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Thread: It came from the Black Lagoon...Muk

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    Default It came from the Black Lagoon...Muk

    Thanks to everyone who voted in my poll! It seems Memory Fracture really has the best artwork . Anyway, here's Muk, the perfect answer to counter Delta Species Pokemon:


    Um, my 'set' really seems to be full of Grass, Psychic and Water types...Anyway, as the year ends, I'll have to 'close up' this set to concentrate on school instead. *shudders* So let me give a little background story to my set. (Just in case you forgot the set's name, it's EX Whispers from Beyond.) If you get tired of long, boring explanations, you might want to skip this one .


    Somewhere in the world of Pokemon (as usual), something strange is taking place. In the middle of the night, if you listen very closely, you can here the sound of whispers in the night air...

    Recently, the urban legend of the Devras was spread around quietly. Just who are the Devras? People used to believe that the Devras were a network of trainers with arcane abilities to connect with the unseen world. A long time ago, the appearance of the Devras was connected with strange events: the nights became unnaturally dark, white lights were seen floating into the air at night, and so on. But suddenly the Devras were no longer heard of; as the stories died away, so did the strange events. The Devras became an urban legend, used to frighten little children. A rumour spread around saying that the Devras never really existed, and the strange events were that took place were all in the people's imagination. As time went on, the people gradually forgot what really happened. Was the Devras really a figment of their imagination? Only time will tell...

    To be continued...
    *narrator's voice ends*

    This set is heavily connected to one strategy: manipulation of the discard pile. If you've noticed, most of the Pokemon I've done so far have some ability to discard cards or use cards in the discard pile. What do the Devras have to do with this set? Well, they will (hopefully) appear as Trainers. OK, I think I've explained enough...

    Thanks for listening to my story! Don't forget to comment or criticize my Muk! Oh yeah, and sorry for my long post .

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    You need to add a "," instead of a "." after "Pokémon" in "Oxidize." But nice card anyway. Your reallygood at this.

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    Yeah, King Shuckle pointed out the only mistake. nice art, nice attacks etc. very good. keep it up!


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    Exelent, you're a great faker!

    Muk 10/10
    Still working on it.

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