéball
    Beauty Points: 10

    Level Up Moves:
    Tail Whip
    Odor Sleuth
    Mud Sport

    Pin Missile - Lv. 25
    Rest - Lv. 37
    Belly Drum - Lv. 41

    Fling - Lv. 45
    Fury Swipes

    Other Moves(Learned):
    Rock Smash
    Ice Punch
    Thunder Punch
    Body Slam

    Kanna Lv. 43 (F) (Holding Bunny Ears)
    Nature: Timid
    Pokéball: Premier Ball
    Beauty Points: 10

    Level Up Moves:
    Defense Curl
    Quick Attack
    Fury Swipes
    Helping Hand
    Follow Me

    Rest - Lv. 32
    Sucker Punch - Lv. 36

    Baton Pass - Lv. 46
    Me First - Lv. 50
    Hyper Voice - Lv. 56

    Other Moves(Learned):
    Rock Smash
    Dynamic Punch

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    Name: Centin (Male)
    Starter: (Denulge) Swinub, Male, Level 5
    Misc Info: Centin is derived from a family that has neutralism against pokemon. However, his parents provide him with support for his pokemon adventure. Centin has a great interest in the many shrubs that has been existed, and even new ones emerging. All he wants to do now, is to regain pieces of his memory. See, he lost his memory that no one even knew that he did lose it, so it's probably during one of his journeys. He might've even lost all his pokemon, except his swinub that remains close to him. Together, both of them has a special sense to try and track down their lost companions, or maybe a special relative to them, ie, same pokemon but different pokemon. Or in another case, he might not have lost his memory at all.

    Bloodgroup: AB+
    Height: 179cm
    Age: 23 years

    Centin was a plant distiller. So therefore, he has some knowledge of purifying fresh water from rivers. However, if the water is severely contaminated, he can't do a thing as he's not that capable of doing so. He will require herbs and some leaves to do it as well. Unfortunately, since his memory might be fuzzy, he doesn't really know how to handle the apparatus, but their all written inside his log book/manual. Still, things can go worse.


    Denulge, Lv 100 male mamoswine [pokeball]
    -Odor sleuth
    -Mud Sport
    -Powder snow
    -Mud Slap
    -Mud Bomb
    -Icy Wind
    -Fury attack
    -Scary face
    -Ice fang
    -Double hit
    -Ancient power {Move tutor}
    -Mud shot {Egg move}
    -Ice beam {TM move}
    -Reflect {TM move}
    -Ice barrier {Festive move}


    Denulge hails from a tribe pokemon from the north. These are one of the tribes of pokemon that constantly migrates from area to area depending on time. They have extraordinary senses to guide them. Once, his tribe came by to an area next to his trainer's field trip during his draftlogger pre-requiste examination. This was his first and foremost capture of pokemon, rather than just studying about them from books and written research reports. Denulge seems to have the nature of hopping, and he likes to get wet in natural hot springs. Part of Centin's left leg.

    Radii, Lv 100 male octillery [lureball]
    -Bubble beam
    -Aurora beam
    -Psy beam
    -Focus Energy
    -Bullet seed
    -Wring out
    -Signal beam
    -Ice beam
    -Hyper beam
    -Gunk shot
    -Surf {Natural move}
    -Waterfall {Natural move}
    -Thunder wave {Egg move}
    -Rock blast {Egg move}


    Radii also originated from the same tribe as Denulge and they are both friends. Apparently, the water pokemon had been washed away by a massive flood and the others are trapped under snow, others battled through the raging heat of the desert. It is at the Turquoise River, where most of the washed pokemon from the same tribe reside. Radii didn't know that Centin had Denulge, so it attacked him thinking that he was a trespasser. He captured it because of Denulge's scent. Either way, Radii is just a regular friendly marine creature that probably won't suffocate and drown you unless needed to. Part of Centin's right leg.

    Axtan, Lv 50 male xatu [pokeball]
    -Night shade
    -Lucky Chant
    -Miracle eye
    -Me First
    -Confuse ray
    -Tail wind
    -Psycho shift
    -Future sight
    -Omnious wind
    -Steel wing {Egg Move}
    -Faint Attack {Egg Move}
    -Fly {Natural Move}
    -Flash {Hidden Move}
    -Nightmare {Festive Move}

    Due to being of enough experience;

    -Axtan, he is always glaring, staring and gazing at something. Thinking of its original trainer. In fact, he inherits several traits from her. Axtan is a perfectionist and a narcist, always thinking about how others could not see a simple possible outcome of a situation. Never closing his eyes, always caught up about something. No sense could disrupt its thought, no voise could pierce its mind. Rather, he is the part of Centin's left shoulder.

    Atriel, Lv 50 female altaria [pokeball]
    -Fury attack
    -Safe guard
    -Take down
    -Natural Gift
    -Dragon breath
    -Dragon dance
    -Fly {Natural move}
    -Haze {Egg move}
    -Swift {Move tutor}
    -Mimic {Move tutor}

    It has been concluded that;
    With her soft cotton as a swablu, she just loves the sound of chimes, and also the soothing sound of pure water passing through bamboo. Tranquility, that's all she wants and will not allow impurities or heavily unwanted taboo-ish things in her area. She will and must get what she wants, with force if forced to. Part of Centin's right shoulder.

    Hemy, Lv 50 female walrein [pokeball]
    -Defense Curl
    -Powder snow
    -Ice ball
    -Body slam
    -Aurora beam
    -Ice fang
    -Surf {Natural move}
    -Waterfall {Natural move}
    -Yawn {Egg move}
    -Rock slide {Egg move}
    -Bubble beam {TM move}

    Hemy is named after one of the blocks of wooden toys she loves to play when she's bored. Hemy learns to bounce and acts like a cushion from Amdst very quickly. Seems that she is interested in these kind of acts somehow. Hemy is very aware of its surrounding, and when she senses something, she'll start to roll around to save herself first, regardless of it is danger or not.

    Skarsvalg, Lv 53 male whiscash [pokeball]
    -Mud sport
    -Water sport
    -Mud Bomb
    -Water Pulse
    -Zen headbutt
    -Surf {Natural move}
    -Waterfall {Natural move}
    -Spark {Egg move}
    -Icy wind {Move tutor}

    Skarsvalg was adopted from the Adoption Center looking drunk and bold. He likes to play around with its whiskers. He has an affection of 'Oohs' and 'Aahs', such as when dipping in water or when soaked in a puddle of mud. He also likes small and big yellow round objects, particularly light, spiky and poky pollen grains.

    Schlanor, Lv 48 female lanturn [pokeball]
    -Confuse ray
    -Bubble beam
    Hole: Stockpile
    Hole: Swallow
    Hole: Spit up
    -Surf {Natural move}
    -Ice beam {TM move}
    -Psybeam {Chocolate milkshake move}

    Schlanor was adopted, also on its last days before released, just like Shebbrew (read below). Having traits of the northern, this chinchou loves festivals. As long as there is light, sound and movements, this curious chinchou will move towards that source to take a peek at the festivities.

    Shebbrew, Lv 48 female breloom [pokeball]
    -Stun spore
    -Leech seed
    -Mach punch
    Hole: Force Palm
    -Seed Bomb [Accidental move]
    -Wake-up Slap [Egg move]
    -Thorns {Festive move}
    -Sweet scent {Festive move}
    -Fire Shield {Festive move}

    Shebbrew was adopted on its last days before being released into the wild. Nonetheless, she is now a part of this family. She loves eating bitter leaves or riped berries, more specifically, bitter berries.

    Sentrance, Lv 50 male houndoom [pokeball]
    -Odor Sleuth
    -Thunder fang
    -Beat up
    -Fire fang
    -Faint attack
    -Reversal {Egg move}
    -Counter {Egg move}

    Ah, the life of a houndour. Bewildered and perplexed by its nature, it hunts down its preys, then chomps on them. But what about this one? Well, meet Sentrance, and a houndour was born, where a houndour's worst a leaf from nature, and when it has a sleak tough body, it rests and rekindles itself..on a soft furry tapestry, engulfed with fear by the smell of flesh? Not quite, but tucks to sleep, with the smell of incense.
    Engrave yourself, and fear, the entrance to a sentence.

    Sunnal, Lv 50 female sunkern [pokeball]
    -Mega drain
    -Leech seed
    -Worry Seed
    -Razor Leaf
    -Sunny Day
    -Giga Drain
    -Seed Bomb
    -Nature power {Egg move}
    -Swords dance {Move tutor}

    A little seedling, ready to head out to the beach to obtain maximum and optimum sunlight for growth. Likes jewels and rare ores, such as rubies, sapphires and emeralds.

    Arai, Lv 5 male spinarak [pokeball]
    -Poison sting
    -String shot

    Spinarak? What is this thing? It is probably another claw-like thinger. Hmmm, bugger...

    Efer, Lv 1 female poochyena [pokeball]

    Poochyena? What is this creature? It is most likely another bug-like crawler. Hmm, buffer...

    20 potions
    2 super potions
    2 fresh water

    10 full heal
    5 antidotes
    4 burn heals
    4 ice heals
    3 awakenings
    2 paralyze Heals
    4 revives
    1 slice of cake
    1 miltank 'loon

    Berry bag
    5 Chesto berry, Chesto berry, Chesto berry, Chesto berry, Chesto berry
    4 Nanab berry, Nanab berry, Nanab berry, Nanab berry
    3 Pinap berry, Pinap berry, Pinap berry
    2 Wepear berry, Wepear berry
    7 Lum berry, Lum berry, Lum berry, Lum berry, Lum berry, Lum berry, Lum berry
    3 Cheri berry, Cheri berry, Cheri berry
    5 Nomel berry, Nomel berry, Nomel berry, Nomel berry, Nomel berry
    6 Oran berry, Oran berry, Oran berry, Oran berry, Oran berry, Oran berry
    7 Rawst berry, Rawst berry, Rawst berry, Rawst berry, Rawst berry, Rawst berry, Rawst berry
    5 Sitrus berry, Sitrus berry, Sitrus berry, Sitrus berry, Sitrus berry
    6 Aguav berry, Aguav berry, Aguav berry, Aguav berry, Aguav berry,
    Aguav berry
    4 Lansat berry, Lansat Berry, Lansat Berry, Lansat berry
    3 Razz berry, Razz berry, Razz berry
    Wiki berry
    9 Rabuta berry, Rabuta berry, Rabuta berry, Rabuta berry, Rabuta berry, Rabuta berry, Rabuta berry, Rabuta berry, Rabuta berry
    5 Petaya berry, Petaya berry, Petaya berry
    Starf berry, Petaya berry, Petaya berry
    3 Bluk berry, Bluk berry, Bluk berry
    3 Kelpsy berry, Kelpsy berry, Kelpsy berry
    3 Mago berry, Mago berry, Mago berry
    5 Iapapa berry, Iapapa berry, Iapapa berry, Iapapa berry, Iapapa berry
    6 Pecha berry, Pecha berry, Pecha berry, Pecha berry, Pecha berry,
    Pecha berry, Pecha berry
    Pecha berry
    4 Spelon berry, Spelon berry, Spelon berry, Spelon berry
    4 Leppa berry, Leppa berry, Leppa berry, Leppa berry
    1 Cornn berry
    2 Grepa berry, Grepa berry
    2 Qualot berry, Qualot berry
    3 Tamato berry, Tamato berry, Tamato berry
    3 Figy berry, Figy berry, Figy berry
    3 Durin berry, Durin berry, Durin berry
    3 Magost berry, Magost berry, Magost berry
    Watmel berry
    Persim berry
    Enigma berry
    Belue berry
    2 Pamtre berry, Pamtre berry
    1 Pomeg berry
    3 Hondew berry, Hondew berry, Hondew berry
    1 Apicot berry
    1 Tanga berry
    1 Wacan berry
    1 Occa berry
    1 Chilan berry
    1 Micle berry
    1 Kebia berry
    1 Shuca berry
    1 Passho berry
    1 Rindo berry
    1 Jaboca berry
    1 Haban berry
    LiteBlue pokeblock (+20)
    Blue pokeblock (+20)
    +20 Indigo (beauty) pokeblock
    +20 olive (tough) pokeblock
    Passion pokeblock
    Lum berry from one of the shrubs in the Cloud Garden

    4 poké balls
    1 great ball
    1 love ball
    1 lure ball
    1 fast ball
    1 net ball
    2 Easterish chocolate pokeball, chocolate ball
    1 fire ball
    1 were ball
    1 New Year ball, 2006 version
    2 psychic ball, psychic ball
    2 leaf ball, leaf ball
    1 fire ball
    1 fast ball
    1 premier ball
    1 black apricorn

    1 X-Speed
    1 Rock Tomb TM
    1 Water Pulse TM
    2 Shockwave TM, Shockwave TM
    1 Sunny Day TM
    1 Icy Wind TM
    1 Softboiled TM
    TM Swagger
    TM Blizzard
    TM Thunder
    TM Ice Punch
    TM Attract

    TM Ice Beam
    1 soft sand
    1 blackglasses
    1 hard rock
    1 blackbelt
    Icy Rock
    1 green scarf
    3 nugget, nugget, nugget
    1 star dust
    1 star piece
    1 pearl
    2 shoal salt, shoal salt
    2 shoal shell, shaol shell
    4 heart scale, heart scale, heart scale, heart scale
    1 yellow shard
    2 blue shard, Blue shard
    1 red flute
    1 swablu doll
    Right plusle
    3 base token, base token, base token

    1 crystal egg
    Backpack with keychained tribal decorations
    1 Escape rope
    1 Whistle
    Log book || Manual
    Map of several places
    Free Brochures
    Cloth to pick up some stuffs on the ground
    Liebig condenser
    Filter funnel
    Small leaves and herbs
    And other miscellanous items XD

    Approved Transactions
    7 rare candy(s)
    23614 coins

    Log Book Instance
    -Denulge, loss to Misdreavus
    -Denulge, tied with a Lotad
    -Temporarily gained wild shellder due to being bullied
    -Denulge and shellder won a battle with a bully that has a voltorb and geodude; Denulge Lv 5 -> 6
    -Caught Amdst, the Lv 6 Shellder in a pokeball near the river
    =Received Axtan from a trade with Enchantress
    -Gained a newly hatched female swinub from the egg house, named Glas
    -Gained a newly hatched female magikarp from the egg house, named Carpe
    -Denulge together with Ken's Bradley's Starmie won a battle against muk at the river tunnel; Prize: Fast ball; Denulge Lv 11 -> 12
    -Gained a newly hatched female psyduck from the egg house, named Aesm
    -Gained a newly hatched female spheal from the egg house, named Hemy
    Apparently for some strange reason, I get only female pokemon from the egg house, 4 in a row
    -Gained a newly hatched male shellder from the egg house, named Elder
    No!!! My record of 4 females in a row was broken :/
    -Captured Radii, a Lv 5m remoraid with a lure ball at the Turquoise River.
    -Gained a newly hatched male psyduck from the egg house, named Duke.
    -Gained a newly hatched female pidgey from the egg house, named PG.
    -Gained a newly hatched female delibird from the egg house, named Dell.
    -Let go of Dell into General Adoption.
    -Adopted a barboach, named Skarsvalg.
    -Gained a newly hatched female caterpie from the egg house, named Carefree.
    -Let go of Carefree into General Adoption.
    -Received Atriel from a trade with Bloody Banette
    -Gained a newly hatched male mankey from the egg house, named Monk.
    -Adopted a shroomish, named Shebbrew.
    -Let go of Monk into General Adoption.
    -Gained a newly hatched female electrike, named Mä.
    -Adopted a chinchou, named Schlanor.
    -Received Sentrance, from a trade with Furizaa.
    -Received Sunnal, from a trade with ALTOCHARIZARD55.

    Commensal Trade History
    -Traded 1 rare candy for Joe's lure ball and choco ball
    -Traded 1 rare candy for Enchantress' Lv 5 male natu
    -Traded Carpe (Lv 5f magikarp) for FibuVinny's rare candy
    -Traded Aesm (Lv 5f psyduck) for Radicle Edward's rare candy
    -Traded Amdst (Lv 10f shellder) for Skru-Chan's rare candy
    -Traded Elder (Lv 5m shellder) for Waterlight's rare candy
    -Traded PG (Lv 5f pidgey) for Rekkuza's rare candy
    -Traded Duke (Lv 5m psyduck) for Celebi94's rare candy
    -Traded 3 rare candy(s) for Bloody Banette's Lv 5 female swablu
    -Traded 1 base token for 2 of Another Fan's rare candy(s)
    -Traded Mä (Lv 5f electrike) for 2 of Dark Fire's rare candy(s)
    -Traded 4 rare candy(s), 1 Belue berry and 1 Leaf ball for Furizaa's Lv 5 male houndour.
    -Traded 1 feather ball for 1 of AshBabyLapras' net ball.
    -Traded 1 rare candy for ALTOCHARIZARD55's Lv 5 female sunkern.
    -Traded 1 blue scarf for Lee-san's rare candy.
    Note that all names in this trade history will not be updated and will follow the original name at time of trade. Thank you for your cooperation

    *Did I miss anything else?*
    *If I did miss anything, please PM/tell me about it. I'll change it*

    Commonly known as Ythrelancus (UPN)
    Formerly known as ~*Hureta*~
    Previously known as Aislequette
    or just plainly known as Centin anywhere else XP
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    Post Home Board: UPN

    Trainer: Benjamin "Edward" Maerker
    Age: 15
    Height/Weight: 5'10"/133 lbs
    Trainer I.D: 18047
    Starter: Spazz (now Masquerade) the male Surskit
    Serchng Database...
    Match found in file "ID18047". Password?
    Enter Password: ******
    Pasword Recognized. Logging in.

    Zone Locations:

    Cloud Garden: Stardust Feilds
    Fizzytopia: The Moon
    Water Zone: Ruby Mountain
    Cascadia: N/A
    Haunted Mansion: N/A
    Volcanic Mountain: N/A

    Pokemon Biographies(in progress)

    Masquerade the male Masquerain; currently level 50

    Masque was receved by Ed when he was only a small, somwhat jumpy Surskit. He was slightly smaller than most others of his species, and so was deathly afraid of being squashed like an ordinary bug under the feet of some great, stomping brute. Ed took pity on the poor thing and tryed to bring him out of his frightened shell. He was partialy successfull, as the little bugger warmed to him quite nicely. However, he still didn't trust anyone much bigger than his trainer. After a while of this, Ed decided that what Masque needed was an adventure to cheer him up. So he began to take the lil' surskit on long outings into the woods beyond the house. After many long months of camping, fishing, and picnicing, The little bug finaly began to trust that not everything big would squish him, and he began to warm to the rest of Ed's family as well as his trainer. Ed decided than that Masque would accompany him when he started his pokemon journy.

    Since evolution, Masque has grown to love flying, but he still retains his love for the water that he had as a surskit. He loves to perch on his trainers shoulder as they trekk across the great land of FB, and always sleeps everso lightly on Ed's forhead at night. He Loves to battle, but only for the fact that he knows that he makes his trainer's heart swell with pride when he takes victory. However, he bears a horrible scar horizantaly across his face, obtained from a fearful dead specter of a kingdra in a battle in a catacomb under the free for all zone.


    Atlas the male Swampert; currently level 52

    Ed obtained Atlas as a cute wittle baby mudkip, hatched from a ground nature egg. As a mudkip and later, as a marshtomp, Atlas looked up to Ed as a big brother figure, always their to pull him out of tough situations, witch the mischevious mudkip seemed to get into quite frequently. now that he has evolved, he sees Ed as an equal, more of a twin brother than a big brother. Ed has always been extremely close to Atlas, and as a result, they have formed a mental bond that alows them to communicate almost as well as the two psychics on the team.

    Atlas is always the one that Ed calls on when a battle or situation looks to tough for any other team member, and his strength in battle is second to none. He has helped Ed out of some of the toughest scrapes he's been in, including the battle with regice on the quest ot destroy the Ice Rayquaza, and Battleing ten Arons and an Aggron on a mountain in fizzytopia.It is impossible to overwhelm him it seems, and he always keeps a cool head during battle.


    Dyrim the male Magmar; currently level 50

    Dyrim was obtained quite early in Ed's FB career, in fact, he was the 2nd pogey other than Ed's starter to join Ed's team. As a Magby, he was a very serious and stiff person, going thinlipped and squinty eyed whenever somthing didn't go acording to plan. However, since evolution, he has gaind a more laid back outlook on life, enjoying just laying about and watching the sun set, ar the waves on the beach gently wash in and out. He and Atlas and Masquerade are great friends, as they ae all Ed's FB "veterans", pokemon that were journeying with Ed long before the others came along. He doesn't like Vasuki very much, seeing that even though he is also technichally a veteran, he enjoys the newer recruits company a bit more than his.

    Dyrim, though cool during non-battle situations, becomes a hot-head when the time comes to battle.He loves physical contact moves and prefers them over long range attacking. he is extremely strong, and his Fire type gives him great resistance to elements such as ice and grass, so he makes an exelent front line battler.


