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Thread: Rainbow Island Saga(Advanceshipping and Questshipping, PG)

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragonmaster5000
    Another nice chapter! I can't wait for the next one. BTW, the new Chapter 14was great. I read it on
    Thanks you guys and I'm glad you like it too.

    Here's the next Chapter:

    Chapter 6: Bianco Island

    “A man we’re going to be late so lets hurry girls” said Yoshi, as our heroes are in

    a hurry to catch the boat to Bianco Island, they finally got on the boat on time.” Okay

    girls we’ll be in Bianco Island tomorrow morning so lets find our cabin” said Yoshi

    “All right” said May,” Okay Big brother” said Allenby.When the gang are looking for

    there cabin, May saw Tracy on the side of the boat.”Hey Tracy its me May” said May.

    “Hi may, oh I see Yoshi is with you and who’s the chibi-chan behind Yoshi?” said Tracy

    Allenby started to blush,“Oh this is my cute little sister Allenby” said Yoshi.”Nice to

    meet you Tracy” said Allenby. “Nice to you too Allenby” said Tracy, Allenby blush

    some more and went behind of Yoshi.” So where are you three going?” said Tracy,

    “We’re going to enter the Rainbow league in the rainbow Islands” said Yoshi

    “So your going to enter the rainbow league huh, it reminds me of my adventure with

    Ash and Misty in the Orange Islands” said Tracy.

    While everyone was still talking, May’s stomach started to growl.”Yoshi can we get something to eat for lunch?” said May, “Ya I’m hungry too lets get something to eat

    said Yoshi. Everyone went to the dining room and were eating like crazy. Yoshi already

    ate 7 plates of food, May ate 8 dishes of food, Allenby ate 6 dishes of food, and Tracy

    barely got ate one dish of food. After the gang finish eating lunch, everyone started

    getting sleepy.” Well here’s our cabin,” said Yoshi.”Hey where’s your cabin Tracy?”

    said Allenby.”My cabin is at the end of the hallway so I’ll see you three later” said

    Tracy,” Okay later Tracy” said May. Midnight at 12am, everyone was still asleep

    except for May. When Yoshi started to wake up, he saw May leaving the room and started to follow her outside.”Hey May why are you up so late” said Yoshi.”I should

    be asking you the same thing Yoshi” said May,” Well since you ask I wanted to get

    some fresh air and look at the stars at night” said May.

    When May finish talking, she started to cry.” Let me guess you really miss Ash don’t

    you” said Yoshi. May started to cry some more and hug Yoshi and laying her head on Yoshi’s shoulder.” Yes I miss Ash and I want to be with him again”

    said May,” Okay but lets go back our room before you and I catch a cold” said Yoshi. Before Yoshi and May

    went to there rooms, they saw red like pokemon in the sky.” what kind of pokemon is that?” said Yoshi,” I don’t know but I got this weird feeling that I seen it before in the

    Hoenn region” said May.” Well we can think about it lets just go inside alright May” said

    Yoshi, ”alright” said May.Yoshi’s thoughts (What should I do I don’t want May to be sad during our journey……….I know I’ll try to bring Ash and May together again I know

    she’ll be happy about it. When Yoshi was thinking of a plan to bring Ash and May together, May had fallen asleep on Yoshi’s shoulder. “Poor girl still shedding tears of

    loneliness, don’t worry May I promise I’ll bring you and Ash together again” said

    Yoshi. 7:00am, “mmmmmorning big brother” said Allenby, “Good morning sis did you had a good nap?” said Yoshi.

    “Ya I had a good nap……. bro why’s May sleeping on your shoulder?” said Allenby,

    “Well last night May was really upset because she misses Ash” said Yoshi.”May was

    lonely so I got up and kept her company all night till she fell asleep” said Yoshi, “Hey

    Yoshi lets find away to bring Ash and May together” said Allenby. “ good idea sis

    too bad I thought of it before you did hehehe” said Yoshi.Allenby’s thoughts (big brother

    can be such a pain sometimes). When Yoshi and Allenby finish talking, the boat had finally arrived at Bianco Island.” Well we’re finally here better wake up May before we

    leave” said Yoshi, “Okay I’ll get our stuff ready” said Allenby.”Chibi May wake up

    its time to get up now we’re here” said Yoshi.”So we’re here huh, well better get dress”

    said May. After May got dressed, She and Yoshi got off the boat and were meeting Allenby at the dock.

    “Yoshi where’s Tracy?” said Allenby, “He told me he’s going back to Pallet Town

    and wish us luck in the rainbow league” said Yoshi.”So what are we going to do first

    Yoshi?” said May. “We’re going to register first at the pokemon center and we need

    A map of the Rainbow Islands” said Yoshi.For 1 hour they finally found the pokemon center. “Hello there how may I help you?” said Nurse Joy,” Hi I’m Yoshi Masaki

    and I would like to register for the Rainbow League please” said Yoshi.”Alright then

    lets get you register for the Rainbow League Yoshi” said Nurse Joy. After 5mins,

    Yoshi had finally entered the Rainbow League.” Now that you have register here’s

    The map of the Rainbow Islands” said Nurse Joy,” Thank you Nurse Joy” said Yoshi.

    “Excuse me Nurse Joy do you know where I can register for the pokemon contest in the Rainbow Islands?” said May,” Yes but its on Dragon Island if you what to register in

    the pokemon contest” said Nurse Joy.

    “Alright thank you” said May, “you’re welcome and have a great journey” said Nurse Joy.” Okay which Island should we go first?” said Yoshi,” Why not we go

    to Dragon Island that’s where me and Allenby will register for the pokemon contest” said May.” Sure why not..Hey there’s gym on Dragon Island guess that’s where I get my first

    badge” said Yoshi. Before May could say something, she heard a familiar voice at

    the dock.” Could it be him? Said May
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    Nice chap! ^^ Keep it up!

    Oh, and Tracy is spelled Tracey, just so ya know ^^

    Also, how do you change the " into those diffrent ones?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meganium XD
    Nice chap! ^^ Keep it up!

    Oh, and Tracy is spelled Tracey, just so ya know ^^

    Also, how do you change the " into those diffrent ones?

    I'll tell you soon but not yet. I'll PM you and tell you okay
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    Oh, okay, thanx! ^^

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    Its great and I read it on but I think you should have Allbeny stop calling Kenta "big brother". It's kinda annoying.

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    great chapt shadow!I'm looking foward to the nxt chapt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaka27
    Its great and I read it on but I think you should have Allbeny stop calling Kenta "big brother". It's kinda annoying.

    Okay I'll try Chaka27

    Here's chapter 7 you guys:

    Chapter 7:The Death of Brendan Birch

    “Did anyone heard that?” said Yoshi, “Ya it sounded like its calling May for some reason” said Allenby. Out of nowhere a boy with a pikachu is running

    from the dock,” May! May! Said Ash. “Hey isn’t that Ash big brother?” Said Allenby,” Hey it is May Ash is back….ah where’s May?” said Yoshi. Yoshi didn’t

    realize that May jammed out and ran tolds Ash. ”ASH! ASH! said May, May ran so fast she slam into ash and fell to

    the ground.”Oops sorry Ash………Ohhhh I missed so much Ash” said May.” May you’ve only been gone for couple days” said Ash,” I know I just miss you that’s all”

    said May. “Hey sis over here” said Max, “ Hey Max were you being a good little brother

    while I was gone?” said May.” Ya I was May” said Max, “ Oh really Brock was he being

    good? said May.” Ya he was really behaving well while your gone,” said Brock, while May was talking to Ash, Max, and Brock, Allenby started walking tolds Max.

    Hi I’m Allenby you must Max right?” said Allenby, “Ya that’s me” Max acting nervous.

    “Well Max I think your kinda cute” said Allenby, When Max heard what Allenby said

    he started to blush. After the surprise they heard from Allenby, Yoshi came over to see what happen.”Hey May what happen?” said Yoshi,” well your little

    sister said that my brother was cute and the guys were shock about it” said May.”Ohh Allenby…Oh hey Ash! Brock! how ya been?” said Yoshi,” Great and thanks for taking care of May” said Ash. “No problem” said Yoshi,” Say Yoshi is

    Allenby really your little sister?” said Brock. “Ya my sweet little sister” said Yoshi,”Ahh thanks bro” said Allenby.”Your welcome….…hey how did you three

    know May and I were on this island? Said Yoshi,”Well we got a letter from May’s Beautifly and it said that you two are going to New Bark Town in the

    Johto region and your Mom told us you, May, and your sister were on Bianco Island” said Max.

