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    Joey Ravn Guest

    Default EV Calculator

    Hello, I'm kinda new to this EV's thing. I wanted to know how can I "read" the stats that the calculator gives me. Let's say, it says HP 10, I want to know if that stat is good, bad or average.
    Thank you.

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    You should look on the main site or use the search function. There is a thread on it here.
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    Joey Ravn Guest


    Erm... no... I wanted to know what is a "good" stat number... but after seeing all those numbers and formulas, I've decided I'll train my pokémon the way I've done it since RBY.
    Thank you anyway.

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    I believe Kez meant that you should post your question in the EVs/IVs sticky, where all related questions go.

    For the record, lowest IV is 0, highest is 31. If you decide you want to try out EV-training or checking IVs, please post your questions in the sticky in the future. Thanks.


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