    Vasuki the male Arbok; currently level 32

    Vasuki was one of Ed's first whims, and is one of the 4 survivors of his trainer's team remodling about mid 05. He was obtained after much deliberation from the AC and immeadiatly took a liking to his trainer.Ed has found that he had a rather traumatic birth and backround. He was hatched late, so he was already to big for his egg, and for some reason, he had no egg tooth to break out himself. Sadly, even when his trainer managed to remember to get him hatched, he immeadiately threw the poor snake into Adoption. However, VBasuki seems to have a remarkebly good outloo on this, seeing it all as just somthing to laugh about. He is named for the ledgendary serpent who weilded the most deadly venom of all time, and is great friends with Rags.

    Vasuki and Ed get along very well and agree almost all of the time. Because of this, Vasuki has almost always been the one he trusts to go with him on dangerous or important adventures, as he knows that there will be as little argueing as possible to jeprodize safety. 'Suki loves to battle, and does rather well at it, even though he treats it like a high stakes game more than a fight.


    Ragnarok the male Cacturne; currently level 32

    Rags one one of Ed's first hatchings in the new egg house, and has stayed with him for quite a while now. When he was hatched, he was a very happy-go-lucky cacnea (as most cacnea are) however, monthes spent in the daycare have given him a hard edge, and the large amounts of rare candy feedings he got during his training have given him an insatiable love for all things sweet. However, once one breaks through his shell, they find that happy little cacnea, just don't withold sweets from him, as he'll not react kindly to it. He is good friends with Ed's Arbok, Vasuki, and is named for the Nordic end of the world.

    In battle, he becomes Blind with a kind of Berserker rage, dribbling fine streams of sand out of his mouth, and swinging his mace like arms wildly. He absolutely hates Murkrows, but then, he is a scarecrow, right?


    Leilanii the female Shelgon; currently level 33

    Ed obtained Leilanii cheap from a friend of his who had known of Ed's want of a bagon for a very long time. He was happy to trade her to him for about half the normal price for a pokemon in the super rare catagory.Leilanii is a very stoic little girl, but under her hard, somwhat shy facade lies a fun loving and very motherly soul. She loves to play with Arikel and finds her antics hilarious. Like most Bagons and Shelgons, she can't wait to evolve and gain her wings, but Ed is holding off a bit, as he is scared that she might be a totaly different person when sheevolves, and he wants to spend as much time as he can with her as she is now.

    Leilanii doesn't particularlly love battling, but she becomes furious if one of her friends or trainer is hurt. She prefers more ranged attacks more than close up, as she has no claws, teeth, or melee weapons of any kind. She loves her Dragonbreath, and uses it to slow her opponet down to make them easier to take down.


    Hannah the female Onix; currently level 20

    Hannah joined the team as a result of one of Ed's frequent whims. She was laying coiled in an outdoor pen that was much to small for someone 28 feet long, so Ed went on a fundraising spree to pay for her adoption. it took a little while, but when she joined the team, Ed knew she wouldent be leaving any time soon. She is a very serene person, and one of the best Pokemon on Ed's team to go to for intelligent conversation. She is very wise in the way of the workings of people motives, and is good at stopping fights before they happen. She can usualy be found coiled by a pool of water, talking "girl talk" with Belinda, Leilanii, and Arikel. She has become especialy close to Belinda, as the two were kept side by side in the AC before Ed adopted them.

    Hannah doesn't like to Battle per-say, but she enjoys the challenge of a good fight. She always gives it her all and never holds back when fighting and will never give up. She and Ed have quite the bond between each other, so she is always willing to fight for him. She uses her great body size to her advantage and crushes her apponent with phisical moves.


    Belinda the female Tentacool; currently level 20

    Another of Ed's adopted whims, she was obtained about a week after Trick got his tentacool. Ed found her drifting sadly about in a sludge filled cage, devestated at the loss of her tankmate. BEd took pity on the poor girl and took her in, nursing her back to health and letting the girls of the squad heal her broken heart. Since then, she has bounced back, and is now he very lovely self. She is a might vain, but with good reason. She is a beautiful sight to behold, espesialy when the setting sun's light is refracted off of her crystals, creating a light show of dazzling glamour.She has grown quite close to Hannah and can usualy be found talking to her about just about anything.

    She has yet to battle, so Ed has no I dea what will happen once she does.


    Gog the genderless Claydol; currently level 36

    :Bio in progress:


    Rasputin the male Abra;currently level 05

    :Bio in progress:



    Gyako the male Magikarp;currently level 05

    :Bio in progress:


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    Post Home Board: Serebii

    Name: GM
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16

    Starter: Chikorita, Female, lv5
    Current FB Pokemon:

    Level 18, Female. (Leaf Ball)
    Obtained: Starter pokemon
    Bio: Enterna is the leader of the team - she is the most powerful, highest levelled, and the first Pokemon Falcon got. She was found by Falcon in Berry Forest - right then, she was a baby, and had litrally flung itself onto Falcon. She was then taken care of, and has become Falcon's partner. Enterna is a enthusiastic, funny, joyful Pokemon, who can't seem to settle down and is always ready for a battle. Enterna's best friend is Aqua, and she loves messing about with the Totodile.

    --Lv.16--> --Lv.32-->

    Moveset(The ones is darker green are the ones that have been learnt):
    -- - Tackle
    -- - Growl
    Lv.8 - Razor Leaf
    Lv.12 - Reflect
    Lv.15 - Poisonpowder

    Lv.22 - Synthesis
    Lv.29 - Body Slam
    Lv.36 - Light Screen
    Lv.43 - Safegurad
    Lv.50 - Solarbeam

    Sweet Scent

    Egg Moves:

    Move Tutor Moves:

    Special Attacks:

    Holding: Love Necklace - when attatched to your Pokemon, and it enters battle the Opponent (of opposite gender) has a 25% chance of being attracted to your Pokemon.

    , Level 18, Female.
    Obtained: In a trade.
    Bio: Aqua came in to Falcon's team when she was traded at the Serebii Cable Club. She was hatched in an egg, and the original owner did not want her, so Falcon took her in and named her Aqua. Aqua the Totodile is Enterna's best friend, and together, they always go swimming, berry hunting, and playing. Aqua and Enterna always battle, to test their skills and improve them.

    --Lv.18--> --Lv.30--> [/COLOR]

    Moveset:(The ones that are in darker blue are the ones that have been learnt):
    -- - Scratch
    -- - Leer
    Lv.7 - Rage
    Lv.13 - Water Gun

    Lv.20 - Bite
    Lv.27 - Scary Face
    Lv.35 - Slash
    Lv.43 - Screech
    Lv.52 - Hydro Pump

    TM Ice Punch

    -- Surf
    -- Waterfall

    Egg Moves:
    Hydro Pump
    Dragon Claw

    Move Tutor Moves:

    Special Attacks:

    Holding: Cupid's Bow and Arrow - The Pokemon may attempt to strike an opposite gendered Pokemon for guaranteed attraction that will last 2 rounds or until the opposing Pokemon is struck by an attack. This may be used once per battle only, hit or miss.

    Shiny, Level 18, Female.
    Obtained: From an Egg
    Bio: Goldfeather is a golden pidgey, whose feathers gleam in the sunglight. All the other Pokemon admire her for that, and when Falcon hatched Goldfeather's egg, she couldn't believe what she saw. Goldfeather is a cheerful, happy Pidgey, who, although nice, does have a selfish side. She loves her trainer immensly, but does not like strangers much. This pidgey is always eager for a battle, and her best friend is Moonbeam.

    --Lv.18--> --Lv.36-->[/COLOR]

    Moveset (the ones in darker brown are the ones that have been learnt):
    -- - Tackle
    -- - Sand Attack
    Lv.9 - Gust
    Lv.13 - Quick Attack

    Lv.19 - Whirlwind
    Lv.25 - Wing Attack
    Lv.31 - Featherdance
    Lv.39 - Agilty
    Lv.47 - Mirror Move

    -- Fly

    Egg Moves:

    Move Tutor Moves:

    Special Attacks:

    Holding: Nothing

    Level 18, Male. (Thunder Ball)
    Obtained: From an Egg
    Bio: Sparky is a quiet, shy pokemon. He never brings attention onto himself, and is a cautious Pokemon - but also a curious one. He will always listen and learn, and thinks things through slowly and logically before going ahead with them. Sparky has a crush on Moonbeam, but is very good at hiding it, and nobody has a clue. Or so he thinks, because actually, somebody does know...

    --Lv.15--> --Lv.30-->

    Moveset (The ones in darker yellow are the ones that have been learnt):
    -- - Tackle
    -- - Growl
    Lv.9 - Thundershock
    Lv.16 - Thunder Wave

    Lv.23 - Cotton Spore
    Lv.30 - Light Screen
    Lv.37 - Thunder


    Egg Moves:

    Move Tutor Moves:

    Special Attacks:

    Holding: Nothing

    Level 5, Female.
    Obtained: In a trade.
    Bio: Moonbeam the Teddiursa is Goldfeather's best friend. She is a shy, cute, but kind Teddiursa, with a giving heart and always a warm bear hug ready. She is the best in the team at being calm in a horrible situation, can always win logically in a battle, knows that Sparky has a crush on her, and although she doesn't embaress him, but does not really make a move to be with him.
    --Lv. 30-->

    Moveset (The ones in darker purple are the ones that have been learnt):
    -- - Scratch
    -- - Leer

    Lv. 7 - Lick
    Lv. 13 - Fury Swipes
    Lv. 19 - Fake Tears
    Lv. 25 - Faint Attack
    Lv. 31 - Rest
    Lv. 37 - Slash
    Lv. 43 - Snore
    Lv. 49 - Thrash


    Egg Moves:

    Move Tutor Moves:
    Ice Punch
    Fire Punch

    Special Attacks:

    Holding: Nothing

    Lv.28, Female. (Ghost Ball).
    Obtained: In a trade
    Bio: Aurora is a very mysterious Misdreavus. She found her way into Falcon's group and has stayed there ever since. She doesn't find it easy to trust people, and doesn't have many friends because of her difficult nature, but inside, her heart is soft, and really, she has a strong will and fighting spirit. She is very shy, and she would do anything for the team, though she is very gruff and tries not to show it. Her best friend is probably Sparky - both are very quiet but they love talking and strangley, find a lot in common. Aurora also finds it very easy to talk to Sparky, as she knows that he won't tell anyone the things she tells him.
    Moveset (The ones is dark grey are the ones that have been learnt):

    -- Growl
    Lv.6 - Spite
    Lv.11 - Astonish
    Lv.17 - Confuse Ray
    Lv.23 - Mean Look

    Lv.30 - Psybeam
    Lv.37 - Pain Split
    Lv.45 - Perish Song
    Lv.53 - Grudge

    Ice Beam

    Egg Moves:

    Move Tutor Moves:

    Special Attacks:

    Blue Scarf

    1x Nugget
    Thunder Stone x1

    TM Attract
    Rare Candies:

    Pokeball x5
    Fast Ball x1 (Stronger when used on Pokemon which flee straight away).
    Xmas Ball x1 (Work stronger on Delibird and Stantler, and gives them beauty points). (Christmas 2004)
    Netball x1 (Makes it easier to capture water and bug type Pokemon)
    1 Easter Ball - Gained on Easter, 2005. Ball made completely out of Chocolate.
    1 Fire Ball. Gained on 22nd October 2005, FB's 3rd Birthday, from Arnold. (Makes it easier to catch Fire Pokemon)
    1 Were Ball (Gained Halloween).
    1 Christmas Ball (Christmas 2005).
    1 Physchic Ball
    1 New Year Ball (2005/2006).
    1 Thunder Ball. (Sparky)
    1 Leaf Ball (Enterna)

    Rare Items:

    1x Heart Scale
    1x Heart Scale
    1x Shoal Salt
    1x Shoal Shell
    1x Super Pass
    1x Red Flute

    1x Blue Pokeblock (+20 Beauty)
    1x Passion Pokeblock (20+ Cute, 20+ Beauty)

    Healing Items:
    Potion x4
    Antidote x10
    Burn Heal x10
    Ice Heal x10
    Awakening x4
    Parlyz Heal x10
    Super Potion x2
    Revive x4
    Fresh Water x2
    Soda Pop x1

    X Items:
    X Attack x2
    X Defend x2
    X Speed x2
    X Special x2

    Helpful Journey Items:
    Escape Rope x5

    1x Wepear Berry
    1x Starf Berry
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    Post Home Board: Serebii

    UPN Name: Samurai Omi

    * Name: Feera
    * Starter Pokemon: Trapinch(Free) , Lv 5, Male

    Not too bad for the first time ever, huh?
    Oh well, I know I'm tal- I mean lucky!
    -->Free- Male Trapinch Lv. 15
    Team Leader/Starter
    Specie: Trapinch
    Gender: Male
    Item Hold: None
    Bio: Free is mostly calm, but still raring to get a battle started. He wants expirence of the world, adventures, and everything that goes to that. He mostly battles so he someday can evolve into a Flygon, that's his life-long dream. Feera came across Free whe he was going to choose a pokemon. In his family, they choosethe pokemon that the person first sees. In this case, Feera litterally stumbled across Free when he went outside the front door. Back then, Free was a baby for the family's Vibrava, and even though he has grown, he is still small for a Trapinch. But that dosen't stop him from battling, he is only a little smaller target for his enemies.

    Lv.-->Move Name
    -- Bite
    09 Sand Attack
    17 Faint Attack
    25 Sand Tomb
    33 Crunch
    41 Dig
    49 Sandstorm
    57 Hyper Beam

    Other Moves
    Rock Slide
    Double Edge

    ---Evo Line---
    Lv. 35 ---> Lv. 45 --->

    -->Kaysea- Female Horsea Lv. 17
    Traded From Aquatic Angel
    Item Hold:None
    Bio: Feera came across Kaysea in the Cable Club, when she was AquaticAngels's Horsea. But AA did already have a Seadra, so she traded Kaysea two Feera for two candies. Kaysea became the second pokemon in Feera's team, and a lovely partner for Free. She does have a small crush on Free, even though he dosen't notice it, the rest of Feera's team does. She is often teased by this, but Free still won't know it. Or maybe he does, but he dosen't show it.
    In care of Karn, a boy in the Volcanic Mountain.

    Lv.-->Move Name
    -- Bubble
    -- Smokesecreen
    15 Leer[
    [i]22 Water Gun
    29 Twister
    36 Agility
    43 Hydro Pump
    50 Dragon Dance

    Other Moves
    HM 03 Surf
    HM 07 Waterfall
    HM 08 Dive

    ---Evo Line---
    Lv. 32---> Trade w/ Dragon Scale--->

    -->Styx- Male Sneasel Lv. 25
    Gift From MetalGardevoir
    Item Hold:None
    Bio: Styx was given to Feera by his friend MetalGardevoir, who regretted taking Styx just before Feera from the Adoption Centre. But, nice as MetalGardevoir is, he gave Feera Styx, who is a brother of Nyx, MetalGardevoir's own Sneasel. From that, Styx always tries to be better than brother, and the same goes for Nyx. Feera can therefore always use Nyx in situations when he needs to heighten Styx morale. Styx is a killing machine, nothing can be in his way, or almost nothing. He likes missions though, and in his point of view, missions can be anything, from finding someone to get someone out of the way. But, Feera tries to teach him that everything can't be solvedwith violence, and Styx has almost learned that from a happening in the Volcanic Mountain, but still, he is not the nice guy in everyway.

    Lv.-->Move Name
    -- Scratch
    -- Leer
    -- Taunt
    08 Quick Attack
    15 Screech
    22 Faint Attack
    29 Fury Swipes
    36 Agility
    43 Icy Wind
    50 Slash
    57 Beat Up
    64 Metal Claw

    Other Moves
    HM 03 Surf

    ---Evo Line---
    No Evolutions

    -->(No Nickname) Female Shiny Lotad
    Specie: Shiny Lotad
    Gender: Female
    Traded from Ichimatsu
    Item Hold: None
    Bio: Lotad came into Feera's care when he traded her from Ichimatsu for 2 Candies. Lotad is very shy, and has a reason to be. As a young Lotad, she was teased for her different color by everyone, even her own family. She never spoke to anyone, and after quite a while, this lead her into forgetting how to speak. She is uncapable of any speak, and rarely opens her mouth. However, if she is able to take a swim, she will become happier than ever as that is one of the things she love the most

    Lv.-->Move Name
    -- Astonish
    -- Growl
    Lv. 7 Absorb
    Lv. 13 Nature Power
    Lv. 21 Mist
    Lv. 31 Rain Dance
    Lv. 41 Mega Drain

    --> Mikozou
    Specie: Shiny Barboach
    Gender: Male
    Traded from Ice Maiden
    Item Hold: None
    Bio: Mikozou was traded to Feera from Ice Maiden, as she felt he wasn't needed on her team. But Feera gladly traded him for 4 candies and a Fast Ball, and took Mikozou into his care. He feels that Mikozou's personality makes him a good fighter, as he is stuck between a hard-headed fighter, and a strategist, which was exactly the kind of team member Feera needed.

    Lv.-->Move Name
    -- Mud-Slap
    -- Mud Sport
    -- Water Gun

    16 Magnitude
    21 Amnesia
    26 Rest
    26 Snore
    31 Earthquake
    36 Future Sight
    41 Fissure

    Evolution Lv. 30-->

    Other Moves:

    --> Growlithe
    Hatched from Fire Myth Egg
    Item Hold:
    Traded to DarkMagic

    --->Defra- Male Delibird Lv. 12
    Adopted At Adopt. Centre
    Item Hold: None
    Bio: Feera stumbled over Defra when he still was a little Delibird, in the UPN's Adoption Centre. But now, Defra isn't young anymore, atleast not as young as he was then. He likes to blow up thnigs, and has developed a passion for hitting things with his bag- especially bugs, due to Feera not liking them. He is also a very accurate thrower, since he was a paper boy before he was left at the Adoption Centre, and that and his love for blowing things, and the exploding present in his bag makes him a formidable foe, even though he dosen't know many regular pokemon attacks.
    Given To Karn, a young boy who lives in The Oasis, in the Volcanic Mountain.

    --> Jasmine Female Aron Lv. 18
    Traded from Bluesy
    Item Hold: None
    Traded to Kas85 for 3 Rare Candies and a Beedrill.

    My Items:
    1 Love Ball
    5 Pokéballs
    8 Potions
    2 Revives
    4 Fresh Water
    4 Soda Pop
    2 Escape Rope
    4 Rare Candies

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    Default Home Board: Serebii

    Starter:Machop(M) LV6
    Misc:Um, none...