    “Oh hey May I have a letter for you from Brendan” said Max,” Oh what does that pervert wrote this time” said May. When May read Brendan letter she got

    scared for some reason. “Hey May what happen what did the letter say” said Ash,” Well the letter said:

    Hey May you think this is over right? Well your wrong you belong to

    me and only me and no one else. You think you can get rid me,

    well you can’t I will follow to the ends of the earth if I have to.

    you belong to me May and by the time you get this letter, I’m

    already here he he he!

    “Did that letter said that Brendan is here” said Max,” Oh Ash I’m so scared right now

    said May.” Don’t worry May Yoshi and I will protect you,” said Ash,” Thanks Ash” said

    May.” Something’s wrong Brendan never write this kind of letter before” said Yoshi,

    “Ya it sounds like someone else wrote this but who” said Max. Suddenly a weird scary

    voice started calling May,” Maaaay oh Maaaaaaay where are you?” said the unknown

    voice.” Where’s that creepy voice coming from Max?” said Allenby, “ I don’t know

    it sounded like its coming from everywhere” said Max. While everyone wasn’t looking

    a dark shadow appeared behind May,” MAY LOOK OUT “ scream Brock. May jumped

    out of the away safely,” Okay who in the world are you?” said May.” What’s wrong May

    don’t you remember me its me Brendan” said the fake Brendan,” Your not Brendan who

    are and why are you doing here?” said May.

    “He he he I’m Thomas Birch Brendan’s twin brother and I came to get you May” said Thomas, “ Okay Tom where’s Brendan?” said Yoshi.” I am Brendan he he he” said

    Thomas in a creepy voice.” Wrong answer where is he?” said Ash,” Oh you want to

    Know huh, well guess what I MURDERED BRENDAN
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    wow great chapt!but scary ending,anyways keep up the great work!

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    Well I read it before so it didnt scare me......but your story dosent have much Advanceshippyness OR Questshippyness......Its not really shippy period, shiping fics have the shipping fics revolve aroud the plot. yours Is good but unless this is a 30 chapter story they chould be confessing by chapter 20............^^.

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    I know I know. but I promise that some of them will be somewhere at the end soon Chaka27. the next two will have some Hoennshipping moments in it.

    Here's the next chapter you guys:

    Chapter 8: The Death of Brendan Birch part2

    “You…killed…Brendan” said May, when May heard that Thomas killed Brendan,

    she fainted and got the others angry with rage.”So the perverted jerk was Tom the whole

    time” said Ash,” YOU MONSTERWHY DID YOU KILLED BRENDAN FOR TOM?” said Yoshi.”I’m not telling you besides ITS TIME FOR YOU, ASH, AND MY BELOVED

    MAY TO DIE”. Said Thomas.” TYRANITAR! METAGROSS! DESTORY YOSHI, ASH, MAY!” said Thomas,” OH NO YOU DON’T LUGIA! RAIKOU! BLAST THOSE THREE!” said Yoshi. The two legendary send Tyranitar and Metagross flying

    to the sky but Tom nowhere to be found,” Hey where did Tom go?” said Brock.

    “HE HE HE I’M RIGHT BEHIND YOU” Tom scream,”Oh no Ash! May! look out

    Tom has a bomb” shouted Max.” Oooo my beloved May ITS TIME FOR AND YOUR
    TO DIE” shouted Thomas. Right before Tom can threw the bomb, a red like dragon

    pokemon came out of nowhere and blasted Tom with a powerful Hyper Beam attack.

    “AHHHHHHHHHHHH” shouted Thomas.” Yoshi now’s your chance to get Tom”

    said Brock,” Right Lugia! Raikou! Blast Tom to a crisp with Hyper Beam” said Yoshi.

    Both legendary pokemon shot their Hyper Beam at Tom torturing and burning him to a crisp,” Okay you why did you killed Brendan Tom?” said May.” He he he so you want to know huh fine then my brother stole someone that I truly

    love and that was you May” said Thomas, “What do you mean?” Tom.” Ever since you moved toLittleRoot Town, you were the first girl I ever fallen in love

    with but I was at home with the flu and I couldn’t tell you how I feel about you” said Thomas.” I seen you and my brother getting along great so I ask my brother to write a letter for me since I’m too sick to write and I don’t you to get sick” said Thomas.” At nightfall, my brother had given you the letter

    and went back inside the house” said Thomas.” When my Brendan came inside you rang

    the door and asked him to come outside for a couple minutes” said Thomas,” When I

    went to the window, I saw you holding hands with him and kissing him on the cheeks

    too” said Thomas.

    “When you two went to the woods holding hands, I went outside to pick up the letter

    you drop and I read it instead of love Thomas Birch he puts his name instead of mine”

    said Thomas.” I was going insane and filled with rage so I joined Team Rocket to get

    my revenge on my brother for taking the girl of my dreams ” said Thomas,” But my

    plan on killing my brother didn’t work in the past” said Thomas.” But why you were

    trying to kill my sister for Tom” said Max,” He he he simple she broke my heart

    and the darkness within me wanted me to kill her too” said Thomas.” Wow for some

    weird reason I really feel sorry for Tom” said Allenby,” He he he to tell you the truth Brendan is not dead yet but he will be when the bomb on the boat that you came off with will go off soon he he he” said Thomas in a creepy voice.

    When Tom finish talking he press a button that activates bomb,” He he he in 15 minutes that bomb will go off sky high along with my brother and soon he

    will join me in the afterlife he he he. When Thomas finish talking, he eventually turn to ashes and died.

    “Oh no we gotta save Brendan before that goes off” said Yoshi,” Ya lets hurry and go”

    said Ash.” Brock can you keep an eye on Allenby and Max” said May.” Sure thing”

    said Brock,” Please come back soon big brother I don’t want to lose you” said Allenby.

    “Don’t worry sis I’ll be back soon and Max I want you to protect Allenby while I’m

    gone okay?” said Yoshi,” Ya no problem” said Max.”Okay let’s go” said Ash, When

    Ash, May, and Yoshi got to the boat, they were thinking of a plan to how to find

    Brendan. “Okay Yoshi you go tell the captain about the bomb and May and I will

    find Brendan” said Ash,”Gotcha” said Yoshi.” Okay May lets go” said Ash,” Alright”

    said May. After looking for a couple minutes May suddenly heard a familiar voice somewhere in the next room.”Hey I know that voice its Brendan” said May, When

    May open the door she found Brendan tied up in a chair.”Oh I’m so glad that your

    okay” said May, May untied Brendan from the chair.

    “Ash! May! Are you there?” said Yoshi, “ Ya we’re here and we also found Brendan”

    said Ash.” Oh that’s great in all but WE ONLY HAVE 6 MINUTES LEFT BEFORE
    THE BOMB GOES OFF” shouted Yoshi,” Oh no May we have to hurry” said Ash.

    “I’ll meet you three at the dock okay” said Yoshi.”Come on Brendan we have to get

    ………Brendan what’s wrong?” said May,” Sorry May But I can’t go with you” said

    Brendan.” But why?” said May,” Because my brother glued a time bomb on and I can’t

    Take it off or disarm it”.” I’m sorry May but I have to die” said Brendan,” No No please

    Brendan I don’t you to die please I don’t want you to go away” said May.” Please May

    I care too deeply for you to die in this place” said Brendan, “Then I shall die with you

    Then” said May.” No you can’t May and beside its my fault for causing this” said Brendan,” If I had given you the letter with my brothers name in it and instead of mine

    none of this wouldn’t happened” said Brendan.

    “I don’t care about the stupid letter and beside I’ve been in love with you since the

    first time I meet you” said May,” You were in love with me May” said Brendan.

    “Yes its truth you were my first crush” said May,” If that’s truth to be honest May

    you were my first crush too” said Brendan.” You were?” said May,” Ya” said Brendan.

