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Thread: I need help!!

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    Default I need help!!

    um, well how do i post a sprite through imageshack?

    cause i saved my sprite in paint, and when i uploaded it in imageshack, it said it was too big.

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    Did you have a lot of white space around the sprite?

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    Uchiha Obito Guest


    um, yes i did. It was only that picture in the whole page.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Civic Avenger
    um, yes i did. It was only that picture in the whole page.
    Then get rid of as much white space as you can. First, move your sprite to the upper left hand corner as much as you can without cutting parts off. There's a little blue square in the lower right corner. Click on it, and drag it to be as close to your sprite as possible without cutting any parts off. Now it's as small as it can get. However, most of the time even a lot of white space is small enough for Imageshack, so the site may be having problems.

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