    Machamp (Lv28)- Male
    Fully Evolved
    Bio: Machamp is well, pretty proud of himself. He adores his body, and spends a good part of the day either admiring himself, trying to woo ladies or working out. However, despite all his bragging, he is still a good Pokemon in battle, and with his Adamant nature, only quits if he just can't go on.
    Low Kick - Learned
    Leer - Learned
    Focus Energy - Learned
    Karate Chop - Learned
    Sesimic Toss- Learned
    Foresight- Learned
    Revenge- Learned
    Next Move at Lv33- Vital Throw
    41- Submission
    46- Cross Chop
    51- Scary Face
    59- Dynamicpunch

    EG Move- Rock Slide
    TM Move- Tri Attack

    Item Equipped- Blackbelt

    Test SentPassed

    Steelix (Lv20)-Male
    Fully Evolved
    Caught on Shumi's Path
    Bio: Steelix pretty much serves as the all-purpose Pokemon. He lifts Pokemon, can be used as a bridge, and as a matter of fact uses his immense length for a lot of purposes. Despite his appearance, Steelix is rather Docile, and would rather make peace than fight a battle. When forced to fight, though, he will.
    Tackle- Learned
    Screech- Learned
    Bind- Learned
    Rock Throw- Learned
    Next Move at lv21- Harden

    25- Rage
    33- Sandstorm
    37- Slam
    45- Iron Tail
    49- Crunch
    57- Double-Edge
    TM Move- Shock Wave

    Quilava(Lv30)- Male
    Next Evolution- Lv36 to
    Bio: Quilava didn't really take too much interest in the rest of my team when he first joined. Pretty much his only friend was Machamp, since unlike the others he doesn't mind Machamp rattling about how wonderful he is. He got lovestruck when Sandshrew joined, trying every way to woo the girl. Each time he tried he got turned down, much to his, and Machamp's, dismay. Still, he never gives up trying, and he never lets anything get him down, being the Jolly Pokemon that he is. Now he seems to have taken a liking to Tess, the lovely Growlithe of Joshua.
    Tackle- Learned
    Leer- Learned
    Ember- Learned
    Quick Attack- Learned
    Next move at Lv31: Flame Wheel
    42- Swift
    54- Flamethrower

    TM Moves- Dig, Cut, Ice Punch, Sunny Day
    Egg Moves- Reversal

    Held Item: Blackglasses

    Sandshrew(Lv18)- Female
    Next Evolution- Lv22 to
    Bio: Sandshrew... is pretty ignorant, to say the least. She turns down Quilava no matter how much he tries to sway her attention, the poor thing. She ignores most of the Pokemon, being rather Sassy, except for Numel, who doesn't really care about what she says anyway. She jumps from boyfriend to boyfriend, being the Shrew she is. Recently she's got her eyes on Manji's Bandit and/or Joshua's Jamie, leaving Quilava rather heartbroken, to say the least.
    Scratch- Learned
    Defense Curl- Learned
    Sand-Attack- Learned
    Poison Sting- Learned
    Next Move at level 23- Slash
    30- Swift
    37- Fury Swipes
    45- Sand Tomb
    53- Sandstorm
    TM Moves- Swords Dance, Water Pulse
    Egg Move- Double-Edge

    Geodude(Lv14)- Male
    Next evolution at Lv25-
    Geodude is the newest one to the team. He's well, I guess pretty Hardy. He is able to tolerate most of the other Pokemon, which is quite a feat considering Machamp's self-admiration, Sandshrew's snobbiness. He usually just spends all time quietly thinking or something; it's not like he's usually interrupted anyway, being the Calm Pokemon he is.
    Tackle- Learned
    Defense Curl- Learned
    Mud Sport- Learned
    Rock Throw- Learned
    Next move at Lv16- Magnitude
    21- Selfdestruct
    26- Rollout
    31- Rock Blast
    36- Earthquake
    41- Explosion
    46- Double-Edge
    TM Move- Shockwave

    Fire Ball
    Miltank Baloon
    Slice of Cake
    Christmas Dragonair Plushie
    Green Scarf
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    Default Home Board: UPN

    Name: Catherine
    Starter Pokemon: (Shimmer) Corphish (F) (Lv 5)


    Shimmer (F) Lv 100
    Beauty Points: 10
    *Starter Pokemon*
    Bio: One day when Catherine was younger went to the beach and triped over Shimmer they soon became good friends. Latter when Catherine was older Shimmer decided that she wanted her to be her owner. Shimmer has a love for battling. Her favorite move is Crabhammer. Catherine has also found out that Shimmer has a bit of an aditude. Shimmer always thinks she is the strongest pokemon on Catherine's team even if she is not.
    Lv - Bubble
    7 Harden
    10 Vicegrip
    13 Leer
    19 Bubblebeam
    22 Protect
    25 Knock Off
    33 Taunt
    38 Crabhammer
    43 Swords Dance
    51 Crunch
    56 Guillotine

    Egg Moves: Mud Sport, Endeavor, Body Slam, Ancientpower

    Move Tutor Moves: Counter, Double-Edge, Mimic, Substitute, Snore, Icy Wind, Endure, Mud-slap, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Swift, Fury Cutter

    Usefull Moves
    HM01 - Cut (Date Learnt 04-11-05)
    HM03 - Surf
    HM04 - Strength (Date Learnt 10/17/05)
    HM06 - Rock Smash (Date Learnt 10/24/05)
    HM07 - Waterfall
    TM28 - Dig (Date Learnt 10/10/05)
    HM08 - Dive (Date Learnt 09-5-05)

    Ledy (M) Lv 40
    Beauty Points: 10
    Equiped: Blue Scarf
    *Adopted from the UPN Adoption Center*
    Bio: Ledy was put in the Adoption Center after he was used for a Shard Quest. Catherine decided that she needed another pokemon and that a Ledyba would be a good one. Ledy has shown to be a good battler even though he does not learn the best moves. He really like the move Psybeam and is glad that Catherine has given him that move. He has become great friends with Shine.
    Lv - Tackle
    8 Supersonic
    15 Comet Punch
    24 Light Screen
    24 Reflect
    24 Safeguard
    33 Baton Pass
    42 Swift
    51 Agility
    60 Double-Edge

    TM HP Ground
    TM Fire Punch
    TM Aerial Ace

    Egg Moves: Psybeam, Bide, Silver Wind

    Move Tutor Moves: Mega Punch, Mimic, Swords Dance, Substitute, Dynamicpunch, Rollout, Snore, Endure, Ice Punch, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Thunder Punch

    Usefull Moves
    HM05 - Flash (Date Learnt 02-8-05)
    TM28 - Dig (Date Learnt 10-3-05)

    Rage (M) Lv 40
    Beauty Points: 10
    *Caught in Volcanic Zone 01/21/05*
    Bio: Rage is the first pokemon that Catherine caught. He was mad at her and Shimmer for entering his teritory. After a long battle Catherine managed to catch him. He then became a loyal member of the team. His size has shown usefulness as well as destruction. He tries to be as careful as he can. He is unsure whether he wants to evole but if he ever does Catherine will get him a Steel Coat. Even though he is named Rage he is usally calm but time to time he can get really angry.
    - Tackle
    - Screech
    8 Bind
    12 Rock Throw
    19 Harden
    23 Rage
    30 Dragonbreath
    34 Sandstorm
    41 Slam
    45 Iron Tail
    52 Sand Tomb (Onix)
    52 Crunch
    56 Double-Edge

    TM Icy Wind

    Egg Moves: Rock Slide, Fail, Explosion, Block

    Move Tutor Moves: Body Slam, Mimic, Substitute, Rollout, Snore, Endure, Mud-slap, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Defense Curl

    Usefull Moves
    HM01 - Cut (Date Learnt 05-01-06)
    HM04 - Strength (Date Learnt 05-02-05)
    HM06 - Rock Smash (Date Learnt 05-30-05)
    TM28 - Dig (Date Learnt 05-23-05)

    Athrun (M) Lv 54
    Beauty Points: 10
    *Hatched from Myster Egg on 03/11/05*
    Bio: Athrun is also hatched from an egg. Catherine was surprised when she found out that she really like him since Spoink was not the pokemon she would expect herself to keep. Athrun is a verry happy pokemon. He is rarelly sad. He is also rarelly serious and Catherine hoped that he would get a bit more serious when he evolved. He did get a bit more seriouse but has not changed munch. If it is something importent he usally gets more serious. He loves to jump up and down even now when he is a Grumpig.
    - Splash
    7 Psywave
    10 Odor Sleuth
    16 Psybeam
    19 Psych Up
    25 Confuse Ray
    28 Magic Coat
    37 Psychic
    43 Rest
    43 Snore
    55 Bounce

    Egg Moves: Future Sight, Extrasensory, Trick

    Move Tutor Moves: Body Slam, Counter, Double-Edge, Dream Eater, Mega Kick, Mega Punch, Mimic, Seismic Toss, Substitute, Dynamicpunch, Icy Wind, Endure, Mud-Slap, Ice Punch, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Swift, Thunder Punch, Fire Punch

    Usefull Moves
    HM05 Flash (Date Learnt 10/10/05)

    Shine (M) Lv 54
    Beauty Points: 10
    *Recived in trade with Kas85*
    Bio: Catherine always had a dream to own a Beautifly. She recieved Shine in a trade when he was a small Wurmple. Shine wanted to become a Beautifly and Catherine was happy that she would not have to force him to evolve into what she want. Catherine then gave him five rare candies and because of this he spent verry little time as a Sicloon. Shine likes to battle and also loves the forest. If he sees anything harming the forest or a pokemon (besides battles) he will get mad and try to take action and help. As soon as he evolved into a Beautifly he became great friends with Ledy.
    - Tackle
    - String Shot
    5 Posion Sting
    10 Absorb
    13 Gust
    17 Stun Spore
    20 Morning Sun
    24 Mega Drain
    27 Whirlwind
    31 Attract
    34 Silver Wind
    38 Giga Drain
    TM - Shadowball (This is where I got the TM.)

    Move Tutor Moves: Double-Edge, Mimic, Substitute, Snore, Endure, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Swift

    Usefull Moves
    HM05 Flash Date Learnt: 11-7-05

    Summer (M) Lv 30
    Beauty Points: 10
    *Recived in trade with Wayne*
    - Tackle
    - Growl
    8 Razor Leaf
    12 Reflect
    15 Poisonpowder
    23 Synthesis
    31 Body Slam
    39 Light Screen
    47 Safeguard
    55 Solarbeam

    Made up mobe Thorns

    Egg Moves: Vine Whip, Leech Seed, Counter, Ancientpower, Nature Power, Ingrain, Grasswhistle

    Move Tutor Moves: Double-Edge, Mimic, Swords Dance, Substitute, Snore, Endure, Mud-slap, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Fury Cutter

    Useful Moves
    HM01 - Cut (Date Learnt 09-12-05)
    HM04 - Strength (Date Learnt 11-14-05)
    HM05 - Flash (Date Learnt 10-3-05)
    HM06 Rock Smash (Date Learnt 11-28-05)

    Majesty (F) Lv 25
    *Caught in Volcanic Zone 08/02/05*
    Beauty Points: 10
    - Quick Attack
    5 Growl
    9 Tail Whip
    14 Ember
    19 Stomp
    25 Fire Spin
    31 Take Down
    38 Agility
    45 Bounce (50 Rapidash)
    53 Fire Blast (63)

    Egg Moves: Flame Wheel, Thrash, Double Kick, Hypnosis, Charm, Double-Edge

    Move Tutor Moves: Body Slam, Mimic, Substitute, Snore, Endure, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Swift

    Useful Moves
    HM04 - Strength (Date Learnt 09-12-05)

    Saphira (F) Lv 25
    *Hatched from Dragon Mystry Egg on 09/14/05*
    Beauty Points: 10
    - Peck
    - Growl
    8 Astonish
    11 Sing
    18 Fury Attack
    21 Safeguard
    28 Mist
    31 Take Down
    38 Mirror Move
    41 Refresh (45 Altaria)
    48 Perish Song (54 Perish Song)

    TM Ice Beam

    Egg Moves: Agility, Haze, Pursuit, Rage

    Move Tutor Moves: Body Slam, Double-Edge, Dream Eater, Mimic, Substitute, Psych Up, Snore, Endure, Mud-slap, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Swift

    Useful Moves
    HM02 Fly

    Nidorino (M) Level 25
    Beauty Points: 10
    *Adopted from the UPN Adoption Center on 10/05/05*
    - Leer
    - Peck
    8 Focus Energy
    12 Double Kick
    17 Poison Sting
    20 Horn Attack
    23 Helping Hand
    30 Fury Attack
    38 Flatter
    47 Horn Drill

    Egg Moves: Counter, Disable, Supersonic, Take Down, Amnesia, Confusion, Beat Up

    Move Tutor Moves: Body Slam, Double Edge, Mimic, Substitute, Snore, Endure, Mud-Slap, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Defence Curl

    Useful Moves
    TM28 Dig (Date Learnt 10/24/05)
    HM01 Cut (Date Learnt 10/17/05)
    HM04 Strength (Date Learnt 11-14-05)
    HM06 Rock Smash (Date Learnt 11-14-05)

    (Salamence) Angel (F) Lv 52
    Beauty Points: 10 Level 49 evolotion.
    *Got in trade with Wayne*
    Bio: Catherine always loved dragon pokemon and had a dream of owning a Salamence. When Angel hatched from Wayne's Dragon Egg she knew that she wanted the little girl so she gave an offer. She traded 4 candies, TM Shockwave, TM Water Pulse and TM Metnrome. Angel was worth the high price. Catherine got the name from her good friend Joshua who also wanted the dragon. Angel is a sweet and shy pokemon and Catherine really likes her personality. She knows that Angel is the perfect edition to her team.
    - Rage
    5 Bite
    9 Leer
    17 Headbutt
    21 Focus Energy
    25 Ember
    33 Dragonbreath
    37 Scary Face
    41 Crunch
    49 Dragon Claw
    53 Double-Edge
    Ice Punch

    Egg Moves: Hydro Pump, Thrash, Dragon Rage, Twister, Dragon Dance

    Move Tutor Moves: Body Slam, Mimic, Rock Slide, Substitute, Snore, Endure, Mud-Slap, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Fury Cutter

    Usefull Moves
    HM01 Cut (Date Learnt 12-19-05)
    HM04 Strength (Date Learnt 12-19-05)
    HM06 Rock Smash (Date Learnt 12-19-05)
    HM02 Fly

    Trapinch (F) Lv 25
    Beauty Points: 10
    *Hatched from Dragon Mystery Egg*
    - Bite
    9 Sand-Attack
    17 Faint Attack
    25 Sand Tomb
    33 Crunch
    35 Dragonbreath (Vibrava)
    41 Dig (Tapinch)
    41 Screech (Vibrava)
    49 Sandstorm
    57 Hyper Beam

    Egg Moves: Focus Energy,Quick Attack, Gust

    Mov Tutor Moves: Body Slam, Double-Edge, Mimic, Rock Slide, Substitute, Snore, Endure, Mud-Slap, Swagger, Sleep Talk

    Usefull Moves
    TM28 Dig (Date Learnt 02-06-06)
    HM04 Strength
    HM06 Rock Smash

    Ayra (F) Lv 30
    Beauty Points: 10
    *Hatched from award Dragon Mystery Egg*
    Bio: Catherine has always wanted to get a Dratini since Dragonair is her favorite pokemon. She never thought she would ever get one because of their rareness. But she got very lucky and she got the chance. The mods were once again giving out a speacal gift to the updaters for their good jobs. But they were not just giving out candies they were giving Ultra Rare eggs or Shiny Spray to updaters who have updated for a while now. Catherine happened to be one of them and she idmeaditly knew what she would chose. A Dragon Mystery Egg since Dratini was the only Ultra Rare in it. Catherine's dream was going to come true.
    - Wrap
    - Leer
    8 Thunder Wave
    15 Twister
    22 Dragon Rage
    29 Slam
    36 Agility
    43 Safeguard
    50 Outrage
    57 Hyper Beam

    Egg Moves: Light Screen, Mist, Haze, Supersonic, Dragonbreath, Dragon Dance

    Move Tutor Moves: Body Slam, Double-Edge, Mimic, Substitute, Snore, Icy Wind, Endure, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Swift

    Usefull Moves
    HM03 Surf
    HM07 Waterfall

    Lapras (F) Lv 30
    Beauty Points: 10
    - Water Gun
    - Growl
    - Sing
    7 Mist
    13 Body Slam
    19 Confuse Ray
    25 Perish Song
    31 Ice Beam
    37 Rain Dance
    43 Safeguard
    49 Hydro Pump
    55 Sheer Cold

    Egg Moves: Foresight, Substitute, Tickle, Refresh, Dragon Dance, Curse, Sleep Talk, Horn Drill

    Move Tutor Moves: Double-Edge, Dream Eater, Mimic, Substitute, Snore, Icy Wind, Endure, Swagger, Sleep Talk

    Usefull Moves
    HM03 Surf
    HM04 Strength (Date Learnt: 02-27-06)
    HM06 Rock Smash (Date Learnt: 02-27-06)
    HM07 Waterfall
    HM08 Dive (Date Learnt: 02-27-06)
    HM06 Whirlpool

    Bold - Unlearned Moves


    Healing Items
    Potions (13)
    Super Potions (1)
    Full Heals (10)
    Revives (14)

    Berry Bag
    Berry Juice (1)
    Berry Juice

    Coman Berries
    Aspear Berry 1
    Bluk Berry 1, 2, 3
    Cheri Berry 1, 2
    Chesto Berry 1
    Lum Berry 1, 2
    Nanab Berry 1
    Oran Berry 1, 2
    Pecha Berry 1, 2
    Persim Berry 1
    Pinap Berry 1, 2
    Razz Berry 1
    Sitrus Berry 1, 2, 3

    Rare Berries
    Aguva Berry 1
    Cornn Berry 1, 2
    Figy Berry 1
    Iapapa Berry 1, 2, 3, 4
    Kelpsy Berry 1
    Lansat Berry 1, 2, 3
    Leppa Berry 1
    Mago Berry 1, 2
    Nomel Berry 1, 2, 3
    Qualot Berry 1
    Rabuta Berry 1
    Starf Berry 1
    Tomato Berry 1
    Wiki Berry 1, 2

    Super Rare Berries
    Belue Berry 1
    Durin Berry 1
    Petaya Berry 1
    Spelon Berry 1, 2
    Watmel Berry 1, 2

    Pokeballs (20)
    Special Edition Ice Master Ball
    Xmas Ball 04
    Chocolate Ball 05
    Christmas Ball 05
    New Year Ball 06
    Love Ball 06
    Chocolate Ball 06
    Ghost Ball
    Were Ball
    Fire Ball
    Thunder Ball
    Psychic Ball

    Held Items
    Spell Tag
    Black Glasses
    Poison Barb
    Mystic Water
    Yellow Scarf

    TM Attract
    TM Blizzard
    TM Bubble Beam
    TM Bullet Seed
    TM Double Team
    TM Hail
    TM Headbutt
    TM Ice Beam
    TM Icy Wind
    TM Ice Beam
    TM Iron Tail
    TM Metrenome
    TM Nightmare
    TM Reflect
    TM Secret Power
    TM Shock Wave
    TM Skill Swap
    TM Softboiled
    TM Sunny Day
    TM Swift
    TM Tri-Attack
    TM Thunder
    TM Water Gun
    TM Water Pulse
    TM Whirlwind

    Christmas Coin Case
    Red Valentines Coin Case
    Moon Stone
    Thunder Stone
    Yellow Flute
    Sacred Ash
    Sacred Ash #2
    Shoal Salt
    Shoal Shell
    Heart Scale
    Devil Horns
    Sneasel Wand
    Love necklace
    Eau Perfume (Sweet sent)
    Cupids Bow and arrow
    Heart Scale

    Misdreavus (Screeches when squeezed)
    Salamence (With retractable claws)
    Magical Dragonair Plushie (Used)
    Gengar Plushie
    Plusle Elf Plushie
    Non Magical Lapras Plushie
    Magical Jynx Plushie

    Miltank Ballon
    Slice of FB Birthday Cake
    Crystal Egg
    Party popper that goes POP when used

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    Leeds, UK

    Default Homeboard: UPN Forums

    Name: Tom
    Starter Pokemon: Staryu Lv.5
    Misc: Tom caught Staryu when he fell off the side of a cruise-ship, and happened to land on a group of Sharpedo. They attacked Tom who was defenceless until a Staryu appeared and saved Tom, who consequently threw a pokeball and caught the Staryu

    test SentPassed

    All my recent info is at UPN.
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    Exclamation Home Board: UPN

    * Name: Wayne
    * Starter Pokemon, Gender, Level 5 and Nickname: Charmander, Male , LV. 5, Rex
    * Misc: A very serious traveler that is very self sufficient.

    ..::Fizzy Bubble Team::..

    Draco (M) Lv. 57 Smokey (M) Lv. 13 Virgil (M) Lv. 60
    Bulba (M) Lv. 10 Blitz (M) Lv. 8 Judgment (M) Lv. 100
    Sap (M) Lv. 25 Crimson (M) Lv. 10 Oracle (F) Lv. 26
    Gourmet (M) Lv. 8 Danté (M) Lv. 8 Aiora (M) Lv. 100
    Cactuar (M) Lv. 32
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    Default Home Board:Serebii

    Age:19 years old
    Misc.:Thed is one cool dude... Coming from the island of Oahu, Hawaii he decided that the islands were getting a bit dull. So with his lifelong friend Tsunami the two went on a trip and stumbled into the world of Fizzy Bubbles. Thed can be a carefree guy, but when the situations are right he can become one of the greatest pokemon trainers you'll ever see. Thed loves his pokemon and if you mess with mess with him. His favorite pokemon types are water and bug, but he likes every pokemon whether big, small, uber, underused, etc. With his carefree attitude and all the things that go on in the world today he decided to call his pokemon team the 'Eh No Make Li'Dat' Crew. What that means is that in whatever situation the team faces they will always know to be true to themselves.
    Appearance:Thed is a pretty average height not too tall, not too short, but just right. He is also a very tanned fellow...what would you expect for a guy who lived in Hawaii for all of his life?? Thed wears a blue aloha shirt and baggy-ish shorts. The aloha shirt that Thed wears is his favorite aloha shirt with a print of waves with the perfect barrel. When the weather gets too hot Thed either unbuttons his shirt or just completely takes it off, watch out ladies XD. For footwear Thed wears his slippers, flip-flops for all you mainlanders, they are very durable.

    The 'Eh No Make Li'Dat' Crew:

    Tsunami | Blastoise | Male | Level 100 |
    Met:Starter @ Level 5
    Next Evolutions:Fully Evolved
    Level Up Moves:Tackle, TailWhip, Bubble, Withdraw, WaterGun, Bite, RapidSpin, Protect, RainDance, SkullBash, HydroPump
    Egg Moves:MirrorCoat, Yawn, Refresh, Haze, Mist, Foresight, MudSport, Flail
    Move Tutor Moves:Mimic, HydroCannon, Counter, SeismicToss, BodySlam, RollOut, DynamicPunch, MegaKick, Substitute, Double-Edge, MegaPunch
    TMs:IcyWind, IceBeam, IcePunch, Blizzard, Earthquake
    HMs:Surf, Whirlpool, Waterfall, Dive, RockSmash, Strength, Dig
    Cool Points:20, 40, 60
    Tough Points:20
    Currently:Adventuring in Elyra

    Bio:Tsunami first joined up with Thed as his starter pokemon while still a small Squirtle. Since that time Thed and Tsunami have grown together and are quite the team. Ever since he evolved sometimes Thed will climb atop Tsunami and use him to surf the waves. The other pokemon of the crew are a little jealous of Tsunami since he has the strongest bond with Thed. But, Tsunami is seen as an older brother by all of the crew as well and would do anything to help them out.

