One note: This is purely fluff. And fluff. Well, I guess so. =D Didn't want to spoil you in the title. This is my first shipping one-shot ever. I wanna' make this a nice Cardcaptor Sakura Fic. =D

And no, it's not Syaoran x Sakura. Or Eriol x Tomoyo. Neither is it Touya x Yukito.

It's Tomoyo x Touya. =D I love that pairing a lot. I'm just insane. Hope this is alright, and hopefully, it's not that horrid to get a rating of one over five.


The tanned male leaned against the Sakura Tree, the falling Sakura Petals reminding him of his younger sister. As the petals began to fall, he felt some landing on his head. Brushing them off his somewhat spiky hair, he just grunted. He wore his navy blue leather jacket over his black shirt, along with a pair of cobalt blue jeans. The sneakers were orange in color and he just paid attention to the continuous falling of the petals.

“The Sakura Petals are lovely, aren’t they?” A sweet voice asked the man. The elder one looked forward to see that video-recording girl always hanging by his younger sister. She was now wearing an azure-colored blouse and a navy blue skirt. The girl had raven-black hair and her skin was fair, compared to the skin tone of his younger sister. They were of the same age, but his sister was older by a few months.

“Missing Sakura, right?”


“Missing Sakura, right?” I heard her ask, apparently noticing my purpose of being here.

How stupid was it of her to ask? Of course I missed her. Why wouldn’t I miss her? I am her elder brother, and I have this so called ‘sister complex’, according to Yukito, and I hated anyone who bullied her. Ever since that kid bullied my sister, I’ve always hated his guts. There was this time, during the play their class did, the two almost kissed. I mean, he was practically snatching away my younger sister from me. She was the one I would protect at all costs…

“What do you think?” I responded back to her.


“What do you think?” The male asked his younger counterpart.

“I think you do. Ever since she got married with Syaoran, it was you and your dad all alone in that house. You’re lucky, and you don’t even know it.”

“What do you mean, Tomoyo?”

“You know how they live. One month in China, the next in Japan, then back to China, then Japan, you know. You’re the one catching up on everything. You have joy. Me? Cooped up in that huge mansion of mine, all alone by myself.”

“Heh, you’re one to be talking. You guys chat on Windows Live Messenger practically everyday and on the phone once a week. You’re a fine one to be talking.”

“You’re right I guess…”

The girl gave him a warm smile before heading off to the vending machine nearby to buy us some canned drinks.


The raven-haired princess gave me a gentle, yet friendly smile before dashing off for the vending machine nearby to get both of us some drinks. She was extremely thoughtful and kind. From the many times I’ve seen her accompanying Sakura everywhere with her video-camera, she never complained how tough the journey would be or the late nights she had to stay up working on costumes for my sister. Her brain was filled with countless of ideas, well, at least to me. She is the president of Tomoeda Princess Private Limited and one of the richest people in the country. From what I heard, many men would die to just have a date with her. I wouldn’t be that lucky to be considered by this genius anytime. She’s a singer as well. Heh, being that beautiful and smart, wait; did I say ‘beautiful’? I meant ‘pretty’. Yeah, that’s the word. She’s successful and rich, plus, famous as well.

The lavender-eyed beauty returned with a can of orange juice in her hand. I was a little suspicious, due to the fact that I thought she would also buy a can for herself.

“Why didn’t you buy any for yourself?” I asked, curious to know the answer she would give me.


“Why didn’t you buy any for yourself?” His voice came across, seemingly having a tone of curiosity in it.

Thinking slightly, I sighed. Looks like I had to admit to him the secret I kept from everyone. But should I or should I not? He can’t tell whether I’m telling the truth or not, can’t he? He did give all his magical powers to Yue... Ever since he broke up with Yukito, I mean Yue, I mean who cares? They’re both the same in essentials. He did become rather sad these days. If I told him, would he turn into that glum looking person I did not wish to see? And he would worry about me and start telling Sakura, for it concerned me, his sister’s best friend.

How could I ever lie to such a person who could determine whether I told a lie or a truth? He was like Libra. You could never lie to any of them. He would find out and start questioning you, or maybe not, in the case of Sakura.