    “Ah sorry to ruin your reunion but we only have 2 minutes left before the bomb blows

    up” said Ash,” May you have go now!” said Brendan.” No I’m staying here with” said

    May, Suddenly Brendan hit May in the gut and knock her out.” Sorry May I can’t let you risk yourself dieing with me…your Ash right?” said Brendan,” Ya

    I’m Ash” said Ash.” Can you give this to May when she wakes up?” said Brendan,” Sure thing” said Ash.”… Oh ya Ash” said Brendan,” What is it?” said

    Ash. ”Take care of her!” said Brendan, “Got it!” said Ash. Ash carried May off the boat in 5 second flat and finally

    the boat blown up along with Brendan.
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    elementalmightyena Guest


    great chapt shadow!

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    Yeah there all great^^....but how can there be hoennshipping if Brendan is dead...I dont mind though because I'm a Hoennshipper too .

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    Thanks you two. heres the next chapter: oh theres some hoennshipping parts in here!

    Chapter 9: Farewell My Love

    “ Ash are you all right? “ said Yoshi,” Ya I’m all right and so is May” said Ash.” Hey what happen to my sister and where’s Brendan?” said Max,”……………..” silent Ash.

    “Don’t tell me that he died in the ship!” said Max,” Ya there was no way for us to save

    him because Tom attach a bomb on Brendan” said Ash.” Even though I didn’t know him

    but I’m to miss Brendan” said Allenby, “ Ya me too” said Brock.”Ya but I know May is

    going to miss Brendan the most” said Yoshi.” Hey lets go back to the pkmn center and get May some rest” said Ash,” Ya lets go” said Yoshi. After the lost of their dear friend,

    the trainers went to the pkmn center to settle down and a way to help May.” So how

    May Ash?” said Allenby,” May still sleeping but she’ll be okay for now” said Ash.

    “Hey Yoshi Can I ask you a question?” said Max, “Sure Max what is it?” Since when

    do you have two legendary pkmn with you” said Max,”Well during my journey in

    Johto, I was on my way to my seventh badge at the Mahogany gym till I saw a Team

    Rocket truck carrying Raikou chained up.” When the two TR grunts got out of the truck

    for a rest stop, I sneak over to the truck and I asked my Scizor to cut the bars and the chains”. “Raikou was too weak to get free so I asked my Umbreon to use Moonlight

    on Raikou”. When I was helping Raikou, the two grunts saw me and sent out a Tyranitar

    to use a Hyper Beam at me till Raikou blocked the attck”.”Raikou got angry and used a powerful Zap Cannon at them and send them flying”.” I wanted thank him for saving me

    but Raikou ran up north”. “After I got my seventh badge, I was on my to Blackthorn City

    I saw Raikou at the Ice Cave entrance”.” When I ran up to him, suddenly he said: you

    are the very first human that I ever meet with a kind heart and for some reason you’re the

    only human I can trust and as Ho-oh’s guardians I will follow and protect you” he said. “With my strength I will help you defeat enemies that have darkness within there hearts”

    he said.” So that’s how you got Raikou right big brother?” said Allenby,”Yep that’s right

    but I wasn’t the only one with a legendary guardian” said Yoshi.” Who else has one?”

    said Ash,” My good friend Dani’s guardian is Suicune and my rival’s guardian is

    Entei.” Before I ask about your rival, how did you get Lugia Yoshi?” said Max,

    “Well to tell you Max, I didn’t really captured Lugia I just found him” said Yoshi.

    “Found him where bro?” said Allenby,” I found Lugia at Whirl Pool Island when he

    was just a baby” said Yoshi.” He was very weak back then and I been raising Lugia

    ever since and Lugia and I became really good friends” said Yoshi.”Yoshi can I ask you one thing?” said Brock,” Sure Brock what is it?” said Yoshi.” How do

    you know if Raikou and Lugia are guys?” said Brock,” Oh good question Brock” said Yoshi.”Well

    Brock Raikou is talking like guy and as for Lugia, Females are light blue and Males are

    dark blue” said Yoshi. While everybody was still talking, in the other rooms May had

    finally woke up.” Man where am I?” said May,” Huh why’s is there a letter on my

    lap…. To May from Brendan” said May. When May open the letter and the letter


    To May:

    By the time you read this letter, I have already died by the hands of my
    Brother. I’m sorry that I cause you so much trouble. If I haven’t wrote

    my name instead my brothers name none of this wouldn’t happen. And

    you two would be together by now. But to honest May, I wrote my name

    on the letter on purpose. Because I was also in love with you. I started to

    fall in love with you when we were playing together as we were kids.

    You and I always play hide and seek together, swimming together at near

    by lake, and playing pranks on my dad. During that night, when I wanted to ask

    you if like to play with me. I saw your window open and sneak in if you were there.

    When I was looking around room, I saw your diary opened and I’m sorry I read it.

    When I read your diary, I found out that you’ve been in love with me when we first

    Meet. That day had made me very happy. And I’m glad that we were in love together. Also I knew that my brother is going to get me for this. But I knew

    one day my brother Thomas will kill me. And May even though that
    I’m gone; I can still be with you in spirit. So please May don’t blame yourself for the things that I had done. Beside I know there a special guy

    that you like that with you right now. And I know that special guy likes

    you too. So please May give him a chance right now. And as for me May,

    I will always be in your heart. Good-bye and farewell May


    Brendan Birch

    “Farewell my love” said May
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    asome chapt! kepp the great work up

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    nice but is the nextchap on fan ready?

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    yeah great chap and when is the next chapter on going to be up?

    Thanks to Yoshi00 for this awsome trainer card!

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    Thanks you guys. the next chapter in will be up next week somewhere.

    Side story chapter:

    Mini side story: Dani’s Adventure (During after the accident)

    Dani: 16
    Zoey: 12

    It’s a beautiful day on Crystal Island and trainers getting prepare for the Rainbow league.

    And as for Dani, She’s finding a special gift for special guy she loves.” What kind gift should I give to Yoshi?…. what do you think Espeon? said Dani, Dani didn’t

    realize that Espeon wasn’t paying attention. “Hey Espeon are you feeling alright?” said Dani, Espeon nodded no.” Hmmm I bet you were thinking about Umbreon weren’t you?”

    said Dani, Espeon blushed and nodded yes.” Hmmm hey since I’m looking for a gift for

    Yoshi, maybe you can find a gift for Umbreon” said Dani, Espeon jumped for joy and

    nodded yes.” Good girl now lets go find a gift for them” said Dani. “Wow I found the

    perfect gift for Yoshi” said Dani, Espeon got excited and found gift for Umbreon.

    Dani didn’t realize that her little sister was following her and was right behind her“ Hey sis looking for something” said ,”Oh Zoey don’t scare me like that” said Dani.” Hey

    Shouldn’t you be looking after the twins Zoey?” said Dani,” Don’t worry sis mom is back

    Home and she’s looking after them now” said Zoey.” Oh what a relief…so what are you doing here than Zoey? Said Dani.

    “Well Jolteon and I were trying find a gift for Yoshi and Umbreon too” said Zoey,”Whaat did you say?” said Dani.”Don’t worry sis I may like Yoshi but I

    won’t steal him from you because you’re my favorite big sister and Yoshi belongs to you” said Zoey,”Aww thanks Zoey” said Dani. Suddenly a local resident was running

    and telling a nearby store clerk about something” Didn’t you hear today, there was big

    explosion at Bianco Island harbor and two legendary pokemon showed up too” said the

    local resident. “Wow I hope no one was at the harbor” said the store clerk, When Dani

    heard what two men said Dani started to worried.” Don’t worry about it Dani I know

    Yoshi wasn’t near the harbor” said Zoey.” I hope your right Zoey” said Dani. Dani’s

    thoughts (Please be okay Yoshi I don’t want to lose you).
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    that was a great mini side story shadow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elementalmightyena
    that was a great mini side story shadow.

    Thanks alot elementalmightyena. the next chapter will be up later or tomorrow.
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    Here's the next chapter you guys:

    Chapter 10: Dragon Island

    “Hey big brother May and I are going sigh up pokemon contest on Dragon Island right?”

    said Allenby,” Yep yep and that’s where I’m going to get my first badge sis” said Yoshi.