    Bonno | Marowak | Male | Level 100 |
    Met:Adopted from UPN Adoption Center @ Level 5
    Ability:Rock Head & Lightning Rod
    Next Evolutions:Fully Evolved
    Level Up Moves:Growl, TailWhip, BoneClub, Headbutt, Leer, Bonemerang, Rage, FalseSwipe, Thrash, BoneRush, Double-Edge
    Egg Moves:AncientPower, RockSlide, BellyDrum, SwordsDance
    Move Tutor Moves:IcyWind, Thunderpunch
    HMs:RockSmash, Strength, Dig
    Currently:In PC

    Bio:A lonely little Cubone one day caught Thed's eye while he was at the UPN Adoption Center. Not wanting to leave the little guy there Thed adopted the Cubone and immediately connected with the little guy. Bonno finally having a home decided upon a new dream and that was singing. He sings his heart out whether it is to acoustic, r&b, pop, or even country music. Even though he continuously sings he finds time to train alongside the crew and is a fiercesome warrior with his Bone Club, which is usually used as Bonno's mic, he is known by the crew as the 'Singing Senshi(Fighter)' .

    Abe | Machamp | Male | Level 100 |
    Met:Adopted from Serebii Adoption Center @ Level 5
    Next Evolutions:Fully Evolved
    Level Up Moves:LowKick, Leer, FocusEnergy, KarateChop, SeismicToss, Foresight, Revenge, VitalThrow, Submission, CrossChop, ScaryFace, DynamicPunch
    Egg Moves:LightScreen, RollingKick, Meditate, Mud-slap
    Move Tutor Moves:BodySlam, Thunderpunch, Metronome, MegaKick
    HMs:Strength, RockSmash, Dig
    Currently:In PC

    Bio:During a humble visit to the old SPPF Adoption Center Thed came across a very serious, yet energetic Machop. Amazed at seeing the Machop working out and practicing Fighting techniques within the Center made Thed realize this Machop was special and so he adopted him. Abe fulfilled his dream of becoming a Machamp after many battles with tough pokemon and actually evolved during a battle with a Walrein to achieve victory. Abe still works his body out, but he also has a focus on the lady pokemon. He goes on the occasional dates returning back to his pokeball late at night. Abe used to go on about being some character from another game, but he seems to have grown tired of trying to get the crew to believe him.

    Magneto | Magneton | Genderless | Level 100 |
    Met:Trade with Ytnim @ Level 5
    Ability:Magnet Pull & Sturdy
    Next Evolutions:Fully Evolved
    Level Up Moves:MetalSound, Tackle, Thundershock, Supersonic, Sonicboom, ThunderWave, Spark, Lock-on, Swift, TriAttack, Screech, ZapCannon
    Egg Moves:N/A
    Move Tutor Moves:Rollout, Double-Edge, VoltTackle
    TMs:WaterPulse, IcyWind, Thunder
    Currently:In PC

    Bio:Deciding that a Magnemite would be a perfect addition to his crew Thed soon recieved on in a trade with Ytnim. Always energetic Magneto is just a pokemon full of positive energy. Magneto is also quite the creative pokemon and because of pure determination it was able to attain 3rd place in the Wings of Seraphim Tournament and gained Magnemites/tons respect as flying/floating pokemon. Soon after Magneto evolved, but thankfully Magneto's personality stayed the same, even with the seemingly new additions.

    Shredder | Shedinja | Genderless | Level 57 |
    Met:Adopted from Serebii Adoption Center @ Level 20
    Ability:Wonder Guard
    Next Evolutions:Fully Evolved
    Level Up Moves:Scratch, Harden, LeechLife, SandAttack, FurySwipes, MindReader, FalseSwipe, Spite, Mud-slap, ConfuseRay, MetalClaw, ShadowBall, Grudge
    Egg Moves:SilverWind, Gust, FaintAttack, Endure
    Move Tutor Moves:FrenzyPlant
    TMs:Reflect, Protect, Detect, Safeguard
    HMs:Cut, Flash, Dig
    Currently:At Daycare Center

    Bio:Shredder was dropped off by his previous owner in the SPPF Adoption Center and soon after Thed quickly adopted him into his team. Envious of it's unique typeage and ability Thed knew he had to have the Shedinja. Shredder is the monk of the crew meditating quite often and offering bits of wisdom to the rest of the crew when needed.

    Divatox | Muk | Female | Level 41 |
    Met:Captured in Fizzytopia @ Level 5
    Ability:Stench & Sticky Hold
    Next Evolutions:Fully Evolved
    Level Up Moves:PoisonGas, Pound, Disable, Harden, Sludge, Minimize, Screech, AcidArmor, SludgeBomb
    Egg Moves:Explosion, ShadowPunch, MeanLook, Lick, Haze
    Move Tutor Moves:FirePunch, IcePunch, Mud-slap
    TMs:Toxic, SoftBoiled, MegaDrain
    HMs:Dig, Strength, RockSmash
    Currently:At the Daycare Center

    Bio:Divatox was caught by Thed in the Dead Forest of Fizzytopia, and this was his first capture as well. Divatox believes that she is THE most beautiful Grimer there is in Fizzy Bubbles. Don't tell her otherwise or else the b*tchy side of Divatox comes out and you don't want that... All day Divatox either grooms her sludgey body making it as shiny and smooth as possible or tries to climb all over Thed and the other pokemon.

    Coconut | Tropius | Male | Level 24 |
    Met:Captured in Fizzytopia @ Level 5
    Next Evolutions:None
    Level Up Moves:Leer, Gust, Growth, RazorLeaf, Stomp, SweetScent
    Egg Moves:LeechSeed, RazorWind, NaturePower
    Move Tutor Moves:BodySlam
    HMs:Fly, Strength, Cut, Flash
    Currently:At the Move Tutors learning EM Headbutt
    'Lost' in Elyra

    Bio:Coconut was captured by Thed in his adventures in Fizzytopia. He is quite confident, with a bit of cocky on the side. Coconut for some odd reason loves roaring. He'll roar for any old reason, and when he roars you'll know it. Being the only one able to fly Coconut flaunts his ability to his team mates, but he loves attention and sometimes he'll give everyone a ride on his back while he flies. There's almost nothing about him you couldn't love. *roars* Like I said 'almost' nothing...

    Awa | Sharpedo | Female | Level 34 |
    Met:Trade with SM @ Level 25
    Ability:Rough Skin
    Next Evolutions:Fully Evolved
    Level Up Moves:Leer, Bite, Rage, FocusEnergy, ScaryFace, Crunch
    Egg Moves:HydroPump
    Move Tutor Moves:FuryCutter
    HMs:Surf, Waterfall, Dive, Strength, RockSmash
    Currently:In PC

    Bio:Thed was able to obtain Awa in a trade with Shiny_Magneton. Awa didn't come into the group with all her energy. She had done that before foolhardily and ended up being traded every time. But, thanks to Thed and his love for Carvanhas and Sharpedos Awa eventually figured out that she was going to be a permanent member of Thed's team and opened up to him and the rest of the pokemon on the team. Awa is a very confident fish and the fact that she is a shiny doesn't help. She and Divatox are the best of friends.

    Validus | Trapinch | Male | Level 13 |
    Met:Hatched from Dragon Mystery Egg @ Level 5
    Ability:Hyper Cutter & Arena Trap
    Next Evolutions:(Level:35) (Level:45)
    Level Up Moves:Bite, Sand-attack
    Egg Moves:Gust, Quick Attack
    Move Tutor Moves:RockSlide, BodySlam
    TMs:IcePunch, Flamethrower, Taunt, Torment
    HMs:Strength, RockSmash, Dig
    Currently:In PC

    Bio:Having wanted a Trapinch for some time Thed was overjoyed when he hatched one from his first Dragon Mystery Egg. Considered one of the babies of the group Validus is very much spoiled by the crew. Validus, meaning 'well grounded' in English and 'mighty' in Latin, loves to have fun and think he's tough, but the others keep him in his place. Right now he is prone to biting miscellaneous items and wandering off by himself.

    Papi | Caterpie | Male | Level 11 |
    Met:Trade with Skrusti @ Level 5
    Ability:Shield Dust
    Next Evolutions:Able to evolve into Butterfree(Level:10)
    Level Up Moves:Tackle, StringShot
    Egg Moves:N/A
    Move Tutor Moves:N/A
    Cute Points:60, 80, 100
    Beauty Points:20
    Currently:In PC

    Bio:Thed was able to get Papi through a trade with Skrusti, who hatched him. Unable to resist this little babys cuteness and the fact that Butterfree was his first favorite pokemon Thed got him. Thed named the little Caterpie Papi because whenever it's excited it'll say "Papi!" Thed believes that Papi is either Mexican (Papi Chulo=Pimp Daddy) or French (Papillon=Butterfly). Whatever the case this little caterpillar has a heart of gold. Papi enjoys playing around with Validus seeing as how they are both still young and considered babies of the crew.

    Kirein | Girafarig | Female | Level 13 |
    Met:Trade with Shinjara @ Level 5
    Ability:Inner Focus & Early Bird
    Next Evolutions:None
    Level Up Moves:Tackle, Growl, Astonish
    Egg Moves:TakeDown
    Move Tutor Moves:N/A
    HMs:Flash, Strength, RockSmash
    Currently:In PC

    Bio:Soon after Shinjara hatched a little Girafarig she traded it to Thed. Thed was pleased to have the little giraffe and was amazed at her beauty. Her name, Kirein, is a mixture of Kirei (Pretty) and Kirin (Giraffe). Kirein is also considered a baby, but was soon 'adopted' by Divatox and Awa since they knew the girls had to stick together. Although Kirein is quite opposite to Divatox and Awa, quiet and shy, she is smart and confident in herself and seems to fit right in with the crew.

    Kilauea | Slugma | Male | Level 6 |
    Met:Trade with Freezer @ Level 5
    Ability:Magma Armor & Flame Body
    Next Evolutions:(Level:38)
    Level Up Moves:Yawn, Smog
    Egg Moves:N/A
    Move Tutor Moves:BlastBurn
    Currently:In PC

    Bio:Some time after Thed had obtained his Elite PC Upgrade Furizaa hatched a small Slugma. Thed immediately offered for the little slug and soon after Kilauea was his. Kilauea was named after the most active volcano in Hawaii and the world. Kilauea can sometimes be a little dimwitted and clusmy at times. The crew always lend Kilauea their help and know that someday Kilauea will return the favor.

    Aura | Chinchou | Female | Level 5 |
    Met:Adoption Center @ Level 5
    Ability:Volt Absorb & Illuminate
    Next Evolutions:(Level:27)
    Level Up Moves:Bubble, ThunderWave, Supersonic
    Egg Moves:N/A
    Move Tutor Moves:N/A
    TMs:Bubblebeam, Attract
    HMs:Flash, Dive
    Currently:In PC

    Bio:Aura is a very cheerful fish, despite her age, which could shock many. She is the younger sister of Tess' Chinchou and tries to spend as much time as she can with her between their busy schedules. Aura enjoys blinking her bulbs and through Theds encouragement has taken up trying to learn Morse Code in times of emergency.

    Drillbit | Dunsparce | Male | Level 15 |
    Met:Trade with Joe @ Level 15
    Ability:Serene Grace
    Next Evolutions:None
    Level Up Moves:Rage, DefenseCurl, Yawn, Glare
    Egg Moves:Bide, Ancientpower, Rock Slide, Bite, Headbutt, Astonish
    Move Tutor Moves:BodySlam, Double-Edge, RockSlide
    TMs:IceBeam, Teleport, WaterPulse, FuryCutter, HiddenPower(Psychic), Thunder, HiddenPower(Dragon), Nightmare
    HMs:Strength, RockSmash
    Currently:In PC

    Bio:Coming into the crew with already having a lot of experiences with his past trainer Drillbit was a little skeptical if he could make new friends and become a permanent part of the crew. Soon enough though he started conversing and playing with the rest of the crew and he fits right in. Drillbit has an array of moves which makes fighting him very difficult. Knowing this Drillbit is very confident in himself and knows that the crew will always be there to back him up.

    Jade | Treecko | Female | Level 5 |
    Met:Hatched from Ultra Rare Grass Egg @ Level 5
    Next Evolutions:(Level:16) (Level:36)
    Level Up Moves:Pound, Leer
    Egg Moves:N/A
    Move Tutor Moves:N/A
    Currently:At the Beauty Salon for BP's 9 & 10

    Bio:Jade is a very secretive little Treecko. She isn't much of a talker, but when she does she goes straight to the point. Jade has been known to sneak up on Thed a couple of times surprising him to his dismay. Thed considers her a ninja and Jade has taken a liking to that title. Being a very loyal pokemon Jade doesn't like it when unknown people or pokemon approach Thed and she quickly Leers at them. Hopefully over time she will learn to not be so overprotective of her trainer.

    Isyss | Lapras | Female | Level 25 |
    Met:Trade with Bloody Banette @ Level 25
    Ability:Water Absorb & Shell Armor
    Next Evolutions:No Evolutions
    Level Up Moves:WaterGun, Growl, Sing, Mist, BodySlam, ConfuseRay, PerishSong
    Egg Moves:N/A
    Move Tutor Moves:N/A
    TMs:RainDance, Attract, SweetScent, Reflect
    Beauty Points:40
    Cute Points:40

    Bio:Coming Soon...

    Balls:Pokeballs 29x
    Healing Stuff: Potion 8x, BurnHeal 4x, IceHeal 4x, Antidote 4x, Awakening 4x, ParalyzHeal 4x, Revive 8x, SuperPotion 1x
    Misc.:Foldable Surfboard, Bodyboard, Fins, Tractor
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    Default Home Board: UPN

    Trainer Name: Stephen
    Bio: Stephen was born and lived in Mahogany Town for the majority of his life. At the age of ten, he was given his first Pokemon, a male Cyndaquil. Instantly becoming attached to the echidna Pokemon, Stephen planned to travel to the Violet City Gym, quite a far way away from his home. Eventually leaving home to make the journey, Stephen got to Blackthorn City before he learned of a new area, quite far away from his home. Considering the situation, Stephen eventually decided to ditch his earlier ambitions of participating in the Johto league, instead turning to the land of Fizzy Bubbles. Quickly changing his course and heading to Olivine City, after a large amount of travelling he found himself on a ship heading for the far off land of adventures.

    Stephen is roughly 5'09'', with brown eyes, blondish brown hair, an average build neither muscular nor flimsy, and of average weight for a 15 year old. Friendly with the majority of the people he meets, Stephen only has a few close friends.


    Pokemon: Quilava (M) Lv. 100
    Met: At Level 5 in Starter Registry, on January 2, 2005
    Type: Fire
    Ball: Pokeball
    Next Evolution: N/A
    Held Item: Shell Bell
    Contest Stats: Cool (20)
    Bio: Coming Soon
    Level Up Moves: Tackle, Leer, Smokescreen, Ember, Quick Attack, Flame Wheel, Swift, Flamethrower
    TM/HM Moves: Dig, Cut, Rock Smash, Strength, Rock Tomb, Thunderpunch, Rest, Tri-Attack, Ice Punch, Dragon Claw
    MT Moves: Double-Edge, Mimic, Body Slam, Substitute, Rollout, Snore, Endure, Mud Slap, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Swift, Defense Curl, Fury Cutter
    Egg Moves: Covet, Crush Claw, Foresight, Fury Swipes, Howl, Quick Attack, Reversal, Thrash
    Advanced Moves: Blast Burn
    Current Location: PC

    Pokemon: Walrein (M) Lv. 100
    Met: At Level 6 in a Cable Club trade with MetalGardevoir, on January 24, 2005
    Type: Ice/Water
    Ball: Pokeball
    Next Evolution: N/A
    Bio: From his battle against the mighty Rayquaza of Ice, Walrein has a large scar on the left side of his face, running in a crescent shape around its eyes and coming to a halt a few inches from its tusk.
    [full version coming soon]

    Level Up Moves: Powder Snow, Growl, Defense Curl, Water Gun, Encore, Ice Ball, Body Slam, Aurora Beam, Hail, Rest, Snore, Blizzard, Sheer Cold
    TM/HM Moves: Surf, Rock Smash, Strength, Waterfall, Dive
    MT Moves: Body Slam, Double-Edge, Substitute, Mimic, Rock Slide, Rollout, Snore, Icy Wind, Endure, Mud Slap, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Defense Curl
    Egg Moves: Water Sport, Stockpile, Swallow, Spit Up, Yawn, Curse, Fissure
    Advanced Moves: Hydro Cannon
    Current Location: Active Party

    Pokemon: Flygon (F) Lv. 100
    Met: At Level 6 in the Adoption Center, on April 6, 2005
    Type: Ground/Dragon
    Ball: Pokeball
    Next Evolution: N/A
    Contest Stats: Tough (100)
    Contest Ribbons: Tough (Normal Rank)
    Hold Item: Yellow Scarf
    Bio: Coming Soon
    Level Up Moves: Bite, Sand Attack, Faint Attack, Sand Tomb, Crunch, Dragonbreath, Screech, Sandstorm, Hyper Beam
    TM/HM Moves: Dig, Strength, Rock Smash, Fly, Ice Punch
    MT Moves: Body Slam, Double-Edge, Substitute, Mimic, Rock Slide, Snore, Endure, Mud-Slap, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Swift, Fire Punch, Fury Cutter
    Egg Moves: Focus Energy, Quick Attack, Gust
    Current Location: PC

    Pokemon:Swellow (F) Lv. 32
    Met: At Level 5 in a Cable Club trade with Michishirube, on May 3, 2005
    Type: Normal/Flying
    Ball: Pokeball
    Next Evolution: N/A
    Beauty Points: 10
    Bio: Coming Soon
    Level Up Moves: Peck, Growl, Focus Energy, Quick Attack, Wing Attack,Double Team, Endeavor, Aerial Ace (38), Agility (49)
    TM/HM Moves: Fly, Icy Wind
    MT Moves: Substitute, Mimic, Double-Edge, Counter, Snore, Endure, Mud-Slap, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Swift
    Egg Moves: Pursuit, Supersonic, Refresh, Sky Attack, Mirror Move, Rage
    Current Location: Active Party

    Pokemon:Ariados (F) Lv. 28
    Met: At Level 6 by capture in the Volcanic Mountain, on May 31, 2005
    Type: Bug/Poison
    Ball: Pokeball
    Next Evolution: N/A
    Bio: Coming Soon
    Level Up Moves: Poison Sting, String Shot, Scary Face, Constrict, Night Shade, Leech Life, Fury Swipes (34), Spider Web (43), Agility (53), Psychic (63)
    TM/HM Moves: Dig, Flash
    MT Moves: Body Slam, Double-Edge, Mimic, Substitute, Snore, Endure, Swagger, Sleep Talk
    Egg Moves: Baton Pass, Disable, Psybeam, Pursuit, Signal Beam, Sonicboom
    Current Location: PC

    Pokemon: Ivysaur (F) Lv. 20
    Met: At Level 5 by capture in the Haunted Mansion
    Type: Grass/Poison
    Ball: Pokeball
    Beauty Points: 2
    Held Item: Miracle Seed
    Bio: Coming Soon
    Next Evolution: N/A
    Level Up Moves: Tackle, Growl, Leech Seed, Vine Whip, Poisonpowder, Sleep Powder, Razor Leaf (22), Sweet Scent (29), Growth (38), Synthesis (47), Solarbeam (56)
    TM/HM Moves: Cut, Strength, Flash, Rock Smash,Thorns
    MT Moves: Swords Dance, Body Slam, Double-Edge, Mimic, Substitute, Snore, Endure, Mud-Slap, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Defense Curl, Fury Cutter
    Egg Moves: Light Screen, Skull Bash, Safeguard, Charm, Petal Dance, Magical Leaf, Grasswhistle, Curse
    Current Location: PC

    Pokemon: Absol (M) Lv. 24
    Met: Hatched from Dark Mystery Egg at Lv. 5
    Type: Dark
    Ball: Pokeball
    Next Evolution: N/A
    Bio: Coming Soon
    Level Up Moves: Scratch, Leer, Taunt, Quick Attack, Razor Wind, Bite, Swords Dance (26), Double Team (31), Slash (36), Future Sight (41), Perish Song (46)
    TM/HM Moves: Cut, Strength, Flash, Rock Smash, Shock Wave
    MT Moves:Swords Dance, Body Slam, Double Edge, Counter, Mimic, Dream Eater, Thunder Wave, Rock Slide, Substitute, Psych Up, Snore, Icy Wind, Endure, Mud Slap, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Swift, Fury Cutter
    Egg Moves: Baton Pass, Faint Attack, Double Edge, Magic Coat, Curse, Substitute
    Current Location: PC

    Pokemon: Houndour (F) Lv. 14
    Met: Trade with Radical Edward at Lv. 7
    Type: Dark/Fire
    Ball: Pokeball
    Next Evolution: Houndoom [24]
    Bio: Coming Soon
    Level Up Moves: Leer, Ember, Howl, Smog, Roar (19), Bite (27), Odor Sleuth (35), Faint Attack (43), Flamethrower (51), Crunch (59)
    TM/HM Moves: Rock Smash, Rock Tomb (Strength - Houndoom)
    MT Moves: Body Slam, Double Edge, Counter, Mimic, Dream Eater, Substitute, Snore, Endure, Mud Slap, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Swift
    Egg Moves: Fire Spin, Rage, Pursuit, Counter, Spite, Reversal, Beat Up, Will-O-Wisp
    Current Location: Active Party

