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Thread: [New] Fake Card Discussion Rules.

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    Default [New] Fake Card Discussion Rules.

    To Fake Card Posters:

    1. Make sure you have read and understand SerebiiForums's rules.

    2. Read the Fan Art forum rules.

    3. Give credit to whomever did the art of your card. If you do not know who the artist is, post a link to where you found the art along with the card.

    4. Post any one fake card in one thread. In other words, do not post the same card in more than one thread.

    5. You may use up to Size 3 text for posting links to your card. A side note; Size 1 is smaller than the standard text size.

    6. Post fake cards as either thumbnails or links. Click here or go to the second post in this thread to see how NOT to post a fake card.
    Example of a thumbnail post:
    To post a thumbnail, use the following:

    In other words:
    [URL="URL of your card fake"][IMG]"URL of the thumbnail"[/IMG][/URL]

    Example1 of a link post:

    To use this method, just copy and paste the URL of the picture into your post.

    Example2 of a link post:

    Brock's Steelix ex

    To post a link like this, use the following:
    [url=]Brock's Steelix ex[/url]

    In other words:
    [url="URL of your card fake"]"Text describing card"[/url]

    7. Click here or go to the third post in this thread for tips on posting your card(s).

    ================================================== ====================

    To Fake Card Raters:

    1. Make sure you have read and understand SerebiiForums's rules.

    2. Read the Fan Art forum rules.

    3. If you wish to rate a card, please post what you liked/disliked about the card, and what you feel could be improved. Do not just post; "I liked it" "Its good" "You're the best" "10/10 coolness". Add a little bit of what you thought about the card. Also, if you are rating using a number system, please use a standard scale of 0-10 with any decimals in between if you wish. Finally, if you wish to compliment the creator of the card, say what you like about it. It only takes a few words such as; "Cool card, I like its picture" "Very good card faking, the effect is excellent".

    4. Use the button to report any spam or flaming comments. This button is located at the upper-right hand corner of each post in a thread and will notify all mods of the section via e-mail about the reported post. Please do not reply to a post stating that it was spam and/or flaming, as you may wind up getting warned for spam as well. You also shouldn't post saying that you reported the person's post.

    5. Since fake cards of all kinds are allowed here, please do not rate a card badly just because it goes to a game you do not like. Posts like that will be considered flaming and/or SPAM.

    6. Avoid quoting thumbnails and/or card images when you are replying to a card fake. This can cause the page to take longer loading and put more of a load on the place that's hosting the image.

    Credit goes to Wobbuffet Fan for the Brock's Steelix ex fake used in the examples.
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