“Join me for dinner tonight, at my place, please?” I requested, in hopes of telling him over our dinner together.


“Join me for dinner tonight, at my place, please?” Her sweet, yet delicate voice inquired. Why would she choose me, of all people, to have dinner at her place? I mean, me, Sakura’s brother, the guy who rejects girls. Would she put me another trip through self-despair? Like what happened to Yukito, or rather, Yue, and me? I really didn’t know how to answer her, but yet, it would be rude of me to decline her request. She did have a crush on me when she was extremely young, around nine. She grew out of it eventually, with each year she grew, she gained maturity. I did decline other girls’ requests, but she seemed to be in some sort of despair, from the looks of her eyes.

And wouldn’t that monster, I mean, Sakura, kill me if I denied her request? She’d have wanted me to find out what was wrong about her best friend. Perhaps I fell for her, Sakura’s best friend. Ever since Yukito, I didn’t know whether my feelings for a person were real. Perhaps it was real for her.

“Sure,” I gave a reply after some thoughtful thinking.


“Sure,” his reply came across in his husky voice, agreeing to this. Looks like I had forced him too much. I don’t know whether I should admit to him, my feelings and the ‘thing’. I’ll have to reassure with him.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to force you.”


“Are you sure? I don’t want to force you.”

Damnit, of course I agreed. Did she have second regrets about this? I couldn’t be this rude to her. My mind’s a mess now. I never got this flustered before in my life.

“Of course.”


“Of course.” His husky voice replied to my second question. Okay, maybe having second regrets about asking him over was a little too late. Well, he did know where my house was and all, so I guess it wouldn’t be much of a problem.

“It’s a date then!” I replied energetically, before dashing off, but not without turning around and giving him a wave before making a turn at the corner.


“It’s a date then!” She replied energetically in that sweet voice of hers. She ran off, gave me a wave before making a turn at the corner. Why did women have to be that complicated? My face had apparently turned pretty red and I was heating up, I never got this tense and nervous before. A date? Okay, whatever she called it. I didn’t mind at all,


The male was eating his steak halfway; while the girl sitting across him had eaten finish her plate of steak already. She began taking sips of her drink, waiting for the man to finish his dinner before beginning to tell him certain things. Leading him towards her room, she invited him to sit on the same two-seater chair. The male politely accepted and the woman rested her head on his shoulder.

“What do you want?” The male asked uncertainly, a blush creeping up onto his face. Although he was slightly nervous, he remained calm. The twenty-two year old female resting her head on his shoulder was looking at him, tears in her eyes. His face became a face of worry, as she burst into tears, pressing her face onto his chest.

“Touya, I’ve got can-cancer! At the se-second stage,” she sobbed, crying in his arms.


She had cancer? No wonder she’s so upset. Scooping her up into my arms, I told her maids to prepare her limousine quickly, so she could be brought over to the hospital.

“Why didn’t you go for the operation?”


“Because I was afraid of losing everyone. My friends, family and many others as well.” She admitted to the elder male.

“Tomoyo, we have to get you to go through the operation, you know?”

“I know, but – What if I die during the operation? What if? There are so many ‘What ifs’ concerning this operation that I don’t know whether I should undergo it or not!”

“You’ll survive through it, I promise.”

Touya planted a dry kiss onto her wet lips before parting. Tomoyo had a slight blush across her face, but it was not obvious in the darkness of the night.

‘I hope she survives through this…’


“Thank you, Touya.”

Tomoyo Daidouji grabbed a hold of her boyfriend’s hand, as he invited her on a date, wishing to be her boyfriend. The girl gave the male an innocent smile, and he blushed, his face turning many shades of red. The couple was at the amusement park, enjoying the time they had on their first date. It had been about eight months after her operation, and now the raven-haired princess was full of energy, ready to have fun with her date.

“What ride shall we go on next?”

“I don’t really care, to be honest.”

Tomoyo flashed Touya another innocent smile, before dragging him off to one of the amusement park’s rides. She gave him a grin before pointing at that particular ride, before giving her response.

“Now, shall we try that roller coaster?”


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