    Pokemon: Dragonair (F) Lv. 31
    Met: Hatched from Dragon Mystery Egg at Level 5
    Type: Dragon
    Ball: Pokeball
    Next Evolution: Dragonite [55]
    Held Item: Dragon Fang
    Bio: Coming Soon
    Level Up Moves: Wrap, Leer, Thunder Wave, Twister, Dragon Rage, Slam, Agility (38), Safeguard (47), Wing Attack (55), Outrage (61), Hyper Beam (75)
    TM/HM Moves: Surf, Waterfall, Ice Beam, (Cut, Fly, Strength, Rock Smash, Dive - Dragonite)
    MT Moves: Body Slam, Double-Edge, Mimic, Thunder Wave, Substitute, Snore, Icy Wind, Endure, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Swift, (Dynamic Punch, Ice Punch, Mud-Slap, Thunderpunch, Fire Punch, Fury Cutter - Dragonite)
    Egg Moves: Light Screen, Mist, Haze, Supersonic, Dragonbreath, Dragon Dance
    Current Location: Daycare

    Pokemon: Shellder (M) Lv. 18
    Met: Hatched from Ice Glacier Egg at Level 5
    Type: Water
    Ball: Pokeball
    Next Evolution: Cloyster [Water Stone - 33(?)]
    Bio: Coming Soon
    Level Up Moves: Tackle, Withdraw, Supersonic, Aurora Beam (17), Protect (25), Leer (33), [Cloyster] Spikes (33), Clamp (41), [Cloyster] Spike Cannon (41), Ice Beam (49)
    TM/HM Moves: Surf, Dive
    MT Moves: Double Edge, Mimic, Explosion, Substitute, Snore, Icy Wind, Endure, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Swift
    Egg Moves: Bubblebeam, Take Down, Barrier, Rapid Spin, Screech, Icicle Spear
    Current Location: Daycare

    Pokemon: Lapras (M) Lv. 20
    Met: Hatched from Ice Glacier Egg at Level 05
    Type: Ice/Water
    Ball: Pokeball
    Next Evolution: N/A
    Bio: Coming Soon
    Level Up Moves: Water Gun, Growl, Sing, Mist, Body Slam, Confuse Ray, Perish Song (25), Ice Beam (31), Rain Dance (37), Safeguard (43), Hydro Pump (49), Sheer Cold (55)
    TM/HM Moves: Surf, Strength, Rock Smash, Waterfall, Dive, Whirlpool
    MT Moves: Body Slam, Double-Edge, Mimic, Dream Eater, Substitute, Snore, Icy Wind, Endure, Swagger, Sleep Talk
    Egg Moves: Foresight, Substitute, Tickle, Refresh, Dragon Dance, Curse, Sleep Talk, Horn Drill
    Current Location: Active Party

    Pokemon: Electrike (F) Lv. 26
    Met: Traded from Silver Wind at Level 6
    Type: Electric
    Ball: Thunder Ball
    Next Evolution: N/A
    Bio: Coming Soon
    Level Up Moves: Tackle, Thunder Wave, Leer, Howl, Quick Attack, Spark, Odor Sleuth, Roar (31), Bite (39), Thunder (45), Charge (53)
    TM/HM Moves: Flash
    MT Moves: Body Slam, Double-Edge, Mimic, Substitute, Snore, Endure, Mud-Slap, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Swift
    Egg Moves: Crunch, Headbutt, Uproar, Curse, Swift
    Current Location: Active Party

    Pokemon: Umbreon (M) Lv. 18
    Met: Purchased at Coins for Prizes at Level 5
    Type: Dark
    Ball: Pokeball
    Next Evolution: N/A
    Beauty Points: 10
    Bio: Coming Soon
    Level Up Moves:Tackle, Tail Whip, Helping Hand, Sand-Attack, Pursuit (16), Quick Attack (23), Confuse Ray (30), Bite (30 as Eevee), Faint Attack (36), Baton Pass (36 as Eevee), Mean Look (42), Take Down (42 as Eevee), Screech (47), Moonlight (52)
    TM/HM Moves: Dig, Cut, Flash
    MT Moves: Body Slam, Double-Edge, Mimic, Substitute, Snore, Endure, Mud-Slap, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Swift, Dream Eater, Psych Up
    Egg Moves: Charm, Flail, Endure, Curse, Tickle, Wish
    Current Location: Active Party

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    Default Home Board: Serebii

    :Name: Trick
    :Sex: Male ?
    :Age: 15
    :Starter: Spinarak Lv.05 Male

    Scavenger, Level .63 ? / Type: Bug/Poison / Nature: Impish
    Obtained: Starter Pokemon, Lv.05 / Item: None
    Level-up Moves
    Poison Sting, String Shot, Scary Face, Constrict, Night Shade, Leech Life, Fury Swipes, Spider Web, Agillity, Psychic
    TM/HM/MT Moves: Cut, Flash, Rollout, Mimic, Substitute
    EM Moves: Psybeam, Signal Beam, Disable, Sonic Boom, Baton Pass, Pursuit,

    Jalhalla, Level .53 ? / Type: Grass/Dark / Nature: Laid-Back
    Obtained: Cable Club, Lv.05 / Item: None
    Level-up Moves
    Revenge, Poison Sting, Leer, Absorb, Growth, Leech Seed, Sand Attack, Pin Missile, Ingrain, Faint Attack, Spikes, Needle Arm, Cotton Spore, Sand Storm, Destiny Bond(59)
    TM/HM/MT Moves: Focus Punch, Rock Tomb, Toxic, Thorns, Thunder Punch, Substitute, Frenzy Plant
    EM Moves: Dynamic Punch, Grasswhistle, Counter, Acid, Teeterdance,

    Bane, Level .38 ? / Type: Ghost / Nature: Serious
    Obtained: Cable Club, Lv.05 / Item: Voodoo Set
    Level-up Moves
    Knock Off, Screech, Nightshade, Curse, Spite, Will-o-Wisp, Faint Attack, Shadowball(48), Snatch(55), Grudge(64)
    TM/HM/MT Moves: Flash, Thunder, Torment, Taunt, Swagger,
    EM Moves: -

    Bane, Level .38 ?
    Type: Ghost

    Nature: Serious Holding:
    Obtained: Cable Club, Lv.05

    Attacks: Knock Off, Screech, Nightshade, Curse, Spite, Will-o-Wisp, Faint Attack, Shadowball(48), Snatch(55), Grudge(64)
    TM & HM Moves:

    EM Moves: Disable, Destiny Bond, Foresight, Astonish, Imprison,
    MT Moves: Psych Up, Hypnosis, Snore, Icy Wind, Endure, Sleeptalk, Bodyslam, Double-Edge, Mimic, Dream Eater, Thunder Wave, Subtitute,

    Faustus, Level .05 ?
    Type: Poison/Flying

    Nature: Insane Holding:
    Obtained: Adoption Center, Lv.05
    Attacks: Leech Life, Super Sonic(06), Astonish(11), Bite(16), Wing Attack(21), Confuse Ray(24) Air Cutter(31), Mean look(36), Poison Fang(41) Haze(46)
    TM & HM Moves: Fly

    EM Moves: Quick Attack, Pursuit, Faint Attack, Gust, Whirl Wind, Curse
    MT Moves: Snore, Endure, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Swift, Double-edge, Mimic, Subtitute,

    Lilith, Level .31?

    Type: Psychic
    Nature: Temperamentful Holding: Green Scarf
    Obtained: Egg House, Lv.05,

    Attacks: Growl, Confusion, Double Team, Teleport, Calm Mind, Psychic, Imprison(33), Future Sight(42), Hypnosis(51), Dream Eater(60)
    TM & HM Moves: Icy Wind, Softboiled, Nightmare,

    EM Moves: Willow Wisp, Destiny Bond, Disable, Mean Look, Memento
    MT Moves: Thunderpunch, Metronome, Psych Up, Snore, Icy Wind, Endure, Mudslap, Icepunch, Swagger, Sleeptalk, Defense Curl, Thunderpunch, Firepunch, Bodyslam, Dream Eater, Double-edge, Mimic, Thunderwave, Subtitute,

    Tenda, Level .20 x
    Type: Normal

    Nature: Naive Holding: Pink Scarf
    Obtained: Gift from Arc_Angel, Lv.05

    Attacks: Transform
    TM & HM Moves: --
    EM Moves: --
    MT Moves: --

    Mariah, Level .54 ?
    Type: Steel/Rock
    Nature: Shy Holding: Soothe Bell
    Obtained: Adoption Center, Lv.18

    Attacks: Tackle, Harden, Mudslap, Head Butt, Metal Claw, Iron Defense, Roar, Take Down, Iron Tail, Protect, Metal Sound, Double-edge
    TM & HM Moves: Dig, Rock Smash, Ice Punch

    EM Moves: Body Slam, Endeavor, Stomp, Smelling Salt,
    MT Moves: Dynamic Punch, Rollout, Snore, Icy Wind, Endure, Ice Punch, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Defense Curl, Thunderpunch, Fury Cutter, Mega Punch, Mega Kick, Body Slam, Double-edge, Counter, Seismic Toss, Mimic, Thunderwave, Rock Slide, Subtitute,

    Tiamat, Level .22 ?
    Type: Rock/Flying

    Nature: Lonesome Holding: Sacred Ash
    Obtained: a Special Ushi Trade, Lv.05

    Attacks: Wing Attack, Agillity, Bite, Super Sonic, Ancient Power(29), Scary Face(36), Take Down(43), Hyper Beam(50)
    TM & HM Moves: Fly,

    EM Moves: Dragon Breath, Steel Wing, Whirl Wind
    MT Moves: Rock Slide, Strenght

    Kurage, Level .30 ?
    Type: Water/Poison

    Nature: Lustfull Holding:
    Obtained: Adoption Center, Lv.05

    Attacks: Poison Sting, Super Sonic, Constrict, Acid,Bubble Beam, Wrap, Barrier(38), Screech(47), Hydro Pump(55)
    TM & HM Moves: Surf, Waterfall, Whirpool, Icy Wind

    EM Moves: Mirror Coat, Aurora Beam, Confuse Ray, Safeguard, Haze, Rapid Spin,
    MT Moves: Snore, Icy Wind, Endure, Swagger, Sleeptalk, Swords Dance, Double-edge, Mimic, Subtitute
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    Default Homeboard: Bulba Garden

    Thanks to Rad Ed for TCG banner.

    That's my post.
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    Default FB Members List


    Blaziken::Female::Level 100

    Dex Number: 257
    Classification: Blaze Pokemon
    Evolution Chain: Torchic >>> Combusken >>> Blaziken

    Bio: Coming Soon

    Obtained: Starter [Level 5]
    Birthday: Jan.23.2005
    Type: Fire/Fighting
    Ability: Blaze
    Nature: Naughty
    Tough Points: 100

    Moves: Scratch, Growl, Focus Energy, Ember, Peck, Double Kick, Sand Attack, Bulk Up, Quick Attack, Blaze Kick, Fire Punch, Slash, Mirror Move, Flamethrower, Sky Uppercut
    Move Tutor Moves: Mega Punch, Mega Kick, Rock Slide, Dynamicpunch, Thunderpunch, Fire Punch, Body Slam, Double-Edge, Swift, Mimic, Substitute, Swords Dance, Counter, Seismic Toss, Snore, Endure, Mud-Slap, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Fury Cutter
    Egg Moves: Rock Slide, Counter, Reversal, Endure, Swagger, Smellingsalt
    TMs: Ice Punch, Headbutt, Focus Punch, Thief, Sunny Day, Dig, Earthquake
    HMs: Cut, Strength, Rock Smash
    AMs: Blast Burn

    Location: PC
    Currently: In Super Rank Tough Contest


    Scyther::Male::Level 30

    Dex Number: 123
    Classification: Mantis Pokemon
    Evolution Chain: Scyther >>Trade w/ Metal Coat>> Scizor

    Bio: Coming Soon

    Obtained: Hatched [Level 5]
    Birthday: Apr.3.2005
    Type: Bug/Flying
    Ability: Swarm
    Nature: Serious

    Moves: Quick Attack, Leer, Focus Energy, Pursuit, False Swipe, Agility, Wing Attack, Slash (31), Swords Dance (36), Double Team (41), Fury Cutter (46)
    Move Tutor Moves: Double-Edge, Substitute, Mimic, Swords Dance, Counter, Snore, Endure, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Swift, Fury Cutter
    Egg Moves: Baton Pass, Razor Wind, Silver Wind, Counter, Endure, Light Screen, Reversal, Safeguard
    TMs: Giga Drain, Sky Attack
    HMs: Cut, Rock Smash
    AMs: Frenzy Plant

    Location: PC
    Currently: Inactive


    Sharpedo::Female::Level 100

    Dex Number: 319
    Classification: Brutal Pokemon
    Evolution Chain: Carvanha >>> Sharpedo

    Bio: Coming Soon

    Obtained: Trade w/ Torkoal Stu [Level 5]
    Birthday: Apr.3.2005
    Type: Water/Dark
    Ability: Rough Skin
    Nature: Adamant
    Cool Points: 100

    Moves: Leer, Bite, Rage, Focus Energy, Scary Face, Crunch, Screech, Take Down, Slash, Taunt, Swagger, Skull Bash, Agility
    Move Tutor Moves: Icy Wind, Double-Edge, Substitute, Mimic, Snore, Endure, Mud-Slap, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Swift, Fury Cutter
    Egg Moves: Hydro Pump, Double-Edge, Thrash
    TMs: Hail, Rain Dance, Water Pulse, Bubblebeam, Blizzard, Dragonbreath
    HMs: Surf, Strength, Rock Smash, Waterfall, Dive
    AMs: Hydro Cannon

    Location: Active Party
    Currently: In Cruise Pool Race


    Tauros::Male::Level 30

    Dex Number: 128
    Classification: Wild Bull Pokemon
    Evolution Chain: Tauros

    Bio: Coming Soon

    Obtained: Traded w/ Trick [Level 5]
    Birthday: May.8.2005
    Type: Normal
    Ability: Intimidate
    Nature: Relaxed

    Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip, Rage, Horn Attack, Scary Face, Pursuit, Swagger, Rest (34), Thrash (43), Take Down (53)
    Move Tutor Moves: Icy Wind, Body Slam, Double-Edge, Substitute, Mimic, Snore, Endure, Swagger, Sleep Talk
    Egg Moves: n/a
    TMs: Tri Attack, Chocolate Magic, Ice Beam, Overheat
    HMs: Surf, Strength, Rock Smash
    AMs: Volt Tackle, Icicle Spear

    Location: PC
    Currently: Inactive


    Sneasel::Female::Level 28

    Dex Number: 215
    Classification: Sharp Claw Pokemon
    Evolution Chain: Sneasel >>Sharp Claw at Night>> Weavile

    Bio: Coming Soon

    Obtained: Gift from Pikachu_King [Level 5]
    Birthday: Jan.1.2004
    Type: Dark/Ice
    Ability: Keen Eye
    Nature: Hasty

    Moves: Scratch, Leer, Taunt, Quick Attack, Screech, Faint Attack, Fury Swipes (29), Agility (36), Icy Wind (43), Slash (50), Beat Up (57), Metal Claw (64)
    Move Tutor Moves: Double-Edge, Substitute, Mimic, Swords Dance, Counter, Dream Eater, Dynamicpunch, Psych Up, Snore, Icy Wind, Mud-Slap, Ice Punch, Endure, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Swift, Defense Curl, Fury Cutter
    Egg Moves: Bite, Crush Claw, Counter, Fake Out, Foresight, Reflect, Spite
    TMs: Ice Barrier, Dig, Razor Wind
    HMs: Cut, Surf, Strength, Rock Smash
    AMs: Icicle Spear

    Location: Daycare
    Currently: Inactive


    Cacturne::Male::Level 100

    Dex Number: 332
    Classification: Scarecrow Pokemon
    Evolution Chain: Cacnea >>> Cacturne

    Bio: Coming Soon

    Obtained: Traded w/ SM [Level 7]
    Birthday: Aug.29.2005
    Type: Grass/Dark
    Ability: Sand Veil
    Nature: Impish

    Moves: Poison Sting, Leer, Absorb, Growth, Leech Seed, Sand-Attack, Pin Missile, Ingrain, Faint Attack, Revenge, Spikes, Needle Arm, Cotton Spore, Sandstorm, Destiny Bond
    Move Tutor Moves: Mega Punch, Swords Dance, Mega Kick, Body Slam, Double-Edge, Counter, Seismic Toss, Substitute, Mimic, Dynamicpunch, Snore, Endure, Mud-Slap, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Thunderpunch, Fury Cutter
    Egg Moves: Grasswhistle, Acid, Teeter Dance, Dynamicpunch, Counter
    TMs: Bullet Seed, Sweet Scent, Solarbeam
    HMs: Cut, Strength, Flash
    AMs: Frenzy Plant

    Location: PC
    Currently: Inactive


    Rapidash::Male::Level 41

    Dex Number: 78
    Classification: Fire Horse Pokemon
    Evolution Chain: Ponyta >>> Rapidash

    Bio: Coming Soon

    Obtained: Adopted [Level 5]
    Birthday: Dec.20.2005
    Type: Fire
    Ability: Flash Fire
    Nature: Calm

    Moves: Quick Attack, Growl, Tail Whip, Ember, Stomp, Fire Spin, Take Down, Agility, Fury Attack, Bounce (50), Fire Blast (63)
    Move Tutor Moves: Body Slam, Double-Edge, Substitute, Mimic, Snore, Endure, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Swift
    Egg Moves: Hypnosis, Flame Wheel, Thrash, Double Kick, Double-Edge, Charm
    TMs: Metronome, Zap Cannon
    HMs: Strength
    AMs: Blast Burn

    Location: PC
    Currently: Inactive


    Ninetales::Female::Level 25

    Dex Number: 38
    Classification: Fox Pokemon
    Evolution Chain: Vulpix >>> Ninetales

    Bio: Coming Soon

    Obtained: Trade w/ qp [Level 5]
    Birthday: Feb.17.2006
    Type: Fire
    Ability: Flash Fire
    Nature: Bold
    Cute Points: 60

    Moves: Ember, Tail Whip, Roar, Quick Attack, Will-O-Wisp, Confuse Ray, Imprison, Flamethrower (Relearn @ 29), Safeguard (Relearn), Grudge (Relearn @ 37), Fire Spin (45)
    Move Tutor Moves: Body Slam, Double-Edge, Substitute, Mimic
    Egg Moves: Heatwave, Faint Attack, Hypnosis, Flail, Disable, Spite, Howl, Psych Up
    TMs: Psychic, Nightmare, Dig, Torment, Taunt, Shadow Ball
    HMs: n/a
    AMs: Blast Burn

    Location: Active Party
    Currently: In Twilight Realm


    Arcanine::Male::Level 25

    Dex Number: 59
    Classification: Legendary Pokemon
    Evolution Chain: Growlithe >>> Arcanine

    Bio: Coming Soon

    Obtained: Trade w/ Trick [Level 5]
    Birthday: Jun.02.2006
    Type: Fire
    Ability: Flash Fire
    Nature: Brave

    Moves: Bite, Roar, Ember, Lee, Odor Sleuth, Take Down, Flame Wheel (Relearn @ 31), Helping Hand (Relearn @ 37), Agility (Relearn @ 43), Flamethrower (Relearn @ 49), Extremespeed (49)
    Move Tutor Moves: Body Slam, Double-Edge, Substitute, Mimic, Snore, Endure, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Swift
    Egg Moves: Heatwave, Thrash, Crunch, Body Slam, Safeguard, Fire Spin, Howl
    TMs: Thunderbolt, Icy Wind, Softboiled, Teleport, Dig, Shadow Ball
    HMs: Strength, Rock Smash
    AMs: Blast Burn

    Location: PC
    Currently: Inactive


    Manectric::Male::Level 28

    Dex Number: 310
    Classification: Discharge Pokemon
    Evolution Chain: Electrike >>> Manectric

    Bio: Coming Soon

    Obtained: Trade w/ Skru [Level 28]
    Birthday: Jul.17.2005
    Type: Electric
    Ability: Static
    Nature: Modest

    Moves: Tackle, Thunder Wave, Leer, Howl, Quick Attack, Spark, Odor Sleuth, Roar (31), Bite (39), Thunder (45), Charge (53)
    Move Tutor Moves: Thunder Wave, Double-Edge, Substitute, Mimic, Body Slam, Snore, Endure, Mud-Slap, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Swift
    Egg Moves: Crunch, Swift, Headbutt, Uproar, Curse
    TMs: Double Team, Shadow Ball, Hyper Beam
    HMs: Strength, Flash
    AMs: Volt Tackle

    Location: Active Party
    Currently: In SS Tidal Cruise


    Houndoom::Male::Level 27

    Dex Number: 229
    Classification: Dark Pokemon
    Evolution Chain: Houndour >>> Houndoom