    “Yoshi theres pokemon league here too?” said Ash.” Ya why” said Yoshi,” Where can I

    sigh up at?” said Ash.” Just ask Nurse Joy and she will register you Ash” said Yoshi,”Alright let go Max” said Ash.” Alright” said Max,”Hey Yoshi! Kiyona is your

    older sister right?” said Brock.” Ya that’s right why?” said Yoshi,” Well does she have

    a boyfriend?” said Brock.” Sorry to disappoint Brock but my sister is already married

    and has a kid already” said Yoshi,” A man and she was perfect too” said Brock.” Well

    whats her kid name?” said Brock,” Well her name is Sakura and she’s three years old

    right now” said Yoshi. Yoshi didn’t realize that May was behind him and heard everything what he said.”Hey Yoshi how come I haven’t seen your neise when I went

    to your house last?” said May” Oh May scare me…..oh good question I haven’t seen

    her when I got home” said Yoshi.” “Hey bro lets call mom to see what happen to sakura?” said Allenby.

    Yoshi ran to the nearest video phone and finally called home.”Hey mom are you there?”

    said Yoshi,” Yes I’m here Yoshi why whats wrong?” said Nikki.” Mom where is Sakura?” said Yoshi,” Well Yoshi Sakura is sleeping over at a friends house for

    a couple weeks” said Nikki.”Oh okay thanks mom” said Yoshi. “Your welcome sweety” said Nikki,” Man what a relief” said Yoshi. When Yoshi was finish talking on the phone,

    a strange familiar voice was calling him.”Hey where’s that voice coming from?” said

    Yoshi,” Hey Yoshi over here” said ?. “Huh? Hey! Whitney long time no see” said

    Yoshi, Whitney ran towards Yoshi and gave him a big hug.”Oh Yoshi I missed you so much when you left Goldenrod city” said Whitney, “Yeah me too but can you let go of

    me because its hard to breath here” said Yoshi. “A Yoshi who she” said May,” Oh this is

    Whitney she’s the gym leader of Goldenrod city” said Yoshi.”You’re a gym leader Whitney?” said May,” Yep that’s right” said Whitney.”OH MY BELOVED WHITNEY

    ARE YOU HERE TO BE WITH ME FOREVER,” said Brock, “S-sorry Brock b-but” said Whitney. ”Oh Whitney please be my girlfriend” said Brock, Suddenly May got annoyed and pulled Brock’s ear away from Whitney.” Oh thanks for

    reminded me Brock I got a letter for you from Erika” said Yoshi,” WHAT REALLY!” said Brock. Brock ran towards Yoshi and grab the letter from him.” So what does the say Brock?” said May,

    After Brock read the letter, he got excited and was jumping crazy all over the room.

    “Man this is the happiest day I ever had!” said Brock, Brock didn’t know that he drop the

    letter and suddenly he crashed into the wall.

    Yoshi picked up the letter and wanted to know what the letter said. ”Wow it’s a love

    letter that Erika gave me” said Yoshi. ”Yoshi who’s Erika?” said May,” Erika is the

    grass gym leader of Celadon City” said Yoshi.” Well I’m all set! Hey whats wrong with

    Brock May?” said Ash.” Well Brock got a little too loopy over a love letter” said May.

    “A love letter? Who is it from?” said Ash,” A gym leader name Erika from Celadon

    City” said May.” Erika! Wow I haven’t seen her for a long time” said Ash.” Hey Ash

    Where’s Pikachu?” said May.” “Oh Pikachu is his check up right now” said Ash. ”Hey

    Ash long time see” said Whitney, ”Hey Whitney good to see you again. Hey! Shouldn’t

    you be working at the Gym? Said Ash. ”I closed the gym because not many trainers

    had showed up in Goldenrod” said Whitney.” Okay is everyone ready to go to Dragon

    Island?” said Yoshi, Everyone nodded yes except for Ash. ”I’m need get Pikachu first

    then I’ll meet guys at the dock” said Ash.”I’ll be staying waiting for Ash and Pikachu and you guys at the dock too” said May. ”Okay we’ll meet you two at

    docks then” said Brock, “Yoshi before you leave, can I ask you a question?” said Whitney.” Sure what is it?” said Yoshi. ”Can I join you on this journey?” said Whitney. ”Sure why not” said Yoshi.

    “Oh thank you so much Yoshi” said Whitney and giving him a hug. ” …Sigh… see ya at

    the dock you two” said Yoshi. After the gang left, the check up bell rang and Ash’s pokemon were heal.” Hey buddy are you better now?” said Ash, Pikachu nodded yes.

    “Ash?” said May, “ Hmm what is it May?” said Ash.” Ash do you think I can win any

    contest in the Rainbow Islands?” said May,” You dork a course you will” said Ash.

    “Thanks Ash and as for you, I know your going to be the champion of the Rainbow

    Islands” said May.” Thanks May I can always count on you to cheer me on” said Ash.

    May started to blush and smiled back to Ash.” Well we get going we don’t want to make the others wait forever” said May,” Yeah your right lets go” said Ash. After 15 minutes

    of walking, Ash and May had finally made it to the dock.” Hey what took you so long?”

    said Max, “ Sorry about that ready to go?” said Ash. Suddenly a trainer popped out of nowhere and bumped into Yoshi. “Hey watch it” the unknown trainer,” “Hey what’s

    your problem? Said Yoshi.” Nothing just who are you?” said the unknown trainer.

    “Hmph gimmie your name and I’ll give you mine” said Yoshi.” Well well pretty gutsy

    of you for saying it to bad I don’t introduce to a miserable dog like you” said the unknown trainer. “Hey you talk to my brother like that!” said Allenby.” Its okay

    sis I don’t have to introduce to a moron who doesn’t realize how pathetic he is” said


    “Why you!” said the unknown trainer. Suddenly one of sailors on the boat stop the fight.

    “Hey Ronald what are you doing are causing more trouble again?” said the sailor.” Darn

    it hmph smell ya later loser” said Ronald.” Hey get back here “ said Yoshi. “ Let him go kid” said the sailor.” Who was that jerk” said May, “ That was Ronald the black sheep

    of the island” said the sailor. ”Well any way what are you kids doing here?” said the sailor,” We’re looking for a boat that goes to Dragon Island” said Brock.” Sorry folks

    but the boat that goes to Dragon Island already left but I can let borrow a houseboat” said the sailor. “A houseboat really!” said Allenby, Whitney, and May. “ Wow can we see it?”

    said Ash, Yoshi, and Max.

    “A course lets go!” said the sailor. After 5mins of walking, they finally get to see the houseboat. ”Wow it’s big!” said Allenby and Max, “Mr. sailor?” said May.” He he just

    call me Jack okay missy” said Jack.” Well Jack how many rooms are in the boat?” said

    May,” Well there’s 8 rooms in the boat, 1 kitchen, 2 bathrooms, and a berry room” said

    Jack.” Sweet thanks Jack” said Ash,” No problem just make sure you bring it back in one piece” said Jack.” Got it come everyone lets get on board!” said Yoshi, “Alright lets set sail!” said May.” Good luck kids” said Jack. After saying good-bye to Jack, the gang are

    finally on there way to Dragon Island.

    “Okay everyone I’m going to give each of you a job on this boat” said Brock,” Okay!” said everyone. ”Okay May! You, Allenby, and Whitney are in charge of the berries, Max you’re the navigator, Yoshi you stir the boat, Ash you’re the

    ships look out, and as for me I’m the cook and does anyone have any question?” said Brock. “ Nope” said everyone,

    “Okay now get going!” said Brock.” Okay Max way should I go to Dragon Island?” said

    Yoshi,” Dragon Island is north by northwest “said Max.” Alright lets go!” said Yoshi, “Hey Max how long till we get to Dragon Island?” said Allenby.” Well according to

    the poke navi! It’ll take us about 20mintues to get there” said Max.” Thank you so much

    Max” said Allenby. After Allenby finish talking Max, May called Allenby about something. “Hey Alie do want to make some pokeblocks?” said May,” Sure I’ll be right

    down” said Allenby. ”Allenby?” said Max,” Hmm what is it Max?” said Allenby.

    “A its nothing” said Max.”Okay see ya Max” said Allenby.”…Sigh…” said Max,

    “You like my little sister do you Max?” said Yoshi.

