This thread is for Fizzy Bubbles Members only. After you have applied for membership and passed the FB Registration Test you will check the list below to ensure you have been issued with a Special Pokeball. When you see your name below you can copy/paste your post from the Registration Thread to this one which is where it will stay for the remainder of your time in Fizzy Bubbles.

Please be sure to update your account details regularly to include any pokemon or items you obtain during your adventures.

Please DO NOT post signatures

People who have received a Special Pokeball:

MetalGardevoir - Fast Ball
Vagabond Aeon - Moon Ball
EonMaster Zero - Dive Ball
Gamer C - Heavy Ball
Hopip - Fast Ball
Eeveeboy_geoff - Friend Ball - (One Beauty point to captured pokemon)
1337 Charizard - Lure Ball
Eon - Luxury Ball - (Two Beauty poiints to captured pokemon)
Raposa Dalua - Lure Ball
Darkdog - Level Ball
Sentret - Moon Ball
Charizard_master - Heavy Ball
Ladyumbra - Lure Ball
Dunkle - Dive Ball
Chaos Angel - Repeat Ball
Link Hero Of Winds - Heavy Ball
Trainer-Corey - Level ball
Aniodia - Net Ball
Shimitaro - Fast Ball
ElementalDragon - Friend Ball (One Beauty point to captured pokemon)
soaken28 - Dive Ball
pikachu_king - Nest Ball
rokman - Lure Ball
Crystal_Espeon - Fast Ball
Shadowfaith - Friend Ball One Beauty point to captured pokemon)
Aeroblast - Timer Ball
Lon - Love Ball
Tha Legend - Timer Ball
Houndoom Master - Heavy Ball
Torkip - Repeat Ball
Boy_wonder - Fast Ball
GardevoirMaster - Dive Ball
lilbluecorsola - Net Ball
Aislequette - Love Ball
Arashi Aeriuu - Fast Ball
Absol_Master - Moon Ball
Pichu lover! - Lure Ball
jaelinfunk - Dive Ball
Blaxiken-Z - Heavy Ball
Shadow_Fox - Friend Ball (One Beauty point to captured pokemon)
Crystal Nanaki - Dive Ball
Batesy - Net Ball
Flanneryfan - Moon Ball
Lugia the Ultimate - Luxury Ball (Two Beauty poiints to captured pokemon)
Mozinrath - Fast Ball
Flames Galore - Lure Ball
Sheer Cold - Friend Ball
ForeverFlygon - Love Ball
PokéCma - Fast Ball
SnowStorm92 - Dive Ball
pokemon_pirate - Moon Ball
Vilexaron - Timer Ball
Iveechan - Net Ball
Hao Kaiser - Heavy Ball
Juno - Level Ball
Aurora Wish - Lure Ball
Black_Luster_Typhlosion - Lure Ball
Pikamaster - Moon Ball
BD25 - Timer Ball
Taihen Dakedo - Net Ball
Typloshion X - Dive Ball
komodo396 - Repeat Ball
Aron Fan - Dive Ball
Ringo - Love Ball
Psychic - Premier Ball
Fluorii - Heavy Ball
Golden Mew - Fast Ball
Golden Glory - Lure Ball
schrack - Moon Ball
jerichirules - Heavy Ball
Arctic Wish - Nest Ball
Kittsie - Fast Ball
GoGoTenda - Heavy Ball
Mr.Internet - Fast Ball
Samot - Lure Ball
Latias10 - Luxury Ball (Two Beauty poiints to captured pokemon)
The Master - Repeat Ball
Deoxysmaster17 - Fast Ball
Chika Jin - Moon Ball
RekKuzA - Dive Ball
Elite Arbiter - Moon Ball
Wyndigo - Friend Ball (One Beauty point to captured pokemon)
Crystallugia - Dive Ball
Staryu & Starmie - Net Ball
goldraven - Moon Ball
Nuzleaf Blower - Love Ball
Shining Kyogre - Heavy Ball
Shinji - Net Ball
BlastoseBrigade - Nest Ball
AJ. - Timer Ball
Amadeus Windfall - Fast Ball
Vox_Anteron - Timer Ball
Neptune - Lure Ball
?????- Premier Ball
Wayne 007 - Lure Ball
BabyCharmander - Net Ball
mantio - Dive Ball
Professor Xic - Friend Ball (One Beauty point to captured pokemon)
Lord Of Fishmelia - Nest Ball
MetalYoshi17 - Lure Ball
Epyon - Heavy Ball
Legendary Shobu X - Friend Ball
Kas85 - Heavy Ball
Krystal - Moon Ball
Icechomp 3 - Luxury Ball
thed3 - Level Ball
BlazikenBoy - Fast Ball
Shiny_Magneton - Love Ball
mike4545163 - Dive Ball
TK03 - Nest Ball
The Water God - Moon Ball
Takashi - Timer Ball
>Heroduck< - Heavy Ball
TexanChris - Friend Ball
Riku fan - Premier Ball
Elite Water Trainer - Heavy Ball
Castform - Moon Ball
Trick-or-Treater - Fast Ball
LordAndrew - Friend Ball
RazzPersian - Dive Ball
rosedarkmaster - Lure ball
tommyship2 - Fast ball
Pokémon Master Denny - Nest Ball
Master of Chaos - Moon Ball
joshua - Dive Ball
Spi Jirachi - Love Ball
Kauser79 - Fast Ball
x9ss - Lure Ball
P-Arts - Level Ball
Tamer Zack - Moon Ball
meandude33 - Luxury Ball
Psyshadow - Friend Ball
Raikou_Man - Fast Ball
umbreon11 - Net Ball
Dark Fire - Repeat Ball
Ice Tyranitar - Moon Ball
Lil Flareon - Lure Ball
JirachiBlack - Heavy Ball
duncan - Fast Ball
Psychic Scyther - Level Ball
Crazy Wartortle - Repeat Ball