    Bio: Coming Soon

    Obtained: Trade w/ Haku [Level 28]
    Birthday: Jul.17.2005
    Type: Fire/Dark
    Ability: Flash Fire
    Nature: Bashful

    Moves: Leer, Ember, Howl, Smog, Roar, Bite, Odor Sleuth (35), Faint Attack (43), Flamethrower (51), Crunch (59)
    Move Tutor Moves: Body Slam, Double-Edge, Counter, Substitute, Mimic, Dream Eater, Snore, Endure, Mud-Slap, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Swift
    Egg Moves: Will-O-Wisp, Beat Up, Rage, Fire Spin, Pursuit, Counter, Spite, Reversal
    TMs: Horn Drill
    HMs: Rock Smash, Strength
    AMs: Blast Burn

    Location: Active Party
    Currently: In Twilight Realm


    Bagon::Female::Level 8

    Dex Number: 371
    Classification: Rock Head Pokemon
    Evolution Chain: Bagon >>Level 30>> Shelgon >>Level 50>> Salamence

    Bio: Coming Soon

    Obtained: Trade w/ Coordinator [Level 8]
    Birthday: Jun. 25. 2007
    Type: Dragon
    Ability: Rock Head
    Nature: Coming Soon

    Moves: Rage, Bite, Leer (9), Headbutt (17), Focus Energy (21), Ember (25), Dragonbreath (33), Scary Face (37), Crunch (41), Dragon Claw (49), Double-Edge (53)
    Move Tutor Moves: Body Slam, Double-Edge, Substitute, Mimic, Rock Slide, Snore, Endure, Mud-Slap, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Fury Cutter
    Egg Moves: Hydro Pump, Thrash, Dragon Rage, Twister, Dragon Dance
    TMs: n/a
    HMs: Cut, Rock Smash, Strength
    AMs: Blast Burn, Volt Tackle

    Location: PC
    Currently: Inactive

    Pokeball (20)
    Nest Ball
    Nest Ball
    Nest Ball
    Nest Ball
    Nest Ball
    Nest Ball
    Luxury Ball

    Status Items:
    Antidote (12)
    Awakning (4)
    Burn Heal (10)
    Ice Heal (10)
    Prlyz Heal (12)

    Healing Items:
    Fresh Water (2)
    Potion (8)
    Super Potion (2)
    Revive (12)
    Sacred Ash
    Soda Pop

    Boost Items:
    X-Defend (4)
    X-Attack (5)

    Evolution Items:
    Water Stone

    TM Case:
    TM Thunder
    TM Reflect
    TM Attract
    TM Fire Punch
    TM Body Slam

    Hold Items:
    Devil Horns
    Red Scarf
    Ruby Pendant
    Cupid's Bow and Arrow

    Casino Items:
    Coin Case
    SS Tidal Coin Case
    Christmas Coin Case
    Red Valentine's Coin Case

    Berry Bag:
    Razz Berry
    Razz Berry
    Razz Berry
    Wepear Berry
    Wepear Berry
    Wepear Berry
    Wepear Berry
    Rawst Berry
    Rawst Berry
    Pomeg Berry
    Pomeg Berry
    Pomeg Berry
    Lum Berry
    Lum Berry
    Pecha Berry
    Magost Berry
    Magost Berry
    Enigma Berry
    Enigma Berry
    Rabuta Berry
    Rabuta Berry
    Rabuta Berry
    Kelpsy Berry
    Kelpsy Berry
    Kelpsy Berry
    Aguav Berry
    Aguav Berry
    Aguav Berry
    Figy Berry
    Belue Berry
    Sitrus Berry
    Tomato Berry
    Ganlon Berry
    Ganlon Berry
    Petaya Berry
    Spelon Berry
    Spelon Berry
    Cheri Berry
    Cheri Berry
    Cheri Berry
    Persim Berry
    Oran Berry
    Oran Berry
    Liechi Berry
    Bluk Berry
    Bluk Berry
    Bluk Berry
    Hondew Bery
    Leppa Berry
    Iapapa Berry
    Lansat Berry
    Pamtre Berry

    Pokeblock Case:
    Purple Block (+20 Cool)
    Purple Block (+20 Cool)
    Indigo Block (+20 Beauty)
    LiteBlue Block (+20 Smart)
    Black Block (+5 Tough)
    Blue Block (+10 Beauty)
    Indigo Block (+30 Beauty)
    Cranberry Block (+20 Two Stats)
    LiteBlue Block (+20 Smart)
    Brown Block (+20 Cute)
    Passion Block (+20 Cute and Beauty)
    Chocolate Block (+20 Cute)

    Professor Oak
    Pokemon Center
    Pokemon Trader

    Heart Scale
    Heart Scale
    Heart Scale
    Pile of Ash (5)

    Christmas Dragonair Plushie
    Combusken Plushie with Flamethrower Action
    Houndour Plushie
    Houndoom Plushie with Flamethrower Action and Dark Cave Lighting Up Action
    Eevee Plushie with Evolution and De-Evolution Action
    Minerva Plushie with Built In Message: "I pwn"
    Gengar Plushie
    Lapras Plushie

    Chocolate Muffin
    SS Tidal Ticket
    Party Popper
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    Default Home Board: Serebii

    Home board: Serebii
    Starter: Blaze Lv 5
    Bio:I met Blaze while while being he was being attacked by a group of Croconaw.Blaze was hurt badly though he managed to beat the Croconaw and Typhlosion took care of Blaze.Soon Blaze was well enough to be Typhlosion's first pokemon.
    Personality:Blaze and Typhlosion always seem to be hungry,they're also very paranoid.(Light Blue means it's a male,Pink means it's a Female)

    BlazeLv 28 Type:Fire
    Tackle,Leer,Smokescreen,Ember,Quick Attack
    EM MT moves:Crush Claw
    TM HM moves:Tri Attack Fire Punch Softboiled
    Obtained as starter Pokemon

    Flame Lv 39 Type:Fire
    Tackle,Leer,Smokescreen,Ember,Quick Attack,Flame Wheel
    EM MT moves: Crush Claw,Reversal,Thrash,Mach Punch,Covet,Howl,Counter,Double Edge,Mega Kick,Mega Punch,Mimic,Rock Slide,Seismic Toss,Substitute
    TM HM moves: Dig,Cut,Strength,Rock Smash
    Obtained in a trade with enchantress

    Muddy Lv 26 Type:Water Ground
    Tackle,Growl,Mud Slap,Water Gun,Bide,Mud Shot,Foresight,Mud Sport
    EM MT moves:none
    TM HM moves:Surf,Waterfall
    Adopted at UPN Adoption Centre
    Currently in PC

    Cloud Lv 25 Type:Normal Flying
    Peck,Growl,Astonish,Sing,Fury Attack,Safeguard,
    EM MT moves:none
    TM HM moves:Fly
    Hatched from Dragon Myth Egg,traded to joshua,re-adopted 4/6/05

    Flare Lv 38 Type:Fire Fighting
    Scratch,Growl,Focus Energy,Double Kick,Peck,Sand Attack,Bulk Up,Quick Attack, Blaze Kick
    EM MT moves:none
    TM HM moves:none
    Obtained in a trade with The Phoenix
    KrakatauLv 25 Type:Fire
    Ember, Leer,Smog, Fire Punch,Smokescreen
    EM MT moves:none
    TM HM moves:none
    Hatched from an egg
    FireFly Lv 8 Type:Fire
    EM MT moves:none
    TM HM moves:none
    Hatched from an egg
    Known items: Dive Ball,Chocolate ball, Fire ball,New year's ball,Crystal egg,Torkoal plushie,Dragonair plushie(1 level and Ice punch to user)
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    Default Homeboard: SPPf

    Well, huge thanks to everyone who helped put me back up here, I love you all.
    My Bio's long gone because I originally signed up so long ago, and because my account is so old I'll have to rely on what I've been told for the facts. But I’ll try and rewrite my character’s Bio as best as I can anyway.

    Name: Psychic
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Psychic is a bit on the tall side, standing about five foot ten. She has a rather thin, lean body, with long limbs that aren’t very muscular, but are rather flexible. She moves with the ease and balance of an acrobat, as if every movement had been planned and perfected in advance.
    She has seemingly unnaturally pale skin with no color, as she never tans, no matter how often she is outdoors, which is quite a lot. Her hair, however, which is straight and reaches her hips, is very blond, and it becomes lighter in the sun, somehow. Her bright blue eyes are always calm and alert.
    For clothing Psychic wears a formfitting long sleeve purple shirt with large sleeves and a low neck that exposes her shoulders a bit. She wears a pair of blue jeans which hug her legs from the low waist down, with large flairs at the bottom which mostly cover a pair of white running shoes.

    History: Psychic is not any ordinary girl. Her past was mostly normal, however, but from an early age she had shown signs of being different. For one thing, she was always a quiet girl who always kept to herself, not being a sociable person, so she had trouble making friends. The fact that she could be a real daydreamer didn’t help, either, making many people think she was odd. She didn’t mind this- in fact she preferred to be left alone, preferring solitude from company. The only company she could ever stand was those of Pokémon, and when asked why, her answer would always be “Because they’re not human.”
    More signs of her being different came up later as strange things started happening. Psychic began developing abilities, abilities such as telekinesis, telepathy and other forms of mind reading. As time went on, Psychic kept more and more to herself and began to practice controlling and honing her abilities so they would be keen and sharp.

    At some point Psychic got tired of the dull life of her hometown, wanting to get out and start traveling. She went off without a Pokémon on her own journey with no true purpose or destination.
    She ended up meeting with a wild Scyther who had just had a bad run-in with a trainer who wanted to catch him just to evolve him, but Psychic had stepped in to defend the mantis and made the trainer go away (not without using her psychic powers, though). This had thoroughly impressed the Pokémon, and it then swore its loyalty to Psychic, saying it would stay by her side as a sort of bodyguard, almost. The two formed a partnership, and have been together since. Recently they decided to take up training- what better way to test the relationship between human and Pokémon, after all?

    Starter Pokémon: Scyther, Male

    Current Pokémon:

    Current Form: Scyther
    Obtained Through: Starter
    Type: Bug/Flying
    Gender: Male
    Level: 11
    Held Item: Silver Powder
    (learned attacks in Lime):
    Level-Up Moves: Quick Attack, Leer, Focus Energy, Pursuit,
    False Swipe (16), Agility (21), Wing Attack (26), Slash (31), Swords Dance (36), Double Team (41), Fury Cutter (46)
    Egg Moves: Silver Wind

    --> -->
    Current Forn: Abra
    Obtained Through: Trade with Skrusti
    Type: Psychic
    Gender: female
    Level: 10
    Held Item: Twistedspoon
    (learned attacks in Magenta):
    Level-Up Moves: Teleport,
    Kinesis, Confusion, Disable (18), Psybeam (21), Reflect (23), Recover (25) Future Sight (30), Role Play (33), Psychic (36), Trick (43)
    TM Moves: Calm Mind
    Egg Moves: Thunderpunch

    Current Forn: Hoothoot
    Obtained Through: Trade with Skrusti
    Type: Normal/Flying
    Gender: male
    Level: 6
    Held Item: none
    (learned attacks in DeepSkyBlue):
    Level-Up Moves: Tackle, Growl, Foresight,
    Peck (11), Hypnosis (16), Reflect (22), Take Down (28), Confusion (34), Dream Eater (48)

    TM/HM Moves: Flash, Fly


    Healing Items
    99 Revives
    99 Potion

    99 Pokéballs
    1 Premier Ball
    1 Ghost Ball [from trade with Skrusti]
    1 Fire Ball [from trade with Skrusti]
    1 Chocolate Pokéball [from Easter]
    1 Leaf Pokéball [from Christmas, Day 9]

    Technical Machines (TMs):
    Softboiled [from Easter]
    Blizzard [from FB birthday]
    Thunder [from FB birthday]
    Bubblebeam [from Halloween]
    Ice Punch [from Christmas, Day 1]
    Attract [from Valentines Day]

    1 Chocolate Berry (raises Pokémon’s level by one) [from Easter]
    1 White Chocolate Berry (raises Pokémon’s level by two) [from Easter]
    1 Love Berry (raises Pokémon’s level by two) [from Valentines]
    1 Magost Berry [from Berry Shop]
    3 Wepear Berry [from Berry Shop and Berry Shop and FB birthday]
    3 Lum Berry [from Berry Shop and Berry Shop and FB birthday]
    2 Cheri Berry [from Berry Shop and Berry Shop]
    1 Rawst Berry [from Berry Shop and Berry Shop]
    2 Sitrus Berry [from Berry Shop and Berry Shop]
    1 Kelpsy Berry [from Berry Shop]
    1 Pecha Berry [from Berry Shop]
    1 Pomeg Berry [from Berry Shop]
    2 Nomel Berry [from Berry Shop and Berry Shop]
    3 Razz Berry [from Berry Shop and Christmas, Day 5 and FB birthday]
    2 Lansat Berry [from Berry Shop and Berry Shop]
    1 Grepa Berry [from Berry Shop]
    1 Leppa Berry [from FB birthday]
    1 Figy Berry [FB birthday]
    1 Spelon Berry [from FB birthday]
    1 Belue Berry [from Berry Shop]
    1 Pamtre Berry [from Berry Shop]
    1 Pinap Berry [from Berry Shop]

    Level Boosters:
    30 Rare Candies
    1 White Chocolate Egg (raises Pokémon’s level by three) [from Easter]
    1 Chocolate Egg (gives double level ups) [from Easter]
    1 Halloween Candy [from Halloween]
    1 Valentines Candy [from Valentines Day]

    Contest Items:
    Purple Pokéblock (+20 Cool) [from FB birthday]
    Red Scarf [from FB birthday]
    Red Pokéblock (+20 Cool) [from Christmas, Day 7]
    Passion Pokéblock (+20 Cute and Beauty) [from Valentines Day]

    Other Items:
    Crystal Egg [from Easter]
    Magical Glass Rose [from FB birthday]
    Heart Scale [from FB birthday]
    Nugget [FB birthday]
    Devil Horns (boost any Fire attack when worn by a Pokemon) [from Halloween]
    Gengar plushie (teaches one Pokemon Torment and Taunt) [from Halloween]
    Special Wand with a Sneasel head at the end of it (when used by a pokemon it gives them a level and teaches it Nightmare) [from Halloween]
    Double Move Tutor Pass [from Christmas, Day 3]
    Shoal Salt [from Christmas, Day 4]
    Heart Scale [from Christmas, Day 8]
    Heart Scale [from Valentines Day]
    Valentines Necklace (has a 25% chance of making an opponent of the opposite gender Attracted to the Pokémon wearing the item) [from Valentines Day]
    Red Valntines Coin Case containing 2,000 Coins
    Cupid's Bow & Arrow (a held item that can be used once per battle, and if the arrow hits, will cause an opposite-gendered opponent to be Attracted for either 2 turns or until they're hit by an attack)
    Red Flute [from Valentines Day]
    A bottle of 'Eau de Bellossom' Perfume (teaches one Pokémon the attack Sweet Scent) [from Valentines Day]

    Credit goes to PokéSho for Pokémon pictures.

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    Sep 2004

    Cool Homeboard: SPP

    Name: Saturn
    Starter: Scyther (M) Lv. 5
    Misc: Coming soon...

    Pokémon: Scizor (M) Lv.50 [holding Metal Coat] (Starter)
    Nickname: Rakdos
    Type: Bug/Steel
    Beauty Points: 10
    Level Up Moves: Quick Attack, Leer, Focus Energy, Pursuit, False Swipe, Agility, Metal Claw, Slash, Swords Dance, Iron Defense, Fury Cutter
    Egg Moves: Baton Pass, Counter, Endure, Light Screen, Razor Wind, Reversal, Safeguard, Silver Wind
    Move Tutor Moves: Double-Edge, Mimic, Sleep Talk, Snore, Substitute, Swagger, Swift, Wing Attack
    TM/HM's: Cut, Strenght, Rock Smash
    Current Location: Active Team

    Pokémon: Ledian (M) Lv.38 [holding Sharp Beak] (Received as a Lv.5 Ledyba via trade with Joshua)
    Nickname: Borborygmos

    Type: Bug/Flying
    Beauty Points: 10
    Level Up Moves: Supersonic, Tackle, Comet Punch, Light Screen, Reflect, Safeguard, Baton Pass, Swift (42), Agility (51), Double-edge (60)
    Egg Moves: Bide, Psybeam, Silver Wind
    Move Tutor Moves: Dynamic Punch, Endure, Ice Punch, Mega Punch, Mimic, Rollout, Sleep Talk, Snore, Substitute, Swagger, Swords Dance, Thunderpunch
    TM/HM's: Dig, Flash, Aerial Ace
    Current Location: Active Team

    Pokémon: *SHINY* Beedrill (M) Lv.25 [holding Poison Barb] (Received@Lv.5 Weedle via trade with Rikku.)

    Type: Bug/Poison
    Beauty Points: 10
    Level Up Moves: Poison Sting, String Shot, Harden, Fury Attack, Focus Energy, Twineedle, Rage, Pursuit (30), Pin Missile (35), Agility (40), Endeavor (45)
    Egg Moves:
    Move Tutor Moves: Double-Edge, Endure, Fury Cutter, Mimic, Sleep Talk, Snore, Substitute, Swagger, Swift, Swords Dance
    TM/HM's: Cut, Rock Smash
    Current Location: Active Team

    Pokémon: Dustox (M) Lv.15 (Received as a Lv.6 Wurmple via trade with Rikku.)
    Type: Bug/Poison
    Beauty Points: 10
    Level Up Moves: Tackle, String Shot, Poison Sting, Confusion, Gust, Protect (17), Moonlight (20), Psybeam (24), Whirlwind (27), Light Screen (31), Silver Wind (34), Toxic (38)
    Egg Moves:
    Move Tutor Moves: Double-Edge, Mimic, Substitute, Swift, Endure, Sleep Talk, Snore, Swagger
    TM/HM's: Flash
    Current Location: Active Team

    Items: 99 pokéballs, 4 potions, 2 Super Potions, 2 Fresh Waters, 1 Soda Pop, 10 Antidotes, 10 Parlyz Heals, 10 Burn Heals, 10 Ice Heals, 4 Awakenings, 4 Revives, ? candies, 2 X Attack, 2 X Defend, 2 X Speed, 2 X Special, Escape Rope, Sacred Ash, 2 Shoal Salt, 2 Shoal Shell, 6 Heart Scales, 1 King´s Rock, TM Icy Wind, TM Shock Wave, TM Sunny Day, TM Water Pulse, (Coin case: 50 coins), New Year Ball (2006), Miltank 'loon (FB's 3rd B'day), Whistle (FB's 3rd B'day), Slice of cake (FB's 3rd B'day), Magical Christmas Dragonair Plushie (When one of your Pokemon squeeze this plushie they will receive 1 level and will learn the move Ice Punch. One use only. Once used, it will revert into a normal plushie) NOT USED YET (Christmas 2005), Crystal Egg, A Magical Glass Rose that Teaches One pokemon the Move Thorns, TM Blizzard, TM Thunder, TM Bubblebeam, Devil Horns that Boost any Fire attack when Worn by a Pokemon, Gengar plushie, which teaches one Pokemon Torment and Taunt, Special wand with a Sneasel head at the end of it that when used by a pokemon it gives them a level and teaches the pokemon Nightmare, TM Psychic
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    Default Homeboard - Bulagarden

    Lannette's PC

    Name: Stuart
    Age: 15
    Starter: Level 5 Torkoal (M)


    +Pokeball Pocket+
    30x Pokeballs
    1x Mummy Ball
    1x New Years Ball
    1x Love Ball
    1x New Years Ball (Gary trade special)
    1x Net Ball
    1x Lure Ball

    +Item Pocket+
    8x Potions
    2x Ice heals
    2x Burn heals
    2x Awakenings
    2x Paralyz heal
    10 Escape Ropes
    4x Revives
    2x Fresh Waters
    1x X Attack
    1x X Defense
    1x X Special
    1x X Speed

    Leaf Stone
    Rose Thorn Glass Thing
    1x Heart Scale1x Heart Scale
    1x Ruby Pendant
    1x Cupid's Bow
    1x Red Flute

    1x Bunny Ears
    1x Magical Chocolate Carrot
    1x Lucky Rabbits Foot
    1x Chocolate Pokeball

    +Key Items/Special Items+
    Pokeblock Case -Gift from Trick-
    Fire Proof Torky Birthday Hat -Gift From Sasuke-

    +TM Case+
    TM Blizzard (FB Birthday)
    TM Bubblebeam (Halloween)
    TM Attract (Valentines Day)

    +Berry Bag+
    1x Bluk Berry
    1x Qualot Berry
    1x Apicot Berry

    1x Chesto Berry
    1x Oran Berry
    1x Nanab Berry
    1x Wiki Berry
    1x Rabuta Berry
    1x Petaya Berry

    1x Lansat Berry
    1x Rawst Berry
    1x Cheri Berry
    1x Aguav Berry
    1x Rawst Berry
    1x Mago Berry
    1x Rabuta Berry
    1x Pecha Bery
    1x Bluk Berry
    1x Petaya Berry
    1x Nanab Berry
    1x Wiki Berry (UPN CC - Trade With Sasuke)
    1x Lum Berry
    2x Razz Berry
    2x Bluk Berry
    1x Starf Berry

    1x Mago Berry
    1x Petaya Berry

    +Pokeblock Case+
    1x Green Pokeblock (Smartness Up by 10)
    1x Liteblue Pokeblock (Smartness Up by 20)

    1x Brown Pokeblock (Cuteness Up by 20)
    1x Pink Pokeblock (Cuteness up by 20)

    2x Purple Pokeblock (Coolness up by 20)
    3x Purple/Red/Purple Pokeblock (Coolness up by 20)

    1x Blue Pokeblock (Beauty Up by 15)
    Joe BMG Trade Pokeblocks! (Used 20 one)

    Passion Pokeblock (+20 Cute and Beauty points)

    1x Cranberry Pokeblock
    Cranberry Pokeblock.
    Minun Elf.
    x2 Lapras Plushie (1 Casino, 1 Christmas Gift)

    Beauty Pack
    ^ Used Pokeblock from Set.