    “No I don’t” said Max,” Sssure Max” said Yoshi.” But I won’t tell anyone on the boat” said Yoshi, “ You promise” said Max.” Yeah I promise” said Yoshi,” Thanks Yoshi!” said Max.” No problem” said Yoshi. After being in sea for 20

    minutes, Ash and the gang had finally arrived to Dragon Island.” Hey you everyone we’re here!” said Yoshi, everybody rushed up stairs to see what Dragon Island looks like.” Wow its beautiful!”

    said May,” Cool look it all the dragon pokemon!” said Max.” Hey Yoshi! Look at

    those baby Dratini aren’t they adorable?” said Whitney,” Yeah especial the shiny one”

    said Yoshi.”...SHINY DRATINI!” everyone shouted,” Sorry you guys but this Dratini is

    mine” said the trainer.” Rats…sigh… oh well lets go to the island big brother” said Allenby. When the gang off the boat, everyone got there sights on the horoscope sigh

    at the fortune telling booth.” Hey lets go see whats our sigh Yoshi” said Whitney,” Okay

    okay” said Yoshi.” Hey wait for us” said Ash,” Sorry Whitney it only tells what the sigh

    means” said Max,” Oh well what does Virgo mean?” said Brock.” Well it says:

    Virgos are practical, discriminating, critical, quick-witted, sensitive and communicative.

    Ruled by Mercury and your gem is carnelian” said Yoshi.” That’s so true” said Brock in a sad voice.

    Big brother what does Leo mean?” You’re a Leo too?” said Max.” Max you’re a Leo…SWEET” said allenby giving Max a hug and got him blush. ”Okay you two calm down…lets see Leos are magnanious, egotistical, generous, proud, courageous and loyal. Ruled by the sun and your gem is Ruby” said Yoshi. “Yoshi what does it say about

    Capricorn?” said Ash,” Well it says Cancers are moody, changeable, imaginative,

    Romantic, shrewd, nurturing , and possessive. Ruled by the moon and your gem is

    Moonstones.” Yoshi what does it say about Gemini?” said Whitney,” It says gemini’s are dualistic, as well as communicative, intellectual and changeable. Ruled by mercury and your gem is Agale” said Yoshi.” Hey big brother! You and are Libras right?” said Allenby, “ Yeah that’s right” said Yoshi.” Well what does it say about Libra?” said Allenby.” Lets see… it say Libras are artistic, refined, sociable, graceful, attractive,

    Manipulative and impartial. Ruled by Venus and our gem is sapphire” said Yoshi.

    “Not fair how come Yoshi gets be a Libra and not me?” said Brock,” Maybe because he

    was born as a Libra and you don’t” said Ash.” Darn…sigh… all well so where’s the gym?” said Brock,” Good question where is gym….excuse me but do you know where

    is the dragon gym is?” said Yoshi.” Yes I do its right down the street and you can’t miss

    it” said the local old man, ”Thank you old timer” said Yoshi.” But too bad its closed today” said the old man,” Oh why?” said Ash.” Well today is the annul Dragon Festival

    a course” said the old man.
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    Here's the next chapter:

    Chapter 11: The Prince and Princess of Dragon Island

    “A dragon festival really!” said May,” Yep and it starts this evening tonight” said the old man. “Sweet! Big brother can we to the festival please?” said Allenby, “Sure why not it could be fun right Ash?” said Yoshi.” Yeah lets go everyone” said Ash, “Yay!” everyone shouted. “ Hey old timer what time does the festival start?” said Yoshi, “ At 7pm “ said the old man.” Excuse me old

    man?” said Whitney,” Ho ho just call me Scott younger lady” said Scott.” Who’s the gym leader of this island?” said Whitney, “ Well its Lance the dragon master of the elite four” said Scott. ”LANCE THE DRAGON MASTER”

    everyone shouted, “Wow I didn’t know Lance was a gym leader” said Max.” Yeah I can’t believe we’re going to meet Lance!” said May,” Wow thanks Scott!” said Ash.

    “Your welcome Ash! I hope you enjoy the festival tonight” said Scott, “ Yeah you too Scott” said Yoshi.

    After saying good bye to old man Scott, the gang were wandering what to do at till the festival starts.” Okay since its 4pm right now, the festival won’t

    start in 3 hours” said Brock.” Okay what shall we do while we wait” said Allenby, Yoshi’s stomach started to growl.” Well as for me I’m going to the nearest restaurant to get something to eat” said Yoshi,” Yeah me too” said Ash.” Hey there’s a restaurant over there! Lets go Ash!” said

    Yoshi,”Okay lets go!” said Ash. Ash and Yoshi jammed out and rushed to a near by restaurant. Hey May want to go to the mall with me to find a kimono for the festival?” said Allenby,” Sure! Do you want to come with us Whitney?”” said May. “Okay lets go” said Whitney, the girls also jammed out

    and rushed to the mall.” Well I guess its just you and me Max…hey where did he go?” said Brock, Brock didn’t realize that Max went to eat with Ash and Yoshi.” Great Mr. lonely again” said Brock,”…sigh…well better get some supplies for our journey then” said Brock.

    Ash, Yoshi, and Max at the restaurant.” May I take your order?” said the waitress, “ Yeah I’ll have three double cheeseburger plain and a king size fries please” said Yoshi” okay you sir!” said the waitress.” Okay I’ll have three

    double bacon cheeseburger and a king size fries please” said Ash,” okay! How about you sweetie” said the waitress. “ Well I’ll have one banana split sundae please” said Max ,” Okay do you two want any drinks?” said the waitress.” I’ll have fruit punch ”said Yoshi.” And I also want fruit punch” said Ash,” Okay your will be up soon” said the waitress.” Since we’re waiting for our food,

    want to talk about how to beat Lance?” said Max. ”Sure!” said Ash and Yoshi,”” Okay what pokemon are you going to use Yoshi?” said Max.”Well I’ll be using Scizor, Umbreon, and Vaporeon” said Yoshi,” Good choice! How about you Ash?” said Max.” Well I’ll be using Grovyle, Swellow, said Glalie”

    said Ash, “Another good choice!” “ Okay boys here’s your order” said the waitress.” Yay lets eat!” said Ash, Yoshi, and Max. May, Allenby, and Whitney at the mall.

    “Wow this kimono is so cute! What do you think Pikachu?” said Whitney,”Pika Pika! (I think it well look good on you Whitney!) said Pikachu.” You know what Pikachu I wish all pokemon could talk” said Whitney,”Pika! (Me too)” said Pikachu. “Hey May! How do I look?” said Allenby, “Aw it so cute on you Alie!” said May.” Do you think Max will like it?” said Allenby.” I bet he will Allenby”

    said May, 3 hours later. “ Where could Brock and girls be?” said Ash, “ Hey you guys!” said Brock.” Hey Brock! Hey where’s the girls?” said Yoshi,” Here we are big brother” said Allenby.” Wow three girls in cute kimonos” said Yoshi, ”Aww thank you Yoshi” said the girls.” Your welcome girls” said Yoshi,” Hey Yoshi how do I look! (Whitney is wearing a pink cherry blossom petals kimono)” said Whitney.” Wow you look beautiful Whitney” said Yoshi, Whitney blushing ”Thank you Yoshi” said Whitney.

    “How about me Ash (May is wearing a red rose kimono)” said May,” You look very lovely May!” said Ash. May’s face turning red,” Aw thanks Ash!” said May.” Oh Max! do I look cute in this (Allenby’s wearing aqua blue wave kimono)” said Allenby,” Wow Allenby you look really really pretty in that kimono” said Max.”Thanks Max you’re the best” said Allenby, Allenby gave

    Max a hug.” Okay you two are you ready to go to the festival?” said Brock,” YEAH LETS GO!” everyone shouted. When the gang finally got to the festival, they came across Lance the gym leader.” Hey Lance long time no see” said Ash,” Ash! Brock! Good to see you again” said Lance.” Hey Lance remember

    me?” said Yoshi,” A course I remember you Yoshi” said Lance.” And who are these three girls Ash?” said Lance,” Oh this Allenby! Yoshi’s little sister” said Ash.” Hey hi ya doing” said Allenby,” This is May from Petalburg city” said Ash.

