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Thread: !!!Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Forum Guidelines: Read Before Posting Here!!!

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    Default !!!Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Forum Guidelines: Read Before Posting Here!!!

    This area of the forum is only for features of a game that involve Nintendo WiFi. If you wish to discuss a game that has Nintendo WiFi, but the discussion has nothing to do with the system, please take it to the Nintendo Discussion forum.

    As for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl WiFi discussion, I believe its safe to say that that can be done in the Diamond and Pearl forums, unless the mods there decide otherwise.

    As a side note, I did a chop-chop job on the ACWW threads, splitting it into two. The sticky being purely for Friend Codes and related info, the second for your status online. Be sure to keep the discussion directly toward Nintendo WiFi features. Its late.. I need sleep... I'll work on this more later lol...
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