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Thread: Umm.....HELP ME!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Umm.....HELP ME!!!!!!!!!

    All i have is one question........

    Is it possible to get a fully evolved pokemon at Lv:5?

    look i can show you a pic

    Is it possible to get get a fully evolved pokemon at Lv:5 like that jumpluff?

    Im confused!!!!!!!!!
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    Yes, but only stone-evo. Like a level 5 growlithe can evolve into an arcanine at level 5.

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    Magma Instinct Guest


    But Jumpluff at LV.5 is impossible without the use of cheating devices

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    Lleyr Guest


    Well, even if you could, I wouldn't suggest it. Pokemon learn moves earlier in their first stages, and gradually evolve into their higher stages. They're better off that way. o:

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    king krab kingler Guest


    Only with stones,or GS,Xploder etc.......
    Can a Mod close this please?

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    TRJames Guest


    its impossable to have a fully evoled pokemon at lvl 5 without *coughCheatsCough*

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    And btw, that picture is of a ROM. And with ROMs, anything is possible.
    Asking for that or cheats is not allowed here anyway

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