    “Hey there!” said May,” “And this Whitney from Goldenrod city” said Ash.” Hello there!” said Whitney, “Hey what about me?” said Max.” Sorry about! This is Max, May’s little brother.” Nice to meet you all, are you all here to have fun in the festival?” said Lance.” Yep we’re here to have fun!” said May,

    suddenly a voice from the speaker was announcing about something. “People in 5mins the dragon prince and princess race will so begin!” said the announcer, “A dragon what race?” said Whitney. Suddenly a Dragonite flew down from the picked up May.”Hey put down! Ash help!” said May,

    “May hold on we’ll rescue you” said Ash.” Its okay Ash its part of the race” said Lance,

    “What do you mean part of a race?” said Ash.” Well you see every year when we hold a dragon prince and princess race, the Dragonite of this island randomly picks a beautiful maiden in the festival and the maiden that was picked will be the dragon princess.

    And during the race the winner be rewarded with a Dratini and get a kiss from the random princess” said Lance.” And that’s how the race goes…hey where did Ash go?” said Lance,” Hmm looks like Ash is going to enter the race” said Max.” Maybe I should enter too just to help Ash” said Yoshi. 5mins later, Hey everyone! Are you guys ready for the race?” said the announcer.” YEAH!”

    everyone shouted.” Hey Ash! I’ll make sure you win okay” said Yoshi, “ Yeah thanks!” said Ash. “ Ha! you loser think your going to win?” said a familiar voice,” man not you again!” said Yoshi.” Yep its me Ronald the great and I’m going to win the race and get a kiss from a pretty girl that hangs out with you” said Ronald,” Grrrrrrrrrr” said Ash and Yoshi.” Good luck you two” said

    Allenby,” You better win Ash!” said Max,” And keep that jerk Ronald from winning the race” said Whitney,” Pika pika pi( come on Ash! You can do it)” said Pikachu.

    “READY! GET SET! GOOOOOO!” said the announcer, “ Hey what happen to my shoes?” said Ronald.” Hmm it looks like Ronald is out of the race” said the announcer,

    “NOOOOO!” said Ronald.” Ha! ha! later sucker” said Yoshi,” What did you do Yoshi?”

    said Ash.” I triple nodded his shoe laces” said Yoshi,” Nice one!” said Ash.” Thanks! Now lets hurry up and get May Ash!” said Yoshi, “ Yeah lets go!” said Ash. “ Hey I see May Ash!” said Yoshi, “ All right!” said Ash. ”Oh no the other contesters are catching up” said Yoshi.”No choice we have to go high speed to get to May!” said Ash, “ Got it!” said Yoshi. At the finish line, “ Where could Ash be?” said May. Suddenly two people are coming to the finish line in

    high speed,” Its Ash!” said May in a excited voice. Ash and Yoshi ran so fast that they cross the finish line and couldn’t tell who won. “ And the winner is…Yoshi!” said the announcer.

    “WHAT!” shouted Ash, May, and Yoshi, suddenly one of the judges were announcing something.” Hmm it looks like we have a photo finish” said the announcer, “Hmm it looks like Ash got to the goal first, and our real prince of Dragon Island is Ash Ketchum from Pallet town” said the announcer. ”Phew what a relief” said Yoshi, “Okay here is Dratini egg and its time for you to kiss the princess Ash!” said the announcer. Both Ash and May blushed and turned bright red, “Well here we go” said Ash and May. When Ash and May kissed, they felt like there were in heaven. After they broke the kiss, Ash was whispering to May’s ear.” may can I talk to you later?” said Ash. May whisper back,” Sure I wanted to talk to you too Ash” said May. “Ladies and gentlemen give a good cheer to our new prince and princess of Dragon Island! Ash and May!” said the announcer.” Congratulation you two!” said Yoshi, “I’m so happy for the both of you” said Whitney,

    “ I wish that was us up there Max” said Allenby.” Yeah you said it…HUH!” said Max,” wish that was me and Erika up there” said.

    “I’m glad those two won!” said Lance, Hey Lance! Can me and Ash challenge you to a pokemon battle tomorrow?” said Yoshi. “Sure! Why not” said Lance.
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    Thats okay elementalmightyena. here's the next of the story:

    Chapter 12: Dark Island

    11 in the evening at the pokemon center.” Man I’m going to crush for the night! Good night” said Yoshi ,”Good night Yoshi!” shouted everyone. ”I think I’ll go to bed as well” said Whitney,” Yeah me too” said Max and Allenby.” Okay see you in the morning” said Ash,” Hmm where’s Brock?” said May.” He told me that he’s going to see someone at the port” said Ash,” Um Ash? Didn’t

    you say you wanted to talk to me about something” said May. ”Yeah…um May there’s something I wanted to tell you” said Ash. Before Ash could tell May, Nurse Joy came along and ask them about something.” I’m sorry you two but its time to go to sleep” said Nurse Joy,” Okay” said Ash and May. While walking on the hallway, both Ash and May said good night to each other and

    went to bed. ”Why didn’t I said it to her sooner” said Ash, May crying in bed.”…Sniff…why did nurse joy have to ruined it…sniff…doesn’t she know that Ash was about tell me that he loves me…sniff…” said May.

    May was so sad this evening that she cried herself to sleep, next door Yoshi was thinking about someone.” Don’t worry Dani once I get to Crystal Island, I will tell you how I fell about you” said Yoshi. Max walking towards to Allenby’s room,” Allenby are you awake?” said Max. No answer came from Allenby’s

    room, Max opens the door.” Hmm looks like she’s already asleep” said Max. When Max saw Allenby, He couldn’t believe how cute Allenby looks when she’s asleep.” Max’s thoughts (Wow! Allenby looks really cute when she’s asleep)”,” Better not wake her then” said Max. When Max was about to leave, Allenby said something in her sleep.” Oh max…i…love…you” said Allenby. When Max

    heard what Allenby said, his face turned bright red. Max thoughts (I can’t believe Allenby loves me…sorry allenby I really do like you but I’m not ready to tell you yet, but I will someday)” said Max. Next door Whitney was thinking of a guy that she likes in the group,” Oh Yoshi! I love you so much, I want be with you forever and ever” said Whitney.

    9 o’ clock in morning,”…yawn…good morning everyone!” said Yoshi.” Good morning big brother!” said Allenby,” Hey where is everyone?” said Allenby.” That what I like to know! Where could the others be?” said Yoshi, ”…hey sis lets give them a good scare! What do say?” said Yoshi,” Good Idea! Lets do it!” said Allenby.” Okay I’ll go scare Ash and Max and you go scare May and

    Whitney okay Allenby?” said Yoshi,” Got it big brother!” said Allenby. Yoshi and Allenby both open the door,” EVERYONE THE WHOLE POKEMON CENTER IS ON FIRE!” Yoshi and Allenby shouted ”AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” everyone

    shouted.” A hahahaha! Gotcha! You guys” said Yoshi and Allenby, “THAT WASN’T FUUNY” shouted everyone.” Why did you two wake us up for?” said Ash,” Did you forget that we have a gym battle today Ash” said

    Yoshi. ”Darn I forgot” said Ash, Everyone got dressed and rushed to the Dragon Island gym.” Hey you two! Are you ready to battle me” said Lance, “Yep!” said Ash and Yoshi.” Hmm since there’s two of you, why not you two challenge me” said Lance,” So it’ll be a double battle right” said May.

    “Okay I’ll choose Dragonite and Flygon! Said Lance, “ Okay go Scizor!” said Yoshi.

    “I choose you Swellow” said Ash,” Okay let the battle begin!” said judge.” Dragonite! Use Dragonbreath on Scizor and Flygon! Use Iron tail on Swellow” said Lance,” Scizor! Dodge it and use Metal Claw on Dragonite!” said Yoshi. Scizor dodge the attack and strikes Dragonite.” Swellow fly up and use Wing Attack!” said Ash, Swellow dodge the attack and strike directly to Flygon.” Not bad you two but that was just the beginning, Dragonite! Flygon! Use Ice

    Beam!” said Lance.”Scizor! Swellow! Dodge it!” shouted Ash and Yoshi, Both pokemon manage to get away but Scizor’s left claw got frozen and Swellow’s right foot became frozen. “Darn…I know! Ash there’s only one move that we

    can do” said Yoshi,” What is it?” Tell Swellow to use Wing Attack on flygon and when Flygon gets close to Dragonite, I’ll tell Scizor to use Steel Wing and it will knock them both out” said Yoshi.