    +Soot Sack+

    (5 Piles of Ash)
    Total = 5

    ~Ino Pocket~

    Ino's Autograph
    Substitute Ino (12th March 2006)
    Happy Birthday From Ino (Sasuke)
    Ino Plushie that says "I love you, Stu." (Jeri gift)
    Ino Number 1 Badge! (Re-earned as of 19 August 2006 - Covered in Enma Slime)
    Shiny New Ino Number 1 Badge - Whismur Shaped (<3 Obtained on 19 August 2006)


    Level: One Hundread
    Gender: Male
    Classification: Coal Pokemon
    Pokeball: Fire Ball
    Hold Item: Charcoal
    Contest Stats: ---
    Beauty Points: Eight
    Moves: Ember, Smog, Curse, Smokescreen, Fire Spin, Body Slam, Protect
    Flamethrower, Iron Defense, Amnesia, Flail, Heat Wave, Swift, Eruption
    Sunny Day, Rock Slide, Icy Wind, Rock Smash, Strength, Overheat, Endure, Swagger

    Level: Forty Five
    Gender: Female
    Classification: Carefree Pokemon
    Pokeball: Net Ball
    Hold Item: Miracle Seed
    Contest Stats: ---
    Beauty Points: ---
    Moves: Astonish, Growl, Absorb, Nature Power, Fake Out, Fury Swipes, Water Sport
    Thief (37 Relearn), Uproar (43 Relearn), Hydro Pump (49 Relearn), Water Gun,
    Razor Leaf, Ice Punch, Leech Seed, Surf, Dynamic Punch, Waterfall, Reflect

    Level: Fifty
    Gender: Male
    Classification: Face Pokemon
    Pokeball: Christmas Ball
    Hold Item: Nevermelt Ice
    Contest Stats: ---
    Beauty Points: Eight
    Moves: Powder Snow, Leer, Double Team, Bite
    Icy Wind, Headbutt, Protect, Crunch, Ice Beam
    Hail, Blizzard, Sheer Cold (61), Body Slam, Ice Punch, Ice Barrier

    Level: Fifty
    Gender: Female
    Classification: Mystic Pokemon
    Pokeball: Psychic Ball
    Hold Item: ---
    Contest Stats: ---
    Beauty Points: Eight
    Moves: Peck, Leer, Night Shade
    Teleport, Wish, Future Sight, Confuse Ray, Psychic (65)
    Fly, Thunder Wave, Mimic, Featherdance, Faint Attack, Drill Peck
    Quick Attack, Refresh

    Level: Forty Four
    Gender: Female
    Classification: Atrocious Pokemon
    Pokeball: Dive Ball
    Hold Item: ---
    Contest Stats: ---
    Beauty Points: ---
    Moves: Splash, Tackle, Thrash, Bite, Dragon Rage, Leer, Flail, Twister
    Hydro Pump, Rain Dance (45), Dragon Dance (50), Hyper Beam (55), Tri Attack
    Surf, Waterfall, Whirlpool, Water Pulse, Dive, Strength, Rock Smash

    Level: Thirty Two
    Gender: Male
    Classification: Bat Pokemon
    Pokeball: Premier Ball
    Hold Item: ---
    Contest Stats: ---
    Beauty Points: Ten
    Moves: Leech Life, Astonish, Supersonic, Bite, Wing Attack
    Confuse Ray, Air Cutter (35), Mean Look (42), Poison Fang (49)
    Haze (56), Gust, Faint Attack, Quick Attack, Double-Edge

    Lefty, Righty and Downy
    Level: Fifty
    Gender: Genderless (OMG!)
    Classification: Magnet Pokemon
    Pokeball: Thunder Ball
    Hold Item: ---
    Contest Stats: ---
    Beauty Points: ---
    Moves: Metal Sound, Tackle, Thundershock, Supersonic, Sonicboom
    Thunder Wave, Spark, Swift, Lock-On, Tri Attack, Screech (53)
    Zap Cannon (62), Flash, Volt Tackle, Hidden Power (Water), Thunder

    Level: Forty One
    Gender: Male
    Classification: Beckon Pokemon
    Pokeball: Ghost Ball
    Hold Item: Spell Tag
    Contest Stats: ---
    Beauty Points: ---
    Moves: Leer, Nightshade, Disable, Foresight
    Astonish, Confuse Ray, Pursuit, Curse, Shadow Punch, Will-o-Wisp
    Mean Look (51), Future Sight (58), Faint Attack, Taunt,
    Nightmare, Torment, Counter, Psychic

    Level: Forty Three
    Classification: Meteorite Pokemon
    Pokeball: Ultra Ball
    Hold Item: ---
    Contest Stats: ---
    Beauty Points: ---
    Moves: Tackle, Harden, Confusion
    Rock Throw, Fire Spin, Psywave, Cosmic Power
    Rock Slide, Solarbeam, Explosion (49), Sunny Day
    Rollout, Swift

    Level: Nineteen
    Gender: Female
    Classification: Skater Pokemon
    Pokeball: Pokeball
    Hold Item: ---
    Contest Stats: One Hundred Beauty Contest Points
    Beauty Points: ---
    Moves: Bubble, Quick Attack, Sweet Scent (13)
    Water Sport (19), Bubblebeam (25), Agility (31), Mist (37)
    Haze (37), Psybeam, Hydro Pump, Hidden Power (Ghost), Ice Beam

    Level: Twenty Seven
    Gender: Female
    Classification: Little Bear Pokemon
    Pokeball: Pokeball
    Hold Item: ---
    Contest Stats: ---
    Beauty Points: ---
    Moves: Scratch, Leer, Lick, Fury Swipes
    Fake Tears, Faint Attack (25), Rest (31), Slash (37)
    Snore (43), Thrash (49), Counter, Metronome, Seismic Toss
    Dynamic Punch, Mimic, Yawn, Mega Punch

    Level: Five
    Gender: Female
    Classification: Worm Pokemon
    Pokeball: Pokeball
    Hold Item: ---
    Contest Stats: ---
    Beauty Points: Ten
    Moves: Tackle, String Shot, Poison Sting, Sweet Scent

    Owned: Baltoy, Carvanha, Caterpie, Crobat, Dusclops, Duskull, Glalie, Golbat, Gyarados, Lotad, Lombre, Ludicolo, Onix, Magikarp, Magnemite, Magneton, Mawile, Natu, Sentret, Shuckle, Skitty, Solrock, Snorunt, Steelix, Surskit, Sunkern, Tangela, Teddiursa, Torkoal, Wooper, Wurmple, Volbeat, Xatu, Yanma, Zubat

    Seen: Abra, Absol, Aerodactyl, Alakazam, Arbok, Barboach, Bayleef, Blastoise, Camperupt, Charizard, Chikorita, Claydol, Delcatty, Delibird, Ekans, Exeggcute, Exeggutor, Fearow, Golbat, Gorebyss, Goldeen, Grovlye, Grumpig, Kabutops, Machop, Mightyena, Misdreavus, Nidoran (M/F), Paras, Pineco, Pikachu, Roseila, Shuppet, Spinarak, Tangela, Teddiursa, Walrein, Wooper, Zubat

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    Default HomeBoard: UPN

    Team Shroomish!

    Stats | PC

    Uchiha Sasuke

    Eighteen years old, from PewterCity. Wears jeans, trainers, a casual top. Has spiky and usually scruffy brown hair, and light blue eyes. He left his home town to travel with his first friend, an energetic Mankey.

    Enma never washes voluntarily and his gung-ho attitude to life means that he more often then not looks like a total mess. He loves food, and deems anything slathered with peanut butter to be edible. If he get's a whiff of that peanutty goodness he will try and steal it for himself, or fight for it. He is nearly always hungry so without Sasuke there to keep him from eating their supplies the party would probably be left with broccoli and cauliflower, which Enma hates. The thing he loves more then anything is getting into fights. Whenever and wherever he meets another pokémon he will try and battle it no matter how big or strong it may be, much to the amusement of Sasuke. Although, this has got him into trouble in the past. His insistence on fighting against a powerful Kabutops in the Water Zone has left him with a large scar accross his chest, over which no fur will grow. Against the odds he eventually won that battle. He also has a badly burn-scarred right arm, and his right fist has teeth puncture scars that will never heal, from a ‘training’ battle with Luster. But Enma is mindlessly proud of his battle wounds. Once he does start fighting he will be very difficult to stop, he always seems to want to just keep fighting, and on more then one occasion Sasuke has struggled to drag him away from a brawl. He takes good care of Impish, a Sableye belonging to one of Sasuke's friends. They share similar personalities and get along well, teaming up to good affect in their mischief-making. In his first meeting with Gaara, Enma was easily beaten up by the Hitmonchan's lightning fast speed and powerful punches. The encounter has left him low on confidence and not his usual aggressive self, but filled him with a burning desire to train hard and prove his strength. He has now proved himself to be one of Sasuke’s strongest pokémon.


    Sasuke obtained Gaara from VGM, a trainer who had stopped adventuring and felt that Sasuke would provide a good home for his Hitmonchan, where he would fit in with his other Fighting type pokémon. Sasuke was taken aback at first by Gaara's ability to speak English, which he hadn't expected. It has taken some getting used to, as Gaara has many strong views and opinions, and doesn't hold back from voicing them. He has a murky past though, and goes silent when asked about it. As he has not known him for very long, Sasuke is wary of Gaara, who is enigmatic and hard to figure out. He has shown a firey side to his temper, but posesses a cold ruthlessness in battle, destroying Enma in their first encounter, and apparently enjoyed doing so. The Hitmonchan radiates class and style, so despises the rough and brutish Primeape. He likes to train and improve his strength, and can often be seen wearing red boxing boots and gloves, with long black shorts, working out in the gym. The ability to communicate in English, along with his cocky and strong-minded personality, has meant that Gaara has somehow muscled his way to dominance in the group - which Sasuke is having to work hard to try and restrain, else Gaara may become uncontrollable. There is no way Gaara sees Sasuke as his owner, or his pokémon as his teammates, but he is happy to travel with them, at least, for the time being. Overall, Sasuke is delighted to have finally completed a goal, and obtain his favourite pokémon.


    Sasuke obtained Sarutobi from another trainer, and so is unsure how old he really is. But judging by his wide variety of majicka, which takes a long time to learn, the length of his hair, and the size of his leaves, Sasuke estimates that he is at least 100 years old. Sarutobi is a very sombre, mature and intellectual Shiftry, and will often stand still for hours at a time with his eyes closed, just thinking and swaying in the breeze. Other members of Sasuke's team look to him for advice, and he is usually willing to share his wealth of knowledge. But, like all dark pokémon, when Saru loses his cool a ruthless side to his personality can come through. When in a battle he takes pride in showing off his powerful techniques, as he spends a lot of time improving his power and technique, and strives to be the best at everything he does. He uses a staff to perform his majicka, and has learnt to control the elements with a variety of different attacks. Sarutobi is very nocturnal, and usually stays up through the night reading and training, while everyone else is asleep and he knows he won’t be disturbed. Through this studious hard work he has managed to perfect an ultimate attack - Frenzy Plant.


    Luster gets his name from his extraordinarily beautiful and shiny coat, of which he is very proud. One thing Luster absolutely hates is being put into his pokeball as he considers it degrading. It is for this reason that this proud pokémon and Sasuke nearly always walk alongside each other on their adventures. Luster is seen as the dad of the group and the other usually immature members of Sasuke's team will be well behaved and wary when he is around. He is extremely brave, and will fiercely defend Sasuke or any of his pokémon at any opportunity. Unfortunately due to his superior attitude if he is not picked to go into battle he will sometimes get very offended, unable to understand why anyone would be chosen ahead of him. When he is in battle though he is a sight to watch. His strength and agility combine to devastating effect, so if Sasuke is ever in a tight spot he knows who will be the one to get him out of it. Recently Luster has become more of a loner, and can sometimes go off alone for hours at a time without explanation. He will sometimes be seen conversing with Sarutobi or Kamaji, two pokémon that he respects, but he distances himself from the majority of others. If anyone but Sasuke or Kaya touches him he will viciously retaliate, as he resents the humiliation of being petted like an inferior being, so hurt his pride at your own risk. Since his battle with Enma, which Luster failed to win, he has been even more solitary. He has been going off on his own more often then usual, and for longer then normal, sometimes skulking off in the middle of the night. His pride seems to have been hurt, which Sasuke knows will take longer to heal then any wounds. It seems Luster wont be happy again until he has once again proven himself as Sasuke’s strongest pokémon once more.


    Ino takes her name from Sasuke's sister, who was her first owner. She is the sweetest pokémon Sasuke could wish to have. The fact that she knows she is cute can be problematic, as she will use her looks to her advantage - her eyes well up with tears and she starts to tremble, which immediately gets her out of trouble. Luster, despite being Ino's idol, doesn't accept any misbehavior from her, and always catches her out. One soft pat with the back of his mighty paw is enough to get her into line. Sasuke doesn’t mind for now though, as he knows she won’t be able to pull the same stunts if she evolves! Ino doesn't enjoy to battle, and prefers to watch from the safety and comfort of Sasuke's neck or shoulder. She loves the vantage point, and Sasuke doesn't mind her keeping his neck warm! She has made an unlikely friendship with Teyame who has become like a mother figure, by looking after and protecting her. Ino has learnt a good array of moves, so Sasuke is sorry that she isn't more enthusiastic about battling, but he suspects that could change if she evolves. Ino herself is not keen on evolving, and Sasuke himself has started to have second thoughts. The longer Ino stays as a Whismur the more attatched he becomes to her - perhaps she will remain in her current form forever ...


    The first thing you notice about Tsunade is her impressve appearance. She was once Queen of the Jade Swamp, and it is clear why. She was huge even for a Totodile, with a massive snout and jaws, full of razor sharp teeth, and her bulky head adorned by a crown made from rocks and vines. Now she has evolved into a Feraligatr her large size is even more noticeable, and she stands around eight feet tall, with massive red spikes running all the way down her spine. She has a playful side though and likes to play pranks, and generally cause trouble, although she sometimes takes things too far, usually resulting in conflict. One of her favourite jokes is spitting a powerful squirt of water into the face of an unsuspecting victim, and then holding her belly as she snarls maniacally. Since being caught by Sasuke, much to her embarrassment, she loathed him and his pokémon - Sarutobi in particular for beating her in battle. However, since spending more time with Sasuke, who put in a real effort to calm her, she has responded well, and become much tamer – although she still has a feisty rebellious streak. She has come to be good friends with a Blastoise named Kamaji, and likes spending time with him at the Lapis Lake, near Kaya & Sasuke’s base on the Sapphire Island.

    "The Grouch"

    The Grouch, as his name suggests, is a grouchy, ill-tempered, and sulky Grimer. He spends most of his time hiding in rubbish bins, which works to his advantage as he is provided with a constant supply of garbage to eat. This trait of The Grouch’s got Sasuke into trouble a few times though, before he was convinced to buy his Grimer his own shiny new trash can. Typically, The Grouch hated it at first. But after he spent a while smearing it in muck and filling it with rubbish, the ‘new’ smell began to be replaced with a more disgusting odour, which made him feel right at home. He now spends the majority of his time in there, only peeking his head over the top to cast scowls at passers by, or Sasuke.


    When Sasuke first owned Sakura, and raised her from a Bellsprout, she had a jolly nature, and always liked to dance and sing. He evolved her to a magnificent Victreebel, with a heart-shaped spot on her body. One day though, Sasuke and Kaya agreed that Sakura would be better off on Kaya’s team, in exchange for Kaya’s Hariyama who would feel more at home with Sasuke. While there she gained more in confidence, by spending time with other poison types, and learned how to harness her venom. Kaya even took Sakura into her very first battle. Since returning to Sasuke’s team he has noticed that Sakura is now sassier, and sometimes aggressive. Upon seeing any bug type pokemon she will let out a high pitched scream and immediately try to devour it. This has come to cause problems recently though, as Sasuke has acquired his own bug type pokemon. Sasuke thinks that there may be another reason Sakura keeps on trying to consume Kyuzo, despite now knowing that she cannot possibly fit the large Scyther in her belly. The Victreebel still shares a good friendship with Rini, Kaya’s Swalot. The two spent a lot of time together while on the same team, and became friendly rivals.





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    Name: Stacey

    Age: 22

    Pokemon: Sableye, Lv.5, male (Impish)

    Misc: Stacey had found out from a young age that she had a connection to ghost pokemon when she met a some-what hyper Sableye scaring a bunch of kids. They immediately formed a strong bond together after he tried to scare her and made her laugh. From then she had dreamt of becoming a ghost pokemon master, with her pokemon Impish by her side, she intends to do just that.
    Appearance: 5'7" tall with long light brown hair that falls half way down her back and blue/green eyes.

    Impish - Lv. 59, male, Sableye
    Type: Dark/Ghost
    Birthday: 24th March 05 (Age - 1 Year 11 Months)
    Classification: Darkness Pokemon
    Ability: Keen Eye
    Nature: Impish
    Beauty Points: None
    Contest Stats: Tough: 20, 45, 20, 15 (100)
    Obtained: Starter pokemon
    Currently: In The PC
    Held Item: Blackglasses
    Ball Type: Pokeball

    Bio: Named after his nature, Impish loves to scare others and play practical jokes. Life is one big game to him and he enjoys to play it to its fullest. Almost always seen with a grin on his face, which usually mean he's done something naughty. Like most ghosts an aura of mystery surrounds him, until you meet him that is. He has a ego as big as his purple head and loves when it is fed. He is constantly scoffing his face with rocks, glass anything he can get his paws on, and Stacey always warns him that he will get fat but he ignores her. He is fiercely loyal to Stacey and would do anything to protect her; it would almost seem at times that he has a crush on his trainer. He is loyal to his fellow team mates, all except Macabre who he hates with a passion. This hate stemed from their first encounter, in which he was badly hurt in their battle. He still questions to this day why Stacey captured the Abra. A bit of a ladies ghost, he enjoys the attention certain female Sableye have shown to him recently, hell he just loves any and all ettention and which show off his skills whenever possible. One thing is know about this pokemon for certain, this ghost just wants to have fun!

    Level-Up Moves: Leer, Scratch, Foresight, Night Shade, Astonish, Fury Swipes, Fake Out, Detect, Faint Attack, Knock off, Confuse Ray, Shadow Ball, Mean Look
    Egg Moves: Psych Up, Recover, Moonlight
    Move Tutor Moves: Body Slam, Double Edge, Mega Punch, Mega Kick, Metronome, Mimic, Substitute, Counter, Seismic Toss, Dream Eater, Dynamic Punch, Psych Up, Snore, Endure, Mud-Slap, Ice Punch, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Thunderpunch, Fire Punch
    Tm's/Hm's: TM Curse, HM Rock Smash, HM Flash, Dig, HM Cut, TM Theif, TM Earthquake, TM Hidden Power (Steel), TM Dragon Claw


    Nina - Lv. 48, female, Ninjask
    Type: Bug/Flying
    Birthday: 16th April 05 (Age - 1 Year 10 Months)
    Classification: Ninja Pokemon
    Ability: Speed Boost
    Nature: Sassy
    Beauty Points: 10
    Obtained: In a Trade with Trick-or-Treater (18/04/05)
    Currently: In The DC, out 06/05/07
    Held Item: Silver Powder
    Ball Type: Pokeball

    Bio: Ever since Stacey met Nina in the Cable Club with Trick, she knew that she was a Sassy creature. Always the first one to bite back with a remark and is quite tactless at times. She has dreamt of the day when she evolves and gains flight, and a twin sister in the form of a Shedinja. An extrovert by nature, needing to be with others to be fully happy. She always ensures that she is looking her best when out of her ball even in fights, but is not afraid to get down and dirty when it is required. Is currently going through Puberty and her sex drive is through the roof. Will literally hump any bug that moves and she doesn't feel guilty about it. She is in love with Trick's Ariados Scavenger. Since evolution she is getting the hang of her wings and flying now along with her ability is a speedy flyer. Having sex whilst flying is her main goal and she plans to do it as many times as possible until its perfected. She adores Stacey fer her Christmas present of the Bug/Flying pokemon Karma Sutra and has tested a few of these positions on any bug pokemon that have ventured her way. She is very fond of her new sister Anima and holds a close and protective bond with her.

    Evolution: Nincada -- Lv. 20 --> Ninjask (12/12/05)

    Level-Up Moves: Scratch, Harden, Leech Life, Sand Attack, Fury Swipes, Mind Reader, Double Team, Fury Cutter, Screech, Swords Dance, False Swipe, Slash, Mud Slap, Agility, Metal Claw, Baton Pass
    Egg Moves: Endure, Faint Attack, Silver Wind, Gust
    Move Tutor Moves: Double Edge, Substitute, Mimic, Snore, Mud-Slap, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Swift, Fury Cutter
    TM's/HM's: Dig, HM Cut, HM Flash, TM Attract, TM Aerial Ace, TM Razor Wind,, TM Whirlwind, TM Hidden Power (Electric)

    Macabre - Lv. 45, male, Kadabra
    Type: Pyschic
    Birthday: 20th April 05 (Age - 1 Year 10 Months)
    Classifcation: Psi Pokemon
    Ability: Syncronize
    Nature: Naughty/Evil
    Beauty Points: None
    Obtained: Captured in the Deserted Fairground
    Currently: In The PC
    Held Item: Twisted Spoon
    Ball Type: Pokeball

    Bio: Macabre as his name suggests is quite an evil creature. Althought experts say that there is no evil pokemon, only evil trainers who corrupt them, if they met Macabre they'd soon change their opinions. Stacey met him in the Deserted Fairground where he put up an amazing fight against Impish, before being defeated. Stacey is not sure of what possessed her to capture him but she did anyway. Macabre resents her for capturing him and seriously hates being her pokemon. He does not follow orders and will do what ever he pleases. He is bent on causing pain and destruction where ever possible and it can sometimes be difficult to control him. He is, as most Psychic types are, extremely arrogant, believing himself to better than everyone else and will gladly tell you this. He dislikes all of Stacey's pokemon but passionatly hates Impish for defeating him. He likes to fight and will not let anyone call him weak, those who do do not live long to tell the tale. Evolution does not seem to have stemed his evilness or ego, but rather inflated them making him more difficult to handle than before, the power literally going to his head. He has a wierd love for his new spoon and since getting his Twisted spoon his love has only increased. A sharp, focused and deadly mind this pokemon possesed. Be fearful for if you cross his path, it will be the last thing you ever do!

    Evolution: Abra -- Lv. 16 --> Kadabra (05/09/05)
    Kadabra -- Trade --> Alakazam

    Level-Up Moves: Teleport, Kinesis, Confusion, Disable, Psybeam, Reflect, Recover, Future Sight, Role Play, Psychic, Trick
    Egg Moves: Encore, Barrier, Knock Off, Fire Punch, Thunderpunch, Ice Punch
    Move Tutor Moves: Body Slam, Double Edge, Mega Punch Mega Kick, Metronome, Mimic, Substitute, Counter, Seismic Toss, Dream Eater, Thunder Wave, Dynamic Punch, Psych Up, Snore, Endure, Swagger, Sleep Talk
    TM's/Hm's: TM Rock Tomb, HM Flash, TM Focus Punch, TM Frustration, TM Hidden Power (Dark)

    Cadaver - Lv. 50, male, Duskull
    Type: Ghost
    Birthday: 27th April 05 (Age - 1 Year 10 Months)
    Classification: Requiem Pokemon
    Ability: Levitate
    Nature: Quiet
    Beauty Points: None
    Obtained: Hatched from Mystery Egg
    Currently: In The PC
    Held Item: Spell Tag
    Ball Type: Pokeball

    Bio: Cadaver is a silent, stoic pokemon and will not speak unless he thinks it absolutely neccessary. Stacey met him in the Egg House when he hatched from her egg. From the very first moment they met Stacey knew he was wise beyond his years, displaying a vast knowledge that one so young should not possess. He hides his emotions from the outside world and keeps them inside at all times. He is always cool and collected even in the most desparetly frightening situations. He is usually quite the loner and prefers to be by himself to collect his thoughts, but will spend time with the others. He is well connected to the Sprirt world and can translate what they see to Stacey recieving and passing on messages, and will sometimes seek the answers to difficult questions. He is loyal to other the pokemon in Stacey's group and works well with them all in fights, lending his assistance where it is required. He appears shy to other pokemon but has shown affections for female Duskull he has met in the past.

    Evolution: Duskull -- Level 37 --> Dusclops

    Level-Up Moves: Leer, Nightshade, Disable, Foresight, Astonish, Confuse Ray, Pursuit, Curse, Will-o-Wisp, Mean Look, Future Sight
    Egg Moves: Imprison, Destiny Bond, Pain Split, Grudge, Memento, Faint Attack
    Move Tutor Moves: Body Slam, Double Edge, Substitute, Mimic, Dream Eater, Psych Up, Snore, Icy Wind, Endure, Swagger, Sleep Talk
    TM's/HM's: HM Flash, TM Hidden Power (Dragon), TM Psychic

    Lucius - Lv. 55, male, Banette
    Type: Ghost
    Birthday: 12th April 05 (Age - 1 Year 10 Months)
    Classification: Marionette Pokemon
    Ability: Insomnia
    Nature: Quirky
    Beauty points: None
    Obtained: In a trade with Trick-or-Treater (23/05/05)
    Currently: In The PC
    Held Item: Spell Tag
    Ball Type: Pokeball

    Bio: Stacey had known Lucius for a long time before he became her pokemon. He once belonged to Trick and bore the name Pierre. Trick didn't have room for him on his team any more and Stacey knew that she could not bear to see Pierre go to another trainer and so took him into her team, renaming him Lucius. He has fitted in well within the group and gets on very well with Cadaver - getting more words out of him than anyone else ever. He enjoys being in Stacey's presence having feelings for her since he first saw her. These feelings have since moved onto another Shuppet but he cares for his trainer deeply. He is a mischievous little pokemon always causing trouble, and having fun whilst doing it. He has a Quirky nature and it shows. He enjoys fire and is always playing near it, he like to eat chocolate icecream and is drawn to the moon, enjoying being out at night rather than day. A darker nature lurks beneath Lucius's surface that comes forth more often now than ever. He enjoys causing havoc and stealing is a new hobby of his. Dark and frightening places appeal to him and he can have a good time no matter what is occuring around hm.

    Evolution: Shuppet -- Lv. 37 --> Bannette (17/04/06)

    Level-Up Moves: Knock off, Screech, Night Shade, Curse, Spite, Will-o-Wisp, Faint Attack, Shadow Ball, Snatch, Lv. 64 Grudge
    Egg Moves: Disable, Destiny Bond, Foresight, Astonish, Imprison
    Move Tutor Moves: Body Slam, Double Edge, Substitute, Mimic, Dream Eater, Thunder Wave, Psych Up, Snore, Icy Wind, Endure, Swagger, Sleep Talk
    TM's/HM's: HM Flash, TM Water Pulse, TM Hidden Power (Fire), TM Thunder

    Missy - Lv. 50, female, Misdreavus
    Type: Ghost
    Birthday: 5th June 05 (Age - 1 Year 8 Months)
    Classification: Screech Pokemon
    Ability: Levitate
    Nature: Gentle
    Beauty Points: 10
    Obtained: In a Trade with Phoenix on UPN (10/06/05)
    Currently: In The PC
    Held Item: Spell Tag
    Ball Type: Pokeball

    Bio: Missy was the last pokemon to join Stacey's team but she has never felt left out. She was traded from Phoenix when Stacey made him a good offer for her. It has been know that Misdreavus are Stacey's favourite pokemon and she lavishes love on Missy, but she understands that Impish will always be first in her heart. She has a gentle nature and is always helping others where she can. She enjoys spending time with Stacey's other pokemon but does find their antics strange at times. She will usually refrain from joining in their mischievous games they play but sometimes she will go against her nature and surprise them all. She has a beautiful soul that shows and is beautiful on the outside, but she can't take compliments well, usually blushing in repsonse. She loves to sing and has a beautiful voice, She will often serenade the others with her songs. A hidden vengeful side lurks benath the surface of this beautiful pokemon. If she feels slighted she will seek revenge without a second thought but sometimes regrets her actions following this.

    Level-Up Moves: Growl, Psywave, Spite, Astonish, Confuse Ray, Mean Look, Psybeam, Pain Split, Perish Song, Lv. 53 Grudge
    Egg Moves: Destiny Bond, Imprison, Psych Up, Screech
    Move Tutor Moves: Double Edge, Mimic, Substitute, Dream Eater, Thunder Wave, Snore, Endure, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Swift, Defense Curl
    TM's/HM's: TM Tri Attack, HM Flash, TM Return, TM Hidden Power (Grass), TM Ice Beam


    Anima - Lv. 50 Genderless/Female, Shedinja
    Type: Bug/Ghost
    Birthday: 12th December 05 (Age - 1 Year 1 Month)
    Classification: Shed Pokemon
    Ability: Wonder Guard
    Nature: Naive
    Beauty Points: 10
    Obtained: As a Nincada in a trade with Trick-or-Treater (18/04/05)
    Currently: Active Team
    Held Item: Green Scarf
    Ball Type: Pokeball

    Bio: Spawned from her sister Nina, Anima is a strange and confused creature indeed. Having being Nina at one time, she displays characteristics of her sister and is slowly learning her own likes and dislikes. She prefers to stay near her sister most of time, finding Stacey's other pokemon strange. What you could call a schizophreniac, duel personalities, both Nina and Anima in one shell, both personalities imprinted on her mind. She'll sometimes acts as Nina, the brash tactless, sex mad Ninjask, and others she'll be Anima, the shy, naive young Shedinja. Stacey hopes that this split will become less with age. She has shown herself to be very curious, eager to learn as much as she can to make sense of herself. Her naive nature makes her a deadly battler. Her opponant usually takes her for granted, leaving her to strike with an emotionless calm leaving only devasation behind.

    Evolution: Nincada -- Lv. 20 and spare slot in team --> Shedinja (12/12/05)

    Level-Up Moves: Scratch, Harden, Leech Life, Sand Attack, Fury Swipes, Mind Reader, Spite, False Swipe, Confuse Ray, Mud Slap, Shadow Ball, Metal Claw, Grudge
    Egg Moves: Endure, Faint Attack, Silver Wind, Gust
    Move Tutor Moves: Double Edge, Substitute, Mimic, Snore, Mud-Slap, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Dream Eater, Fury Cutter
    TM's/HM's: Dig, HM Cut, HM Flash, TM Protect, TM Sunny Day, TM Solarbeam, TM Hidden Power (Ice)


    Drusilla - Lv. 46, Female, Zubat
    Type: Poison/Flying
    Birthday: 6th Febuary 06 (Age - 1 Year)
    Classification: Bat Pokemon
    Ability: Inner Focus
    Nature: Bold/Insane
    Beauty Points: 10
    Obtained: Hatched from Flying Storm Egg (6/2/06)
    Currently: Active Team
    Held Item: Poison Barb
    Ball Type: Pokeball

    Bio: Drusilla had a very traumatic birth and it would seem that it affected her mind. Her sanity completely flipped and now she seems completely insane ... in a pleasant way! She usually flies around haphazardly, not having the full use of her new wings yet. She tends to talk in riddles that even Stacey can't dechiper at times. One thing is known for sure about this young Zubat, she loves the taste of blood, human being her favourite. She likes to play with her victims minds and get them to willingly submit to her. She lives for death, choas and torment, especially if she is the one to cause it. On first impressions she comes across as innocent, like a small and confused child, but when her victim lowers their defense she's straight in there for the neck. She's quite fond of Macabre, referring to him as her 'dark knight'. Macabre does not show any fondness, or any emotions but revulsion in return but it has been noticed that he does like to watch her hunt and Stacey swears that he views her as a suitable protegy, although he'd never admit it!

    Evolution: Zubat --> Lv. 22 --> Golbat --> Max Beauty Points --> Crobat

    Level-Up Moves: Leech Life, Supersonic, Astonish, Bite, Wing Attack, Confuse Ray, Air Cutter, Mean Look, Poison Fang, Haze
    Egg Moves: Quick Attack, Pursuit, Faint Attack, Gust, Whirlwind, Curse
    Move Tutor Moves: Double Edge, Substitute, Mimic, Snore, Endure, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Swift
    TM's/HM's: TM Steel Wing, TM Toxic, TM Giga Drain, TM Sludge Bomb, TM Hidden Power (Psychic)


    Syn - Lv. 26, Female, *shiny* Smoochum
    Type: Ice/Psychic
    Birthday: 27th March 06 (Age - 10 months)
    Classification: Kiss Pokemon
    Ability: Oblivious
    Nature: Modest
    Beauty Points: 10
    Contest Stats: Cute: 20 20 20 20 20 (100)
    Obtained: Traded from Shiny_Magneton/PI (2/4/06)
    Currently: Active Team
    Held Item: Nevermeltice
    Ball Type: Pokeball

    Bio: When Stacey first saw the cute little Smoochum hatched from her friend's egg she immediately contacted him and offered for trade. Within a few days the shiny Smoochum was her and she then bore the name Syn. Although at first appearing shy, Syn quickly warms to people and just loves to give them a big kiss, giggling playfully as they become confused. She sports a black silk bow with dimonte crystals and is extremely beautiful but despite this she has a Modest nature, not one to flaunt her looks unless it's to get something she wants. She just loves to dance, fast club music being her favourite and can be seen wiggling her butt along to the beat. Although young she is already discovering her sexuality, drawn to female pokemon rather than male. This feature of her personality has revealed the homophobe in Nina who is wary of the young Smoochum which upsets Syn who is trying hard to make friends. Being amongst pokemon with such strong personalities is hard for anyone but Stacey is hopeful that Syn will explore and develop her own as she grows.

    Evolution: Smoochum -- Lv. 30 --> Jynx

    Level-Up Moves: Pound, Lick, Sweet Kiss, Powder Snow, Confusion, Sing, Lv. 33 Mean Look, Lv. 37 Fake Tears, Lv. 45 Psychic, Lv. 49 Perish Song, Lv. 57 Blizzard
    Egg Moves: Meditate, Psych Up, Fake Out, Wish, Ice Punch
    Move Tutor Moves: Mega Punch, Mega Kick, Body Slam, Double Edge, Counter, Seismic Toss, Mimic, Metronome, Dream Eater, Substitute, Dynamic Punch, Snore, Icy Wind, Endure, Mud Slap, Swagger, Sleep Talk
    TM's/HM's: HM Flash, TM Hidden Power (Water), TM Sweet Scent, TM Shadowball, Ice Barrier, TM Attract


    Narcissa - Lv. 23, female, Gastly
    Type: Ghost/Poison
    Birthday: 23rd September 06 (Age - 4 Months)
    Classification: Gas Pokemon
    Ability: Levitate
    Nature: Serious
    Beauty Points: 10
    Obtained: Captured in the Haunted Mansion, Black Quilt Room (23/09/06)
    Currently: Active Team
    Held Item: Spell Tag
    Ball Type: Ghost Ball

    Bio: Narcissa first met Stacey in battle in the Haunted Mansion, under strict orders by her mistress, Elise, a dark and utterly mad Sableye. Having being captured and known Stacey for only a short time she meerly believes that she has traded one insane mistress for another. Stacey hopes to be able to change this view with time. Narcissa has never know freedom, having always been enslaved by Elise and so easily follows commands without hesitation and is only beginning to learn to make her own decisions and find out what she wants from life. She has very little trust for Stacey and her pokemon and distances herself from them, not a very social pokemon. She has a Serious nature and it shows, she cannot stand frivolity and takes everything that comes her way with a strict and calculating manner. Having grown up in the Mansion she is no stranger to all manner of dark and eerie events and persona's and somewhere, deep inside her is her inner child ghost wanting to come out and play.

    Evolution: Gastly -- Lv. 25 --> Haunter -- Trade --> Gengar

    Level-Up Moves: Hypnosis, Lick, Spite, Curse, Nightshade, Confuse Ray, Lv. 28 Dream Eater, Lv. 33 Destiny Bond, Lv. 36 Shadow Ball, Lv. 41 Nightmare, Lv. 48 Mean Look
    Egg Moves: Psywave, Perish Song, Haze, Astonish, Will-O-Wisp, Grudge, Explosion
    Move Tutor Moves: Mimic, Substitute, Psych Up, Snore, Endure, Swagger, Sleep Talk
    TM's/HM's: TM Thunderbolt, TM Hidden Power (Fighting)


    Pokemon I'd previously owned:

    Corphish, Male ~ Hatched from Water Glacier Egg, Traded to Bladerboy for 3 Candies (23/05/05)
    Slugma, Male ~ Hatched from Fire Core Egg, Put in Adoption Centre
    Ekans, Male ~ Caught in the Stardust Fields (CG) (11/08/05), Traded to Shinjara for 2 Candies (11/08/05)
    Seel, Male ~ Hatched from Enigma Egg (18/08/05), Traded to MM for 2 Candies and 1 Choccy Ball (23/08/05)
    Ditto, Genderless ~ Caught in The Rainbow Waterfalls (CG) (10/11/05), Traded to Inferno for 2 Rare Candies (15/11/05) ultimately adopted by Trick-or-Treater (16/11/05)
    Misdreavus, Female - Hatched from Ghost Mystery Egg (26/12/05), Traded to Jon Jen for 3 Rare Candies (28/12/05)
    Aipom, Female - Hatched from Normal Pound Egg (16/1/06), Placed in the AC (30/1/06)
    Zubat, Male - Hatched from Flying Storm Egg (27/2/06), Traded to Trick-or-Treater for 2 Rare Candies (13/3/06)
    Shuppet, Female - Hatched from Ghost Mystery Egg (20/3/06) - Traded to BB for 2 Candies and a hella lot of other stuff (2/4/06)
    Duskull, Male - Hatched from Ghost Mystery Egg (12/06/06) - Traded to Joe for 2 Rare Candies (20/06/06)
    Pineco, Female - Hatched from Enigma Egg (03/07/06) - Traded to Rad Ed for 2 Rare Candies (03/07/06)
    Qwilfish, Female - Hatched from Water Glacier Egg (24/07/06) - Placed in the AC (07/08/06)
    Caterpie, Male - Hatched from Flying Storm Egg (14/8/06) - Traded to JAF for 3 Rare Candies (18/08/06)
    Misdreavus, Female - Hatched from Ghost Mystery Egg (04/09/06) - Traded to LW for 1 Brown Pokeblock and Gold Shard (04/09/06)
    Paras, Female - Hatched from Enigma Egg (27/09/06) - Traded to Waterlight for 2 Rare Candies (03/10/06)
    *Shiny* Taillow, Female - Won from the WoS Campaign - Traded to Quilava Plush for 4 Rare Candies, Brown and Indigo Pokeblocks and TM HP Fighting (05/10/06)
    Geodude, Male - Hatched from Rock Core Egg (18/10/06) - Traded to Ihfrett for 2 Rare Candies (23/10/06)
    Gligar, Male - Hatched from Flying Storm Egg (08/11/06) - Traded to Lee-San for 2 Rare Candies (10/11/06)
    Caterpie, Male - Hatched from Enigma Egg (04/12/06) - Placed in the AC (18/12/06)
    Shellder, Male - Hatched from Ice Glacier Egg (25/12/06) - Placed in the AC (08/01/07
    Hoppip, Female - Hatched from Enigma Egg (15/01/07) - Traded to Lee San for 2 Rare Candies (15/01/07)
    Abra, Male - Hatched from Psychic Mystery Egg (05/02/07) - Traded to Inferno for 1 Rare Candy (07/02/07)
    Voltorb, Genderless - Hatched from Enigma Egg (26/02/07) - Placed in the AC (12/03/07)
    Growlithe, Male - Hatched from Fire Core Egg (19/03/07) - Traded to BB for 1 Rare Candy, 1 Pearl and 1 Poison Barb (19/03/07)
    Natu, Female - Hatched from Psychic Mystery Egg (09/04/07) - Traded to Xander for 1 Candy (23/04/07)



    Wings Of Seraphim - Trophy won by Lucius
    1 SS Tidal Ticket
    1 SS Anne Ticket

    TM Case
    TM Blizzard x2
    TM Psychic
    TM Skill Swap
    TM Thunder
    TM Bubblebeam
    TM Ice Punch
    TM Attract x2
    TM Double Team
    Casino Items Case

    435'660 Casino Coins
    Pokeblock Case
    Indigo, Purple, LiteBlue, Purple, Indigo, Indigo, Indigo, Green, Green, Cranberry
    LiteBlue, Passion, Indigo, White Chocolate, Olive
    Balls Case
    Ghost Ball x2 x3
    Franken Ball
    Mummy Ball
    Leaf Ball x2
    Chocolate Ball
    Repeat Ball
    1 New Years 2006 Balls
    5 Pokeballs

    Contest Attempts
    1) Beauty Contest (Normal Rank). Pokemon: Nina. Placed: 2nd
    2) Cute Contest (Normal Rank). Pokemon: Syn. Placed: 1st (wins Cute Contest Ribbon and TM Attract)
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