    “Got it! Swellow use Wing Attack on Flygon!” said Ash, Both Dragonite and Flygon are near each other.” Perfect! Scizor use Steel Wing on Dragonite and Flygon!” said Yoshi, both pokemon got hit by Scizor and got knock out. “Both pokemon are unable to battle, the winners of the battle are Ash and Yoshi!” said the judge.” Yay you did it you two” shouted the gang.” That was a great

    battle you two here’s your Dragon Fang badges” said Lance, Wow thanks Lance!” said Ash and Yoshi. Whitney started hugging Yoshi and May was starting to hug Ash.” Yay you won Yoshi” said Whitney, “ Thanks Whitney” said Yoshi.”I’m glad you won Ash” said May, “Thanks May” said Ash. ”…Hey where’s Brock? said Ash,” He told us that he went to Celadon City and wanted us to meet him on

    Ground Island” said May.” Okay…Hey Lance next time we meet, I want to challenge you again” said Ash,” Alright Ash! See you guys later.” said Lance.” After leaving the Dragon Island gym, the gang are now heading towards there

    boat.” Hey Max where’s the next gym?” said Ash, “ Its on Dark Island and its about 15 mins away from here” said Max.

    “All right lets go!” said Ash,” Yeah!” shouted everyone. 15 minutes later, “ Wow Dark Island looks beautiful” said Allenby.” Yeah and so do you” said Max,” What did you say Max?” said Allenby.” Um nothing…hey look at all those

    Sharpedos down there!” said Max.” SHARPEDOS!” shouted everyone.” Hey don’t worry they won’t harm you” said the boy on the dock, Ash and the gang landed on Dark Island. “ Your new to the rainbow islands right?” said the boy.” Yeah that’s right and who are you?” said Yoshi, “ Oh I’m Hiroshi! I live on this island and what’s your name?” said Hiroshi. “ I’m Yoshi and this it Ash,

    May, Max, and Whitney” said Yoshi.” Nice to meet you all! So you five are here to challenge my older sister at the Dark Island gym?” said Hiroshi,” Yep that’s right1” said Ash.” So Hiroshi! Whose gym leader?” said Max, My older sister Karen and also one of the Elite Four” said Hiroshi.” She’s an elite four too” said May, “ Yep that’s right” said Hiroshi.” HIROSHI!” shouted two girls, “Hey girls what are you doing here?” said Hiroshi.” Hiroshi you promise you’ll

    take us to the mall to buy some new clothes” said Arielle, “ Yeah you promise!” said Ayra.” Hey Hiroshi who are these two?” said Whitney, “Oh these are my two little sisters, Arielle and Ayra” said Hiroshi.” Nice to meet to you guys” said Arielle and Ayra.

    “Hey Hiroshi! Since your going to the mall, is it okay if I go with you?” said Yoshi,

    “ Sure!” said Hiroshi.” Hey big brother we’ll meet you at the mall okay” said Ayra, “ Okay! Houndoom look after this two okay” said Hiroshi. Houndoom nodded yes and left with the girls,” Hey Yoshi we have a gym battle to go to” said Ash. “ I know! I’ll be back” said Yoshi. Hiroshi and Yoshi ran off to the mall, “ Hey Ash! Me, Allenby, and Whitney are going to get something to eat okay” said May.” Okay go on” said Ash, “Thank you” said May in a sweet

    voice. “ Well guess it’s just you and me Max” said Ash, “Yep” said Max.” Want to get some supplies for our journey since Brock isn’t here” said Ash,” Okay” said Max. At the mall, “ Hey bro how do I look?” said Arielle. Arielle is wearing a light pink t-shirt with dark pink heart on it, dark green capri pants, pink sneakers, and a sideways orange pokeball belt.” How about me bro” said

    Ayra, Ayra is wearing a white halter top, periwinkle blue miniskirt, beauifly pendent, blue platform sandals that criss-cross up to the knees, blue pokeball belt, and a pokeball hair clip on her long blond hair.

    “Wow you two! You look cute” said Hiroshi,” Aww thanks” said Arielle and Ayra.” Hey Hiroshi and Houndoom your girlfriends are coming” said Arielle,” What are you talking abou….o-oh h-hey Nicole” said Hiroshi.” Hey Hiroshi hi ya

    doing?” said Nicole, “G-great Nicole” said Hiroshi. Nicole’s Ninetales went next to Houndoom and Houndoom started to blush, “So Hiroshi! You’re getting your sisters some new clothes?” said Nicole.

    “Yeah that’s right” said Hiroshi. Nicole looks at her watch,” Oops gotta go! Later Hiroshi” said Nicole. Ninetales winked at Houndoom and left with her master, “…sigh..” said Hiroshi and Houndoom.” Double H and double N sitting in a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G” said Arielle and Ayra.

    “Come on girls knock it off!” said Hiroshi, “ but its truth big brother” said Ayra.” And we all know you and Houndoom like Nicole and Ninetales” said Arielle, “ Hey girls what does Double H and N stand for?” said Yoshi.” Double H means Hiroshi and Houndoom” said Ayra, “ And double N means Nicole and Ninetales” said Arielle. “Hey Yoshi! Is Yoshi your real name?” said Arielle,”

    Nope Yoshi my middle name and my first name is Kenta” said Kenta. “So Kenta is your name! Is it okay if I call you that?” said Arielle,” Hey Kenta! What did you need to get in the mall?” said Hiroshi.” Well Umbreon and I wanted to buy something for someone that we care about” said Kenta, “ What’s there names” said Ayra.”Her name is Marina but sometimes I call her Dani and her pokemon is Espeon” said Kenta.” So you like Marina and Umbreon likes Espeon?” said Ayra,

    “Yeah that’s right” said Kenta.” Hey did you and Umbreon find something that you wanted?” said Hiroshi, “ Nope! They don’t have what we wanted for them” said Kenta.

    “So you like Nicole and Houndoom likes Ninetales right?” said Kenta,” Y-yeah that’s right! We knew each other since child hood and we’ve been together ever since” said Hiroshi.” Hey are you two pokemon trainers?” said Kenta, “

    Yeah we are but Ayra and I are pokemon coordinators” said Arielle.” Really how many ribbons do you both have?” said Kenta,” Me and Arielle have three ribbons right now and we need two more to go to the grand festival” said Ayra.” Wow not bad! So what pokemon do you both have?” said Kenta,” My pokemon are Sparky (Pikachu), Jenna (Espeon), Skylar (Beautifly), Flaze

    (Quilava), and Tatey (Swellow)” said Arielle.” And my pokemon are Bella (Beautifly), Joanna (Delcatty), Alice (Skitty), Jasma (Milotic), Sakura (Absol), and Flora (Roselia)” said Ayra.

    “Wow you two really have good pokemon” said Kenta, “Thanks!” said Arielle and Ayra.

    “Okay ready to go you guys?” said Hiroshi, “ Yeah!” shouted everyone. May, Allenby, and Whitney at the restaurant.” Wow that was good” said May, “ Yeah the food they have here taste really good” said Whitney, “…” said

    Allenby. ” Allenby whats wrong?” said May, “…Oh its nothing really” said Allenby.” Are you sure your okay?” said Whitney,” Yeah I’m fine” said Allenby. May and Whitney both stared at Allenby,”…okay I’ll tell you…I got this weird feeling that someone is going to take Max away from me” said Allenby.” Come

    on Allenby nobody is going to take Max away from you or me” said May,” Yeah your right” said Allenby.” Hey lets go see what the boys are up to” said Whitney, “ Okay” said May and Allenby.

    Ash and Max at the pokemart,” Hmm looks like we got everything for our journey” said Ash. ”Yep we sure do” said Max. Suddenly Max wasn’t looking where he’s going and bumped into someone.” Oops sorry about miss” said Max, “ Its okay” said ?. “ Hey are you Karen the gym leader?” said Ash.” “why yes I am and who are you” said Karen,

    “ I’m Ash and this is Max” said Ash.” Nice to meet you two” said Karen,” Hey Karen can me and my friend Yoshi have a gym battle with you?” said Ash.” I’m sorry Ash but today is my day off “ said Karen,”…how about if we have our battle tomorrow in the afternoon okay?” said Karen.” Okay that will be great” said Ash.” Great see you guys tomorrow” said Karen in a sweet voice.
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    its great but you should get around to typing the next chapter on^^

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    Don't worry I will posted up soon for you guys. here's the next chapter:

    Chapter 13: Ghoul Island

    10pm at the Pkmn center,”…yawn…” said Allenby.” Looks like its time for you to go to bed Alie” said Kenta,” But I’m notYawn sleepy big brother!” said Allenby.” Yes you are sis!” said Kenta, Kenta didn’t realize that Allenby fell asleep already.” Well time to put chibi-chan to bed” said Kenta,” Hey Kenta!

    Me and my sisters will meet you at the gym tomorrow okay?” said Hiroshi.” Okay! Oh yeah tell Karen I said hi” said Kenta,” Okay! Good night!” said Hiroshi.” Good night!” said Arielle and Ayra,” Good girls!” said Kenta. In the girls bedrooms, “ what a day!” said May.” Yeah there food was fantastic!” said Whitney. Suddenly the girls hear a knock on the door, “whose there?”

    said May and Whitney.” Its me!” said Kenta,” Oh okay” said May. May opens the door and lets Kenta in,” Hey girls I was wondering if you can put my little sister to bed?” said Kenta.” Sure!” shouted May and Whitney, Whitney puts Allenby to bed.

    “Thanks! Good night girls!” said Kenta, “ Good night Kenta!” shouted May and Whitney. “ Hmmm I haven’t seen Ash and Max all day! Where can they be?”, Suddenly Ash and Max rushed inside the pkmn center.” There you are where were you and why are

    you all sweaty?” said Kenta,” We…were running…from a pack…Houndours” said Ash.” Yeah none of them never touched me” said Max.” Are you sure about that Max? looks like they took a bite out of you already!” said Kenta,” What…NO MY SHORTS THERE RUINED” said Max.” Hey Max you got another pair in your bag right?” said Ash, “ Yeah!”…yawn…I need crush for the

    night…good night you guys” said Kenta.” Good night!” said Ash and Max. 3 o’ clock in the morning,”…sniff…” said Whitney. Whitney went to Kenta’s room and starts knocking the door, ”…yawn…who’s there?” said Kenta.

    “Its me Whitney!”.

    When Kenta’s opens the door, Whitney ran towards him and cries on his shoulders.” What’s wrong Whitney?” said Kenta.” I had a horrible dream and couldn’t sleep…is it okay if I stay in your room for tonight?” said Whitney.”…sigh…okay you can stay” said Kenta,” Thank you Kenta” said Whitney in a sweet voice.” Why are you sleeping on the floor?” said

    Whitney.” Oh the bed was too soft so I slept on the floor” said Kenta” Oh good night Kenta!” said Whitney,” Good night Whitney!” said Kenta. 8 ‘o clock in the morning, Allenby rushed to Kenta’s room to say good morning.” GOOD MORNING BIG BROTHER!” Allenby shouted,”…yawn…oh good morning sis!” said Kenta.” Um bro…why’s Whitney sleeping on your shoulder?” said Allenby,” Oh she had a bad dream last night and couldn’t sleep that’s all” said Kenta.

    “Ookay…well lets hurry up! I’m really hungry!” said Allenby, “ Okay okay lets go get something to eat” said Kenta.” Hey Whitney time to get up!” said Kenta,”…yawn…hmm morning already…zzzzzz!” said Whitney.” Sigh…I’ll wake her up later!” said Kenta.” Okay sis lets go!” said Kenta, “ Sweeeet” said Allenby. 4 hours later, “ Hey bro there here!” said Arielle.” Alright! Hey Ayra

    tell Karen that Kenta and his friends are here” said Hiroshi, “ Okay!” said Ayra.” Hey Kenta are you and Ash ready to challenge my sister?” said Hiroshi, “ Yeah!” shouted Ash and Kenta. Suddenly Karen rushed out of the gym and hugged Kenta, “ Oh my sweet Kenta I missed you so much! Hi ya been?” said Karen.” I’m doing great…but can you…let go of me…I can’t breathe” said Kenta, “ Oops sorry…so are you two ready?” said Karen.

    “ Yeah we are!” said Ash, “ Hey sis can I battle with you? “ said Hiroshi.” Okay lil bro! All right this will be a two on two match!” said Karen, “Go Absol!” shouted Karen.” Are you ready Houndoom?” said Hiroshi, Houndoom nodded yes.” Okay I choose Houndoom!” said Hiroshi,” Ready Umbreon?” said Kenta.

    Umbreon nodded Yes,” Okay go Umbreon” said Kenta.” Ready to go Pikachu?” said Ash, Pikachu nodded yes.” Absol! Use Shadow Ball on Pikachu!” said Karen,” Houndoom! Use flamethrower on Umbreon!” said Hiroshi. Both pokemon dodges the attack, “ Pikachu! Use Quick Attack on Absol!. Absol

    dodges Pikachu’s attack,” Absol! Use slash attack on Pikachu” said Karen. Pikachu took a direct hit and took heavy damage,” Pikachu are you okay?” said Ash. “ Pika Pika!(Yeah I’m okay)” said Pikachu,” Umbreon! Dodge it and use Quick Attack on Houndoom” said Kenta.

    Houndoom took a direct hit and took alot damage,” grrrrrr” growl Houndoom.” Houndoom! Use Flamethrower again” said Hiroshi, Umbreon took a direct hit and took heavy damage.”Pikachu! Use Thunderbolt on Absol!” said Ash, Absol took a critical hit.

    “Umbreon! Use Hyper Beam at full power on Houndoom!” said Kenta,” Houndoom! Use Fire Blast at full power too on Umbreon” said Hiroshi. Both pokemon shoot there powerful attack and cause an explosion,” There’s too much smoke! I can’t see” said Kenta. Finally the smoke had cleared up, “houn…doom (darn I…can’t…move)” said Houndoom. “Absol! Use Shadow Ball at full power!” said Karen,” Pikachu! Use Thunder at full power too” said Ash.

    Both pokemon cause another explosion and the smoke is starting to clear up,” Ab…sol(Darn…I…lost)” said Absol.” Both pokemon are unable to battle, the winners of the battle are Ash and Kenta” said Ayra and Arielle. “ Wow that was a great you two” said Hiroshi,” Yeah it was! And here are your Blackglasses badges boys” said Karen.” Thanks Karen!” said Kenta,” Your welcome” said Karen in a sweet. Suddenly Karen gave Kenta a kiss on the cheeks and Kenta started to blush, “ Sis why did you give Kenta a kiss on the cheek?” said Hiroshi,” Because I love him” said Karen.” WHAT!” everyone shouted, Suddenly May and Whitney pulls Kenta away from Karen.” Okay lover boy time to go!” said May,” Good-bye sweetie! I hope I get to see you again” said Karen. “ Later you guys” said Hiroshi,” Good-bye! Hope to you guys again someday” shouted Arielle and Ayra. Back at the boat, “So Max where’s the next gym?” said Ash.

    “The next gym is on Ghoul Island” said Max, “ Sweet that Island is full of Ghost pokemon!” said Kenta.” How far is it Max? said Allenby” Its southwest from here and it will take us about 15 minutes to get there” said Max, “ Okay lets go!” said Kenta. ! 15 minutes later, ”Wow look at those ghost pokemon!” said Max. Hey big brother! When we get to Ghoul Island, can you help catch a Shuppet please?” said Allenby. “ Sure sis!” said Kenta.

    “Hey you two! There’s a Haunter behind!” said Kenta,” AHHHHHHHHHHHH” May and Whitney screamed.” Ha! Ha! man you two are too easy” said Kenta, May and Whitney gave Kenta a evil eye stare.” I-I’m just k-kidding girls” said Kenta, “ Hey is that…it is hey Richie!” Ash shouted. Kenta parked at Ghoul Island port, “ Ash long time no see!” said Richie. “ Great to see you again buddy” said Ash,” Yeah…Hey Ash are these your new friends?” said Richie. “ Yeah this May, Max, Kenta, Allenby, and Whitney” said Ash. “ Hey nice to meet you guys” said Richie, Hey Richie who’s that cute girl behind you?” said Kenta. May and Allenby got mad and stomp both of Kenta’s feet,

    “Oh this is Julia my girlfriend” said Richie. “ Nice to meet to you” said Julia,

    “Hey are you in the rainbow league Richie? “ said Max.” Yep! Plus I here to find to a legendary red pokemon that lives in the rainbow islands” said Richie, “ A LEGENDARY RED POKEMON!” said everyone shouted.
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    huh?? I didnt know you posted an new good^^

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